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Laptop Docks! They're pretty neat!

  • Its Not Over - The Notebook HD


    The Notebook movie clips:
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    Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) finally reunite in the rain.

    Directed by Nick Cassavetes, this adaptation of author Nicholas Sparks' bestselling novel revolves around Noah Calhoun's (James Garner) regular visits to a female patron (Gena Rowlands) of an area nursing home. Rather than bore her with the inanities of everyday life, Calhoun reads from an old, faded notebook containing the sweeping account of a young couple (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams) whose love affair was tragically put to a halt after their separation in the midst of World War II. Seven years later, the couple was reunited, and, despite having taken radically different paths, they found themselves unable to resist the call of a second chance. The Notebook also features Joan Allen, Sam Shepard, and Kevin Connolly.

    TM & © Warner Bros. (2004)
    Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams
    Director: Nick Cassavetes
    Producers: Toby Emmerich, Avram 'Butch' Kaplan, Lynn Harris, Mark Johnson
    Screenwriters: Jeremy Leven, Jan Sardi, Nicholas Sparks

    The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.

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  • 50 Gadgets under $50 ????


    50 gadgets under $50 might be the dumbest idea yet ????
    My New Desk Setup!

    #1 Anker POWERCORE 13000
    #2 Fast charge your iPhone with this
    #3 FLAMES for your desk!
    #4 Seagate 1TB hard drive
    #5 FIRE Tablet is actually pretty cool
    #6 A light that plays MUSIC?!?!
    #7 The little mouse that could!
    #8 Greatest charging cable of all time
    #9 Most useful mini light EVER
    #10 Most useful medium light EVER
    #11 Bring FIRE to your TV...4K
    #12 Roku might still be king supreme though
    #13 This light has TWO BALLS...heh
    #14 My favorite MacBook dongle EVER
    #15 Dongle that morphs into your iMac
    #16 Most underrated wired headphones for the price
    #17 Upgrade your headphone game NOW
    #18 LOVE these headphones too!
    #19 The ONLY way to store your headphones
    #20 Starlords favorite headphones
    #21 Really clean earbuds
    #22 Your go-to workout headphones
    #23 Dopest backpack brand ever
    #24 Double the battery life of your Nintendo Switch
    #25 Solid desktop sound bar
    #26 Best Beats Pill knock off ever. Might be better
    #27 Super clean and underrated mini speaker
    #28 A skull that plays your music...I LOVE IT
    #29 Speaker for those interior design lovers
    #30 Google Home for the win!
    #31 New Amazon Echo Dot design is heart-eye-emoji's
    #32 Smart speaker that actually sounds amazing
    #33 The hockey puck that makes any speaker smart
    #34 BUFF DUDES smart scale!
    #35 Straight from Batman's utility belt
    #36 My favorite travel accessory
    #37 Macgyver's favorite travel accessory
    #38 More storage for your iPhone
    #39 Extra storage for that USB-C life
    #40 Craziest phone lens I've ever seen!
    #41 You like charging all the things? Me too
    #42 Let your phone lean while charging
    #43 Protect your laptop while looking cool like Stevie
    #44 Hide your electronics in a book. SECRET BOOK?!
    #45 Charge your AirPods wirelessly!
    #46 Tech YouTube classic!
    #47 DOPE Apple Watch stand
    #48 Speaker with LED lights that are customizable?!
    #49 This brings my childhood back
    #50 Makes your Switch gain superpowers!

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  • 50 Minecraft Decoration Ideas!


    50 Minecraft Decoration Ideas! Here is lots of tricks, tips, ideas and inspiration for your minecraft projects, worlds and houses! I hope there is some kind of decoration good for your minecraft house!

    Why did you reupload this?
    I accidentally messed up a segment of audio, and I can't stand videos with major mistakes in them. I fixed it and reuploaded this! I would REALLY appreciate it if you watched it again and gave it the same support as yesterday if you already saw it!

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  • Is Apple Ruining Your Macs Performance?


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    Apple's Mac lineup has a long history of being the quietest computers in the biz. Have you ever wondered exactly how they stay so quiet? It's simple! The fan speed is runs super low. That's why MacBook can get so hot in your lap! But is heat harming the performance of your Mac? Spoiler alert: it is. Thermal throttling is very, very real.

  • DevOps Tutorial for Beginners | Learn DevOps in 7 Hours - Full Course | DevOps Training | Edureka


    ???? Edureka DevOps Training (Use Code: YOUTUBE20):
    This Edureka DevOps Tutorial for Beginners will help you learn DevOps concepts and DevOps tools with examples and demos. You will understand how a DevOps pipeline can be imagined for existing infrastructure. Furthermore, it will cover different DevOps tools & phases. Below are the topics covered in this Full Course DevOps Tutorial for Beginners:

    00:00 Introduction
    2:06 Waterfall Model
    3:35 Limitations of Waterfall Model
    6:39 Agile Methodology
    7:32 Waterfall vs Agile
    8:20 Limitation of Agile Methodology
    11:21 What is DevOps?
    13:06 DevOps Stages
    17:02 Source Code Management
    21:40 Introduction to Git
    23:50 Basic Git Commands
    28:50 Continuous Integration
    30:19 Continuous Delivery
    31:33 Continuous Deployment
    34:06 Jenkins Demo
    35:44 Configuration Management
    41:56 Containerization
    45:15 Docker Demo
    47:38 Continuous Monitoring
    49:28 Introduction to Nagios
    51:53 DevOps Use-Case
    1:00:27 Git & GitHub
    1:01:21 Version Control System
    1:03:43 Why Version Control?
    1:04:08 Collaboration
    1:05:56 Storing Versions
    1:08:06 Backup
    1:09:57 Analyze
    1:10:54 Version Control Tools
    1:13:04 Git & GitHub
    1:17:06 GitHub Case Study
    1:20:33 What is Git?
    1:21:33 Features of Git
    1:32:42 What is a Repository?
    1:33:26 Central & Local Repository
    1:35:15 Git Operations & Commands
    1:36:00 Creating Repositories
    1:43:32 Syncing Repositories
    1:47:22 Making Changes
    1:56:12 Parallel Development
    1:56:25 Branching
    2:01:00 Merging
    2:06:35 Rebasing
    2:20:36 Git Flow
    2:27:04 Continuous Integration using Jenkins
    2:27:44 Process Before Continuous Integration
    2:28:29 Problem Before Continuous Integration
    2:33:27 What is Continuous Integration?
    2:34:09 Continuous Integration Case Study
    2:36:48 What is Jenkins?
    2:36:58 Jenkins Plugins
    2:39:52 Jenkins Example
    2:52:39 Shortcomings of Single Jenkins Server
    2:53:19 Jenkins Distributed Architecture
    2:56:50 Introduction to Docker
    2:57:39 Why we need Docker
    3:01:39 What is Docker?
    3:05:30 Docker Case Study
    3:08:50 Docker Registry
    3:10:22 Docker Image & Containers
    3:14:33 Docker Compose
    3:21:14 Kubernetes
    3:21:14 Kubernetes Installation
    3:48:35 Introduction to Kubernetes
    3:55:20 Kubernetes: Container Management Tool
    3:57:44 Kubernetes Features
    4:01:40 Uncovering Myths About Kubernetes
    4:07:06 Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm
    4:12:09 Kubernetes Use-Case: Pokemon Go
    4:18:42 Kubernetes Architecture
    4:20:15 Working of Kubernetes
    4:21:40 Kubernetes Hands-on
    4:52:06 Ansible
    4:53:03 Configuration Management
    4:54:42 Why Configuration Management
    5:03:30 Configuration Management Tools
    5:04:17 What is Ansible?
    5:04:48 Features of Ansible
    5:06:32 Ansible Case Study: NASA
    5:13:32 Ansible Architecture
    5:17:05 Writing a Playbook
    5:18:37 Ansible Playbook Example
    5:20:12 How to use Ansible?
    5:28:53 Ansible Hands-on
    5:48:23 Introduction to Puppet
    5:49:07 Why Configuration Management?
    5:53:06 What is Configuration Management?
    5:55:22 Configuration Management Components
    5:56:39 Configuration Management Tools
    5:57:07 What is Puppet?
    5:57:55 Puppet Master-Slave Architecture
    5:59:33 Puppet Master Slave Connection
    6:03:46 Puppet Use-Case
    6:05:20 Resources, Classes, Manifests & Modules
    6:21:01 Continuous Monitoring using Nagios
    6:21:36 Why Continuous Monitoring?
    6:25:36 What is Continuous Monitoring?
    6:29:35 Continuous Monitoring Tools
    6:30:07 What is Nagios?
    6:31:43 Nagios Features
    6:32:26 Nagios Architecture
    6:35:24 Monitoring Remote Linux Hosts
    6:37:15 Nagios Case Study
    6:33:26 Nagios Demo

