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Nintendo kind of sucks, actually

  • The Highest and Lowest Rated Game For Every Nintendo Console


    Hey guys, this videos a bit longer but I think its really interesting about the highest and lowest reviewed game for every Nintendo console! This took ages to make (about 3 weeks) but Im happy with the final product even though I do need to get a better mic (which will happen asap) I hope you guys enjoy and please subscribe!

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  • HERE is Why Nintendo e3 SUCKED...


    Nintendo had their e3 Press Conference today… What did I think about it? It's time to find out, as I got you covered on this one.

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  • Zelda: Do Motion Controls RUIN Gameplay? - DeadLock


    VOTE: Innovation is Better ►
    VOTE: Classic is Better ►
    Zelda: Ocarina vs Link to the Past ►►

    In my defense, remember sides are RANDOMLY chosen ;)
    Today, it's all about Zelda and traditional controls vs motion controls, as Nintendo's very own Reggie comes onto DeadLock to debate which is better, innovation or classics. Should game designers keep trying to innovate game mechanics if it is isolating gamers and ruining gameplay? It's time to settle this debate!

    Thanks to Nintendo and Reggie himself for joining me in this Deadlock.

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    Original Link Sprite by GoldStud

    Also note that all sides of the debate are RANDOMLY decided, so the debater may be arguing for a side he or she doesn't agree with. We wanted to keep this as neutral and unbiased as possible. NO HATE!

    Twitter: @MatPatGT

    Equip it HERE ►►

    More Deadlock:
    Does Darksouls ACTUALLY SUCK?!? ►►
    League of Legends vs. DOTA ►►
    SNES vs. Genesis ►►

    Legend of Zelda Theories:
    Beware the HOOKSHOT! ►
    What's in Link's Potions? ►
    Majora's Moon ISN'T a Moon ►
    Which Link is the strongest? ►

    Pokemon Theories:
    Are Humans Pokemon? YES! ►►
    Pokemon Evolution EXPLAINED ►
    Is Jynx RACIST? ►

    Mario Theories:
    Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►►
    Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►

    FNAF2, The Killer REVEALED ►
    FNAF1, The TRUE Story ►

    Scary Theories:
    Call of Duty: Death from Space ►
    Mega Man: Death by Robot ►
    Polybius: The CIA Conspiracy ►

    CoD/Shooter Theories:
    Call of Duty: Death from Space ►
    The Warcrimes of Call of Duty ►
    What Sex is Team Fortress 2's Pyro ►

  • Nintendo Villains: Evil to Most Evil ????


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    Nintendo Villains: Evil to Most Evil ????

    Nintendo is pretty much the Disney of video games at this point. With them becoming the richest company in Japan, they owe a lot to their iconic characters. From the playful fun of the Mario series to the epic adventures in Zelda, there is something for everyone when it comes to Nintendo.

    But, just like Disney and their unforgettable villains, Nintendo has their own set of vile fiends who plague their own games. And today, we’re counting them down from the kindest faces you go up against, to the most twisted and deranged.


    ???? Zelda Ocarina of Time Characters: Good to Evil —
    ???? Banjo Kazooie Characters: Good to Evil —
    ???? Team Fortress 2: Good to Evil —
    ???? God of War: Good to Evil —
    ???? Crash Bandicoot: Good to Evil —

    ???? WICKEDBINGE — Our Cartoon Good-to-Evil Channel

    ???? TWITTER —

    Voice Over by Brad Gilliam (Follow:
    Script Written by Bradley Hare
    Video Edited by Md Asad Al Hossain
    Media Assistants: Luka Lalosevic, Kristijan Vukovic & Trixia Salonga
    Produced by Kyle J. Beauregard

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  • RetroN 5 Review - Does it suck? - Retro Games in HD! - Nintendo Mini Alternative


    Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review, the 9-in-1 Retro Game Console!

    The RetroN 5 has 5 cartridge slots allowing you to use original NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, and Game Boy Advance cartridges. You can also use Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy Color and Game Boy cartridges as well! Gone are the region lock restrictions of the previous versions and you are now free to play NTSC or PAL cartridges without any trouble.

