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    While humans are stuck in quarantine, the planet has benefitted from society slowing down. Turtles are hatching on empty beaches, uninterrupted by beach-goers. Ocean life is swimming through areas that have been overcrowded by noise and boats. Animals have taken to the streets in large numbers across the world. They are even taking over national parks - like the lions found sleeping in the streets at Kruger National Park.

    Pollution has taken a major dip. Cities across the world have been on lockdown, and the lack of cars on the road has resulted in a drastic decline in air pollution. Some residents in Jalandhar are seeing an unobstructed view of the Himalayas for the first time in their lives. Have you seen an increase in wildlife activity near you? Let us know about it in the comments.

    Lions Sleep On Roads -
    13 Times Animals Reclaimed The Planet In Quarantine -
    Wild Pigs in Turkey -

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  • Coronavirus: Good for the environment? | Covid-19 Special


    Animals have begun reclaiming the empty streets and without us humans in the way nature is thriving. The lockdowns have caused nitrogen dioxyde pollution levels to dive in Italy and China. From a climate perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is not entirely negative. the hastily implemented measures drastically cut emisssions - measures that otherwise would have taken years to come into effect. Can the corona crisis help our planet to breathe again?

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  • 6 Things That Prove That The Earth Is Healing | Curly Tales


    Amidst the Covid-19 Outbreak here are some of the positive side effects happening around the world, like Marine Drive of Mumbai witnessed a school of dolphins jumping freely, Delhi's air pollution level decreases, Venice canal's couldn't be more cleaner and many other positive signs that show that the earth is healing. #SpreadPositivity
    Read more:

    #EarthIsHealing #CoronaVirus #Quarantine #COVID19

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  • Inside The Singapore Zoo During COVID-19 Lockdown | On The Red Dot | Inside A Zoo | Part 1/4


    Visitor numbers are at an all-time low as the COVID-19 pandemic forces zoos around the world to shut their doors. But as Singapore’s circuit breaker ends, how are Singapore’s wildlife parks preparing to welcome back their visitors? How will they cope and find the funds to keep going?

    Inside the zoo, its oldest living Sumatran orangutan, Charlie, gets ready for his close-up while Quincy the Amazon parrot disrupts a livestream with his raucous singing. Behind the scenes, an endangered Sri Lankan leopard arrives at the zoo to help repopulate his species. But the veterinarian team must find a way to check his reproductive health before he meets his mate.

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    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    About On The Red Dot: CNA's weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging.
    On The Red Dot playlist:

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  • Coronavirus and the environment: Reduced pollution, increase in plastic waste | COVID-19 Special


    The global medical emergency has presented an opportunity to check on the health of the planet. Initially there had been hope that the slowdown in the world economy would be good for the planet. Air traffic almost stopped completely, cruise ships were stranded in port, and industrial pollution was reduced. But the pandemic has had negative consequences for the environment too. Waste piling up, disposable protective equipment, plastic packaging. The world was already drowning under a sea of plastic waste, but the pandemic has made the situation worse. As the human toll of the Coronavirus mounts, and the world economy struggles to adjust to the new normal, the wider impact on the environment is only now starting to become apparent.


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  • Wild animals take over lockdown cities around the world


    As people living in cities are shut away amid countries' COVID-19 lockdowns and the hustle and bustle of city roads are brought to a standstill, wildlife has taken over urban spaces.

    On Earth Day we celebrate nature hitting the reset button during coronavirus lockdowns, rewilding our cityscapes around the world.

    Penguins run riot in a Cape Town housing estate, Coyotes roam the streets of San Fransisco.

    A Kangaroo hops around Adelaide and Venice canals have become so clean and peaceful jellyfish have been spotted swimming in the canals of the ancient city.

    Families feed deer in London, Boars take over the streets of Israel and Welsh goats and Turkish wild horses run around neighbourhoods eating shrubs.