    DevOps playlist here:
    DevOps Tutorial Blog Series:

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    ????DevOps Online Training:

    ????Kubernetes Online Training:

    ????Docker Online Training:

    ????AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Online Training:

    ????DevOps Engineer Masters Program:


    #edureka #DevOpsEdureka #DevOpsTutorial #DevOpsTraining #DevOpsTools

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  • ABC Song | Little Baby Bum | Abc Song and More | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | ABCs and 123s


    We're available on Spotify!

    Plush Toys
    © El Bebe Productions Limited

    This is a HUGE collection of high-quality nursery rhymes videos:

    0:04 ABC Phonics Song
    1:31 ABC Song
    3:22 Numbers Song: 1-20
    5:30 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe
    6:33 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive
    7:51 Wheels On The Bus – Part 1
    9:42 Baa Baa Black Sheep
    10:35 BINGO
    12:31 The Color Train Song
    14:19 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    14:51 Finger Family
    15:52 5 Little Ducks
    17:56 5 Little Monkeys
    19:50 Hickory Dickory Dock
    21:06 This Old Man
    23:54 Ten In The Bed
    26:19 Row Row Row Your Boat
    27:27 Ring Around The Rosy
    28:56 Wheels On The Bus – part 2
    30:46 Rain Rain Go Away
    32:44 Pat A Cake
    34:56 Mary Had A Little Lamb
    36:37 London Bridge Is Falling Down
    38:23 The Itsy Bitsy Spider
    39:25 If You’re Happy And You Know It
    41:22 Humpty Dumpty
    42:50 Numbers Song: 1-10
    44:51 3 Little Kittens
    47:08 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & The Prince
    49:11 Head Shoulders Knees & Toes
    #nurseryrhymes #littlebabybum

  • How To Make A Model Railway / Railroad Warehouse - Part 2 - Tutorial Tuesday Episode 40


    How To Make A Model Railway / Railroad Warehouse - Part 2 - Tutorial Tuesday Episode 40. For More Photos and information visit our website:

    Main Camera:
    Second Camera:

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    Google +:

    Help Subtitle & Caption our videos:

  • Blueprint Communications | Live Training | Unreal Engine


    Announce Post:

    This Training Stream takes a look at Blueprint Communication. We find that Unreal Developers of all levels can sometimes struggle through the concepts behind moving data between objects. So in this video we'll take a look at the different ways to make Blueprints talk to one another, how to know which one to use and when, as well as some performance considerations.

    Link to the PowerPoint:

    (00:00) - Intro
    (01:56) - Blueprint Communication: A Primer
    (08:54) - Direct Blueprint Communication
    (13:21) - A Brief Note on Casting
    (17:29) - Object Orientation
    (21:24) - Direct Blueprint Communication Demo
    (26:31) - Health Property Setup
    (32:56) - Blueprint Direct Communication Q&A
    (36:43) - Blueprint Interfaces
    (44:57) - Implementing Interfaces via Events
    (48:46) - Blueprint Interfaces Demo
    (54:05) - Sphere Trace Setup
    (1:00:43) - Door Interaction Setup
    (1:15:37) - Door Motion Setup & Testing
    (1:22:05) - Blueprint Interfaces & Level Blueprint Communication
    (1:29:42) - Blueprint Interfaces Q&A
    (1:33:53) - Event Dispatchers Overview
    (1:39:36) - Event Dispatchers in Action
    (1:43:55) - Event Dispatcher Signatures
    (1:45:21) - Event Dispatcher Options
    (1:47:31) - Event Dispatcher Demo & Creating a UI
    (2:07:04) - Event Dispatcher Q&A
    (2:10:39) - Conclusion
    (2:13:45) - Additional Q&A

  • The best working from home laptop setup? Contour Design


    Where to buy

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    Amazon Store-front
    I have spent a few hours putting together a kit list of pretty much everything I own and recommend. If you decide to buy something off of this list I will make a small percentage of what you pay and it wont cost you any more money.

    Social media
    If you have any questions at all please feel free to head over to one of my social media channels to talk directly to me.

    Kit used in this video!
    Camera - Sony a6300
    Lens - Sigma 16mm 1.4
    Monitor - AndyCine
    Audio Recorder Zoom H5
    Microphone - Rode NT2A
    Microphone arm -
    tripod - Manfrotto 785PL
    SD Cards - Sandisk extreme
    Colour checker -

  • Top 10 Must Have Laptop Accessories & Gadgets in 2020


    Top 10 Must Have Laptop Accessories & Gadgets in 2020

    Amazing Laptop Accessories & Gadgets that you can use to boost up your productivity.