    Oh and you should ABSOLUTELY get a classic SNES controller clone to go with it;

    “Play thousands of retro video games in 720p HD with this all-in-one 'Retron 5' retro games console. Included retro games cartridge/game slots: Nintendo NES, SNES (Super Nintendo), GameBoy Advance (GBA), SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega Drive, Nintendo Famicom, Super Famicom, Gameboy Colour and Game Boy!
    Region FREE! (play your PAL/NTSC cartridges with ease)
    HD upscaling up to 720p with 4:3 or 16:9 ratio select
    Save/Load your progress”

    Retron 5 plays Nintendo NES, Nintendo SNES, (Super Nintendo, Super NES), Nintendo Famicom, Nintendo Super Famicom, Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA, Game Boy Advanced), Nintendo Game Boy Colour, Nintendo Game Boy, SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA Genesis, & will also play SEGA Master System games with POWERBASE converter adapter (available separately)

  • 10 Reasons to AVOID the Nintendo Switch Lite.


    The Nintendo Switch Mini got announced and is now called Nintendo Switch Lite but it's not even a Hybrid console anymore! It's just a Handheld now! This new system practically killed off the Nintendo 3DS Family of systems. Should you replace you're current Switch for the Lite. Find out!


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  • This is NOT a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


    If you're looking for a cheap Pro Controller alternative, this might be the closest thing you can get. But you probably shouldn't get this Chinese knockoff. TMX2 ALLGAMEFANSL

    This controller listing has already been taken off of AliExpress, but if you search the site you can find many more similar knock-offs:


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  • Why Nintendo is For Kids... and Everyone Else Too


    Nintendo is for kids, yes, but they're for all people... except if you're dead. Haedox recounts on his years of being bullied for liking the Wii U and 3DS, remarking with a positive lesson at the end. Cool.


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  • Nintendo Switch Lite Tear-Down & Disassembly, Comparison to Original Switch


    This disassembly of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, just released, looks at the internals and differences versus the original Switch during our tear-down.
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    We're taking the Nintendo Switch Lite apart today! The Nintendo Switch Lite deserves discussion as to whether it's worth it versus the original Nintendo Switch, of course, but we're mostly focused on how it's assembled, how to take it apart, and going over some part numbers to make future trivial replacements easier. If you ever need to re-paste (add new thermal paste) your Nintendo Switch, replace the Switch battery, or find other components, you can use this video to help get started.

    #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #SwitchLite

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    Host: Steve Burke
    Video: Andrew Coleman

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  • Nintendo kind of sucks, actually


    Get up to 25% off everything sitewide plus free shipping until Dec. 2nd at


    0:00 Tech Daddy is Linus
    0:10 Nintendo shuts down Smash tourney, Twitch streamers
    1:19 Apple privacy stuff
    2:17 Gnome Chompski goes to space
    3:17 Vincero
    4:00 QUICK BITS
    4:02 YouTube ads on everthang
    4:35 Stadia / Geforce Now coming to iOS
    5:00 Intel NUC M15
    5:19 Arecibo telescope shutting down
    5:38 Roblox goes public


    WTF is Nintendo doing? - Shuts down Smash tournament

    DMCA takedowns for Twitch streamers playing Age of Calamity

    Apple and IDFA

    EU complaints

    Gabe Newell sending Gnome Chompski into space

    Half Life 2 new achievement


    YouTube putting ads on non-Partner videos

    also audio ads

    Google announces Stadia web app for iOS

    Geforce Now too

    Intel NUC M15 whitebook

    The Arecibo Telescope is being taken out of commission

    Roblox goes public to build the metaverse


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  • Nintendo Pisses EVERYONE Off #FREEMELEE


    @Nintendo has ticked off plenty with their latest cease and desist sent to The Big House for using Slippi to play Smash Melee in online events. The TO has cancelled the event as many fear for the future of the Esport as a whole.