    Read more
    Wild animals are clawing back the planet during coronavirus lockdowns – from deer in subway stations to pumas in streets

    Herd of goats take over deserted Welsh streets as locals obey coronavirus lockdown rules

    First wolf spotted in Normandy for a CENTURY during coronavirus lockdown after once being hunted to extinction

    Deer take over East London streets left deserted by coronavirus lockdown

    Sparking water giant SodaStream to switch plastic bottles to metal containers

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  • Albinism: Living with a rare disease while coping and thriving during COVID-19


    Fernando Albertorio speaks with Carmen Camacho. Carmen is a health professional and advocate for persons with rare diseases. She is a member of the board of directors and New England area coordinator of the Hermansky-Pudlack Syndrome, HPS Network. In this special episode, we speaking about living with albinism and how a rare disease enables our unique problem-solving skills to help us thrive during our new normal with coronavirus.

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  • Stockmarket v economy: the impact of covid-19 | The Economist


    American stockmarkets have enjoyed a record-breaking streak, even though the country’s economy faces the deepest recession in living memory. Why is stockmarket performance so seemingly cut off from current events, and what does this tell us about how the economy works? Read more here:

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    What Wall Street’s results tell you about America’s economy:

    Americans need more guidance from the Fed:

    Read about the economies that have started to bounce back:

    Why stimulus policies must shift as economies start to recover:

    Listen to our “Checks and Balance” podcast: will covid-19 change the politics of poverty in America?

    Read about China’s stockmarket:

    Read our article on the resilience of banks:

  • Wild Animals Could Hurt During Coronavirus Lockdown


    While some animals are thriving in a world without humans, others might actually be hurting during this lockdown. Some animals do indeed need a little human presence to survive, such as the sunflower bee, which relies on conservation efforts to protect their habitat.

    Poaching during the pandemic is also a major concern in Africa without the usual security protecting the animals. And massive unemployment makes people more inclined to poach to feed their families.

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  • Kate Raworth: Building a thriving economy for people within our planetary boundaries | Episode 22


    We need alternative ways of economic thinking to solve our current challenges. Is it possible to include both people’s wellbeing and planetary boundaries whilst striving for a thriving economy? Kate Raworth, the author of Doughnut Economics: 7 ways to think like a 21st century economist will be joining us to discuss the framework's role in shaping circular economy policies and business practices at city level. From Europe to Costa Rica, countries and cities around the world are reaching out to align their development strategies with it. Kate also shares how the Doughnut Economics Action Lab will help more cities such as Amsterdam develop their Doughnut City Portraits.

    We originally streamed a segment of our conversation with Kate as part of our Explore the Circular Economy show. Here's the full 40-minute conversation as a bonus piece of content following the end of our second season.
    Thank you for watching this video. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity working on business, learning, insights & analysis, and communications to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy.

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  • Jim Parsons Says Sheldon Would Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic


    Jim Parsons talks about his experience with COVID-19, life after The Big Bang Theory and attending the virtual Emmys ceremony.

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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show, including comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.

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    Jim Parsons Says Sheldon Would Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Wildlife reclaim the outdoors as humans stay inside during pandemic


    With people staying inside because of COVID-19, wildlife is starting to reclaim some of the areas normally occupied by humans.

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  • Wildlife appearing to thrive during pandemic | WNT


    Rangers at Yellowstone said bear sightings have increased since it was closed due to COVID-19.




    #WorldNewsTonight #COVID #Wildlife

  • Mother Nature is Thriving during Covid-19 pandemic. Heres how! | Intellify


    The coronavirus pandemic has not only changed our lifestyle but also the environment around us. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak started, global air pollution has come down, especially in China and with fewer cars and people on roads; our urban areas are slowly being reclaimed by nature. With lockdown enforced all over the globe, the wildlife is not only thriving but nature is healing as well. Here's how all this is happening!!
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    In its journey, Intellify has worked with Delhi government, NITI Aayog, MHRD (DIC), CBSE, Teach for India, CCL-IIT Gandhinagar, and Design Department of IIT Delhi to support 60,000+ students and more than 1500 teachers across 150+ cities.

