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Most dangerous places in the world

  • Most dangerous places in the world



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  • 15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth


    The world is a dangerous place! Today we're taking a look at some of the most dangerous places and tourist destinations in the world. Have you been to any of these places? Let us know in the comments!

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World


    We recommend staying away from these 10 places!

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    4. LAKE KIVU
    10. CAMDEN, NJ

    10 Most Dangerous Places In The World

  • Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World


    The world is full of dangerous places, and it turns out that some people are crazy enough to go to them voluntarily. Coming up are some very dangerous tourist attractions.
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  • 12 Most Dangerous Islands You NEVER Want To Visit!


    Top most dangerous islands you don’t want to visit! These are the craziest and scariest islands and most dangerous islands you never want to visit!

    #5. “Saba”-- Netherlands Caribbean
    If you are willing to brave the rocky but short twelve minute plane ride from St. Maarten to Saba, the smallest island in the Dutch Antilles you will be graced with a view like none other, a place that looks trapped in the ancient past. Upon arrival you will find a village nestled upon a volcano that is full of vibrant atmosphere with live music, family owned restaurants featuring fresh caught cuisine and plenty of outdoor activities like scuba-diving and hiking for nature lovers. But all this comes at a cost. You might say that the locals have become such experts at having a good time because at any moment it could all be destroyed. Tourists have been known to call it ‘The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean’ but it could be more accurately described as ‘Hurricane Island’. Because of its location right in the Atlantic’s hurricane alley, the island has been noted for being hit by the most hurricanes of any island on Earth. Despite the constant attacks that mother nature brings down upon Saba its people still find a way to survive and rebuild time and time again.

    #4. “Rockall”-- Ireland
    The tiny 80 foot wide island known as Rockall which lies nearly three-hundred miles off of Scotland’s western shore has such an imposing presence it has made its way into Irish and Scottish legends as well as popular culture through music, books and television. People have long been entranced with its simple yet powerful structure with some ancient myths going as far to name it the location where the apocalypse will begin. The real life danger is in the fact that the island itself, is essentially a large granite rock sticking out of the ocean--the remnants of an extinct volcano. Because of its steep incline on all sides there is really only one place for a person to stand, the peak, which you can only get to if you are a skilled rock-climber. Even if you are it isn’t recommended that you try climbing the relatively short summit of 65 feet as the island is smack dab in the part of the ocean that boasts waves which reach upwards of 100 feet. Despite their being no natural value to the island other than its looks, Rockall was considered an extremely important strategic location by the United Kingdom who claimed the island in fear of it falling into the hands of the USSR and being used to house a missile silo. Britain’s claim to the island also has the historical distinction of being their last modern day territorial acquisition.

  • Worlds Most Dangerous Places: Coldest Road, Trip Antarctica, Wittenoom | Free Documentary


    The Most Dangerous Places on Earth: Coldest Road, Trip Antarctica, Australia's Ghost Town: Wittenoom | Free Documentary

    Most Dangerous Places on Earth are...:
    00:00 The world's coldest Road
    If you want true adventure, you've come to the right place. We are going to take you to the coldest road in the world. Where? You guessed it - Siberia.

    11:01 Trip Antarctica
    We visited the largest German research station in Antarctica: Neumayer Station III. Among other things, data is being collected for a possible flight to Mars.
    Researchers are planting vegetables in Antarctica. They hope to gain insight into how cultivation on other planets, such as Mars, can work. The team travels directly to Antarctica to learn everything about cultivation on other planets.

    34:15 Australia's Ghost Town: The contaminated city Wittenoom
    Our reporter Raphael travels to Wittenoom and explores this Australian ghost town. Asbestos contamination made it uninhabitable, forever losing its place on the maps of our world.


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    Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth


    10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

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    Welcome back to another video about dangerous places! I know a lot of you out there like to go out and explore, so I'm here to remind you of the places that will pump your adrenaline and challenge your inner adventurous spirit. Today we'll be looking at 10 of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth. We will be revisiting some places we've seen in other videos, and presenting a new batch of places you had not seen before. After all, no place is that fun unless we add the word dangerous to it. Make sure you stay with me all the way to number 1 so you can see a place on Earth that will make your bucket list, or perhaps, you will add it to the list of places you never want to see in your life!

    Lake Natron, Tanzania

    We start this list with an all-time favorite: Lake Natron in Tanzania. Stepping close to this body of water will make you feel like you are in the middle of a horror film. Its water is pretty much lethal to humans. It has a high PH level between 9 and 10.5, a temperature as high as 60 degrees celsius and an overflow of salt. So, what happens when you mix all of these things together? You get a substance that can easily calcify dead bodies and burn your skin in seconds. But you don't need to put yourself in the water to know how bad it is! Just putting a printed shirt inside the lake will show you how the ink easily comes off from it. Imagine if that ink was your skin! That would be scary.

    One time, a group of documentary filmmakers were flying over the lake with a helicopter when they suddenly had an accident that made them crash into the waters of the lake. Most of the people got injured and one of them even said that his eyes started burning. Apparently, this spot is popular for flamingos during mating season, so they wanted to document their behavior. Through this experience they learned that flamingos indeed come to this lake during that time, just so they can stay away from predators. Even the scariest of all animals know best to stay away from this corrosive lake.

    Sanna, Yemen

    The Middle East is full of amazing secrets - in this part of the world you can find a lot of cool cities in the midst of desserts and refreshing ocean waters. And one of the most amazing cities over there, is Sanna, the capital of Yemen. This place is famous because it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. And it's also one of the highest capital cities today, elevated at 2,300 meters over sea level. But unfortunately, the place is also one of the most dangerous spots in the planet due to terrorism that includes bombings and other violent acts that scare visitors away. Different authorities around the world discourage travelers from going there. Hopefully, one day all of this will change and a lot of us will be able to see this amazing city without fear!

    North Sentinel Island

    No list of dangerous places is complete without this unique island! After all, the place is forbidden and it shows us that there are still people out there who have never been in touch with modern day civilization. North Sentinel Island is forbidden and is dangerous - local Indian laws state that you can't never come closer 5 kilometers to this island. And that's because the inhabitants of this place do not like outsiders... to the point that they could kill them. The most famous and recent story of attacks by Sentinelese is one of an American man in 2018 who tried to make contact with them. However, the man got killed while trying to reach the shores of their island. Now you know what can happen to you if you decide to venture into this remote location. It is evident that these islanders want to stay away from the rest of the world!

    Dallol, Ethiopia

    Looking at pictures of Ethiopia makes me want to grab my bags and get on the next flight to that awesome country. With 80 different people groups, 200 languages, and a lot of UNESCO heritage sites - this place seems to be a great spot to explore. And I'd probably need more than just a couple of days to see what this country has to offer.

    But in the Northern side of the country, there's a place that sounds interesting, but also quite scary. It's the ghost town of Dallol - one of the most remote and hottest places in our planet. The temperature during the year is around the 35 degrees celsius

  • Most Dangerous Places In The World


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  • The 30 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World


    These Most Dangerous and Scariest Bridges in the World actually exist! Watch the full video to see the real-life photos of each of these locations!

