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Life Beyond 3: Official Trailer

  • Life Beyond 3: Official Trailer


    Support this film on Patreon: | Who are the masters of the universe? Is there other intelligent life out there? What could they be like? How can we find them? And what would happen if we did?

    For 60 years now, we have combed the skies in search of a signal, to no avail. But recent theories and research are pointing us in thrilling new directions. There is still much we don't know, but if we get lucky, it wouldn't just change history. It would change our future as a species.

    Life Beyond 3 drops this December. Hold on to your butts.

    instagram: @melodysheep_
    twitter: @musicalscience

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  • Life Beyond 3: Reveal Trailer


    This fall: the Life Beyond saga continues. Hold on to your butts.
    Support the project on patreon:
    Follow on instagram: @melodysheep_
    Twitter: @musicalscience

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  • LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life


    Soundtrack: Support me on Patreon:

    What if there was a museum that contained every type of life form in the universe? This experience takes you on a tour through the possible forms alien life might take, from the eerily familiar to the utterly exotic, ranging from the inside of the Earth to the most hostile corners of the universe.

    New research is upending our idea of life and where it could be hiding: not just on Earth-like planets, where beings could mimic what our planet has produced, but in far flung places like the hearts of dead stars and the rings of gas giant planets. Nowhere in the universe is off limits.

    Only when we know what else is out there will we truly know ourselves. This thought experiment will give us a glimpse into what could be out there, how we might find it, and just how far nature’s imagination might stretch.

    Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their continued support of this series:

    Concept, visuals, and score by melodysheep, aka John D. Boswell. Narrated by Will Crowley. Additional visuals by Lynn Huberty, Tim Stupak, NASA, and Evolve. Featuring soundbites from Nick Lane, Jonathan Losos, Caleb Scharf, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, Chris Crowe, Jack Cohen, and Jill Tarter.

    Featuring clips from Lynn Huberty’s amazing film “SHYAMA”:

    3D models by:
    Andrey Gritsuk ( Alex Albinyana, Alexander Tobler, Andrey Shinkov, Millionth Vector, Jazz-Cousins, Nick Govacko, DCA Tabletop, Dimitar Grozev, Maynardd, Bernhard van der Horst, Alexandr Ivlev, 3DRTcom, AssetKit, Tebogo, Igor Puškarić, The French Monkey

    Thanks especially to:
    Lynn Huberty
    Juan Benet
    Rowdy Jansen
    Eddy Adams:
    Kimi Ushida:
    Gregory Cohen:
    Eric Capuano:
    John Maier
    Ali Aljumayd:
    Caleb Levesque
    Eric Malette
    Brandon Sanders
    Tim Stupak

    And to all my supporters on Patreon: Ada Cerna, Adam Orand, Ajish Balakrishnan, Aksel Tjønn, Ali Akın Kurnaz, Andrew Edwards, Andrew Valenti, Antoine C, Antoni Simelio, Augustas Babelis, Bhisham Mahtani, Bradley Gallant, Brant Stokes, Daniel Saltzman, Caleb Levesque, Case K., Cheshire 2e du nom, Chinmay Kumar, Chris Wilken, Christian Oehne, Christina Winikoff, Christopher Heald, Chung Tran, Colin Glover, Corentin Kerisit, Cozza38, Crystal, Dan Alvesved, Danaos Christopoulos, Dave LeCompte, Davee Hallinan, David Lyneham, david p boswell, David Southpaw, denise frey, Derick Yan, Dexter, dixon1829, Don Loristo, Dylan Webb, Eico Neumann, Eyubed Balcha, Ezri Dax, Gaétan Marras, Gary Wei, geekiskhan, Genesplicer, Giulia C., Håkon A. Hjortland, Hans Husurianto, Henry R. Seymour, Heribert Breidsamer, ilkercan Kaya, Iota Katari, is8ac, Jackie Pham, James O'Connor, Jayson Hale, Jean Neyrial, Jessica Turner, Jimpy, JM_Borg, Jordan Swickard, Jose Contreras, Joshua Oram, JousterL, Julian Büttner, Julio Hernández Camero, kaynen brown, Kristin & Alan Cameron, Laine Boswell, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Laura, Laura Liddington, Layne Burnett, LemonHead, Lennart Klootwijk, Leo Botinelly, Leonard van Vliet, lloll887, Manu Galán García, Maraiu, Marco Cardamone, Mark Christopher, Mark T., Markus Oinonen, Marlin Balzer, Martin Majernik, Matthew Jacoby, Matthew Ullrich, Maxime Marois, Mehdi Bennani, Michael Li, Michelle Wilcox, Mike Norkus, Mind Wave, Mitchel Humpherys, Mohammed Aldaabil, Nathan, Nicholas Martin, Nikita Temryazansky, Nina Atesh, Nina Barton, Ninel, Patrick Keim, Patrick Schouten, Peycho Ivanov, PonWer, Preston Maness, Radu Turcan, Ramsey Elbasheer, Randall Bollig, Raz, RedOptics, Reg Reyes, Richard Sundvall, Richard Williams, Rob Phillips, Robin Kuenkel, Runi Winther Johnsen, Samih Fadli, Sandra, Sandro Heinimann, Scarlet Fortuna, Silas Rech, SilverFolfy, Smoka_Lad, SpartanLegends, Stefan, SunaScorpion, SymeSynth, The Cleaner, The Fellowship of Doge, TheHumungus, Timothé Wegiersky, Timothy E Plum, Trevor Robertson, Verissimus, Vinh Vo, Virgile Coulot, Whitney Champion, William Ronholm, Wise Doane, Wolfgang Bernecker, Yannic, ZAB, Алексей Козловский

