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Most Incredible Horse Rescue and Recovery Story You Will Ever Watch in Your Life: Sansa's Journey

  • Admirals Story


    The auction is only a few days away and we want to tell you about Admiral. We are sometimes asked, “Why would you rescue that skinny horse?” Some people are confused why we rescue horses in extremely poor conditions.

    We hear “Wouldn’t it be better to rescue horses in better condition so they can be adopted? Rescuing an emaciated horse from auction is a waste of time and resources. Don’t rescue horses like that, they’re too far gone.”

    We believe that every horse deserves love and compassion, no matter its condition, age, or temperament. Yes, it’s true, horses in this condition don’t always make it, but we’re there with them every step of the way, even if it’s being by their side as they take their last breath surrounded by people who love them. This is Admiral, we rescued him at an auction and we received criticism that it was a waste of donor dollars and resources.

    Follow Admiral on his Facebook page - Admiral George's Journey

    Admiral didn’t think his life was a waste of time and resources, and we didn’t either. Rehabbing a horse who has been starved to this point takes time, but Admiral had a lot of life and will to live. We were so happy when the right home was found for Admiral to continue his journey. Admiral has made an amazing recovery, a recovery that would not have been possible without support from people like you. Can we count on you to help us transform the lives of more horses just like Admiral in Tennessee and across the United States? Will you be a hero and help us rescue more horses just like Admiral? Give Now!


    Credit Card:

    By phone: 1-888-HPHS-077

    By mail:
    Horse Plus Humane Society
    P.O. Box 485, Hohenwald, TN 38462

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    Learn about our safety net programs:

    Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization & has been rescuing horses since 2003, tax ID #20-1156396.

    Follow Admiral on his Facebook page - Admiral George's Journey

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  • About Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue of West Virginia


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  • Man Rescues Chained Wild Horse, Moments Later Receives The Most Incredible “Thank You”



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  • my MIRACLE horse and his rescue story


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  • Rescue horse beats odds to become champion


    A little girl from Thompson’s Station fell in love with a rescue horse who had survived brutal conditions. Together, they beat the odds.

  • Horse Shelter Heroes | S2E1 | Full Episode


    In this season premiere of Horse Shelter Heroes, horses are surrendered, adopted, the weekly vet visit, 2 trainers apply for the Head Trainer position, and a whole lot more.

    Help us as we continue to rescue, shelter and protect more horses like the ones in this episode across the United States - Give Now!


    Credit Card:

    By phone: 1-888-HPHS-077

    By mail:
    Horse Plus Humane Society
    P.O. Box 485, Hohenwald, TN 38462

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    Learn about our safety net programs:

    Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization & has been rescuing horses since 2003, tax ID #20-1156396.

    Animals seen in this episode:


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  • Most Incredible Horse Rescue and Recovery Story You Will Ever Watch in Your Life: Sansas Journey


    In the most impoverished region in the United States, Heart of Phoenix encountered hundreds and hundreds of dire cases. Sansa's is one of the worst, but her after is the best anyone could ever have fathomed.

    Her journey from near death to a incredible life is possible because of our donors, her vet, her foster, her trainer in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off (Brenda Hanson) and her adoptive family now at True North Farm.

    The 2020 Appalachian Trainer Face Off is coming up - this event is worth so much to so many.

    Consider sponsoring.
    Consider entering as a trainer before April 15th.
    Consider applying to adopt.
    Consider attending in August.
    Consider just finding a way to be part of Heart of Phoenix!

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  • Remarkable Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation


    Chevy was starved and collapsed on her way to the rescue. Watch her incredible rehabilitation!

    UPDATE: Chevy has since been adopted and is now being loved and spoiled in NY❤️

    To more learn more about our organization, visit our website or check us out on Facebook!
    Our website:

    If you would like to donate and help us save more horses, follow the links down below. You can donate via mail, PayPal, or Venmo (see info below). Every penny counts and will go directly towards saving more lives! If you are unable to donate PLEASE spread the word about our organization. Spreading the word helps save lives!❤️

    Donate here:
    Venmo: @BellaRunEquine


  • 10 years of Amazing Horse Rescue Recoveries from Starvation & Neglect in Appalachia with HOP in WV


    “The mission of Heart of Phoenix is to save the horses of Appalachia through collaboration, education and the provision of equine resources.”

