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Please STOP Wasting Your Money????????????

  • STOP wasting your life


    Before You Waste Your Life Watch This. Time is limited and its Time to Go After the Life You Always Wanted.


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    Neema Sadeghi

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  • Jordan Petersons Ultimate Advice for Students and College Grads - STOP WASTING TIME


    Stop Wasting Time! This is Jordan Peterson's Ultimate Advice for Students, College Grads, and Everyone Alive!
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    Jordan Peterson is North America's most popular psychologist. He is a professor at the University of Toronto and focuses on abnormal, social and personality psychology.


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    Amazing Authors like Brendan Burchard, David Goggins, James Clear, Dale Carnegie, Stephen R. Covey, Nick Winter, Tara Westover, Mel Robbins, Steven Pressfield, Charles Duhigg, Cal Newport, Elizabeth Gilbert, David Allen, George Leonard, Kevin Kruse, and Zac Bissonnette.

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  • Stop Wasting Money If You Want to Be Self Reliant


    Starting off with thanking Sam of Virtus Knives ( for the three quality, custom knives he made for me over the last two years, I talk about how spending money casually on things we don't need prevents us from living the life of our dreams, the self reliant life. In the case of a good knife, it's something every man should have, but sometimes we cannot afford to sacrifice our hard earned time and money to by the best, settling for lesser quality until the time is right to make the investment. Stop wasting money and think about the real time, energy and financial cost of everything thing we spend money on and be patient - it's going to take time and perseverance to get where you're going with your life.
    Because I cut myself a few minutes after filming this video (embarrassing!), I didn't a chance to film closeups of the knives, so visit Sam's website to see the specs.
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  • How To Stop Wasting Money On Makeup You Never Use


    Hey guys! Today we are talking about how to stop wasting money on makeup you never use by finding out what kind of makeup shopper you are.

    I have a full blown system here dedicated to helping you figure out where to best spend your dollar based on your makeup WEARING habits as well as your actual lifestyle. The goal here is to identify where you are so that if you are a number 2 you aren't shopping like a number 5 for no reason. And I get it, makeup is fun! Its a hobby! But if you watch the whole video you might find some points that can help you assess if your shopping habits are still serving you and if there are any other ways that you can have fun with makeup while still achieving other goals both financial and personal. Balance is always key! :)

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  • How to Stop Wasting your Time ☀️


    The first 1000 people who use this link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium:

    In this video I wanted to dive in to how to stop wasting your time on the stuff that you don't want to be doing, and start doing the stuff you do want to be doing.


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    We go on a shopping spree in the Roblox Mall!
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  • Please STOP Wasting Your Money????????????


    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai kuch Internet pe chal rahe scams ke baare mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video jaroor pasand aayegi.

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  • Please stop wasting your money???? MV tuber


    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai kuch Internet pe chal rahe scams ke baare mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video jaroor pasand aayegi

    #Trading app
    #Playing games

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  • Please STOP Wasting Your Money ????????????


    Please STOP Wasting Your Money ????????????


    I am kashif welcome to Our youtube channel Wplus1 YouTube channel

    About this video

    Is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai kuch internet pe chal rahe scams ke baare mein. mujhy umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi?

    thanks for watching

    Pleez watch this video and till end.This will be very beneficial for you

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  • Pubg mobile UC || Please Stop Wasting Your Money ????????????


    Online fraud es video me maine Pubg UC scam ke bare me bataya hai please support kare Taaki ye mudda bhi uthe aur log eske bare me bhi Jane.

    Online fraud
    Pubg UC
    UC scam

  • You Have Wasted Your Life, Now Please Stop Wasting Your Money - The Penny Black Remedy


    New single 'You Have Wasted Your Life, Now Please Stop Wasting Your Money' by The Penny Black Remedy, download for free until 27th June in celebration of the band playing at Glastonbury 2010.

  • Please Stop Wasting Your ???? Money On YouTube


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  • New Olx Fraud | Please Stop Wasting Your Money | Be Safe Be Secure | This Is Not Right


    Please Stop Wasting Your Money ????????????| Olx New Scam ? | Google Pay ?

    Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai kuch Internet pe chal rahe scams ke baare mein. kis Tarah Log Olx ke Jariye Logo ko Fraud Kr Rahe hai Aour Google Pay se Payment Le rahe Aapko Ye Video Bahut Pasand Aayegi Thank you so much...

    Query -
    1. What is Olx Scam?
    2. Google Pay?
    3. Save Money
    4. New Fraud Scam
    5. How to Secure ?

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  • Please STOP Wasting Your Money???????????? || Scam Sites || Any Information Tv


    Video Achi lagye Tw Like Subscribe Zaroor Karna Thank You...

    #PleaseSTOP #WastingYourMoney #ScamSites #AnyInformationTv

  • Please STOP Wasting Your Money????????????


