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LG Gave Up!?

  • LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD


    Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.

    The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.

    This video is sponsored by LG.

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  • LG Gave Up!?


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    0:00 Best egg hunt ever
    0:12 LG Mobile calls it quits
    1:09 533 million FB phone numbers
    2:19 Daaark Paaatternss
    3:30 Vincero Spring Upgrade Sale
    4:05 QUICK BITS
    4:11 xCloud Win10 beta app
    4:45 Amazon apologizes
    5:22 EV Hummer crab walks
    5:54 Nvidia GPU pauses Outriders
    6:36 DNA from the Air


    Ok LG is actually out of the phone market

    FB data leak

    Trump campaign took more money from supporters after they donated

    California bans dark patterns


    xCloud W10 Test app leaks

    Amazon says FINE drivers pee in bottles you got us

    sorry for the tweets

    Hummer EV SUV can drive diagonally

    Online-only Outriders can be paused with Nvidia Ansel

    Huge launch on Steam somehow

    DNA from the AIR??


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  • LG - Official GOODBYE


    LG has made it official that they are leaving the smartphone industry altogether. The company confirmed today through a press release that instead of selling their mobile business to others, they have decided to leave the industry altogether. This move closes the curtain on two decades of manufacturing and selling phones. The end of LG's mobile phone business means that the company's rollable phone will be scratched.

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  • Farewell, LG Mobile: 20 Years Of Doing Phones Differently


    From “Lucky Goldstar” to “Life’s Good” to … Last Gasp. That’s the rough trajectory of LG Mobile: a technology brand that over the past twenty years went from a strong second choice for American dumbphone buyers, to the only game in town if you wanted the hottest messaging phones available, to a case study on how to do Android smartphones differently – for better, and for worse.

    Join Michael Fisher for a MrMobile retrospective on LG Mobile. From the LG Chocolate to the LG Wing (and the Pradas, Rumors, Flexes and Optimii in between) we’ll re-live LG’s highs and lows, and try to extract a useful lesson from its 2021 withdrawal from the mobile tech space.



    This video was produced with the aid of a number of LG Mobile phones, a mixture of review samples from LG Electronics and vintage units purchased by MrMobile/Future plc. Neither LG nor any other company furnished compensation, provided editorial input, or received an early preview of this content.

    This video features extensive coverage from Michael Fisher’s days reporting at Pocketnow, used with permission. Visit and subscribe at the link below.


    Why Did LG Phones Really Die? [MKBHD]:

    LG Wing Real World Test [TheUnlockr]:

    Pocketnow [YouTube]:

    “Samsung Rising” by Geoffrey Cain [Amazon]:

    G posts $224 million loss as ‘weak’ selling G5 smartphone drags it down once again [TechCrunch]:

    LG finally acknowledges LG G4 ‘boot loop’ problem [TechRadar]:

    LG smartphone bootloop issues [Wikipedia]:



    This post may contain affiliate links, which afford MrMobile / Future plc a commission if you make a purchase.

    Additional information concerning MrMobile’s ethics policy can be found here:

    #lg #lgmobile #smartphones #tech #lgwing #lgvelvet #lgchocolate

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  • LG is done making phones


    Today is a sad day for LG fans — the company confirmed very late on Easter Sunday that it’s officially giving on up the mobile phone business.

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  • Gravitas: LG quits smartphone business after mounting losses


    LG exited the smartphone business after registering $4.5 billion in losses over 6 years. Despite being a pioneer in smartphones, LG could not keep up with the quality and durability of Apple and Samsung. WION's Palki tells you how LG's downfall is a commentary on modern-day brands.

    #Gravitas #LG #Smartphone

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  • The End of LG Smartphones...


    Tough times for LG's smartphone business.
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  • LG is Shutting Down Its Smartphone Business World Wide | LG Officially Quit Manking Phones


    Reed Full Article

    Lg Is Shutting Down its smartphone business World wide | Lg Officially Quit making phones


  • Goodbye LG Smartphones


    It's the end of an era. One of the most innovative smartphone manufacturers is pulling out of the mobile market. Where do we go from here? What should other manufacturers learn from LG?
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  • LG Shut Down: No More LG Phones. What Happened?


