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Mysterious Discoveries Found Under Dried Bodies Of Water

  • Mysterious Discoveries Found Under Dried Bodies Of Water


    Check out these mysterious discoveries found under dried bodies of water!
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  • 10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Found Underwater!


    From lost Egyptian treasure to a mysterious underwater base, and even a terrifying cave full of Mayan artifacts! Here are 10 of the craziest things ever found underwater!

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  • 10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Found Underwater


    From ancient rainforests hidden under the ice to missing pilots found, here are 10 of the most mysterious things found underwater or under the ice.

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    10. Underwater Tank Graveyard
    At the beginning of 2015, a Twitter account specializing in abandoned places posted an image of what appeared to be an underwater tank graveyard. The photo contained a pile of World War II-era tanks found submerged, including some that were upside down, as if they were carelessly dropped into the water from high above.

    9. Antarctic Rainforest
    In 2017 scientists discovered evidence of a 90-million-year-old rainforest by analyzing a sediment core retrieved from beneath the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica. They noticed a distinct layer in the core, and a closer look revealed ancient roots, pollen, spores, and remains of flowering plants. Antarctica was once ice-free, hosting a rainforest lush with vegetation that was completely different to its modern-day barren landscape.

    Last year, a group of activists found what appeared to be deliberately arranged rock formations at the bottom of a lake while they were examining some gas pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac (Mackinaw) between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). If they are manmade, the linear and circular structures would date back some 10,000 years, to the end of the last Ice Age!

    7. Living Prehistoric Creature
    Imagine spending years looking for an insect-like creature smaller than a sesame seed. That’s exactly what biologists Ian Hogg and Byron Adams did. For years the two worked together in search of Tullbergia mediantarctica. It was originally discovered in 1964, but no one had seen it since then. They began their search in 2006, but their efforts repeatedly turned up fruitless.

    As the Antarctic Peninsula’s two major glaciers retreat at remarkable speed, the melting ice is revealing parts of the planet that people of our time have never seen before. In February of last year, scientists with the International Thwaites Glacier Offshore Research project announced the appearance of an uncharted island, visible above sea level for the first time amid the disappearing ice.

    While swimming through the Sagitario underwater cave system beneath Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula in 2017, a pair of divers found a rare prehistoric pigment mining site. The submerged tools, fire pits, and other fixtures date back to sometime between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, when the region’s indigenous inhabitants extracted iron-rich red ocher there.

    Is it possible that other planets have lakes of some sort? Earth is not the only planet with polar ice caps. Mars has them, too, and experts have wondered if there could be water hidden beneath them, and if there is water, then perhaps there is life. Recent research shows that this is, in fact, a possibility.

    3. WWII Pilot
    After months of underwater excavations, the US military has found the remains of at least one pilot that was shot down in 1944. Reports of two US aircraft found underwater in the Republic of Palau led to investigations that lasted several years.

    The site, known as Atlit Yam, is one of the world’s best-preserved prehistoric underwater settlements. Discovered during the 1980s and excavated in the following years, the ruins tell a story of a pre-pottery people who were repeatedly forced inland as the sea encroached on their homes.

    1. An Ancient Lake
    Hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions of years ago, when northwestern Greenland was ice-free, a lake formed there. Occupying an area of over 2,700 square miles (7,100 km2), it was about the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. It was over 800 feet (244 meters) deep at its deepest point.

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  • 10 MYSTERIOUS Archaeological Discoveries Found Underwater


    10 most mysterious archaeological discoveries found underwater! These underwater ocean finds will shock you just as it did archaeologists. The most amazing archaeological finds will most likely be made underwater due to the fact that most of the Earth's surface is covered in water!

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    10 - Elongated skulls found in Maya underwater cave

    9 - Artifacts of the first-ever ancient naval battle!

    8 - Incredible discovery of boat wreck in Croatia dated to 3,200 years!

    7 - 2,000-year-old entire Roman medicinal pill found in the sunken vessel!

    6 - 11,000-year-old underwater relics!

    5 - The perfectly conserved ancient Chinese underwater city

    4 - Mysterious 10,000-year-old underwater site in Japan!

    3 - The controversial underwater structures of Zakynthos

    2 - The 5,000-year-old underwater city in Southern Greece!

    1 - Ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion, on the border between myth and reality

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  • 5 Underwater Discoveries That Cannot be Explained!


    The oceans of the Earth hold many secrets. Throughout the history of mankind, some stunning, scary, and sometimes simply inexplicable things have accumulated on the ocean floor. Scientists have discovered ancient cities, cemeteries of sculptures, even those abnormal zones where the laws of physics don’t work. The mysterious and frightening ocean can not only be a peaceful surface that gives life, but also an enraged devourer of civilizations! Now, we will try to figure out the most interesting and mysterious discoveries!

  • 9 Most Mysterious Discoveries Found In Antarctica!


    From secret military bases to thousands of mummified penguins, here are 9 mysterious things found in Antarctica!

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  • Below This MYSTERIOUS Island Divers Found The Ancient Lost Tomb Of CLEOPATRA!


    From Cleopatra’s palace to a mythical city that turned out to be real, here are 10 incredible lost cities found underwater.

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  • Diver Finds Bodies Chained Together Underwater, Then Discovers The Horrifying Truth


    Diver Finds Bodies Chained Together Underwater, Then Discovers The Horrifying Truth

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    Some people just have a natural love for exploration. There are countless videos and articles all over the internet about people exploring volcanoes, deep jungles, and even the dark depths of the ocean. Many of us would never think to put ourselves at such a huge risk like this just for the sake of seeing what possible treasures can be discovered. Sometimes the findings make the risks involved more than worth it. But other times, it's the findings themselves that make you wish the risks were all that you had to be worried about. The team of divers in this story can never unsee what they were unlucky enough to come across.

