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IS THIS MAGIC? This Fan Has No Blades | Fan Showdown S2E3

  • IS THIS MAGIC? This Fan Has No Blades | Fan Showdown S2E3


    Back so soon, Yes this is episode 3 of the fan showdown season 2. I told you I wouldnt Keep ya waiting and here I am. This one is great, today someone created a fan that works yet doesnt have anything resembling normal fan blades, OUT STANDING.



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    filament used

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  • $649 Dyson Fan vs. $15 Walmart Fan: The Hard Truth


    When I was young, I was a little obsessed with how cool Dyson fans were. But are they actually worth that amount of money? In this relatively silly video, I'm going to compare it to my $15 Walmart fan with wind speed and sound level tests!

    Dyson Pure Cool Fan:
    Cheap Amazon Alternative Fan:
    Cheap Amazon Alternative Air Purifier:

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    I’m a tech nerd at heart, but I also love filmmaking. Follow your passion. Fight for what you believe in. Never give up.


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  • The Race | MLP: FiM HD


    Season 2
    Episode: Sisterhooves Social

    Watch in 720p

  • Weve Found The Magic Frequency


    Nikola Tesla Was Right! We've Found The Magic Frequency



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    Footage licensed through Videoblocks and Videohive.


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  • BEYBLADE BURST EVOLUTION The Showdown Between Valt and Shu


    From the Beigoma District Tournament, to the International Blader's Cup, and everything in between, it's all been leading to the showdown between Valt and Shu!
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    Youtube: #BeybladeBurst #BeybladeBurstEvolution #BeyBladeBurstTurbo

  • First Miraculous Vid Copycat Vid


    sorry i didnt show u the akumatized part cause i was lazy sorry and this is the first miraculous vid i will be posting the part 2 and 3 next time! :) UwU so hope u like it :)

    enjoy and stay safe every one from the covid

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  • The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 AHSOKA TANO Reaction and Watchparty


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  • 22 MISTAKES in THE BOSS BABY 2 Trailer!


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  • Luca Growing Up / 11 Doll DIYs


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    Unicorn vs Vampire with Their Kids / 10 LOL OMG DIYs:
    Do you wonder to see how Luca changes with age? Then rather watch our new video.

    Supplies and tools:
    • hot glue gun
    • acrylic paint
    • scissors
    • tweezers
    • paint brushes
    • athletic fabric
    • modeling clay
    • beads
    • glitter
    • pastels
    • foam paper
    • floral wire
    • floral ribbon
    • different decorations
    • black paper
    • marker
    • glow in the dark paint
    • nail art decorations
    • sequins
    • satin and decorative ribbons
    • toy lizard
    • fabric
    • Orbeez
    • shells
    • neon yellow fluorescent glitter
    • LOL and LOL OMG dolls
    • sequined ribbon
    • wooden skewers
    • small bell
    • holders for beads
    • wire
    • wooden cork
    • round rings from an accessory chain
    • thin twine
    • marker
    • blister pack

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  • Ultimate BEAST Nerf Showdown! Sneak Attack Halloween Monsters!


    #halloween #werewolf #mummy #pumpkinhead
    Get ready for the Ultimate showdown! Kyle and his dad vs Mummy, Werewolf, Pumpkin Head!

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  • can i get BANNED for this?


    i will get BANNED for this video.. (Fortnite season 7)

    Today in fortnite season 7, i reacted to the craziest fortnite glitches, including a fortnite
    naruto skin glitch! Some worked and some didn’t!


  • Is this CHEATING? - Fan Showdown S3E3


    DigitalStorm -

    Is this cheating because the cooling performance makes it seem like it is. Also, the make is cheater but what do you think. today we test 4 more new fans in the fan showdown on our never ending hunt to find the coolest fan designs on the planet.

    My Twitch

    Fan Showdown Instructions

    Fan Dims

    Submit your design (atlease .STL file)

    Cameras used.
    BlackMagic Pocket cinema 6k pro

    Gopro Hero9 Black

  • This PC fan has FLEXIBLE BLADES! - Fan Showdown S3E2


    Try out Lustre for free -

    Today its Episode 2 of season 3 of the fan showdown, we continue our quest to find the best or craziest PC cooling fan in the world. If you enjoy the show make sure to click the like button and get subscribed, also if you think you got what it takes to make the fans used in the next episode please send them to the no experience required.

