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Pilotage in bad weather Cork Harbour February 2021

  • Pilotage in bad weather Cork Harbour February 2021


    Here’s some cool video footage we captured of the Cork Pilots in their Interceptor 48 pilot boat ‘Failte’ undertaking pilot transfers off Cork Harbour during the recent days of strong SE gales. Roches Point lighthouse recorded 50kts of wind on the 13th as the Cosco bulk carrier passed and the Cork wave buoy 2nm off the harbour entrance recorded waves to 6.7m at the time. The pilot boat coxwain managed to get alongside and safely disembark the pilot despite the challenging sea state. Afterwards on the 15th conditions moderated, with the Gramaldi car carrier able to depart which we caught again nicely by drone. Respect for the Ports pilots and pilot boats crew in keeping the Port working and shipping moving in such bad sea and weather conditions.

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  • Port of Cork pilots navigate rough seas - Pilotage in bad weather Cork Harbour February 2021


    Pilotage in bad weather off Cork Harbour February 2021 | Bad weather in cork #bad weather ships
    Port of Cork pilots navigate rough seas - Pilotage in bad weather Cork Harbour February 2021

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  • MV Alta - After the storms


    With it's back broken , and its port side stoved in , the recent storms have taken a toll on the so called Ghost Ship.

  • Ship in Storm | INSANE Navy Boat Exercise in Too Rough Sea


    Watch this navy patrol boat facing rough seas, big waves and extreme winds (storm force 12) during a training exercise in the Southern Ocean in February 2021. Subscribe for more extreme weather content ►

    The cameraman told us that it was perhaps the wrong decision to go out into such rough seas there as it was dangerous. It could have been a difficult operation to rescue the crew if the boat capsized as the wind was going strong, the water was freezing cold and additional support could not be send over quickly due to the remoteness of the area. Luckily the boat and its crew was able to return safely to the main ship.

    With a maximum depth of about 7,434 meters (24,390 ft) and temperatures between -2-10 °C (25-50 °F), the Southern Ocean is known for its tough weather conditions – it is the coldest and windiest ocean on Earth. The latitudes from 50 to 70 degrees south are also known as the Furious Fifties and Shrieking Sixties due to strong winds and large waves caused by the winds blow that blow around the globe in those areas. (Find out more here:

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    Impressive to see how the Cork Pilot boat ‘Fáilte’ draws parallel to the bow of the moving Brittany Ferries ferry ‘Pont-Aven’, as it departs Cork harbour on a warm sunny afternoon, on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020. Cork harbour is a beautiful place, with plenty of stunning views to enjoy, while departing for the open sea, enroute to Roscoff, France. This particular sailing was very enjoyable, though quiet, due to coping with the Corona virus, which was managed excellently onboard. The ‘Pont-Aven’ is a lovely ferry boat, resulting in a very pleasant trip.
    From the Cork Pilots website: The Port of Cork Company is responsible for pilotage. Pilotage is compulsary for all vessels in the area between Number 20 Buoy in the Lower Harbour and the quays at Cork. For vessels exceeding 130m in length pilotage is compulsary from 2.5 miles off Roches Point

    From the Brittany Ferries website: Ireland to France by luxury ferry. Sail from Ireland to France with Brittany Ferries' on our Cork to Roscoff ferry route. Depart on a Saturday afternoon aboard our flagship, Pont-Aven, to arrive Sunday morning. From March 2020 onwards there are sailings twice a week with an additional sailing on Wednesday afternoons aboard Armorique. Aboard Pont-Aven, you'll enjoy a choice of comfortable cabins, restaurants, shops and entertainments including a swimming pool and leisure area - the ferry crossing really will feel like part of your holiday!
    Overnight ferry departures once a week rising to twice a week from March 2021
    Afternoon sailings taking 14 to 15 hours
    Sail aboard our flagship, Pont-Aven, or Armorique
    A great choice of comfortable cabins
    With excellent access to local road networks driving to Cork and Roscoff ports is easy. Roscoff is a picturesque fishing village with pretty restaurants lining the quay and plenty of tourist attractions including a botanical gardens and a century old Thalassotherapy Institute where the seawater and seaweed are used for healing and relaxation therapies.

