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    We took Owen into @TractorSupply to celebrate its monthlong event called Out Here With Animals! Stores nationwide are celebrating animals of all kinds during Out Here With Animals this month with special events and deals. While we were at Tractor Supply, we picked up fly spray, dewormer, hoof conditioner, treats, and a hay net for Owen—just a few of the essentials that we regularly shop at Tractor Supply for! This Saturday, Aug. 25, be sure to visit your local Tractor Supply for local pet adoptions, to donate to a pet supplies drive to benefit animal organizations in your community, to take advantage of huge sales and more. You can even bring your leashed, friendly animal with you! Find out more at #Sponsored


    WARNING! Please do not try this at home. This is a situation that can be very dangerous for you, your horse, and the people around you. This is a sponsored video by Tractor Supply and the store was given a heads up that I was coming by beforehand so that they could prep the store and make sure it would be safe for us. My brother, friend, and boyfriend Denton's cousin also work at this store and were able to help with this as well! I am also a professional in the equine industry and know my horse and I would be able to handle this kind of interaction with no problems! He showed me no signs of discomfort in the store, otherwise I would’ve called it and taken him out of the store. I also made sure to get booties for him so that he would have traction on the concrete floors. Many other safety precautions were taken that I did not mention as well.


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    Hi guys, welcome back to another video. this week I wanted to follow a popular trend and for the first time ever film this type of video with a horse. This is how it went...

    thank you to for allowing us to film and shop with Bear.


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  • Taking My Horse Trick-Or-Treating!


    Please do not try this at home. This is something that could be dangerous for you, your horse, and other people. This video was planned out and executed by an experienced equine professional in a safe way for everyone. Enjoy the video, but please do not take this as an idea to try this on your own. Happy Halloween everybody!! :)

    Makeup & Horse Paint Creds:


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  • Shopping For Horse Tack! Same Day Vlog!


    Shopping For Horse Tack! Same Day Vlog! Meet Jill Scottston's Pitbulls HERE! Puppies coming soon! and HERE!
    Check Out Our Favorite Videos HERE!

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  • Stock Tank Pool DIY


    In this video I’ll show you how I turned this livestock tank into a pool. This is a fairly simple project that can be completed by one person half a day. I was able to source everything except the pump and plunger valves in local stores and I encourage you to ALWAYS support local businesses before shopping online or at big box stores when ever possible. If you are unable to find any of the items locally I have linked an online source for same or similar below.

    Pool pumps can create dangerous suction hazards. To avoid the danger I set the pump timer to only run at night when nobody is in the pool. It’s important to always follow manufacturers instructions for pool pump safety.

    Online Source for Pool Components:

    Materials List (See above for online shopping)
    Livestock Tank 8'x2' - available at most farm supply stores for $400-$500
    Filter Pump - available at pool supply store or online. $100-600
    Inlet Fitting - Out of stock online but my DIY option can be made from hardware store items $10-20
    Optional Vacuum Manifold/ with Hose and Nozzle - Available at most hardware stores $40-$60

    Pool Water Maintenance:
    Currently we are using a chlorine float but are exploring some environmentaly friendly options and will update once we discover a better option.

    Pool Safety With Children:
    Pool Dangers and Drowning Prevention―When It’s Not Swimming Time -

    Stock Tank FAQs

    Q.Where can I find a tank?
    A. We were on a waitlist for months and kept being told we would get one any day but it never came. Then my wife happened to be at Tractor Supply as one was being delivered so she bought it because she was at the right place at the right time. Just luck. Everyone is out because they are in extremely high demand and shipping/manufacturing is delayed. Keep trying. I wish you luck!

    Q. Does the metal or metal rim get hot?
    A. Not really. As long as the pool is full the cold water keeps the metal cool through conducive cooling.


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  • How much does it cost to have a horse? feat Stephanie Moratto | Guest Vlog


    When Stephanie Moratto bought her first horse, she asked herself how much it costs to have a horse. Now that she has four of them, she can give you a perfect overview and calculation of what to expect when buying, keeping and taking care of a horse.
    02:04 Buying a horse
    03:14 Costs of boarding a horse
    05:32 Cost of feeding a horse
    06:46 Medical Costs for a horse
    09:05 Costs of supplies

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  • I took my horse to tractor supply????