    The Great Blue Hole located off the coast of Belize is the word's largest ocean sinkhole known to man, measuring approximately 1,000 feet across and about 400 feet in depth. It has become an extremely popular diving site over the years, but its internal structure, features lie at the very bottom still remained a mystery, until December 2018 when an expedition into The Great Blue Hole took place.

    It's important to note that once you get to a certain point deep enough in The Great Blue Hole, there is zero oxygen present there, meaning that absolutely nothing can survive down towards the bottom. This is also a very common spot where divers go missing due to not having the slightest clue that they're not going to be able to survive if they venture too far down.

    As the expedition team was traveling deeper and deeper, they noticed some strange looking conch shells. Again, nothing is able to live down there, but the shells themselves still looked a little bizarre compared to the usual conch shells people are used to seeing. When the team finally reached the bottom, the noticed some strange tracks in the sand that circled around each other with no indication or clue around as to who or what made them. The team decided to leave the tracks alone and not alter them in any way.

    Near where the submarine was parked, they also saw a few caves. Most of the caves had their roofs collapsed, but one cave looked as though it was in good condition and able to be entered. Inside the cave, there were many stalactites, some even as big as 40 feet in length. Stalactites are formed due to the slow drips of water and the crystallization of minerals. Since it's not possible for water to drip underwater, this meant that at one point these caves were above water. The team kept going, but the further they went inside the caves, the darker it became. The lights they carried didn't have unlimited battery life, so they had to be careful and choose wisely when to utilize the lights. Everything was going according to plan until the divers bumped into something. Since it didn't appear to be possible to continue advancing, they decided to turn on one of the lights to see what was in their way. When they were able to see what it was, their hearts certainly stopped for a few seconds.

    They came across what at first looked to be a ring of mannequins. This obviously not being possible, had to mean that they were either statues, or bodies. The team came to the conclusion that they were more than likely bodies due to the fact that the Great Blue Hole was known for having divers go missing while trying to explore. What happened here, is that a big team of divers was exploring, together, then their lights must have run out of battery life. So then the divers not having any sort of light source, couldn't make their way out of the cave before running out of oxygen to breathe. At this point, the expedition team decided that they had seen enough and it was time to go back to the surface to report their findings.

    When they arrived back at the surface, the first thing they did was alert the authorities about what they found. No one was going to go back down and get the remains, but at least the authorities could get an idea of where some of the missing people reported in the area may very well be. Maybe some of the people involved, as well as their families, could finally be at peace. But even with what they, unfortunately, had to come across, the expedition was a huge success. The team was able to find out some of what's truly at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole.

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  • 10 Mysterious Things Found Trapped in Ice


    10 Mysterious Things Found Trapped in Ice
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    Over the years, scientists have found many things preserved in ice in the frozen tundras of the world; many of them are woolly creatures, but some others are truly bizarre and boggle the mind. There are some mysterious, creepy, and even incredible things to be found trapped in ice, and because of global warming, we’re rediscovering a lot of them.
    Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, today we’re going to look at the 10 most mysterious, bizarre, and creepiest things found trapped in ice!
    And make sure you stick around for number 1 to see the most mysterious 100-million-year-old mountain range

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  • 8 Most Mysterious Sea Creatures Discovered!


    From unidentified sea monsters on the beach to a giant great white shark that disappeared in the depths, here are 8 mysterious and unexplained sea creatures.

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    8. New Zealand Sea Monster
    Found on Pukehina Beach in the Bay of Plenty, the strange marine creature had a very large head and exposed pointed teeth with rudimentary flippers and measured almost 30 feet (9 m) in length!!

    7. Shark Becomes Bait
    When Australian scientists tagged a 9-foot great white shark to study her movements, they didn't expect the device to wash ashore four months later with no sign of the shark. The biggest mystery is what happened to it?!

    6. The Loneliest Whale In The World
    In the northern Pacific Ocean, a strange sound was captured by hydrophones in 1989 by SOSUS, a software used by the Navy to capture sounds from enemy submarines. But what they discovered was a whale song, but not a song heard by any whale group.

    5. Furry Russian Sea Creature
    When a bizarre creature washed up on a Russian shore, spectators were rightfully curious about its strange beak and fur. Was it a hairy dolphin? Some deformed extinct defrosted mammoth? You’d think it would be easy to tell the difference but in this case, it’s very hard to say!! The thing was basically a sea monster.

    4. Blobfish
    The blob fish will not be winning any beauty contests any time soon. A member of the family known as fathead sculpins, other unattractive fish, the blob fish is normally found in an area between Australia and New Zealand.

    3. Hairy Sea Monsters
    What is it with these mysterious hairy blobs washing up on beaches? A recent discovery in the Philippines of a decaying hairy blob the size of a truck is one of the most bizarre discoveries of recent years. The 20 foot long grey and white carcass washed ashore on the beach, bringing with it the pungent smell of a rotting corpse.

    2. Megalodon in the Mariana Trench?
    While you might think that the only way you'll see the prehistoric Megalodon shark is in a Hollywood blockbuster, could it be possible that sharks three times the size of great whites still exist?

    1. Bigfin Squid
    Workers on an oil rig for the Shell company unwittingly captured video of the elusive bigfin squid in 2013. One of the ocean’s more mysterious creatures, not much is known about these squid because not many of them have ever been captured on video. With fins that are up to 90% of the length of the body and ridiculously long arms, the squid have strange movements including holding their arms at 90° angles from their bodies like some sort of weird alien.

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  • 10 Strange Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica


    Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. ☃️ It’s the coldest location ever discovered, with an average temperature of -58ºF and an occasional drop to as low as -128.5ºF. ❄️ In addition, this continent remains the least explored. Antarctica has no time zones, no countries, and only 2 ATMs. We're gonna tell you about 10 mysterious and bizarre findings that have been discovered in the ice of Antarctica.