    This video is about the end of the LG handset division. LG is closing up shop and will not be making phones anymore. But is goodbye forever? LG G8X (affiliate link)

    LG was always known as the number three phone company in the smartphone department. LG made some awesome phones. The LG G2, LG G3, LG G Flex, LG G8, LG V60, LG Wing, and the upcoming LG Rollable that didn't happen. LG always gave us good phones that you could get on discount, because they never sold well. And now they're going out of business - but LG Electronics isn't. So, I think this is more of a divorce than the brand dying. Could LG start making phones again one day and come back?

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  • LG Shutting Down Smartphone Business After Years Of Losses


    South Korean electronics giant LG is exiting the smartphone business after years of losses to focus on other growing businesses the company announced on Monday, a decision that will leave a sizeable gap in the American smartphone market where LG is the third biggest brand after Apple and Samsung. LG’s decision to pull the plug on its smartphone business comes after the division reported nearly six consecutive years of losses totaling around $4.5 billion, according to Reuters. At their peak, LG’s smartphones went up against Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices, as the two premier brands running Google’s Android operating system. However, a series of software and hardware issues and stagnation in design began LG’s slide, which was further accelerated by cheaper and more feature-packed phones from Chinese makers like Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo.  LG’s current global share of smartphone sales is only around 2% and it shipped just 23 million phones last year compared to Samsung’s 256 million, according to Counterpoint. For existing LG smartphone users, the company has promised to provide “service support and software updates” for a “period of time which will vary by region.” LG is still in the process of rolling out the 7-month-old Android 11 operating system on some of its smartphones, and it’s now unclear if any of its phones will receive Android 12 when it launches later this year. South Korea's LG becomes the first major smartphone brand to withdraw from market (Reuters)S Korea’s LG to exit loss-making mobile phone business (Associated Press)

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  • LG Electronics to shut down its mobile business after 26 years of operation


    LG전자 휴대폰사업 7월 31일 접는다…사후서비스 지속

    It's the end of an era.
    South Korean tech giant LG Electronics is shutting its mobile business for good.
    The company says the division that's been around for over a quarter of a century, but has losing money for years on end will cease to be at the end of July.
    However, LG is keen to avoid massive job cuts;... instead deploying the workers to LG's other sub-divisions.
    Eum Ji-young has more.
    Remember this? This LG rollable phone with a smoothly expanding screen made a splash at CES in January.
    Little did we know then that THAT would be the last of it.

    After 26 years of staying in the business, South Korea's LG Electronics is shutting down its loss-making mobile division... a move that's set to make it the first major smartphone brand to completely withdraw from the market.

    The tech giant confirmed on Monday that it will end production and sales of mobile phone products on July 31st.
    Instead, the company plans to focus resources on growth areas including EVs, smart homes, robotics and artificial intelligence.

    Phones constituted 8-point-2 percent of LG sales last year and there will be a short-term loss of revenue but the company expects the closure to be financially favorable in the long run.

    Currently Samsung Electronics and Apple are the two most dominant players in the global smart phone market and Chinese firms are growing fast. Amid rising competition, the company seems to have chosen to focus on electric cars, future mobility and premium home appliances instead of mobile phones.

    The company said the division's roughly 37-hundred employees will be moved to other LG Electronics businesses and affiliates with industry sources expecting partial transfers to its joint corporation with Magna International.

    Although LG was one of the pioneers in the market with a number of cell phone innovations including ultra-wide angle cameras and at its peak in 2013, the world's third-largest smartphone manufacturer, its smartphone division has not made profit since the second quarter of 2015 and logged nearly six years of losses totaling some 4-point-5 billion U.S. dollars.

    The firm reportedly held talks over a potential sale but negotiations failed due to big differences in valuing technology patents.

    LG Electronics made clear that it will provide service support and software updates for customers of existing mobile products for a period of time to minimize any inconveniences.
    Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.

