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Is the PS5 Worth It?

  • Is the PS5 Worth It?


    Check out the SteelSeries Arctis 7P headset for PS5!
    The PlayStation 5 teardown!
    My review of the Xbox Series X:

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  • PS5 Honest Review - is it worth it? | The Tech Chap


    Is the PS5 worth buying? I've been testing Sony's next-gen console to find out if it's what's new, if it's worth the upgrade - and how it compares to the Xbox Series X!
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  • PS5 - Before You Buy 4K


    Sony's PlayStation 5 has arrived. After testing it for a few days, here are some things you should expect. We talk hardware, design, interface, speed, games, and more!
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    Written/shot by Jake Baldino
    Edited/shot by Andrew Gebbia

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    *Our Xbox Series X Before You Buy:

    Watch more 'Before You Buy':

  • PlayStation 5 Review: Is The PS5 Worth It?


    The PlayStation 5 is nearly here, but is it worth your time and money? Find out in our full review of Sony's next-gen video game console.

    Curious about the Xbox Series X? Read and watch our full review:

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  • Is the PS5 worth it in the Philippines?


    The next-gen systems are here, and you may have missed on the initial pre-orders but that only gives you time to really think whether getting a gen-1 gaming console is indeed worth it. We're here to help you out if that's the case. Looking back at the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 releases, we somehow compare those against what PlayStation 5 did and what they're doing differently (if there are any).

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    #PS5 #PlayStation5

  • why it is NOT WORTH buying the PS5 early | PS5 REVIEW


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    I got the PS5 the day after launch, 2 weeks in and there are A LOT of things I have to say. Save your money and your stress. I list reasons why it is not worth getting the PS5 early.

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  • PS5 Review - Is the Playstation 5 Worth It?


    The PS5 is a beast of a console. You either love the design or you hate it, but you can’t ignore the fact that Sony has done everything in its power to ensure the console is whisper-quiet even under heavy loads. The removable side plates are great for those looking to customize their console. Apart from packing in some next-gen hardware, it is the DualSense controller which really stands out. The PS5 also has a very good launch lineup and considering the high price of a AAA game, PlayStation Collections is a good way to keep you gaming on the console while you slowly build your games library. While the 667GB built-in storage feels limiting, the option to install off the shelf expansion in the future is there. Not to mention the fact that you can play your PS4 games off an external hard drive. The Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 both cost 50K in India and both are compelling consoles. The lack of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support may be a limiter for those looking for the PS5 to double up as a home entertainment device. But considering the package on offer, you can definitely consider the PS5 as your next-gen gaming console. If you are ready to go all-digital, then the Digital Edition makes sense as it saves you Rs 10,000.

    Read our complete review here:

    #PS5 #PS5India #PS5IndiaReview

    Intro & Specs: (0:00)
    Build & Design: (1:01)
    Ports: (2:48)
    Dualsense Controller: (3:41)
    UI and Audio: (7:27)
    PS+ Collections: (11:25)
    Issues Faced: (12:16)
    Verdict: (12:45)

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  • PS5: really worth buying?


    The PS5 is an amazing system, but 400 or 500 dollars isn't cheap- if you can even find the console in the first place. Should you buy the PlayStation 5?
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    0:00 - Introduction
    2:09 - Games
    5:20 - DualSense
    6:52 - Performance
    8:15 - Design
    10:04 - Biggest Flaw
    11:19 - PlayStation Plus
    12:29 - Worth It
    13:25 - Conclusion


  • Is the PS5 worth buying??


    PS5 / PlayStation 5: Is the PS5 worth buying? I've had the PS5 for 2 weeks and I give my opinion on if the PS5 is worth buying.

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    #PS5 #PS5WorthBuying #PS5review #PlayStation5

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  • 11 Reasons You Should Buy A PS5 At Launch


    Sony's PS5 is coming out holiday 2020, and with pre orders coming up fast, these are our 11 top reasons you should definitely buy one when it launches!

    For the first time since we learned about the PlayStation 5, we can safely say that we actually have a lot of information about the console. Sure, we still don’t know the price, but we know so much about the console that we’re actually looking forward to launch day! There are many reasons to get excited about the PS5 whether it’s the exclusive games, the Solid State Drive or the improved CPU and GPU. Whatever the case may be, we’re just as excited as you so let’s take a look at all of the reasons why you should pick up a PS5 at launch day.