    Research Sources: See (bottom of page)

    Peace and love,


    twitter: @musicalscience
    instagram: @melodysheep_

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  • LIFE BEYOND: Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history


    Get the soundtrack:
    Support this project on Patreon: | The biggest question of our time. Are we alone? Chapter 1 of this experience takes you to alien worlds and distant places in time and space, in search of where alien life might be hiding and what our place is within the history of life. After generations of wondering, the truth is finally within our reach. New research and technologies have brought us closer than ever to an answer - only a few decades in the eyes of some NASA scientists.

    The search has led to new discoveries that will blow your mind wide open and give a profound new perspective on human life. The deeper we look, the deeper we see into nature's imagination, and the more we learn about ourselves. I hope stewing on these thoughts tickles your brain as deeply as it does mine.

    In upcoming chapters of Life Beyond we will explore making contact with intelligent life, the potential physics of alien biology, how to survive the end of the universe, and more. Follow and support my creative journey on Patreon:

    Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their support of this creation:

    And to my friend Julius Horsthuis for the far future civilization visuals near the end. Check out his amazing work:

    You can also support me by signing up for a Proton mail account - they provide awesome email and VPN services. ProtonVPN: ProtonMail:

    I wanted to follow up Timelapse of the Future with a more optimistic perspective of human life and our place in the history of the universe. We really do live in a privileged moment and we have a remarkable opportunity to shape the future. Finding alien life will contextualize our own existence, and open our eyes to what else nature has dreamt up beyond our ourselves, potentially bestowing huge breakthroughs in science, technology, and philosophy.

    Concept, music & visuals by Melodysheep
    Featuring the voices of Douglas Rain, David Christian, Michelle Thaller, Orson Welles, Andrew Siemion, Dan Werthimer, Avi Loeb, Ellen Stofan, and Lawrence Krauss.

    Additional visuals by Julius Horsthuis, Konstantin Kovalenko, NASA, Evolve

    Thanks to: Juan Benet, Julius Horsthuis, Konstantin Kovalenko, Avi Loeb, and to my Patreon Supporters:

    John Maier (, Ali Akin Kurnaz, Alina Sigaeva, Amal Isaac, Anastasiia Kliakhina, Antoine C, Bhisham Mahtani, Brandon Sanders, Bryan Sands, Calcifer, Case K., Chris Becker, Colin, Cozza38, Crystal, Danaos Christopoulos, Daniel Hudson, Dave LeCompte, Dave & Debbie Boswell, David Minguez, Derick Yan, Diego Camacho, Eico Neumann, Ezri Dax, Gaetan Marras, Geekiskhan, Giulia Carrozzino, Hakon A. Hjortland, Heribert Breidsamer, Holly Boswell, Jeremy Kerwin, Jimpy, Jorge Ruz, JoursterL, Julio, Kalexan, Kody Cotterill, Laine Boswell, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Laura, Leo Botinelly, Leonard van Vilet, lloll887, Markus Oinonen, Matthew Jacoby, Matthew Ullrich, Maxime Marois, Michael Li, Michelle Wilcox, Mike Norkus, Mitchel Mattera, Nathan Paskett, Nathanial Dre Barinestein, Nicholas Martin, Nina Barton, Patrick, Preston Maness, Radu Chichi, Radu Turcan, Randall, redruMKO, Richard Williams, Robbie Casenta, Robin Kuenkel, Rodrigo Sambade Saá, Sandra, Sean Tham, Sebastien Descy, Silas Rech, Stefan Stettner, Tessa Haagenson, The Cleaner, Timothy E Plum, Virtual_271, Yannic, ZAB, Zann.

    Stay tuned for more chapters of LIFE BEYOND and more experiences like this. Peace and love,

    Insta: @melodysheep_
    Twitter: @musicalscience

    Voice Sources

    National Film Board: Universe
    David Christian TED Talk
    Dan Werthimer TEDx Talk
    Andrew Siemion: Beyond the Singularity
    Orson Welles: Who’s Out There
    Avi Loeb: The Case for Cosmic Modesty
    Michelle Thaller in how the Universe Works
    Lawrence Krauss: Life, the Universe, and Nothing: A Cosmic Mystery Story

    Mobile Version coming soon

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  • Life Beyond 2: Teaser Trailer


    Support this project on Patreon:

    Who's out there? To have any hope of finding alien life, we need to know what we're looking for. This experience will take you to far off planets and places in the universe to explore some of the most tantalizing questions in science: what would alien life be like? What forms are possible under the laws of nature? How weird could it get?

    The latest research is offering mind-blowing possibilities.

    Life Beyond Chapter 2 drops this Fall. Stay tuned.

