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No More Google!?

  • No More Google!?


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    0:00 Riley's had a hard day
    0:07 Google threatens to take down Search
    1:19 Apple VR / AR leaks
    2:14 Nvidia killing Max-Q
    3:20 Drop THX Panda Wireless Headphones
    3:45 QUICK BITS
    3:50 Intel's doin well
    4:21 Xbox Live Gold price increases
    4:57 Google shuts down Loon
    5:18 Beeper chat app
    5:47 Bernie meme Maps app


    Google threatens to disable Search in Australia if link tax goes through

    Apple VR/AR headset plans

    Bringing back SD card slot

    Nvidia killing Max-Q branding by slow suffocation


    Intel is doing super great actually

    Xbox ups price of 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription – double what it was originally

    Alphabet sends Loon to the bin

    Beeper app serves as a bridge between all messaging apps including iMessage, Whatsapp, Signal

    Site lets you put Bernie anywhere in the world


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    This is bad news... ????

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  • Google Photos is No Longer FREE?


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    On Pocketnow Daily, we have deals on the brand new Apple Silicon Macs, iPad Pros and more. It looks like OnePlus has another Nord in the works but, we'll have to wait a little this time. Several users are complaining about wireless charging issues with their latest Galaxies. A new trademark hints to the possible name of LG's upcoming Explorer Phone. We already have some leaks for upcoming iPhones, including the 13 and another SE. Finally, it looks like Google is changing their policies for apps like Photos and, it's not a good look.

    All this and more after the break.

    0:00 - Intro
    0:36 - Today's Deals:
    - 13in MacBook Pro (M1)

    - 13in MacBook Air (M1)

    - Mac Mini (M1)

    - 13in MacBook Pro (Intel)

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    - Garmin Legacy Star Wars Series

    - Fitbit Charge 4

    - Samsung Sound Bar

    1:17 - OnePlus Nord SE with 65W fast charging is in development: Report

    2:07 - Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 devices are experiencing wireless charging issues

    2:52 - LG’s new rollable phone may be called LG Slide

    3:56 - iPhone 13 may arrive with F/1.8 ultrawide lens and LTPO displays

    6:38 - Google Account and Google Photos’ storage policies will change, for worse?

    #PocketnowDaily #Google #iPhone13


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  • Google+ is No More | Google plus is no longer available for consumer or brand accounts ????


    I'm Dhalchand Welcome to our youtube channel ''UPLAY''

    about this video

    hello and welcome guys this video is for Google plus sut down her service it's no longer available for consumer or brand accounts. if you are satisfied with my video please subscribe and like

    About this Channel -
    This channel is providing Banking, Technical and blogs

    #DHALCHANDMEHTA #google+ #Googleplus #google #Googleplussutdown
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    Thank you so much..........

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 On YouTube

    I have seen this and wondering would it be Fair Use if I done a reaction to another YouTube video, non-profited it, and gave credit would that be fair use?
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  • What if there was No Google? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


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    Firstly, without google, searching might not be as popular as it is today. People might talk more as they will ask each other a lot of questions. Also, people might get brighter as they will start remembering more as compared to relying completely on google.

    Secondly, if there were no Google Maps, we still might be using paper-based maps.

    Thirdly, if there was no Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail might still be popular.

    Fourthly, if there was no Android, Apple would definitely be more happy. Also, Nokia would be glad as feature phones would still be popular.

    Lastly, if there was no Google Docs, then it will be great news for Microsoft Office.

    Note that, in google's absence, some other company would have grabbed the opportunity and become as popular and dominant as google is now.

  • Fix Google Play Music No Longer Available Problem Success 100%


    in this video i will show you how to Fix Google Play Music No Longer Available Problem Success 100%.
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  • HOW TO FIX GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE | how to install old google play music


    Welcome back guys to the new video and in this video I'll show you How to Fix google play music no longer available problem in android phone. Google play music is not working properly after updating. How to transfer all google play music data in youtube music.

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    how to fix google play music is no longer available

    I hope this video was useful and you liked it, if you did press the thumbs up button.