    Elongated skulls 2:42
    An ancient meteorite 3:28
    Ancient fossils 4:19
    Petrified remains of an unusual animal 5:01
    Blood waterfall 5:44
    Dry valleys 6:26
    100-year-old whiskey 7:23
    A scary creature 8:06
    An underground lake 8:43
    A frozen ship 9:36

    #antarctica #unusualanimal #frozeninice


    Achilles - Strings by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

    Evening of Chaos by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

    - This was a truly shocking discovery: 3 elongated skulls were found in Antarctica in 2014. These skulls were the first human remains uncovered in Antarctica.
    - For the last 50 years, people have found more than 10,000 meteorites in Antarctica. Some of them are more than 700,000 years old.
    - It turns out that dinosaurs used to live in Antarctica! Since the ‘80s, scientists have discovered almost a ton of fossils there. Most of these remains are more than 71 million years old.
    - Archaeologists made another amazing discovery in 2009: the ice of Antarctica had been hiding the fossilized remains of a unique creature. It was the size of a modern cat, but, unlike our popular pets, the animal was egg-laying.
    - An unaware onlooker might easily believe that the Taylor Glacier is leaking blood. Terrifying blood-red liquid indeed flows over the ice and falls into the sea. Luckily, the origin of this water isn't dramatic at all. This unusual waterfall contains so much iron oxide that it makes the water look like blood.
    - While Antartica is a snow-covered continent, you probably wouldn’t associate it with a lack of water. However, this land is home to one of the driest locations on our planet: the Dry Valleys.
    - 2 boxes of excellent Scotch whiskey were hidden in the ice of Antarctica for more than 100 years. After archaeologists discovered this unexpected treasure, they didn't remove it from its ice trap immediately because they were afraid of damaging their finding.
    - At a depth of 1,100 ft, American archaeologists made a truly terrifying discovery — they came across an unknown creature that didn't resemble any other living being known to people.
    - Scientists know of approximately 400 lakes in Antarctica. Due to incredible pressure, water stays liquid even when its temperature is below the standard freezing point.
    - In 1914, the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition began. Its aim was to cross the icy continent from one side to the other. 2 ships participated in the voyage. Tragically, one of them got stuck in the ice and was crushed.

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  • 10 Most Mysterious Discoveries That Could Change History


    From dark streaks on Mars to a secret collection of burial tombs carved into the side of a mountain, here are ten of the most mysterious discoveries!

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  • 10 Most AMAZING Things Ever Found Underwater


    10 AMAZING things people have found under water.
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    With so much of the Earth’s surface covered in water, it’s no surprise that there are some pretty unbelievable findings beneath the water. Scientists and divers have discovered a bunch of things that would shock you, including entire cities, pyramids, and maybe even a UFO.

    One of the most astonishing underwater cities is known as Heracleion. It sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and wasn’t discovered until the year 2000. French archaeologists found statues of ancient Pharaohs, works of art, gold coins, and a fleet of ships. Another city was sunk on purpose by the Chinese government, and it wasn’t rediscovered until 1959. Lion City is still in flawless condition, and the water has actually helped to preserve its ancient artefacts and structures.

    Hidden cities aren’t the only things that have been found below the water. A river was found with its very own waterfalls, trees, and leaves right below the Black Sea! It's like an entirely different world hidden beneath the surface of the water! There’s absolutely no limit to what you may find the next time you go deep sea diving. But if you don’t have any plans on exploring the abyss of the ocean anytime soon, we have pictures of some of the hidden deep sea and ocean gems that will surely shock you.

    If you would like to see the 10 most amazing things ever found underwater, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these items is the most amazing to you!

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  • 10 Creepiest & Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries!


    From skull masks made from warriors to the remains of a Slavic god pulled out of a river, here are ten of the creepiest and most mysterious discoveries!

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  • Strangest Objects Recently Discovered


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  • 15 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries In the World


    Those eager archaeologists are always digging stuff up and, in doing so, they’re alwaysfinding things that arguably never should have been found! Sometimes oddly deformed bodies, or even whole cities, can turn up! Who truly knows what is buried under our world’s dirt and earth!? These are the most mysterious archaeological discoveries in the world!

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  • 12 Most Unexplained Mysterious Finds That Really Exist


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    Everybody loves a good mystery. That’s why Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular fictional characters of all time! You don’t need to go to Victorian London or open the pages of a fictional novel to find a mystery, though. They’re all around us, and anyone might find one on any given day! We’re lucky to live in a world of mysteries, and we’ve packed some fine examples of them into this video for you.

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  • Something Strange Was Found Under the Antarctic Ice Sheet


    #eldddir #eldddir_earth

  • 10 Most Shocking Recent Archaeological Discoveries!


    From mummifying yourself to mysterious figures stalking people in the mountains, here are ten shocking discoveries.

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  • 9 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places



    When we were kids, we all wanted to make a great discovery. We imagined that the cobblestone found in the courtyard is some kind of gem, and we also expected to find ancient treasure in an old sofa. Well, actually, any adult would be happy to find valuable treasure. Of course, the chances of really finding it are slim, but sometimes this happens. Today we will tell you about great discoveries.

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  • 10 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries Hidden Under The Sahara


    While the Sahara may seem like a vast wasteland there is more than what meets the eye! From an enormous swimming dinosaur to a lost civilization that fought the Romans, here are 10 things found hidden under the sahara.

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    10. First Swimming Dinosaur
    At up to 50 feet (15.24 meters) long and weighing as much as seven tons (6.34 metric tons), Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, dwarfed the Tyrannosaurus rex. Known as one of the strangest dinosaurs ever discovered, it lived between 95 and 100 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period, and possessed an extremely long tail resembling a paddle.

    9. Ancient Cemetery
    While hunting for dinosaur remains at a site called Gobero in Niger in 2000, a group of scientists led by University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno stumbled upon a large human graveyard possibly dating as far back as 10,000 years. It turned out to be the largest known Saharan cemetery, containing the remains of fish, crocodiles, and other creatures in addition to around 200 humans.