    #LG #Economy #mobile_business

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    2021-04-05, 17:00 (KST)

  • LG Phones: What went wrong? ????


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  • Why LG is Dead in Smartphones??


    LG was once a big pioneer in the smartphone space. But right now they have left the smartphone space and we might not ever see new LG phones ever again. The Mobile division of LG has been shut off. so why did LG fail? What went wrong with LG? In this video let's try to explain everything.

    #LG #LGmobiles #LGsmartphones

    Introduction: 00:00
    LG did make good phones: 00:56
    LG Mobile was in loss: 01:51
    Main focus of LG: 02:30
    But what went wrong: 03:07
    Big Problem was marketing: 04:27
    Some products are delayed and not make sense: 05:10
    LG was not in emerging markets: 05:50
    Overuse of innovation: 06:37
    What about future: 07:17
    Risk without ROI: 07:56
    the price problem: 08:05
    Problem: 08:46
    Comeback possible?: 10:09


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    New Laptop - Acer Swift 5 | Intel 11th Gen i7 | Xe Graphics | Evo Platform

    AMOLED vs IPS LCD - Which One is Best?

    Things you didn't know about Google

    100% Made in India Smartphone ???? Is it Possible??

    How To Find Lost/Stolen Phone??

    Apple Glass! This the Future of Smartphones????????????:

    Xiaomi vs Apple!

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  • LG fans bemoan end of its smartphone era


    Fans of LG Electronics smartphones rued the loss of more affordable Android-based devices after the South Korean tech company said it would quit the business, with some praising LG for the innovation it brought to the industry.

    #LG #Smartphones #News #Reuters


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  • Why LG Stopped Working Mobile Business? || Tech 265


    #Tech is a series of all the latest innovations & tech news where we share all the latest innovations and tech-related things.

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  • Thanks LG: For Focusing on Audio When Everyone Else Gave Up


  • LG Quits making Smartphones | This can affect other phone users too!


    LG shuts down their smartphone division effective from this month!
    Check out a video on this from a True LG Fan:

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  • LG G7 Teardown! - I ThinQ its beautiful...


    The Elligant LGG7 is here and time to open it up to review from the inside. In this video we take apart the LG G7 and show how the back cover comes off, as well as the G7 Thinq battery gets replaced. If you've ever considered taking apart your own LG G7 or just want to know what makes the LG G7 work... This video is for you!

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  • LG C1 OLED - Unboxing and Setup LIVE


    LG C1 OLED Unboxing and Set up live will give many viewers the chance to interact with myself and @Techno Dad on Tuesday afternoon. Let's see how it looks and what differences there are with the LG CX of last year.

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    38:40 WebOS
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    55:25 Burn in warranty?
    56:40 Uniformity
    1:05:40 Questions and info

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  • 2021 LG OLED evo | Light the play up


    Elevate the game instead of just playing.
    2021 LG OLED evo's self-lit pixels take your gaming experience to the next level with awe-inspiring picture quality and response time.

    Learn more :

    #LGOLED #LGTV #OLED #BestTVforGame

  • 2021 LG OLED evo | Light the space up


    Turn your TV into a work of art that completes your space.
    2021 LG OLED evo's unique self-lit pixels make the impossibly slim design possible - blending in or standing out beautifully with your interior space.

    Learn more:

    #LGOLED #LGTV #OLED #BestTVforInterior

  • 3조???? 바이든 부양책이 온다!


    #부양책 #바이든 #LG화학

    김단테의 회사 이루다투자
    김단테의 블로그-

  • LG - Cảm ơn và tạm biệt! Chặng đường thăng trầm 11 năm làm smartphone


    LG - Cảm ơn và tạm biệt! Chặng đường 11 năm thăng trầm làm smartphone
    Tham khảo những sản phẩm smartphone cuối cùng của LG tại:

    LG - một trong những tên tuổi lớn trong làng smartphone, theo như báo cáo gần nhất sẽ dừng hẳn việc chế tạo và kinh doanh smartphone kể từ ngày 5 tháng 4 sắp tới. LG với những dòng điện thoại flagship như LG V (bao gồm LG V60 ThinQ, LG V50 ThinQ và LG V40 ThinQ,...); hay dòng LG G (LG G7 ThinQ, LG G8 ThinQ, LG Velvet) sẽ không còn được tiếp tục sản xuất và bán ra trong thời gian tương lai. Hãy cùng ReLab nhìn lại chặng đường đầy huy hoàng của LG trong suốt 11 năm sản xuất và kinh doanh smartphone.