    The DualSense controller looks like the best one yet from Sony with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. While the graphics of the PS5 aren’t going to be a huge step up from the PS4, it’ll definitely have improved visuals. The Digital Edition gives gamers who buy all their games digitally a cheaper option. 3D Audio will improve the sound quality of games and expandable storage will give gamers even more storage. Virtual reality will be coming eventually and backwards compatibility isn’t as important as you think. Next gen is going to be incredible.

    There’s many more reasons to buy the PS5 at launch than just those so enjoy the video, let us know what interests you the most about the PS5 and whether or not you’re going to get the console at launch in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more gaming content.


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  • PS5 vs PS4 - 15 BIGGEST Differences You Need To Know Before You Buy PS5


    Next-gen consoles are right around the corner, and excitement for the PS5 and Xbox Series X is heating up with every passing day. And there really is plenty of reason to be excited- the two new consoles both represent significant jumps over their predecessors in more ways than one, and it's fun to think about the potential leaps we'll see in games because of that.

    In this feature, we're going to talk about the fifteen biggest ways the PS5 differs from the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, from specs to aesthetic changes and more.

  • PlayStation 5: Time to Upgrade or Wait?


    Sony just announced some major information for the PS5 including price and release date. In this video, I talk about weighing the decision to either upgrade from a PS4 or wait and just play the PS4 versions of new releases. Have you made a decision to buy either a PS5 or Xbox Series X? What made you choose? Comment below and thank you for watching!

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  • Is the PS5 worth buying right now?


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  • PS5: One Month Later - IS IT WORTH IT?


    The next generation of PlayStation has been here for about a month now and Geekcentric is here to share their thoughts on this hotly anticipated new console! Is it worth the hype? What’s our favourite game so far? All this and more answered in our review one month in.

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  • PlayStation 5 Review in 2021 - Is It Still Worth It?


    Welcome to my PS5 Review in 2021, 2 months after the PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020.

    #PlayStation5 #PS5

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy A PS5 On Launch Day


    The PlayStation 5 is releasing on November 12, and there has been a lot of talk so far on why you should buy a PS5 in 2020! But be warned - this is exactly why you should buy it the day it launches!

    But, for as much hype we and others have for the PS5, there’s also a fair few problems we’ve gotta talk about as well! Video game console launches rarely if ever go fully smoothly, and that especially so goes for the upcoming launch of the PS5. Some consoles in the past have had a limited number of games available at launch, some have had hours long updates or online issues, and some may have had preorders that were oversold or that weren’t properly put into company systems. As for the PS5, well, it’s unfortunate enough to be launching in 2020.

    The potential reasons to wait off on getting a PS5 can be divided into three sections. These are availability issues, hardware and software issues, and timing issues. Each of these points are well worth talking about, but I think we need to talk about the potentially massive availability issues the PS5 may face first. Sony has had consoles that were hard to find at launch before, with some stores having contests to decide which people could buy PS3s back when those were new.

    There’s also the potential for scalping, console and game shortages, online play issues, and a host of other issues that come from launching a new game system in a year as weird and off the walls as 2020. As such, today on TheGamer, let’s go through a few reasons on why you perhaps shouldn’t buy a PS5 on launch day!


    Written by: Jamie Christensen
    Narrated by: Jamie Christensen
    Edited by: Jamie Christensen

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  • PS5 Review - REALLY Worth It? Or A Waste of Money?


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    The Playstation 5 is finally here! After spending a few days playing some games like Bugsnax, Miles Morales and Godfall, I wanted to give my full thoughts on the PS5 next gen console.

    #PS5 #PlayStation5 #PS5Review

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  • PS5 Digital Edition: 1 Month Later - Things To Know About PS5


    I've been using the PS5 Digital Edition for over a month now.
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    PS5: Will External Blu-ray Drives Work? (Add Disk Drive to PS5 Digital):

    BEST Gaming Headsets for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S! (Sound & Mic Test):

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  • Is the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset Worth Getting?


    Despite its flimsy frame, the Pulse 3D headset produces vibrant audio at an affordable price for the PS5 and other platforms.