    8. The Tamanrasset River
    The Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world where only the toughest wildlife can survive! But it wasn’t always that way. Before the Sahara Desert was covered in nearly 3,630,000 square miles (9,400,000 km2) of sand, it was a humid, tropical region filled with lush vegetation and freshwater sources.

    7. Libyan Desert Glass
    For over 3000 years, fragments of canary yellow glass, known as Libyan Desert Glass, have been found between shifting sand dunes over a vast area of the Sahara Desert in western Egypt, near the Libyan border. The mysterious material was even incorporated into King Tut’s gilded and jewel-covered breastplate in the form of a scarab beetle that serves as a centerpiece.

    6. Monster Croc
    Dinosaurs weren’t the only animals that favored the marine habitats once offered by the Sahara. In 2016, scientists discovered evidence of the largest-ever sea-dwelling crocodile in modern-day Tunisia. Their findings, which appeared in 120-million-year-old rock, were published in the journal Cretaceous Research. Does anyone read this? Let me know in the comments below!

    5. Nabta Stones
    A series of stones known as the Nabta Playa Stone Circle, located in modern-day southern Egypt, marks an area that flooded seasonally thousands of years ago, forming a lake and attracting Neolithic nomadic tribes, who set up camp at the site.

    4. Lake Mega Chad
    A freshwater body called Lake Mega Chad once occupied a roughly 139,000 square mile (360,000 km2) area of the Sahara Desert in Central Africa, making it the largest freshwater lake on Earth at the time.

    3. Lost Libyan Civilization
    There’s more to the Sahara Desert’s hidden secrets than ancient bodies of water. Satellite photographs released in 2011 show over 100 fortresses or castles belonging to a so-called “lost” civilization that once inhabited southwestern Libya.

    2. Valley Of The Whales
    As you now know, the Sahara Desert contained vast bodies of water on-and-off throughout history. Included among these was the Tethys Ocean, which existed tens of millions of years ago. Then the ocean dried up and became the desert.

    1. Prehistoric Megalake
    In 2010, scientists discovered evidence of a prehistoric megalake that formed around 250,000 years ago and spanned a more-than 42,000 square mile (108,800 km2) area of the eastern Sahara Desert at its peak. Researchers made the find by analyzing radar data of Egypt and creating a profile of the ancient megalake using images of wind-blown sediments, sediments produced by running water, and bedrock beneath the sand.

  • 10 Most Bizarre Discoveries Found Underwater!


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  • Legend of Atlantis | Drain the Oceans


    Exciting evidence emerges of civilizations lost for centuries under the waves, from mysterious underwater pyramids off the coast of Japan to the fabled city of Atlantis itself. Using cutting-edge graphics to reveal what's actually lying on the seafloor, and insight from the world's top marine archaeologists, Drain the Oceans finds the answers.

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  • 10 Most Controversial Archaeological Discoveries!


    From giants trudging around North America to a mysterious war fought by the Egyptians, here are ten controversial archaeological discoveries!

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  • CORPSE Found Hidden In Tree Trunk!


    See what happened when one man found an old buried chain on a farm... and other bizarre archaeological discoveries!
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  • Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers!


    Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers! From magical objects with supernatural powers to mysterious ancient but real magical relics, this top 10 list of mythological artifacts will amaze you!

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    8. Buddha’s Tooth
    Siddhārtha Buddha reached ‘Maha-pari-nirvana’ and left this Earth (or more simplistically died) around 483 at the age of 80. It was believed that he passed away from food poisoning and was cremated in northeast India on a pyre of sandalwood. Before the process was complete, Buddha’s disciples began arguing over who would keep portions of his ashes and bones.

    7. The Foundation Stone
    The Foundation Stone forms the foundation for Temple Mount, also known as the Noble Sanctuary - a place in Jerusalem that is considered highly sacred by the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. At first glance, the Foundation Stone is nothing more than a slab of limestone. However, for centuries, this seemingly inconsequential stone slab has been the site of much warfare, controversy, and debate.

    6. Charlemagne’s Magic Love Ring
    During his reign, it is said Charlemagne fell so deep in love with a German princess, that he forgot to take care of himself, and affairs of state. It was as if the typically bloodthirsty and well-groomed emperor had become bewitched by a supernatural force. Legend goes that a snake had gifted the King a diamond and he had it made into a ring for his princess.

    5. Blood of St. Januarius
    St. Januarius was a bishop of Beneventum in Italy who died a martyr around the year 305 AD. To this day, a preserved relic of his dried blood is kept in a sealed glass ampoule in the Cathedral of Naples, where he is the patron saint. On three separate annual occasions, the blood liquefies on its own while thousands of spectators gather at the cathedral to witness the miracle firsthand.

    4. The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan
    The most precious treasure of the Clan MacLeod of Scotland is its Fairy Flag. By all appearances, the tattered, faded-brown silk flag, which is on display in the drawing room at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, doesn’t seem like much. Its history, however, proves otherwise. And remember, looks are often deceiving, especially when it comes to historical artifacts.

    3. Our Lady of Guadalupe
    This relic continues to baffle scientists, despite being the subject of extensive studies and evaluations since 1751. In Mexico in 1531, Mary reportedly appeared several times to a 57-year-old Aztec peasant named Juan Diego. Proof of his vision was imprinted on his cactus fiber cloak, or “tilma,” and the image came to be known as “The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

    2. The Lia Fail Stone
    Ancient Irish kings were crowned at the Lia Fail, also known as the Coronation Stone, which is located on the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland. According to Irish folklore, whenever a king of true Irish or Scottish descent stood or sat on the stone, it shouted joyfully.