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  • Gravitas: How nature is reclaiming its spaces due to Coronavirus


    The coronavirus has hit the re-set button on nature. With most people back at their homes, nature has begun reclaiming its space across the world. WION's Palki Sharma tells you how this crisis is a lesson in co-existence.

    #Gravitas #Coronavirus #COVID19

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  • Wildlife shows signs its thriving amid COVID-19 pandemic


    This amazing clip of various animals across South America compiled Friday, suggests the COVID-19 pandemic, which is forcing a halt to human activity, has been a major boon for wildlife.

    The clip's footage was recorded during the start of COVID-19 quarantines in different parts of the world. It demonstrates that when man is absent due to confinement, animals try to reclaim their habitat.

    Biodiversity experts say while humans are confined at home, it generates an increase in ecological space for other species to grow.

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  • Wilkes Wednesday Webinars - Surviving & Thriving During COVID-19


    Join Wilkes alumnus, Jay S. Sidhu MBA '73 discuss ways to survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Thriving in The Age of Coronavirus


    Why are some people doing well and even thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic shut down? The Agenda explores the various reasons why a faction of the population is finding the extra time a boon with guests Dr. Daphne Miller, a family physician and science writer; and Dr. Roger McIntyre, professor of psychiatry and pharmacology, at the University of Toronto.

  • From Core Values to High Margins: How Natural Choice Academy has Thrived During the Pandemic


    Find out how core values and a premium niche helped our small business bookkeeping client, Natural Choice Academy, increase margin during the pandemic while also sticking to their core values.

    Ted is one of the rare people that is able to see the world from all perspectives- in his case, from the employer, the employee, the parent, and the child. When faced with closing his child care facility due to COVID-19, it was a no brainer because it aligned with Natural Choice Academy's core values. Despite the temporary closure, his business continues to be profitable and is growing each and every day. I am proud to be his small business accountant, but also friend. Ted is really one of a kind!

    Read more here:

  • Qatars birdlife thriving amid pandemic restrictions


    Global coronavirus lockdowns have allowed nature to flourish.
    Every sunset, off the coast of Qatar, a little bit of magic happens as thousands of cormorants return to a small island where they spend their nights.

    Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reports.

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    #AlJazeeraEnglish #WildLife #Qatar

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  • Online dating is not only surviving, but thriving during the pandemic


    One activity that remains alive and well during the COVID-19 pandemic is dating. Professional dating services are busy. Dating app users report a wider selection of potential dates. Of course in this virtual age when people are largely confined to their homes, it’s all a bit different. CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports.

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  • Student Skills for Surviving & Thriving during COVID-19 and Beyond: Relationship Skills


    This is a recording of a live-streamed event.

    We are living in a surreal time and all trying to figure out how to manage everything from parenting to partnering to schooling and working from all in the same house! Lizz and Jim Mazza, psychologists and developers of the DBT Skills in Schools social emotional learning curriculum, are going live Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7AM PDT from DBT in Schools, LLC @dbtinschools on Instagram and Facebook to discuss some of the struggles and achievements we have had over the last week and some strategies we have been using with our own Mazza crew. Would love for you to join us and share with anyone you think this might be helpful too.

    *Accessibility accomodation available on request by emailing

  • Surviving and Thriving During COVID19 - Webinar for Logistics Providers and Carriers


    The Freightos and WebCargo team share updates on how COVID19 is impacting supply chains, as of March 26 2020.

    This webinar includes:
    - The impact of rapid air cargo supply and demand fluctuations
    - Support tips for forwarders to provide incredible service at scale
    - The latest data on supply chain impacts

    - Judah Levine, Research Lead, Freightos Group
    - Camilo Garcia, Global VP Business Development, WebCargo
    - Daniel Bataller, VP Global Operations, WebCargo

  • Student Skills for Surviving & Thriving during COVID-19 and Beyond: DBT Skills TIP


    This is a recording of a live-streamed event.