    Please STOP Wasting Your Money

    Namaskaar Dosto , mene is video me bataya he ki social media par chal rahe scam ke bareme ashakarta hu ki ye video apko jarur pasad aayegi

  • Please STOP wasting your money by #hero_atul_tech


    Please STOP wasting your money by #hero_atul_tech

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  • Technical Guruji | Please STOP Wasting Your Money


    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai kuch Internet pe chal rahe scams ke baare mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video jaroor pasand aayegi.

    Technical Guruji Tell a the important updates how to be safe of Internet Scams. Some People is running Fraud campaign with the Name of Technical Guruji and his Photo See the Video to get all information and what technical guruji tell.

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  • STOP BUYING THESE 20 BEAUTY PRODUCTS: And stop wasting your money today!


    Stop buying these 20 beauty products and start saving money today. Make better spending decisions around beauty products. I am a beauty product junkie but I've stopped buying beauty products and makeup for a couple of years now. Cutting down on beauty products I don't really need has made a significant difference in how much money I save. I hope you find this video helpful. Thank you for making it this far! XOXO

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  • Stop Wasting Your Time and Money at Universities!


    Want to become a professional software engineer? All you need is passion and determination, not a degree. Universities make you pay for the subjects you'll never use in the real world.

    You can become a software developer right from your bedroom. At, we give you all the resources you need to become a top professional software engineer.

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    Watch this video and see why successful entrepreneurs tell you that college degrees are a waste of time and money:

  • Stop Wasting Your Money on Bank Fees


    Recurring Bank Fees Are a Waste of Money

    Today’s technology and choices for banking make it much easier to find one that offers great service but without all the hidden fees or ongoing charges.

    There are alternatives to the mega fee big banks that only have their profits and shareholders’ interests in mind.

    This podcast talks about bank fees and how to avoid them.

    Smart Start Money

    Visit Our Website:
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    Smart Start Money is for general information and entertainment purposes only. The information provided does not constitute professional financial advice. Please make sure to do your own research or find a trusted financial professional before making any financial decision on your own. Smart Start Money nor its owners make any representations as to the accuracy or suitability of the claims made. Nor does Smart Start Money or its owners assume any liability in regard to financial results based on the use of the information provided.

    Smart Start Money does not provide individual or customized legal, tax, accounting, or investment advice. Since each individual’s situation is unique, a qualified professional should be consulted.

  • Technical guruji ke naam se paise barbad ! Please STOP Wasting Your Money ! money ko safe kre


    About this video

    Technical guruji ke naam se paise barbad ! Please STOP Wasting Your Money ! money ko safe kre

    Cover Topic :-

    1:- Technical guruji ke naam se paise barbad,
    2:- Please STOP Wasting Your Money,
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    10:- technical guruji iphone 11,
    11:- technical guruji lifestyle,

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  • Stop WASTING Your Money! | 3 Financial Fitness Rules For Men


    - Click here to check out Jeff Rose's awesome channel.

    Here are some of my favorite videos from Jeff:

    How To Invest $1000 (And Grow It To $1 Million):

    7 Hard Lessons I Learned In My 20's:

    Investing For Beginners | How I Got Started With No Money:

    - Click here to check out Personal Capital Financial Software And Wealth Management.

    - Click here to read the article: 3 Habits of Financially Fit Men.

    Stop burning your money, gents! Not sure how? Watch and learn. For today's video, Antonio has teamed up with personal finance wizard Jeff Rose to bring you three awesome tips on spending and investing your money more effectively. Whether you're drowning in college debt or saving for your first car, Mr. Rose can put you on the fast track to financial success. Watch the video to find out how.

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  • Tutorial 25 - Stop wasting your money on ‘Tubes of Hope!’


    Watch this video for the truth on effective skincare xx

  • Please stop wasting money on this


  • Stop wasting your money on ineffective Vitamins!


    Are the vitamins you're taking good for you, or are you just wasting your money?!

    Dr. Mark LeMay, DC, ACN explains the 3 Types of vitamins and which one supports your body the best.

    To listen to more info on the difference between synthetic and whole food supplements click here:

    To see an update of Jonathan click here:

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • STOP WASTING TIME ON YOUR CELLPHONE | New Motivational Video for Success & Study


    Stop Wasting Time on Your Cellphone! This is a powerful Motivational Speech Video on why you need to stop procrastinating and start using your time wisely! How much time are you spending everyday on your phone?!

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  • STOP Wasting MONEY on These 3 Things


    In this video, John Laurro shares 3 common expense traps where so many people end up spending more money than they intend to.

    Early on in your journey toward financial abundance, it is very important to reduce and control your expenses. Doing this allows you to save as much money as possible and invest it into your education, your business, the stock market, or various other investment vehicles.

