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Nerdle Cam 4K- SpaceX Starship Launch Facility

  • The Survival Of A Lion Pride | Real Wild


    There are about 500 lions living in the Etosha Pan, this is the story of how they live together and an account of the family affairs of one pride in particular. The lions of the Ombika pride are a nineteen-strong family, we see how the pride lives, protected by two magnificent males, how it brings up its cubs and teaches them to hunt. The Ombika pride, named after one of Etosha's waterholes, is dominated by two immense males, each weighing 550 lb. One is gold maned, the other black. This is their story.

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  • Interstellar voyage to find the Second Earth | Space Documentary 2021


    I do not own this video. It is owned by ABC Australia. Interstellar voyage to find the second Earth - space documentary
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    A documentary showcasing interstellar travel to visit an Earth-like planet, a bonified Earth 2.0 to see if there is life on it. Follow this amazing adventure in state of the art CGI and with the world's leading scientists.



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