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I took Bob and Brad to Hawaii ???? ????‍♂️

  • Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer


    Fun animated slideshow for Christmas
    Hope you enjoy

    We do not own images or music used in making our video.
    No Copyright infringement intended.
    Happy Holidays from Denmark

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  • Neighbor Won’t Wakeup!! NEW TOWN! Adley & Dad build a pretend store and play, pet dogs, and more!


    Moving into a new neighborhood, in the Kitchen!!


    HEY EVERYBODY!! Today My dad and I wanted to show you one of my new favorite games with a twist! It's Neighborhood but this time it's in my kitchen! We set up a whole town which included my house, my dad's house, and big lawn for my pets! There is a lot of places and I have to take care and run all of them! It gets really busy in our town but luckily I'm there to take care of everything! Every night my dad and I go to our own house to sleep and every morning my dad sleeps in so I have to hit our rooster alarm clock to wake him up!! Then he makes breakfast and asks me what I'm doing that day! I'll tell him my job, whether it's taking care of animals, running the store, selling food, or cleaning up garbage world!! Watch our for garbage girl, trash girl, and flower girl though, they will try and take your stuff! Luckily we have locked up houses up tight! We have a really fun time together while playing it and I hope you can see what it's one of my favorite games!!

    my last video - MY DOGS ???? PET SPA!! Adley cleans her dogs morning routine for New UNiCORN CATCH App Reviews Movie

    my dad's last video - Adley GRADUATiON and SURPRiSE!! Niko magic bubbles & dentist visit to fix my broken vampire tooth!

    Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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  • Phoebe Thunderman & Kid Danger to the Rescue ????????‍♀️????‍♂️ Henry Danger & The Thundermans | Nick


    Kid Danger (Jace Norman) and Phoebe Thunderman (Kira Kosarin) must board a train that is filled with evil villains in order to rescue Captain Man (Cooper Barnes). Can they stop the bad guys or will The Toddler and company come out victorious?

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  • COPS vs ROBBERS - Prison Escape from Barbie Jail - will Adley get caught by Police Girl??


    i just wanna eat chocolate but Police Mom keeps catching me!!

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    HEY EVERYBODY!! I love chocolate!! And sometimes I eat a little to much!! So my mom thought it was a good idea to try and hide it from me!! When she went out of the room I found it and sneaked them out of the house! She found me and told me that she was going to hide them again and I needed to clean my room! After I did my chores, i snuck downstairs again and found the candy's hiding place! Mom found out and turned into police mom and put me in barbie jail!! Luckily I know how to sneak out and find the chocolate again! This game was so fun!

    my last video - RAINY DAY ROUTINE!! Adley and Dad play in the backyard skate park in a RAIN STORM! (dont get soaked)

    my dad's last video - BRAVE DOCTOR VISIT!! Adley needs a throat check up for her voice!

    Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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  • SORRY DAD!! Surprise HAIRCUT from Adley and Mom! Spa inside our House & Manicure Makeover✂️????????


    watch our FAMiLY HAIRCUTS —

    a very SPECIAL SPA made by Mom and Me just for Dad!!

    Let’s be friends --

    HEY EVERYBODY!! Mom and I had a really funny idea! We were going to get a special spa all set up for my dad! We'd fill the room with plants, soothing music, a comfortable blanket and pillow, and a other relaxing things to make sure that he felt as good as possible! We would file his nails, put a face mask on him, let lava rocks relax his muscles, put cucumbers on his eyes, and massage his hands! Mom and I planned all these fun activities for dad because we want to distract him because we want to cut his hair!! He said that he has wanted to do it for a little bit now because it's so long but he hasn't done it yet so we'd figure we'd push him in the right direction!! While dad has his eyes covered and listening to relaxing music, mom and I painted his nails and cut his hair!! It looked so good! I was really proud of what we did! Then when we were done with the spa Dad was so surprised he didn't know what to do!!

    my last video - ADLEY and DAD SHRiNK!! a Magic Locket makes us tiny! HELP can Polly Pocket help us grow big again!

    my dad's last video - pet FROG on PiRATE iSLAND ???? Beach Vacation Barbie Dream Camper! Adley pretend play & swimming pool

    Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

  • Miraculous Ladybug Climbs A Tree New Episode Ladybug



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  • Pac Man Board Game with Ryans World!!!