    @Ludwig Video on Nintendo:
    Kotaku Article Nintendo Shuts Down Tournament:
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  • 5 Reasons the Nintendo Switch Sucks


    The Nintendo Switch is overpriced and overhyped!

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  • The Nintendo Switch SUCKS According To This Expert Analyst


    The Nintendo Switch SUCKS According To This Expert Analyst

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  • This Kinda Sucks: AM2R, Nintendo & Fangames


    This isn't my first fangame rodeo. Sit a spell, and I'll tell you a tale about just how legal fangames really are.


    Some footage in this video was from the following Youtube channels. Please support them.

    Fangames featured in the montage, in order:
    Sonic Time Attacked
    Sonic Robo-Blast 2
    Emerald Ties
    Sonic Freerunner
    Sonic XG
    Sonic Lost Adventure: Havoc Harbor
    Sonic vs. Darkness

    Music provided by:



    What made them make such a terrible Nintendo console?
    This isn't a Nintendo Switch review it's just my opinions on why the Switch sucks.

    I think the Nintendo Switch design makes it the worst console ever made. My repeated issues with the broken Switch joy-con forced me to make this video and highlight some of the other issues the console has.
    The Nintendo Switch frame rate drops a lot, this even happens with Nintendo's own games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Overall the Nintendo Switch is garbage and Nintendo's choices sometimes make Nintendo a bad company.

    My video on, EVIL & GREED OF NINTENDO: Why Nintendo Games Are Expensive -

    #NintendoSwitch #NintendoSucks #NintendoSwitchSucks

  • Nintendo Is Actively Destroying Smash Bros Esports


    On November 19, Nintendo sent a cease and desist to the organizers of Big House, forcing them to cancel the online events they had planned for Super Smash Bros. Melee this December.

    As one of the most beloved and longstanding tournaments in the Super Smash Bros. scene, this news shared by the official Big House account came as a shock to many in both the Smash scene and esports community as a whole.

    Apparently, due to the tournament’s intent to use Slippi, a fan-made program that allows for Melee to be played smoothly online using Rollback netcode, Nintendo informed Big House that they do not have permission to hose or broadcast the event.

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    #nintendo #freemelee #esports

  • Nintendo Just Got EXPOSED for Secretly Killing the Smash Community


    An anonymous user on Twitter just exposed Nintendo for all of its years of wrongdoings towards the Super Smash Bros Community. Here's what they had to say.
    Twitter ➧
    Twitch ➧

    #Nintendo #SaveMelee #SmashBros

  • The Alto Collection: Coming to Nintendo Switch November 26th


    The Alto Collection:

    The Alto Collection is available now for pre-order on Nintendo Switch:

    For the first time ever, we have combined Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey into one unified experience. Join Alto and friends and explore the vast, open deserts and placid ivory snows together in one collection on The Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

    Trailer by Pedro Cascao
    Music by Fenn (Falling Up)

  • Luigi Sucks? - Nintendo News


    Nintendo fans, unite!►

    Luigi sucks. Literally.

    Luigi with poltergust 5000:

    Smash Bros Nintendo Direct:

    Pokémon Commentary:

    Power Mitt:

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  • 64 Reasons The Nintendo Switch Sucks


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    The Nintendo Switch is a terrible video games console and yet for some reason, the world has gone crazy over it. This, frankly, isn't right so someone needs to speak up and say something. Enter Simon 'The Miller Report' Miller who, as ever, is here to right all of the world's wrongs.

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  • Nintendo RESPONDS to the Smash Bros Melee Community


    Nintendo has incurred the wrath of the Nintendo fanbase and the Super Smash Bros Melee community and has responded to the outrage. #FreeMelee
    Twitter ➧
    Twitch ➧

    #Nintendo #HyruleWarriors #SmashBros

  • Nintendo Screws the Smash Community But Pokemon Still Sucks?


    Nintendo Screws the Smash Community But Pokemon Still Sucks?
    Today's video I discuss how the Smash community got screwed by Nintendo and some how it's Pokemon's fault? A prominent member of the Smash community expressed this after the Big House was ordered to cease and desist it's online tournament of Smash.