    Peace and love,

    insta: @melodysheep_
    twitter: @musicalscience

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  • LIFE BEYOND - Teaser Trailer


    Life beyond is OUT NOW! Watch for free: Support this project on Patreon: Are we alone? The search for an answer has led to new discoveries that will blow your mind wide open and give a profound new perspective on human life. The deeper we look, the deeper we see into nature's imagination, and the more we learn about ourselves.

    LIFE BEYOND drops Fall 2019. This project is another step in my goal toward creating next-level, cinematic scientific programming that rivals traditional cinema - immersive, musically and visually rich, and mind expanding. Thank you all for following me on this journey.

    Peace and love,


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  • Finding Life Beyond Earth - Official Trailer


    Scientists are on the verge of answering one of the greatest questions in history: Are we alone? Take a spectacular trip to distant realms of our solar system to discover where secret forms of life may lie hidden. Combining the latest telescope images with dazzling animation, this program immerses audiences in the sights and sounds of alien worlds, while top astrobiologists explain how these places are changing how we think about the potential for life in our solar system. #FindingLifeBeyondEarth

    More from Madman Films:

  • Is There Life Beyond Earth?


    Scientists are leaping exponentially closer to finding life beyond Earth. Missions to Mars and Saturn’s moons are prime candidates for finding the first signs of life and NASA can now identify more than 3,500 planets outside our solar system, many with habitable temperatures. That number is quickly growing as space travel technology improves and probes head deeper into the galaxy.

    Nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson explores one of our civilization's most perplexing questions: Are we alone?

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  • Life beyond fear: Karina Hollekim at TEDxBucharest


    Karina Hollekim, the first female athlete to complete a ski base, overcame a terrible accident and returned as a winner. She will share a story about those moments which can change our lives forever, about willpower and passion.

    What do you do when you're told you cannot walk anymore? In August 2006, she suffered a near-fatal accident after her parachute failed to open during a routine jump.

    Did she give up or did she fight for her passion? She's a real TEDster -- Karina defied faith. After 20 surgeries, doctors didn't believe she would walk again. Helped by intense rehabilitation, she succeeded in putting back her skis in 2009 and, as a result of her struggle, she shot a biographical movie, 20 Seconds of Joy, to show the process she got through.

    In the last few years, she has been travelling the world sharing her story and inspiring people to seek determination and passion in pursuing their dreams: an example of will, determination and hope.

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

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  • Alien Worlds Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix


    Applying the laws of life on Earth to the rest of the galaxy, this series blends science fact and fiction to imagine alien life on other planets.

    Watch Alien Worlds, only on Netflix December 2:


    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 195 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

    Alien Worlds Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Project C becomes Life Beyond, Official Name Reveal Trailer 2019


    Journey across the stars to an abandoned planet to build, to connect and to live in Life Beyond, the still-in-development, persistent open world multiplayer online game from independent game development studio, Darewise Entertainment.

    Discover More:
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    Original music composed by Si Begg -

  • The Search For Life Beyond Earth


    For half a century, researchers have been scanning the sky for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, so far to no avail. But with regular discoveries of new planets around distant stars, the universe seems to be more friendly to life by the day.

    Interviews with Jill Tarter and Laurance Doyle from SETI Institute, and Andrew Siemion from UC Berkeley SETI Research Center, also affiliated with SETI Institute.

    #BloombergGiantLeap #Science #Technology

    Moonshot introduces you to the scientists and thinkers chasing humanity’s wildest dreams. The series takes a deeper look into how science is solving the world's most complex problems in order to create a better tomorrow. The first season explores major breakthroughs from scientists including plastic eating bacteria, asteroid hunting and oceanic exploration. Watch every episode:

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  • Just Beyond | Official Trailer | Disney+


    Witches. Aliens. Ghosts. Enter a world of fantasies and fears in Just Beyond, an Original Series streaming October 13 only on #DisneyPlus. #JustBeyondSeries #Hallowstream

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  • The UnXplained: What Happens When We Die? | History


    Watch all new episodes of The UnXplained, Saturdays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

    Are near death experience a trick of the mind or have some people really passed into another plane of existence? Find out more in this clip from Season 1, Episode 6, Life Beyond Death. #TheUnXplained
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    From the producers of Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island comes The UnXplained, a one-hour, non-fiction series that explores the world’s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries. Hosted and executive produced by Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor William Shatner (Star Trek, Boston Legal) each episode will feature compelling contributions from scientists, historians, witnesses and experiencers—each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible actually can happen.

    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Are We Alone? The Search for Life Beyond the Earth - Professor Ian Morison


    A discussion of the prospects of finding life, simple or intelligent, beyond our own planet, by Professor Ian Morison of Jodrell Bank Observatory and Gresham College.

    There is the possibility of finding evidence of life, past or present, on Mars or even below the icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa. By observing the infra-red spectra of the atmospheres of planets in nearby solar systems we might even find evidence of simple life forms. Beyond our local galactic environment our only chance is to intercept a signal from another intelligent race – SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – a search in which the lecturer played a role in what has been the most sensitive search ever undertaken, Project Phoenix. Finally, Professor Morison will give his own thoughts about how likely our quest will be achieved.

    The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College Website:

    Gresham College has been giving free public lectures since 1597. This tradition continues today with all of our five or so public lectures a week being made available for free download from our website. There are currently over 1,500 lectures free to access or download from the website.