    Ryan and Daddy play fun board games like Pac-Man, Candy Land and More!!! Fun Family Games for the whole family!!!

  • NiKO CAT NOIR and ADLEY LADY BUG vs WiFi MOM family pretend play as Adleys favorite cartoon show


    is Adley the REAL Lady Bug?? is Niko the REAL Baby Cat Noir??


    HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we wanted to show you one of our favorite games headbanz! Dad and I started to set it up and mom tried to turn the tv on, but mom said the wifi wasn't working. Since the wifi was out and mom didn't know why she started to get really frustrated with the internet being out! Hawk Moth could feel the anger and sent an evil butterfly to akumatize mom!! Then she turned into Lady Wifi and started to tear the basement up!! Luckily Dad and I have a secret! We are superheroes called LadyBug and Cat Noir!! We hurried and changed and went downstairs to stop lady wifi from terrorizing the house!! We each used our superpowers like my lucky carm, dad used his staff, and we used the power of team work! Lady Wifi also had some pretty good powers! She could freeze us, she could make us rewind time, and she turned Cat Noir into a Kitten!!

    my last video - MY PET BALLOON DOG!! meet Squeakee our new puppy! showing Niko & Mom all his fun dog tricks

    my dad's last video - Baby Navey meets Niko & Adley ???? Hospital Story with Jenny and our kids made an indoor castle fort!

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    HEY EVERYBODY!! I decided I wanted to see some fortnite dances so I went and saw the Spacestation boys!! I was the judge and I graded them on all their dances!! We danced the Best Mates dance, The Floss, and the Fresh Dance!! There was 3 scorecards I had. 1, 2, & 3!! I would love to see everyone's best dance moves!!

    Bye vlog

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  • Zombies vs Water Balloons!


    First person shooter video game. Bunch of balloons and X-Shot vs Zombies! Sponsored by Zuru. #unleashsummer #bunchoballoons #upyourgame #xshot #ad

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    ** Hi guys sorry for the confusion but due to Stone Broken the artist signing a record contract with Universal Records, this video was blocked around the world ** Please help to push this back to NO.1 in world :)

    Music by
    Shallow Side - Stand Up [HD]

    MontageRock NoncopyrightRock
    Adakain - Resistance [HD]

    MontageRock NoncopyrightRock
    Cold Driven - Now That I'm Gone

    MontageRock NoncopyrightRock
    Fight Like Sin - In The Dark

    MontageRock NoncopyrightRock

    Compilation of the world's biggest waves ever surfed! World record waves around 100ft (30m) rogue waves, largest waves world record Biggest wave in the world Large wave, swell storm tsunami, code, red, jaws, teahupoo

    Big wave surfing is the ultimate celebration of extreme surfing. Challenging deadly waves in harsh weather and ocean conditions takes a very serious approach.
    Big wave surfers are not interested in performance. Forget perfect cutbacks, stunning floaters or breathless aerial antics. The profile of a big wave rider is the result of several unparalleled personal characteristics.

    Fear is always present in a 50-foot wave. Fear is the best way of managing the risk of paddling for a huge wave face, which doesn't tell you what is going to happen and how it is going to break.

    Monster waves tend to move quickly and force surfers to get away of the powerful whitewater. Big waves are lethal even for the most experienced extreme riders. The best big wave surf spots in the world have claimed several lives in the last decades.

    Malik Joyeux, Sion Milosky, Moto Watanabe, Mark Foo, Donnie Solomon, Todd Chesser, Dickie Cross and Peter Davi have passed away in extreme surfing conditions. Wipeouts, severe coral reef injuries and drowning are the most common causes of death in big wave surfing.