  • You are going to think this is FAKE, IT IS NOT! – Fan Showdown S2E15


    What happens when someone spends over a month and more than 30 iterations of a fan design, slowly tweaking and tuning it to be the best it can be? MAGIC is what happens, I’m pretty sure Zuxx has broken the laws of physics with this design.

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    Fan Showdown Instructions

    Fan Dims

    Submit your design (atlease .STL file)

  • The fan you ALL WANTED! - Fan Showdown S2E14


    The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

    Today in the Fan Showdown someone creates a fan that everyone has been asking for, we look at the smallest fan around, we get atomic and use ever ounce of brain power to design a fan that would make a physics professor cry.

    Fan Design info

    send you fan (atleast .stl)

    share you fan on Reddit

    filament used


  • This Couldn’t Possibly Work… Could It? | Fan Show Down Episode 5


    It’s been a few weeks since our last episode, in the mean time you all have been hard at work sending me your new fan designs. I have to say some of your stuff is genius and some of it is well……….this.

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  • Noctua Never Had a Chance | Fan Showdown S2E1


    Use my special link to get 77% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee

    Were back and this time we are air cooling, the cooler we will be using is the Noctua NH-U12A and the fans are ones designed by you and printed by me. Today we look at 4 new designs and see which one can get the most performance out of the NU-U12A, I never expected these results.

    Best Filament ever

  • Worlds LOUDEST fan - Fan Showdown S2E13


    Pick up a Antec DF700 Flux for $79.99, great price great airflow.

    Sometimes people send me designs they think will out perform anything, sometimes its just for the memes. This time however its to cause pain, I thought the last fan I tested was loud, I HAD NO IDEA

    Fan showdown how to video

    Filament used



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  • What do YOU think it is? – Fan Showdown S2E8


    Sometimes people send me fans meant to be memes, sometimes I print those fans out and sometimes those meme fans are some of the bests. Welcome the Fan showdown, the Youtube Series where you design what you think the best PC cooling fan is and I test it.
    Fan showdown how to video

    Filament used



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  • BEST IN SHOW! - Fan Showdown S2E4


    Today my mind was blown, today I have what I think is the coolest fan I have ever been sent.

    Galaxy Ruby Red

    Want to take part in the fan showdown?

    Check my thingiverse for fan dimension.

    send me at least an STL file to,

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  • Fan Designed By Bees? | Fan Showdown S2E2


    Pick up a DP502 Flux for your next PC build



    Its time to get to the next episode of the fan showdown, today is season 2 episode 2.

    filament used

    make sure to get subscribed if you want to support the channel also visit my thingiverse to see what dimensions are critical to your fan design.

    submit your fan to the Fan showdown email account.

  • The Boomerang Fan is So Much Better Now | Fan Showdown S2E1.5


    After the season opener of season 2 of the fan show down you all made it vary clear that limiting the RPM of all the fans was not something you wanted to see. I agree so today we are going to retest all the fans from episode 1 to see how they stack up moving forward. Also going forward in season 2 of the fan showdown we will be allowing all the fans to spin as fast as they can, just as the designers intended.

    Send me your fans

    design information

  • TURBOCHARGING the Noctua NH-P1 - Fan Showdown S3E1


    Its time to start fresh, today is season 3 episode 1 of the fan showdown. We have 4 new fans and a brand new air cooler to cool. This season we will be using the brand new Noctua NH-P1 passive air cooler. We wont be using it passively, we will be attaching your fan designs to it and see just how far we can push it. The first thing we are going to try and do is throw a turbo on it.

    My Twitch

    Fan Showdown Instructions

    Fan Dims

    Submit your design (atlease .STL file)

  • Avalon Digital Ceramic Tower Heater Fan.


    Exactly as the title suggests. It’s an interesting heater but I believe it works great and that alone makes it worth it to me.

    #Avalon #Portableheater

  • ANYTHING can become a PC COOLING fan – Fan Showdown S2E10


    Just when I thought ive seen it all when it comes to inspiration behind fan designs something new pops up. Taking inspiration from nature is nothing new on the fan showdown, however this particular animal isn’t what you normally think of when you think aerodynamics, but it just might work.