    DOP | Editor: Linh Trần
    Host | Reviewer: @Tuấn Ngọc đây!
    Content: @Tuấn Ngọc đây!

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  • LG Display makes a 65-inch TV that actually rolls up


    One of the craziest concept TVs we've seen at CES 2018, it can hide out of sight by rolling up into a little box.

    LG Display's crazy 65-inch OLED TV can roll up like a poster:

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  • How to Use LG G8 ThinQ - Air Motion


    The #LGG8ThinQ presents a model of the next-generation mobile experience with its #AirMotion. Observe the new way to interact offered by the LG G8 ThinQ and try!

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  • LG Wing Teardown! - HOW DOES IT WORK?!


    Its time to see how the new LG Wing works... from the inside! LG sent over a preproduction phone that I could take apart. Get more info here: Huge thanks to LG for sponsoring this video. The LG Wing might just be the craziest phone of 2020. Its definitely one of the most unique smartphones of the year. The screen of the new LG Wing can swivel up into a 'T' shape. Revealing a smaller square screen hidden below.

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  • 2021 LG OLED evo | Light the space up


    Verander je tv in een kunstwerk dat je ruimte compleet maakt. LG OLED-tv's van LG maken gebruik van zelfverlichte pixels in plaats van achtergrondverlichting. Dit maakt meer innovatieve ontwerpen mogelijk die ultraslank zijn, bijna geen randen hebben en zelfs kunnen buigen en oprollen - het is een technisch hoogstandje dat je moet zien om het te geloven.

    #LGOLED #LGTV #OLED #Bestetvvoorinterieur

  • How to retune your LG Freeview TV


    These handy steps should help you to keep most LG TV’s up to date with the latest Freeview channels by doing a retune.

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  • LG OLED TV rolls up like a piece of paper


    Read the CNET review:
    The mind-blowing 18-inch concept display rolls up a piece of the TV future.

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    #rollabletv #paperthintv #LG

  • Chef Marcus Samuelsson Gives Comfort Food A Gourmet Twist // Presented by LG USA


    Chef Marcus Samuelsson stopped by to give his gourmet spin on comfort food favorites from around the world with the help of LG’s ProBake Convection™ Range and Combi Double Wall Oven.

  • XIAOMI Mi 10 LITE vs LG VELVET: vale IMPORTAR ou INVESTIR no celular nacional? | Comparativo


    O LG Velvet está sendo sabatinado aqui no TudoCelular. Seu rival de hoje é o Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, um 5G custo benefício. Será que vale a pena abrir mão do bonito acabamento? Confira agora nesse comparativo!

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    Ofertas para o LG Velvet:

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  • How To Set Up & Manage LG OLED TV or NanoCell TV Dashboard and Smart Home | Danny Winget


    Watch as Danny shows you how simple it is to set up and manage your own personal smart hub via the smart home dashboard on 2019 LG OLED and NanoCell TVs.
    Simply start with your Magic Remote and locate the smart home dashboard . You can utilize voice commands as well via the remote. The dashboard displays all of your connected devices in one place to conveniently manage all devices under one view. Control all of your settings and devices, from speaker selections and sound bars, to gaming connections and even LG smart home products by downloading the LG ThinQ app. Connect up to 4 smart phones and easily share videos, photos and movies on just about any type of device. You can control it all through your built-in AI Voice Assistance on the LG OLED TV using Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
    Create the entertainment hub you’ve always envisioned with LG’s powerful OLED TVs and the innovative smart home dashboard. Experience unparalleled sound, crisp and clear picture quality, streamlined design and all of the state-of-the-art features it has to offer.
    Learn more about LG OLED TVs:
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  • LG C8 OLED Stand Assembly And Install


    In this video we show you how to assemble and install the stand that comes with the LG OLED55C8 Television. For questions or to place an order please call our experts at 800-860-3736 or click the links below.