    The goal is to lock in your expenses, increase your income through the roof, and save and invest the ever increasing distance between the two.

    That being said, so many people end up spending a ton of money in these 3 categories. This eliminates so much of their income, that there is often barely any money left over to be saved or invested.

    #1 - The first money trap so many people fall into is buying cars that cost more than they can afford. Due to the availability of financing vehicles, many people leverage their way up into a car that is currently too costly for them. The expensive car payment seems manageable, especially if the person lives at home and doesn't have many other expenses. But having to pay several hundred dollars a month becomes an issue if the person has an entry level job and has to take on other expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

    #2 - The second money trap that so many people get caught in is the act of buying expensive clothes or shoes. Many people cover themselves is designer clothes to give off the appearance of being rich. The issue here is that these people have spent all of their money on these clothes, meaning that they actually don't have any money left over to back up the image they are portraying.

    #3 - The third money trap people fall into is going out to eat and have drinks at expensive restaurants. People assume that spending 30-40 dollars at a restaurant isn't a big deal. But if that person works an entry level job, and goes out to restaurants for food and drinks multiple times each week, they could quickly find themselves spending hundreds of dollars each month just on restaurants.

    With all of these expense traps, the main point is that wasting a ton of money buying this sort of stuff prevents you from being able to use that money for more important purposes. This makes it difficult to make progress with your personal finances, as you don't have enough money to work with and put toward building your liquidity, growing your investments, increasing your knowledge, or starting a business.

  • Things to STOP Wasting Your Money on as a Teen


    Hey Guys
    so I'm a major spender, and i love to buy pretty much random junk. These r some ways i've cut back so i can stop wasting money on random things and save for bigger items.
    Other videos

    my older brothers channel

    my younger brothers channel


  • Stop Wasting Your Money || Scams Alert


    Stop Wasting your Money , Scams Alert

    Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse baat ki hai kuch Internet pe chal rahe scams ke baare mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video jaroor pasand aayegi.

    About Channel:
    MrRoop is a news hub which provides you with the comprehensive up-to-date news coverage from all over India and World. Get the latest top stories, current affairs, sports, business, entertainment, politics, astrology, spirituality, and many more here only on MrRoop.

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  • PSA: Stop Wasting Time And Money!


    Please stop wasting your money and get a laserjet printer. They print nearly 4x faster than ink jet and cost 1/10 of the price.

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  • Stop Wasting Money


    This week I talk about the ways that most indie artist waste money! Don't Waste Your Money!


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  • 3 Popular Supplements You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On


    Please watch: Is the Paleo Diet Really That Good for Weight Loss?


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    Here are 3 supplements you should stop wasting your money on:

    1. BCAA's

    2. Pre Workout-use caffeine instead

    3. Testosterone Boosteres- plain and simple the main ingredients in them aren't a reliable way to boost your testosterone.

    Instead focus on building your testosterone levels naturally by exercising, getting more sleep, more natural sunlight, and lowering body fat levels.



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    Today, I want to talk to you about the 10 ways that you can stop wasting money on clothes that you never wear. As a personal stylist and shopper in London, I work with a lot of very senior executive women and one of the things that I find is that there are lots of clothes in their wardrobe that just aren't worn. So I’ve put together my top 10 list of things to remedy this.

    1. Always review what you've got before you go shopping. It's really common for people to just buy things without prior consideration, and not actually think about what they've got in their wardrobe. So before you do any shopping, it's always worth having a flick through again your wardrobe as a reminder of what you've already got.

    2. Always have your basics wardrobe completed first. The reason that I stress this is so much is that if this isn’t in place, outfits won’t go together easily or well. If you’re a ‘spontaneous shopper,’ you’ll often find that you have lots of statement pieces, but nothing to pull them together with as an outfit. This can be avoided by establishing your core colour, and stocking your wardrobe out with basics in that palette.

    3. Don’t impulse buy. Although I know it’s fun, don't shop spontaneously. Maybe you’re out with your girlfriends, or shopping is a hobby of yours, but try to avoid spontaneous trips where possible. Have an intention of what it is that you’re looking for, and what you need. The occasional impulse buy may work out, but more often than not, it’s those purchases that’d up unworn in your wardrobe.

    4. Make a list. If you shop with a list, you'll end up buying things that you need and not just things that are going to just hang there a little bit. As I've said before, think about what it is that you need before you go. Write it down and shop with intention, one item at a time.

    5. Only buy pieces that have got something in your wardrobe already to pair with. If you're buying things that then require something else to make them work, they're just going to end up being wasted money. Although you may have every intention to buy the secondary item, often that's the bit that you can't find, meaning you don’t wear the first item.