    Operating as West Virginia’s largest, most effective equine advocacy organization, we work throughout much of Appalachia as united group of individuals, volunteers and partners improving the outlook for horses of all breeds and background. We do so through innovation and collaboration, while always working to empower horse owners, as well. We are advocates for good horsemanship and a kind, yet strong equine economy. With over 500 lives saved thus far, we are succeeding.

    Because we are aware it is important to expand the reach of advocacy in this region, we offer rescue to horses, education to horse owners, and we work with horse professionals nationwide to see our goals to fruition. We also assist counties’ animal control & law enforcement officers statewide with training and support.

    We are a successful advocate for All Horses in Appalachia.

    Poverty in our region means the need for education and assistance is tremendous, and we work to meet those needs.

    We care about showing what rescued horses are capable of while we work on the roots of “equine neglect” where a future finds fewer horses in need.

    Abuse, deprivation from water, food and basic care frequently go on at unspeakable levels where horses are left to suffer for years in Appalachia.

    We have found working at the root of the issue through clinics, educational events, blogs and in person help creates respect for equine advocacy and change. Our focus is to improve the outlook of horses here for now and the long term.

    Horses in our care receive the rehab and training they need to become awesome equine partners for adopters.

    We also strive to make create more Good horsemen and women, so we see fewer horses in need and see more horses going into suitable homes.

    “Saving the Horses of Appalachia until we create a future where all horses can thrive.”

    We do not just rescue, we strive to see the future requires less need for rescue. We hope you continue to listen to the stories of our horses and allow us to continue to promote great horsemanship for years to come.

    You can help change everything for horses in Appalachia when you partner with us!

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  • AMAZING HORSE RESCUE | Marleys Story


    Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.

    This is Marley's story and transformation. He was rescued at the start of 2017 in such horrific condition I don't think he was far from death (photos/video didn't capture the extent of his condition like it appeared in real life). He was so emaciated there was almost a 90 degree angle between his spine and rib cage, he was covered in rain scald, dandruff and infected cuts, had bad stomach issues and was such a chronic wind sucker he had already worn all his top teeth away. He was so weak and had no life left in him, he hardly reacted to anything. He would try and remove himself if anyone he didn't know came into the paddock, and would become extremely anxious and very strong to handle if we even took him just outside the paddock gate.

    It has been an amazing journey nursing him back to health and watching the life come back into his eyes. He is now a healthy, happy horse who loves to go out on trails, and happily comes over to anyone who enters the paddock regardless of if he knows them or not. He has completely stopped wind sucking (hasn't done it for at least 6-7 months and I don't think he will ever return to it here) and has proven himself to be the perfect first horse for my dad . I am so glad that my family is able to provide him with his forever home where he will never know the pain and suffering he has gone through in the past. He is still not 100% where we would like him to be, but he is continuing to improve everyday. Can't wait to see what he looks like in another few months. He is such a beautiful horse and deserves the world and more.



    I hope you guys enjoy Moose’s transformation just as much as I did. We went through a long journey back to health together. ❤️

    Equestrian Instagram:
    Or @hh_equestriann

  • Sansas story, Just the beginning. A Breathtaking Before & After of a Filly nearly starved to Death


    Sansa's story will be updated soon (10/2019)

    Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue
    July 2016

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  • Horse rescue


    Horse rescue, Leigh Canal at Crankwood

  • Big Reds Journey with Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue. A horse with strength beyond words - R.I.P.


    A attribute to an amazing horse with a special spirit.
    Big Red came to us 3 years ago after living in a barn by himself locked up for many years.
    He truly is miracle horse that should not have survived, he is my hero that has taught me what it means to have will and strength.
    It truly took a village to save this horse's life!
    I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to take this journey with Big Red.
    This horse is a lesson to us all,
    Live Life as if Someone Left the Gate Open.

    Thank you Big Red for crossing my path in life.

    Enjoy green pastures on the other side,
    Until we meet again.....