    Best Laptop Accessories List: (Affiliate Link)
    1. Sculptor 4K Touchscreen Monitor 12:29
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    2. Omni 20 USB-C 11:12
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    3. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth 10:03
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    4. Razer Kiyo Webcam 08:47
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    5. CalDigit USB-C Pro Dock 07:40
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    6. ADATA SE760 External SSD 06:25
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    7. Satechi M1 Wireless Mouse 05:10
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    8. Mark Ryden Compacto Pro laptop backpack 03:51
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:

    9. MOFT Z (Sponsored) 02:16

    10. SuperHub 2-in-1 Power Adapter 88:54
    Amazon US:
    Amazon International:
    ***Desktop Mini PC:
    ***Best Productivity Monitors:
    ***Best Laptop Replace Tablets:
    ***Best Laptops for Student:
    ***Best Business Laptops:
    ***Best Macbook Accessories:
    Intro, Outro & Animation Credit: (Boring Motion)
    ***Music Source: Epidemic Sound
    ***Video Credit:
    ** Omnicharge :
    ** Logitech :
    ** R ? Z ? R :
    ** CalDigit :
    ** ADATA :
    ** Satechi :
    ** Mark Ryden Global :
    We are also on:
    Business Email:
    ***The following video abides by the YouTube Community Guideline. Footage used in this video is for educational purposes.
    ***The footage used in this video follows Fair Usage Policy “Under Section 107” of the “Copyright Act 1976”. If you have any copyright issues, please send us an email or let us know by commenting below.

    #laptop #laptopaccessories #macbookccessories

  • Dock with Built in GPU ! Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock with GTX 1050 eGPU


    Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link) - Lenovo's new Thunderbolt 3 dock has a built in eGPU and provides power back to the laptop - all through a single cable. We'll explore how it works in this review. See more Thunderbolt docks: and subscribe!

    0:00 - Intro
    01:07 - Hardware overview and pricing
    01:40 - Ports
    02:25 - Thunderbolt is not the same as USB-C
    02:58 - Power supply
    03:22 - Displayport/HDMI and 4k recommendations
    04:26 - Fan and fan noise
    05:02 - Configuration and compatibility
    05:27 - Lenovo driver required
    05:39 - Comparison to other eGPUs
    05:54 - Limited support for most configurations
    06:21 - Plugging it in
    06:42 - Lenovo provides GeForce drivers
    07:32 - Power delivery
    08:03 - Gaming : GTA V
    09:05 - Gaming: The Witcher 3
    09:46 - Gaming: Street Fighter V
    10:25 - Mirrored display slightly impacts performance
    11:55 - Mac compatibility
    12:40 - Conclusion and final thoughts

    Overall the dock works great with the laptop I connected it to but it continually crashed another Lenovo laptop, the new X1 Carbon. Lenovo is only supporting one specific configuration at the moment, the Yoga 720s, but I think it'll work with more than that.

    The dock does require its own driver that has to be downloaded first. It does not appear to support Nvidia driver updates so you'll have to rely on Lenovo to provide graphics driver updates for it at the moment.

    But if you're looking for a compact way to add a GPU to an ultrabook this looks like it delivers. My advice would be to buy it from a store with a good return policy just in case it ends up not working with your device.

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  • Ubuntu 20.04 Setup Tour & My Thoughts


    This is not quite a review - more of a biased window into my Ubuntu 20.04 setup which is (currently) my weapon of choice for managing this channel and video production. Hopefully you learn something from it and enjoy this polished gem of an OS.



    Setting up Fusuma (Multitouch gestures):
    Slimbook Battery Tool:
    Adding MS fonts and tweaking them:


    Donate here...thanks:
    Sign up to Dropbox:

  • Fantastic 17 - new TOEIC test 2020. Listening Toeic Practice LC 1200 with answers


    Fantastic 17 - new TOEIC test 2020. Listening Toeic Practice LC 1200 with answers

    Our channel is a place where every people can practice and learn English easily.

    Join Us Now:

  • How Does The Dell G7 Perform With A GTX 1080 Gaming Box ?


    The Dell G7 comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port so how do we get on when we attach the Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming box? Does it allow for high resolution or high refresh rate gaming?
    Games tested: PUBG, Far Cry 5, Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Rainbow 6 Siege.
    Also I declare the winner in the latest Find The Geek Game Give away

  • Swift for Tensorflow


    Video with transcript included:

    Paige Bailey demonstrates how Swift for TensorFlow can make advanced machine learning research easier and faster.

    This presentation was recorded at QCon San Francisco 2019:

    The next QCon is QCon New York 2020 – June 15-17, 2020:

    For more awesome presentations on innovator and early adopter topics check InfoQ’s selection of talks from conferences worldwide

    #Swift #TensorFlow #MachineLearning

  • #TOEIC公式みんなで模擬受験





    これまでにない状況の中でも、英語学習を継続されている皆様へ。 目標がないとモチベーションが続かない・・・という声にお応えして、YouTubeを活用して受験体験をしていただける#TOEIC公式みんなで模擬受験 を企画しました。なかなか試験会場で皆様とお会いすることが叶いませんが、安心してご受験いただける日がくるまで、ひとつの目標として、本企画を英語学習のモチベーション維持にご活用いただければ幸いです。 テスト開発機関ETSの協力のもと、日本では未公開の公式問題を本企画のために特別にご用意しました。

    ETS, the ETS logo, PROPELL, TOEIC and TOEIC BRIDGE are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A., and used in Japan under license.

    Copyright (C)2020 Portions are copyrighted by Educational Testing Service and used with permission.



    TOEIC Programの詳細について
    ▼TOEIC Programについて




    #TOEIC #英語学習

  • Design a Community Connectivity Experience with Jesse Showalter - 1 of 2


    Join Full-Stack designer Jesse Showalter on Adobe Live as he designs in Adobe XD! Watch Jesse design and prototype a community aggregation app that showcases methods for digital interaction! Stick around for protips on the latest XD features including sharing and live prototyping.

    Jesse Showalter is a Full-Stack Designer & Content Creator based in Austin, Texas:


    Join us LIVE on Behance:
    Check out part 2:

    4:00 intro
    8:00 Inspiration
    10:15 Artboards
    12:40 XD workspace
    28:00 Adding images + masking
    36:00 Pagination marks

  • Live Photography with Tiny Atlas Quarterly & Dan Tom - 2 of 2


    Want to learn how to tell your story through a series of beautiful images? Join Photographer Dan Tom & Tiny Atlas Quarterly on Adobe Live to learn how! Today, Dan shares tips and tricks for capturing and editing breathtaking mobile photography!

    Dan is a Photographer based in San Francisco with a passion for travel, landscape and lifestyle photography. He has worked with organizations like ‘Coast to Costa’ where he leads photography excursions throughout cities like Havana, Cuba. Dan is also an Adobe Stock contributing photographer.

    Tiny Atlas Quarterly shares the perspective of travel photographers through rich, beautiful stories that unfold through a series of images. Helmed by Emily Nathan and Deb Hearey, it is both a magazine attached to a production company and a creative agency connected to a global community of travelers and photographers. Check our their hashtag #mytinyatlas on Instagram!


    ►Check out Dan‘s Instagram:
    ►Check out Tiny Atlas’ Instagram:
    ►Click HERE for part 1:

    Intro of plans for the day and tomorrow: 3:40
    Lr mobile presets: 23:10
    Advice for mobile shoots: 26:50
    Mobile exposure tools: 39:00
    Lr mobile camera: 40:30
    Tech Previews in Lr Mobile: 45:05
    Color tool in Lr Mobile: 55:50
    Portrait editing in Lr Mobile: 1:03:50
    Lr CC on Mobile editing pro tips: 1:20:00

    ► Click HERE to watch LIVE:
    ► Click HERE to watch REPLAYS:
    ► View our SCHEDULE:

    Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie

  • How to be Financially Independent and Retire Early with $1 Million


    The most common questions people ask when it comes to thinking about retirement is how much money do I need to save for retirement or how much money do you need to retire comfortably?