  • Horses in Petsmart bridle-less and bareback. Leo is a 4 time World Champion in 3 breeds.


    Here goes our 4-time World Champion Stallion in all 3 of his breeds riding calmly into Petsmart with a gelding that he isn't very fond of. For breeding and sales information - please see King is sold, but Leo may still be for sale. Own a piece of history! He will babysit your kids, make more gorgeous winners and teach you to jump.

  • I made a video two years ago about bringing a horse into petsmart and it went kinda viral


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  • ONLY IN OKLAHOMA- Horse walks into Tractor Supply


    After the labor day parade this gentlemen came into tractor supply and asked if he could bring his senior horse inside to buy some senior feed cause he was a senior as well!
    (For licensing or usage, contact

  • TRACTOR SUPPLY HAUL | harper grace


    hey loves! welcome to my channel :)



    I've partnered with FabFitFun on this video. At the end of this video I unbox their recently released spring box and show you my impression of the FabFitFun box and all opinions are my own! #fabfitfun #fabfitfunpartner

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    $10 off Coupon Code: CLAIREEVENTING


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  • Going Through Drive Thrus on Horseback!!


    Welcome everyone to my channel as I kick it off with my first video. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to like, comment , share and subscribe!!



    On our last day of high school, Alexa and I did an iconic thing.

  • Are Tractor Supply Birds Worth Buying?


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  • Tractor Supply Store


  • Farm Animal Exhibit at Tractor Supply - REAL USA Ep. 83


    Tractor Supply is a chain of agricultural supply store across the United States that sells both farming equipment and supplies for animal husbandry. Recently the held a small exhibit of livestock, (farm animals) inside the store and we got permission to video the displays! Featured among the animals at this particular store was a young Watusi cow, which is a relatively rare breed to encounter in the USA.

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  • Why I ❤️ Working for Tractor Supply & Why You Will Too ♥️????????????????????????????


    Are you interested in a career change? Check out Tractor Supply! Best job I ever had! ????????????????????????♥️

  • Tractor Supply Tool Haul! Scoring Deep Clearance Deals!


    In today's video I show you some deals that I found in my local Tractor Supply. I plan on using these tools in a later project and seeing how they truly work out.
    All items seen on my channel are bought with my own money unless otherwise stated.

    Feel free to check out my other videos. You may enjoy them.

    Link to my pliers video

    Business inquiries:

    I am open to reviewing items HONESTLY. If you feel that is something you like, contact me.

    The Shadetree America YouTube Channel assumes NO responsibility for any damages and/or injuries that occur by replicating the actions seen on this Channel. This Channel is for Entertainment purposes ONLY!!

    Feel free to comment on any of my videos. Thank You and God Bless!

  • Buy Online Pickup In Store at Tractor Supply


    Buy Online Pick Up in Store allows you to buy items online, wait for your confirmation email and then conveniently pick them up in a Tractor Supply store. You avoid shipping and online delivery charges for items designated as “free in store pick up” on the website.

    Read more FAQs:

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  • Buying Cute Ducklings At Tractor Supply Plus New Addition To Our Farm Raised Animals


    We are at Tractor supply plus to buy a dozen of ducklings. I wanted to raise them because I want to make my own salted eggs for my own consumption and hopefully can make extra income from it. So the whole team of Duncan's , My husband Robert, Me (Jess), Keara the eldest, Hannah, and of course Bailey are here. Everyone is excited.

  • Not every horse can enjoy the drive-thru


    Watch what happens when horses go through a McDonalds' drive-thru. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the ruckus. More from CNN at

  • Tractor Supply: Stock to Watch for Horse People and Small Ranchers!


    In this video, I review another article from Seeking Alpha regarding a company that is near and dear to my heart! Tractor Supply is a publicly-held company that caters to small farmers and ranchers, and of course, horse owners! However, I must caution that just because we like a company, does not always mean we should invest in it! I follow-up the article review with two metrics I use to help me evaluate whether or not I would purchase this stock. Initially, I had planned to go through all my metrics, but I'm finding the video is getting long, so I made a Part One, and plan to follow it up with one or more other videos which will go through the rest of the series of metrics.