    Most bridges are completely normal and safe. But, not these bridges! These are the most dangerous bridges in the world. And, if you are brave enough to cross one of them, you might not make it to the other side. All of these bridges have life-threatening hazards, such as dangerous creatures, water, or extreme heights. Yes, these bridges actually exist, and they're not for the faint of heart. In this video, we'll take a look at 30 of the most dangerous bridges. During this journey, we'll tell you exactly where you can find these bridges - and why they are so dangerous! So, if you are a brave adventurer or just a curious person, make sure to watch the whole video. You'll be shocked that people are allowed to use these bridges on a daily basis!

    Did you find any of these bridges particularly dangerous or scary? Tell us which one surprised you the most in the comments below!

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World | Deadliest Places


    Read the blog - and discover the most dangerous places in the world created by mother nature. Some of them are Bolivia's Death Road, Snake Island Brazil, Death Valley California, Gates of Hell etc. Explore distant deserts, volcanoes, salt marshes and whatnot - explore the most epic natural creations.

    The world is a beautiful place, sure! But it’s a vast world with certain distinctive features that separate one region from another. These #dangerous places in the world show how different geography and features of a region make them distinct and keep most of the civilization away. They are however, nothing short of distinct planets, ones that are only mysteries to us!

    List of 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World -

    1. Bolivia's Death Road - Extremely dangerous cycle route

    Also known as North Yungas Road, the #DeathRoad is one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit. It is a 69 km stretch of sharp bends and cliffs at every other turn. The route gets even more dangerous with natural conditions like fog, landslides and waterfalls. This route was a major source of livelihood for farmers trying to sell wood and crops back in the old days as it was the only connection between La Paz, the capital to the Amazon forests.

    2. Snake Island - Home of venomous pit vipers

    Off the coast of Brazil, lies an island, Ilha da Queimada Grande or Snake Island, one of the most dangerous places in the world. The island is quite small with a 43 hectare area but the amount of venomous snakes far outweigh the size. The rare golden lancehead pit viper are found here and only the Brazilian navy and researchers with permissions are allowed to enter.

    3. Lake Natron - Highly alkaline lake with striking red waters

    Now this does sound like a distinct region, doesn’t it? If we are talking about the dangerous natural places in the world, then Lake Natron usually comes in the top 5. The lake is red in color due to the cyanobacteria present and is highly alkaline in nature. The soda lake in Tanzania is not feasible for humans to visit but definitely attracts the lesser flamingos as this is one of their natural breeding grounds.

    4. Oymyakon - The coldest permanently inhabited settlements on Earth

    Oymyakon, a new planet or that’s what it sounds like is a rural locality in Oymyakonsky District of the Sakha Republic in Russia. The climate is extremely harsh and cold in the region with the village population not touching more than 1,000. The place is so extreme that a temperature of -67 degree Celsius was recorded in 1933, which is one of coldest inhabited places in the world.

    5. Death Valley - Unfathomable place with mountain-size sand dune

    In the northern region of Mojave desert, to the east of California lies a valley with extremely high temperatures. In 1913, a temperature of 56 degree Celsius was recorded in Furnace Creek in the #DeathValley. Are there any doubts about this being one of the extremely dangerous natural places in the world?

    Here are a few other dangerous places in the world :

    - Skeleton Coast - The beautiful end of the earth
    - Danakil Desert - Geological depression in the northern part of the Afar Triangle
    - Gates Of Hell - Cavern of burning methane gas in Turkmenistan
    - North Sentinel Island - The hardest place to visit in the world
    - Madidi National Park - Home to the world's most poisonous plants


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  • Worlds Most Dangerous Places: Siberian Bridge, Risky Toilet, Highest Road | Free Documentary


    Worlds Most Dangerous Places: Siberian Bridge, Risky Toilet, Highest Road | Free Documentary

    00:00 The world's most dangerous bridge
    The small remote village of Taksimo in Siberia offers visitors a unique experience (if you care to try it): driving over the world's most dangerous bridge. The 500 meter long bridge spanning the Vitim River not only has a rotting structure, potholes cover the road and there’s no guardrail. Still game to cross it? We are.

    13:22 The most dangerous toilet in the world
    Need to relieve yourself? We can tell you reaching this particular toilet will indeed be a relief because you literally risk your life to get there.

    24:22 The highest road in the world
    We drive on the highest road in the world. How dangerous is it up here?


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    Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

  • Comparison: Most Dangerous Places on Earth


    These are the most dangerous cities on the planet! Have you ever wondered how dangerous Los Angeles is? Or how about London? Watch this video to find out!

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  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World


    This video presents a list of the 10 most dangerous bridges in the world.

    Some bridges ???? were designed by world class engineers, while others were constructed by locals who used materials they found in the nature ????.
    These dangerous bridges ???? that you’re about to see are so freaky that you will hope you never have to cross them, although they offer some amazing views.

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World


    10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World
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    Everyone wishes they could spend a few days relaxing on the island of their dreams. But there are some Islands that are not your typical vacation spots. As the most dangerous islands in the world, these places are anything but serene and tranquil…

    The Carnac Island might only be 47-acres, but don't be fooled by its small size... because it’s a downright deadly place. Lying right off the west coast of Australia, almost every inch is riddled with poisonous tiger snakes. These reptiles not only possess deadly venom that can be fatal to humans, but have a mysterious past. No one understands how the snakes got to the island in the first place. Rumor has it that a man named Lindsay 'Rocky' Vane collected tiger snakes for years only to abandon them all on the island.

    #island #islands #dangerous

  • Most DANGEROUS Places In The World You Should Avoid!


    Hi, it’s Katrina! From some extreme weather conditions, to the most polluted city in the world, here are 8 of the world’s most dangerous places. Be careful if you ever plan to visit some of these amazing locations on earth!

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    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    8. Atacama Desert
    The Atacama Desert covers 40,000 square miles (103,600 km2) and is located mostly in Chile, with its outer reaches extending into Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

    7. Agbogbloshie Dumpsite
    Hopefully you’ve noticed the warnings on the packaging of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices about how they can’t be tossed into the regular garbage.

    6. Mount Washington
    Nestled among New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Mount Washington is only 6,288 feet (1,917 meters) above sea level, but it’s infamously known as the world’s most dangerous small mountain.

    5. Mailuu-Suu
    Mailuu-Suu is a mining town in southern Kyrgyzstan with a population of around 20,000. It’s the former site of the Zapadnyi Mining and Chemical Combine, which processed tens of thousands of tons of uranium throughout the Soviet era.

    4. Death Valley
    California’s expansive Death Valley National Park is known as a land of extremes for its contrasting features, such as the surrounding mountains, which reach over 9,843 feet (3,000m) into the sky, and the Badwater Basin that sits 282 feet (86m) below sea level and marks the lowest point in North America and the second-lowest point in the western hemisphere.

    3. Saltstraumen Maelstrom
    A maelstrom is a large and violent whirlpool. The world’s largest maelstrom is that of Norway’s Saltstraumen Strait, located just north of the Arctic Circle. The phenomenon occurs at least twice daily, when the fjord tries to equalize with the shifting ocean tide, which rises or falls by about 6.6 feet (2m).