    The PlayStation 5 is launching very soon, and alongside it there will be a number of accessories. One of these is the new Pulse 3D headset. 

    We've had a chance to try it out, and in a new video review, Mat Paget makes the case for it. The top-line takeaway is that the Pulse 3D headset produces vibrant audio at an affordable price. The headset works with not only the PS5, but a number of other platforms.

    The $100 headset boasts a 12-hour battery life, and we found that to be true in our tests. Overall, for the price, the headset delivers a very rich audio experience. The only negatives we had to mention were that its plastic frame feels cheap and it may not be the most comfortable for larger ears. 

    Check out the full review in the video above, and keep coming back to GameSpot for lots more on the PS5 and other next-gen news in the days and weeks ahead.

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  • PS5 Digital Edition Review Is It Worth $399? What’s The Difference Vs Original PS5


    This Is My PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console Review. In This Video I Talk About All The Thing’s You Should Know If You Are Thinking About Buying The $399 PS5 Digital Edition. Pro’s And Cons About The PS5 Digital Edition Vs Standard PS5 Console. The PS5 Dualsense Controller Is Also Probably The Biggest Difference From PS4 To Ps5 With Loading Times. Any Questions Ask Me In The Comments I’ll Respond Back :)

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    #PS5 #PS5DigitalEdition #PS5Review

  • Is The PS5 Worth It? // One Month Review and Unboxing


    I unbox the PS5, then jump right into reviewing what I LOVE about the PS5, and the ISSUES with my PS5 in my one month of ownership.

    Watch until the end to see all the issue I have run into, my solutions, and my thoughts on the PS5.

    If You Enjoyed the Video, Click Here:

    Previous Video:

    0:00 Intro
    00:12 PS5 Unboxing (Quick)
    01:25 PS5 Controller vs PS4 Controller
    02:06 PS5 Disc Insert (Quick How To)
    02:29 One Month Later (My Review)
    02:35 Why I Bought a PS5
    03:00 PS5 4k 60FPS
    03:30 Spiderman + Spider Man Miles Morales Experience
    04:20 Using PS5 for Entertainment (Media Consumption)
    04:51 Issues With the PS5
    05:06 Fan Issue (Link Above)
    05:14 PS5 Issues I Haven't Talked About
    06:13 PS5 Freezing Issue
    06:42 PS5 Controller Connection Issue
    07:05 What's the Verdict - Is the PS5 Worth It?

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  • PS5 vs. PS5 Digital Edition: Is A Cheaper Console Worth The Drawbacks?


    With all the discussion surrounding PS5's price, pre-order, and available stock, there's concern for many about securing a console. Thankfully we've got some recent updates here, so we go over that. But we also take this opportunity to discuss the pros, and mostly cons of buying the Digital Edition PlayStation 5. That's not to say it's a terrible option, but certainly if you're considering it, you might want to understand just how much your sacrificing for what really boils down to minor upfront savings, and a slimmer looking console. Besides, we shouldn't be body shaming the disc model.

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  • 5 Reasons Why The PS4 is Still Worth It


    Wait! Don't sell your PS4 just yet. We know the PS5 is closer than ever but here are some reasons why the Playstation 4 is still worth it to keep around.

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  • PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition - Which PS5 Should You Buy?


    PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition - Which PS5 should you buy? Should you get the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition? What is different between the 2 PlayStation 5 consoles? I'll also show you how to pre order PS5!

    Hey everyone, my name is Octorious and in this PlayStation tips and tricks video, I'll be breaking down all the differences between the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the standard PS5 physical console. Which is best for you, and what PS5 should you buy this year? Lots of people have been asking themselves, which PS5 should I buy, well I am going to tell you exactly that in this PS5 Digital VS PS5 Physical Edition breakdown video! Along with this, I will also show you how to pre order the PS5 the moment new stock is available in stores online. Which is better out of the PS5 Digital Edition or PS5 standard edition? Watch the full video to find out which bests suits you! Also, let me know in the comments which PS5 version you want to get your hands on and pre order, as well as which you think is better out of the digital PS5 and standard PS5 next-generation PlayStation 5 consoles. I hope you enjoy the PS5 vs PS5 digital edition video and I hope it helps you!