    Tractor Supply's Website can be found at:

    The Seeking Alpha Article, Tractor Supply's Secret Sauce is to Go Where Other Retailers Don't by Cashflow Capitalist can be found at:

    The Morningstar Site is located at:

    The BogleHeads Wiki Site is located at:

    The Buffetts Books site is at

    I have no affiliation with any of the sites or companies mentioned above. As always, any information in this video is based on my personal opinion and is for educational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute formal financial advice.

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  • Clearance Shopping at Lowe’s, Home Depot, ACE Hardware and Tractor Supply Store


    Created by InShot

  • Breyer and Schleich Horses and More Horses Christmas 2020 at Tractor Supply Company


    There's a little Cow Girl in all of us.

    Breyer Animal Creations (commonly referred to as simply Breyer) is primarily a manufacturer of model horses. Founded in 1950, the company, now a division of Reeves International, Inc,[1] specializes in model horses made from cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, and produces other animal models from the same material as well. Less well known are its porcelain horse figures, which are aimed at the adult collector market. The company also produces model tack accessories and horse-related structures, such as stables, barns, and grooming implements in scale to its model horses.

    Schleich® USA Inc. | Toys | Figurines and Play Sets › ...
    The official Schleich website, the home of Schleich animals from the Horse Club, Farm World, Wild Life, Dinosaurs and bayala ranges and many more.

    Jingle Bells 7 2:22 Kevin MacLeod Holiday | Happy
    You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description:
    Jingle Bells 7 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • Schleich hunting at tractor supply


    Created by VideoShow:

  • Miniature Pony inside Tractor Supply Company store - 3/3


    Miniature Pony inside Tractor Supply Company store

  • Chick Days At Tractor Supply


    Ever wonder about those adorable baby chickens that come to your TSC each spring? They may be cute, but its important to remember these babies are still just babies, and need great care!

    Check out this video to learn more!

    Music by: Josh Woodward (

  • New horses from tractor supply’s.


  • We Bought Every Cornish Chick At Tractor Supply


    It's time to start our Cornish Cross meat chickens! We bought every chick they had in the brooders at Tractor Supply. We want to raise the healthiest pastured chicken we can, and this is the first step!

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  • Product Review: Tractor Supply CO. GROUND WORK 1.5 Lb. Hatchet. Hickory Handle.


    Purchased from Tractor Supply Company the GROUND WORK 1 1/2 LBS. Hatchet Hickory Handle.

  • Tractor Supply Company - Dogs


    broadcast TV spot

  • Shopping for Horse Supplies | Tractor Supply, Dollar Tree, JoAnn Fabric


    Come shopping for horse supplies with me! Tractor Supply Company, Dollar Tree, JoAnn Fabric!

    Okay Tractor Supply makes sense, but the Dollar Tree and JoAnn Fabric? For horses?

    Come along with me and Liam and see what we get...

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  • Did Hatch Mate Chicks Hatch?? | Didn’t Expect This From Tractor Supply |


    We weren't sure what to expect with our first time hatching eggs, but MAN that was fun! I think we are gonna be hatching all kinds of things from now on.....shhhhhh don't tell Gary!! We 100% recommend The Original Hatch Mate by Backyard Farms. We are grateful that @Tractor Supply Company is doing the curbside pickup. God Bless

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  • Buck Forage Oats vs Tractor Supply Oats - Part 1


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    Food Plots Misc Section:

    Buck Forage Oats and other brands of oats are popular among many hunters and may just be the absolute best deer attractant in fall food plots. Nothing serves better as a fall deer attractant than a food plot full of tender forage oats. Forage oats are the primary seed in most winter deer food plot blends offered by major seed manufacturers...and for good reason. ..deer love them!

