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Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test | Is it the Future?

  • Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test | Is it the Future?


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    Hello guys, is video me humne ek laser projection keyboard ki unboxing kar ke dikhayi hai.

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  • laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test Is It Future? #Shorts


    hello doston is video mein Humne Ek laser projection ki unboxing Karke Dikhai hai

    laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test Is It Future? #Shorts

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    # the Indian unboxer
    # laser projection keyboard

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  • Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test - Is it the Future #shorts


  • Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test Is it the Future? #shorts #gadgets


    Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Test Is it the Future? #shorts #gadgets


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  • Laser Projection Keyboard #shorts Unboxing & Test | Is it the Future? Crazy xyz


  • Laser Keyboard?!


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  • Laser projection keyboard unboxing test is it the future /# crazy xyz


  • iKonnect Laser Keyboard Unboxing The Future Gadget????????????


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  • Laser Keyboard ???? Laser Projection Keyboard! Typing Test & Unboxing


    Laser Keyboard ???? Laser Projection Keyboard! Typing Test & Unboxing + Demo Must Watch!

    Laser Projection Keyboard as the seller says it is the future of the keyboard and the mouse. And the laser keyboard you can count on!

    To discover more about laser keyboard product, you may check:
    Laser projection keyboard with typing test
    ????Product Link:

    This video featured the Laser Keyboard ???? Laser Projection Keyboard! Typing Test & Unboxing and also discussed the following:

    -Laser Keyboard
    -Laser projection keyboard
    -Laser projection keyboard with typing test
    -Laser projection keyboard unboxing
    -Laser keyboard! Typing Test, Unboxing, and Full Set-up
    -Laser projection keyboard! Typing test Unboxing and Full Set-up

    Relevant details have explained in the Laser Keyboard ???? Laser Projection Keyboard! Typing Test & Unboxing video. This laser projection keyboard with typing test video will provide essential information about the laser keyboard.

    This Laser Keyboard ???? Laser Projection Keyboard! Typing Test & Unboxing video should matter and of interest to you.

    Before creating this laser keyboard video, I learned that many people are interested and search after the laser keyboard, laser projection keyboard, laser keyboard! Typing test, unboxing, and full set-up and laser keyboard! Typing test, unboxing, and full set-up.

    The only distinction between the winners and the losers in life is one basic thing: the willingness to take huge action. You have that opportunity here today.

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  • Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing!


    Hey Guys! Today I'll be showing you Unboxing and Review of Laser Projection Keyboard! To get 10% off on this product use this coupon : CellAcc
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    Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]


  • A Keyboard Made Of Glass?


    Bastron Glass Keyboard -
    Wooden Keyboard Video -

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  • Unboxing Smart Laser Projection Keyboard | How to use laser keyboard | Future Gadgets


    Unboxing Smart Laser Projection Keyboard | How to use laser keyboard | Future Gadgets
    #unboxing #gadgets #brands #bluetooth
    Unboxing Laser Projection Keyboard | How to use laser keyboard | Smart Gadgets
    future is here, it's a very unique and authentic gadget easy to use, rechargeable.
    Bluetooth connectivity
    - Windows
    - Tablets
    - Smartphones
    - ANDROID 4.0 or above
    - IOS 4 or above
    - computer keyboard / mobile keypad
    - samsung keypad mobile or other phones as well

    Good Battery timing
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  • Laser keyboard unboxing!!!! The future is now!!!!!


    Hey guys thank for watching this video and for all the support hope you enjoyed!!!!!

  • Laser projection keyboard unboxing and review


    This is a video about a unboxing of a laser projection keyboard and also explaining how it works you might want to consider getting one.

  • Laser Projection Keyboard for 2000Rs? Does it really Work? | 4K


    Laser Projection Keyboard Unboxing & Review India | 35$ Laser Keyboard Hands on | Full Review of Smart Laser Projection Keyboard | Best Computer Keyboard for 2000Rs

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  • Laser Projection Keyboard with typing test | unboxing and test


    Laser Projection Keyboard with typing test
    #Keyboard #unboxing #tech

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  • M1 Laser Projection Keyboard - Unboxing and First Impression ⌨️⚡


    Many months ago I bought a Laser Keyboard and today I finally unboxed it and it’s very cool! In this video you can see my unboxing and first impressions. The laser keyboard can connect to your device by Bluetooth. In this video I connected it to my Android Phone. It also have a mouse mode in which you can use the keyboard as a mouse.

    Video © 2020 Stefano Rodriguez | All trademarks and protected works are the property of their respective owners

    I am Stefano Rodriguez and I have autism. I live in The Netherlands. YouTube is my biggest hobby. I make video's on various topics including my other biggest hobby's (phones and computers), unboxing video's, video commentary's and many other video's.

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  • Unboxing laser projector keyboard


    Great technology keyboard
    This keyboard for pc, cellphones, ps4,smart tvs
    Connection via Bluetooth

  • Laser Projector Keyboard Unboxing


    This is a very nice tiny Bluetooth Laser Projector Keyboard.
    It displays with laser all the keyboard on your surface, and detect the pressing on the keyboard.
    Very impressive design that works prety good

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  • Keyboard From The Future!!!