    While these are all great questions, the real question we should be asking is how can we become financially independent and retire early with $1 million dollars. Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to be working until we are aged 70.

    So what follows are some simple but powerful tips that will show you how by saving a percentage of your hard earned money and investing it in the stock market, you will be able to compound your investment returns to build wealth.

    Obviously, the earlier you start the better off you will be.

    For more information go to our website:

    To purchase Dale’s award winning book, Accelerate Your Wealth, visit:

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    #WealthWithinLive #DaleGillham #australianstockmarketshow

  • Practice Listening New Format Toeic Test 2020 with Answer - Test #12 | FHD


    ▶ Get PDF Files here:
    Practice Listening New Format Toeic Test 2020 with Answer - New Toeic Test #12
    - The answers are after the Toeic test.
    - Transcripts:
    Please like, share for everyone and subscribes my Channel.

    ▶ There are four parts to the Listening Comprehension section of the Toeic test. You will have approximately 45 minutes to complete this section.
    Part 1: Photographs 6 Questions
    Part 2: Question-Response 25 Questions
    Part 3: Conversations 39 Questions
    Part 4: Talks 30 Questions

    ▶ Listen to as much English as you can. The best way to improve your listening comprehension is by listening. As you listen, ask yourself these questions:
    Who is talking?
    Who are they talking to?
    What are they talking about?
    Where are they talking?
    Why are they talking?
    As you answer these questions, you will improve your ability to understand English through context.

    ▶ Study regularly. Pick the same time of day to practice. If you don't develop a routine, you won't develop good study habits. Tell yourself that you can't watch TV at 7:30 because that is your Toeic time. If you do miss your scheduled time one day, don't worry. Try to make it up later in that day. But don't study at a different time every day. You will never get any studying done.

  • Turn any DRAWER into a Charging Station | Drawer organization


    In this video, I will show How to turn a drawer into a Device Charging Station.

    Sponsor of this video: Have your HVAC Filters show up when it's time to change it. Visit Filter Buy for more info:

    My woodworking plans:

    Support DIY Creators on patreon:

    Materials Needed:
    ******Affiliate Links******
    - Recessed Power Strip:
    - Clamp connector
    - Exposed Work cover
    - Duplex outlet
    - Electric Square box
    - 12/2 Wire
    - Wireless Charger Pad
    Custom sized Plywood.

    Other items:
    ******Affiliate Links******
    Danish oil:
    Miter saw
    Milwaukee Drill
    Wire Cutter and Stripper
    Outlet Tester

    Woodworking Plans (Big Bundle)

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    Help me make more Video:

    #ChargingStation #DIY

  • Try DJANGO TUTORIAL Series // Learn Django Version 1.11


    Learn Django Basics in the Try Django Tutorial Series (2017). This series is a step-by-step tutorial covering the basics of the Django web framework. Jump to sections below:

    Finished this video and ready to upgrade Django to 2.0? Watch this:

    2 - Walkthrough (0:03:54)
    3 - Getting Started with Django (0:07:48)
    4 - Four Your Reference (0:31:58)
    5 - What Django Does (0:34:38)
    6 - Rendering HTML (0:45:15)
    7 - Render a Django Template (0:50:02)
    8 - Context in Django Templates (0:59:18)
    9 - Template Inheritance (1:08:39)
    10 - Include Template Tag (1:22:45)
    11 - Reactivate Virtualenv (1:28:48)
    12 - Class Based Views (1:30:02)
    13 - Template View (1:38:31)
    14 - Remembering Things with Models (1:46:04)
    15 - More on Model Fields (1:57:10)
    16 - Displaying Saved Data (2:06:12)
    17 - Understanding QuerySets (2:16:02)
    18 - Generic List View (2:25:19)
    19 - Restaurant Profile Detail (2:34:21)
    20 - SlugField & the Unique Slug Generator (2:44:39)
    21 - Signal for Unique Slugs (2:51:43)
    22 - Slugs as URL Params (2:58:23)
    23 - Get Single Items from the DB (3:00:48)
    24 - Saving Data the Hard + Wrong Way (3:12:07)
    25 - The Power of Django Forms (3:30:50)
    26 - The Extra Power of Django Model Forms (3:40:00)
    27 - Simple + Effective Validation (3:47:36)
    28 - Letting Users Own Data (3:59:57)
    29 - Associate User to Form Data in FBV (4:18:04)
    30 - Associate User to Data in a Class Based View (4:23:34)
    31 - Login Required to View (4:28:17)
    32 - LoginView (4:32:20)
    33 - Using Reverse to Shortcut URLs (4:43:34)
    34 - Menu Items App (4:56:51)
    35 - Menu Item Views (5:07:54)
    36 - Limiting Form Field to QuerySet (5:24:23)
    37 - Personalize Items (5:35:42)
    38 - User Profile View (5:53:35)
    39 - Style Profile with Bootstrap (6:07:51)
    40 - Adding a Robust Search (6:11:44)
    41 - Follow Users (6:33:28)
    42 - Follow Button Form (6:53:30)
    43 - Following Home Page Feed (7:12:55)
    44 - Register View (7:38:12)
    45 - Activation Keys (7:46:52)
    46 - Watch & Go Live (8:02:29)
    47 - Thank you (8:04:04)


    Amazing Starts Small. Learn to build great products with code.

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    All of my step by step projects:

    My equipment:
    4k Camera:
    Drone/Aerial Video:
    Flexible/Travel Tripod for DSLR: (I highly recommend this too:
    General Purpose Tripod:
    Camera Mic:
    Studio Mic:
    Mic Arm (for Studio):
    Shock Mount (for Studio):
    Tablet (and portable external monitor) :
    External Hard drives:
    Headphones (mic used for travel recording):

  • Elementary OS Juno 5.0 Review & Walkthrough |


    Elementary OS Juno 5.0 Review and Walkthrough. We'll go through Linux Elementary OS Juno 5.0 together and explore the latest release from Elementary OS. Elementary OS Juno 5.0 is a very user friendly Linux bistro and focuses on making the transition from Windows/MacOS as seem-less as possible. Elementary OS is also based off the Ubuntu Linux Distro so it's very stable.

    ???? ???? USB Disks and SD Cards ???? ????
    2.0 SanDisk 32GB USB -
    3.0 PNY Turbo 32GB USB -
    3.1 Samsung FIT 128GB USB -
    SanDisk 128 GB micro SD -

    ???????? Learn more about Linux ????????
    Linux: Installation, Config, and Cmd Basics -
    Linux Cmd Line a Complete Intro -
    Linux Basics for Hackers -
    Linux Pocket Guide -
    How Linux Works -
    Linux Bible -
    Linux for Dummies -
    Kali Linux Hacking -

    ???????? MISC Electronics that are Great! ????????
    24 Ultra Thin 75Hz 1080p Monitor (cheap) -
    20 Sceptre E205W-16003R 1600x900 (cheap) -

    TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (powerful) -
    NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (fast) -

    Streaming Media Player 4K/HD/HDR (entertaining) -
    Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6” HD (cheap) -

    OHill Cable Clips, 16 Pack Black (organization) -
    Smart Plug Power Adapter (automation) -
    Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera (security) -

    Join me on my subreddit and discuss software, tech, and engineering topics with me!