    Buck Forage Oats are known to be extremely winter-hardy while staying tender and more palatable longer throughout the fall hunting season. Buck Forage Oats germinate quickly and are much slower to put on thick and stemmy growth that deer avoid. Buck Forage Oats are also loved by other wildlife such as turkey, rabbit and many others. While Buck Forage Oats is an excellent choice of oats it's also a lot more expensive than other brands of seed oats on the market. Buck Forage Oats tend to run in the mid ~$45 range for a 50lb bag and may be worth every penny if their claims are true.

    There a much cheaper forage oats but are they preferred as much as Buck Forage Oats? The Handy Hunter has used feed oats from Tractor Supply for many years with great success. These forage oats are made by Producers Pride and are sold as feed, not seed. Since they don't have the typical quality control that a Buck Forage Oats brand would have so there is less germination rate with Tractor Supply Oats. Although there is a slightly lower germination rate they still germinate quickly and will provide a food plot full of tender forage oats that deer will love. For the cost conscience, Tractor Supply Oats run about $13-$15 for a 50lb bag.

    So the question is do deer prefer one brand of forage oats over another? The Handy Hunter set out this season to test if there's a difference using a small oats food plot. He chose a 1/10th of an acre plot and split it down the middle. He planted Buck Forage Oats on one side and Tractor Supply Oats (Producers Pride) on the other. So far, the 1-month results show that deer in general love tender forage oats. This plot is getting equally hammered on both sides. It's even getting grazing pressure from hogs as they seem to love grazing as well. The difference may be seen at the next update in the season as Buck Forage Oats could prove that they are tender for longer and are more palatable to deer later in the season. We will see!

    Planting oats for deer is relatively easy. To develop an oats food plot you really only need to get the seed about an inch below the soil (it's pretty forgiving). I've even had it come up by throwing it on top of the ground and pulling a drag over it or packing it down with four wheelers, etc. I typically use the seeding rate of 50lbs per acre but I have used as much as 100lbs if starting a brand new plot and using forage oats as a single seed. If using forage oats in combination with other seeds such as winter peas, clovers, and brassicas then you will want to keep your forage oats seeding rate around 50lb or adjust accordingly.

    The best food plot for deer is the one that brings them in early and keeps them longer. Deer food plots are a lot of fun to build and can easily be established using forage oats. In my opinion, forage oats is the best deer attractant for any fall deer food plot! If I only had one seed to plant for fall food plots in the would be forage oats! Forage oats are the best food plot for deer and the cheapest!

    Stay tuned for Part 2 of this experiment as we look at deer preference later in the season between Buck Forage Oats and Tractor Supply Oats.

    Thanks for watching and God Bless!

  • Behind the scenes at Tractor Supply


    Tractor Supply Company officially opened the doors for a new 690,000-square foot distribution facility in the south part of the county.

  • What I got at Tractor Supply part 1


  • Shopping at Tractor Supply



  • Tractor Supply Co. CEO Talks Labor Shortages, Expansion Push


    The third quarter was not kind to many retailers due to abnormally warm weather across much of the country and cautious U.S. consumers. But, those retailers such as Tractor Supply Co. (TSCO) and Home Depot (HD) that sell goods to folks looking to improve the appearance of their home or work on a job site managed to buck the broader trend in retail in the third quarter of lackluster sales. ‘We are a needs-based business, so the customers that buy at Tractor Supply need the things that we sell – so we are not a discretionary store per se,’ explained Tractor Supply Co. president and CEO Gregory Sandfort in an interview. Tractor Supply Co.’s over 1,400 stores in 49 states tend to cater to owners of cattle ranches and farms who are often in need of new equipment and repair parts for expensive machinery. The company also sees a good mix of tradesmen and small business owners walk through stores that average 15,000 square feet in size, especially those tied to the oil services industry. Tractor Supply Co.’s third quarter same-store sales rose 2.9% year over year, driven primarily by solid demand for trailers, fencing and pet supplies. Earnings per share increased 16.4% year over year to $0.65, surpassing Wall Street forecasts by a penny. Tractor Supply Co. lifted its full year same-store sales and earnings outlooks. Same-store sales are expected to rise by 4% to 4.5%, up from a prior outlook of 3.5% to 4.5%. Earnings per share are seen in a range of $3.02 to $3.08 versus $3.00 to $3.08 previously. TheStreet’s Brian Sozzi reports.