    In this video I unbox the Seraphim Keybo, the most advanced projection keyboard. This thing is mind-blowing to see and use in person. #future #tech #newtech2019

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  • Do Laser Keyboards Work In Late 2017 ??


    Do laser keyboards work?? This is a test in December 2017 to see if they have become better since they were released and to see the capabilities of laser keyboards, which could be the future!

    You can pick one up from here:



    P.S. sorry for the awful voice over in this video - I recorded it at 2 a.m.


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  • Amazing Laser Projection Keyboard - Unboxing/Review


    Please watch: Free TESLA COIL LIGHTER! - Free Giveaway!


    I got this a while back as a gift and decided to give it a look. It is pretty dang sweet and work pretty well. So here is my tech review, hope you enjoy!

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  • Laser keyboard | typing test unboxing full review in urdu | Laser projection Hologram Future Gadget


    Laser Keyboard For Laptop Andriod And Many Other Dmart Devices Laser KeyBoard Very Useful And Future Gadget

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  • ₹1999/- Laser Keyboard | Is It Worth.? | Tech Unboxing ????


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  • Worlds First Projection Mouse - Does It Suck?


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    This video features the Odin projection mouse... So is it any good or does it suck?

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  • Laser keyboard unboxing and review || Mobile laser keyboard || Mukesh jangid


    Laser keyboard unboxing and review || Mobile laser keyboard || Mukesh jangid

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  • Lenovo Smart Cast: Laser Projection Smartphone Demo and Overview


    Lenovo Smart Cast: Laser Projection Smartphone Demo and Overview. Lenovo Smart cast is a new innovative technology where users can project a keyboard or an interactive display on any flat surface.

    Users can use the projection to interact with the smartphone. They can use it as a second display, use it as a virtual laser keyboard or play games on it.

    The smartphone can be used to project on a table or on a wall. Users can view videos or movies using the projector which can project upto 50 inch screen.

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  • I bought a HOLOGRAM DISPLAY?? - This is INSANE!!


    The display is called the Looking Glass - this is NOT sponsored, I'm just a nerd:
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  • Laser Projector Keyboard | Unboxing


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  • LASER Keyboards? How LASER Keyboards Work?


    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse LASER Keyboards ke baare mein baat ki hai wired keyboards, wireless keyboards, folding keyboards, flexible keyboards toh common hai but LASER keyboards those unique aur attractive hai, but yeh kaise kaam karte hai yahi maine aapko is video mein bataya hai. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko LASER keyboards ke baare mein yeh video pasand aayegi.

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  • CRAZY Keyboard You WEAR! - TAP Wearable Keyboard & Mouse


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  • Its Time to Disappear Cables


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    0:00 Intro
    1:12 Wireless History
    2:14 PeakDo
    4:16 1080p 60Hz
    6:14 Signal Interference
    7:30 25m Test
    9:49 Product Info
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  • Xiaomi Mijia HD Projector Full walkthrough review Xiaomify


    The Youth edition of the Xiaomi Mijia LED projector... -Is it any good and did it exceed my expectations? Oh yes, it did! -Want a coupon for $30 discount on the projector on banggood: BGZSFWICK
    Find the Mijia projector on Banggood here :

    This more budget-friendly HD projector is nothing like the Xiaomi laser projectors as its not a short-throw laser projector but rather a LED-based longer distance projector with (only) 500 ANSI -lumens strength. Despite having such a smaller light intensity it did exceed my expectations, by a lot!

    On paper, it seems a day and night difference with many other projects that all have much higher specs, but also much higher pricetags. The Mijia HD projector is not only A LOT brighter then I imagined it would be, it's also a lot sharper. And this goes for normal indoor-quite close-to-the-wall-projection, but also for much larger distance projection like projecting it on the building next door which is about 7-8 meters in distance. -That surprised me a lot!

    In terms of specs, the Xiaomi projector is not all that bad. It's got HDMI in (with 4K support) a USB-3 port, Mini-jack audio out, wireless screen support (for android, windows, iOS and MacOS). It's got WiFi connectivity; both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz and Bluetooth which can be used to connect a mouse, keyboard, game controller and also to use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker (just in case you want that....)

    It's got built-in audio with DTS and Dolby support; and this doesn't sound as bad as you'd expect either. It had a rather full low-end and really did not sound all that bad.

    It even has 3D video support and, even though you would need to have 3d glasses for that, it is pretty cool!

    It's running MIUI TV, which is the same OS as you would find on other projectors from Xiaomi but also on their Mi TV's and their Mi TV boxes. As this is a China mainland release only (at least for now...) the OS does not come with any Google APPS preloaded, but you can install additional apps on it. Through the Xiaomi APP store you can find a handful of (Chinese) video apps, but you can actually install apps like Netflix and Youtube on it. I managed to easily install these and they worked just fine.

    Overall I am very impressed with this much lower-spec'd, but well-performing projector. In my opinion, the main downsides are the lack of an ethernet port and the fact that the MIUI TV OS occasionally might show you an ad when it's booting up. But overall this projector really performed much better than I expected it would and I found it to be quite impressive for its price!