    About Me ► My name is Devansh.I make videos of Android fix, How to, Tips & Tricks, Technology and Tutorial

    Thanks for Watching :)

  • BIG Changes to Google for Education


    This one is huge! G Suite is no MORE! Heaps of updates, information and a complete overhaul of what Google offers to schools. We now have new paid tiers and updates are split between free and paid users. Oh and something about storage! Watch the video as I go over the main changes of G Suite moving into the Google Workspace for Education phase!

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    Overview of Workspace EDU editions:

    Classroom updates:

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  • How to Fix Google Play Music no Longer Available - 2020 & 2021 Updated!!!


    After update to latest version of google play music showing it no longer available. In this videos I am going to show how to fix google play music no longer available. Easy fix google play music is no longer available after update. To solve google play music no longer available problem just follow the tricks. Watch and Enjoy!

    Music Credit:

    Hope you loved this tutorials. If you have any feedback or suggestions please drop a comment to let us know. Thanks

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  • ????Live Proof | Solve Google Play Music No Longer Available Problem | Use Google Play Music Back


    ????Live Proof | Solve Google Play Music No Longer Available Problem | Use Google Play Music Back

    hello guys in this video I have told that how can you use Google Play Music after closed and you don't need to install YouTube music to listen music.
    and also I have told that you can transfer all data of Google Play music to YouTube music.

    App Link :-

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    Google music play music problem
    play music
    why music are not playing in Google play music
    why music streaming service stopped in Google play music
    how to use old Google Play Music
    how to install old Google Play Music
    Google Play Music kyon band hua
    kya Google play music fir se Install kar sakte
    kya Google play music fir se chala sakte
    kya Google play music mein fir se gane Sun sakte hain


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    ---- Bhoopendra Pal ----

  • How to Change Country in Google Play Store 2021 | NO ROOT


    In this video I show you How to Change Country in Google Play Store in 2021.

    Chances are you're wondering how to change country in google play store? am I right? well in this short and simple guide I'll show you how you can easily change google play store country without any root.

    Changing country in google play store becomes easy with this step by step guide! Please like this video if it helped you out.

  • Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers: A movie about how Google Search works


    Like any typical home movie, this one started in a dusty basement with boxes of old footage. Some conversations in 2019, a field trip to a data center, and an unexpected stop at a hardware store later, it came together into a story–our story. Like all home movies, there’s a good chance that the only people who will swoon over it are the people who are in it. But, if you’ve ever wondered how Search works, or are curious to see what goes on behind the scenes, there may be something here for you too.


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  • Google Play Music No Longer Available | How To Fix | Tamil


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    Google Play Music Is No Longer Avilable... And How To Fix?
    You Can Still Transfer Your Library, Including Playlist And Uploads, For A Limited Time.
    Youtube Music Is Replacing Google Music. Dont Worry.

    How To Fix:
    *Dont Update Google Play Music
    *Clear Data And Caches
    *Go To Google Play Music App Info Then Uninstall Updates
    *(Downgrade) Google Play Music
    Search Google Play Music Older Version Download And Install.

    Google’s plans to wind down its Google Play Music service in favor of the company’s newer YouTube Music have been known for some time. But Google this week has given users a deadline on making the switch. The company says YouTube Music will fully replace Google Play Music in December 2020, at which point Google Play Music users will no longer be able to stream from or otherwise use the Google Play Music app.

    Though December is the final deadline for being able to export from the Google Play Music app, your ability to stream from the Google Play Music app will end before then.

    Google is moving forward with its ‘death by 1000 cuts’ for Google Play Music after the service was removed from Google Assistant-powered smart speakers including the Google Nest Home range, and third-party devices (via ArsTechnica). This means that subscribers will automatically find their speakers set to YouTube Music by default from now on, with the Google Play Music option removed from settings. As ever, this can be overridden manually by a number of alternatives including Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

    The company has made it clear that after several years of delays caused as it created feature parity for successor product YouTube Music, it would fully retire the service before the end of 2020. YouTube Music now allows you to transfer purchases from Google Play, and upload your own files, for streaming only. Alternatively, purchases can be downloaded to migrate away altogether, via Google Takeout.

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    If You Are Someone Who Uses A Xiaomi Phone, This Video Is Must Watch For You. Trust Me When I Say That This Video Will Make Your MIUI Experience A Lot Better.