  • Ship in Storm | Fishing Ship in the Rough Seas and Massive Waves|Indian Ocean Storm and Fishing Boat


    #shipinstorm #indianocean #Roughsea #fishingboat

    Ship in Storm | Fishing Ship in the Rough Seas and Massive Waves|Indian Ocean Storm and Fishing Boat

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  • Ship in Storm | Fishing Trawler in Rough Seas and Massive Waves 4K


    Scottish fishing vessels Audacious facing rough seas and massiv waves in the North-West Atlantic off the coast of Scotland. It's rare to film them during conditions like this. Subscribe for more extreme weather content ►

    If you want to support families who have lost loved ones at sea, you may want to check the website of the Fishermen's Mission, a charity registered in England and Wales: No. 232822 and in Scotland: No. SC039088. This information was lastly updated on 01-May-2021.

    Licet Studios GmbH is not in any way affiliated with the The Fishermen's Mission, does not receive any kind of commission here, and does not have any influence nor makes any kind or guaranties or representations on how donations are handled. Licet Studios GmbH does cover any responsibilities for the charity's compliance with all legislations in the UK and other countries, statements or any other actions of the charity. Please check the official website of the charity or contact the respective authorities in the UK if you need further information or have concerns. You are in no obligation to donate anything and you are free to consider any other charity as well!

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  • Harbour Pilot - Pilotage at Aberdeen


    Meet Finn Froekjaer Jensen, Pilot at Aberdeen Harbour
    A maritime pilot, marine pilot, harbor pilot, port pilot, ship pilot, bar pilot, or simply pilot, is a mariner who maneuvers ships through dangerous or congested waters, such as harbors or river mouths. They are navigational experts possessing knowledge of the particular waterway such as its depth, currents, and hazards, as well as being experts in handling ships of all types and sizes. A Maritime pilot is an expert ship handler who is licensed or authorised by a recognised pilotage authority.
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    ????Area: Aberdeen
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    #pilot #ship #lifeatsea

