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How to make a horse a friend. One cowboy's partnership with horses

  • How to make a horse a friend. One cowboys partnership with horses


    Jimmy Anderson, a cowboy and colt-starting champion, says that this meeting of minds between humans and horses is key. “Horses are really amazing at how much they will be a partner. They try a crazy amount, and I want to try that same amount back for them.” #TheNatureOfThings #Equus

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    We know that horses are social creatures and recent research shows that they use up to 17 different facial expressions to communicate with each other. We’ve also discovered that they’re able to interpret the expressions in our faces, which enables them to form bonds with humans.

    Anderson doesn’t believe in breaking horses; instead he “starts” them. In Equus: Story of The Horse, we see Anderson work his magic with Shiver, an “unbroke” two-year-old colt. Within a single morning, Anderson puts a saddle on Shiver, climbs on without any bucking, and takes him for a ride.

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  • The RIGHT Way To Form An Unbreakable Bond With Your Horse


    I'd like to personally invite you to our first online clinic.

    If you've ever fallen off your horse and gotten hurt than this online clinic is for you.

    If you've ever wondered whether or not you were ruining your horse with bad training then this clinic is for you.

    If you've ever wanted to be your horse's confidence leader and navigate them through scary experiences then this clinic is for you.

    The clinic topic is Bonding Secrets For Confidence and shows you my step-by-step method for turning just about any horse into a bonded faithful companion.

    We have only 150 spaces available so make sure you get registered for the online clinic so you don't miss out.

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  • Training a Horse to be a Cowboys Partner


    GREAT GIFT! To Order FULL DVD for $12:

    Frank Lindley, the horse trainer for the J & J Cattle Co. of Big Lake, Texas, has been a cowboy at heart since he was seven years old. Born and raised outside of Mertzon, Texas, he started working with colts at the age of nine. He has roped all his life and has worked in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Montana plus rodeo'ing all over the United States. He trained horses for the public before working for Johnny Ferguson as the main horse trainer for the J & J Cattle Company.

    When asked when he will be too old to break and train colts, he replied, When I get too old to climb the fence to get in the saddle. I would teach the horse to handle a mount that way.

    Showing the love of his job, Frank summed it up by saying, You can't imagine how I feel after riding a colt for the first time. A relationship has started between the horse and myself. It's like writing a book. Every colt is like beginning a new chapter. My life is filled with chapters of different horses.

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    More DVD videos at include Chuckwagon Cooking and Cooking on Cast Iron!

  • Watch this before you buy a horse


    In this video take you along to go ride, evaluate, and purchase a reining show horse for a beginner rider. I show you that complete process and talk about prepurchase exams, what I am looking for when I am purchasing a horse, how I buy horses, and hauling a horse long distances.

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  • The Cowboys Horse


    It's hard to imagine the cowboy without his horse. Throughout history, the cowboy has depended on his noble steed as a work companion and transportation. As valuable today as they've been in the past, working horses remain a vital tool in modern cattle operations.

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  • Getting to the horses mind while trail riding


    Warwick shows you how to fix one of the most common trail riding problems - a horse that gets anxious or wound up on the trail. It is a simple exercise and works very well on Robyn's horse Oscar. This is shown on the trails in Arizona.

    Warwick has hundreds of full-length training videos filmed with REAL horses, REAL people, REAL problems in REAL time on his online video library.

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    Listen to The Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller, a conversation about horse training and personal development and the journeys that life takes us on. Listen on:

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  • A Cowboy & His Horse


    'The second you get off and the crowd cheers, there's no better feeling in the world'

  • Pat Gives a Cowboy & His Horse a Makeover at Savvy Summit! Part 1 of 4


    In Part 1 of this 4 Part Series, Pat Parelli shows local cowboy Ricky Carver, how to create personal space with Ricky's quarter horse Cedar. In the first 4 months of a horse's life it survives by being connect to its mother, his heart and brain melt together, so when the horse gets into a situation and wonders What should I do?! it looks to you. Some horses tend to get too close in an effort to feel protected by you but it is important to create personal space just in case you make a sudden movement that could spook your horse.

    Parelli Natural Horsemanship's goal is to help raise the level or horsemanship worldwide by making sure the world is a better place for horses and the people that love them. To see thousands of videos with training tutorials, Q & A's from horse training enthusiasts answered by Pat and Linda Parelli, and much more become a Parelli family member! Visit

  • Cowboy Dressage Part 2 with Richard Winters


    Introduction to Cowboy Dressage - Part 2 of 5 parts with Richard Winters and Eitan Beth-Halachmy (Founder of Cowboy Dressage).
    As seen on RFD-TV.