    #Xiaomi #LEDProjector #XiaomiMijia

  • Vivo X60 Pro Plus - This is getting Ridiculous! ????


    Unboxing and my top 10 interesting things about the Vivo X60 Pro+, including cameras, performance, and more...but mostly cameras lol
    Thanks to Vivo for sponsoring this video!

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  • iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Hidden Features! New Apple Secrets


    Apple has included a host of hidden features on both iPhone 12 models this year! From the phones being able to stand up on their own to the gold model being more special than the others, iPhone 12 is full of tricks and surprises. Which hidden feature is your favorite?

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  • LG CineBeam HU810P Review - Will This Be The Best Projector of 2021?


    My review of the LG CineBeam HU810P 4K Laser projector. Could this be the best projector 2021? I'll let you be the judge. The HU810P is loaded with features. It comes with a dual laser light source, HDMI 2.1, 4K, HDR10, HLG, and HGiG support. It also has a mechanical iris and great contrast. It's nice to see LG release a projector packed with so many features at an affordable price.

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    0:00 Introduction
    0:51 AU810PB
    1:17 Design
    2:12 Specifications
    3:02 Setup
    3:19 Image Quality
    3:46 Picture Modes
    4:23 Black Levels
    5:15 HDR Performance
    5:35 Gaming
    6:04 HDMI 2.1 - 4K @ 120fps??
    6:37 Rainbow Effect
    6:53 LG WebOS
    7:24 Noise Level
    7:56 Epson 5050UB Comparison
    8:51 BenQ HT5550 Comparison
    9:34 Final Thoughts

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  • 10 Coolet Gadgets 2021 That Are Worth Buying


    Get ready to check out some awesome new products, such as a tactical pen that could save your life, and even a mini fridge that you can take in your car! This is FutureTech.

    0:00 (Preview)
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    1:48 TPX20 Titanium Tactical Pen - / (Preview)
    2:39 Ryze Tech Tello -
    3:32 Norshire Mini Tire Inflator -
    4:34 Chefman Mini Fridge - /
    5:26 Microblade Pill Ti - (Preview)
    6:17 SPYFINDER PRO -
    7:10 RaceMouse -
    7:54 Nimble -

    Lensko_Lets -

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  • Laser Projection Keyboard, is this the FUTURE for mobile devices?


    In this video, I talk about the pros and cons of a Laser Projection Keyboard from AGS

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    - English QWERTY keyboard layout
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    Video References

    Coming to America (That Boy is Good)

    Martin The best of Hustle man Part2

    Step Brothers - Funny Quotes

  • Cheap laser projection keyboard!! SO FUTURISTIC!!


    Hey guys so this video is showing you a quick look on a hologram keyboard that you can actually type in!! I feel like i am in the future while using this!!!

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  • laser projection keyboard and use


    Laser projection keyboard is an wireless technology concept which can be used as in keyboard and mouse 2 in 1 function.

  • Review:BTC Wireless Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard


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  • ASUS TUF Gaming Peripherals Lineup Unboxing and Review


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    The Complete ASUS TUF Gaming Peripherals Review


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    If you're looking to invest and build the ultimate TUF gaming desk setup, you might as well consider the complete ASUS TUF Gaming Peripherals Lineup.

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  • Celluon Epic Review & Unboxing


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    Intro 0:00
    Unboxing mouse 0:33
    Unboxing keyboard 1:33
    Lights of kb and mouse 2:40

  • New Gadgets 2021 | Laser Projection Keyboard | Amazon Gadgets | Gadgets On Amazon


    New Gadgets 2021 | Laser Projection Keyboard | Amazon Gadgets | Gadgets On Amazon #shorts

    Microware Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard

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  • 4K HDR LASER Projector from.. Dell?? S718QL Review


    CORRECTION: The projector can actually generate a 100” image from 4” away and 130” image from 9” away.

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    Unboxing and Review of Logitech MK220 Wireless Combo

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  • 3D Pen Unboxing & Review - 3d Printing Pen - Chatpat toy tv


    Dosto aaj ki video mai maine unbox aur test kiya hai 3d pen 3D Printing Pen with LCD Display 10 Metre Each PLA Filament Refills

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    Non-Clogging with High Performance Moto The Aircraft-Grade Ceramic nozzle can withstand High Temperatures & Its Inner Surface lining Being Extra Smooth, The PLA Filament Does not Cling to the inside of Nozzle thus effectively reducing the risk of clogging of the Nozzle. And thanks to the high quality motor with stable rotation speed and strong power, the output of the filament is stable and smooth.
    One Button Control & Adjustable Temperature / Speed】Different from other 3D pens in the market, Magicwand 3D pen doesn't need Continuous press of the button, but Gentle Press of the Button & the Filament Starts to Come Unless the Button is pressed again . Variable Printing Temperatures with Adjustable Extrusion Speed with Advanced LCD screen clearly displaying the corresponding speed, it makes for a complete package.

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