    Feel free to comment below and make sure you like and subscribe for more videos in the future!

    Review and Walkthroughs

    Parrot Security OS:
    Fedora Workstation:
    Elementary OS:
    MX Linux:
    Linux Lite:

    Install Tutorials

    Parrot Security OS:
    CentOS 8:
    Fedora 30:
    Elementary OS 5:
    Arch Linux :
    Ubuntu 18:
    MX Linux 18:
    Linux Lite 4:
    Debian on Vbox:
    Manjaro 18:
    Debian 10:
    Ubuntu Server 19:
    Linux Mint 19:
    Debian 9:

    What’s the difference?

    Debian vs Ubuntu:
    Debian 10 vs Debian 9:

    Userful Links:

  • Webinar 69: The Efficient KeyShot User - Tips, Tricks and Settings to Work Faster


    Continuing with the Efficient KeyShot User series, we take an in-depth look at the often-overlooked user preference settings, user interface, hotkeys and more to make you a certified KeyShot speed demon!

    0:10 Intro
    1:37 Tech Specs & Overview
    2:50 Topics
    3:50 Importing Data
    13:17 Interface
    20:05 Organizing & Moving Models
    34:42 Hotkeys
    39:40 Materials
    51:47 Cameras
    55:17 Animation
    59:00 Q&A

    Try KeyShot 7 here:
    What's New Guide:



    ☞ in todays video im showing you 2 cool DIYs you guys can try on your macbook! keep in mind that these can be tried on any other computer, comment down below which one was your favorite! :)

    ☞ The Image I used for the keyboard

    if u recreate anything use #DIYinwithAdela



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    ❥ Buissness Inquires:


    Age: 16
    Camera: Canon t5
    Lens: 50 mm 1.8 STM
    Editor: Final Cut Pro X
    Location: California

    TIP of The Day:↯
    ♡ If you guys want to earn free giftcards use feature points! its a totally safe website that allows you to get free money by only downloading apps & using them for 30sec! Use referall Code 39ASCF for free points!♡
    ↯-not in app store↯

    not sponsored, boo!

  • How To Use USB Devices with Your Lightning based iPhone/iPad


    For those of us that want to be able to add more storage or to be able to transfer files from one USB device to another via our lightning-based iPhones and iPads, we need some extra help. As the lightning port just doesn't have enough power for most devices. We found a solution on How To Use USB Devices with Your Lightning-based iPhone/iPad. All needed pieces are listed below.

    Buy the USB Hub here.

    Buy your lightning to USB adapter here

    Buy your USB card reader here

    Watch our RavPower Video

    Pick up The RAVPower FileHub, Travel Router AC750 here if you think this is of interest to you.
    Amazon (US)

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    Amazon (UK)



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    Camera & Camera Lens I Use:
    Canon EOS M50
    Canon 10-18mm
    Canon EOS M100
    Tamron 15-45mm
    Canon EOS T2i
    Canon 18-55mm
    iPhone XR

    Video Editor I Use:
    Final Cut Pro X

    Camera Gear
    Main Camera - Canon M50 -
    My Second Camera - Canon EOS M100 -
    Third Camera - Canon T2i (link to updated version) -
    Primary Lens - Tamron 17-50 f2.8 -
    Second Lens - 50mm f1.8 -
    The Stands I use - GorillaPod -
    The Second Stand - GorillaPod (knockoff) -
    The Third Stand - Poloroid Flex and Wrap -
    The Mic I Use - Rode Video Mic -
    My Drone 1 - Phantom 3 Standard -
    My Drone 2 - Mavic Air -
    My Shoulder Mount - DSLR Rig -
    My iPhone Stabilizer - Zhiyun Smooth Q -
    ION Air Pro -
    SJCAM SJ4000 -
    Bag 1 - AmazonBasics -
    My Main Camera - Canon EOS M50 -
    My Second Camera - Canon EOS M100 -
    The Lens - Tamron 17-50 f2.8 -
    My Second Lens - 50mm f1.8 -
    The Stands I use - GorillaPod -
    The Second Stand - GorillaPod (knockoff) -
    The Third Stand - Poloroid Flex and Wrap -
    The Mic I Use - Rode Video Mic -
    My Drone 1 - Phantom 3 Standard -
    My Drone 2 - Mavic Air -
    My Shoulder Mount - DSLR Rig -
    My iPhone Stabilizer - Zhiyun Smooth Q -
    ION Speed Pro -
    SJCAM SJ4000 -
    Bag 1 - AmazonBasics -

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    Daisy X7 Sunglasses -
    ION Air Pro Video Camera -
    Daisy C5 Sunglasses -
    Garmin Zumo 390LM -
    LED Lights -
    Mounts/Brackets -
    Daisy X7 Sunglasses -
    ION Air Pro Video Camera -
    Daisy C5 Sunglasses -

  • Virtual Reality Tour of the ISS


    Ahead of the much anticipated Go-For-Launch of the ???????? #LaunchAmerica ???????? #CrewDragon ???? Demo-2 mission this evening (4:33 EDT), let's take a virtual tour of the #ISS together with Seth Mayo, Curator of Astronomy! ????????‍????????‍????

    Live coverage ????: 12:15 p.m. EDT
    Launch ????: 4:33 p.m.
    Docking ????????: 11:39 a.m. Thursday

    #spaceX @nasa @nasakennedy @spacex ##virtualtours #nasa #astronauts #kennedy #crewdragon #dragon #UnitedStates #Florida #FL
    #International #space #station



    Hey, guys, in this episode, I am chatting with Stan Prokopenko, a painter, teacher, animator, and graphic designer from California. He taught at Watts Atelier of the Arts and founded, an online platform featuring courses about e.g. anatomy and portraits. ☟☟☟

    ????Show notes & links to the artist ????

    ❤️ Special offers for Art Side of Life viewers ❤️
    ???? - get 2 FREE months of Skillshare premium and discover 1000s of creative classes
    ???? - FREE ART SKILLS BLUEPRINT - better than an art college education and only at a fraction of the cost - World’s Simplest Art Training Method

    Watts Atelier of Arts - where Stan studied and taught

    Business tools
    SCRUM method - agile development

    PUGET PCs - build your powerful workstation

    Masterpiece series - Aaron Westerberg -
    Art tools:
    Palomino Blackwing pencils

    Staedler mechanical pencils - great for details

    Conte compressed charcoal

    Painting oil - Gouache

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Andrew Loomis - all books

    Richer: Artistic Anatomy

    Eliot Goldfinger - Books on Anatomy

    George Bridgman - Books on Anatomy

    James Gurney - Color & Light


    Thanks for Watching!

