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  • Recognizing Day to Day Signs and Symptoms of Coronavirus


    Before proceeding, please note that this general overview is compiled for initial self-assessment only and may vary for each individual. If you're not feeling well, you should immediately consult a medical practitioner to have an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of COVID-19.
    The typical daily symptoms are concluded from the study of 138 patients at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and another study involving 135 patients from Jinyintan Hospital and 56 patients from Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital.
    These symptoms are broken down into:
    DAY 1 TO DAY 2
    The beginning symptoms are similar to the common cold with a mild sore throat and neither having a fever nor feeling tired. Patients can still consume food and drink as usual.
    DAY 3
    The patient's throats start to feel a bit painful. Body temperature reads at around 36.5° celsius. Although it's uncommon, other symptoms like mild nausea, vomiting or mild diarrhea are possible to set in.
    DAY 4
    Throat pain becomes more serious. Other symptoms like feeling weak and joint pain start to manifest. The patient may show a temperature reading between 36.5° to 37° celsius.
    DAY 5 TO 6
    Mild fever starts. The patients show a temperature reading above 37.2° celsius. The second most common symptom, dry cough, also appears. Dyspnea or breathing difficulty may occur occasionally. Most patients in this stage are easily feeling tired. Other symptoms remain about the same. These four symptoms are among the top five key indications of COVID-19 according to the final report of the initial outbreak conducted by the joint mission of China and WHO.
    DAY 7
    The patients that haven't started recovering by day 7 get more serious coughs and breathing difficulty. Fever can get higher up to 38° celsius. Patients may develop further headache and body pain or worsening diarrhea if there’s any. Many patients are admitted to the hospital at this stage.
    DAY 8 TO 9
    On the 8th day, the symptoms are likely to be worsened for the patient who has coexisting medical conditions. Severe shortness of breath becomes more frequent. Temperature reading goes well above 38°. In one of the studies, day 9 is the average time when Sepsis starts to affect 40% of the patients.
    DAY 10 TO 11
    Doctors are ordering imaging tests like chest x-ray to capture the severity of respiratory distress in patients. Patients are having loss of appetite and may be facing abdominal pain. The condition also needs immediate treatment in ICU.
    DAY 12 TO 14
    For the survivors, the symptoms can be well-managed at this point. Fever tends to get better and breathing difficulties may start to cease on day 13. But Some patients may still be affected by mild cough even after hospital discharge.
    DAY 15 TO 16
    Day 15 is the opposite condition for the rest of the minority patients . The fragile group must prepare for the possibility of acute cardiac injury or kidney injury.
    DAY 17 TO 19
    COVID-19 fatality cases happen at around day 18. Before the time, vulnerable patients may develop a secondary infection caused by a new pathogen in the lower respiratory tract. The severe condition may then lead to a blood coagulation and ischemia.
    DAY 20 TO 22
    The surviving patients are recovered completely from the disease and are discharged from the hospital.

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