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  • Horse Shopping 101


    We have recently had a couple of people ask for advice on what to look for when buying a horse. In this video, Pat addresses this subject by using one of the recently arrived Baja horses to demonstrate what a basic sale video would look like or what a person representing a horse should be willing to show a prospective buyer. The basic things we want to see in any horse we look at is: catching, picking up feet, saddling, bridling, mounting, and riding off at all three gaits, outside an arena and on a loose rein. You can tell a lot about a horse when you watch these very simple tasks. For more information about us, visit our website at . Please take moment to hit the Like button, Subscribe to our Channel, and Share with your friends. As always, thank you for watching!

  • Clinton Anderson: An Overview of Starting a Colt - Downunder Horsemanship


    The first six weeks of a horse’s life under saddle are the most crucial to a successful future. Subscribe to our channel Clinton explains his approach to colt starting with a wild mustang named Ransom and gives you inside access to his acclaimed Colt Starting Series. In this episode, you’ll witness Ransom go from untouched to riding confidently outside the arena on a loose rein.

    Learn more about Clinton's approach to horsemanship and the Downunder Horsemanship Method on our website

  • How to Get a Horse to Trust You


    In this video, I cover everything you need to know to get a horse to trust you!

    Hi there! ???? I'm Carmella. I’ve been obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember, and I make videos about all things horse training, horseback riding, and living an equestrian lifestyle. New videos are uploaded EVERY WEEK so subscribe now for more horse videos.

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  • Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend After Years Apart | The Dodo Faith = Restored


    Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart ????

    Keep up with Phoenix and Ghost at Skydog Sanctuary on Instagram: You can support Skydog Sanctuary here:

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    In this video, I cover how to ride a horse for beginners. Learning how to ride a horse is a fun and exciting experience! If you are new to horses, curious about the steps, or considering riding for the first time this should help get you started. I start the video with a couple safety tips and then walk through all the steps from brushing a horse to steering.

    If you are a beginner (or at any level) I hope this gives you guidance on how to ride a horse. There is much more to learn, and I encourage you to seek knowledge if you are just starting your horsemanship journey. You can also follow this channel! I release new content every week :)

    DISCLAIMER: Remember to always have a qualified equine professional around when first starting to learn how to ride a horse. This helps to keep you safe and enable a positive first-time experience.

    Have a great day and I'll talk to you in the next video! ????

    0:00 Intro
    0:27 Choosing an Instructor
    1:10 Choosing The Right Horse
    1:52 Brushing
    2:18 Saddling
    3:09 Bridling
    4:34 Riding Attire
    5:12 Mounting
    6:11 Holding the Reins
    6:26 Correct Riding Position
    6:57 Going Forward & Stopping
    7:37 Steering
    9:00 The Horsemanship Journey

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  • Teaching a Horse to Stop Off Your Seat


    Another video which addresses a viewer’s question. Pat goes over how he is teaching a 12 year old mare named Rasberry how to stop off of her rider’s seat.

  • The bond between a cowboy and his horse!


    Check out what happens when this little cowboy gets off his horse. Talk about best friends. Be prepared to smile!

  • LIVE REPORT: Dreadhead Cowboy rides horse on Dan Ryan Expressway


    ABC7 Chicago special report as the Dreadhead Cowboy rode his horse down the Dan Ryan Monday afternoon. FULL STORY:

  • Cowboy horse-riding simulator


  • Cowboy Wisdom: a documentary


  • In The Valley Of Wild Horses


    A new generation of Xeni Gwet'in Riders trek 200-km by horse and wagon through Canada's most breathtaking landscapes.
    TELUS STORYHIVE supports compelling, original stories told by filmmakers from BC and Alberta by providing production funding, training and exposure to new audiences.

    Find out more -
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  • How To Teach Your Horse To Bow


    In this video I'll be showing three different ways you can teach your horse the bow. If you try teaching your horse to bow and have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them or help in the comments below. More 'How To's and training videos coming in the future!

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    Bouncing on a horse can be uncomfortable for both you and your horse. In this video, I give you the tips and tricks you need to stop bouncing on a horse!