    The pioneers of big wave surfing started to eye impossible killer rides in the 1940's. In the 1960's, waves like Pipeline and Waimea increased the popularity of paddling into new wave heights. Going over the falls was the daily menu.

    Laird Hamilton is the first professional big wave surfer. The waterman from Maui defies fast, hollow and high waves with a full-time training and previous preparation. Hamilton, the father of tow-in surfing, takes on the entire big wave spots of the Hawaiian Islands, in helicopter style.

    Laird was born with the gene of defying danger. He designs and prepares his own surfboards and wetsuits. Wherever heavy waves break, Hamilton is there to ride them: Mavericks, Cortes Bank, Dungeons.

    Garrett McNamara is one of the toughest big wave challengers. After riding a spectacular 78-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, the Hawaiian waterman entered the Guinness World Records with the biggest wave ever surfed.

    The 55 best big wave surfers of all time is an exclusive extreme surfing club. From Jaws to Mavericks, Puerto Escondido, Punta Lobos, Ghost Trees, Belharra, Shipstern Bluff and Todos Santos, these riders have set up a new scale in the definition of giant waves.

    No copyright infringement inteded and i don't have earnings from this video...
    If you are the owner of this content (image or footage) and you want the delete of this video, please contact me inbox and i will do it immediately.
    Also if you are the owner of this content (image or footage) and you wish, i can add your links in description (fb page, website, buy links etc)

    Al Mennie
    Anthony Tashnick
    Ben Wilkinson
    Bob Pike
    Brock Little
    Buzzy Trent
    Carlos Burle
    Chris Bertish
    Danilo Couto
    Darrick Doerner Darryl Virostko
    Dave Kalama
    Dave Wassel
    Gabriel Villaran
    Garrett McNamara
    George Downing
    Brad Gerlach
    Gerry Lopez
    Grant Twiggy Baker Grant Washburn
    Greg Long
    Greg Noll
    Ian Walsh
    Jamie Sterling
    Jay Moriarty
    Jeff Clark
    Jeff Rowley
    Jose Angel
    João de Macedo
    Kai Barger Keala Kennely
    Ken Bradshaw
    Ken Colllins
    Koby Abberton
    Kohl Christensen
    Laird Hamilton
    Laurie Towner
    Mark Foo
    Mark Healey
    Mark Mathews
    Mark Visser Maya Gabeira
    Mike Parsons
    Nathan Fletcher
    Pat Curren
    Peter Mel
    Ramon Navarro
    Richie Fitzgerald
    Ross Clarke-Jones
    Shane Dorian
    Sion Milosky
    Zach Wormhoudt $$$ huhi tsm windsurfing skt clg 7.16

  • Halloween compilation for kids from Gaby and Alex


    Halloween videos for kids from Gaby and Alex.
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  • Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer


    Provided to YouTube by Epic

    Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer · Elmo & Patsy

    Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

    ℗ 1984 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1988-07-15

    Guitar, Producer: Gary Potterton
    Composer, Lyricist: Randy Brooks
    Drums: Doug Corrigan
    Keyboards: Barry Bisson
    Bass: Doug Giddens

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DUCKTALES Treasure Challenge! GANG BEASTS vs. FGTEEV Hot Dog! Part 2 w/ Chase & Shawn


    Be an FGTEEVER ➡ & Get the Merch ➡ ... Duddy, Shawn & Chase are playing Gang Beasts again but for Scrooge McDucks Treasure from Ducktales!! :)

    Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
    ????Our Family/Vlog channel, FUNNEL VISION:

    ????Our Toy Channel: DOH MUCH FUN:

    ????Family Friendly Youtube Gaming Channel, FGTEEV:

    ????Skylander Boy and Girl Channel:


    FGTeeV is a Family Gaming Channel of 6 people. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it's Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.


