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  • Why you cant compare Covid-19 vaccines


    What a vaccine's efficacy rate actually means.

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    In the US, the first two available Covid-19 vaccines were the ones from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. Both vaccines have very high efficacy rates, of around 95%. But the third vaccine introduced in the US, from Johnson & Johnson, has a considerably lower efficacy rate: just 66%.

    Look at those numbers next to each other, and it's natural to conclude that one of them is considerably worse. Why settle for 66% when you can have 95%? But that isn't the right way to understand a vaccine's efficacy rate, or even to understand what a vaccine does. And public health experts say that if you really want to know which vaccine is the best one, efficacy isn't actually the most important number at all.

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  • 10 Times Lions Showed Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car


    10 Times Lions Showed Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car

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    10 Times Lions Showed Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car

    What’s your favorite animal? Have you ever gotten a chance to get close to it and pet it? If your favorite animal is a wild one, I really hope you haven’t gotten yourself in danger while trying to get close to it. But if that animal is the lion - then you know, it doesn’t matter how much you love is better to stay away from the big ferocious cat. And you might think some safaris are great places to connect with them, but I disagree, especially after watching what I’m about to show to you today. In today’s video we’ll be looking at “10 Times Lions Showed Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car.” You’ll be surprised to see some people who actually dared to get out of their car and try to get a close experience. Such actions came with terrible consequences. But also, we’ll see other unlucky safari guests who stayed inside their car and still got one of the most thrilling and scary experiences of their lives. Had they been out, they wouldn’t be alive to share their story today. Let’s begin!

    The Lion on the road

    This video starts with a group of tourists following a lion. It happened in South Africa. The beast looked harmless and peaceful, minding its own business as it walked down the road. But the tourists thought it was a great idea to follow the animal - after all, he didn’t seem to mind. The people even rolled down their windows and recorded a nice video. Despite its seemingly peaceful attitude, you can see the lion was quite big, but nothing intimidated the tourists. But that all changed when the lion charged and roared at them. They immediately stopped the car and the lion kept on walking, confident that he wouldn’t be followed anymore. That’s when the people knew it was a good idea to let the lion alone and kept on going with their tour. Obviously, this lion didn’t want to be bothered. Just because he seemed quiet, it didn’t mean he was up for making new friends.

    Causing Traffic

    Lions are known as the kings of the jungle, and according to this video...they’re also the kings of the road. When they walk down a main road, all cars need to stop - regardless of any urgent matter they need to attend. But the most shocking thing about this video is the way the lion approaches one of the cars and starts patting the window. It’s obvious that the lion wanted to get closer to the passengers inside the car, but luckily they had their windows up. Otherwise, I’m sure this would have been a very chaotic moment, because I’m sure the lion didn’t just want to play. He looked quite upset when he couldn’t get closer to the people. And we can see the lion wasn’t alone! There was a lioness by him, just laying on the road, as if they both owned the whole place. The cars tried to go pass them, but they moved very cautiously - try to go unnoticed by the two lions who were not in a rush to go anywhere else.

    Curious Lion

    I wonder what goes inside a lion’s mind when they get close to the cars. Some of them seem very threatening, but others just look genuinely curious - like the lion in the video I’m showing you right now. This one made the car stop and then climbed on the car’s window. The lion started licking the side mirrors and even chewed on it a bit, as if trying to figure out if the thing was edible. The guy inside the car had no choice but to stop the car and wait until the lion was finished exploring that side mirror. At some point the lion acknowledged the person inside the car and began to tap the window, trying to see if the guy inside wanted to be friends. But he knew it was better to keep the windows up. After seeing what the lion did to the mirror, the man knew it was better to stay away. Many people dream of getting this close to a lion, but only if they have a window to protect them.

    The one that kept following them

    Some lions are obsessed with side mirrors and others are obsessed with back tires, like the lion in this video. It happened in a safari in Guatemala, when a lion didn’t want to say goodbye to its visitors. The lion attached himself to a spare tire on the back of the car and even though the car kept moving, the lion didn’t let go of the tire. The people inside the car were concerned and perhaps a bit upset due to the fact that they didn’t have a spare tire anymore - the lion completely destroyed it.

    10 Times Lions Showed Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car



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