    Special thanks to Stan for joining me today.

    See you in the next episode :) Bye!

    All artworks by Stan Prokopenko, used with permission

    #artsideoflife #artistinterviews #proko

  • Old Classes Review Part 23


    Old classes only on Sundays...

    tamilspoken english,veta spoken english,veta,rajagopalan,tamil english,english spoken

  • Let’s talk homestead pastured poultry. Anyone can farm


    Hog butchering workshop! Come learn how to quickly process your hog from hoof to freezer.
    Homestead Hog Harvest coming up in the fall: intensive hog butchering 3 day course
    Get all your learning opportunities:
    Our tried and true hog butchering reference books: Charcuterie by Brian Polcyn:
    Reader's Digest Back to Basics:

    All about pastured poultry: what? why? and how?

    Brooding chicks on the homestead
    Chicken tractors
    Predators on the homestead
    How to treat coccidia in homestead pastured chickens naturally (BIOCHAR)

    Anyone Can Farm!

    Follow Us on all our social media platforms.
    Recommended reading for the homesteader:
    ** Joel Salatin's Pastured Poultry Profits:
    ** Joel's Salad Bar Beef:

  • Whats Up at NASA?


    This YouTube Live event was on Thursday, June 25, 2020 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

    The title was, What's Up At NASA? Here's the description. Log on to hear about NASA’s past, present, and future. Take part in a YouTube Live event with an interactive live chat feature. There will be a short discussion of the historic Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, followed by a look at some of the current missions including Hubble and Endurance, ending with some upcoming programs and missions including the SLS rocket and Orion capsule and the James Webb Space Telescope. Q and A will be available throughout the presentation.

    Here's a link to the James Webb Space Telescope video that would not fully play during the live event:

    Please join me for future YouTube Live events:

    ***********TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2020 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.************ The title is, Is There Life Beyond Earth? Log on to hear about NASA’s search for life beyond Earth. Take part in a YouTube Live event with an interactive live chat feature. There are so many questions. Are we alone in the universe? If not, what does that mean for us? Where are the optimal places to search for current or past life in the universe? If life is found, will it be microbial or little green men with antennas? Hear about SETI, the GAVRT Project, the Mars Endurance rover, the Europa Clipper and other organizations and missions looking for current and past life in the cosmos. Q and A will be available throughout the presentation. Log in five minutes before the start time and look for the live event:

    **********MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2020, from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.************* The title is, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Log on to hear everything you have ever wanted to know about stars. Big stars, little stars; new stars, old stars; our star the Sun. Take part in a YouTube Live event with an interactive live chat feature. Q and A will be available throughout the presentation. Log in five minutes before the start time and look for the live event:
    ***********WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.********** The title is, The Planets. Log on to hear about our Solar System’s planets and NASA’s past, current, and future missions to explore them. Exoplanets, planets in other solar systems, will also be discussed in the presentation. Take part in a YouTube Live event with an interactive live chat feature. Q and A will be available throughout the presentation. Log in five minutes before the start time and look for the live event:

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    See you soon.

  • Fantastic 19 - new TOEIC test 2020. Listening Toeic Practice LC 1200 with answers


    Fantastic 19 - new TOEIC test 2020. Listening Toeic Practice LC 1200 with answers

    Our channel is a place where every people can practice and learn English easily.

    Join Us Now:

  • 5 DIY Perler Bead Phone Accessories


    I don't know how everything became so colourfully rainbow-themed, including my shirt, but here are some fun DIYs to make for your phone! School will be starting soon for me and I want to try my best to continue uploading, but please understand that I will be working hard to do well in uni and making videos is just a hobby that I do when I have time. I will still be making lots of projects, whether it's perler beading or another craft that I like, so if I don't upload once in a while, I hope you understand. :)

    Stuff I made in the video:
    Phone Charms 0:16
    Earphones Organizer 1:00
    Decorated Earphones 2:26
    Phone Charging Dock/Stand 4:56
    Phone Speaker/Amplifier 9:16

    If you want to recreate, modify/alter one of my project templates and post it, please tag me @QDCrafts or #qdcrafts and remember to always BE CREATIVE! :)

    (c) Victoria T. 2016

    Geometric Planters Tutorial:
    Twitter: @QDCrafts

    Supplies to look into:
    ARTKAL Beads:
    39 Drawer Organizer:
    60 Drawer Organizer:
    Portable Organizer:
    6000 Black Beads Bag:
    1000 Bead Bags:
    Mini Beads Sets:
    Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
    Shiny Ironing Film:
    Beading Accessories:

    Find Me on Crafty Amino and Perler Amino! QDCrafts


    Kickin' It
    Darling Ranch
    Get Back
    Gotta Find Out
    By: Youtube Audio Library
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Some links are affiliate links. :)

  • Demystifying Supply Chain Integration: SAP S/4HANA, IBP and Ariba


    Bristlecone and SAP discuss and illustrate how seamless integrations between SAP S/4HANA, SAP IBP and SAP Ariba can close the procure-to-pay loop and enable a more efficient supply chain.

    As a strategic provider of digital supply chain transformation solutions, Bristlecone specializes in combining proven expertise, proprietary apps and accelerators, and end-to-end services with best-in-class platforms. We transform supply chains to achieve unprecedented visibility, capitalize on disruption and improve overall corporate health.

    Learn more at

    #Bristlecone #DigitalTransformation #SupplyChain #Procurement #SAP #S4HANA #SAPIBP #SAPAriba

  • Floss Tube #3- Words- Need To Use My Words :)


    Hey there everyone.. I finally made it back for my 3rd flosstube video.. oh my goodness- my apologies for the wait... I hope you have a few- I'd love to have you visit.....

    Thanks for visiting...


    Instagram: @kanikisprimsnwhims

    Shout Outs & More To Come as I go ......

  • Telerik R2 2019 Release Webinar


    04:07 Modern UI for .NET
    11:25 Web—Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, MVC, AJAX and Blazor
    45:39 Mobile—Telerik UI for Xamarin
    01:01:01 Desktop—Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms
    01:13:31 Reporting
    01:17:43 Productivity Tools
    01:20:43 Facing the Future

    With the Telerik R2 2019 release, you’re better equipped to do just that. Sign up for the live Telerik R2 2019 release webinar on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 11 am ET, where Sam Basu and Ed Charbeneau will dive into the latest release of our tools. Discover how you can get even more out of your .NET and JavaScript applications with new themes, controls and functionality. 

    Here are the top highlights we will cover in the webinar:

    - Web—Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core, MVC, AJAX and Blazor
    Telerik UI for Blazor – our latest addition is the native component suite for the Microsoft’s Blazor framework, containing over 16 components such as Grid, Charts, Inputs, DropdownList and several SASS-based themes
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core – now features official support for .NET Core 3.0 preview 4
    Telerik UI for MVC and Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core - New PDFViewer component, ListView endless scrolling, Spreadsheet and DataRangePicker improvements, as well as adaptive rendering for Grid and Scheduler
    Telerik UI for AJAX – gets updates to the MultiColumnComboBox and Button controls as well as plenty of stability improvements

    *Ed will touch on some of the new additions to Kendo UI, however for a deep dive into the new release items for our JavaScript, Angular, Vue and React R2 2019 Release, make sure you sign up for the dedicated Kendo UI and KendoReact webinars.