    How to Post Trot On a Horse -

    How to Lunge a Horse WITHOUT a Round Pen -

    How to Teach Your Horse Tricks -

    Hi there! ???? I'm Carmella. I’ve been obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember, and I make videos about all things horse training, horseback riding, and living an equestrian lifestyle. New videos are uploaded EVERY WEEK so subscribe now for more horse videos.

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  • The Ranch Life with Cowboy Fred


    The Ranch Life with Cowboy Fred

  • Once Bitten Twice Shy: How to Train a Dangerous, Dominant Horse


    Horse trainer Clinton Anderson helps a frightened owner gain respect and control of her dangerous and dominant horse. Learn how to stop a horse from biting.

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    About Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship
    Clinton Anderson is a clinician, horse trainer and competitor. He’s dedicated his life to helping others realize their horsemanship dreams and keeping them inspired to achieve their goals. The Downunder Horsemanship Method gives horse owners the knowledge needed to become skilled horsemen and train their horses to be consistent and willing partners. Clinton instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours across the country, produces a television show, hosts an internet TV website and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools to make learning horsemanship as accessible and easy as possible. Discover for yourself how Clinton and the Method can help you achieve your horsemanship dreams at

    Master your horsemanship skills by joining the No Worries Club: where Clinton provides thousands of hours of step-by-step videos on how to train your horse.

  • Cowboy Dressage with Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Control


    Why would you want more control in your horse? Many horse owners could answer that question with many, many reasons. Eitan Beth-Halachmy explains the benefits of control very clearly and with some suggestions and benefits that might not be commonly understood. Eitan explains that “control” of a horse isn’t limited to dressage riders; it’s an everyday practice for all horse owners and riders. Control can be worked on going from the barn to the trail, from the trail to the creek ... in any and all riding situations. Control can be defined as a better way to ride and it makes handling distractions easier. Control also allows the rider to accomplish maneuvers that the horse can naturally do by himself and while being ridden but only when the rider cues him. Control like so many things, comes from an understanding of footfall and will ultimately give you and your horse the skills to do more of the many things you want to do together.

    This series is presented by and if you just can't wait for our new Friday horse training series to publish, you can watch Eitan's entire series at

    #cowboydressage #westerndressage

  • The One Rein Stop, Answers to Some Questions, and Cowboy Etiquette Pt 1


    The One Rein Stop, known as doubling in the cowboy world, is a fundamental tool that everyone needs to have on their horse. It's the emergency brake the colts need to learn prior to being ridden outside. And it's a life saver for older horses that are having problems with jigging or selling out. In this video, Pat demonstrates how it's done in the Missing Link Snaffle and the rope halter. As always, there's a story or two about grazing and hanging horses. And Pat starts to address some of the etiquette and manners that every young man and woman dreaming about cowboying should know. Thank you for watching! We appreciate everyone's support! For more information, head over to our website . Please Like this video, Subscribe to our channel, and Share with your friends...

  • Learning to ride like a real cowboy


    Learning to ride like a real cowboy

    The sport of western riding is on the rise in the UK, with centres across the country enticing people to jump into the saddle.
    The BBC's Mike Bushell picked up his cowboy hat and went to give it a try.

  • Come On Partner, Lets Dance - Quality Groundwork Trailer


    Here is the trailer for our latest DVD on groundwork. As many of you know, Pat Puckett makes his living as a cowboy and has done so for the past 40 years. He's always had riding jobs, so he spends his days on the back of a horse. Now he enjoys passing on what horses have taught him. In the full length version of this video, you'll learn the fundamentals of quality groundwork. To order, please visit us at:

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  • Cowboys & Horses


    Bonus content for the Ranch Life Learning series

  • Cowboy Campus Course #1 Sneak Peek! Module 17 - Riding With Life


    Check out a sneak peek of Cowboy Campus's first-ever course - Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship!

    Are you and your horse where you want to be in your journey!? ⁠

    In Course #1 I help you to fast track your horsemanship from where you're at to where you want to be!⁠

    Course #1 Introduction To Keith Stewart Horsemanship will help you to⁠
    - get along with your horse way better⁠
    - up your riding skills⁠
    - create better quality and more enjoyable experiences with your horses⁠
    - teach your horse to respect you and view you as its leader⁠
    - create a solid foundation for your horse training sessions⁠
    - revolutionize the way you work with your horse
    - create confidence in the saddle
    and much, much more!