  • QUARENTINO: Before & After | Rescue Horse transformation


    In this week`s highlight, Emma tells the story of Quarentino, a horse rescue that happened while we were in quarantine, hence the name of this lucky boy.

    He came to Tenerife Horse Rescue with many issues, one of the biggest being he was terrified of people and other horses. In the video, you`ll witness this problematic horse transformation, his backstory, his training process with target practice and positive reinforcement, and his amazing progress in just a year's time.

    This is a happy horse rescue story, one that we wish would apply to any horse that comes to our animal sanctuary.

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    Facebook: ​
    Twitter: @TFhorserescue

    Check out our Charity project with Steve Travis:

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  • Sally: A Rescue Horse Story - Updated!


    Sally's Story is a story of one horse's journey from fear and darkness to love and trust - all made possible by the ceaseless devotion of a group of rescuers and supporters who refused to give up on her. This updated version of Sally's original video celebrates the upcoming one-year anniversary of Sally's adoption and has been edited to include some of the amazing things she has been up to since then!

    Sally is a 15-year-old registered Quarter Horse mare who came to Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary (AGES) in December of 2016. She was pregnant and had narrowly avoided being shipped to slaughter. It quickly became apparent that she was extremely fearful of humans and had likely had few - if any - positive interactions with people.

    AGES cared for her and worked hard to make her feel safe and loved. In April 2017 she gave birth to a beautiful filly. Her baby was very friendly and after weaning, she was soon adopted. Unfortunately, Sally had made little progress and was still very defensive and fearful. She could not be caught, led, touched, or handled.

    In July of 2018, Sally began a new chapter of her life by entering training with volunteer trainer Hannah Johnshoy. With patience and the unwavering support from the many wonderful people at AGES, she began to transform into the horse she was always meant to be.

    In September 2018, after nearly two years at AGES, Sally was adopted by a wonderful family, renamed Jasmine, and finally has a home all her own. However, there are many more horses at AGES and other rescues across the country that still need help. Adopting a rescue horse like Sally not only saves that life, but it opens the door for rescues like AGES to take in more horses in desperate need of help. As Sally has proven, even horses who have been through significant trauma and neglect have an amazing potential to heal and go on to successful careers just like any other horse.

    Please consider adopting, donating, or volunteering at AGES or another rescue near you. Rescues depend on the generosity and support of their community to makes stories like Sally's a reality.

    Visit or to learn more about Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary and how you can help.

    Video and training by Hannah Johnshoy.

    Special thanks to Debbie Warosh, Roseanne Rice, Danielle D'Alessandro, Chelsea Harley, Erin Kelley-Groth, Vicky Willadsen, and Fran Kerrigan for contributing wonderful pictures and video.

  • SHANTY: Before & After | Horse Rescue Transformation


    In this week`s highlight, Emma tells the story of Shanty, a horse rescue that was a bit different and very close to Emma`s heart as he reminds her of her childhood imaginary friend Shaggy.

    He came to Tenerife Horse Rescue with many issues, one of the biggest the numbness in his face along with terrible feet due to shoes. In the video, you`ll witness this problematic horse transformation, his backstory, his training process with target practice and positive reinforcement, and his amazing progress.

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  • Rescue Ranch Saves A Suffering Mini Horse Before Discovering Her Strange Intentions


    Rescue Ranch Saves A Suffering Mini Horse Before Discovering Her Strange Intentions
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  • My Horse Rescue Story




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  • Gerrys Story. My Lovely Horse Rescue



    This is the story of Gerry, the poor boy was left at only a few months old with a head collar on him. As he grew the head collar got tighter and tighter until it was embedded into his head causing unbelievable pain and infection.

    Gerry was so scared and unhandled we couldn't get him.

    We asked organisations could they help, one brilliant kind man came forward, Gerry Creighton from Dublin Zoo, he tried tranquilize his name sake on three different occasions. Finally on the 26th of May 2016 late into the evening we had amazing success.

    We can never thank Gerry enough for his patience and help. My Lovely Horse Rescue love this man and because of him this young innocent frightened and seriously wounded boy will have a life of happiness and love.