  • 8 Space Discoveries of 2020 Could Mean Life Beyond Earth


    Thanks to space explorers and astrophysicists our world is coming closer and closer to the sci-fi future that we see in the movies. They never stop amazing us when they report about life on other planets or mysterious radio signals from outer space. This year has been a true breakthrough for all of us. So we've made a list of the most important space discoveries of 2020 that will impress you.

    And we’ll start with one of the most recent and shocking discoveries of 2020. Perhaps our Solar System has life beyond Earth. This is Venus. The second planet from the Sun and the sister of our home planet. For many years, there have been discussions on this subject. But in the fall of 2020, there was an epic argument, in which scientists tried to find out whether life on Venus exists right now. In September, the discovery of a new life marker on Venus was announced.


    Life on Venus 0:01
    Superhabitable planets 1:45
    The most similar planet to Earth 2:53
    The collision of a star with a black hole 3:39
    The youngest planetary systems 5:27
    A planet with two suns 6:29
    Mysterious radio signals 7:24
    The Moon is rusting 8:07
    Water on the surface of the Moon 8:58

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • The Marina Bay Sands - Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby: Episode 1 Preview - BBC Two


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    Programme Website: Moshe Safdie explains his inspiration behind Marina Bay Sands and the Skypark.

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  • Breakfast with giraffes - Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby | Episode 3 Preview - BBC Two


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    Programme Website: Giles and Monica prepare breakfast for the hotel's guests at Giraffe Manor, but who will be joining them?

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  • tick, tick...BOOM! | Official Trailer | Netflix


    Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his feature directorial debut with tick, tick…BOOM!, an adaptation of the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, who revolutionized theater as the creator of Rent. The film follows Jon (Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield), a young theater composer who’s waiting tables at a New York City diner in 1990 while writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical. Days before he’s due to showcase his work in a make-or-break performance, Jon is feeling the pressure from everywhere: from his girlfriend Susan, who dreams of an artistic life beyond New York City; from his friend Michael, who has moved on from his dream to a life of financial security; amidst an artistic community being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic. With the clock ticking, Jon is at a crossroads and faces the question everyone must reckon with: What are we meant to do with the time we have?

    tick, tick…BOOM! stars Academy Award nominee & Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Tony Award nominee Robin de Jesús, Tony Award nominee Joshua Henry, Emmy Award nominee Mj Rodriguez, Emmy Award winner Bradley Whitford, Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought of The Roots, with Emmy and Tony Award winner Judith Light, and Vanessa Hudgens. The film is written by Tony Award winner Steven Levenson, and produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard for Imagine Entertainment, Julie Oh, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

    tick, tick...BOOM! is in select theaters and on Netflix November 19.


    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 209 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

    tick, tick...BOOM! | Official Trailer | Netflix

    On the brink of turning 30, a promising theater composer navigates love, friendship and the pressure to create something great before time runs out.

  • Life Beyond Earth, Part 3: Natalie Batalha | Nat Geo Live


    Dr. Natalie Batalha, a Kepler Mission scientist, is using technology that is out of this world—and out of this solar system—to locate exoplanets, some of which could be Earth-like planets that may be hosts to extraterrestrial life.
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    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

    Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live!

    Follow the Kepler Mission

    The National Geographic Live series brings thought-provoking presentations by today’s leading explorers, scientists, photographers, and performing artists right to you. Each presentation is filmed in front of a live audience at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. New clips air every Monday.

    Life Beyond Earth, Part 3: Natalie Batalha | Nat Geo Live

    National Geographic

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  • DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS – Official Trailer


    The #DCSuperPets are ready to sit, stay, save the world. DC League of Super-Pets will be unleashed in theaters May 2022.

    Dwayne Johnson stars as the voice of Krypto the Super-Dog in Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated action adventure feature film “DC League of Super-Pets,” from director Jared Stern.

    The film also stars the voices of Kevin Hart (the “Jumanji” and “Secret Life of Pets” films), Kate McKinnon (“Saturday Night Live,” the “Magic School Bus Rides Again” films, “Ferdinand”), John Krasinski (the “Quiet Place” films, “Free Guy”), Vanessa Bayer (“Saturday Night Live,” “Office Christmas Party,” “Trainwreck”), Natasha Lyonne (“Show Dogs,” “Ballmastrz 9009”), Diego Luna (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” “Maya and the Three”), Marc Maron (“Joker,” “GLOW”), Thomas Middleditch (“Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie”), Ben Schwartz (“Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Duck Tales”), and Keanu Reeves (the “Matrix” and “John Wick” films).

    In “DC League of Super-Pets,” Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime in Metropolis side by side. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a rag-tag shelter pack—Ace the hound, PB the potbellied pig, Merton the turtle and Chip the squirrel—to master their own newfound powers and help him rescue the superheroes.

    Stern, a veteran writer/consultant on the “LEGO®” movies, makes his animated feature film directorial debut, directing from a screenplay he wrote with frequent collaborator John Whittington, based on characters from DC, Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The film is produced by Patricia Hicks, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia and Jared Stern. The executive producers are John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, Nicholas Stoller, Allison Abbate, Chris Leahy, Sharon Taylor and Courtenay Valenti.