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  • Toy Hunt - Schleich Animals + Breyer Model Horses Honeyheartsc Video


    Going on a mega toy hunt for Breyer Horses and Schleich!Travel along with me as I head to Tuesday Morning, Toys R Us and my local Breyer/ Schleich store. I did a little shopping for you and my mini fans, so you don't want to miss the haul video ;D

    Play Star Stable online with me:

    Breyer Stablemates are getting together for a summer pool party!

    Video on which Breyerfest 2015 Special Run Traditional model horses I picked up while at the Kentucky Horse Park. Which 2 did I get out of Versailles, Chanel, Giverny, Haute Couture, Le Taureau, Enchante, Ganache, or Quelle Surprise!

    Breyerfest 2016 Carnival Theme Announcement - Breyer Horses News Video

    About HoneyheartsC Channel
    Welcome to my horse channel! Super fun family friendly videos all about horses! You will find videos about playset toy reviews, openings, movie series, do it yourself (diy) projects, and so much other awesome things. Whether you collect Breyer traditional, classics, stablemates, Peter Stone, Schleich, Safari, or any other model horse, I know you will enjoy my videos.


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    ♥ Music by me HoneyheartsC!



    Whiskey and Liberty got something in the mail today! Thank you so much to Tractor Supply Co. for sending us the delicious horse treats! As you can see in the video, the horses absolutely loved them. Thanks again TSC! If you're interested in any of the horse treats shown in the video, check out the links below!???? Don't forget to comment, like, share, and subscribe!
    Neigh Nibblers: Carrot & Oat
    Neigh Nibblers: Apple & Oat????

    Neigh Nibblers: Apple, Carrot & Banana (one of our horses' faves!)

    Baker's Bites: Baked Molasses (one of our horses' favorites!)

    Baker's Bites: Baked Peppermint????

    Baker's Bites: Baked Apple & Honey????????

  • TRACTOR SUPPLY co. | Dami sisiw & Ducks



    Thank you for watching please like and subscribe..

    My husband love this store they have plants also trees etc..


  • Tractor Supply Co. Store - doors are now open in Arcata, California


    The Tractor Supply Co. store is complete and it's doors are open to the community. This store provides home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, and livestock, equine and pet care options for residents in the nearby area.

  • Tractor Supply Pet Washing Station


    Tractor Supply Pet Washing Station. Pet grooming. Hey guys and gals, my local Tractor Supply is a newly built store. In my store there is a pet washing station. You can bring your pets and wash them your self. It only cost $10.00 to do this where at a vet it will cost $20- $30 and I think they don't do a good job cause my dog comes back smelling like a wet dog. In this video I will show you what it looks like and how to use the pet washing station.

    Mailing address
    Spicy - Backwoods Raised
    PO Box 322
    Springhill La 71075

    Paypal link for support of my channel

  • Breyer Horses Unboxing | 2018 Tractor Supply Exclusives


    Maddy unboxes Breyer's 2018 Tractor Supply Company special run models! Jasper is a bay Mustang on the Desatado mold, and Boone is a red dun overo Paint Horse on the Cody/Ranch Horse mold. These models are available exclusively at your local Tractor Supply store!

    → Find Breyer at a Tractor Supply near you!


    Join Breyer on social media! ????
    Official website:
    Instagram: @breyermodelhorsesofficial
    Twitter: @breyerhorses

  • TSC Store to Door Video


  • TRACTOR SUPPLY CO BROWSE WITH ME| shop with me| shopping vlog| tractor supply chicken coop



    Thanks so much for clicking this video. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell.
    Leave a comment requesting the stores you would like to see us vlog in.

    See ya in the next video.
    We Love ya!

    P.O BOX 98
    ZEBULON, NC 27597

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. mamabri&prissyp cnbc shop with me shopping vlog tractor supply chicken coop

  • Big Lots& Tractor Supply 2020 Christmas


    Big Lots& Tractor Supply
    2020 Christmas



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