    Gerry has made a full recovery and has been adopted by an amazing woman who loves him dearly. Gerry has found his forever home where he is loved and cared for.


    Providing basic life’s needs of food, shelter, and care. We assist neglected, abused, unwanted and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys. My Lovely Horse Rescue voices the cries of the unheard. Horses are said to be the most beautiful, most spirited, and most inspiring creatures ever to step foot on the grasses of Ireland. We must all do what we can to secure the well-being of all animals who, with ourselves, inhabit the earth.

    We care for horses – with needs ranging from training and complex medical care, to simply love. My Lovely Horse Rescue is a non-profit organisation, we do not not have premises, we use private livery's and foresters to care for the horses, ponies and Donkeys in our care.


    If you would like to make a donate to help with the costs of caring for all our animals.... You can Donate via PayPal or Standing Order - Find out more here:


  • Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue: Gibbs Story


    Last week, we received an email from a lady in Roane County, West Virginia.

    She said someone had dropped off a Miniature gelding while she wasn't home in horrible condition. She felt she wasn't able to tackle the rehabilitation of such an extreme case.

    When she sent us a few photos, we immediately agreed to accept him. He clearly is going to need a lot of care.

    Thankfully, Miniature Horses who have foundered to this extreme and been neglected afterward for years typically can recover, unlike a full size horse.

    He is bright and cheerful, though we know this is very painful and does making walking very difficult.

    We plan to take his adorable, uncared for little guy we've named Gibbs to Rood and Riddle next week. Costs will be high because we will need X-rays and will use a specialized farrier at the hospital to be sure this first trim does as well as possible.

    Please donate to Gibbs' care now HERE or mail a donation to Heart of Phoenix / PO BOX 81 / Shoals, WV 25562

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  • Farmers rescue eleven frantic horses from icy water | Animalkind


    This is hard to watch, but important to know all of the horses were pulled to safety due to the quick actions of nearby farmers.
    RELATED VIDEO » Rescuers race to save drowning horses:

    Eleven horses fell through the ice over a frozen lake in Russia. A group of nearby farmers ran to the horses' aide, using everything they could to pull the horses out.


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  • AJs Story /// Horse Rescue /// Saving Horses, Inc.


    Saving Horses, Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit organization that actively rescues horses from slaughter, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. We have rescued horses off slaughter bound feedlots, at auction, and from neglectful or other life threatening situations.

    Saving Horses, Inc., was founded in 2007 by Audrey Reynolds. After being introduced to the anti-slaughter campaign, and subsequently, the world of horse rescue, the number of horses in need of being rescued out of the slaughter pipeline was (and still is) staggering.

    Over 100 horses have been rescued since the formation of this organization. Horse rescue is expensive. Saving Horses, Inc. can only rescue as many horses as there are funds to support. The funding comes from donations, fundraisers, and grants.

    Please consider a tax-deductible donation today at the link below. Thank you.

  • Albritton Reining Horses Hype Video


    #reininghorse #horsetrainer #reining #quarterhorse #nrha

  • WELCOME TO OUR JOURNEY. rescue animals with us


    We'd like to welcome our new wave of subscribers with a little walkthrough of our animal shelter. We're a horse rescue which is fully self-funded and reliant on donations. We offer free holidays for influencers who can give us exposure to their audience! Find out more about the free holiday in our Yurt on our website. Thank you for watching, see you next week :)

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  • RVR Horse Rescue - How Does Adopting a Horse Work?


    Vanessa, our volunteer adoption coordinator, explains the process on how to adopt a horse from RVR Horse Rescue.

  • What can be achieved in 6 months with a rescue horse


  • Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue 2019


  • Dru. 2011 OTTB mare with Heart of Phoenix


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    - petition

    personal instagram: @maggieakramer (see there for more activism things)

    horse instagram: @theuniqueequine (see there for more horse things and positivity during this terrifying time)

    stay safe. stay smart. see you all soon. i love you.

  • Bright Spot: Rescue horse gets new role as in-house mailman


    A rescue horse in East Hampton is delivering smiles and finding purpose in his newest role.

  • transformation ????????