    Think of this course as your horsemanship toolbox. You can revisit your course modules any time that you need to brush up on your horsemanship or encounter an issue you need assistance with. ⁠

    Plus join our Cowboy Campus Inner Circle Facebook group for members-only where you can connect with other course participants, and ask me any questions that come up during your journey through the courses!⁠

    You can enroll for the full course here

    Your course membership includes 25 modules and access to the private exclusive FB group for Cowboy Campus club members where Keith will coach you, and answer any questions you may have about the course, and your horse!

    Music by Matt Robertson
    Filmed and created by Devan Karl videography

  • Stop Crying Or I Will Give You Something To Cry About


    Warwick has hundreds of full length training videos filmed with REAL horses, REAL people, REAL problems in REAL time on his online video library.

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  • Cowboy being broke to saddle by Vianna - Large.m4v


    vianna breaking Cowboy 2-14-13

  • Cowboy connection


  • Ranch horse Streak and Cowboy Jake working cattle in Wyoming


    Streak and Jake working cows on the ranch.

  • Horses That Push Into You On The Ground


    When solving behavioural issues with horses, you have a number of options available to you. One is to correct the behaviour, but another is to allow the horse to do it, and make the outcome that the horse is trying to achieve become difficult. This is one of the ways of using making the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy. The word hard doesn't mean your put pressure on them like many people think, it means it makes the wrong thing difficult for them to achieve.

    In this video I show a large Fresian who's intended outcome is to push into me. By electing not to engage in that behaviour, there ends up being no winner or loser, just two parties who come to an agreement.

    The most important part of this video, however, is not about the technique. It's about your inner energy and body language while doing it. As you will see in the video, you have to calmly elect not to engage with them, but you cannot be defensive, and try to prevent them from pushing into you, nor can you be fearful, and shrink away from them. Doing either of those would not make this exercise work.

    This is an exercise of non-judgementalism, you cannot judge what the horse is doing or it will affect your energy and affect the outcome. You can't be scared or frustrated, but instead, just be present and respond to what it is happening. It's definitely of the harder skills for many people to learn, as it goes against our nature, but it is a key element to working well with horses.Warwick shows you a simple, yet effective exercise you can do with a horse that tends to push into you on the ground .

    Warwick has hundreds of full length training videos filmed with REAL horses, REAL people, REAL problems in REAL time on his online video library.

    Get a free 7-day trial here

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  • Horse Riding - CowBoy - YeeHaw


    First time on a horse, it was awesome !!

  • Teaching Your Horse to Stop From Walk and Trot


    Someone recently asked “If you only ask yes questions, how do you teach a horse to stop from a canter? How do you know they will stop when you ask?” In this video, which is part of a 4 part series, I show the next step of teaching a horse to stop from a canter by showing the process to teach them to stop really well from the walk and the trot. In part 4 I will show you the final step, at the canter.

    Warwick has hundreds of full-length training videos filmed with REAL horses, REAL people, REAL problems in REAL time on his online video library.

    Get a free 7-day trial here

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  • This week on American Cowboy Blackburn Hotel: Horse Training With West Taylor


    Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to exclusive videos, tips and tricks for beginners to advanced horse trainers in West’s Online Horse Training Course – Science Based Horsemanship:

    Now you can discover how to train your horse with natural horsemanship the easy way – using the power of science and the horse’s natural brain chemistry. When you work with the equine brain, you form lasting training relationships, making liberty and natural horse training easier, faster and safer for you and your horse.

    △ Get Hours Of Horse Training Videos + More Added Every Month
    △ Learn Groundwork Exercises, Roundpen, Liberty Lessons And Much More
    △ Unlock Your Horses Mind To Learn Faster And Easier
    △ Restart And TuneUp Older Horses By Finding And Fixing Problem Areas
    △ Start Colts And Young Horses With Natural Horsemanship – On Steroids
    △ Works On All Horse Breeds – From Arabs To Quarter Horses, Appaloosas To Wild Mustangs

    Get Your Subscription To West Taylor’s Science Based Horsemanship Today

    We also have provide a FREE Docuseries, where we highlight a common horse training problem and post a free training tip video, which is available for one week. New videos are added every FRIDAY so be sure to subscribe to West’s Free Horse Training Docuseries here:

    △ WEBSITE:

    West Taylor is a renowned BLM Mustang Trainer, who has worked on a variety of major Wild horse film projects and worked with various veteran groups and special education programs using his unique approach to training wild horses to be calm, steady and reliable trail horses, working horses and equine therapy horses.

