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My First Video On YouTube | Crazy XYZ

  • Chicxulub Impact Event in real time


    66 millions years ago, the 160 millions years -long reign of the dinosaurs ended after a cataclysm fallen from the sky. A giant asteroid twice larger than Mount Everest killed 75 % of living species.
    The consequences of the impact have never been exactly described before.
    I propose you to discover what if this happened today if this asteroid fell again in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), in real time for the first hour after the impact, according various parameters :

    - Thermal radiations (the fireball)
    - Air blast (overpressure and shockwave velocity)
    - Earthquake (estimated at 10.4 on Richter Scale)
    - Ejecta worldwide spread (ejecta size and thickness deposits)
    - Tsunami generated by the impact

    Timelapse generated on RStudio

    0:00 Introduction
    0:50 Real time
    1:01:00 Accelerated timelapse
    1:04:32 Summary and Climate change

    -------------------- SOURCES --------------------
    - Crater simulation

    - Impact simulation : (online program)
    (corresponding documentation)

    - Tsunami wave height and velocity

    - Earthquake wave propagation velocity

    - Post impact climate change

    - Impactor settings

    -------------------- SOUNDTRACK --------------------


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  • Max The Angry Macrophage | A Story about HLH | Cincinnati Childrens


    Meet Max, and learn about the rare immune disorder called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, better known as HLH. In patients with HLH, the immune system does not work as it should, and often requires a bone marrow transplant. Cincinnati Children’s is one of the most experienced facilities in the nation in treating HLH and the clinical and research pioneers at Cincinnati Children’s HLH Center of Excellence are committed to changing the outcome for children who have it.

    Medialab at Cincinnati Children's
    Animation: Jeff Cimprich and Ren Wilkey
    Medialab Direction and additional content expertise: Ken Tegtmeyer, MD
    Content Experts: Stella Davies, MBBS, Ashish Kumar, MD
    Additional Production Work: Julie Daisey
    Voiceover: Emma Perentesis
    2D Artwork and Character Design: Katie Green
    Original Music: Steve Twist



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