    The Video Is For All The Xiaomi Users Out There As Well As People Who Will Become Xiaomi Users In The Future.

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    Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

    Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • OZZY OSBOURNE - No More Tears


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    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears
    No more tears, tears, tears

    #OzzyOsbourne #NoMoreTears #MusicVideo #Ozzy #OfficialVideo



    Plus play as The flash in GTA and Nintendo announces a new Pikachu... who's now a DETECTIVE!

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  • No More Free Google Photos ☹️ Next best one?


    If you haven't hear, Google is ending their free unlimited photo and video storage come this June 1st 2021. It's sad and disappointing, but we have to move on to the next best alternative.

    As always make sure to SUBSCRIBE RoadTo10K , comment down below with any questions, and hit that bell icon to stay updated with our future videos.

    Music: free YT music

    In this video, I quickly go over the change Google has decided to make about their Google Photos platform - trying to push everyone to pay them to use it by charging for storage after a certain point. Amazon Photos is the way to go now especially because they let you store unlimited high/original quality photos on there too. A major downside is no videos really. I used the Elgato mic in this video so it should sound really good. I don't think I heard any audio issues in this either which is great because that means I'm good to go to review this one since the other one was not functioning properly. Let me know what you guys think! If you've read this far in the description comment I am subbed (and don't lie). Over the holiday I'll get my Elgato mic review out. Thanks for watching and reading!!!

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  • Why Terraria Developer No Longer Supporting Google


    Why Terraria Developer No Longer Supporting Google - Today's video is covering why the developer of Terraria is no longer working on the Stadia port and likely is not going to be updating the Google Play version of Terraria.

    #Terraria #Google #Stadia

    Citations For Today's Video -

    ‘Terraria’ dev cancels Stadia port, says working with Google is a “liability”

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  • Google Photos - The BEST Feature is Gone! No More Free Unlimited Back Up! Heres What YOU Can Do!


    Google Photos will end it's free unlimited storage plan for photos and videos. The change in service is going to hit many millions of users but what are the options? Can you / should you switch to another service like iCloud or OneDrive or something else?

    In this video I'll go through some of the cloud services available including amazon prime, how much they cost and whether it makes sense to switch or stay where you are.

    The answer depends on where you're coming from and what your needs are but the conclusion may surprise you!

    OneDrive Plans

    Google One Plans

    iCloud Plans

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  • Google Form?? NO MORE! Introducing the OFFLINE ASSESSMENT TOOL


    Walang internet ang mga studyante mo? Eto solusyon sa problema mo. Kahit sa cellphone pwede nila sagutan 'to!

    Para sa mga studyante na nagtitipid sa data ng internet service nila, para sa ating mga guro na madaming tambak na trabaho. Para sa bata,para sa bayan.

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  • No more Google for some Xiaomi phones - EP04 BALASTECH WEEKLY TECH NEWS


    Hello mga ka tech Episode 4 napo ng Philippine Weekly Tech News! Sana magustohan nyo po ito.

    0:00​ - intro
    0:32​ - Xiaomi Phones blocked GMS
    1:46 - China Donated Huawei Tablet to PH
    2:17​ -SpaceX rocket test exploded.
    3:21 - Ethereum
    4:17​ - DITO Tower list
    5:08​ - Philippines 2nd in 5G rank
    6:02​ - Top PH YouTuber Anime collab
    6:36 - PLDT Announcement
    7:17 - Converge ICT Ranked 1st on NETFLIX
    8:00​ - Outro

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  • No more Google Analytics?!? GDPR cookie consent problems


    In July 2019 the ICO in the UK have released new guidelines that effectively put an end to the use of Google Analytics. As of July 2019 they're saying that the use of Google Analytics cookies require active consent on behalf of the website visitor. In other words the user must actively switch 'on' the Google Analytics (GA) cookies. Nobody is going to do that, EVER. It effectively makes GA useless. PLEASE tell me I'm wrong? Here's some of the articles mentioned in this video:

    ICO Blog Article - What does 'good' look like? (not like this!)