    #Pokemon #Nintendo #Smash

    Citations For Today's Video -

    Nintendo shuts down Super Smash Bros. tournament for using mods to play online

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    Silph Co. - Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! Eevee! Music

    Please Note, all the pictures, video segments, or music that I use do not belong to me. I own no rights to the images, video, or music found on Google, or recorded from said Video Games. All content is property of its content creator. Please support the companies that produce these Video games, Pictures, and Musical Segments.

    All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium
    Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright
    has been committed. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak without censorship or limitation.

    God Bless you and Jesus Loves you! =)

  • The REAL Reason Nintendo Canceled Melee


    Nintendo continues to disappoint us but is there a deeper reason as to why they did what they did this time? Let's find out.

    #SmashMelee #SmashBros

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    Intro- Super Mario World: GFM Trap Remix

  • That Nintendo Direct Mini kinda Sucked...


    Today we got a new Nintendo Direct mini but it sadly showed pretty much nothing fun for Switch this year. What is going on in 2020? Lets dig into my reaction of the Nintendo Switch Direct of July.

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    #NintendoDirect #NintendoDirectMini

    The latest Nintendo Direct is here, but it's not quite what we're accustomed to seeing. Rather than an event that features a mixture of Nintendo and third-party news, this Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, as the name suggests, focused exclusively on third-party developers. The video debuted Monday morning, less than a day after being announced, and it brought news on new DLC for Zelda spin-off Cadence of Hyrule--including Majora's Mask-themed content--and a trailer and 2021 release window for Shin Megami Tensei V. You can watch the full Nintendo Direct Mini and check out our news recap below for a rundown on everything included in the eight-minute broadcast.

  • Nintendo is screwing over their fans and it has to stop


    ???? Many eyes have been on Nintendo this past week. Mostly regarding the situation with The Big House, their use of the application Slippi, emulated versions of Super Smash Bros Melee, and more. Today, we explain it all!

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    ???? Editing by The Family Bovine |
    ???? Produced by EckhartsLadder |
    ???? Featuring CoreyLoses |

    ????===== ASSETS =====????
    ???? Intro Music | Home - Resonance
    ???? Music by DOMINANT |

    0:00 - Montage
    2:18 - Nintendo's Behaviour & History
    12:04 - Cease & Desist Letter
    19:35 - Twitch Drama & Bans
    24:44 - Personal Thoughts

    #Nintendo #SmashBros #FreeMelee

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Sucks - Only Losers Will Buy This Game - Nintendo Switch Sucks !


    Animal Crossing New Horizons Sucks, if you think this game looks good, you're not a real gamer.

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  • Fanboy Discovers Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Is Utter Dog Shit


    Why didn't anyone tell me?

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    Music: Albino by Brian Boyko

  • Nintendo has attacked the Smash community...


    MERCH ►

    The Fallen Land - Xenoblade Chronicles
    Mipha's Theme - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Sad Girl - Super Mario Galaxy

    Nintendo has attacked the Smash community...

    #FreeMelee #SuperSmashBros #Aaronitmar

  • DOOM Eternal on Switch Gets Weird + Nintendo Angers Smash Fans?


    Jim Ryan is worse than Phil Spencer with lying about PS5, Nintendo just made the Smash Melee community very angry, and Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch gets some bad news!


    #FreeMelee #NintendoSwitch #DoomEternal

  • The ULTIMATE Nintendo Race!


    The ULTIMATE Nintendo Race has begin!! But who will be the winner!?

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  • Nintendo Does Some Mean Stuff, Age of Calamity Leaks, Joy-Con Lawsuits Mount | NINTENDO NEWS ROUNDUP


    Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code ARLO for 84% off and 4 extra months for free!

    It's the biggest Nintendo news of the week and the Arlopinions that accompany them! In this edition: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity leaks ahead of release, Nintendo shuts down a big fan tournament, Animal Crossing gets its big Fall update and is nominated for Game of the Year, a buncha Mario merch stuff, and like some other stories and stuff I didn't say yet.