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    65 inch:
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  • Vizio OLED TV 2020 Vs LG CX – How Does Vizio OLED Stack Up?


    For the last few years, OLED TVs only really came from two players in the US: LG and Sony. For most of the year, the LG CX reigned supreme. Now Vizio has just thrown their first-generation OLED TV into the mix to try and undercut the big guys; let's see if it worked.

    Vizio OLED 2020:

    Model tested: 55” (OLED55-H1)
    Should also be valid for the 65”


    Model tested: 55” (OLED55CXPUA)
    Should also be valid for the 48”, 65”, 77”

    Support us:

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    00:00 Intro
    01:09 Design
    02:08 Inputs
    02:29 Picture Quality
    02:41 Contrast
    03:04 Viewing Angle
    03:21 Peak Brightness
    03:46 Color Gamut
    04:08 Uniformity
    05:02 Pixels
    05:25 Image Retention and Burn-In
    07:02 Motion
    07:08 Response Time
    07:28 Black Frame Insertion
    08:14 Input Lag
    08:40 Variable Refresh Rate
    09:39 Smart Features
    10:07 Sound
    10:32 Overall
    11:15 Conclusion
    We make money directly from you via insider access on our website (which gives you access to extra features: and when you buy a product after clicking a link to a retailer. Learn more about how we work:

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  • LG CX Has A Secret G-SYNC/ Freesync/ HDMI 2.1 VRR Information Bar


    The LG CX/ GX 2020 OLED TVs contain a secret VRR (variable refresh rate) information bar, which can be activated by pressing the green button on the Magic Remote multiple times.

    The frame rate fluctuation shows whether G-SYNC, Freesync and open-standard HDMI Forum VRR is working.

    Many thanks to our Twitter follower Matt for the tip:

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  • Identifying LG Error Codes and Problems


    For all your LG washing machine spare parts go to

    If your LG washer or washer dryer is showing two letters in the display after stopping it is likely to be a fault code. In this video, Mat shows how to identify the problem.

  • LG Wing first-look review: Watch this phone SWING! ????


    You can buy the items featured in the video here:
    LG Wing:
    *CNET may get a commission from this offer.

    LG is saying no to flexible screens for now and carving its own path with the unique swiveling LG Wing.

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  • LG V70 ThinQ 5G Introduction


    Introducing most futuristic flagship mobile phone LG V70 ThinQ 5G 2021 first look, trailer, and introduction video. ►Get LG Mobile Phones Here: ◄ The most futuristic 5G mobile phone that will combine all the superior features in the device. Yes, LG V70 ThinQ 5G will transform the way that you want to live. The new LG V70 ThinQ 5G with dual-screen will experience strong connections and extreme power efficiency with the most powerful 5G Mobile SoC Platform. Exploring the future flagship smartphone LG V70 ThinQ 5G with phone specifications, features, price, and release date. For more tech news and updates please stay tuned. Thanks!

    #LGV70 #LGV70ThinQ #LGV70ThinQ5G

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  • LG CX OLED 2020 TV | Full Menu & Settings Walkthrough


    There is a number of updates to the 2020 LG CX OLED range. In this video we do a full walkthrough of all the menu options so you can see everything that is new. Not including the hidden HDMI menu.
    Check out my unboxing video here:

    Check the Latest Price Where you live.
    John Lewis:

    USA & Canada:

    We took some photos of this TV here:

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  • LG G6 Tips, Tricks and Best Hidden Features: Get started with the G6


    Our LG G6 tips, tricks and best hidden features guide reveals some of the best bits of LG's overlay. Turn on the apps drawer, quick load the camera, learn about the App Scaling mode, turn on a handy feature for one-handed use and dive into the LG G6's Smart Settings.