    We are living in a surreal time and all trying to figure out how to manage everything from parenting to partnering to schooling and working from all in the same house! Lizz and Jim Mazza, psychologists and developers of the DBT Skills in Schools social emotional learning curriculum, are going live Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7AM PDT from DBT in Schools, LLC @dbtinschools on Instagram and Facebook to discuss some of the struggles and achievements we have had over the last week and some strategies we have been using with our own Mazza crew. Would love for you to join us and share with anyone you think this might be helpful too.

  • Thriving Childcare: Social-Emotional Health and COVID-19 Guidelines


    Zero to Thrive at Michigan Medicine presents a discussion for childcare providers regarding how to ensure the well-being of young children and their caregivers in the transition back to childcare. Keeping infants and young children healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic requires strategies to maintain physical health and safety, while also being attentive to emotional health and security. While social distancing is recommended to mitigate the spread of infection, emotional proximity is developmentally necessary for young children to feel safe and secure, especially in times of transition and uncertainty. For infants and young children, social emotional health and well-being requires physical safety and the emotional security that comes from being able to turn to their trusted caregivers for comfort and care.

  • Nature Is Thriving. Are Humans The Virus?


    What other side effects have you seen from the pandemic?

    This is Happening is a look inside the events and experiences that shape our world, as told by you. To be a part of our story, submit your videos at and subscribe to our channel for the latest in what's happening.

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  • Beauty business surviving and thriving during the pandemic


    Jami Svay started Idolize Beauty at the onset of the coronavirus crisis and despite this challenging time, it’s been a success.

  • Ask Me Anything: Thriving on the Other Side After COVID-19


    Quint Studer and Chuck Marohn answer your most pressing questions about how your community can thrive on the other side of COVID-19.

  • Surviving the COVID-19 Economy and Thriving During the Recovery


    The fallout from COVID-19 is creating economic uncertainty. Construction projects will be cancelled, paused or deferred. Like the Great Recession a decade ago, market leaders will urgently need to take decisive actions to adapt to a smaller, weakened economy. Many current business practices in the industry, built over a decade of steady growth, are not necessarily aligned with the current reality.

    Join David Bauders, CEO of SPARXiQ, as he discusses a speedy, impactful path to adapting to this environment:

    An overview of the four critical business levers to defend cash and profitability
    Tips for right-sizing and optimizing sales resources
    Approaches for strengthening and defending strategic accounts
    Potential margin opportunities that don’t disrupt customer relationships
    Opportunities for controlling operating costs
    Building the sales foundation for a successful rebound

    This webinar will provide actionable steps that electrical distributors can take to weather the storm today and emerge stronger than ever as the recovery ramps up.

  • L3: Canadian small businesses surviving and thriving through COVID-19


    Every single one of Canada’s 1.3m small businesses are facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Every single owner has a story to tell about surviving and sometimes even thriving through the challenge.

    This video, a project by the Legacy Leadership Lab, tells four stories about the history, family, dedication and perseverance at the heart of every Canadian small business.

    What can we do to support the recovery and sustainability of our Canadian small businesses and continue the legacies of the owners that built them? Find out more at the Legacy Leadership Lab:

    Associated blog post:

    Featured business owners:

    Judith and Justin Sweeney – Bubbles and Balms (
    Garry Geissberger – Geissberger Farmhouse Cider (
    Daphne March – ShaMaSha! (
    Spencer A. Macintyre – SIFA Group Inc. (

  • Building Thriving Cities Fit for the 21st Century | The Circular Economy Show Episode 18


    Powered by Restream

    We need alternative ways of economic thinking to solve our current challenges. Is it possible to include both people’s wellbeing and planetary boundaries whilst striving for a thriving economy? Kate Raworth, the author of Doughnut Economics: 7 ways to think like a 21st-century economist will be joining us to discuss the framework's role in shaping circular economy policies and business practices at city level. From Europe to Costa Rica, countries and cities around the world are reaching out to align their development strategies with it. To demonstrate, we will draw upon insights from Amsterdam, a city that recently implemented and published their Doughnut City Portrait during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    You can catch up on previous episodes here:

    More on C-19 economic recovery:
    Thank you for watching this video. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity working on business, learning, insights & analysis, and communications to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy.