    Stern’s creative team includes production designer Kim Taylor (“The LEGO® Ninjago Movie”) and editors David Egan (“Game Night,” “Vacation”) and Jhoanne Reyes (“Teen Titans GO!” “Young Justice”). The music is by Steve Jablonsky (the “Transformers” films).

    Warner Bros. Pictures Presents A Seven Bucks Production, “DC League of Super-Pets.” The film will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures in theaters internationally beginning 18 May 2022 and in North America on May 20, 2022.

  • Last Life: Episode 3 - BEYOND THE BORDER


    Last Life: Episode 3 - BEYOND THE BOUNDARY Grian is back on 3rd life / Last life and a few new tricks are learnt today..


  • TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time


    Support my work on Patreon: | Get the soundtrack: | How's it all gonna end? This experience takes us on a journey to the end of time, trillions of years into the future, to discover what the fate of our planet and our universe may ultimately be.

    We start in 2019 and travel exponentially through time, witnessing the future of Earth, the death of the sun, the end of all stars, proton decay, zombie galaxies, possible future civilizations, exploding black holes, the effects of dark energy, alternate universes, the final fate of the cosmos - to name a few.

    This is a picture of the future as painted by modern science - a picture that will surely evolve over time as we dig for more clues to how our story will unfold. Much of the science is very recent - and new puzzle pieces are still waiting to be found.

    To me, this overhead view of time gives a profound perspective - that we are living inside the hot flash of the Big Bang, the perfect moment to soak in the sights and sounds of a universe in its glory days, before it all fades away. Although the end will eventually come, we have a practical infinity of time to play with if we play our cards right. The future may look bleak, but we have enormous potential as a species.

    Featuring the voices of David Attenborough, Craig Childs, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michelle Thaller, Lawrence Krauss, Michio Kaku, Mike Rowe, Phil Plait, Janna Levin, Stephen Hawking, Sean Carroll, Alex Filippenko, and Martin Rees.

    Big thanks to Protocol Labs for their support of this creation:

    And to my Patreon supporters: Juan Benet, Kalexan, Laine Boswell, Holly, Dave & Debbie Boswell, Abraxas, Alina Sigaeva, Aksel Tjønn, Daniel Saltzman, Crystal, Eico Neumann, geekiskhan, Giulia Carrozzino, Hannah Murphy, Jeremy Kerwin, JousterL, Lars Støttrup Nielsen, Leonard van Vliet, Mitchel Mattera, Nathan Paskett, Patrick Cullen, Randall Bollig, Roman Shishkin, Silas Rech, Stefan Stettner, The Cleaner, Timothy E Plum, Virtual_271, Westin Johnson, Yannic, and Anna & Tyson.

    Soundtrack now available: and coming soon to iTunes/Spotify/Etc

    Peace and love,


    Concept, music, writing, edit, and visual effects by melodysheep, with additional visual material sourced from:

    NASA Goddard
    Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
    BMW X1
    Journey to the Edge of the Universe
    How the Universe Works
    Deep Impact
    Wonders of the Universe
    Moon raker vfx reel
    Voyage of Time

    if you found the text hard to read, check out the large text version:

    Voice sample sources:

    Attenborough Davos Speech
    Craig Childs - Long Now Talk
    Brian Cox - Wonders of the Universe Episode 1
    Neil deGrasse Tyson interview with Bill Moyers
    How the Universe Works - Season 3 Episode 2
    Will The Universe Ever End with Lawrence Krauss
    Janna Levin TED Talk
    A Brief History of Time (1991)
    What Happens in the Far Far Future
    Sean Carroll TEDxCaltech
    Alex Filippenko - TEDxSF
    To Infinity and Beyond: The Accelerating Universe
    Martin Rees interview

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  • Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits


    When she was 19, Amy Purdy lost both her legs below the knee. And now ... she's a pro snowboarder (and a killer competitor on Dancing with the Stars!). In this powerful talk, she shows us how to draw inspiration from life's obstacles.

    TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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  • Is There Life Beyond Earth? – Sadhguru Answers


    Are we alone in the universe? Sadhguru answers a question that has been bothering generations of stargazers and astrophysicists alike.

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  • Clara Sousa-Silva: The fingerprints of life beyond Earth | TED


    Is there life on Venus? Quantum astrochemist Clara Sousa-Silva makes the case for a new way to seek and possibly discover habitable planets -- and shares her research into a poisonous, smelly molecule that might signal life beyond Earth.

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  • Life Beyond Knowledge | Shi Heng Yi | TEDxYouth@LakeManalapan


    In this second talk, Master Shi Heng Yi gives a deeper insight into the pathways of Self-Mastery. Discover what it means to live beyond knowledge!
    Many thanks to all the artists that kindly contributed to this video:
    Music by Secret Garden - Earth Songs: Lotus
    Music by Frederick Rousseau - La Fille de Pékin
    Image by Ludolf Bakhuizen – Ships Running Around in a Storm Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe located in Germany. For more than 30 years, Master Shi Heng Yi has been involved in the Shaolin Arts and the studies of Human potential. In his first appearance at the TEDxVitosha event 2020, he shared his profound insights on the 5 Hindrances to Self-Mastery. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • Life Beyond Earth: Venice Biennale lunar habitat


    A detailed concept for a lunar habitat, created by one of the world’s leading architectural firms with ESA technical support, is currently on show at the Biennale in Venice. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, originator of many of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, worked with ESA on a semi-inflatable habitat design which could be part of a long-term vision for an international Moon settlement.