    - Mobile—Telerik UI for Xamarin
    Two new controls: Map and Image Editor
    Introducing a new document processing library for creation and manipulation of PDF documents – PDF Processing
    The PDF Viewer component is now official, polished and packed with features
    Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Support

    - Desktop—Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms
    Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms Visual Studio templates for .NET Core apps
    Simplified Ribbon for WPF and WinForms
    New TabbedWindow and WebCam controls for WPF
    New DomainUpDown control and Customizable File Dialogs for WinForms

    - Reporting, Testing & Productivity Tools
    PDF documents accessibility and new JSON DataSource component for Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server
    WPF and WinForms report viewers support for .NET Core 3.0 for Telerik Reporting
    Implement support for Azure DevOps pipeline with build agent hosted in the cloud, verification of method call prerequisites, automatic resolving of test context when using asynchronous tasks for Telerik JustMock
    Visual Studio 2019 support for Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition

  • Jed McCaleb on the Creation of Mt. Gox


    The first part of my series of interviews relating to Mt. Gox. I talk with Jed McCaleb from Stellar about the creation of Mt. Gox, the handover to Mark Karpelès and what responsibility he shares for its collapse.


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    “A big part of the reason I handed it off to Mark is that the amount of effort that you need to put into security is something I didn’t want to do.”
    — Jed McCaleb

    Interview location: San Francisco
    Interview date: Wednesday 30th Jan, 2019
    Company: Stellar
    Role: Cofounder

    In February 2014 Mt. Gox suspended trading and filed for bankruptcy after approximately 850,000 Bitcoins were stolen, at the time, valued at more than $450m. At the time of its demise, it was being run by Mark Karpelès who had acquired the site from Jed McCaleb in 2011.

    In this interview, I talk to Jed about the creation of Mt. Gox, the handover to Mark Karpelès and what responsibility he shares for its collapse.


    00:00:06: Introduction to the Mt. Gox Series
    00:04:42: Interview introduction
    00:05:11: Jed’s background and beginnings in crypto
    00:06:08: Why was Jed interested in Bitcoin?
    00:06:40: Thoughts on the crypto space in 2019
    00:08:56: Introduction to Stellar
    00:10:46: Beginnings of Mt. Gox
    00:12:59: Why Mt. Gox was so successful at the time
    00:13:57: What goes into building an exchange and some of the challenges
    00:16:38: Mt. Gox’s first days of trading and problems encountered
    00:20:08: Security at Mt. Gox
    00:22:11: The next chapter for Mt. Gox; handover to Mark
    00:24:11: Jed’s problems with Mark
    00:27:34: Interval
    00:29:25: When Jed became aware of the Mt. Gox hack
    00:31:46: Discussing the WizSec report and bitcoins lost at Mt. Gox
    00:39:42: Jed’s current relationship with Mark 00:41:39: Summary about Jed’s current feelings about Mt. Gox
    00:45:24: Exchange hacks in 2019
    00:46:11: How to take crypto forward in 2019
    00:49:01: About Stellar and how they are encouraging new usage
    00:51:44: How to keep in touch with Jed

  • Welcome to The Sustainable Online Festival 2020 - A Festival of Sustainable Living


    A welcome from the Sustainable(ish) Online Festival host and organiser, Jen Gale and a discussion about imperfect action.

    The Sustainable(ish) Online Festival 2020 was an online celebration of all things Sustainable(ish) held during May 2020. The festival was host to 39 talks providing a source of inspiration for anyone wanting to try and live a more sustainable life and reduce their impact on the planet.

    ► Visit Jen's website for more resources including blogs, podcasts, ebooks, guides and courses on sustainable living:

    ► Join the pop-up Facebook group here:

    ► Join Jen's main Facebook group here:

    #sustainableliving #climatecrisis #climateaction #imperfectlygreen #sustainableish

  • TOEIC TEST - TOEIC Listening Full Test 003 - With Transcripts & Answer Key


    TOEIC TEST - TOEIC Listening Full Test 003 - With Transcripts & Answer Key

    Test Content:
    Listening Test Content Section (approx. 45 minutes, 100 questions).
    Listen to conversation and narrations, and answer the questions.
    Part1: Photographs: 6 questions
    Part2: Question-Response: 25 questions
    Part3: Conversations: 39 questions
    Part4: Talks: 30 questions

    Reading Section (75 minutes, 100 questions).
    Read printed questions and answer them.
    Part5: Incomplete Sentences: 30 questions
    Part6: Text Completion: 16 questions
    Part7: Single Passages: 29 questions
    Multiple Passages: 25 questions

    We hope you will have a good time learning Toeic!
    And don't forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel!
    Thank you very much!



  • Book 1 النحو الواضح


    അറബിക് ഗ്രാമർ പഠിക്കാൻ പലരും അവലംബിക്കുന്ന പുസ്തകമാണ് النحو الواضح.
    അതിലെ ഒന്നാം ഭാഗത്തിലെ മുഴുവൻ പാഠങ്ങളും ഒറ്റ വീഡിയോ ആയി നിങ്ങളിലേക്ക്...

  • OneNote 101: Organize your notes, plans, and ideas like a Pro


    Recorded webinar on OneNote from April 15th, 2020

    7:50 Getting Things Done (GTD) Model
    13:57 Create a Notebook and Notebook Organization
    16:43 Screen Clipping
    18:02 Web Clipper Extension
    19:39 Import pdf

  • NewsViews Ep. 39: Talking to a Phuket expat about current living situations and mental stability


    Imran and I discuss #covid, #socialdistancing, anti-vaxers, usage of technology during #lockdowns, life after the #pandemic and keeping yourself mentally stable while being confined to your own home.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Power Supply By Northpada Full Review


    Northpada Raspeberry Pi 3 Power supply at Amazon: Or Ebay:
    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Or Ebay:
    iUniker Clear Case: Or Ebay:
    3A Power Supply: Or Ebay:
    Wired Keyboard/Mouse:
    Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Or Ebay:
    SANDISK Extreme microSDHC 32GB: Or Ebay:
    Raspberry Pi Setting Up:

    Getting Started With Raspberry Pi:

    Saicoo USB Card Reader OTG: Or Ebay:
    4 Port USB Hub Or Ebay:
    5V 3A Power Supply 3.5mm plug: Or Ebay

    The stress test I was running is called stress. You can install by going to the command line (terminal) and using this command sudo apt-get install stress
    Then to run it you run this command

    while true; do vcgencmd measure_clock arm; vcgencmd measure_temp; sleep 10; done& stress -c 4 -t 900s

    Understand that this will cause the CPU to get hot so be careful using it. Here is a guide to using it I highly recommend you read it before you use the program.

