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  • Lions Defending Their Territory | A Year In The Wild | Real Wild


    A lion's territory isn't somewhere you want to accidentally stumble into.

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  • Watch What Happened 10 Minutes After the Dinosaurs Disappeared


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    And, here you are. On Earth. 66 million years ago. It’s one of the warmest periods in the planet’s history. There are no icecaps yet – everything is lush and green. Dinosaurs roam the Earth. Massive sauropods peacefully chew on flowering plants and trees, their young ones following closely by their side. But what is that bright spot in the sky? It grows bigger, brighter. This is the asteroid! Little do the great reptiles know: today marks the beginning of one of the largest mass extinction events in Earth’s history – ¾ of life on our planet will be wiped out...

    So what happened after the asteroid hit the Earth 66 years ago? The cosmic monster falling toward the Earth was the size of Mount Everest. At least 6 miles wide and weighing 460 trillion tons, the meteor was coming in hot…and fast. 12 miles per second, heading right for the Yucatan Peninsula in present-day Mexico. At that speed, it could travel from LA to New York in under 4 minutes!


    5 seconds before impact 0:55
    Impact 1:31
    5 minutes after impact 3:53
    10 hours after impact 4:08
    1 month after impact 4:22
    What’s left in the wake 5:41
    Did they have a fighting chance? 6:50
    Could humanity survive a meteorite impact like that? 7:54

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