    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music & Content by

  • Henry Danger | Últimos cinco minutos de Henry Danger | Nickelodeon en Español


    Mira cómo termina todo para el Capitán Man, Henry Danger y sus amigos.
    Suscríbete ahora para ver más de tus series favoritas en Nickelodeon, como Game Shakers, Bob Esponja, Fresh, The Thundermans, School of Rock, Henry Danger ¡y muchas más! Encontrarás más diversión y videos en nuestro sitio web: Nickelodeon en Facebook:
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  • Ryan Plays Tag with Ryan Game on iPad with Mommy! Ryan VS Mommy Who scores higher Challenge!


    Ryan Plays Tag with Ryan Game on iPad with Mommy! Ryan VS Mommy Who scores higher Challenge!
    Ryan has made a game for you! Parents, you can DOWNLOAD the new Tag with Ryan game for FREE here -

  • 2020/06/24 chill day!



    Stream Chat:

    0:00 Just Chatting
    3:01 Minecraft
    2:15:29 Valorant

    All content shown is owned by Sykkuno. VOD rip is for archival purposes.
    Video will never be monetized by uploader.
    Channel maintained by:



    uh oh hot dog

  • PiRATE Pumpkin DROP TEST! Spooky Family Challenge! hot lava beach dropping from 45ft


    Buried Treasure and Walking the Plank!! Welcome to the Pirate Pit!


    HEY EVERYBODY!! Our family of pirates went to Pirate Island to find some buried treasure!! While arriving at our sunken ship we found 4 shovels for dad, mom, Niko, and me! We each grabbed a shovel and looked for an x that would make the spot!! We found a giant x on the ground and started to dig! I was so excited to find what was buried there but we kept digging and digging but we didn't find anything! Dad then found out what we were supposed to do! We had dug a Pirate Pit and it was made so that we could throw pumpkins into it!! Like every year we get pumpkins and smash them so that we can do the challenges inside! This year we had a lot of fun with the challenges! We got to shoot water cannons, lead our partners to the gold chest, dig for buried treasure, and walk the plank and watch out for the lava! It was such fun playing with my family and I am so glad that Niko got to play with us this year!!

    My last video - Barbie SURPRiSE BiRTHDAY Party!! Adley opens a Dream Closet for a pretend play fashion makeover!

    my dad's last video - our Family makes Spooky Crafts!! Painting! Pirates! and Baby Navey! best September ever the Movie!

    Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

  • Plants vs Zombies Plush Garden Warfare Pretend Play with Ryan ToysReview!!!


    Plants Vs Zombies Plush Garden Warfare Pretend Play with Ryan ToysReview!!! Fun Plants and Zombies skit with toys!

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  • Super Swell Saturday LIVE Replay


    Surfline is streaming live from a helicopter on the biggest day of the year at the legendary surf spot, Jaws. Wave heights are estimated to be in the 50- to 60-foot range and are expected to increase in size until sundown. Sit back and enjoy the show. Or, if you’re interested in seeing what the waves are doing on the North Shore of Oahu (hint: they’re giant) visit the Surfline Swell Event page.


    Become a Surfline Premium Member:


  • Crocodile Rock


    Provided to YouTube by Uniqueopia GmbH

    Crocodile Rock · Swinging College Big Band

    High Take

    ℗ 2021 Udo Melloh

    Released on: 2021-06-19

    Composer: Elton John
    Composer: Bernie Taupin
    Lyricist: Elton John
    Lyricist: Bernie Taupin
    Music Publisher: Universal/Dick James Music Limited

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Wish You Were Here


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    Wish You Were Here · Nicola Brown


    ℗ Nicola Brown

    Released on: 2014-03-23

    Artist: Nicola Brown

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Alright


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Alright · Karaoke - Ameritz

    Karaoke - Brit Pop

    ℗ 2007 Ameritz Music Ltd.

    Released on: 2007-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



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