    The resulting design is on show at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (@BiennaleChannel). While the theme of the overall exhibition is ‘How will we live together?’, the SOM installation is called ‘Life Beyond Earth’, peering beyond our post-COVID-19 planet to show how human life can be sustained in the hostile space environment.
    The installation encompasses two large-scale, physical models and this film, bringing Biennale visitors on a journey from Earth to the Moon’s surface.

    SOM designed a semi-inflatable shell structure to offer the highest possible volume to mass ratio. Once inflated on the lunar surface, it would reach approximately double its original internal volume.

    A lot of work went into the four-storey habitat interior, in terms of lighting conditions, reconfigurable features, and a high floor to ceiling space, to allow crew members to take advantage of lunar one-sixth g using grabbing bars and other simple aids.

    Its chosen site has been described as the most desirable real estate in the Solar System: the rim of Shackleton crater beside the lunar South Pole. Avoiding the crippling temperature extremes of the Moon’s two-week days and nights, this location offers near-continuous sunlight for solar power, an ongoing view of Earth and access to lunar water ice deposits in adjacent permanently-shadowed craters.

    Credit: SOM

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  • Living beyond limits | Amy Purdy | TEDxOrangeCoast


    Amy Purdy talks about the power of imagination. She explains how our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. Imagination allows us to break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, to create and constantly progress.

    Amy Purdy has been through hardships that most of us will never face -- or can even fathom. But what makes her story so incredible is not that fact that she lived a normal childhood and spent her high school years as a passionate artist and snowboarder, then traumatically lost both her legs at age 19, but how she has persevered, taking implausible challenges and rising above them.
    Today, Amy is an athlete; currently the top ranked adaptive female snowboarder in the world. Amy also spends a good amount of time helping others; specifically those with physical challenges get involved with snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and other action sports through the organization she co-founded Adaptive Action Sports. Challenging herself while making a positive impact on the world is a true testament to Amy's spirit.

    About TEDx.
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  • LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Official Brainiac Trailer


    Watch out! Brainiac is coming to add the Earth and the rest of the galaxy to his massive collection! Watch the new LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham trailer now and pre-order your copy today:


    The best-selling LEGO Batman videogame franchise returns in an out-of-this-world, action-packed adventure! In LEGO Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham, the Caped Crusader joins forces with the super heroes of the DC Comics universe and blasts off to outer space to stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth. Using the power of the Lantern Rings, Brainiac shrinks worlds to add to his twisted collection of miniature cities from across the universe. Now the greatest super heroes and the most cunning villains must unite and journey to different Lantern Worlds to collect the Lantern Rings and stop Brainiac before it's too late.



  • Quincy | Official Trailer HD | Netflix


    Artist. Father. Visionary. QUINCY is an intimate look at musical icon and influential legend, Quincy Jones. Available on Netflix September 21st.

    Beyond his own acclaim as a trumpeter, producer, conductor, composer and arranger, Quincy Jones’ inimitable gift to discover the biggest talents of the past half of the century is unprecedented. He has shaped the pop culture landscape for 70 years, mentoring and cultivating the careers of young talents, from Lesley Gore and Michael Jackson to Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith. Directed by Rashida Jones (Angie Tribeca and Hot Girls Wanted) and Alan Hicks (Keep On Keepin’ On), QUINCY seamlessly threads personal vérité moments with private archival footage to reveal a legendary life like no other.

    Featuring the all-new original song Keep Reachin' by Quincy Jones, Mark Ronson, and Chaka Khan.

    Watch Quincy on Netflix:


    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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    Quincy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Day 304: Life Beyond Death — The Bible in a Year


    ???? Follow along with the official Bible in a Year Reading Plan:

    Fr. Mike focuses on the powerful theme that connects all of our readings today- the reality of life beyond death. In the story of the martyrdom of the seven brothers in 2 Macabees, we see how the brothers and their mother fiercely reject the temptation to violate God's law, and boldly hold onto their hope in the resurrection of the dead. Our readings from Wisdom also remind us that death is not the end, because we know that eternal life is waiting for us beyond death. Today's readings are 2 Maccabees 7, Wisdom 3-4, and Proverbs 24:27-29.

    We hear every day from our community how The Bible in a Year helps to capture hearts and souls for Christ. While we’re happy to make it free to our audience, it’s not free to create! It takes a significant investment to produce the podcast and distribute it free-of-cost to the public. You can make a gift of financial support to help defray these costs and enable us to keep bringing evangelizing digital media to all those searching for God: Thank you for your support.


