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Markús - É bisst assökunar (Stúdíó A)

  • Biggest Ships Navigate the Narrowest Channels | Mega Transports | Free Documentary


    Mega Transports: | Engineering Documentary
    When the biggest ships have to navigate the narrowest channels – the Conveyance of the “Norwegian Joy”!

    Meyer Werft in Germany is one of the biggest shipbuilders in the world. But it has a problem, as big as the ships it builds: the coast and sea are 50 kilometres away. From Papenburg, the only route to the North Sea leads via the shallow and narrow river Ems. This river is actually entirely unsuitable for conveying gigantic cruise ships. But still, every Meyer Werft ship has to negotiate this channel.

    This Episode of MEGA TRANSPORTS shows the very first and thus the most difficult kilometres the brand new cruise ship “Norwegian Joy” will ever travel. “Norwegian Joy” is the world’s fourth-largest cruise ship – at 333 metres long and with a nearly 42-metre beam she is a true giant of the seas. With as yet unseen on-board attractions, she is one of the most innovative ships of its era. But: Even the smallest mistake could cause this ocean giant to falter.

    For the voyage to the North Sea is full of difficulties: First, the gigantic cruise liner has to leave its covered dock. Things get very tight here. From the shipyard harbour, the Norwegian Joy starts her adventurous journey with only a few centimetres of water under her keel. She has to pass many hurdles on the way: the dock lock gate, two bridges and a barrier. Will she survive the conveyance unscathed?


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    This video is by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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