  • How to fix a broken horse: Horse Rescue


    Horse rescue is a process and in today`s episode, we highlight some of the horse problems that occurred. Cadette has barefoot horse problems and Geronimo is going through problematic horse transformation, starting with testing and healing his blood.

    Would you like to know some of the horse problem solutions? The veterinarian has some interesting insights...

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  • S A W Y E R


  • Walters Adoption Story


    In February 2020, the Aitken Family adopted a gelding named The Sweetest Deal from Re-Ride Quarter Horse Adoption Program. Sight unseen, they didn't know much about the horse, only that he was an AQHA Show Horse in need of a home. What they learned about Walter after he arrived at his new home, left the Aitken family in awe.

  • How a harp is helping horses heal in Escondido


    Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab Center provides a soothing finish line for unwanted thoroughbreds. MORE: Mountain Meadow Equine Rescue & Rehab Center provides a soothing finish line for unwanted thoroughbreds.

  • Sansa and Brenda Hanson during their 2018 Appalachian Trainer Face Off Freestyle


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  • The incredible stories of grandmothers - our panel shares their family tales | The Drum


    While reading up on one of our panellists, Christina Ryan, host Ellen Fanning came across mention of her grandmother - Edna Ryan.

    It spurred an interesting conversation with all our panellists - Christina, Amy Remeikis, Lucy Turnbull and Suelette Dreyfus.

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  • Starving Horses Run to their Rescuers!


    Days End recently helped a concerned community with 5 horses suffering from neglect. All horses have been seen by our vet and a critical care plan for each horse’s needs has been made and is currently being executed. The horses will be monitored closely by staff and interns as they progress through the rehabilitation process which includes deworming, dental examinations and vaccinations. Critical care for horses in rehabilitation is roughly $2,000 a month, this year DEFHR has welcomed 26 horses suffering from neglect into our rehabilitation program – your generous donations make it possible. We can’t wait to keep you updated on their progress, thank you!

  • PART 3 - Saving 23 Horses From Slaughter


    In 2021 my small non profit rescue, Wild Things Sanctuary Inc, has saved over 20 horses that were set to ship to Mexico for slaughter.
    I bail them, pay their transportation, have a vet give them wormer, antibiotics and treat any wounds/ailments, float their teeth, and a farrier trims their hooves. My goal is to ultimately adopt these horses out to wonderful homes.
    Introducing you to the third group of horses that arrived here! I'll be doing individual videos on every horse in the future!

    To support Wild Things Sanctuary, Inc:

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    Etsy store (100% of profits donated to the sanctuary):

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    Adri Rachelle
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  • A Home For Every Horse Spotlight: Terolyn Horse Rescue


    At A Home For Every Horse we have been waiting for this video for a long time and are happy to share the finished product!

    In October 2018 A Home For Every Horse visited Terolyn Horse Rescue, inc. to tell their story and the story of the fire that took Teri Allen's home back in March of 2018. With the support of Tractor Supply Co. and Purina Horse Feed Terolyn Horse Rescue, inc. was able to restock much needed supplies and feed.

    Watch this incredible video of Terolyn Horse Rescue, inc. and the impact that Tractor Supply Co. and Purina Horse Feed have on this horse rescue.

  • For Love of Horses a visit to Dreamcatcher Ranch And Horse Rescue Center


    “For Love of Horses, a visit to Dreamcatcher Ranch And Horse Rescue Center” is based around a short visit in December 2019 to the Dreamcatcher Ranch. My wife knows someone who has the largest horse rescue in California and has often talked about it. She has always loved horses and has owned them in the past, but can no longer ride.

    I thought she might enjoy going out to Dreamcatcher so I surprised her with the offer to go there. I was not prepared for the reaction I got. She was so excited before and after we went. So, I made this video to honor her deep love for horses.

    Dreamcatcher Ranch is a nonprofit and does not take government funding but is funded by a wide variety of services such as riding lessons, trail rides, pony rides, grooming sessions, tours, parties and more. And of course, they accept donations and sponsorships.