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  • Avi Loeb - Extraterrestrial:The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth


    Abraham (Avi) Loeb is the Frank B. Baird, Jr., Professor of Science at Harvard University. He received a PhD in Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel at age 24 (1980-1986), led the first international project supported by the Strategic Defense Initiative (1983-1988), and was subsequently a long-term member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton (1988-1993). Loeb has written 8 books, including most recently, Extraterrestrial (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2021), and about 800 papers (with an h-index of 112) on a wide range of topics, including black holes, the first stars, the search for extraterrestrial life and the future of the Universe. He had been the longest serving Chair of Harvard's Department of Astronomy (2011-2020), Founding Director of Harvard's Black Hole Initiative (2016-present) and Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation (2007-present) within the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics . He serves as Chair of the Board on Physics and Astronomy of the National Academies (2018-present) and is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, the American Physical Society, and the International Academy of Astronautics. Loeb is a former member of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) at the White House and a member of the Advisory Board for Einstein: Visualize the Impossible of the Hebrew University. He also chairs the Advisory Committee for the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative (2016-present) and serves as the Science Theory Director for all Initiatives of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. In 2012, TIME magazine selected Loeb as one of the 25 most influential people in space and in 2020 Loeb was selected among the 14 most inspiring Israelis of the last decade. Click here for Loeb's commentaries on innovation and diversity

  • Escape the Babysitter Granny in Real Life! Escape Rooms & Locking Granny in Giant Box Fort!!!


    Escape The Babysitter Granny in Real Life Giant Box Fort and Lego Fort! All Videos in 1 Movie!!
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    Escape The Babysitter Granny in Giant Cardboard Box Fort and Lego Fort! All Videos in 1 Movie!! Today we put together all of our best escape the babysitter granny videos in 1 movie! Of course everyone's favorite was when we locked granny inside of our giant cardboard box fort! We also had to rescue all of the kids from granny's house when mom and dad were getting ready for our beyond baby gender reveal! Then the last time she was over babysitting, we decided to lock her in our giant lego fort house!

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  • Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter


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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • We found the REAL CROATIA ????????


    We found the real Croatia, in the village of Goriš. After a hectic day taking a ferry from Tripanj on the Pelješac peninsula across to the mainland we headed north west along the coast of Dalmatia, stopping in beautiful, historical Split, grabbing an insanely good Croatian lunch before heading inland to peaceful Goriš, for the evening! ????????


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  • 10 Weird signs you met someone from your past life |Past life


    10 Weird signs you meet someone from your past life |Past life message
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    #FascinatingTV#biblicalmeaning#wakeup3AM#pastlife#past life#10weirdsigns#youmeet#someonefrom#your#pastlife#reincarnation#soulrebirth#spirit#spiritual#spiritualcommunity#rebirth#pastexperiences#psychci#superhuman#activate your super human ability#activate your super power#power within#DNA activation#activate your DNA#become a super human#things to remove you’re your life#spirirtuallygifted#chosenones#areaffectedby#these#10things#spiritualgifts#giftspiritual#God#spirit#biblicalmeaning#highlyevolved#highlyenlightened#3AM#3:30AM#4AM#divinehour#FascinatingTV#Fascinating TV#people#society#new age,spirit#spirituality#spirituawakening#oneschosen
    10 Weird signs you meet someone from your past life#Past life message#past life#past experiences,spirituality#soul reincarnation,reincarnation#rebirth#ancestors#sncestors reincaranation#past life messages,psychic,activate your past life#Prepare to activate your DNA Chosen ones #Lucy#dormant DNA#DNA activation#how to activate dna#junk dna#rna#prepare yourself#movie#lucy#movie lucy#superpower movies#dna activation movies#DNA#activate your DNA#DNA activation#self development#superhuman#Spiritual#how to live a better life Gift#SlightlyBetter#spirituality#enlightenment#3AM wake up#Master Sri Akarshana#

    Hallo powerful and spiritual beings, welcome back to another video. Your soul exists beyond time and space on a higher dimension, but in order to grow and evolve (raise its frequency) it needs to interact with other souls and live. Even though we don’t consciously remember our past lives, a certain amount of memory is contained somewhere in our personal unconsciousness because our souls have a capacity to store information. Our souls store crucial information from each life, that’s how they grow. Nobody is born completely blank. Because of this information karma from your previous life can follow you until you overcome it, and learn your lesson so to speak. Think of it like a quantum computer that can store sequences of 1s and 0s in a single photon not needing the factor of time for the memory to exist. But when the factor of time is introduced the photon unpacks the sequence of information (or memory). Your soul has compressed memories and information locked inside your unconsciousness that sometimes you might catch a glimpse of. The short answer is yes. Of course, it can be challenging to get validation by yourself. If you are seeking additional insights to your past life connection, you could also consider a past life reading. Sites such as Keen have several past life readers to choose from.
    #activate your junk DNA#melanin#dna and rna#dormant dna#lucy#movie lucy#movies#series#lucy dna activation#dr jo dispenza#dna healing frequency#heal dna and rna##super natural ability#black people#God gene#DNA#melanin#suprem consciousness#superpower#become a super human#activate your DNA#unlock your DNA#activate your chakras##spiritually#emotionally# Spiritually gifted people,being spiritually gifted,SlightlyBetter,Wake up 3 oclock in the morning, infinite waters, signs you are a chosen one, ,ones chosen,mark Haughton,female chosen,universe inside you,joe dispenza,the law of attraction,motivational video,Fascinating TV, law of attraction, MedCircle,ralph smart, Netflix is a joke,brainy dose, life hacks, Master Sri Akarshana, waking up at 3am, 3am,4am,5am, ,biblical,meditation,affirmation#emotion#spiritual#mental#Gift#spiritually gifted Wake up 3 oclock in the morning,why you wake up at 3AM,Netflix is a joke,MedCircle,ralph smart,brainy dose,waking up at 3am,life hacks,3am,4am,5am,Master Sri Akarshana,biblical,meditation,affirmation#fascinating TV#sign you are about to enter into a whole new level#new levels in life#higher levels#10 unique signs CHOSEN ONES are about to enter a whole new level#elevation in life#experience new level in life

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  • The 10 Things that Happen After You Declutter | Life Beyond the Clutter


    10 Things that Happen After You Declutter: Benefits of Minimalism
    This video goes beyond the clutter to highlight some of the benefits of minimalism and details what you might experience after you have decluttered! Three minimalists share their experiences and describe what comes next after decluttering!

