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I Will Answer Your Tech Support Calls!

  • I Answered Your Best Tech Support Calls!


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    In this episode, callers navigate a hilarious phone maze in hopes of getting personal IT tech support from Linus himself.

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    Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

    Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

    0:00 Intro
    0:46 Context
    1:30 The Phone Tree
    2:21 Dennis Answers
    2:37 Tech Tip 1
    4:37 Dennis & Taran
    5:09 Tech Tip 2
    6:40 Dennis Returns
    6:54 Tech Tip 3
    9:15 Dennis & Colton
    09:33 Sponsor Info
    10:30 Tech Tip 4
    12:10 Mac Address
    12:25 Colton & Taran
    12:45 Tech Tip 5
    15:58 Dennis/Colton/Taran
    16:15 Tech Tip 6
    16:45 Taran
    16:58 Tech Tip 7
    17:59 Dad Joke
    18:17 Tech Tip 8
    19:37 Outro

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  • When a Frenchman calls an Indian Call Center : The iRabbit


    A French man calls an Indian call centre when his new iRabbit can't understand his accent.

    More from the Creators :

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    #moontajska, #irabbit

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  • Scamming the Scammers - How to Handle Fake Tech Support Calls


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    This video has sparked an article investigation by former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs:

    If the screen is fuzzy, increase the resolution using the little gear located on the right corner of the video frame (minimum 720p to see screen text clearly.) You can also view the video full screen clicking the last square box in the right corner of the video frame. It should be crystal clear audio and video.

    In this extremely EPIC video, I get a phone call from a technical support scammer claiming I have viruses on my computer! I knew he was going to call, so I set up a test bench computer and recording devices - and then I let the games begin!

    Grab some popcorn and a drink and settle in for one of the funniest and most educational films you'll see this year!

    Remember, if ANYONE ever calls you unexpectedly, do NOT give them remote control of your computer! Tell them they should be ashamed of themselves and then hang up the phone - do not wait for them to respond. If they call back, tell them they'll need to call someone dumber than you and, again without waiting for a response, hang up on them.

    You can and should report any fake support calls you receive immediately to the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission accepts complaints by phone, 1-877-382-4357, and online:

    For more information on this and other scams, read the FTC's consumer guide:

    This is the link he kept closing on me before I could read it:

    Microsoft tech support scammers face $5.1 million fine that could bring refunds to consumers:

    Microsoft dumps Gold status partner Comantra over tech support phone scams:

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  • This is what happens when a Scammer calls a Software Engineer


    If you have received these phone scammer calls, you know they just want to steal your identity by trying to get you to download remote connect software so they can remote into your computer and steal identities or put random ware, but anyways...the result of trolling with these scammer guys is hilarious...

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  • Googles AI Assistant Can Now Make Real Phone Calls


    Google showed off its Assistant having a humanlike conversation with someone at a hair salon and a small restaurant. Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains Google Duplex at Google I/O.

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  • Lando Norris Calls Race Support! | 2020 Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix


    What do you do when you're starting last on the grid? Call up your homies, of course. Lando Norris goes through his phone book ahead of the 2020 Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix

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    #F1 #VirtualGP #LandoBot

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    Windows Tech Support Scam calls and I answer pretending to be a burglar interested in stealing a laptop that the scammer wants to scam me with.

    Drawings by Nathan Robinson
    Phone Scam 1: Microwave -
    Phone Scam 2: Gareth -

    Concept by Haanz
    He does hilarious pranks, so check him out!

    Check out my new channel starring my dog (ChumpieTheDog) in some hilarious and cute videos -

  • Customer Service Training- How To Answer Inbound Phone Calls- Part 1


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    I love Customer Service Training, why because I think it is sorely missing in most small businesses. Business owners expect the employees to just know how to do things. However that creates massive inconsistency from employee to employee.

    In this Customer Service Training video I go into How To Answer Inbound Phone Calls. This is something you can give to your employees to help create a consistent client experience.

    0:00 Customer Service Training- How To Answer Inbound Phone Calls- Part 1
    0:17 Are you creating a great customer experience?
    1:11 Three key factors to answer a phone call
    2:09 Boring vs enthusiastic phone call examples
    3:02 Works for all industries, create an awesome experience

    In this video, we're going to talk about how your staff members should answer inbound phone calls to create an amazing customer experience. It is critical that every staff person is trained to answer the phone with an upbeat and welcoming tone of voice. Choose a positive message like, “How can I make your day better?” Make sure that everyone who speaks to customers sounds sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell, and a person of authority.

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    Customer Service Training- How To Answer Inbound Phone Calls- Part 1:

  • Now customer will answer your every calls with these 3 tips | Folllow Up | calls | customer


    Now customer will answer your every calls with these 3 tips

    After corona, the world is changing drastically & nowadays a normal person generally gets 10 to 12 calls in a day and every call can be counted under sales or etc.

    but the customer is also smart, he just picks up the call a single time, and the moment the customer comes to know about the product he doesn't receive the call ever again.

    At that time the person who approached the customer thinks that when I was discussing with the customer, he was responding at that time but now what is the problem? what is the issue? I am unable to understand.

    There are few specific reasons why customers don't receive the calls, and in this video, I have mentioned all the specific reasons why don't customer pick up the calls.

    when a person will follow these 3 tips I've mentioned in this video I am 100% sure that after this customer will receive every call of yours for selling or consulting purposes!!

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  • How to Set Up On-Wrist Phone Calls


    Learn how to set up on-wrist phone calls on Fitbit Sense (using an Android Phone). If you are using an iPhone, you might want to watch this video instead:

    ✔️ Fitbit Help Article =

    #WearableWhisperer #FitbitSense

  • Scammer Faces Hacker & Loses Everything


    I wanted to find out what would happen if a tech support scammers who claimed to be a network security expert runs into a hacker... and get a little revenge along the way!
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  • How to Avoid Dead Air on Calls


    Are you struggling with dead air and awkward silence when talking to customers? If so, this video will share with you three techniques on how to avoid or reduce dead air and overall improve your stat and performance as a call center agent.

  • Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Phone Calls, SMS, Whatsapp


    Aloha everyone,

    Quick video on phone calls, SMS, whatsapp using your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 similar experience with the new Galaxy Watch 3

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  • The Great Escape | Bishop Dale C. Bronner | Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral


    We pray you are blessed by this message!

    To support the ministry:
    Text: Text give to 73256
    Mail In: Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral - 212 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168

    Follow us on social media: @bishopbronner and @woffamily

    Sunday Services: 8:30AM, 11:00AM & 6:00PM

    Church Address:
    212 Riverside Pkwy
    Austell, GA 30168

  • Google Duo, Group Video Calls for Android & iPhone


    Google Duo now allows for group video calls of up to 8 users and easy video messaging. You can use Google Duo on Android, iPhone, Smart Displays, Tablets & Computers!

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