    ▶ New to My Channel? Watch this:

    0:00 PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition
    0:12 What Are the Main Differences Between the 2 PS5 Consoles?
    0:57 PS5 Price Vs PS5 Digital Price
    1:25 Is the Standard PS5 Actually CHEAPER!?
    2:05 More Storage Space Saved with Physical Games
    3:07 Which PS5 Should You Buy?
    3:50 Smaller Differences Between the PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition
    4:49 How to Pre Order PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition
    5:48 Which PS5 Are You Getting?

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  • 8 Reasons to Buy PS5 At Launch | PlayStation 5


    Not sure whether to buy a PS5 at launch? Here are 8 reasons we reckon you need Sony's next-gen system on day one.


    For more information, visit:


    #PS5 #PlayStation #Sony

  • Why I’m not buying the Playstation 5


    Hey guys Eli here and on today’svideo I want to talk about why me personally will not be buying the PlayStation 5 from Sony. Although the PS five looks phenomenal i’m pretty sure the product will deliver, but at the cost of $500 I share I can put that money to better use.

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    I go over topics like: Why I’m not buying the Play station 5, why i’m not buying the PS5, not buying the playstation five, urban lifestyle, buying the playstation 5, not buying ps5, playstation 5, sony stock 2020, sony stock, ps5 games, ps five, Investing, playstation 5 reaction, ps5 review, next gen, buy the playstation 5, buy the playstation 5, dont buy the playstation 5, should you buy the playstation 5, Why I’m not buying the Playstation 5

  • Is The PS5 Or Xbox Series X/S Worth It For Fortnite?


    In this video today we're gonna be going over a question that I'm sure many of you guys are wondering right now, are the next-gen consoles worth it if the main game you play is Fortnite. I think it's a pretty safe assumption that since my channel is Fortnite only, if you're watching this video there's a solid chance that Fortnite is the main game you play, or at the very least one of the main games you play. Now, in the last video I uploaded I talked about the biggest differences between next-gen and current-gen so if you missed that check it out, but this video is basically going to be a review of how much those differences really matter, and whether or not they do enough to warrant the $400-$500 price tag of one of these new consoles. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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  • Is The PS5 Worth It?


    I'm enjoying the PS5 more than I thought I would honestly. Good luck to everyone that is still trying to secure one.


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  • The PS5 Is Actual Garbage


    In this video I take a look at the PS5 and if you should buy a PS5.
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  • PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Showdown


    PS5 or Xbox Series X... Which next gen game console will you choose?

    The Sony PlayStation 5 receives a completely new look while the Microsoft Xbox Series X aims to keep things simple. These new consoles are capable of playing games in 4K at up to 120fps. Whether you choose the PS5 or Xbox Series X you should consider upgrading your TV to take full advantage of their capabilities.

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  • PS5 vs PS4 Pro: Should You Upgrade?


    The PS5 is a next-generation console. So do you want to upgrade?

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  • Is The PS5 Worth Buying Right Now?


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  • Is the PS5 ALREADY Overheating?


    Check out the SteelSeries Arctis 7P for PS5:
    Is the iPhone 12 Pro Max Worth It?
    The Razer Book Is(n't) a Gaming Laptop:
    BLIND Mystery Tech Challenge:
    What PS5 & Series X Are Missing:
    Xbox Series X vs Series S Unboxing!

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  • Xbox Series X One Month Review | Worth it vs the PS5?


    Reviewing Microsoft's Xbox Series X games console after one month of play, comparing it vs Sony's PS5 rival. Here's a run-through of the games, UI, controller, storage situation and those gorgeous 4K graphics, with Ray Tracing and 120Hz support.

    The Xbox Series X is incredibly fast compared with the older One X console, thanks to that nVME SSD - just the start of the impressive gaming specs. Combined with the Quick Resume feature, your games will load in no time at all and even faster than the PS5. This console is also best for storage, with expansion support at launch, while Game Pass is stuffed with great titles.

    You'll get enhanced graphics on games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, while a small selection of titles including Dirt 5 can hit those 120FPS rates. Of course, compared with Sony's Playstation, the Series X is still lacking for worthy exclusive experiences. Here's hoping 2021 offers up some compelling must-have games.