    It was a blast having Ron and Stuart on the channel! I hope you enjoy checking out their channels!
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    Abundantly Minimal is all about helping people live their best lives with less, whether that is through decluttering their spaces, living more intentionally, or allocating their time, energy, and finances towards what actually matters. For more ideas and resources to apply minimalism to your own life, head over to

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  • Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem | Official Trailer | Peacock


    Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem is streaming September 6th on Peacock:

    Synopsis: Spend one week with some of Salem’s supercouples and reconnect with favorites in this exclusive-to-Peacock limited series. Over a long weekend, John & Marlena travel to Zurich, Ben & Ciara honeymoon in New Orleans, Chad visits some familiar faces in Phoenix and Abe, Paulina, Lani and Eli vacation in Miami. All find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving stolen jewels which, in the wrong hands, could cause dire consequences for Salem. It’s a race against time for ISA agent Billie Reed as she crosses the globe in search of this Alamainian treasure.

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  • Life Beyond Gameplay Trailer


    Darewise Entertainment's Project C has a name -- Life Beyond, and it's a persistent online world with a sci-fi setting.

  • The Place Beyond The Pines | Official Trailer | Starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper


    A motorcycle stunt rider (Ryan Gosling) turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child, a decision that puts him on a collision course with an ambitious rookie cop navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective. Starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.

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  • The Tree of Life Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer


    Tree of Life Movie Review. Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the low-down on The Tree of Life starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain, directed by Terrence Malick!! Then get a review of The Tree of Life from audiences fresh from the theater! Enjoy The Tree of Life, winner of the Palme d'Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival! Beyond The Trailer is distributed by Indy Mogul and YouTube Next Lab.

  • Life .. Beyond practice. Dr Rajesh Modi in conversation with Dr. Gita Arjun


    Can a medical professional live a full, well-rounded life? Where do our priorities lie??
    Let’s discuss 'How a medical professional can enhance every aspect of his/ her life - profession, family, self-development.' Two renowned doctors: Dr. Rajesh Modi, Akola & Dr. Gita Arjun, Chennai would be LIVE on wednesday 27th Oct 2021 at 3 pm for an open conversation.

  • Life Beyond Mind


    On this morning walk, Moojibaba introduces us to the real opportunity of a human life—to discover our very own nature beyond ego.

    “The only fact that is unchanging in us is that we are pure consciousness or pure awareness. All the interrelated opposites that we perceive through the mind, through our feelings, are observed as appearing within us, they come and go.

    What is witnessing the coming and going?


    And if you are drawn to such introspection, then you’ll find that a wonderful force begins to open up to take you deeper.”

    15 April 2020
    Monte Sahaja, Portugal


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    #Mooji #satsang #spirituality #advaita #nonduality #awakening

  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer


    There's more than one way to have breast cancer. Here's where we learn to live with it.

    Visit for more.

  • Becoming Cousteau | Official Trailer | Disney+


    From National Geographic Documentary Films and Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, #BecomingCousteau dives into the life and legacy of one of the 20th century’s most renowned environmentalists. Streaming November 24 on Disney+.

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    About National Geographic:
    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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    Becoming Cousteau | Official Trailer | Disney+

    National Geographic

  • Sage Skis Laps on the Red Chair in Mt. Bachelor | Life Beyond Walls


    Sage Cattabriga-Alosa spends winters chasing steep lines among the peaks of Alaska, pushing the limits of freeskiing with TGR. But one morning, lapping the Red Chair at Mt. Bachelor, he set his mind on a new one-run project. -

  • Concepts and cages: life beyond the limits of ideas: Dr. Rick Schubert at TEDxAmericanRiviera 2012


    Our ideas shape our lives. And none of our ideas shapes our lives more than our ideas of who we are, what philosophers call our self-conceptions. Many of us struggle as adults to find ourselves, to break free from our old, externally imposed self-conceptions and to arrive at new ones of our own choosing. But Daoism, a classical Chinese philosophy, warns us that all our concepts are cages. They impose limitation, take our freedom, cloud our vision. Some cages are more pleasant than others. But we're better off being free. Rick Schubert explains the Daoist path to freedom; how we can use concepts to move past concepts, how we can use our cages as things to stand on so we can get a better view.

  • Arknights Official Trailer - Beyond Here


    The story will end, but life won't.

    New Story Series Event Beyond Here will be live on July 6, 10:00 (UTC-7)!

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    Game Download:

    Arknights is a strategic RPG mobile game with a fantasy theme.

    #Arknights #Yostar

  • Tree of Life: Beyond the Journey | Official Launch Trailer 2017 | Sandbox MMORPG


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