    6. Unsubscribe from newsletters of brands you like. This is something that people get caught out by all the time. Maybe you’re at work, a bit bored, easily distracted: and there enters the newsletter tempted you to make unnecessary purchases. This also applies to Instagram! Unfollow your favourite brands. These marketing techniques are designed to make you buy things you don’t need, and will ultimately lead to a wardrobe of unwearable clothing. If you want something and have the intention to buy, you can revisit their website and social media.

    7. Avoid online shopping. This leads to impulse buying. Often, what arrives won’t fit, won’t suit you, and won’t end up getting returned as the process is too long. If you have to as there are no stores near you, that’s different. But purchase carefully - a lot of hours, money and environmentally harmful resources are wasted on this method of shopping.

    8. Know your size. I know it sounds obvious, but so many of us are shopping blind, having no reality of their current size. Although it’s relatively universal, every store’s sizing does differ - so measure up, write it down, look at their size charts and don’t get caught out! Shopping for your size will significantly reduce how many items are hung in your wardrobe with the labels still on.

    9. Know your signature style. A lot of spontaneous shopping is obliterated by knowing and owning your style and preferences. Most of my clients are in their 40s-50s, and look great for establishing what works for them rather than trying to follow the latest trend.

    10. The three W’s. When, why and what. When are you going to wear it? Why do you need it? What do you need it for? When you're going to look at new things, for example, outside of your signature style, ask yourself those questions, to really see whether it’s a good purchase. An example: I've got very minimalist style. However recently there's been trends that have come in and I've wanted to try out, such as pattern midi dresses. However, when I’ve tried them on, and have liked them, I haven’t been able to pinpoint when or what I’d need it for. It’ll sit in my wardrobe, as that would be too fussy and dressy for my personal style. When I’m with clients, dresses aren’t practical for crawling around on a dressing room floor!

    So that's my 10 things that you change today to stop wasting money in your wardrobe. Hopefully, this should eliminate unworn clothes hanging in your wardrobe. I hope you found it helpful - let me know in the comments.



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    *If you'd like to skip ahead to the push workout, then skip ahead to 16:03*

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    Protein: 2:57
    Pre-workout: 5:29
    Multi-vitamin: 8:24
    Omega-3's: 10:14
    BCAA: 11:35
    Testosterone Booster: 13:35

    Video by Carlos Estrada.
    Music by Michael Carter.

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    I tried every type of ad you can think of. I tried image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, and even text ads. And the results were pitiful.

    For a very long time I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for me, and then I did.

    Here's what I figured out...

    Advertising is just one of the many components of marketing.

    Advertising should be used to amplify an existing message, instead of carrying the message itself.

    Advertising as a stand-alone component is very ineffective.

    Marketing on the other hand works.

    Marketing is the process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers.

    This is what drives growth.

    The minute I switched from advertising to marketing, I started to see results. Real results. I generated leads, built relationships and made sales.

    Too many entrepreneurs are focusing on advertising instead of marketing. Advertising will not get you the results you want if it's not attached to an effective marketing campaign.

    Stop meaningless advertising. You're wasting your money. Focus on marketing instead.

    Start building real relationships with your target audience. Start creating content around your brand or business. Use advertising to amplify your content. Reach more people. Nurture your leads and close more sales.


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    The most important part of successful trading is knowing when not to lose money, when not to trade and when not to waste time staring at corrective markets for hours.

    Corrections are very narrow, choppy ranges that play out across all instruments on average 40% of the time. In day trading it can be as much as 80% of the time. This was the case with this week's entire Monday and most of Thursday.

    Avoiding these times in the markets Is Key to Trading Success, watch the video.

    The Alpha Fibonacci Method is A Rule-Based Method developed by Alla Peters in 2008. The Method is known globally for its ultimate precision, consistency, and simplicity. The Method applies to all instruments and is traded by traders from beginner to hedge fund trader. The Proprietary Alpha Fibonacci Method which is the most effective yet simple, trading system for traders and investors and is known for its simplicity and accuracy and traded globally in more than 50 countries.

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    Have you ever wondered why sometimes it is so easy to be profitable and at other times it is not? It is EASY to be in the markets when institutions entering positions at Fibonacci Trend Inceptions. It is BRUTAL to be in the markets when institutions are doing nothing at Key Fibonacci Resistance.

    When Institutions Take Positions: So Does The Alpha Fibonacci Trader. When Institutions Do Nothing: So Does The Trader Who Stops Losing Money and Wasting Time.

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    4 Simple Steps to Keep in Mind Before You Spend Your Money:

    1- NOBODY CARES: Stop trying to impress people with things you buy.

    2- INVEST IN YOURSELF: The best investment you will ever make is investing in yourself.

    3- USE CREDIT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Only use credit cards, loans and debt for investments such as Real Estate and Education. Use cash for everyday purchases.

    4- BECOME THE EXPERT: Do your research before you spend your money on anything, not only will you be able to better negotiate and get the best deal but you will also make sure that whatever it is you're buying perfectly matches your specific needs.

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