    The UK ICO's official cookie guidelines

    Daan van den Bergh's article regarding Dutch compliance using GA

    Interesting pre-GDPR article from Jan 2018... but things are now even worse

    European Commission press release from Jan 2017 stating Cookies set by a visited website counting the number of visitors to that website will no longer require consent... clearly that got lost somewhere

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    #GDPR #GoogleAnalytics

  • Fix Google Play Music is no longer available for offline music in android ???? work


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  • SOLUTION TO: Google Play Music is no longer available - Make it Work Again!



    Google Play Music was (is?) the best off-line music app available. YouTube Music is complete and total garbage. If you want your old app back, this video is for you.

    This solution is honestly only appropriate for people who use Google Play Music to manage locally stored MP3s. Streaming, and buying new music, will quit working once Google quits supporting it.

    App Not Installed? Try this:

  • Google Opinion Rewards No More Surveys? No Problem!


    Make money with dividend stocks:
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    Check out for more money makingideas.

    How to get more surveys on google opinion rewards, SUBSCRIBE, watch this video to get tips on how to get more surveys from Google Survey Rewards that way you can earn more free Google Play money, this is the easiest way to get free google play money.

    This video will teach you how to get more surveys on google opinion rewards. That's all its about! If you are using google opinion rewards, how to get surveys is to follow these tricks from the video and you will start getting more action now. So be sure to subscribe and we will show you how to get more google opinion surveys.

  • Play Music show error Google Play Music is no longer available


    Play music on your phone is no longer be used, it shows the error Google Play Music is no longer available. It guides you to switch to Youtube Music, but when you click Transfer Youtube Music, a message that Youtube Music is not available in your area appears. So, you go straight to the Play Store to download the Youtube Music app to use instead of the Play music app.
    #GooglePlayMusicisnolongeravailable #YoutubeMusicisnotavailableinyourarea

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  • Why Does No One Know Googles Founders


    Everyone knows the top mega billionaires in the world like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. However, there is one mega-corporation whose founders aren't nearly as known which is Google with Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Each Sergey Brin and Larry Page boast a net worth over $80 billion and Alphabet, the parent company of Google is worth well over $1 trillion. Aside from financials, Google is no doubt one of the most influential companies in the world giving us valuable services like Google Maps, Android, and of course YouTube. Despite this, only a fraction of the population knows the geniuses behind the company. This video explains the various reasons Sergey Brin and Larry Page are underrated and what gives billionaires their popularity.

    Discord Community:

    0:00 - Megabillionaires
    1:30 - Early Days
    2:49 - Rocky Middle
    4:51 - Stepping Away
    6:13 - Not Businessmen
    7:44 - Lack Of Public Excitement
    9:30 - Billionaire Clout


  • No more free Unlimited Storage on Google Photos - Best alternative ????????????


    Google Photos ne decide kiya hai ki wo free unlimited storage option ko end karne wale hai. Isi ke upar mene aapko details di hai and Google photos alternative bataya hai.
    #google #googlephotos

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  • GOOGLE ADSENSE PIN and BANK ACCOUNT EXPLAINED | No More Western Union Payment!?


    Zzzuuuppp mga kabERks?!
    Para sa mga aspiring vloggers na katulad ko ang videong ito ☺️

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    Starry Night by Couple N
    Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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    Music promoted by Audio Library


  • Why Huawei Might Finally Be Dead In U.S.A: No More Google Apps For The Mate 30 Pro!


    Why Huawei Might Finally Be Dead In U.S.A: No More Google Apps For The Mate 30 Pro!

  • Google Unlimited Photo Storage NO MORE? | also, a few thoughts on the RoadTripin videos.


    #tech #technews #google #googlephotos

  • No More Google Play Aptoide TV for all android devices!!!!!




  • How to Stop Advertising on Facebook, Google, and YouTube — No More Ads for Myself


    How to Stop Advertising on Facebook, Google, and YouTube? Is it time for me to say no more ads for myself? Yes it is and I imagine hearing my journey through being an advertiser with Facebook ads, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), and YouTube ads is now being limited to helping others!

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  • Google fired its ethics. This is terrifying.


