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Jet Powered Go Kart

  • Jet Powered Go Kart


    Ever wonder what will happen if you strap a large RC jet engine to a go-kart! in this video I do exactly that and the results were nothing short of spectacular!

    here's a link to the Insta360 GO 2:

    I had this idea for a really long time I'll ago but I was originally going to use a homemade turbojet that I was going to build, however, the weight of this, the sheer size held me back from building it, also it didn't look really pretty.

    I tried to keep it very compact, light and extremely simple, I think I succeeded.

    as for performance it was pretty insane the acceleration from 0 to 20 was kind of slow but as soon as you had 20 miles per hour it's a constant push once you hit 40 the push feels four times as strong and it starts getting scary really fast.

    I'm totally going to set this up on a nice smooth stretch of road soon to see what kind of top speed I can hit, or at least see how it feels at higher speeds.


    00:00 Intro
    01:21 Build
    04:16 Go Kart Finished
    04:49 Proving Grounds
    07:05 Starting Jet Kart
    09:08 Driving Jet Kart
    13:36 My Favorite Part
    14:40 My 2nd Favorite Part
    15:06 Follow-Up

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    Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !

    Carbon 12

    Produced By: Carbon 12

    Directed By: Matt Mikka

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  • I Built A 100mph Jet-Powered Go-Kart - In My Shed | RIDICULOUS RIDES


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    THIS is no ordinary go-kart - this home-made jet powered vehicle was built by Andy Morris, of Nottingham, UK - in his shed. Inspired by his dad and grandad who were both engineers, Andy has put hundreds of hours into his builds which he describes as a hobby. In 2015, after 10 years of hard work, Andy and his friend Tom set a new Guinness World Record by racing a kart over 100mph. But Andy’s not done yet and hopes to go even faster with this new jet powered go-kart - and he’s going to put it to the test in his back garden. Andy shared his words of wisdom with Barcroft Studios and said: “Don’t buy it. Build it.”

    Videographer / Director: Jason Blalock
    Producer: Frazer Randalls
    Editor: Ian Phillips

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  • Jet-kart-The most MENTAL kart EVER


    So it’s finished and it’s brilliant, it’s stable it starts easy and the fuel system after a slight redesign (see website) works perfectly. Top speed so far is 60mph but i run out of airstrip so might be more in it.

    For more info go to for pics and extras.

    Part 1 is here

    Part 2 is here

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  • Mini Jet Engine Go Karts Starting Up and Sound Must be Reviewed


    This video features Mini Jet Engine Go Karts Starting Up and Sound Must be Reviewed. If you wanna see some crazy mini jet go kart engines watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE


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  • Jet Powered Go Kart - Santa Pod Raceway 2011




    Learn how I made a super fast jet (EDF) powered bicycle! This device uses two high powered 120mm edf engines attached to a 3 wheeled bike to provided the thrust. This is probably the most inefficient but fun electric bike out there. It went so fast and was so loud, we ended up getting the cops called on us! Luckily they were super nice :) Enjoy!

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  • 230HP Super Kart vs. 1300HP Porsche 9ff vs. 1088HP AUDI S4


    This video shows you a battle between a 230HP Go-Kart, 1300HP Porsche 9ff and a 1088HP AUDI S4.

    The Super Kart has a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade engine what produce 230HP what will go from 0-100 in 2.4 seconds with a topspeed over the 300 KM/H!!

    For more info about this event see:

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    Ciao, CvdZijden

    #cvdzijden #Porsche #Superkart

  • Making a Jet Go-Kart Part 2 - Controls/Fuel


    The quest to build the biggest ,loudest and maddest jetKart the internet has seen is in it’s final phase as the fuel and salting systems are added. Pulsejets can be a pain to start but this should see me do it all from the comfort of the karts seat.

    Part 1 1 is here

    More info at

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  • Jet Powered Bicycle _ Its Insane!


    Strapping a jet engine to a bicycle... What could go wrong?

    This project is part of our Xwing journey. It's an epic journey to fly a rigid carbon fiber skydiving wing that will be turbine powered and fully aerobatic.

    Jet Cat USA is an official sponsor of the project and gave us a testing turbine so we can learn the engine. It's one thing to learn it on a bench test; it's another to actually put the engine to use!

    What would you do with a mini turbine?

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  • Jet engine afterburner test with DIY Gasturbine


    Bigger afterburner ????