    1. The Cloak of Muhammed
    The most prized relic of the Islamic religion is located in Kandahar, Afghanistan, at Kharka Sharif, or the Shrine of the Cloak of the Prophet Muhammad - one of the country’s holiest places of worship. It ended up there while in the possession of Ahmad Shah Durrani, the first king of the Afghan state.

    Juan Diego tilma statue niche San Juan Capistrano Basilica by Pamla J. Eisenberg Licenced under CC BY 2.0

    Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

  • 10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Cant Explain!


    From the secrets of The Serapeum of Saqqara to the mystery of a strange “quasicrystal” formed after a nuclear blast – here are ten incredible discoveries scientists can’t explain!

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    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    #mysteriousdiscoveries #strangediscoveries #unexplaineddiscoveries #originsexplained

  • Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes In The World


    Mysterious lakes exist all around the world that will blow your mind. Lets find out about the creepiest mysterious lakes in the world.
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  • 9 Mysterious Recent Discoveries Scientists Cant Explain


    From incredible ancient building techniques to unexplained objects in the sky, here are 9 incredible finds that scientists can’t explain.

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    Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals! ????
    LARGEST Animals Ever Discovered! ????
    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    9. Djoser Pyramid
    The Egyptians built their first pyramid, known to us today as the Step Pyramid of Djoser, around 4,700 years ago in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara. Djoser was the first king of Egypt’s Third Dynasty. His vizier, Imhotep, diverted from traditional building methods and materials by designing a six-layered, 197-foot (60 meters) high stone pyramid far unlike the rectangular dry clay brick monuments that were customary at the time.

    8. Ufo Sightings In Idaho
    Idaho ranked as the number one state for UFO sightings in 2020, tallying up an impressive -- or, perhaps, troubling -- 164 reports of strange objects seen in the sky. Some of these sightings can be easily explained. For instance, people around the world have been baffled by SpaceX’s StarLink satellites, which seem like an otherworldly string of white lights passing through the sky.

    7. World’s Oldest Bridge
    In the early 20th century, archaeologists in Girsu, Iraq discovered a monumental brick structure that was huge, but they had no idea what it was so they called it the “enigmatic construction”. Girsu was once the center of a large city state in ancient Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization. This is one of the earliest known cities in the world. Now known as Tello, it was built during the third millennium B.C. -- around 4,000 years ago, and it was rediscovered in 1929.

    6. White Island Mining Disaster
    Whakaari, also known as White Island, is New Zealand’s most active volcano. It’s located roughly 30 miles (48 km) off the east coast of the country’s North Island. In September 1914, part of the volcano’s crater wall collapsed, triggering a landslide that sent mud and rock gushing into the lake below. All eleven sulfur miners on the island at the time were buried alive in the disaster.

    5. Bosnia Pyramids
    Amateur archaeologist Sam Osmanagich made headlines in 2008 with his adamant claims that the world’s oldest and largest pyramids are actually in Bosnia, near the city of Visoko. He insisted that they were built 12,000 years ago by an advanced ancient society, and his stories about them became increasingly more abstract in the following years.

    4. Encoded Sword
    During the 19th century, someone discovered a unique double-edged 13th-century sword in the River Witham in northern England. It contains a cryptic 18-letter inscription that runs down its central groove.

    3. Skyquakes
    There are various names for skyquakes depending on where you live in the world, including Barisal Guns (India), Uminari (Japan), Mistpoeffers (Netherlands and Belgium), Lagoni (Italy), and Retumbos (Philippines).

    2. The Stargate Of Sri Lanka
    Located on a 40-acre (16 hectares) plot of land in Sri Lanka, Ranmasu Uyana is a park containing the beautiful gardens enjoyed by past royals. The gardens themselves and the nearby Tessa Wewa reservoir were built in the third century B.C., during the time of King Tissa.

    1. Muziris
    During the early 2000s, archaeologists excavated at a site in Pattanam, a village in southern India where strange beads surfaced every year during monsoon season. Over the following years, they discovered a plethora of artifacts, including Roman amphorae, a 2,000-year-old dugout canoe, building foundations, glass beads, gold ornaments; iron, lead, and copper tools, and a wharf-like structure.

    #mysteriousdiscoveries #recentdiscoveries #archaeologicaldiscoveries #originsexplained

  • Top 10 Mysterious Things Found In Antarctica


    Top 10 Mysterious Things Found In Antarctica
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    Antarctica is a remote place, with many strange and bizarre artifacts, animals, and mysterious findings found frozen in ice and frozen in time. From rainforests, to underwater mountains, to cosmic particles and ancient meteorites. These are the Top 10 Mysterious Things Found In Antarctica right here on Most Amazing Top 10!

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    Time Codes:
    00:00- Intro
    00:19- Hidden Lakes
    01:29- Past Rainforests
    02:33- Mountains Beneath The Ice
    03:41- Bacteria
    04:23- Blood Falls
    05:26- Ancient Meteorites
    06:23- Oil Guzzling Fungi
    07:10- Singing Ice
    08:08- Cosmic Particles
    09:10- Hidden German Base

  • Top 10 Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica


    Top 10 Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica

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    Incredible Recent Discoveries in Antarctica!
    Antarctica is one of the least explored regions in the world, but it’s not because we’re not trying. The
    harsh, freezing conditions make any exploration quite difficult. That’s why it’s only recently that the
    frozen continent has revealed some of its secrets. Number one is quite the amazing discovery so make
    sure you stay tuned for that as we give you just some of the most incredible recent discoveries in

    A Giant Ice Cave
    Imagine a giant cave under the ice around two thirds the size of Manhattan and nearly a thousand feet
    tall. Hard to believe that such a thing exists? Well it does, and it’s growing larger and more menacing
    every day.
    This giant void is hiding under the Antarctic ice at the bottom of the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica
    was just recently discovered using satellite images of the area. Scientists thought there might be some
    gaps between Thwaites Glacier and the bedrock below it, where ocean water could flow in and melt the
    icy glacier above it. But even they found the immensity and speed of the void's growth surprising.
    For starters, the void is large enough to have once held 15 billion tons of ice, but, according to NASA
    scientists, much of that ice has melted during the past three years. Thwaites Glacier is about the size of
    Florida and currently responsible for roughly 4 percent of global sea rise. If the entire glacier melted, the
    resulting water could raise world ocean levels by more than 2 feet.