    Check out our full LG G6 review, unboxing and camera reviews right here and at the Recombu website.

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  • 2021 LG OLED evo | Light the story up


    Live the story instead of just watching.
    2021 LG OLED evo's unique self-lit pixels achieve the most perfect contrast ratio and black - for a full cinema experience right at home.

    Learn more:

    #LGOLED #LGTV #OLED #BestTVforMovie

  • LG Chocolate 2021 - The Return of Sweets


    According to some news, LG will soon give up on the mobile phone market, some rumors say that the last salvation might be in the return of the once-popular LG Chocolate line of smartphones, now in 2021. What it might look like we will show you in today's concept of LG Chocolate created by designer Toooajk Ma. How it looks, let’s take a look at the rest of this video.


    This info is based on leaks and rumors, we do not guarantee it to be 100% accurate, pictures in the video are for information purposes and do not have to show an identical or official product.

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  • LG TV Universal Remote Control Set Up |The Good Guys


    Turn your LG Magic Remote into a universal remote to control all your entertainment. Now you can operate all your compatible connected devices including set top box, Blu-Ray Player, home theatre system and more - without having to keep track of different remotes again.

    Learn more about LG Smart TV’s at The Good Guys

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  • Every Monitor Should Have This! - LG UltraFine Ergo


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    LG’s UltraFine Display Ergo 32UN880 monitor is a 32-inch 4K IPS with an awesome double-hinge monitor arm that makes collaboration easy.

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  • Watch LGs amazing rollable OLED TV in action at CES 2019


    We saw LG's amazing OLED TV that goes from a full 65-inch screen to an unassuming piece of furniture last year when it was just a concept. But this year, LG gave us a closer look, and now we know that it's planned to actually hit stores in the second half of 2019. The rollable OLED screen wraps up into its container box when not in use, and then stands up straight when it's needed. Plus, it can even extend to show 21:9 ultra-widescreen movies without letterbox bars.

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  • 2020 LG AI TV l How to Get help from Amazon Alexa with LG ThinQ


    If you want to use Alexa more comfortably, then 2020 LG AI TVs are for you.
    LG AI TV with Amazon Alexa offers visual as well as voice assistance.
    Now you can get help while you watch. Speak to Alexa through your LG TV to access
    more than 100,000 Skills and more. Follow the guide and do more with your TV!
    All from your TV. All powered by your voice.

    #LGAI #LGAITV #LGThinQ #ThinQAI #AmazonAlexa #LGSmart #LGSmartTV

  • 2021 LG OLED evo | Light the movie up


    Beleef het verhaal in plaats van alleen maar te kijken. De zelfoplichtende pixels van de 2021 LG OLED evo bereiken de meest perfecte contrastverhouding voor een volledige bioscoopervaring, gewoon thuis.

    #LGOLED #LGTV #OLED #bestetvvoorfilm #thuisbioscoop

  • LG G1 4K OLED TV Deep Dive Review | Loaded OLED


    The LG G1 OLED evo is so loaded up with tech and features, we couldn't get through all of it in one review. In this deep dive, see what the G1 evo OLED offers plus higher brightness.
    See part 1 of the LG G1 OLED review here:

    LG G1 Available Here:

    Read the written review here:



    In our studio:
    BDI Corridor Media Console:

    00:00 - Intro
    1:20 - Picture Settings
    4:19 - What is OLED evo
    6:39 - New WebOS
    7:10 - Game Optimizer
    10:31 - Dolby Vision


    Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our channels.


    #LGG1 #OLED #TV #LGG1Review #4K #HDR #Review #television #HomeTheater #DigitalTrends #TVReview #LGOLED

  • How to set up the LG Magic Remote as a Universal Remote


    For LG TV owners in Australia, learn how to set up your LG Magic Remote to control compatible connected devices. You can select from hundreds of products from many brands including your TV set-top box or Foxtel, your Blu-ray player and even your home theatre sound system. If you want just 1 universal remote on your couch, this is worth a look!



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