  • Meet the Horses ???? The Last Cowboy | Paramount Network


    A good horse can make or break a reining season. “To me, the cowboy way of life is all about the horses.” New episodes of The Last Cowboy air on Wednesdays at 11/10c, only on Paramount Network.

    #ParamountNetwork #TheLastCowboy

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    The Last Cowboy is a documentary competition show that chronicles the lives of riders competing in the high-stakes sport of horse reining. The contenders are determined to elevate and preserve the cowboy tradition as they guide horses through precise patterns of circles, spins and stops. Run for a Million serves as the culmination of the series, where the riders compete for a $1 million purse.

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    Twitter: @ParamountNet

  • The Cowboy Entrepreneur Show with Master Trick Horse Trainer Allen Pogue


    If you love horses you will love this show. The Cowboy Entrepreneur Show hosted by Scott Knudsen with special guest Allen Pogue-Master Trick Horse Trainer.

  • Tennessee Cowboy Jack Lawrence Trains Problem Horses


    Learn more about Jack Lawrence's horse training techniques and cowboy philosophy. Read article:

  • Suburban Cowboys Electric Horse Turns Heads in New Jersey


    You can take the cowboy out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of a cowboy. Just ask the New Jersey man who rides around on a motorized horse. This suburban cowboy showed Fox 5 his unusual ride and explained how it works.

    I literally stop traffic, said Steve Bacque, a rodeo cowboy originally from Texas who now lives in Cranford, New Jersey.

    The self-proclaimed Crazy Cranford Cowboy said his wife told him he can't have a real horse.

    The key word was 'real,' he said. She didn't say I couldn't make one.

    Steve cruises around town on his trusty steed and has become quite the hit on social media. He said he gets calls from all over the world from people asking where they can buy such a horse.

    Steve's electric horse can travel up to 40 mph. It runs on a golf cart motor powered by four batteries. So what's the horse's name? Charger, of course, because he requires charging.

    Steve and a friend in Austin, Texas, built Charger. His friend owns a business that has an entire fleet of motorized horses and bulls used for kids' parties and corporate events.


    #electrichorse #cowboy #robothorse

  • Boogers Journey: Road to the Horse | The Cowboy Way


    Booger Brown of INSP's original series The Cowboy Way is an accomplished horseman and horse trainer. In 2019, the world-famous Road to the Horse colt-starting competition named Booger as a Wild Card competitor.

    Get an inside look as Booger trains and competes in Lexington, KY during the March 2019 event.

    For more on Road to the Horse, visit

    Learn more about The Cowboy Way:
    Watch The Cowboy Way on Amazon:
    Find INSP on your TV:

    #HeroesLiveHere #CowboyWayAL

  • A cowboy & his horses


    Clip I shot while in Montana

    Music by:
    Eddie Pinero
    Available on:
    iTunes -
    Spotify -

  • Cowboy riding a horse | HORSE RIDING #shorts


    Video industry is a video creator Channel here you can watch all kinds of videos.

    Like: soulful, calm, natural, countryside, universal, sad, happy, pets & animals, motivational, informative, FREE COURSES, inspirational, classical, lyric music, meditational, romantic, peaceful, stress relief, fitness & health-related, funny & comedy, and much more...

    Have a wonderful day!


  • Thailand Pattaya Extreme Cowboy Racing 2012


    Interview Scoop - Pattaya Extreme Cowboy Racing 2012.
    Horseman & Activities : Barrel racing and more, Video by RACC (Thailand)

  • strong horse



  • Cowboy MN Horse Training Academy


    I put out an ad on Facebook and craigslist searching for the worst horse in MN and surrounding states. I received a lot of replies with horses with bad habits but Cowboy was the worst. He was at an auction to become rodeo stock but didn't make the cut and was going to end up in slaughter. His new owner bought him and quarantined him until the Academy. She made sure he wasn't bucking from pain, it was 100% behavioral. Cowboy has made a complete change from going through the MN Horse Training Academy. Look at what he does now!

  • Cowboy Connors Colorado Roping Competition


  • The Cowboy Way | Obstacle Horse, of Course of Course | All New 2/12/20


    The cowboys find day-work in Texas, but struggle to figure out their next business venture. Bubba considers a career move. Cody formulates a new idea. Booger starts training for Road to the Horse and the families come together to help Booger prepare.

    Watch all-new episodes Wednesdays at 9PM ET, only on INSP.

    Learn more about The Cowboy Way:
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