  • Corryvreckan Maelstrom & Thunder Child II documentary


    Safehaven Marine undertook an 800nm 4 day cruise in Thunder Child II to Scotland, living off the boat to visit a place called the Gulf of Corryvreckan. A pretty wild yet beautiful place.
    The Corryvreckan whirlpool, or ‘Maelstrom’, as would be a more appropriate description, is formed as the tide enters the narrow stretch of water between the Islands of Jura and Scarba that is the Gulf of Corryvreckan. Here the tidal flow speeds up to 8.5kts as it is squeezed between the islands, and there it encounters a variety of underwater seabed features. On the western entrance a basalt pinnacle rises up from depths of 70m to 29m, and lying to East, directly in front of the pinnacle is a deep hole in the seabed, with a depth of 219m.
    As the water flows through the gulf it falls into this hole, and then encounters the steep face of the pinnacle, causing a massive upwelling surge of water to rise to the surface. On a flood tide this surge meets swells entering the Gulf from the West, and creates standing waves that can reach heights of 9m. These ‘standing waves’ are not like normal waves as they form directly over the pinnacle, standing still and breaking heavily on the spot. Whirlpools are also formed over the pinnacle as well as throughout the Gulf, as opposing water columns sheer, and these can be up to 50m wide.
    During a storm on spring tides it is said that the angry roar from the seething waters of the maelstrom, with its standing waves and whirlpools can be heard up to 10 miles away, and local mythology refers to this as the voice of ‘Cailleach’ (The Hag) of the Whirlpool.
    In a well found boat the gulf can be safely navigated in fair conditions, or at slack water, but I can imagine that in a Westerly gale on a flood tide, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the place, as it would truly be described as ‘Unnavigable’. Indeed it was once classified as such by the Royal Navy. On the day we visited with Thunder Child we had Westerly winds of Force 5 gusting 6, and a 3.9m tide which enabled us to experience the standing waves on the flood and the whirlpools on the ebb.
    The word Corryvreckan translates to ‘Cauldron’ and that perfectly describes the seething sea state around the whirlpools, and it was quite an experience to have the throttles set for 6kts, holding station just ahead of the standing waves that were breaking behind the boat, and not be moving at all!
    There is an Old Irish text known as Cormac’s Glossary written by the King and Bishop of Cashel, Cormac mac Cuilennáin who died in the year 908: “There is a great whirlpool which is between Ireland and Scotland to the north, in the meeting of various seas, its thunderous eructation and its bursting and its roaring are heard among the clouds, like the steam boiling of a cauldron of fire.” I felt that was a pretty cool description of the place as how the place might have appeared of old during a storm.
    Coryvreckan is reputed to produce the third largest whirlpools after the Saltstraumen and Moskstraumen Maelstroms in Norway, however the unique submarine topography of the gulf of Corryvreckan and its capability to produce dangerous standing waves means that in storm conditions, it is potentially one of the most violent stretches of water in the world.
    The Voyage: Casting off at Cobh in the afternoon on Saturday 18th July 2020 Thunder Child II arrived at Bangor marina at 9.30pm for refuelling after averaging 32kts over the 275nm run. Overnighting on aboard we set sail early Sunday morning heading up the Northern Ireland coast to Rathlin Island, itself a place notorious for producing challenging seas with its tidal strong race and overfalls, before a lumpy crossing to Scotland to enjoying two days taking Thunder Child II through the standing waves and whirlpools in the Gulf of Corryvreckan, and capturing some cool Ariel drone video. Whilst we were there It was also nice to see one of our old Interceptor 42 passenger boats ‘Venturer’ for the first time since we built her 15 years ago, and still looking good. Operated by Craignish Cruises running boat tours in the Gulf, they guided us on a tour around the islands visiting the notorious ‘Grey Dogs’ tidal race and seeing the Sea Eagles nesting nearby.
    Spending Sunday night isolated on the breakwater at Ardfern marina we headed to Belfast late afternoon on Monday. Next day we were onwards to Dun Laoghaire for lunch and down the East coast of Ireland where we we’re buzzed overhead by Rescue 117 of the Irish Coastguard, which was great to experience and gave us the excuse to give Thunder Child the beans, and although heavy with fuel we still managed to hit over 50kts.
    We arrived home to East Ferry Marina, Cobh late Tuesday evening after an enjoyable voyage for her crew comprising: Skipper Frank Kowalski and crew: Carl Randalls (Drone pilot) Ciaran Monks, Mary Power and Kenny Carrol. During the voyage Thunder Child II ran faultlessly and proved her capabilities of averaging high speeds for long distances.

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  • Pilot on board via helicopter.Helicopter operation.


  • How these Giant Ships Transport $200 Millions Worth of Oil - Documentary


    Welcome back to the Fluctus Channel for a feature on the giant oil tankers of the sea and the important role they play in the 21st-century economy.

  • Pilotage in bad weather Cork Harbour February 2021 - Strange Clip


  • Very brave Pilot... Boarding in rough weather..


  • La Cornuna pilot boat Offshore in Gale & Ship boarding trials


    Here’s a pretty cool video covering the recent sea trials we undertook with the La Coruna pilot boat. Some nice gale footage 20 miles offshore, and the fun we had trying to land the drone back down in high winds as well as alongside ship handling trials with the Taccola, operating out of Cork Harbour at present.



  • Ghost ship in storm, short version FB page


    We undertook a survey of the Ghost ship ‘MV Alta’ which ran aground off Ballycotton a year ago after being abandoned off Bermuda in 2018 and drifting across the Atlantic Ocean. We captured some pretty stunning drone footage of her being battered in a storm that beautifully demonstrates the tremendous power of the sea. She’s beginning to break up now, a large part of her deck and seaward side has been ripped off and her back is broken. Soon I imagine she will break in half, although it’s hard to say when as she’s quite stable on the rock platform she is aground on. But inevitably and inextricably the sea is claiming her.