    Testing new afterburner on my diy gasturbine powered kart, this is a similar engine to the one in Dan Goodwins , Trident Peel car that set a new world record for a peel trident at Santa Pod's, Flame and Thunder 2014. If you would like to know more about these engines look on facebook for diy gasturbines or

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    how to build turbo jet engine,
    diy Turbojet engine,
    gasturbine engine,
    diy jet engine test,
    homemade jet engine,
    building a jet engine,
    Turbo Jet engine,

    @Jet Engines Andy Morris

    #jetpower #jetengine #howtobuildajetengine

  • Go Kart with CBR1000RR Fireblade Engine vs Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 | Race #7


    Kart CBR1000RR Fireblade vs Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 |

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    what do i love.... hmm Aventador M3 M4 M5 M6 C63 AMG RS P1 GTR Supra SOUND Exhaust G-Power NOVITEC LaFerrari Acceleration Burnout flames V8 V10 V12 and more SOUND SOUND SOUND :) ..... this list will never end :)



    take a look at this insane gokart making 218km/h at 1/2 mile race1000 2020! This kart has a 1000cc honda cbr engine with 170hp

  • Turbo Diesel Go-Kart


    Turbo diesel go-kart I built with the single-cylinder Kohler diesel engine, First Test Drive with Diesel and Hydrodiesel.

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    This is the turbo diesel go-kart I built with the single cylinder Kohler diesel engine.
    my friend Tommy had been wanting to build a diesel go-kart for a very long time oh, so I decided to not only build a diesel go-kart but make it a turbo diesel go kart.

    The point of this video is not only to have fun, but also to learn through experimentation and to give everybody an idea of the benefits of diesel fuel vs gas, and one of those benefits is much more torque and efficiency.

    if you look at the mpg of a gas car and a diesel car, the diesel is almost double the gas mileage, by experimenting with diesel I am learning so much that I didn't know before, and the reason I like to share these videos with everybody is so everyone else can also learn as well through experimentation.

    hopefully, you enjoyed this video tell me what you think in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe.

    Program Guide.

    00:27 Spoken Intro
    00:44 Intro To Parts
    00:58 Building Turbo Diesel Set-up
    02:17 Turbo Diesel Test Run
    04:05 Building Go-Kart
    05:07 Adapting Turbo Diesel Engine to Go-Kart
    06:30 Introducing Finished Turbo Diesel Go-Kart
    07:10 Matts 1st Test Drive
    09:30 Introducing Tommy
    10:48 Tommys 1st Test Drive
    12:33 Hydrodiesel vs Diesel Lap Test
    13:47 Hydrodiesel lap test
    17:25 Top Speed Test Diesel Vs Hydrodiesel
    18:52 Outro
    19:40 My Sponsor Nord VPN
    20:45 End Credits

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    Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !

    Carbon 12

    Produced By: Carbon 12

    Directed By: Matt Mikka

  • TurboJet Powered Scooter-ITS ALIVE


    The Jet is alive and sounds and looks AMAZING!!

    So the turbo is at fastturbo to get some new seals n bearings then once back I need to try work out how to afterburner this bad boy.
    Stay tuned Subscribe as it will return with more noise n heat and hopefully more speed.

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    Jet Bike
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    Mini Jet Scooter
    Jet BBQ
    Jet Drift Trike
    Jet Kettle
    No Weld Jet Engine


    The Track is called Where did I go Wrong by Old Glory

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  • Tom Bagnall: Fastest jet-powered go-kart - Meet The Record Breakers


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    Britain's Tom Bagnall has always enjoyed making new things and has always been passionate about engineering.

    Which explains why he was keen to be the person to set the Fastest speed in a jet-propelled go-kart after joining a jet-car team as one of the pit crew. Read more:


    At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.

    Here on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel we want to showcase incredible talent. If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place.


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  • twin jet turbine powered gokart


    twin jet turbine powered gokart

  • Jet Powered Go Kart 160mph


    made with ezvid, free download at Jet Powered Go Kart created by TransTurbine. Powered by a Boeing 502-7 Custom Converted Turbojet. Produces 247 plus pounds of thrust. Features tubular chassis, spun aluminum fuel cells, digital speedometer, n1 gas producer tachometer, remote oil filter, supercooler, poly racing seat, onboard electrical system, and remote start kart. For more information contact Seth@Transturbine.Com Transturbine offers custom vehicle design, turbine installation, turboshaft and turbojet engines of all makes and sizes. Custom exhaust nozzles, afterburners, parts and accessories. Digital readouts, operating systems, test cells, service stands.

  • Boeing Jet Powered Go Kart: FOR SALE!


    First test run of the Boeing Jet kart with the new nozzle. Burning in the nozzle paint as well. So far the new nozzle exceeds my expectations with great flow and heat dissipation. The thrust pattern seems to be tightly concentrated and pushing power has increased. Afterburner might be in the works next. This jet kart is FOR SALE. For more information contact Many types and styles of gas turbine engines are for sale. Custom fabrication and engineering services. Turbine powered vehicle design and installation.

  • The Jet Powered Go Kart | Fifth Gear Classic


    Taken from Episode Six of Series 3, first broadcast 30th April​ 2003.

