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Namaqualand - Africa's Desert Garden - The Secrets of Nature

  • Namaqualand - Africas Desert Garden - The Secrets of Nature


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    Namaqualand - the setting for an annual wildlife fairytale. Every year in the narrow window between the cold wet winter and scorchingly-hot, dry summer, flowers of all description bloom in carpets of colours unimaginable, insects of equal diversity pollinate and predate, and everything form meerkats to ostriches breed. This film chronicles the magical transformation of a landscape - from the fantasy of fields of flowers to the harsh realities of a desert, and back again and uses a gang of meerkats and a group of ostriches as main characters who develop during the seasonal changes.

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  • Namaqualand Flowers - Africas Wild Wonders - The Secrets of Nature


    Spring in the desert can be a beautiful sight, but very few places on earth are as spectacular as spring in the Namaqualand. World famous for its spring flowers, home also to the elusive caracal and scrub hare this is a spectacle of an episode. Breathtaking timelapses, stunning scenics and HDR landscapes provide a feast for the eyes as this dramatic desert of Africa comes alive.

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  • Puszta - Land of Salt and Sand - The Secrets of Nature


    Less than an hour’s drive south of Hungary’s capital Budapest, Central Europe’s last and only wandering sand dunes surprise the traveller. These dunes are some 600 feet high and in continuous motion, shaping a landscape one would only expect in Africa. Spring storms whip up giant clouds of fine sand that darken the sun and loom over the low Kecskemet plain.

  • Drakensberg - Africas Dragon Mountains - The Secrets of Nature


    A dragon hatched from the volcanic furnaces of Gondwanaland. Ancient almost beyond comprehension, yet a living thing. And vast, stretching across a subcontinent, its spine arching above the clouds...

    No lucky dragon, this. Starvation festers beneath the shimmering green of its skin. But to the creatures that live along its flanks, it can be a bountiful provider as well as a remorseless destroyer. Today we call it the Drakensberg, or «Dragon Mountain». «Drakensberg» is a dynamic documentary journey through the life of this ever-astonishing mountain. It is also a story of animal survival in a landscape of overwhelming, pitiless power.

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  • Magic of Motion - Nature Tech 1/3 - The Secrets of Nature


    Most animals, and even a few plants, move. They swim, walk, run or fly in a wide range of ways, and in this program we look at how designers of planes, cars and robots have found inspiration in nature. Geckos, sharks and vultures have inspired innovation and inventions for humans.

  • Climates Children - Drought in Kenya | Giving Nature A Voice | Free Documentary Nature


    Giving Nature A Voice - Season 2, Episode 6: Climate's Children - Drought in Kenya | Nature Documentary

    The worst drought in decades showed how vulnerable East Africa is to climate change and that people and wildlife will share a similar fate. In the parched northern county of Baringo juvenile elephants were rescued from drying quagmires of mud, endangered giraffes suffered miscarriages, school children had their classes canceled when rainwater tanks ran dry. But despite these challenges people and wildlife sometimes worked together to overcome the crisis.


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  • Return of the Bald Ibis - The Secrets of Nature


    Four years ago a group of zoologists ventured out to indulge into a truly crazy adventure. Their ambition: to show a flock of bald ibises, birds that have been pushed over the brink by hunting and habitat destruction and only survived in zoos, how to fly to their winter quarters on their original seasonal migration routes.

  • Wildest Africa - The Secrets of Nature


    This gripping documentary, from producer Greg Grainger, features all of the many diverse creatures that roam much of Africa, from the big cats, elephants and giraffes, through to highly endangered species such as the black rhinoceros and wild dog. The programme shows how their daily ritual is aimed at just one result....survival, but how the very survival of entire species is increasingly in danger.

  • Wilderness, South Africa 2019


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  • Cape Town and Colorful Flowers - South Africa



  • Wilderness in the Garden Route - South Africa


    Wilderness is set between the Kaaimans River and the Goukama Nature Reserve, bordered by the majestic Outeniqua Mountains in the Garden Route. Surrounded by many rivers, lakes and lagoons, coupled with evocative, endless and unspoilt beaches, Wilderness is a nature-lovers paradise.

    Ideal for long walks either on the beach or forest; fishing and swimming, Wilderness is an internationally recognised holiday destination.

    For water sport enthusiasts, there are rivers, lakes, two estuaries and 18km of coastline. Bird watchers are catered for with the diverse range of water birds that breed here, along with many other unique species.

    The famous “Map of Africa” viewpoint at Wilderness Heights gives a breath-taking vista of the Kaaimans River valley. Dolphin Point at the top of Kaaimans Pass has a magnificent view of endless ocean, with regular sightings of whales and dolphins in season. The famous Friday Night Market is must-do for visitors - filled with local arts and crafts along with delicious local fare combined with live music.