    2. Sinabung Volcano
    Mount Sinabung is an active volcano located in Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia. It might sound like Cinnabon, but don’t let that fool you! In August 2010, it erupted after sitting dormant for roughly 400 years.

    1. Dzerzhinsk
    The most polluted city in the world is Dzerzhinsk, Russia, located about 249 miles (400 km) east of Moscow. Nearly 300,000 tons of chemical waste were dumped there over a 70-year timespan, and little-to-nothing was ever done to clean it up.

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  • 10 Of The Most Dangerous Places On Earth


    With humans living in and conquering almost all extremes on our planet, it’s hard to believe there could be places that are considered dangerous enough for us not to visit if we valued our life. Here are 10 of the most dangerous places on Earth that you wouldn’t want to visit.

  • 10 Most Dangerous Homes In The World


    Here are 10 of the riskiest and most daring homes in the world!

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    10 Most Dangerous Homes In The World

  • 8 Places You Should Never Swim In


    There are lots of amazing outdoor swimming areas in the world. Some of them are safe and protected with lifeguards watching over you while you swim, bathe, dive off rocks, and play in the water. But some beaches are not just unsafe — they’re outright dangerous! Here are 8 places where you should never attempt a swim if you treasure your health and life.

    Blue Holes 1:03
    Colorful Pools 2:15
    Laguna Caliente 4:18
    Nyiragongo Crater's Lava Lake 5:16
    Pink Lake 6:19
    New Smyrna Beach 8:12
    Frying Pan Lake 9:22
    Eagle's Nest Sinkhole 10:22


    - Most blue holes are open to the public. However, some of the biggest ones have acquired a really bad reputation among divers.
    - It's hard to believe that nature created something as colorful as the thermal pools located in Yellowstone National Park. They look like something from another world: bright, beautiful...and deadly.
    - Laguna Caliente is located in Costa Rica and differs dramatically from its sibling, Botos Lake. These 2 bodies of water are crater lakes of the Poas Volcano.
    - Mount Nyiragongo, which is situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an active volcano. Its last eruption took place in 2002. In its crater, there's a lake. But it’s not your typical lake.
    - Lake Hillier in Western Australia is indeed as pink as it looks. This is a shallow salt lake that’s beautifully edged with white salt formations and surrounded by eucalyptus forests.
    - New Smyrna Beach has been called the “Shark Capital of the World” by the International Shark Attack File. In 2008, almost 40% of all shark attacks on the planet happened in this region.
    - If you look at the photo of Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand, you might think that there's fog hanging low over the water. Similar fog (or, more precisely, steam) forms over warm water on a cold morning.
    - Eagle's Nest Sinkhole is a body of water in Florida that looks like an ordinary pond. It’s only when you get into the water that it gets dangerous. Beneath the lake, there's a huge system of underwater caves with rooms and passages that spread for miles.

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Americans or Westerners.


    You know some countries are more dangerous than Detroit or a Lingerie party at my cousin's ex-wife's house. Yes, it's hard to believe, I know.
    In general, the world can be a dangerous place. You could be in danger no matter where your plane lands. The thing is, some countries excel in danger. And some even bump that up a notch depending on where you hail from. If you think everyone in the world loves America and its people, you’ve lived a sheltered life and I want to congratulate you on escaping from where ever you were and are now able to get on the internet to watch this video.
    The fact is, some countries are dangerous for everyone, especially Americans, so much so the Dept. of State updates a report every couple weeks called Travel Advisory. This is a report that ranks the danger level a country might have for Americans that travel there. It has colors like a mood right of danger and goes from level 1 Blue that Exercise normal precautions, up to 4) Red Do not travel.
    In today’s video, we're looking at the top 10 Level 4s and find out why.

    10) Syria
    9) Burkina Faso
    8)South Sudan

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World


    Most of us think of a vacation as a time to relieve some of the stresses of everyday life, relax and switch off for a couple of weeks. Sipping a margarita by a hotel pool, a charming European city or sunbathing on a sandy beach are some classic choices for vay-cay. But there are some people who find themselves in vacation spots that leave them wishing they could just go back to the office, or even wondering if they’ll ever see home if you’ve been wondering where not to go this summer vacation, here’s the 15 most dangerous tourist destinations in the world.

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  • 5 most dangerous places you can visit in INDIA


  • Most Dangerous Places of world || T Talks


    most dangerous places of world / Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World / Most #Dangerous #Places On Planet Earth / #TTalks

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  • DANGEROUS Places You Should NEVER Swim!


    Check out these dangerous places you should never swim! From dangerous beaches with sharks lurking underwater to other popular tourist destinations, this top 10 list of scariest places to swim in the world should definitely be avoided!

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    8. Berkeley Pit
    If you’re in Butte, Montana and have 2 dollars to spend, then you might want to consider visiting Berkeley Pit. It is one of the only places in the world where you can pay to see toxic waste. It’s pretty easy, just pay the $2 admission fee and enter the viewing platform. The Berkeley Pit is a former open pit copper mine that is filled with highly acidic water. There are metals and toxic chemicals that seep out of the rocks, including copper, iron, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and sulfuric acid!
    Of course, you don’t need me to tell you what would happen if you went for a swim there. The pit was closed in 1982, the groundwater slowly filled the pit and now, it is a serious environmental problem. In 1995 a flock of geese landed in the water and over 342 dead geese were recovered.
    But the place is not really lifeless. New fungal and bacterial species have been found to have adapted to the extremely harsh conditions inside the pit. An even more interesting discovery was that these species developed a better production of highly toxic compounds to improve their chances for survival. Some of these might be useful against cancer!
    However, there are other things about the Berkeley Pit the State of Montana should be concerned about. The water level in the pit is constantly rising. This is a very big problem because if the water level reaches the critical point it will contaminate the nearby ground water of the entire Butte valley which is home to more than 30,000 people! A water treatment plant was built in 2003 to help avoid this catastrophe and hopefully this year, 2018, the facility will be able to treat and divert the deadly water.

    7. The Drake Passage
    Back in the day, if you wanted to travel from the west coast of America to the east coast, you had to travel south and pass through what is known as the Drake Passage. This is where the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern seas converge, and it is the fastest way to get to Antarctica. The Drake Passage is almost 1000 km wide and the current creates some extremely choppy water. Combine that with unpredictable weather and you can either have the smoothest water ever or an extremely violent journey.
    Aside from the harsh weather, the Drake Passage is also known for its cold and deep waters. The waters are actually among the coldest on earth! And its average depth is of about 11,000 feet! Extremely large cargo ships that cannot go through the Panama Canal, are forced to go the long way around the Americas and go through the Drake Passage. Before the Panama Canal, the safest, most trafficked route to reach LA or San Francisco from New York was to go down to Cape Horne and around the west coast. It would take about 90 days.
    There are many cruises that you can take to Antarctica and despite the rough crossing, many people say its worth it for the spectacular landscape and wildlife that you can see including dolphins, whales, and many kinds of birds. It is apparently quite the adventure!
    Just make sure to take your motion sickness pill!! And whatever you do, don’t fall into the water!!

