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Junya Legend TikTok Compilation!!! 2020 #1

  • The Incredible Landscapes Of Space | The Secrets Of The Universe | Spark


    A documentary presented in a lighthearted manner, The Secrets Of The Universe marvels at the sights and the astral bodies that surround us in the Solar System.

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  • How Youd Look Living on Different Planets


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    Why do we look the way we look? Most of it’s down to our planet Earth, its atmosphere, gravity, that kind of stuff. When you go on a weeklong beach getaway, you get a tan. Basic. But what about living on a whole other planet? What would we look like if we lived on another planet of the Solar System?

    One astronaut spent a whole year living on the International Space Station. Zero gravity means no healthy pressure on your body, so his bones - got weaker. So did his muscles. It also gave him more space between his vertebrae, so he got a bit taller. And that’s only a year. The more time you spend at the beach, the darker your tan gets… so… What if we moved to Mars or Mercury?


    Mars 0:43
    Mercury 2:13
    Venus 3:00
    Jupiter 4:23
    Saturn 5:38
    Uranus 6:47
    Neptune 7:33
    Pluto 8:10

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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