    Fan showdown how to video

    Filament used



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  • Can a fan made of GRID FINS work? - Fan Showdown S2E11


    The Fan Showdown is a chance for all you out there to have a go at creating what you think the worlds best PC cooling fan looks like. Over the episodes we have had some real bangers and some real flops but no matter what its always a good time. You dont need any experience to give it a try, ill test anything. today we have some great fans, some are demonic, some are things you see every day and some are straight up rocket science. Have you ever looked at a SpaceX falcon 9 booster and wondered, would those grid fins cool a PC, well if so today we answer that question.

    Fan showdown how to video

    Filament used

    Fan DIMS

    Send .STL files to

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  • WHAT IF you made a SHOVEL into a FAN? – Fan Showdown S2E6


    The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

    What happens if you take a PC cooling fan and hit it with a shovel, answer it makes the coolest cooling fan of all time? Today we look at fans pretending to be other things, yet some of them still kill it in the cooling department.

    My Twitch

    Fan Showdown Instructions

    Filament used FormFutura Galaxy Space Grey

  • Is This Mostly Holes or Mostly Plastic? | Fan Show Down Episode 8


    Sometimes the best thing to watch is something you created, thank you to everyone who has submitted a design to this series. If you want to get involved check out my thingiverse account for the models and submit your design to the fan showdown email.

    PLA used

  • Nintendo LEGAL has entered the chat - Fan Showdown S2E5


    some of the best fans are created when people take cool logos and turn them into functioning 3d objects. Also some of these fans Legally would never exist outside of this show :-)

    Fan Data on Thingiverse

    Send you Fan atleast and .STL file to

    Come hang out on twitch

  • USB clock fan with temperature #clockfan Temperature information in description


    12/28/2020 - plugged it back in after 10 days and time was still correct.

    To purchase this on Amazon click:
    Check out my website:

    Jeff Reviews4u, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

    Hey there,
    In this video I take a look at a USB clock fan that I purchased on Amazon. The clock can be easily set and displays when the fan is on. The LED is on when the fan is on. It also shows the temperature inside the house in both Farenheit and Celsius. I found the temperature to be about 6° F higher than the actual room temperature. That was a bit annoying but I wanted this for the clock.
    #usbclockfan #buyordeny

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    Instagram: jeffreviews4u
    Video Editor - InShot
    Thumbnail - Canva

    As always have a great day!

  • MINECRAFT STEVE would love this! - Fan Showdown Season 2 Episode 7


    Today on the Fan Showdown we have a fan that I imagine Steve from Minecraft would send in if he could. Not only that all these fans are no joke when it comes to performance.

    want to send in your design, watch this video for all the information you need to get in on the action.

    Fan Showdown Instructions

    My Twitter

    My Twitch

  • Your MEME fans are some of the BEST! – Fan Showdown S2E12


    The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

    Sometimes the best fans sent in to the Fan Showdown are fans created just to get a laugh. Fan Showdown S2E12 Meme Wars, sometimes the best fan are the ones you spend the least amount of time creating.

    Fan showdown how to video

    Filament used



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  • WEIRDEST Fans I have ever seen – Fan Showdown S2E9


    We have seen so many different fans on the fan showdown it boggles the mind, however just when you think you have seen every single fan in the known universe the fan showdown throws you a new one. Today I test 4 fans that are unlike any we have seen before. Let’s continue our journey to find the coolest fan design on the planet.

    Filament used

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    Fan design info

    send me your fan, at least an .STL file

  • SEASON FINALE Where Do We Go From Here? | Fan Showdown Season 1 Episode 9


    The first 1000 people to click the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

    Today we test the 4 last fans to appear on season 1 of the fan showdown, however don’t worry season 2 will be here soon and with it some changes. What do you think we should do to spice up season 2 of the fan showdown?

    Filament used

    Design info

    Submit your fan

  • Alternative Cooling #2 AC Infinity MULTIFAN S2 Quiet 120mm USB Blower Fan Accord Openpilot


  • Following Fan is a Person-Tracking Robotic Fan That Always Stay Pointed At You.


    Person-Tracking Robotic Fan!????????❤️
    Read More ➡
    The TheSuperBOO! will give you an Uncommon things! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at:

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  • Thrust Test 3


    One of the cameras lost focus but hopefully you can still see the numbers. Couldn't redo it because out of juice. That's also why it cut out when I tried to go above 4.3kW, because one of the batteries was at 30%. My charger caught fire so we will have to wait until I get a new one before we finally see full power.