  • Bad weather in cork????#bad weather ships


    Pilotage in bad weather Cork Harbour ????

  • Rough weather sea trials of Svitzer Oued Martil.


    Here’s a nice little video of the sea trials of ‘Svitzer Oued Martil’ including some cool on-board 360 camera footage of her going through some pretty big breaking seas during rough weather testing, and some nice foggy day drone footage and trials alongside the Brittany Ferry ‘Armorique’. Oued Martil is the 3rd ‘self-righting’ all weather capable pilot vessel we have supplied to Svitzer for their pilotage operations in Tangier, Morocco, with the first two Interceptor 48’s operating very successfully the past two years.

  • Port Pilot | Most dangerous job


    One of the most dangerous jobs in 2021.
    Marine pilotage is considered among the most dangerous jobs in 2021, many pilots lost their life during pilot transfert operations.
    In this video we can see how a pilot boat in Spain approached our vessel to disembark the pilot.

  • US Barracuda SV125 rough weather sea trials.


    Here’s a cool little video of the 12.5m Barracuda SV we have just launched out on her rough weather sea trials recently, with some great Arial drone footage of her going through some fairly big breaking seas offshore.

    Built for ‘Future Defence’ in the USA she is designed for search & rescue and coastal patrol duties. She is fully self-righting, able to recover if capsized by a large breaking sea and capable of all-weather operations. Powered by a pair of Caterpillar C8.7 650hp engines, ZF two speed gearboxes with surface drive propulsion by France Helices, she has a maximum speed of 43kts. Able to comfortably accommodate a crew of four on ‘SHOXS’ shock mitigation seating and two passenger in a well-appointed cabin. Live aboard accommodation is provided in the forward accommodation with two berths, dinette seating, a full galley, with separate heads and electrical compartments. A 5kw generator provides on board AC and an 18,000btu Dometic air-conditioning unit provides climate control on board. She is fitted with a very comprehensive array of Garmin navigation and communication equipment. An integral transom platform allows for dive operations from a spacious aft deck. Wide side decks allow for safe alongside ship boarding.
    The vessel combines an all-weather operational envelope, high speed capabilities and long endurance, with a range of over 500nm.

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  • 14.2m XLW Class Pilot Boat by Norman R Wright & Sons


    Introducing Siabo a custom designed and built 14.2m XLW Class Pilot Boat by Norman R. Wright & Sons. Siabo is the first of 3 custom XLW Class Pilot boats built for PNG Ports Corporation.

    Leveraging over 100 years experience designing and building pilot boats the team at Norman R. Wright & Sons have applied the latest design and construction technology to deliver a class leading performer.

    Click here to

  • Pilotage : Am Affable and barge Suzy Q inbound


  • Cork Harbour Festival 4 14 June 2021


    We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Cork Harbour Festival, taking place from Fri 4 – Mon 14 June 2021.
    This year’s programme is packed with events on water, on land and on your screen, presenting 15 events online and an incredible 28 activities that festival goers can participate in around Cork City and Harbour.
    Join us and dive right in to over 40 activities on water, on land and on your screens!
    Credit: Jakub Walutek Photography
    Cork Harbour Festival is organised by Meitheal Mara, the community boatyard, training centre and charity located in the heart of Cork City. The Festival is sponsored by Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Port of Cork and Failte Ireland and made possible with the help of over 30 Event Partners and many volunteers.

  • Harbourtug sailing in bad weather | rough sea


    Hay guys
    Watch a harbortug that sails from singapore to Brunei in bad weather

  • Captain- Driving Pilot Boat with Rough weather


  • pilot boat rough weather jamaica


    always adventurous

  • Sailing in rough weather Just A normal day at Sea


  • || Pilot boarding on ship ||


  • Ship Pilot BoardingTransfer in Heavy Seas!!