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  • Tools to Keep Your Real Estate Business thriving During COVID-19 | TAKE A LISTING TODAY PODCAST


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  • THRIVING Farmers Market During A PANDEMIC


    With most farmers markets closing due to the Coronavirus this one in Asheville, NC is thriving. I show you how they made this DIFFERENT system work with social distancing in place and a honor system payment method. Check out links below.

    ASAP Website:

    #ashevillenc #farmersmarket #828isgreat

  • Earnings Season Part One: Whos thriving during COVID-19? - Great Quarter, Guys


    On this episode, Kevin and Andrew discuss the first few transportation companies reporting earnings during the COVID-19 outbreak and what it means for the rest of the industry. Also, we weigh in on the freight volume debate and question whether oil prices will ever fully recover.
    #trucking #logistics #news



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  • The future of tourism post-COVID-19: Surviving and Thriving


    Tourism has been the worst affected of all major economic sectors by the COVID-19 crisis. Join us in this webinar to explore various impacts, recovery signs and actions to heal global tourism through entrepreneurship and innovations.

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  • Success Story: Pizza Biz Thriving During Covid-19 Crisis - Perry Marshall Interviews Darin Spindler.


    Many, many restaurants are struggling to survive during this crisis. However, many are THRIVING. Not begging, not waiting for handouts - many business owners like Darin are using ingenuity, service, and promotion to keep things moving for themselves and their caring staff.

  • Thriving amid COVID-19: Illicit trade in Latin America and the Caribbean


    A timely conversation on illicit trade in Latin America and the Caribbean amid COVID-19.

    For further information, please visit:


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    Driven by our mission of “shaping the global future together,” the Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan organization that galvanizes US leadership and engagement in the world, in partnership with allies and partners, to shape solutions to global challenges.

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    AA Latin America Center Twitter:

  • Thriving in the COVID-19 Era: Concepts


    Laurie C. Carter DDS, PhD interviews Donald A. Curtis DMD, FACP on Thriving in the COVID-19 Era: Concepts

    Video originally published on on 11/11/2020 -- Https://


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  • Thriving During COVID-19


    At the age of 25, I think Kelsey Pope is wise beyond her years when it comes to budgeting and making wise decisions! Despite losing one of her jobs during this pandemic, she has managed to thrive financially! She works various jobs and still finds time to travel! She has financial and travel tips she’s picked up along the way that have worked for her and she was so kind share some with me during a Zoom interview for my YouTube Channel! Click the link and find out how Kelsey is living it up!

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    Contact Kelsey:

    Websites mentioned in video:
    Scott's cheap flights:

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    General Advice Disclaimer:
    The information on this channel is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances, financial needs or objectives. You should not use the information on my channel to make financial decisions and I highly recommended you seek professional advice from someone who is authorized to provide financial advice.

    #SideHustles #Budgeting #COVID19

  • 2/05/2021: Medical Education: Thriving During a Pandemic


    Başak Çoruh, MD
    Associate Professor
    Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
    University of Washington

  • 5 Tips for Thriving During These Hard Times


    COVID-19 Legal Resources:
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    - Author : Jennie Allen - “Get out of your head” :

    Transformation Coaches: Both Julia (our coach) and Joe (our Brother-in-law trained in the same style of coaching) offer free 30 minute discovery calls.


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  • Proptech and Covid-19: Surviving or Thriving?