    I'm pretty sure it made it to 12kg, it was at some point over 10kg for a while and almost touching the 2 stone mark (which is 28 lbs if you're not British) Check for yourself. Remember in the last test the needle swung between 10 and 20kg before it tragically fell off the stand, so I just took the midway point as a guess, 15kg. Now 12kg has been confirmed. I will buy a better digital scale when I have money.

  • C2C Blade Butler Aug19 D2



  • Toughfan 12 VS A12x25 is the copy as good as the ORIGINAL?


    There is no way you can convince me that Thermaltake didnt just copy the A12x25, with some slight modifications. The most stark one being the black and grey color scheme, we have been asking for a Chromax A12x25 for years, we just didnt know Thermaltake was going to be the one to make it for us.

    Is the copy as good as the original, well today we take a shot a finding out.

    Noctua A12x25

    Thermaltake Toughfan 12 twin pack

  • 5 Best Tower Fans


    (Discount Available & NextDay delivery)

    ► links to the 5 Best Tower Fans of amazon Listed in this video: 

    ► Number 5-
    ► Product Name- TaoTronics Tower Fan, 36” Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote, 9 Modes, Large LED Display, 12-Hour Timer, Space-Saving, Portable Floor Bladeless Fan for Bedroom Living Rooms Office, Black (TT-TF002)

    ► Number 4 -
    ► product name- BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler, Tower Fan, Swamp Cooler w/ 3 Wind Speeds, 4 Modes w/Cooling&Humidification, Remote Control, 40° Oscillation, 8-Hour Timer, Low Noise for Home & Office, 32-In

    ►Number 3-
    ► product Name- AB18W Bladeless Tower Fan, 9 Speeds & 32 inchs Leafless Fan with Remote Control,Air Circulator Fan for Home Air Conditioner, White/Silver

    ►Number 2-
    ► product name- Antarctic Star Tower Fan Oscillating Fan Quiet Cooling Remote Control Powerful Standing 3 Speeds Wind Modes Bladeless Floor Fans Portable Bladeless Fan for Children Bedroom Home Office 43-Inch White

    ►Number 1-
    ► product name- Dr. Prepare Tower Fan Oscillating Fan, Portable Desk Fan with 3-Speed Options, Dual Air Circulation, 110° Oscillation, 3 Timers, Personal Quiet Table Fan for Home Office Desktop Bedroom, 12 inch

    I try my best Tower Fans of amazon mentioned in this video...

    There are 5 Best Tower Fans of Amazon. if You would like to know about any products details follow the description link.

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    Thanks for watching...

  • 1971 Dodge Gets A Slant Six - Engine Power S2, E3


    On this episode of Engine Power, a '71 Dodge gets period-correct restoration with a hopped-up 225 Slant Six Mopar and fresh automatic trans.

    Want to watch POWERNATION completely ad-free? Subscribe at the link below and receive the first month for just 99 cents:


    Magnaflow: Exhaust System, Hot Rod Kit, Header-Back, Stainless Steel, Natural, 2.50 inch Diameter, Universal, Kit
    More Info:

    Magnaflow: Muffler, 2.50 in. Inlet/2.50 in. Outlet, Stainless Steel, Natural, Each
    More Info:

    ADDCO Manufacturing, Inc.: Sway Bar, Black, Steel, Front, 1 1/8 in. Diameter, Dodge, Plymouth, Kit

    ADDCO Manufacturing, Inc: Sway Bar, Black, Steel, Rear, 3/4 in. Diameter, Dodge, Plymouth, Kit

    Classic Performance Products: Disc Brakes, Power, Front, 11 in. Diameter Rotors, Single-Piston Calipers, Dodge, Plymouth, Kit
    More Info:

    Dupli-Color: VHT, Paint, Epoxy, Satin, Black, 11 oz., Aerosol Spray Can, Each
    More Info:

    Edelbrock: Carburetor, Performer, 500 cfm, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Manual Choke, Single Inlet, Silver, Each
    More Info:

    Hooker Headers: Headers, Super Competition, 6-2, Steel, Painted, Dodge, Plymouth, 198, 225, L6, Pair
    More Info:

    Offenhauser: Intake Manifold, Single Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, 4-Barrel, Chrysler, 170, 225, Slant Six, Each
    More Info:

    Yukon Gear & Axle: Yukon standard open spider gear kit for 7.25 Chrysler with 25 spline axles.
    More Info:

    Yukon Gear & Axle: High performance Yukon ring & pinion gear set for Chrysler 7.25 in a 3.21 ratio.
    More Info:

    Classic Industries: H24385 - 1967-76 mopar a-body hotchkis 3 leaf 130 lb/in spring rate geometry correcting sport leaf springs

    Coker Tire: BF Goodrich Radial Redline, 225/70/R15

    Coker Tire: BF Goodrich Radial Redline, 235/70/R15

    Coker Tire: Mopar Rallye Cap Dark Gray

    Coker Tire: Mopar Rallye Wheels 15x7

    Coker Tire: Trim Rings for Wheels 15

    Dake: G-75 220/440-volt 3-phase, Belt Grinder

    Goodson Shop Supplies: Electronic Scale-4100G

    Goodson Shop Supplies: Rod Balancing Stand

    Matco Tools: APF415 - 5 Piece Pickle Fork Kit

    Matco Tools: MT2816K - Long Barrel Air Hammer Kit

    Matco Tools: MV6830A - Shop Air Brake Bleeder / Evacuator

    Mopar Performance: Air Filter Assembly, Round, Steel/Aluminum, Black Anodized Top with Mopar Logo, 2 3/4 in. Filter Height, Each

    PowerTrain Products: Chrysler, a904, transmission w/ torque converter A-1 CARDONE, Part #206184, Reman. w/ Reservoir; Does Not Include Reservoir Cap, Power Steering Pump Four Seasons, Part #57059, Remanufactured, w/o Clutch, A/C Compressor KYB Part #KG4509, Gas-A-Just, Shock Absorber PRO Part # 8010354, Radiator Radiator hoses: goodyear,lower hose pt#60664; gates, upper hose pt#20230 REMY Part # 20657, Premium Remanufactured w/ 2 Groove Pulley; 60 Amps Steering components: idler arm pt#4501026, pitman arm pt#mk7074, front inner tie rod pt#es401l, front outer tie rod pt#es401r, adjusting sleeves pt#4251000

    The Industrial Depot: The Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware and Shop Supplies

  • 2-bed 2-bath Family Home for Sale in Lakeland, Florida on


    More info on Family Home for Sale in Lakeland, Florida with 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom: ►

    Great value on recently remodeled doll house on historic West Patterson St. New appliances, new paint inside and out, new carpet, refinished wood floors, ceiling fans, clawfoot bathtub, refinished wood floors, fireplace! Enclosed front porch. Convenient to downtown, Lake Hollingsworth, Florida Southern College. Fenced (chainlink)in back yard. This house is ready to go!

  • Minecraft Story Mode 4 FINALE | THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN 3


    Minecraft Story Mode 4 FINALE | THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN (Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4) [3]
    Leave a like fore more Minecraft: Story Mode :) | Don't miss an episode!►
    This is a Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4 - A Block And A Hard Place Let's Play. Minecraft: Story Mode is a brand new Minecraft game made by Telltale Games that has you taking on Minecraft in a whole new way.

    Join Jesse, Axel, Olivia, Reuben and more as they try and defeat an evil Wither Storm menace plaguing the world of Minecraft.

    ► Facebook
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    ► Twitter
    ► Instagram

    Get Minecraft Story Mode!

    All music used with permission from its creator.

  • Some of the Most Interesting Designs YET! | Fan Show Down Episode 6


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    Why wait another 3 weeks for the next episode, I say we do it today. The designs chosen today are some of the most unique ones ive seen yet. Now I don’t know if they will work but even if they don’t they will look good doing it.

    Follow me on Twitter.

    My Thingiverse

    Oh hey why not get subscribed, it’s worth it, I promise.