    Ship pilot Boarding / transfer in heavy swells!! You wouldn't want to get yourself in between the ship and the pilot boat!!

  • Pilot disembarkation


    Life at Sea

  • Drone footage of Cork Harbour #Cork #Shipping #Footage


    Cork Harbour with footage of The Independent Horizon, Cork Harbour boat “failte”, Dsg Alex escort tug, Gerry O. Sullivan tug

    Music: Pictures from the past by Aleksey chistilin
    Licensed to YouTube by Artlist

    Created on Wondershare Filmora

  • Ships Around Cork Harbour


    Various shots of different ships around Cork harbour. Filmed January 2020

  • Fishermen flotilla protests in Cork.


    GoPro 7 time-lapse. Fishermen sailing to Cork port in the protest of post-Brexit fishing quotas
    Protest flotilla of fishermen gathered at Roches Point in Cork Harbour to protest against reduced quotas. Fishermen are protesting the conditions they face under the Brexit deal agreed before Christmas, which included a gradual decrease in quota amounts for Irish fishermen.

    Overall 60 boats are sailed to Cork port. Some of the vessels started hooting as they passed a nearby naval base.

  • Irish Fisheries protest, Cork Harbour, 26 May 2021


    Footage of the Irish fisheries protest against the decrease in quota amounts after Brexit.

    A Flotilla of 60 plus fishing trawlers as they pass Cobh on their way to the city centre to Taoiseach Micheal Martin's office.

    Drone: DJI mini 2

    Music : Hopeful by Paper Planes.
    Licensed by artlist

  • 16m Pilot Boat - Stainsby


    Stainsby is a 16m GRP Pilot Boat designed by Camarc and built by Holyhead Marine.

  • Catamaran pilot boat, good operational experience under all weather conditions!!!


    Julian Krahn - Video Creator
    Filmed 18.03.2018

  • Venice pilot boat alongside rhapsody of the seas sailing from Venice Italy


    Venice pilot boat escorting rhapsody of the seas from Venice cruise terminal #venice#cruiseship#shipsboats

  • Pilot 48 compilation 2018 Youtube



  • pilot on board


  • Sea trials of the Interceptor 48 Pilot Belgrano by Safehaven Marine.


    Here’s a cool little video we made during the sea trials of ‘Belgrano’ a new Interceptor 48 pilot for Montevideo, Uruguay. We captured some really nice drone footage of her offshore in some breaking seas and alongside ship manoeuvres, testing out her pilot boarding ladder and new fender system.

  • Pilot Boat - Drone Video


    Pilot Boat 360 by SkyScope Imagery

    For footage Licensing contact us on or email

  • Hannah Sue Burnett Talks Harbour Pilots Test #MMBHT17


  • BMW M SPORT - Night Cruise -


    Nighttime cruise around cork city
    2010 BMW 3 Series M SPORT

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    Music used -

  • Weather in Cork Ireland TODAY!


    Be fair, or foul, or rain, or shine, The joys I have possessed, in spite of fate, are mine. Not heaven itself upon the past has power; But what has been, has been, and I have had my hour.
    Driving in Cork Ireland monsoon rain,
    #cork #ireland #driving
    Tel: +353 (0)42 942 0517

  • HARBOUR TORONTO ????????


  • Rough seas at Deal past and present


    Storms create havoc along the beaches of Deal.

  • port of cork pilot launch


    night cruise

  • Mandalay, Southwold


    I was approached by the owners of Mandalay in Southwold, Suffolk to create an aerial video emphasising the tranquility of their location and proximity to the sea.

    Mandalay is situated in an enviable and unique position on the Southwold Dunes within a stone’s throw of the beach. The beach house has truly breathtaking views in all directions with a decking area to sit and dine whilst seeing the sunrise – or indeed the sunset. To book a stay in Mandalay, or for more information, visit:

  • PTP Marine Pilotage


  • Pilot boat, Interceptor 38 for Setubal, launch day video


    Pilot boat, Interceptor 38 for the port of Setubal, launch day and sea trial video



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