    Unexpected Residents
    Antarctica would be the last place you’d expect to find dinosaur fossils. But believe it or not, dinosaurs
    did really live there for a time. Long ago, Antarctica was a much warmer place, home to dinosaurs and
    lush plant life. Even before the dinosaurs roamed, an iguana-like Triassic reptile called the Antarctica
    Scientists announced the discovery of the reptile, dubbed Antarctanax shackletoni, just last year. The
    250 million-year-old creature was an archosaur, a precursor to the lineage that would branch into
    dinosaurs, pterosaurs and crocodilians. This animal probably grew to 4 to 5 feet long, and scuttled
    around what was then the Antarctic forest floor.
    Not only that, Antarctica was also home to the world's heaviest elasmosaurid, a plesiosaur of the genus
    Aristonectes. Paleontologists discovered the long-necked sea creature on Antarctica's Seymour Island in
    1989, but they weren't able to finish excavating the enormous fossil until 2017. They ultimately pulled
    1,760 pounds of fossilized bone off the island.
    While it was alive, the Antarctic Loch Ness monster would have been 36 feet long and weighed in at a
    hefty 15 tons. The creature lived only a few tens of thousands of years before the Cretaceous-Paleogene
    extinction 66 million years ago, when an asteroid collided with Earth and wiped out the non-avian

    A Rare Lava Lake
    Antarctica seems to be a weird place to find a lake full of lava, but that is what researchers actually
    found in the icy South Sandwich Islands in the Antarctic Ocean. The lake is anywhere in between 300 to
    700 feet across and temperature of the lava could be more than 1,000 degrees Celsius.
    Researchers actually found this fiery lake quite a few years ago in an active volcano, but was only
    recently able to confirm its existence thanks to higher quality satellite photos.
    Lava lakes are actually a rare occurrence and only seven other such lakes are known to exist in the
    world. they can be found in volcanoes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Vanuatu, Hawaii
    and Nicaragua.

    Singing Ice
    Researchers on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf have recorded the slow seismic hum generated by wind forces
    whipping across the ice sheet's frozen landscape. The scientists liken it to 'singing', but to our ears the
    creepy dirge of Antarctic ice shelf vibrations sounds more like the sinister score of a horror movie.
    The frequency detected is far too low for the human ear to hear naturally, but when it's sped up some
    1,200 times, what emerges is an eerie soundtrack of restlessness hidden within the bleak polar isolation.
    The sound has been likened to the sounds of a flute, but go and have a listen for yourselves and tell us
    what you think.

    The researchers actually came across this seismic hum by accident while researching a totally different
    thing. As the world keeps getting catastrophically hotter, Antarctic ice shelves are beginning to
    dramatically collapse and break apart.

  • The Mystery of the Lake


    Discover what's happening at Mountain Lake.

  • The Great Persian Army That Vanished | The Lost Army Of King Cambyses | Odyssey


    Twenty five hundred years ago, the Persian King Cambyses led his army into the desert and disappeared forever. Despite efforts in the 1930s to discover what happened to him, no clues were found until 1996 when a geologist stumbled on evidence by accident. The Egyptian authorities have suppressed news of these findings until now....

    It's like Netflix for History: the world's finest documentary streaming service -- use the code 'Odyssey' to get 50% off your History Hit subscription!

    Odyssey is your journey into the world of Ancient History; from the dawn of Mesopotamia to the fall of Rome. We'll be bringing you only the best documentaries that journey into the mysteries and ruins of worlds long lost.

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  • The Fascinating World of Deep Mountain Lakes


    This is a nature documentary, which leads us into the fascinating world of deep mountain lakes. We conquer ice palaces of unsuspected beauty. In the freezers, in which elves, fairies and mountain trolls once did their mischief, we move, using a special breathing technique and with special cameras in search of nocturnal hunters, whose eyes are equipped with residual light amplifying receptors.

    A nature documentary, recorded in 2k-cinema format with precision cameras, such as super slow motion, time lapse, residual light and remote-controlled cams.

  • Squids & Octopuses - Mysterious Hunters of the Deep Sea | Free Documentary Nature


    Squids & Octopuses - Mysterious Hunters of the Deep Sea | Ocean Documentary

    Octopuses and squids are anything but cuddly pets. They have neither legs nor fins. Instead, they have snakelike arms, covered in suction caps - eight or ten, dangerous tentacles, which grow out of their heads. To add to their bizarre appearance, they are soft flabby, void of vertebrae or bones. When in danger, they emit foul-smelling ink. They originate from a time before humans walked the earth; from the primeval period, before fish populated the oceans. It is therefore hardly surprising, that these cephalopods seem so strange and disconcerting to us.

    Our film trip takes us to the Sea of Cortez, to the Socorro Islands, where fish are in abundance. It is here that we want to find the legendary Humboldt squid, to capture its nocturnal hunt for food on camera. Mantas, white-tip reef sharks, sea lions and dolphins accompany us. Before our late night rendezvous with the squids, we get some close ups of the sophisticated hunting techniques of swordfish, or Merlin.
    On Vancouver Island, we accompany Karen Palmer and David Pickles, experts on giant octopi, on their search for the eight-armed cephalo-pods. We are also on hand, when they greeted by their favourites, witnesses to a unique communication between man and animal.


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    Free Documentary is dedicated to bring high-class documentaries to you on youtube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer.

    Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

  • Scientists Solve Mystery Of Oak Island


    Buried treasure was officially found on Oak Island which officially solves the 400 year old mystery. Recently the island has been showcased on both the discovery channel, and the history channel. Recent scientific evidence confirms what's really there.