    6. Saco River
    Saco River is a popular recreational river and many people come here to visit every year hoping to cool off and have some fun. Located between New Hampshire and Maine, it is 220 km long. It passes through several counties and towns before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at Saco Bay. You can camp near the river, rent a canoe, go tubing, or simply enjoy its beauty along the shore. It really sounds like a very nice place to spend your free time. If you ask the right person, that is.
    There is a reason Saco River is on the list, after all! There is a local legend that the river is cursed. The story goes that in 1675, three drunken English sailors encountered a woman from the Sokokis tribe with her child. They made a bet about a European myth that stated that an Indian baby can swim upon birth as animals do. They attacked the woman, took her child and threw it in the lake where it drowned.
    The woman’s husband, Squandro, the chief of the Sokokis tribe, cursed the river “to claim three lives every year until all white men fled its banks!”

    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

  • Most DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations In The World!


    Check out the Most DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations In The World! These tourist attractions are located in places you don't want to visit, unless you're a daredevil and looking for adventure!

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    10. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
    Half Dome at Yosemite is popular for tourists from all over the world, especially hikers, with an elevation of 8,842 feet and a hike that takes 10 to 14 hours to complete.

    9. Road, Bolivia
    Yungas Road, which is more commonly known as Road, in Bolivia is a popular bike path about 40 miles long.

    8. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
    Every year the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland is visited by about one million people. The highest cliffs reach 702 feet with the lowest at 390 feet, all dropping directly into the Atlantic Ocean.

    7. Mount Everest
    The past few years, Mount Everest has been in the news confirming the of climbers’ due to avalanches.

    6. New Smyrna Beach, Florida
    New Smyrna Beach in Florida is known as the shark capital of the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

    5. Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
    Even though most people understand the dangers of active volcanoes, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reports that over 100,000 tourists visit the areas of active volcanoes every year.

    4. Grand Canyon National Park
    Grand Canyon National Park is about 1,214,400 acres and had over 5 million tourists in 2016. Rangers at the Grand Canyon perform more rescues than any other park.

    3. Mont Blanc, Chamonix
    Mont Blanc is known as one of the tallest mountains in Europe, reaching a height over 15,000 feet. Mont Blanc is also said to be a fairly easy mountain to climb, even with all the risks involved.

    2. Boiling Lake, Dominica
    Boiling Lake has a specific cautionary message to tourists from the Dominican Government, which states, DO NOT go swimming in the lake!

    1. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia
    The Danakil Desert was named to be one of the cruelest places on earth by National Geographic, however, this is still a place where people want to go.

    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Places Of India Hindi


    #Adventure #Places #AmazingPlaces #VijayiBharat
    Here Are 10 amazing Adventures & Mysterious Places Of India

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth


    From deadly tsunami-prone locations to areas with an overabundance of crime, we count 15 places on Earth you are most likely to get killed in
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  • 10 Most DANGEROUS Ocean Creatures In The World!


    10 Most DANGEROUS Ocean Creatures In The World!

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    The ocean is the world’s largest habitat; therefore, it contains the most number of animal species in the
    world; some of which can be very dangerous. Today we will be looking at 10 of the most dangerous
    ocean creatures in the world. Make sure you stay tuned till number one. You will come face to face with
    the creature solely responsible for the drastic drop in number of people going to beaches in the mid

    Number 10. The Flower Urchin
    Many of you will have come across sea urchins at some point, and some will have found out the hard
    way what those sharp spines are for – I certainly have. However, the flower urchin is in a league of its
    own when it comes to defensive weaponry. Described by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s
    “most dangerous sea urchin” this is one echinoderm you don’t want to be standing on.
    What makes this urchin deadly is the potent venom it is armed with. This venom contains at least two
    dangerous toxins; Contractin A, a neurotoxin which causes spasms of the smooth muscles, and peditoxin
    – a protein toxin which can cause convulsions, anaphalactic-type shock and death. The venom is
    delivered via the pedicellariae – these are the flower-like structures that give the urchin its name. Once
    contact is made with the skin the pedicellariae often break off and continue pumping poison into the
    victim. Apparently the size of these pedicellariae is directly related to the potency of the venom.
    The flower urchin has been responsible for a number of deaths over the years. As well as being intensely
    painful, the urchin sting can result in paralysis, breathing problems, and disorientation can all contribute
    to drowning.

    Number 9. The Great Barracuda
    Measuring up to 6ft in length and armed with a terrifying array of super-sharp teeth, the torpedo-like
    barracuda is more than capable of inflicting serious injuries. There are actually 22 species of barracuda
    but it is only the great barracuda that has been known to attack humans.
    The barracuda’s diet consists mainly of small and medium sized fish. It uses its lightning speed and
    ambush tactics to catch them. Many of the recorded attacks on humans seem to have involved shiny
    objects such as jewelry or even diving knives. Apparently the barracuda are attracted to these, confusing
    them with prey fish and strike.
    Such attacks can leave the victim with deep gashes, often resulting in nerve and tendon damage or in
    the worst case severing blood vessels. These injuries can require hundreds of stitches to patch up.
    On rare occasions barracudas have been known to leap out of the water and cause serious injury to
    people in boat. One recent case in Florida left a female canoeist fighting for her life after suffering
    broken ribs and a punctured lung after a barracuda attack.

    Number 8. The Cone Snail

    The cone snail has been a favorite among shell collectors for centuries, but don’t be fooled by its pretty
    appearance, these snails are killers! Armed with tiny harpoons formed from modified teeth these
    critters can fire a hollow barb loaded with deadly neurotoxins in any direction. The harpoon of some of
    the larger species of cone snail is big and powerful enough to not only penetrate human skin, but gloves
    or wetsuits too.
    A single drop of the cone snail’s venom is said to be sufficient to kill 20 men making it one of the most
    venomous creatures on earth. Known as conotoxins the poison can be highly specific affecting only
    certain types of nerves. Whilst this may be of medical interest, the stings generally cause intense,
    localized pain with the life-threatening symptoms sometimes taking several days to present. On the
    other hand, rapid paralysis of the respiratory system and death can occur shortly after the sting. In fact,
    one species of cone snail is known locally as the “cigarette snail” on account of there being just enough
    time to smoke one before you die!

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  • What are the most dangerous places in the world?