    There are a great number of accommodation options in and around Wilderness, ranging from Hotels, Backpackers, Guesthouses, bed and breakfasts as well as several self-catering cottages. The Ebb-and-Flow National Park restcamp, part of the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park, is popular all year round. The Park provides visitors with a comfortable stay as well as excellent activities for guests and day-trippers to enjoy. The Park extends from the Touws River mouth to beyond the Swartvlei estuary linking the Goukamma Nature Reserve.

    Read interesting articles on Wilderness in our article section especially What Makes Wilderness Accommodation and Garden Route Accommodation So Special in the Western Cape.

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  • Meerkats - The Movie


    An inspiring exploration of one family's resilience and fortitude shot using innovative and groundbreaking filming techniques

  • Namaqualand - Africas Desert Garden - The Secrets of Nature


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    Este filme narra a transformação mágica de uma paisagem. Toda primavera, um trecho desolado de 100km no interior da costa oeste da África do Sul é .

    BBC - Mundo Natural - O Jardim Deserto da África Este filme narra a transformação mágica de uma paisagem. A cada primavera, um trecho desolado de 100km .

    Най-евтините международни парични преводи

  • Namaqualand: Diary of a Desert Garden


    How plants survive---and flourish---in the dry region of southwest Africa. Included: views of colorful daisies, aloes and gladioluses.

  • BBC - The Natural World - Africas Desert Garden.avi


    BBC - Mundo Natural - O Jardim Deserto da África

    Este filme narra a transformação mágica de uma paisagem. A cada primavera, um trecho desolado de 100km no interior da costa oeste da África do Sul é brevemente transformada na maior exposição de flores no planeta. Milhares de espécies brilhantemente coloridas são polinizadas por abelhas coletoras de óleo em poucas semanas preciosas antes que o calor do verão ardente transforma o jardim em pó. Suricatos, avestruzes e ovelhas também prevalecem na estação da primavera de Namaqualand. Mas, como o verão se aproxima, estes animais lutam para sobreviver. Socorro é encontrada ao longo da costa onde geladas águas ricas em nutrientes do Atlântico se quebram contra o litoral de Namaqualand. O verão é o momento perfeito para os animais marinhos para se reproduzir. Meio milhão de Focas do Cabo e Gansos do Cabo se instalam nas praias e rochas para se reproduzir. Chacais vagueiam pelas longas praias a procura de alimento e filhotes de focas. Após sete meses de calor escaldante e ventos abrasadores, grandes tempestades se formam na costa oeste da África vindos da Antártica. Por meio desta frente fria o deserto de Namaqualand se transforma lentamente mais uma vez, torna-se o maior jardim verde do mundo.

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  • The Natural World Africas Desert Garden 1


  • Gems of the Cape 02 Namaqualand


    2nd in a series showing Floral Gems of the Cape Province in South Africa. This time it is Namaqualand. Arid region on the western side of South Africa. World wide reputation of flower displays. Winter Rainfall. Carpets of wild flowers. Get out and walk amongst the flowers.

  • Africas Desert Garden


    Най-евтините международни парични преводи

  • The flowers of Namqualanda Semi-desert


    South Africa's Namaqualand is a semi-desert environment which get seasonal millions of flowers which attracts thousands of tourists.

  • Pure Nature Specials Elephants of Kilimanjaro


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  • Nieuwoudtville - The Gateway to Namaqualand


    Welcome to the 7th episode of our 2018 South Africa Adventure with Rockjumper Birding. Get ready to see some amazing floral display, unique plants, plus a beautiful waterfall as we explore this amazing place.

  • The Survival of the Fattest


    Succulent plants are mostly found in deserts and semi-deserts. They have devised an amazing number of strategies to survive the extremes of typical desert conditions. About half the succulent plants on earth occur in Southern Africa. Follow three succulent enthusiasts in Namaqualand as they look at how some of these plants survive.

  • Namaqualand Wildflowers Road Trip Vlog | South Africa Travel


    Hey everyone! I'm hosting a weekend getaway in November with my friend Jemma Wild. If you're a woman who loves adventure, photography and exploring South Africa - this retreat is for you!

    Find out more info here:

    I'm back with a vlog of my Namaqualand road trip to see the wildflowers! Namaqualand is in the Northern Cape and the arid region is transformed between August and September by hundreds of colourful wildflowers.

    This was also a brand trip (but this video is not sponsored or in away part of my deliverables for the brands) and you'll see the behind the scenes of me creating content for Ford South Africa, Rowdy and Eco Karoo Lodge.

    The Northern Cape is such an underrated destination in South Africa. I hope this vlog inspires you to visit South Africa and explore our forgotten province.