    Within 2 months, Google fired its two co-directors of AI ethics, Timnit Gebru and Margarett Mitchell. During this time, Google has also developed, and will probably soon deploy, algorithms trained on huge amounts of unsecured data, in an extremely opaque way, which had been criticized by the two co-directors in a research paper.

    The hasty deployment of very dangerous algorithms without any internal or external audit, on the phones of billions of humans, seems to me absolutely terrifying. But the scariest part is that this story is completely ignored by the general public, the media, the tech industry and the academic world... #AISafety #AIEthics #LeFabuleuxChantier

    Script + sources :
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  • No more Nexus? Googles phone may get a new name


    Watch more CNET Update:
    Reports hint that Google may have some new plans in store for its phones -- and the company is also reportedly shaking up the Nest smart-home team.

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  • HAVEN’T RECEIVED YOUR PIN? WORRY no MORE ! How to Verified Google Adsense without PiN


    #VerifiedWithoutPIN #WireTransfer

  • Why Im no longer using Alexa or Google Home: Smart speakers are always listening | Kim Komando


    Have you ever talked about something with a loved one, only to be overrun with related ads online? You're not alone. Privacy concerns just keep piling up for virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, and they may be listening to more than you think. Here's why Kim is done with smart speakers eavesdropping on every word.

    #KimKomando #AmazonAlexa #GoogleHome

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    Epoy's Life on Dialysis

  • Google Photos is No More FREE NOW! ???? | Ab Google Photos par Photos BACKUP krne ke pese lagenge????


    Hey in this video we are giving a very sad news about Google Photos , wach full video to know more :-)

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    #Googlephotos #photosbackup #google

  • Babel No More | Michael Erard | Talks at Google


    Michael Erard visited Google on May 3, 2012 to talk about his book Babel No More: The Search for the World's Most Extraordinary Language Learners.
    About the book:
    If you've ever tried to learn another language, you know how much time, energy, and brain power is required. Imagine a person who can pick up languages very easily. Someone who can navigate our world's multilingual hullaballoo. Who can leap language barriers with a single bound. Who can learn without effort and remember indelibly. Such people aren't parrots. They're not computers. They're language superlearners.

    Michael Erard searched for these people, and when he found them -- in history books and living among us -- he tried to make sense of their linguistic feats and their mental powers. His book answers the age-old question, What are the upper limits of the human ability to learn, remember, and use languages? [from




    ???????????????????? ????????????????????????


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  • Google Photos Changes-No more Free Unlimited Storage?


    Mrs. Geek of Geeks On Tour talks about the changes at Google Photos.

    Chris Guld is currently a Platinum Level Google Photos Product Expert.
    She literally wrote the book on Google Photos, now in its 2nd Edition.
    Buy Mrs. Geek's Guide to Google Photos on Amazon!

    Chris has been teaching technology since 1983. She is a Past President of the International Computer Trainers Association.

    Jim is the hardware guy in tech support since '78. He was a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Product Expert.

    We're Old Dogs always learning new tricks and we can teach you.

    Geeks On Tour record a regular live YouTube class called What Does This Button Do? It's an educational show about technology with an emphasis on photos and travel-related apps for mobile devices. #thebuttonshow

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  • ????Live Proof | Solve Google Play Music No Longer Available Problem |Use Google Play Music longer Back


    ????Live Proof | Solve Google Play Music No Longer Available Problem | Use Google Play Music Back

    Google play music no longer available solve | google play music no longer available solution Hindi

    About This Video

    Dosto aaj ki is video me maine aap logo ko bataya hu ki google play music no longer available
    google play music no longer available problem solution google play music no longer available how to solve google play music no longer available kaise kare


    More Videos pe photo upload kaise kare | how to post community Tab on YouTube

    2.subscriber hide kaise kare 2020 |how to hide subscribers on youtube on android

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    how to play a and listen music in google play 2021
    google play music no longer available problem
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    google play music kyon band hua

  • இனி இது இலவசமில்லை!???? | Google Photos is No Longer Free, Why? | Explained in Tamil


    Google Photos will no longer offer free and unlimited storage. Explained in Tamil