    What are the most dangerous countries in the world? (1990-2017).
    Homicides refer to interpersonal violence. Civilian and military deaths during civil wars and genocides are not counted as homicides. This video ranks the world's top countries by annual homicide deaths per 100,000 people from 1990 onwards. There is places in the world that has a really high homicide rate such as South Africa, Brazil, Mexico etc.
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    Red by Scott Buckley
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  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Tourist places in the world | Bmc facts | Telugu


    Top 10 Most Dangerous Tourist places in the world | Bmc facts | Telugu

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  • Worlds Most Dangerous Roads - Philippines


    The headhunters road Kalinga in filipino is aptly named even if the region's heads haven't been rolling for a long time. It said the spirits of the mountains still have a taste for them when it comes to cutting the road.
    Christopher and his men face the same struggle against the mountain every day. Their job is to remove the thousands of cubic meters of rocks blocking the road in record time.
    Further down the valley lies the town of Bontoc. It is neither Airport nor railway station, so the road is vital for its 15,000 inhabitants. If the Kalinga is blocked, the entire region is paralyzed and even the bone snake charms are powerless.
    Bus 532 with 20 years of service is about to leave for one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines: the Kalinga on the island of Luzon. It relays Bontoc to the regional capital of Tabuk to the north through the Cordillera mountains. A Tough road under construction for nearly a century, but which still resembles a track. It takes almost a day if all goes well to travel.

  • 10 Most Dangerous Places On Earth


    The world is a dangerous place, but some places are most definitely more dangerous than others. A lot of these places are off-limits to humans, but some people still brave the elements and harsh conditions to get a glimpse of them. Here are 10 most dangerous places on earth.

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    Death Valley, USA

    Located in Eastern California, Death Valley is an amazingly inhospitable place. In fact, as you can probably gather by its name, it’s not a very forgiving place at all. It’s amazing that anything lives there at all, with temperatures reaching 56.7 degrees Celsius. That’s extreme by anyone’s standards and it goes without saying that humans wouldn’t be able to survive in a place like that. Death Valley also has the lowest elevation of anywhere in the United States, with its Badwater Basin sitting at 282 feet below sea level. The area is roughly 3,000 square miles. Death Valley’s extreme heat is caused by a number of factors, including solar heating, along with air sinking and warming. Advection also helps to heat the place up to ridiculous temperatures and there isn’t much water to be found in its subtropical desert climate. Average rainfall only amounts to 60 millimetres, which is 2.36 inches. That being said, Death Valley is also prone to extreme flooding at certain times of the year. When rain does fall, it washes right over the dry ground, with water collecting at its lowest points. If the heat in Death Valley doesn't kill you, there’s a good chance the flash floods eventually will and either fate would be a pretty rough way to go.

    Dallol, Eritrea

    Parts of the Danakil Desert is located in northeast Ethiopia, southern Eritrea, and northwestern Djibouti, but we’re focusing on the area known as Dallol, which is an incredibly dangerous place to be. The lakes are all choked with salt and volcanoes are relatively plentiful. They’re also quite active for the most part. In some places, deposits of salt can be up to 800 metres thick, which is great for salt mines, but not so good for people trying to survive there. The locals mine salt, but have to protect themselves from bandits who regularly raid the area. It’s a lawless place and the temperatures are some of the hottest in the world, which further complicates things for anyone hoping to eke out a living in the harsh climate. It’s one of the lowest and hottest places on Earth, with temperatures baking the ground at 50 degrees Celsius for most of the year. The Earth’s crust is very thin in Dallol, which is why there are so many volcanoes, along with earthquakes that threaten to shake off the local inhabitants on a regular basis.

    Mount Washington, USA

    Even though it sounds quite pleasant, Mount Washington is one of the most dangerous places in the world and is thought to be the most dangerous place to go hiking in North America. To begin with, it has insane winds, with the highest recorded wind speed reaching 231 miles per hour, which is about 80 miles per hour higher than a category 5 hurricane. To put that in perspective, we don’t currently have a classification for storms above a cat 5. It can also get blisteringly cold, with most of the 150 deaths there since 1849 being due to hypothermia. The weather is notoriously unpredictable and freak storms can kick up out of nowhere, trapping people unlucky enough to be on its slopes. Even the most dedicated survivalists steer clear of Mount Washington because it’s just not worth tempting fate in a place like that.

    Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

    When Mount Sinabung famously blew its top in 2010, it marked the end of a 400 year quiet spell. That all went to hell, however, as the eruption lasted years. It has been continuously erupting since 2013 and is showing very little signs of slowing down. Countless people have been evacuated from the area, with a lot of them being unable to return home due to the extreme danger that the volcano poses. The estimated temperatures of the pyroclastic flow during the last eruption has been estimated to be upwards of 700 degrees Celsius and we probably don’t have to tell you just how high that is. The flow spread across an area of 4.5 kilometres in a matter of seconds, with the ash plume reaching 2 kilometres into the sky.

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  • Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in World | Dangerous Cliff | Dangerous Tourist Destinations


    Explore The World PK - Exposed the World Hidden Edges
    This is my Pakistan is visit many places in Pakistan in different areas. We make 4K-UHD Videos of Historical Places, Events, Parks, Building, Hotels, and Outing place. These videos are family viewers before visit to that places you must watch our videos to get information about these places.

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  • Most Dangerous And Difficult Places Of The World


    Most Dangerous And Difficult Places Of The World

    Hy Friends in this incredible Video i have Explained and showed you world Most Dangerous And Difficult Places you will be amazed with the interesting facts and mind blowing realities hope you enjoy the video

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Railway Bridges In The World


    10 Most Dangerous Railway Bridges In The World

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    Trains are some of the oldest means of transportation that are still operating today. They got their first passengers in the 1800s, which makes them close to 2 centuries in business. While most people nowadays use planes, buses or their own cars to travel far, trains are still quite popular and sometimes...they even go through places that no other vehicle would go through. In fact, sometimes the railway tracks are positioned across places where you never thought you could visit. Today we’ll be looking at 10 of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world. Everything on this list will make you wonder why would someone build a railway track in such places - perhaps some of these will call the adventurous spirit in you to go and venture on your own train ride across a very challenging terrain. Make sure you have a look at number one! It’s a place where you would have never imagined you could go, not even inside a train!

    Chennai - Rameswaram , India

    If you’ve ever been to India, or have at least considered visiting, you are probably aware of how popular trains are in this country. In fact, they have some of the longest train journeys in the world - one of them lasts 85 hours and brings you across the country for more than 4000 kilometers! On the other hand, they also have some of the most dangerous train rides in the world, but that only adds to the excitement of the experience - and that’s the case of the train that travels between the cities of Chennai and Rameswaram. This train goes above the water on a 2.3-kilometer-long bridge. It’s high enough for ships and ferries to pass underneath, but sometimes the water levels get too high that the railway gets flooded. On top of that, strong winds and intense weather conditions threaten what could easily have been a peaceful ride across the ocean. For that reason, these trains slow down to a speed of 4 meters per second, avoiding any possible incidents.