    Have you got the next-gen Xbox, and what's your thoughts so far? Would be great to hear your own mini review down below.

  • PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which Does What Best?


    Our Xbox and Playstation experts take a look at the Xbox Series X vs PS5 to see how each stacks up across a series of different categories. From comparing the Xbox Controller against the PS5 Dualsense or the SSD in each, we're taking a deep dive into the next generation of video game consoles.

    We review launch game lineups like the PS5's Spider-Man Miles Morales and the cross-platform AC Valhalla after unboxing the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the graphics, UI, speed, and specs of each.

    #ign #ps5 #xbox

  • PS5 Digital Version Hidden Costs...


    Clip From Lew Later (PS5 Teardown FULL Details Revealed) -
    LG gram 17 :
    LG gram 17 on Amazon :

  • Is the PS5 Worth the Hype? | Playstation 5 Unboxing & Review


    In today's video, we unbox and review the much-sought-after Sony Playstation 5 Disc Edition retailing for $500. Is it worth the hype? Should you buy one? Let's find out.


    As a 28-year old multi-millionaire, I'm opening up about my successes & failures as a young entrepreneur. After accumulating almost 2,000,000,000 views on Youtube as a writer/actor/director, selling a feature film Psycho Family to Verizon, self-publishing a graphic novel Psycho Kid vs. Psycho Dad to later become a #1 Amazon best-seller, and starting a multi-million dollar entertainment platform called, StoryFire...I've decided to open up about all of my personal secrets to success and financial independence.

    On this channel you'll see a wide-range of content including: tech reviews, unboxings, personal finance tips, Youtube advice, self-help tips, investing principles, cryptocurrency insights and everything in between. I'll always keep it real with you guys and I'm trying to offer you as much value as I possibly can so you can reach success and happiness like myself.

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  • Should You Buy A PS5 Day 1? The Pros and Cons | PSVR2 on PS5 Could Be A Huge Leap


    So with the rumored PS5 prices being tossed around the $449-$549 range, a lot of people have been asking and wondering if they should buy it on launch day. It's a question that comes up every console generation and today we'll weight the pros and cons there. Also, as food for thought, we'll discuss the potential of Sony's next generation headset. This is an area a lot of people are resting on, but it could be a massive leap from the 2016 headset Sony shipped. So let's talk it up! And you can talk with me. You'd be talking to your screen though so that'd be weird. Probably better for your sake to leave a comment or send a tweet. You know where to find me!

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  • The $399 PS5 is Here.


    The Sony PS5 Digital Edition is priced RIGHT.
    Xbox Series X unboxing:
    Xbox Series S unboxing:

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  • Has the PS5 ALREADY Killed PS4?


    The PS5 and Xbox Series X are making PS4 & Xbox One look ROUGH.
    Why I made this video in the first place:
    Is the PS5 worth it?

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  • PS5 | Do you NEED the Pulse 3D?


    The PS5 has a great 1st Party Headset option in the Pulse 3D, but do you NEED it?
    Download Popcart today for free by visiting Test for yourself to see how much you can save!

    Want to keep your eyes open for one of these headsets?
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  • PS5 Accessories Review: Pulse 3D Headset, DualSense Charging Station, Media Remote, HD Camera


    With PlayStation 5 finally here, you might be considering a few of Sony's official accessories to go along with your new console. This time right from day 1, Sony's offering a new headset, controller charging stand, remote, and camera. All of which match the PS5's console design beautifully. Of course, we want function and value too. Today we're gonna review each one, and figure out if they're worth buying alongside your PS5. That's assuming you even have one or intend on getting one. Even some of these accessories are out of stock! Except the HD Camera, that's like.. in stock everywhere. Poor guy.

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    0:00 - Intro And DualSense Charging Station
    3:13 - Media Remote
    5:40 - Pulse 3D Wireless Headset
    9:54 - HD Camera

    #PS5 #PlayStation5 #Sony

  • PlayStation: PS5 VS. PC


    Video Description (221 words): The PlayStation is more PC than any PlayStation in history before it, and it’s also closer in power to PCs of its time than any other PlayStation in history before it. So, this begs the long-asked question: Is the PS5 better than a PC? It’s an even more complicated question when you consider, for the first time, Microsoft has en masse released their once-exclusive games on both Xbox and PC, so the PC is, ironically, often the best way to play Xbox games. Not to mention how Sony, too, has begun to release once-exclusive games on PC. For Xbox this means that an Xbox Series X isn’t a serious competitor to the PC, so for many gamers the choice is between a PS5 and the move to PC.