    If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

    TWOOTER: @ArloStuff

    This video was edited by the lovely Kane!

    Additional footage provided by ZackScottGames, Japancommercials4U2, Zebra Gamer and LongplayArchive.

    Reloaded Installer #11 by LHS.

  • 10 Reasons I HATE the Nintendo Switch....


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  • Nintendo Switch Online Almost Has 10 Million Subscribers...And It Still Sucks!


    The Nintendo Switch almost has 10 million subscribers for it's online services but it's still the worst for many reasons. Let's discuss what could fix it.

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  • The Nintendo Switch Dock sucks


    Here's a quick little video update about my experience with the Nintendo Switch and the dock. I really like a lot of the games on Switch. But I still can't stand the dock. I wish there was a better dock design option.

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  • Nintendo DESTROYS Super Smash Bros Melee Fans & BANS The Big House Tournament! #FreeMelee


    Nintendo just totally hosed gamers of super smash bros by shutting down the big house tournament

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  • Aviary Attorney: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch - DOES IT SUCK?


    Today we check out Aviary Attorney: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. Play the role of Monsieur Jayjay Falcon, a bird of prey with a good heart and questionable lawyering expertise. Join him and his witty apprentice, Sparrowson, as the two take on clients, interview witnesses, collect evidence and deliver justice to the guilty.

    #aviaryattorney #nintendoswitch #switchgames


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  • I Am OVER The Nintendo Switch. Sorry Guys.


    No more Nintendo Switch Videos On Youtube! The Nintendo Switch Sucks And It's Time We Made A STAND! Was I Wrong About The Nintendo Switch? YES! The Nintendo Switch Is BAD! What's The Future Of The Nintendo Switch? The Damn TRASH CAN! Screw Nintendo, Screw Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Screw Shawn Long. ---Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share ---

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  • Nintendo Switch WiFi / Internet Connection Issues : Reasons & 7 Fixes / Solutions


    So a few weeks back I tried to install a new MicroSD card in my Nintendo Switch, and this resulted in my Switch refusing to connect to the internet, and refusing to let me use the Micro SD card without an update. I had to go through a long process through other YouTube videos, online articles, and forum posts, to figure out how to solve the problem - which was related to the DNS problems. I compiled all the information I found into this video in the hopes it might help out anyone else who comes across the problem. Hope this helps!

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  • Is Nintendo Switch ONLINE Really That BAD?


    In today's #supersmashbrosultimate #nintendoswitch series we are going to look at the origin, secrets, timeline, story, lore, mysteries and history of the side characters, items, levels, worlds, features and more seen in #supersmashbros for the nintendo switch. This is one of the super smash bros games made by nintendo. We have seen mario in games like super mario bros, super mario world, super mario land, super mario galaxy, new super mario bros wii, super mario 3d land, super mario 3d world, new super mario bros u deluxe, super smash bros, mario kart 8 deluxe and there is even in the new super mario odyssey for the nintendo switch. However in what ways did our hero try to stop bowser, bowser jr, boordals, koopalings and others together with peach, luigi, toad, waluigi, wario, pauline and more? Well normally that would be our question, but today we are going to talk about nintendo switch online, because it’s a bit of a mess and certainly sucks.

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  • Why Your Parents Suck at Texting


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    Have you ever wondered why you parents are terrible at texting? Or why you seem to have different voices on social media versus email? In this video, Taha explores his typographical tone of voice on Twitter (spoiler: it's just a lot of commas).

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    Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language by Gretchen McCulloch

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  • I Bought a Used Nintendo DSi from eBay... AND IT ACTUALLY CAME!!


    So a few weeks ago, I ordered a hot pink nintendo dsi on ebay... and there were some issues (check out the video link below). So we got things resolved, and the actual DSi came in the mail recently, and I unboxed it!

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  • Does Cities Skylines on Nintendo Switch ACTUALLY suck?


    In today's video, we do a quick comparison and review of the performance of Cities Skylines for the Nintendo Switch following the initial backlash from the media.