    Train to the Clouds, Argentina and Chile

    Next on our list is a railway track that took 27 years to be built! It’s the famous “Tren a las nubes” which runs from the city of Salta in Argentina all the way to Polvorillo in Chile, traveling for 217 kilometers. This rain has existed since 1948 and its name, which in English means “Train to the Clouds”, derives from the fact that it travels through 29 bridges and 21 tunnels while staying at more than 4,000 meters above sea levels -

    Nose of the Devil, Ecuador

    Would you go on a ride if they tell you you’re going to “the nose of the devil”? It seems like it’s quite a famous journey for adventurers in South America. This train that takes you on such a ride is the Trans-Andean railroad as it passes through a mountainous area of Ecuador, near the Alausi village. These mountains keep the train from having a smooth ride; for that reason, the Ecuadorian government made a railway track in the shape of a zig zag, going up 500 meters while traveling for about 12 kilometers

    Cape Town’s Crimes in Public Transportation, South Africa

    Alright, not all the dangers on this list have to do with geography. In the case of Cape Town, South Africa, the railways turn dangerous due to the actions of other human beings. For the past couple of years there has been a high crime rate on public transportation. One out of ten train routes gets canceled on a daily basis due to thefts and assaults. The local authorities have tried to stop the chaos by increasing the penalties to those who commit such evil actions. However, such punishment is not enough. For that reason there is now a railway police that seeks to decrease crime related incidents in the future.

    Georgetown Loop, USA

    Of all the states in the US, there’s one that is very connected to nature. That’s the state of Colorado. Some of the best landscapes and unspoiled pieces of land are in this area. Also, this state is home to a very old and quite dangerous railway: the Georgetown Loop. This railway was built back in the 1800s and it goes through the Rocky Mountains - it was the only way to transport silver to and from the mines within this region. The mines were so hard to access and this narrow railway had to be built through a lot of dangerous bridges just to get to them.

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations


    Foreign beaches and tourism might not be worth the visit after all. Be careful what vacation you book!

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  • 8 Most Dangerous Places to Swim in the World


    There are lots of amazing outdoor swimming areas in the world. Some of them are safe and protected with lifeguards watching over you while you swim, bathe, dive off rocks, and play in the water. But some beaches are not just unsafe — they’re outright dangerous! Here are 8 places where you should never attempt a swim if you treasure your health and life.

  • Most DANGEROUS Waters in the World


    It’s been said that a person can survive almost a month without food, but not even a week without water. Water accounts for 70.9% of the earth’s surface, and 70% of our brain. 97% of water on earth is full of salt, making it undrinkable and potentially quite dangerous. Today we soak in some of the most dangerous waters from across the globe… hope you don’t suffer from sea sickness and remember, don’t drink the water!

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    8 - The Rivers of China…
    It’s not just one particular river that comes next, but rather several rivers in China that are so full of pollution that health problems are imminent. Government are currently asking citizens to help them identify “black and smelly” rivers, and they’re hoping to do something about it. Volunteers have also been called upon to help clean up the mess, which is frightening. The rivers are presenting life threatening health problems for citizens, so hopefully this drive will see movement in the right direction for the shocking state of the rivers of China.

    7 - Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela…
    This was once the largest lake in South America at 5,100 sq miles. It is one of the oldest lakes on earth, thought to have been around 20–36 million years already. It’s the northern part of this lake that sees quite a lot of unusual action for roughly 140-160 nights of every year. It’s home to the most extraordinary lightning displays, called the “Catatumbo Lightning” and each night sees around 20,000 flashes of lighting! Some storms last up to 10-hours and it produces an incredible 10% of tropospheric ozone in the world. This is definitely not a body of water you’d like to sail across in a hurry… rather rent a hotel room and watch the spectacle from the safety of your room.

    6 - Lake Karachay, Russia…
    Very similar to our rivers of China, Lake Karachay is one of the most polluted bodies of water in the world. Located in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia, the lake is surrounded by radioactive waste. Close by is Mayak, one of the biggest nuclear plants in Russia. Combined with that is radiation from the Chernobyl disaster, and local residents have been badly affected by the water in this lake – with birth defect rates very high, and many residents getting cancer.

    5 - Timor Sea, Australia…
    One of the stormiest spots in Australia is Timor Sea, where it’s pretty normal to have 100 thunderstorm days a year! Underneath the sea lies massive reserves of oil and gas, which means there’s quite a lot of activity that takes place on those waters. However, work is often interrupted because of storms and cyclones and the workers are used to being excavated to the mainland – it’s all in a day’s work on the Timor Sea.

    4 - Lake Natron, Tanzania…
    Pictures of Lake Natron are surreal. The lake has images of animals that look like they’ve been turned into stone circulating the net, and many will automatically assume that the animals turned into stone when in contact with the water, but that’s not the case. Photographer, Nick Brand, found the animals in that state in the water, and he repositioned them as they would have been in real life and then snapped the imagery. This lake is high in salt and is one of the most alkaline lakes in the world. The pH is as high as 10.5 and it’s so caustic that your eyes and skin will burn just to be near the water. A salt crust on the lake sometimes changes the colour to red, and temperatures can reach 120°F in some spots. Despite all that, the lake is home to a number of fish and a number of birds, including flamingos.

    3 - Lake Victoria, Africa…
    It’s the north of this great lake that experiences the most incredible thunderstorms. Thunder can be heard for around 242 days of every year! The lake is part of 3 countries, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. It’s the world’s 2nd largest body of fresh water and provides a livelihood for many families. Weather, animals and a lack of resources are said to account for the loss of up to 5,000 lives every year, making it one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world. There were plans of a new mobile alert system that was to be put in place in the hope of informing people when storms were heading their way, and hopefully that will result in many lives being saved in the future.

    2 - Horseshoe Lake, USA…
    There are fissures in the bottom of Horseshoe Lake that are deadly to everything thanks to the carbon dioxide it emits. It’s been said that 4 people have not survived the lake and there are signs all around the lake informing people of the potential hazards. Best to look from a distance.


  • Most Dangerous Places in the world | Deadliest Places


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    Most Dangerous Places in the world | Deadliest Places

    This video is making for knowledge purpose.

    About video
    Hello everyone, Welcome to the new factified video. In this video we talk about Most amazing and Interesting facts (rochak tathya/ रोचक तथ्य) that you don't know or facts you never knew. Into this video there are included some science facts and general knowledge facts that are provided in Hindi. This fact video is gone very interesting and amazing so watch the video till the end and I hope you liked this insane facts videos. If you like this video then SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE it to your all friends.
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    ∆ पृथ्वी पर Ice Age क्यों आती है? Ice Age कब आएगी? हिमयुग | How Ice ages happen | Milankovitch Cycles

    ∆ 5 Amazing Space Facts You Didn't know| Space Facts| Incredible Space Fact

    ∆ 5 Amazing Facts About India| INDIA| Documentry About India

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  • Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Hanging Bridges In The World | दुनिया के 10 सबसे खतरनाक पुल


    In this video, we are talking about hanging bridges of the world which are very dangerous for travel. We discuss some of the bridges which are located in Canada, Ireland, Austria, etc. These bridges are very dangerous because these are located at various places in big heights and it is impossible for a new life if one falls to the bottom. Tourists get attracted due to the beauty of these bridges. Here are some of the bridges that we mention in this video.
    The longest bridge in the World

    10)Capello Bridge Canada
    Friends Capilano Bridge, which is built on the Capilano River, is considered one of the world's most dangerous bridges. Its total length is more than 140 meters and it is situated at a height of about 70 meters from the river. This bridge was first opened in 1889.