  • THE THING BEFORE THE THING - Official Trailer


    THE THING BEFORE THE THING Official Trailer (2018) Keri Blunt, Claire Gerety-Mott, Aaron Goddard, Kristin Goddard, Emily Goss, Katie Locke O'Brien, Caitlin Norton, Tim O'Leary, Markhum Stansbury, Jr., Shannon Michael Wamser and Kim Estes
    Visit for upcoming news!
    Twelve years ago, a group of friends developed an incredible bond during their college mentorship program. They find themselves reuniting many years later to celebrate the retirement of Harris, the man that brought them together. With time having sent these friends in different directions, they pick up where they left off so long ago. They also find out that even though their mentorship program is over, their relationships with one another continue to evolve.
    Release Date: Summer 2017
    Genre: Comedy
    Stars: Keri Blunt, Claire Gerety-Mott, Aaron Goddard, Kristin Goddard, Emily Goss, Katie Locke O'Brien, Caitlin Norton, Tim O'Leary, Markhum Stansbury, Jr., Shannon Michael Wamser and Kim Estes
    Director: Mike Piccirillo
    Writers: Katie Locke O'Brien, Shannon Michael Wamser and Mike Piccirillo
    Producers: Katie Locke O'Brien, Barry Barclay
    Executive Producers: Steve Gaub, Kelly A. Phen, Shannon Michael Wamser and Mike Piccirillo

  • You Will Click On This Rocket League Video


    If you're reading this then you will have clicked on this video & while you're still here, drop a like & subscribe, helps me out more than you think. Experimenting with new titles, Enjoy :)
    All clips were hit over at my Twitch where I stream daily:

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    Settings & Deadzones:
    - Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro
    - 110, 100, -5, 270, 0.35.
    - 10.00 Aerial sens, 0.15 Controller Deadzone, Square Deadzone.
    - For my controller binds:


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    I stream daily on twitch;

    Latest Video:

  • Joey the Passion: Proxy Commander Toolkit


    Are you a Yu-Gi-Oh fan but your friends all play Magic: The Gathering? Do you find Magic hard to get into as the aesthetics just don't excite you? Ever wonder what old school Yu-Gi-Oh cards would look like as Magic: The Gathering Cards?
    Then check out these proxies.
    All actual legal (in commander, at least) magic cards given a Yu-Gi-Oh makeover (same effects and stats but with new names, art, and flavor text).
    All free and ready to print.

    Link to the Cards:


  • I Resin Printed The Acceleron, WE NEED TO TELL THOMAS! | Fan Show Down Episode 6.5


    I asked you if you would like to see the Acceleron SLA printed, it want even a competition. Today we see if the Acceleron at its best can beat the mighty A12x25.

  • Who Made This, SpaceX? | Fan Show Down Episode 7


    I know I have been going hot and heavy on the fan showdown videos, but you all seem to like them and I love making them. Make sure to get subscribed and if you want to be on the show, make sure to head to my thingiverse account to see the specifications and then submit your design to the fan show down email account.

    My thingiverse

    Joe explaining what the golden ratio is.

    Fan show down submission

  • Bladeless Fan: Is this even possible!??


    How does a Bladeless Fan Works?

    In 2009, British tech manufacturer Dyson released a product called the Air Multiplier – a fan that was quieter, more power-efficient and safer than others, and to top it all off, it didn’t have any blades.
    It sounds like technological witchcraft. So how does it work?

    When you think of a fan you probably think of two or more blades attached to a central spinning hub, producing a torrent of air. These blades can slice off a wayward finger, though, and fitting a protective cage to the fan blocks some of the airflow.

    The Air Multiplier works differently. Using a combination of clever physics and aerodynamics it “multiplies” the air it sucks in, so uses less energy and generates less noise in the process.

    It all starts with air entering through slits at the fan’s base. A small brush less electric motor runs a tiny fan with asymmetrically aligned blades which pushes air through a set of stationary blades that smooth the airflow.

    The air is directed up into the hoop-like tube at the top of the device where it’s forced out of a circular narrow slit running around the hoop.

    At the base of the hoop, the passage is wide. But it narrows near the top of the hoop, squeezing the air and accelerating it, just as water sprays faster out of a hose if you place your thumb over the end.

    This is the first point at which the air is multiplied.

    The inside of the hoop-like tube is curved like the top of an aircraft’s wing too, so as air is forced out through the slit it clings to the curved surface.

    This means surrounding air is sucked through the hoop too, thanks to a principle of fluid dynamics known as inducement. Put simply, the airflow induces the air behind the tube to be pulled along too.

    At this point, the fan has still not finished multiplying its initial air intake. By taking advantage of another principle of fluid dynamics known as entrainment, air surrounding the edge of the tube is drawn through in the same direction as the electrically propelled air.

    Altogether, this allows the Air Multiplier to multiply its initial air intake by about 15 times. Dyson says that the fan can draw in about 20 litres of air, about three times the total volume of our lungs, every second. This means it can pump out about 300 litres by accelerating just 20 litres – a massively efficient conversion.

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