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    Everyone hopes to find buried treasure at some point in their lives. The historical value, the fame and riches that would accompany such a find. That’s what’s driven people to continuously visit Oak Island, a ridiculously tiny island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Word on the street is that the island plays host to some buried treasure, the kind that would make you a one-percenter overnight. The rumours of treasure being hidden on the island date back to the seventeenth century and to this day are the main reason why hunters-and tourists-visit the island today.

    However, in recent years some discoveries seem to suggest that people definitely did visit the island as early as the 1200s and predominantly in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Many believe that pirate treasure is hidden on the island, perhaps that of Captain Kidd himself, or that the Knights Templar were on some sort of secret mission that brought them to the island.

    Coins, metal, wood and even coconut fibres have been found on the island, telling us that despite all the centuries of failed efforts, that yes, people did visit the island back in the day. But the jury is still out when it comes to actual buried treasure that’s priceless. There’s no ship or chests anywhere and the fabled money pit from legends remains just that: a legend. Perhaps one day a pile of gold will be uncovered on the tiny island but for now, it seems safe to say the island may have been used as a smuggling operation or a hideout spot.

    For copyright matters please contact us at:

  • 9 Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made Under Antarctic Ice!


    Check out the 9 Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made Under Antarctic Ice! From bizarre structures frozen in time to hidden volcanoes melting the ice caps, this top 10 list of strange things found in antarctica will amaze you!

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  • 7 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Spotted On Google Earth #3


    From The 200 feet Blue whale to the Swarm of giant crabs , Today presents you 7 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Spotted On Google Earth

  • The Boneyard: The Most Horrific Murder Case Since The Zodiac Killer | Retold


    The story of American serial killer Leonard Thomas Lake and his accomplice Charles Ng. The documentary starts with the cyanide poisoning suicide of Lake, the ensuing investigation, and the horrors that were discovered.

    Content licensed by New Dominion Pictures. Any queries, please contact us at

    Want to watch more docudramas?
    Click here:

    #Retold #Reenactment #Docuseries #TrueCrime

  • Whats Hidden Behind Niagara Falls?


    #eldddir #eldddir_earth

  • 12 Most Mysterious Archaeological Finds Scientists Still Cant Explain


    In this video, you're about to see a series of compelling archaeological mysteries. They're discoveries that have been made and studied but haven't yet been fully understood. There's a great deal we don't know about our ancient ancestors, and in some cases, we may never be able to find all the answers - or at least not until someone invents time travel! See them for yourself - perhaps you can work out the mysteries and succeed where the world's best experts have failed?

  • 100 Mystery Buttons But Only One Lets You Escape...


    100 Mystery Buttons But Only One Lets You Escape challenge with Ryan's World!

  • 8 Most Mysterious Discoveries Found Underwater!


    From sunken treasures worth billions, to haunted caves full of strange skulls, here are 8 incredible underwater discoveries.

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    #mysteriousdiscoveries #underwaterdiscoveries #recentdiscoveries #originsexplained

  • 9 Bizarre Discoveries Found In Drained Water Bodies


    From the bodies of sea creatures that weren't supposed to be in there, to historical finds that amazed archaeologists, here are 9 Bizarre Discoveries Found in Drained Water Bodies!

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    9. Train Trestle and Underwater Forest
    In Seattle, Washington, there is a place called Lake Tapps, and when it was drained due to a crack in the dam that was built there, they found not one but TWO major bizarre discoveries there. The first was a set of train trestles, which would be used for train tracks. The other thing that was found there was a forest that was honestly in pretty good condition.

    8. Bombay Beach Town
    It's rare that a town, or even a part of a town, can be found submerged underwater (outside of disasters literally sinking the city or town in question), yet that is indeed what happened with the Bombay Beach Town. Though its path from its ending to its beginning could not be anymore different.

    7. Lost Gold Era Towns and Mineral Deposits
    The Gold Rush that happened in California in the late 1840's and beyond was something that brought many people to the state, as many say it as an opportunity to go and make a new life and get rich as a result. But the biggest byproduct of it was that after the gold rush ended, there were many lost and abandoned towns that were just left to the whims of nature and man. This included Mormon Island that sits in Folsom Lake in California.

    6. 1000 Lingas
    In India, a body of water known as Shamala river in Karnataka found itself at levels much lower than what it usually was. The reason for this was a mix of overuse by the local people and a drought that swept through the area. When the water levels dropped, it revealed something that no one expected, ancient architecture known as Shiva Lingas.

    5. Fort Moki
    Lake Powell in Arizona was made back in 1969, and is a reservoir that held many things at bay for decades. Until the 2000's hit and the lake dropped in height by an incredible 100 feet. When it did, it exposed an old Native American fort known as Fort Moki.

    4. Wedding Rings
    This is the story of Matt Walker, who is honestly both very lucky and very unlucky at the same time. Because one day he went swimming in a lake and realized after a while that his wedding ring was gone. Naturally, he tried to dive into the waters to try and find it, but the lake was rather large and so he didn't know where it exactly went to or where he would look to find it.

    3. Federal Agents Gun and Badge
    The year 2014 was not the best for California, especially because of the droughts that ravaged their lakes and rivers. But in a weird twist of fate, this drought allowed for a federal agent's badge and gun to be found after 22 years of being submerged.

    2. Freshwater Jellyfish
    One of the more interesting aspects about life underwater is that you honestly never know what's really there until you go and look. Even then, you might not find something one time, but find it another. Such as when the major droughts hit California and it was discovered that certain lakes had freshwater jellyfish. Ones that usually are found on the other side of the country, let alone being found in lakes.