    9) Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Ireland - Carrick-a-Reddy Bridge, Ireland
    This bridge, made of ropes, is one of the world's most beautiful bridges. Tourists get attracted due to the beauty of this bridge, but on this bridge, everybody passes away every day.

    8) Highline 179, Austria
    Austria's Highline 179 is 406 meters long and 114.60 meters high, one of the world's most dangerous Hanging Bridge. Friends, these bridges are not supported by any kind of support. This bridge hangs at all times and after seeing the maximum people riding on this bridge, this bridge looks even more dangerous. These bridges are made in the middle of the hills and due to the woods under it, it looks very beautiful.

    7) Siddhu River Bridge
    These are located at an altitude of 1500 feet and about 4000 feet long. Even though the guys are so tall, the bridge is made up of no pillar trench.
    If you have a chance to go here, stop and try to peep at all.

    6) Trift Bridge, Switzerland - Trift Bridge, Switzerland
    Triff Bridge, which connects two mountains, always looks quite dangerous. This bridge is 170 meters tall and its height is more than 100 meters.

    Watch our Full video to find more information about dangerous bridges in the world.

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World


    Come summer there are many of us clambering for a spot at the beach. I mean, it’s one of the best places to hang out with family and friends on a hot day. But there are some beaches that are considered dangerous, particularly if you’re looking to take a quick dip in the water. From the beach located so close to an airport runway you can almost touch the planes landing, to the water that almost sucks swimmers into its depths, here are 15 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World!

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  • 15 Scariest Bridges In The World


    These 15 bridges are some of the most dangerous and scariest roads you can travel on. You won't want to drive on these roads.

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    15 Scariest Bridges In The World

  • Ten Most Dangerous Places In The World


    In this video, we're counting down ten most dangerous places in the world. When it comes to taking holiday vacations, we have the entire world at our fingertips – literally! Whether it be tropical islands with white sandy beaches or snowy urban jungles with towering skyscrapers, there’s always something out there to suit everyone’s tastes.

    Frequent travelers and casual tourists alike probably have a list of places they want to visit – the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in Agra, and the Great Wall of China in Beijing are just some of the most-visited attractions ever, drawing in millions of visitors each year.

    However, there are probably a few places on Earth that you would do well to leave off your travel bucket list.

    Here are ten places in the world that are so dangerous that tourists are highly discouraged from visiting them.
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  • 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World That Will Get In Trouble


    From pits of fire to unexpected hurricanes, here are the ten most dangerous places on earth.

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    10: Miami, USA
    Few things in nature leave more devastation in its wake than a hurricane. And few places on earth are quite as prone to these horrifying acts of natural destruction as Miami, Florida. Anyone who lives in Florida knows just how devastating hurricane season can be. Nobody knows when the next windstorm will level the city or fill it with floodwaters.

    9: Java & Sumatra, Indonesia
    The islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia face persistent natural disasters. This is another one of the most unfortunate places to live in the entire world. Indonesia as a whole is incredibly dangerous for all kinds of natural reasons. There isn't just one type of force that threatens this beautiful country. Indonesia, and specifically Java and Sumatra, are constantly under threat from floods, droughts, landslides, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and tsunamis.

    8: Istanbul, Turkey
    Istanbul was once called Constantinople, and for centuries it was known as a cultural and commercial center of the world. This ancient city holds many world wonders, including one of the oldest marketplaces in the world. And if you didn’t know the exact location of Istanbul, it is a metropolis sitting right on the border between Europe and Asia.

    7: Guatemala
    South of Mexico is the Central American country of Guatemala. While there are certainly dangers associated with criminal activity in this region of the world, the entire country is actually much more at-risk from a natural disaster. This is mainly due to Guatemala’s strange topography. This is one of the only countries in the world that is made up entirely of hills, mountains, and general uneven landscape.

    6: The Sahel Region, Africa
    Drought is something people don't really think much about as being a natural disaster. Hurricanes and volcanoes are much more visceral, and much more dramatic to watch as they unfold. However, drought actually kills far more people every year than hurricanes or volcanoes. According to The United Nations Environmental Programme, between 1972 and 1984 over 100,000 people died because of drought in the Sahel region of Africa.

    5: Naples, Italy
    Italy is a seriously beautiful country. It has fine wine, great food, and mild temperatures. But in Naples, the threat of doom looms high over the city at all times. There is no need to go back over what happened to the neighboring towns of Herculaneum and Pompeii back in A.D. 79. Many have already learned about the destruction that Mount Vesuvius rained down upon the region. But what we're here to talk about today is why this is still one of the most dangerous places on earth.

    4: Norilsk, Russia
    The town is deep in Siberia, and it’s been called the worst place on earth to live. The name? Norilsk, Russia. This city is a double threat. It's incredibly hazardous because of the cold climate, which can reach freezing temperatures of up to -40 degrees, causing hypothermia and other horrible problems.

    3: Kem Kem Group, Africa
    The Kem Kem Group in Africa was once the most dangerous place on earth. It's nothing but a dusty desert now, but millions of years ago this small region of what is now western Africa, particularly near eastern Morocco, was a battleground of terrifying magnitude. This was the most dangerous place to be alive on earth in the far prehistoric past.

    2: Minqin County, China
    In Minqin County, China, the desert is encroaching on human civilization. There has been a drought going on in this region for over a decade, and because of this serious lack of water, the county of Minqin is now being turned into an infertile wasteland. This process is known as desertification, and it’s actually costing China around 3 billion dollars each year to try and avoid.

    1: Maldives
    The Maldives has been a favorite luxury destination for years. Many western tourists flock to the Maldives every year for beautiful beaches, pristine blue waters, and a calming sense of tranquility. However, this is actually one of the most dangerous places in the world. The entire country is sinking, and it is sinking fast. According to a report by leading climatologists, the entire nation will be underwater and gone in approximately 80 years or less because of global warming.

  • 12 Most Dangerous Waters In the World


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    It’s all fun and water games until you’re dragged out by a riptide, bitten by a shark, or contaminated by radioactive waste.
    The world’s oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes are begging to be explored, but some of the most spectacular are also the most deadly. Don’t be fooled by pretty scenery or intriguing wildlife – even the most inviting hot spring or serene mountain lake could be hiding a hazardous secret.

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  • 17 Most Dangerous Places To Visit


    Danger can mean anything from crime rate and unpredictable weather to steep ground and more. What makes these places the most dangerous to visit in the world? Keep watching to find out.

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    7. Hawaii’s Volcano Tours
    Hawaii is known for its volcanic activity. Naturally, tourists want to get a closer look at its world-famous volcanoes, but beware because that sightseeing trip can turn deadly. Many helicopter and bicycle companies will get you to the top for around $100. From 1992-2002 the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reported 45 major injuries and 40 deaths. Some die from losing control of their bikes and some from the lava haze, which looks like a harmless cloud of water vapor, but in reality contains a toxic mix of hydrochloric acid, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. These gases can cause asphyxiation, asthma, and heart conditions.