    #FifthGear #JetPower #GoKart

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  • Twin Turbine Go Kart with high performance afterburners


    From time to time we will get a customer request to build a custom project for them. This person wanted a Go Kart different from all the rest so we suggested a twin turbine Kart with high output after bunners the result of this project is seen in the video. If interested in a special project feel free to contact us @ 920-725-3721

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  • Turboshaft Jet Kart Third Session Run + Full Throttle!


    The turboshaft jet kart is finally brought up to full throttle, albeit only for a couple of seconds at a time.

  • Jet Powered Go Kart - DIY Turboshaft Engine


    The KU Hawkworks student group has been working on this machine for four years. The engine is built from scratch and scrap aviation and automotive parts.

    For more mechanical ridiculousness, follow me on Instagram:

    Gonna Get You - Camelian Glade
    Waters Will Flow Again - Gabriel Lewis

  • Fastest Go-Kart On The Planet Breaks World Speed Record .


    DIY Gas Turbine with Power Turbine makes 120 WHP. Building to set world speed record for turbine powered gokart

  • Jet Powered Go Kart


    Testing Stages of the Boeing 502 Jet Kart. Was one burner starting until we activated the glow circuit on the igniters. Up and running beautifully now. Currently constructing a new nozzle for more performance gains.

  • twin jet engine powered gokart


    This was filmed on Duxford runway sometime early 2000.
    Twin engined gokart with 2x 90lbs thrust gas turbines

  • DIY Jet-Powered Go-Kart Engine Test


  • Fastest Speed in a JET - PROPELLED Go-kart


    Fastest Speed in a JET - PROPELLED Go-kart

  • JetCat Jet Engine Strapped To A Kids Batmobile


    What do you do when you get a real jet (turbine) engine? Strap it to a kids Batmobile of course! I designed and built a real chromoly racing go kart frame to fit inside a kids power wheels Batmobile and strapped a JetCat 220 RXi to it complete with smoke and fire injection. It's a blast, quite an adrenaline rush and it is LOUD!

  • Rocket Man Show! Super BAD Pulsejet go kart!


    Running my twin Viper valveless pulsejet powered go kart.
    Engine plans, kits and completed engine available from me at or buy engines from me and build your own go kart or jet powered bike and come race with us at the dry lakebed at Cedarville Ca. I'll be starting an all thrust powered event this summer called the Thrust-O-Roma anything Thrust powered ( even propeller ) Come have fun with me on the huge lake bed, bring your toy or just come watch, and help me build this into a real event like a small burning man ( were just down the road from burning man. I'll be at the lakebed all the time in the summer filming my show, I'll post

  • Jet Engine Powered Go Kart Gas Turbine HX Monster Santa Pod Raceway


    Jet Engine, Believe it or not, almost anyone can build their own jet engine using materials as simple as old auto parts and a few pipe fittings. And with help learning how jet engine are built can be easy

    These engines are not toys, they are real jet engines built by keen individuals. They come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Just because the are homemade jet engine, does not make the any less a jet engine, the jet engine noise is just the same, the jet power they make is measured just the same.

    As with all jet engines, we spend a lot of time doing jet engine testing
    I have been building these homemade jet engines or DIY Gas Turbines, for some years now. The jet engine sound is just like the bigger commercial engines, there is nothing like the jet engine power, how from a free power section you can get so much torque. To learn more about jet engines and how it works or see perhaps some jet engine failures follow the links below
    You will be able to see the jet engine history of the builds, planned improvements from me and others and the jet engine power we are making now


    I had help from a online group that helps people build there own jet engines, it all started on Yahoo groups but has now moved to a forum.
    You can get technical help on how to build a jet engine or if you just want to see what others are doing or even learn how jet engines work. Have a look at Jet and Turbine owners, JATO,

    I have built jet engines that have set world records and I am working all the time to build bigger jet engines.

    I have one of only 3 homemade Jet Engine Powered Bikes in the world; a friend with his homemade jet engine powered bike holds the record for a mile at over 300 KMP

    My Jet engine powered kart holds the world record for 1/4 mile run and mile

    You can keep up to date with mine and other jet engine builds and projects on the Facebook page

    afterburner, building a jet engine, diy gas turbine, engineering explained, gas turbine, gas turbine engine, homemade jet engine, how its made, how to build jet engine, how to jet engine, how to make jet engine, howtomakejetengine, jet engine, jet engine afterburner, jet engine building, jet engine engineering, jet engine explained, jet engine how to build, jet engine sound, jet engine testing, jet engines explained, turbojet, turbojet engine, turbojet engine explained

    #jetpower #jetengine #howtobuildjetengine

  • Jet Engine Go Kart First Drive


    First successful test drive on the turbo charger jet engine go kart. The fuel system is very crude and only for testing purposes, it will be replaced with a gear pump shortly and much higher pressure.