    Today, we’re here to cut through the confusion and definitively answer the questions that have been plaguing fanboys for months and let you know what you need to know about the differences between a PC and a PS5. We’re going to talk about specs, games, upgrades, Xbox, and the future, so pop some popcorn and get ready for the flame wars in the comments!

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  • Asking GAMESTOP If I Should Buy an Xbox Series X or PS5...


    The releases of the Xbox Series X and PS5 are just around the corner... so I decided to call GameStop and see which console they think I should buy! Check out the video and then let me know which console you're going to pick up!

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  • Gaming PC or Next Gen Console? #AD


    Gaming PC or Console? The PS5 and Xbox Series X are here, so how do they stack up? PC Centric compares PC Gaming with consoles, in this PC vs PS5 vs Xbox Series X showdown! Is PC Gaming really better than console gaming?
    Links to everything featured below!

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  • PS5 Controller - Is it actually BETTER or NOT?


    PS5 Controller: My hands-on experience with the PS5 (PlayStation 5) DualSense controller. Does the PS5 controller live up to the hype?

    PS5 Unboxing:

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    #PS5 #PlayStation5 #PS5Controller

  • Is The PS5 Worth The Money?


    After the announcement of the #PS5, I began to think; is it worth it?

    It is backwards compatible with the #PS4 but not the predecessors...yet. It is more powerful than the PS4, but this time based on the same architecture.


    Prime Ideas:


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    #ps5 worth the money

  • PSVR for PS5 Impressions, NEW Haptic Vests & So Many VR Game News! - VR Update #2


    This one is jampacked! We have impressions of the PS5 with PSVR - stuff that you NEED to know if you are getting the PS5. New haptic vests at a more affordable price that allow you to feel in VR, and a lot of VR game news.
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    This is the second episode of Update VRiday where I’ll latest VR news, exciting hardware, games, and just everything that doesn’t warrant a full video, but is still interesting to share. Thank you guys so much for supporting this format. Because of your enthusiastic response, I’m going to keep doing this bi-weekly.


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    00:00 Intro Start
    00:53 Hardware – Elite Strap Shipments Pause Confirmed

    01:14 Hardware – Oculus Quest 2 Jailbreak Fake?

    02:08 Hardware – Decagear Cost Price Infographic / BOM

    03:01 Hardware - bHaptics TactSuit X Series
    Our bHaptics test in VRChat:

    bHaptics preorder site:

    04:07 Hardware - PlayStation 5 + PSVR News with Ben Lang
    PSVR on PS5 review by RoadToVR:
    Blood & Truth and Firewall Zero Hour Patched With PS5 Enhancements:

    For more info or questions, you can contact Ben here:
    Ben's personal Twitter:
    RoadToVR Twitter:

    04:54 PS5 + PSVR - What Should Current PSVR Owners Consider If They Are Getting A PS5?
    Request your adapter here:

    05:42 PS5 + PSVR - What Are The PSVR Improvements On PS5?
    07:56 PS5 + PSVR - Should You Get A PSVR In 2020?

    10:35 VR Games - The Under Presents - Tempest Is Back!

    11:35 VR Games - Beat Saber's BTS Music Pack
    11:57 VR Games - Epic Humble Bundle Deal

    12:30 VR Games - Half:-Life: Alyx Developer's Commentary Release
    12:53 Upcoming VR Game Announcements
    15:04 Outro Start


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    VR on! - Cas and Chary VR

  • Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy a PS5 - Why Sim is not buying a Playstation 5


    Sim gives his Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy a PS5. Yes I've touched on this topic in livestreams, and now I will go into more depth of why Sim is not buying a Playstation 5. Should you invest in the next playstation, and is PSN now worth it?

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    • COD BlOps 1 Party Time #9 (XB1) [SimJC74 Gaming with Subs]:

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