    6. New Smyrna Beach
    You'll find lots of swimmers, surfers, and sharks at Florida's famed New Smyrna Beach. The beach is often called one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Since 1882, records show New Smyrna Beach to be the location of nearly 300 shark attacks. The Guinness Book of World Records named it the “Shark Capital of the World.” You’d think people would avoid this place altogether, but this beach counts as a notable surfing spot as well. Swim at your own risk.

    5. Alnwick Gardens
    Who doesn’t enjoy a pleasant stroll through a well-manicured proper English garden? You might want to think twice if you visit Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. After inheriting the castle, the Duchess of Northumberland decided to revamp the gardens. She thought ordinary flowers were uninteresting, so she planted poisonous ones instead. Thus the Poison Garden was born. The path allows visitors to stand far enough away from the plants that they can’t smell or touch them, but some people do faint from the toxic fumes the plants release into the air. In addition to the poisonous plants, the Duchess also included coca and cannabis plants, to demonstrate how they can be deadly, too.

    4. Mont Blanc
    When you think of the French Alps, you probably don’t associate it the highest fatality rate of all the mountains in Europe. Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Europe, measuring to 15,780 feet or 4,809 meters tall, making it dangerous enough already by sheer height. 100 hikers per year die on the mountain. Amateur climbers should not try to climb Mont Blanc, yet a lot of beginners make up the 20,000 people that visit the summit each year.

    3. Death Road, Bolivia
    Biking down Yungas Road is just about the most dangerous bike rides in the world. That’s why it earned the nickname “Death Road.” Almost 300 bikers are killed annually trying to make it to the end of this narrow, steep road. The road is so dangerous that people from the adjacent town say a prayer before they use it. The drop from the side is 164 feet and those not daunted by their possible demise, speed across the path going around 40 miles per hour. So many people have lost their lives traveling this death road that graves and shrines now line the route. Not the best sign when you’re packing up to take a spin.

    2. Skellig Michael
    For those unfamiliar with Skellig Michael, you can catch a glimpse of it in the latest Star Wars movie. Monks settled on this very remote island off the coast of Ireland between 600 and 800 AD. The monks chose this location specifically because it was hard to find and navigate. Visitors to Skellig Michael must endure an hour-long boat ride through rough seas. Once they arrive there, there is no guarantee that they will be able to dock, due to the high waves and choppy water. If they do make it ashore, they will not find the typical tourist amenities such as food, water, bathrooms, shelter, or a visitor center. Navigating the island is dangerous as well because to reach the site, you have to climb 600 ancient stone steps that wind up the side of a mountain, without any handrails. Two deaths have been reported so far.


  • 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World


    Death Valley, USA:
    It is North America's driest. its Area is 3,000 square miles (7,800 km2). Death Valley is its scorching hot oven. Without water, you can live here for only 14 hours. This stunning desert holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on our planet - 134 °F (56.7 °C). The Danakil Desert, Eritrea:
    Baking temperatures that often top 120 °F (50 °C), numerous active volcanoes, geysers that spit toxic gases - it's hard to imagine a more brutal landscape than Africa's Danakil Desert. Most people would probably consider this terrible place a literal ''Hell on Earth''.
    Mount Washington, USA:
    Mount Washington holds the world record for the fastest winds on the surface of the Earth. The highest recorded speed here is 203 miles per hour (327 km per hour). The strong winds, however, are not the only concern in this area - the freezing temperatures that can drop as low as −40 degrees and continuous heavy snowfalls make Mount Washington a very dangerous place. Despite its modest height - 6,288 feet (1,917 meters ) - Mount Washington is one of the world's deadliest peaks.
    Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia:
    This is an active volcano situated on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Eruptions occur here very frequently, often leaving thousands of people without shelter or livelihood. The nearby towns and villages have been completely covered in lava and ash several times already: in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The latest explosion occurred February 27, 2016. That eruption ejected a deadly cloud of volcanic gas, stones, and ash to a height of 2,500 meters.
    Snake Island, Brazil:
    this place is full of one of the most venomous snakes in the world, Bothrops. Researchers estimate that about five snakes per square meter live on the island. There are several stories of people succumbing to the deadly predators in no time at all.Brazilian government has prohibited any visitors from setting foot there.
    Madidi National Park, Bolivia:
    At first sight, this place looks very picturesque, but it's actually very dangerous. it's home to the most poisonous and aggressive fauna in the world: contact with any of the plants growing in this park can cause severe itching, rash and dizziness. Any cut, or even a small wound, can become infected with tropical parasites.
    Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia:
    It's located not far from the famous Valley of Geysers. High concentrations of toxic gases found in this area pose a serious threat to every living thing: plants and animals die quickly, while people soon start to feel unwell and get a fever, dizziness and chill.
    Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands:
    this island looks like a paradise, doesn't it? But it was actually home to numerous nuclear testing programs that turned the picturesque island of Bikini into a radioactive wasteland. The inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes, and even today this remains hazardous for living organisms: the abnormally high level of radiation recorded here can cause cancer.
    Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand:
    In Elephant Kingdom, Thailand, at a Crocodile farm, the owner leases out a small semi-closed raft space for tourists to come visit, see and FEED crocodiles. They use beef or meat pieces attached to the rods and dangle the rods before the crocodiles.
    Afar Depression, Ethiopia:
    Erta Ale volcano, in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, is one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet. Small earthquakes are constantly shaking the region, forming numerous deep chasms. This happens because Erta Ale contains two lava lakes in its summit crater. The amount of lava in them is constantly changing, causing the Earth's surface to shake up and down.
    Lake Natron, Tanzania:
    The alkali salt crust on the surface of the lake is so dangerous that all living creatures die just coming into contact with it. For obvious reasons, swimming in this lake is strictly prohibited.

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World | Tamil | Navin Shimmer


    The world's most dangerous roads are often carved into the sides of mountains at high altitudes. Others, like the Atlantic Road in Norway, are so close to the ocean that drivers can be washed away by a storm. Despite their life-threatening terrain, plenty of people drive on these roads, including tourists looking to take advantage of beautiful scenery.

    Many of the world's roads are plagued by unsafe speed limits and poor design, but few present the kind of perilous conditions that send drivers sliding across icy lanes or plummeting thousands of miles to their death. In places like China, Bolivia, and Alaska, drivers can encounter narrow, unpaved highways that are vulnerable to landslides, avalanches, and steep mountain terrain. These roads are often branded as the world's most dangerous, and a few even have the word death in their moniker.

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    2. 99 Bend Road - 02:10
    3. Pan American Highway - 02:59
    4. Sichuan to Tibet Highway - 04:00
    5. James Dalton Highway - 04:54
    6. Kolyma Highway - 05:38
    7. Guoliang Tunnel Road - 06:46
    8. Zoji La Mountain Pass - 07:48
    9. North Yungas Road - 08:40
    10. Killar To Pangi - 09:31

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  • Most Dangerous Places on Earth - Purisrar Dunya


    Most Dangerous Places on Earth

  • The Most DANGEROUS places for EXTREME SPORTS


    For some people, everyday sports just don't cut it. They would rather dive into an abyss, literally. If flirting with danger excites you then how about visiting some of these pant-soakingly scary places for extreme activities.

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