  • Jet Engine Go-Kart


  • Driver Needed to Ride 500mph, 1300 HP Jet Powered Go-Kart, Any One !!


    This is a walk around of the Jet Kart. It is going to be ride-able soon but i don't think anyone will. Everyone says they will, Then i start it then they run and hide.

  • pulse jet engine go kart record run 2 passes


    I had 2 great runs today. The first pass was 45 mph and the second pass was at least 48 mph. My eyes were watering so much from the air rushing past that's the last speed I could see on the gps. I could have been a click or 2 higher before I came to a big hill and cut the engine off. My wife was taking the video and putting up with all the jet wash with the shots from the back. She got a new hair do out of it at least. lol The engine is holding up great so far. I just weighed the propane tank and it is 8 pounds lighter after these 2 runs of approx. 4 minutes total. The EPA would love my mileage at over 2 pounds a minute.
    Power output : 2,640,000 btu/hr or 1037 Horsepower

  • Turbo Jet Engine Go-Kart Test Hit


    First attempt at starting up the new jet kart

  • Dragster Go-Kart with a 1500 HP H2O2 turbine.mp4


    This go-kart is powered with a hydrogen peroxide gas turbine of 1500 horspowers @ 85'000 RPM.
    The kinetic energy of the gas produced by the decomposition of H2O2 is transformed into torque by means of an inconel turbine.

  • Jet Engine Go Kart with Afterburner


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    Jet Engine Go Kart with Afterburner.

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  • Jack McClure Rocket Go Kart


    Captain Jack McClure in Ky Michaelson shop talking about running his Rocket Go Kart at Brainard International Raceway in 2015

  • DIY Gas Jet Turbine Go Kart - Walk Talk & Start Up


    A resonably in depth Talk & Walk around and eventual start up and run of my DIY Jet Turbine Go Kart. Please excuse my mistake when I stupidly say that Jet engines dont 'Squeeze' the air - of course they 'squeeze' the air !! The compressor wheel within the turbocharger see's to that! - What was I thinking of ?? Oh, AND the fact I refer to the OIL pump as a FUEL pump as well - what a chump Eh ! :)
    Also, the tacho didn't seem to want to work correctly, It wouldn't read over 5000RPM for some reason - I need to look at it - Flat out the engine will be spinning at around 86000RPM - Idle is 22000RPM.
    One day I will actually get to sit in and run this thing along a track! I cannot at the moment find one that will cater for such a thing here in the UK without taking it along to a 'run what you brung' type Drag Strip event.
    Anyway, hope you enjoy the clip

    PS - the metal gate frame was HOT to touch after we had finished :o)

    PPS - The word I was looking for was - Stoichometric :)

  • Jet powered go-kart!


  • Rocketman: HOW to make a SUPER JET GOKART ! part #1


    Bob Maddox the Rocketman building the twin Viper valveless pulsejet engine powered go kart. In this first part episode I'm taking a Craigs list go kart and mounting one of my revolutionary new instant starting diesel powered valveless lockwood type pulsejet engine producing 100 pounds of thrust and mounting it and all the necessary components on the kart. You can contact me for engine kits and completed engines at or go to my website at

  • jet engine go kart



  • DIY Jet Powered Go-kart Testing New Air Starter


    We just relocated the compressed air starter system from the compressor wheel (front of motor) to the turbine wheel (rear), It is much quieter on start up and cools down the turbine on shut down. So far it works great.

  • D.I.Y. Turbojet Jet Engine powered go-kart 101.6mph land speed record run


    Here is a short video of my brothers DIY jet engine powered go-kart ( that i built the engine for )setting a new land speed record of 101.6mph for a DIY jet engine powered go-kart at elvington straight liners event on the 18/5/2014 he did set a faster speed of 106.4mph the day previous but i have no video of this run i have only got the time sheet with the speed on. He has worked hard getting the kart optimised to reach these sort of speeds and i am glad he was driving it as i would not fancy driving a racing kart at 106mph with direct steering (slightly twitchy) well done Bro !

  • Pulse Jet powered Go Kart Part 15


    Part 15 in the continuing saga

  • Jet Powered Go Kart with Afterburner test. Part 1.


    This is Smithy's Jet Powered go kart with another afterburner test followed by a road run in part 2 video !

  • Boeing Boss Jet Powered Go Kart


    Doing a little night testing and tuning on the Boeing Boss. Powered by a Boeing 502-12 gas turbine engine. Turbojet configuration producing 300 plus pounds of thrust.

  • Pulse Jet powered Go Kart Part 48


    Part 48 in the continuing saga

  • jet engine go kart part 2



  • jet ski engine go kart on track karting bombarral


    a 2 stroke kawasaki 750 engine zxi 85 hp no remap stock no clutch
    16 front teeth back 37 teeth 1 2 ratio



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