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  • Pokemon GO Sucks - Nintendos Mobile Plans are Hollow | RGT 85


    Nintendo has released Pokemon GO and Miitomo, and after initially doing well, players are getting tired of both of these games already. Is Nintendo bombing in the mobile marketplace and hurting their image?

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  • Why Arms Sucks And Needs To Fail!


    3 year olds plays Arms
    Minecraft on switch?
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  • WHY Nintendo Switch Online could SUCK!


    ► WHY Super Mario Run FAILED -
    ► Why the Wii U Failed -

    In September, Nintendo will finally launch its paid online service for the Nintendo Switch. But should we rejoice or should we be concerned? Let's find out!

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  • How Nintendo Feels About Melee


    Nintendo really has an interesting history with Melee and just Smash in general. They don't really help with the scene unless you call giving out a pro controller for winning Evo Japan helping. Then we got things like Evo 2013 and the entirety of Project M. So today Melee gets to take to good old Nintendo with their issues.

    #Nintendo #Melee #SmashBros

  • Stuff That Sucks: Nintendos Copyright Practices


    What's the deal with all the drama? Greg checks out Nintendo's position on YouTube monetization.



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  • Why the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Mini Would Suck!! - Retro Gaming Rant


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    A man in a Top Hat with a Moustache reviews rare video games in his massive collection. Appreciate the finer things in life. The Top Hat Gaming Man is currently traveling around the globe, playing the best games for the handheld around the world. The Best games are like fine wines and only get better with age. Today Top Hat Gaming Man talks about why the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Mini Would Suck!

  • Luigi’s Mansion - Face Your Fears Trailer - Nintendo 3DS


    G-g-ghosts! Time to suck those suckers up because Luigi is back in the first portable version of this spooky classic. After winning a mansion in a contest he didn’t enter, he must beat its many bosses and puzzles. Follow a map on the touchscreen, shine a flashlight, blow fire, shoot water, stun ghosts, and trap them…before Mario is trapped forever! Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems is available Oct 12th.

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  • Super Mario Party Is Disappointing/Sucks | Nintendo Switch


    Gameplay is from GameXplain

    I don't own the following footage

    The traditional gameplay of the older Mario Party games returns in Super Mario Party. The standard game mode, Party Mode, features up to four players taking turns and navigating the board in search of stars while competing against one another in a variety of minigames. A second mode, known as Partner Party, has two teams of two players also searching for stars on a free-movement board similar to those in Mario Party: Star Rush.[1] The game can be played with only one Joy-Con controller per player, allowing two players to play together with only one Switch system, which comes with two Joy-Con. Super Mario Party also takes advantage of the Switch's local wireless capabilities, allowing teams to play from separate Switch consoles and allowing multiple Switch consoles to be arranged and synchronized to create larger, multi-monitor environments[2][3][4] in a mode called Toad's Rec Room[1] (as patented prior to the game's reveal[5]).

    Some of the minigames can be played using traditional button controls, while others may be controlled by motion controls, such as a tricycle race minigame.[6]

    Toad returns as Super Mario Party's host, directing the players throughout the game.

    The original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode that fans love is back, and your friends and family are invited to the party! Freely walk the board: choose where to move, which Dice Block to roll, and how to win the most Stars in skill-based minigames. Wait till you see the 2 vs 2 mode with grid-based maps, the creative uses of the console, and the series’ first online minigame mode!

    Test your skills in sets of five minigames with the new mode, Mariothon, and see how you stack up against players across the globe in Online Mariothon*. Whether you’re pedaling tricycles, flipping meat, or who knows what else, you’ll use Joy-Con™ controllers in clever ways across 80 new minigames; some are all-out free-for-alls, others are 2 vs 2, or even 1 vs 3! Toad’s Rec Room lets you pair up two Nintendo Switch™ systems**, which you’ll lay side-by-side on a flat surface like a real tabletop game. That way you can play a mini baseball game, battle tanks in custom arenas, or even see who can match the most bananas by repositioning the systems however you see fit!

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