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  • Zebra Africas wild wonders l the secrets of nature


    The horse of Africa, in a place of browns and greens, these black and white wonders are special. beautiful animal

  • My desert flower garden


  • Namaqualand - In Seasons


    Find out when is the best time to visit Namaqualand for the flowering season.

    People's Weather moving to channel 180 on DStv in January 2016

  • Namaqualand Flowers


    Shot and edited by

    Namaqualand (Afrikaans: Namakwaland) is an arid region of Namibia and South Africa, extending along the west coast over 1,000 kilometres (600 mi) and covering a total area of 440,000 square kilometres (170,000 sq mi). It is divided by the lower course of the Orange River into two portions – Little Namaqualand to the south and Great Namaqualand to the north. Little Namaqualand is within the Namakwa District Municipality and forms part of Northern Cape Province, South Africa. A typical municipality is Kamiesberg Local Municipality. Great Namaqualand is in the Karas Region of Namibia. Great Namaqualand is sparsely populated by the Namaqua, a Khoikhoi people who traditionally inhabited the Namaqualand region.

  • SA’s Namaqua paradise in World’s Best Flower regions


    The Telegraph recently named South Africa’s spring blooms as one of the 20 greatest destinations on Earth for flowers, alongside other spectacular sites like Italy's Amalfi Coast - famous for its bright-coloured bougainvillaeas - and Holland and Belgium's stunning tulip fields. See them all here...

  • Nat Geo Wild - Wild Africa - National Geographic Documentary


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  • Namaqualand: A Floral WonderLand


    Namaqualand is truly a land of wonder. Sitting dormant for nine months, a dry semi-desert along Africa's West Coast, Namaqualand is quickly transformed into a spectacular flower carpet following the winter rains. Vast numbers of tourists are attracted to this magnificent explosion of color each year and Namaqualand flower tours are increasingly popular

  • Survivors in the Sand


    Survivors in the Sand tracks international scientists trying to unlock the secrets of the world's deserts. This hour-long documentary, developed for prime-time national television, also looks at those who choose to live in the desert, these resilient people struggle to earn a living and sustain the fragile, arid land they call home.
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  • Life Of The Desert Elephants - Nat Geo Full Documentary Movie 720p


    A Nat Geo documentary movie about the desert elephants of Namibia in Africa.

    Along with other wildlife the elephants thrive in one of the most inhospitable places on planet earth.

    This wildlife documentary by Natgeo wild is a must watch for all nature and animal lovers.

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  • Bikamino - an unfinished tale from Namaqualand in South Africa.


    The Bikamino is an initiative by Northern Cape Tourism - to promote a multi-day cycling route throughout all the beautiful and amazing spots around Namaqualand.

    It was shot on Panavision optics and Red Dragon cameras. with maestros Jacques Marais and Zane Schmal.

    Unfortunately we never got to finish the production, so this is what came out of the woodwork.

  • Secrets Of Nature - Special Messengers


    Produced by British Instructional Films Ltd.

    Messenger pigeons. Man goes into an outhouse. Top shot of the back yard of a house with pigeon cages. A small boy watches while his grandfather (?) feeds pigeons. C/U of the pigeons and their nesting boxes. Two eggs on some straw. Shots of the bird embryos. Baby bird breaking out of the shell. We see the bird sticking out its tongue. The head emerges and its foot follows. Babies at three days old in the nest. Young birds walking around and going into the nesting boxes. Pigeon's feeding the squeakers - baby bird. Metal ring is placed on the leg of the pigeon. Wing of a bird is spread out to show the camera, as are the tail feathers. Training basket with birds in. Water is poured into a trough at the side of the training basket. Man wheels along his bike and places the training basket on top. In another location he lets the birds free and they fly home. A racing clock is illustrated. Paper disks are inserted into the clock. Clock is set and closed. Members of the racing club take their birds to be marked. Slips of paper with a secret number correspond to numbers inside the ring. Double numbering prevents tampering with the ring. Rubber ring is placed on pigeon's foot by means of a bizarre contraption that stretches the ring. Birds are placed in baskets and sent to the start of the race. A special pigeon train is put on by the railway as the race is so popular. Pigeons are fed and watered inside their basket. At a given signal the cages are opened and all the birds fly out. Slow motion view of the pigeons leaving the cages. An owner waits for the return of his birds. Film incomplete.

    Note: unfortunately this print is very scratched and the sound is jumpy. It's a lovely film though!
    FILM ID:2863.06



    British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 136,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1984. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website.

  • Namaqualand Travel & Tours Photo Album Part 13


    - Namaqualand Wild Flowers Travel & Tours Photo Album only Aug & Sept in South Africa.