    Tough times may be ahead, but has the real estate sector discovered new ways of working and tech-enablement that will mean closer relationships with PropTech firms in the future?

  • Thriving and just societies: Lord Zac Goldsmith


    Lord Zac Goldsmith, Minister of State for Pacific and the Environment, said that COVID-19 was a reminder that we're not separate from the natural world in a speech as part of a London Climate Action Week event that called for greater finance to be invested in nature recovery.

    Emphasising the importance of nature-based solutions, he said: It should be self-evident that we cannot expect to cut tropical forests down at a rate of 30 football pitches per minute, bring the world's great fisheries to the very brink of collapse, put two in every five of the world's plants and around a million species on a path to extinction, without paying a terrible price. But that is nevertheless what we are doing.

    Millions and millions of people are employed in businesses around the world that are delivering that change. But we've made very little progress with nature, and its destruction is not only causing climate change, it threatens the world's poorest people who depend most directly on the free but criminally undervalued services that nature provides. A billion people depend on forests and a similar number of people depend on fish for their main source of protein.

    So delivering a green recovery isn't merely a 'nice to have', it is a duty... While nature-based solutions could, we believe, provide at least a third of the most cost-effective solution to climate change, they currently receive less than three per cent of the finance.

    Lord Goldsmith was speaking at an online event organised by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) on Tuesday, 17 November 2020. The event, 'Thriving and just societies: integrating climate, nature and development in a COVID-19 green recovery', focused on bringing together experts to discuss integrated action on climate, nature and development, in the context of a green recovery from the pandemic.

    More details:

  • Thriving through food


    In this video, learn about the foods and eating strategies that can enhance your breast cancer treatment, boost your immune system, lessen inflammation in the body, and optimize your nutrition. Gain strategies for eating well despite specific diet or nutritional challenges, food sensitivities, or preferences, and participate in a food prep demonstration!

    Learn more at

  • World Economies Surviving and Thriving through COVID-19 and beyond: 4


    RIETI International Webinar World Economies Surviving and Thriving through COVID-19 and beyond (31 August, 2020)
    [Presentation Covid, Globotics, Development, and the Future of Work]
    Richard BALDWIN (Professor of International Economics, Graduate Institute, Geneva)

    Programs, and handouts are available at the RIETI website.

  • Surviving and Thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    We are a full-service hospitality technology company who provides & services solutions that are guaranteed to increase sales, profits and quality of life.

  • The Cheese Lady Talks about Keeping Her Business Open and Thriving During the Pandemic


    The Cheese Lady of Rochester, Kimberly Judd, tells us about her business' COVID-19 survival story and all of the intricacies of choosing your cheese!

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  • From Surviving to Thriving: Teaching During a Pandemic · Webinar


    Join music educator and author Becky Bush as she presents practical and encouraging steps to help get you past the mindset of just surviving, to thriving this school year - whether your classroom is virtual, hybrid, or in-person. In this free webinar, Becky will walk through valuable resources, learning opportunities, and her pep talk for teachers during this challenging time.

    This is a recording of a live webinar from Friday, October 2, 2020.
    The Certificate of Attendance is provided only during the live session and is not available to replay attendees.
    View the slide deck and resource links here:

  • DBT in Schools teaches TIP skills


    Thank you for joining us as curriculum developers, Drs. Lizz Dexter-Mazza and Jim Mazza, teach the DBT STEPS-A TIP from the distress tolerance module as part of their School from Home series called Student Skills for Surviving &Thriving During COVID-19 and Beyond.

    This class will be taught every Tuesday and Thursday at 10AM Pacific time until June 11th. Feel free to watch previously posted videos that were recorded on Facebook Live.
    Additionally, check out Jim and Lizz's Parenting Through COVID-19 livestreams MWF mornings at 7AM Pacific Time on Facebook and Instagram @DBT in Schools, LLC. (Previously recorded videos are available on this YouTube channel or their website,

  • Bryan Wibberley -Thriving in Nature




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