    Horse rescue is a vitally needed service and sadly many horses don't get a second chance, so it such a worthy cause. Donate if you can or take advantage of their services. (call first as some things are by appointment only)

    Dreamcatcher Ranch and Horse Rescue Center
    10639 Toad road
    Clermont, FL. 34715
    Call/Text 407 702 8332

  • Romeo Rescue Tour ~ Live Your Dream with a Rescue Horse | Episode 3, Saddling


    Follow the journey of a 3-Star Parelli Professional and Merlin the Wizard, a rescue horse from Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.

    Merlin the Wizard is being set-up for his forever home, is searching for his partner, and is up for adoption through Wildhorse Ranch Rescue. For more information on adopting Merlin, visit

    This series has been brought to you by the Parelli Foundation, who are helping create a better world for horses and humans through natural horsemanship education. For more information on the Parelli Foundation, visit

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  • Hawk & Chiefs Journey to Freedom - Skydog Sanctuary


    A story of two horses Hawk & Chief rescued form a kill pen by Skydog Sanctuary.

  • The Appalachian Trainer Face Off with Grace Keeton and Tamale


    The Appalachian Trainer Face Off is back for 2019!

    These amazing interviews are with Brenda Hanson with Sansa, Heather Mccracken with Jody and Grace Keeton with Tamale, and they are all last year before the competition was over, filmed at Winfield, and they show the emotion and power of this event.

    There is simply nothing else like it for horses in America.

    Watch this video with tissues in hand, and you will understand why the ATFO is the do not miss equine event for horse lovers this year.

    In our 3rd year, this event changes the lives of horses, adopters and trainers across this region in a powerful way.

    Becoming back of this in any capacity means you want to see changes in horsemanship and in the lives of horses that need your help to get into wonderful, safe placements.

    Apply to become a trainer in this competition by April 15th:

    Apply to adopt an ATFO after the event concludes August 24th in Winfield, WV:

    Become an event sponsor by emailing:

    Follow the 100 day journey starting May 15th through August 24th on this page, the chosen trainers' individual pages and at Appalachian Trainer Face Off page.

    Plan to attend the Two Day show and competition by marking your schedule for Winfield, WV at the Riding Arena for both August 23-24th of 2019!

    JUDGES will be annouced soon!

    We have already released the news Adam Black is coming back to compete this year!

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  • Wow! Starving Stallion near death makes a full recovery in West Virginia through Heart of Phoenix


    Valor is adoptable now as a 7-8 year old TWH gelding who is kind and undersaddle!

    Apply today (April 2020)
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  • Rough Start Horse Rescue follow up


    KREM 2's Lindsay Nadrich follows up on some abandoned horses that were taken in by another horse rescue.

  • Beginning Halter Training With The B.C. Wildie - Part 2


    Moving along with this halter training, I manage to get him haltered by his neck and start the process of leading him around. Help support the rescue of the B.C. Wildie horse:

    A B.C. Wildie is a horse off of one of our local ranges here in B.C. Canada. This is similar to the mustangs of the United States except ours can be shipped off for slaughter either in the country or outside to other countries that slaughter horses for either pet or human consumption. I'm trying to get on a roll to see how many we can save from such a demise by purchasing before they go to the meat buyer, educating and training them up to be somebody's lovely horse. B.C. Wildies are amazing horses, very gentle and kind and deserve a better fate than that. Please consider becoming a member to help support this cause. and for extra videos and information! I post regularly to the various members sections and you also get to ask me questions directly. It really helps around here for the horses and helps me make more and better videos for this channel and hopefully put more into slowing down horse slaughter

    I'm constantly putting up new information as well over on Patreon about horse training, horsemanship, horse husbandry and extra content. You can join for just a dollar per month, or more if you want even more extra videos and information about all kinds of horse topics!

    We also have a store on our website:
    Our store is where you can purchase lessons, trims, training or help out with a bale of hay or haybag.

    I went to Colorado recently to play with some mustangs, check out this video:

    See Our Introduction Video For 360 Video Here:

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    We made a cool little movie going for a ride in our famous local park, Golden Ears Park. Check that out here:

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    #haltertraining #bcwildie#horsetraining

  • Rescue helps neglected, abused horses


    A rescue in Clermont is a refuge for abused and neglected horses.



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