    1. Canal St. Martin
    Once upon a time in France, Canal St. Martin was built on the order of Napoleon Bonaparte himself in order to help keep the city of Paris clean. Which is a rather noble endeavor when you think about it. However, when it was drained in 2016, a rather startling fact came to light. The canal itself was lowered to just 20 inches of water, and when it was that low it exposed miles upon miles of trash, debris, and even motorbikes.

  • 11 Strangest Bodies of Water


    From deep sea oddities; to the strange lakes and seas in the world; These are 11 STRANGEST Bodies of Water !

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    11. Underground River, Philippines

    10. Uvac River, Bosnia

    9. Jacob’s Well Texas

    8. Blue Hole Belize

    7. Lake Mead

    6. Pitch Lake, Trinidad
    Normally when you think of a lake, you might think of water surrounded by trees and not the gooey black tar like substance found at Pitch Lake. It’s the world's largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world and is rumored to be about 75 meters deep in some places Some are calling it the 8th wonder of the natural world. It holds about 10 million tons of asphalt. If it was actually put to use, it could create a road 20 feet thick 6393 miles long could connect, Peru to Alaska. It’s not exactly sure why this lake has so much of this strange substance but it seems to lie on an intersection of faults. This would essentially allow material from far below the surface of the earth to rise to the top. If it doesn’t already seem crazy enough to you, scientists also discovered tiny microorganisms living below the surface of the asphalt, making them wonder if these extremophiles could live on another planet.

    5. Lake Vostok, Antarctica
    Located on the inhospitable continent of Antarctica lies a freshwater lake, but you won’t be coming here anytime soon. It’s located 13,000 feet below an extremely thick layer of ice. The water beneath the ice sheet hasn’t seen the surface of earth in millions of year. Scientists took on the extremely difficult challenge of drilling through the ice and came across something shocking. They found over 3500 different species of organisms. What interesting about this is that a moon called europa also has a thick layer of ice over a liquid water ocean. If things could survive the conditions in antarctica, they most likely could on this moon, increasing the chance of alien life by a long shot. They even found things like fish, mollusks which were much more complicated organisms than they expected. Here you see one of the species of shrimp that was found below over 2 miles of ice at lake Vostock

    4. Beppu Hells, Japan
    These bodies of water in Japan is designated as a Place of scenic beauty but many would argue that it looks more like the pits of hell! Not only can this hot spring in Japan turn completely red, it also reaches boiling temperatures and swimmers aren’t recommended to jump in. Many wouldn’t exactly call these hot springs which are really more like steaming puddles. The heat gets pretty intense from geothermic activity, and the Beppu hells are the 2nd largest source of this right after yellowstone. It’s not exactly clear why this is given such a fearful nickname but some believe that the early Japanese believed that the steam was from spirits. Some of the hot springs contain traces of magnesium, iron or other elements which will give it distinct glows.

    3. Dead Sea, Israel and Jordan
    The dead sea makes up part of the border between Israel and Jordan and has quite a few unique properties to it. Not only does it reach the world lowest point in elevation at 1388 feet below sea level it’s also has extremely high levels of salt concentrations, reaching 33.7 percent. There’s only a couple lakes that are a little more salty but to give you an idea, the Pacific ocean is only 3.5 percent! Due to the high concentrations of salt, this guy here in the photo doesn’t need an inflatable raft and can float with no problems while reading the newspaper. The dead sea probably gets it’s name due to the fact that absolutely nothing can survive here like fish or aquatic plants and is only home to low levels of bacteria and fungi.

    2. Lake Retba, Senegal
    Also known as Senegal’s Pink lake, or Lac Rose, this is the 2nd saltiest lake in the world and the only one saltier than this one is located in Antarctica. It’s red waters are caused by a micro algae which thrives in environments high in salt. It’s safe to swim in and the type of algae is actually considered to be healthy. Locals in the area make a living extracting salt from the bed of the lake and bring it ashore with rafts. People are found at this lake for about 6-7 hours and being in such salty conditions tends to dry the skin quite rapidly.

    1. Rio Tinto Spain
    This river in Spain has been so polluted over the years from copper mining that it’s completely changed colors and it almost looks like a river of liquid copper! The mines saw use as far back as 3000 BC but were rediscovered by the Spanish in the 1500’s. Acidic mine leakage lead to severe pollution and the river has a high density of metallic concentrations. The mine closed in 2010 but the damage has been done. You’d probably imagine that no living organism could survive here right? Wrong! Scientists found a type of extremophile that lives in this water, further begging the question if organisms can survive on planets with liquid metals as their oceans.

  • 9 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries


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  • Mysterious Locations Submerged Underwater


    Coming up are some of the most mysterious locations that are submerged under water.
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  • 10 Most Mysterious Discoveries Found Hidden In The Amazon Jungle!


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    #amazonjungle #hiddendiscoveries #mysteriousdiscoveries #talltanic

  • Man Kept Hearing Strange Noises Under Driveway, Look What He Found Inside


    Man Kept Hearing Strange Noises Under Driveway, Look What He Found Inside.
    Inspecting the damage he had just done and thinking that his day couldn’t get any worse, he knelt down in the driveway and peered underneath his car.
    But just as he was about to take a closer look at the concrete pavers, he heard the sickening sound that made his heart drop in his chest. What had he found?
    When buying a new house, you never know what you’re getting yourself into. But 37-year-old Simon Marks just couldn’t resist when he found a house for a bargain price in Luton, England...
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  • The Mystery Of The Mesolithic Footprints In The Sand | Time Team | Timeline


    When the tide recedes at this point on the Severn estuary, rare evidence of stone age activity is uncovered. Time Team are on a three-day mission to help recover some of these relics before they are washed away. It involves excavating and painstakingly examining 15 cubic metres of muddy silt; but time is against them. The Mesolithic period is poorly understood, because these people were highly mobile hunter-gatherers who did not build permanent structures. They uncover some of the smallest artefacts they have ever handled. Phil and Brigid are fascinated by ancient footprints of adults and children, preserved in the sand.

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