    #TechBuddies #GooglePhotos #TechExplain

    Google Photos will end free unlimited storage from June 2021- Explained
    00:00 Introduction
    01:00 How i used Google Photos
    01:32 Google Official Statement
    01:44 Google Photos Backup Options
    03:05 What will happen to old photos in Google Photos
    04:01 Storage Management Feature
    04:45 Approximate Free Quota Usage Date
    05:25 Problems will arise after google photos paid service
    06:19 Multiple Gmail Accounts
    06:58 Comment Your Feedback
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  • Google play music is no longer available problems... #Technology #TechInfo


  • Google Play music is no longer available | how to transfer from google Play music to youtube music


    how to transfer google music to youtube music

  • Google ID No Longer Supported, Toram Modding, Skill Rebalancing? | Toram News


    Toram no longer supporting Google ID.
    LLSIF cheating all over again?
    Incoming skill rebalancing.
    This and more in today's edition of Toram News.
    (English CC included)

    Termination of Character Transfer via Google ID Authentication

    Android Republic's Toram Mod video link

    Love Live! School Idol Festival - History of Cheating

    Android Republic

    14/6 Maintenance Notice

    Info on Asobimo Account

    20/6 Maintenance Notice

    Info from 22/5 Livestream

    Official Toram Online Twitter

    19/6 Livestream

    Music used:
    Intro Music:
    Something from iMovie? (DramaAlert Intro)

    BGM in video:
    Toram Online - Maton Sword

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    RuariMH - GGWP (EDM)
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    RuariMH (Outro music)
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    Recorded using AZ Screen Recorder
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  • Bose Tenor Frames Audio Sunglasses | No More AirPods?


    Like most AirPods owners, I love my headphones. They are convenient and sound great but sometimes, there are situations that call for something different. The Bose Tenor Frames Audio Sunglasses certainly are different and provide a unique perspective in the way we listen to audio. The real question is can these replace my AirPods?

    Read more -

  • Uncharted Movie - Apple Going Down - No More Google Fiber - The Circuit


    On this episode of the circuit we have news about the director of the upcoming Uncharted movie, Apple is in a finical slump, Google discontinues plans to deliver fiber internet and more.

    Uncharted movie

    Bethesda review copies

    Microsoft VR headset

    Apple in decline

    Google fiber problems

  • No More Crypto Mining Apps On Google Play Store


    No More Crypto Mining Apps On Google Play Store

    Google will join Apple in removing crypto mining apps from its App Store as part of its updated Google Play policy.

    Google bans crypto mining apps

    Until recently, Google Play Store has been one of the biggest platforms for downloading cryptocurrency mining apps and has definitely been one of the most trustworthy ones since Apple decided to ban them. Now, Google’s new policy update has eliminated these apps from the Play Store as well.

    The Thursday report from Android Police, the industry’s media outlet, unveiled the new decision which came as part of the policy update made for the developers of Google Play. The policy said that App Store will only permit apps that are offering services like remotely managing crypto mining.

    The ban is the newest effort from Google, as well as Apple, to restrict activities that relate in any way to the mining of cryptos through the use of their respective platforms. Previously, Google decided to ban browser extensions that were used for mining cryptos, which was done in April of this year. The decision to do this came after the discovery that the majority of the extensions did not comply with Google’s single-purpose policy. Additionally, many of these extensions were also discovered to be malicious.

    Then, only a month ago, Apple released a new update for its policy regarding mobile apps. The policy was for iOS app developers, banning all apps created for mining cryptos via smartphones. These decisions were intended to limit criminal activities through the use of such apps.

    Read more on:

  • Youve Turned Off Ad Personalization from Google? No I DIDNT!


    Have you seen this message: You've turned off ad personalization from Google, so this ad is not customized based on your data.

    But your ad personalization in your Google account settings is turned on?

    Makes no sense, does it.

    It seems to me that Google has simply disabled our ability to block repetitive and annoying ads. We're talking WIX, Vimeo, etc.

    Here's the full message:

    You've turned off ad personalization from Google, so this ad is not customized based on your data. This ad was shown based on other factors, for example:
    - The time of day
    - The video you're watching
    - Your general location (like your country or city

    Visit Google's Ad Settings to learn more about how ads are targeted or to opt out of personalized ads.



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