  • Namaqua, South African National Parks - Photos of Africa


    Experience the beauty and diversity of South African National Parks.
    National parks offer visitors an unparalleled diversity of adventure tourism opportunities including game viewing, bush walks, canoeing and exposure to cultural and historical experiences. Conferences can also be organised in many of the parks.

    The national parks are: Groenkloof, Kruger, Table Mountain, Marakele, Golden Gate, Camdeboo, Mountain Zebra, Addo Elephant, Garden Route National Park (Tsitsikamma, Knysna, & Wilderness), Bontebok, Agulhas, West Coast, Karoo, Namaqua, |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld, Augrabies, Kgalagadi, Mapungubwe, Tankwa Karoo and Mokala.

    All Video content copyright by Photos of Africa

  • South African Desert Is Speaking... I AM THE SUCCULENT KAROO


    The Succulent Karoo Desert in South Africa is dry and harsh.
    But when the rains come flowers bloom, and the animals that live there get a moment of respite.

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  • Frühling im Namaqualand


    Eine Auswahl meiner Fotos.

  • Maxima Tour Namaqualand 19-25 Aug 2014


    This video is about Maxima Tour Namaqualand 19-25 Aug 2014

  • Summer bloom in the desert


    Arizona Daily Star reporter Doug Kreutz shares some of the beauty of the summer desert landscape in the Tucson area.

  • Namaqua Park, Cape to Namibia Route , Mobile Version


    SMagnificent mountains, unique fynbos vegetation, glorious seascapes, wetlands, vineyards, golden fields, citrus orchards, semi-desert, half a dozen nature conservation areas and the extraordinary bloom of wild flowers in spring - there is much to discover on the South African side of the Cape to Namibia route. There is plenty to do, too: water sports, hiking, 4x4 trails, quad biking, horse riding, bird watching. And each of the little hamlets and villages has its history and cultural heritage and a story to tell. There is much to learn about the early inhabitants who left their mark with rock paintings, the pioneers, the missionaries and not least the adventurers who endured great hardship in their quest to strike it rich.

    All Video content copyright by Photos of Africa

  • Amy Meets - An African Journey Through a Childs Eyes - The Secrets of Nature


    An international family make a last-minute decision to leave their hectic lifestyles behind and live an 8-month sabbatical in Southern Africa. A family adventure seen and told through the eyes of their 7 and 9-year-old children, Amy and Jason. With wide-eyed enthusiasm they discover the splendid world of travel and diversity as a family in Namibia, South Africa and Madagascar.

  • Namaqualand Coastal Hiking Part 2


  • How Mice Survive The Desert


    Striped mice mostly live in the semi-arid deserts of Southern Africa. Their solution to dealing with the unpredictable nature of the environment they live in comes in the form of an adaptable social structure that can be changed depending on the conditions at the time. This allows the mice not only to survive, but to thrive.

    This film was made at the Succulent Karoo Research Station ( which studies the ecology of these mice. Some of the mice had been painted and tagged for identification or had a radio collar for tracking their movements. For peace of mind, this didn't adversely impact the mice at all.

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    #africa #smallmammal #documentary #stripedmice #southafrica

  • Backstage Pass: African Secrets Launch


    A teenage girl in S.6 vacation has written a magazine to promote Uganda’s tourism sector abroad. Irene Nakitende, 17, the author, launched her magazine at Sheraton hotel on Friday. Backstage Pass is at the magazine launch.

  • Namaqua Flowers Part 5 - English


    We search the well known Namaqua Flowers in western South Africa, drive to Port Nolloth, to the Namaqua National Park and to the Moravian Village of Wupperthal. There we visit the different businesses and attend a sunday worship in the Moravian Church. Flowers, The open Fish Restaurant south of Lambertsbay and much more.

  • Tips for Growing African Daisy Wildflowers in the Desert


    Reviewing how to pick out seed and what newly germinated African Daisy Wildflowers look like. This video will help you identify just sprouted African Daisies in your garden so that you do not mistake them for a weed as well as helpful tips to start growing African Daisies from seed.

    In the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix and Tucson included, many people grow African Daisies and they may be seen in the winter with an explosion of yellow and orange flowers. If you have seen these and always wanted to grow them -- go for it! They are beautiful.

  • 2021 Sandhof Lilies and Rain memories


  • 2015 Flowers, Namaqualand Western Cape province


    Flowers in the western cape
    DVD, Nerries

  • The Deadly Predators Of South Australia | Real Wild


    A detective story which traces the remarkable alliance between South Australia‚ poisonous plants and its native marsupials. The film reveals how this delicate relationship, which has evolved over millions of years, has been threatened by the introduction of European mammals, like the fox and rabbit. We discover how, in turn, these poisonous plants have ensured the survival of a host of strange marsupials - woylies, burrowing bettongs, bandicoots and quokkas - which would otherwise have become extinct.

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