    STANLEY 94-248 65 Piece Homeowner's DIY Tool Kit At Amazon: Or eBay:
    Amazon Prime Membership Sign Up:
    Facing Cam: Or eBay:
    Overhead Cam: Or eBay:
    Handheld cam: Or eBay:
    Video Software: Or eBay:
    Desktop Capture: Or eBay:
    Mic: Or eBay:
    Mic Wind Filter: Or eBay:
    Lens: Or eBay
    Lens Filter: Or eBay:
    Wind filter for handheld cam: Or eBay:
    Selfiestick dslr: Or eBay:
    Tool box: Or eBay:
    Laptop stand: Or eBay:
    Studio mic: Or eBay:
    Tripod Neewer Professional 61 inches: Or eBay:
    Neewer Lightweight Portable 66/168cm Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod Monopod At Amazon: Or eBay:
    Tripod Neewer Alluminum Alloy 62: Or eBay:

    Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Power Supply By Northpada Full Review (Micro USB, 5V & Power Switch)

  • Hot Extensions for Visual Studio


    In this episode, Robert is joined by Justin Clareburt, who shows us several Visual Studio extensions that he has written, including:

    - Hot Commands [T01:40], a collection of commands and shortcuts for enhanced productivity in Visual Studio IDE.
    - Hot Settings [T14:55], menus and toolbars that expose Visual Studio settings
    - Hot Windows [T22:40], which provides a menu button in the status bar with access to popular tool windows and window layout features.
    - Keyboard Shortcuts Manager [T27:50], which provides tools to help import and export keyboard shortcuts. Save, Load, Reset keyboard shortcuts. Scans for keyboard shortcuts provided by other extensions.
    - Hot Keys [T32:25], which installs alternative keyboard mapping schemes to work with Visual Studio.
    - Hot Source [T32:55], which provides easy access to common source control actions. Includes menu items to Commit, Push, Pull, View File history / Repo history, New Branch, Blame (Annotate), and more.
    - Hot Tips [T38:35] a Tip of the Day provider for Visual Studio. See useful tips and handy shortcuts that help you be more productive in Visual Studio.
    - SublimeVS [T40:25], which provides some Sublime Text features in Visual Studio
    - Justin also shows Whack Whack Terminal [T39:00], which is a terminal emulator for Visual Studio. Allows you to run command prompt, powershell, WSL bash. All including interactive mode.

    Find all of Justin's extensions in the Visual Studio Marketplace:

  • 2015 EIS Conference Langmuir Lecture


    Google Senior Fellow Jeff Dean, PhD, presented the Langmuir Lecture entitled Large-Scale Data Processing, Deep Neural Networks and Potential Uses in Healthcare at the 2015 Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference. The conference was held April 20–24 in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual Langmuir Lecture features prominent public health thinkers and researchers.

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    This video can also be viewed at

  • Ubuntu 20.04 Linux | NEW UPDATE! Walkthrough & Comparison w/ 18.04 LTS | Canonical Linux Update


    Ubuntu 20.04 Linux (LTS) by Canonical Update we'll take a look at the various updates made to Ubuntu 20.04 Linux (LTS). Ubuntu 20.04 Linux by Canonical Update is an exciting release. Let's explore the new Ubuntu 20.04 Linux Updates together! This video is intended for users of Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux.

    ???? ???? USB Disks and SD Cards ???? ????
    2.0 SanDisk 32GB USB -
    3.0 PNY Turbo 32GB USB -
    3.1 Samsung FIT 128GB USB -
    SanDisk 128 GB micro SD -

    ???????? Learn more about Linux ????????
    Linux: Installation, Config, and Cmd Basics -
    Linux Cmd Line a Complete Intro -
    Linux Basics for Hackers -
    Linux Pocket Guide -
    How Linux Works -
    Linux Bible -
    Linux for Dummies -
    Kali Linux Hacking -

    ???????? MISC Electronics that are Great! ????????
    24 Ultra Thin 75Hz 1080p Monitor (cheap) -
    20 Sceptre E205W-16003R 1600x900 (cheap) -

    TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (powerful) -
    NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (fast) -

    Streaming Media Player 4K/HD/HDR (entertaining) -
    Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6” HD (cheap) -

    OHill Cable Clips, 16 Pack Black (organization) -
    Smart Plug Power Adapter (automation) -
    Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera (security) -

    Ubuntu is one of the most used and user friendly linux distributions out there and there focus is offering a great free solution to linux with a great community for support. It deploys the GNOME desktop environment with it’s standard desktop installation and is available in different projects from Desktop, Server, IOT, and even embedded support. This is great place to start if you’re new to the linux experience and are looking for something with great support and stability. A lot of other distributions build off the Ubuntu distro and add their own tweaks. Which I’m sure we’ll be seeing a bunch of updates coming from other distros here in the next few weeks.

    #linux #ubuntu #updates

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    Linux Talk :
    Talk #1 ZFS vs EXT4 Storage Benchmark -
    Talk #2 ZFS vs EXT4 Memory Usage -

    Review and Walkthroughs:
    MX Linux -
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    Linux Lite:

    Install Tutorials:
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    Ubuntu 18:
    MX Linux 18:
    Linux Lite 4:
    Debian on Vbox:
    Manjaro 18:
    Debian 10:
    Ubuntu Server 19:
    Linux Mint 19:
    Debian 9:

    Live Episodes:
    PopOS! SimpleList C/C++ Episode 1 -
    EndeavourOS SimpleList C/C++ Episode 2 -

    What’s the difference?
    Debian vs Ubuntu:
    Debian 10 vs Debian 9:

  • TGI Kubernetes 048: Exploring the Harbor


    Come hang out with Duffie Cooley as he does a bit of hands on hacking of Kubernetes and related topics. Some of this will be Duffie talking about the things he knows. Some of this will be Duffie exploring something new with the audience. Come join the fun, ask questions, comment, and participate in the live chat!

  • Current Affairs For GPSC UPSC - ૨૭ જૂન ૨૦૨૦ના IMP કરંટ અફેર્સ + GK + MCQ | GPSC ONLY #GPSC #UPSC


    27 June 2020 IMP Details Current Affairs - Current Affairs in Gujarati, Current Affairs For GPSC UPSC, Current Affairs MCQ + GK, June 2020 Current Affairs By GPSC ONLY Video PDF Link :-

    #GPSCONLY #GPSC #UPSC #CurrentAffairs #Police #Talati #Clerk

  • Father / Son PC Build Guide


    It's my 1st PC build in 20 years, and my sons first build ever! Step by step how to included (except visual graphics card insertion)
    This is my new workstation: AMD 3950x , 64gb RAM, Radeon Pro w5700, 1000w PSU.

    PC part picker list:

    Chapter list:
    0:00 - Intro
    0:18 - Valve Index VR woes
    2:43 - Parts List
    4:44 - Case
    5:42 - Removing brackets and installing CPU
    7:01 - RAM installation
    7:54 - M.2 SSD installation
    10:17 - CPU cooler installation
    17:19 - Installing the motherboard in the case
    18:31 - Installing the power supply
    19:53 - Cable managment
    20:33 - GPU installation
    21:57 - POST