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Plug your Monitor into the right hole! #SHORTS

  • Plug your Monitor into the right hole! #SHORTS


    We've all done it. You plug your monitor into your motherboard's display ports instead of the ones on the back of your video card. Embarrassing, but at least it's an easy fix!

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  • Is my PC supposed to shake like this? #shorts


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  • LCD On An iPhone 12? #Shorts


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    Do not attempt unless you are open to the possibility of further damaging your device.

  • He Was Able to Pull Out the Gold Bar! People Who Beat the System...


    There are people out there with some seriously genius-level IQ. Big brain experts that think outside of the box and find amazing new ways of doing things. They’re masters at finding loopholes and exploiting them for their own benefit. But these aren’t necessarily criminals, these clever individuals mostly work within the rules. They’ve just figured out a way to beat the system at its own game. Ready to meet the people living in the year 3021?

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    Editing: HowlingCreations & Trend Central
    Music: EpidemicSound

    Genius people who beat the system in the world! Featuring the world's most smart and intelligent people on earth. You better check out these amazing life hacks and tricks to beat the system with your own eyes.

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  • Give me some credit here.... #shorts


    The video in question is this one:

  • YouTube Shorts Fund


    In this video, we'll give you all the info you need about the YouTube Shorts Fund -- where you can receive money for your Shorts without needing to be in the YouTube Partner Program. The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund that will be distributed to eligible creators over the course of 2021 and 2022. Each month, Creators who make original Shorts on YouTube may receive a Shorts bonus between $100 and $10,000 US dollars from the Fund. We'll walk you through what the Shorts Fund is, who’s eligible, and how payments work.

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    0:00 Intro
    0:17 What is the Shorts Fund?
    0:39 Shorts Bonus Eligibility Requirements
    1:50 Steps to Claim Your Shorts Bonus
    2:47 How to Get Paid Once Your Bonus is Claimed
    3:30 Shorts Bonus Payment Timeline (Example)

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  • 10 Painfully Racist Moments In Disney Movies They Want You To Forget


    Did you catch the subtle racism in Disney's The Princess and the Frog? 10 Painfully Racist Moments In Disney Movies They Want You To Forget! Subscribe to our channel:

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    10 Times Disney Ripped Off Other Films
    10 Upcoming DC Movies That Could Push Them Ahead Of Marvel

    Not only are there a lot of subliminal messages in Disney films, there is also a lot of racism.
    In Dumbo, the main black crows name is Jim Crow and all of his followers have speech and mannerisms that depict African-Americans. Sebastian in The Little Mermaid has a Jamaican accent and sings about how life is easy when you don’t have many responsibilities. Many people think this was a jab at Jamaicans for being lazy. The alley cats in the Aristocats are all foreign. There’s a Chinese cat, a Russian cat, and a womanizing Italian cat. The Native Americans in Peter pan all sing about how the Native Americans received their complexion. The Siamese cats in The Lady and Tramp are named Si and Am and resemble the typical Asian stereotype with slanted eyes and buck teeth. The apes in The Jungle Book have British English accents, talk in jive, and sing like Louie Armstrong. There were plenty of Arab stereotypes in Aladdin especially in the beginning of the song where they are labeled as barbaric and will cut your ear off if they don’t like your face. The hyenas in The Lion King were looked down upon by the lions. They also lived in the elephant graveyard which seemed to represent the ghetto. In Pocahontas, the Native Americans were either seen as ruthless savages, or noble savages. Disney was being progressive when they had their first black princess in The Princess and the Frog. Fans were outraged at the fact that the Prince’s race was a little ambiguous. Well, what did you think of this list?

    Script by: Alan Donahue

    Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

    Edited by: Jake Nunes

    Moana | 0:38
    Return To Neverland | 1:40
    Blank Check | 2:50
    Hocus Pocus | 3:53
    Air Bud | 4:58
    The Wild | 6:08
    Meet The Robinsons | 7:10
    Bolt | 8:14
    Mars Needs Moms | 9:18
    Frankenweenie | 10:23

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  • CGI Animated Short Film: Alarm by Moohyun Jang | CGMeetup


    CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Alarm Animated Short Film by Moohyun Jang and Jung-Woo Choo at Mesai. Featured on CGMeetup

    Snooze buttons, sunlight...the inescapable cacophony of alarm alerts: waking up in the morning is a battle between the present and the future state of mind. A dream-like fight with yourself and other objects that seem to take a life of its own.

    Directors: Moo-Hyun Jang
    Writers: Jung-Woo Choo
    Copyrights by Moohyun Jang

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    CGMeetup is the #1 inspiration resource for all CGI, VFX, 3D and Digital artists. We feature a wide variety of CGI content including behind-the-
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    CGMeetup also serves as networking resource for CGI Professionals.
    Professionals use CGMeetup to exchange ideas, knowledge & job

    CGI Animated Short Film: Alarm by Moohyun Jang | CGMeetup


    #cgi #animation #animated #3d #shortfilm #short #animatedshortfilm

  • Maya Tutorial for Beginners 2021 | 2022


    Welcome to my Maya Tutorial for Beginners. In this detailed video tutorial you will learn all of the basics of using Maya 2022 including the tools and user interface, how to create polygon and NURBS models, UV map & texture them, to light your scene and finally to create a rendered image of your work. After you complete the free Maya 2022 training tutorial video you'll know everything you need to start creating your own 3D models and scenes!

    Get the asset pack (textures etc.) for this tutorial here:
    Alternatively, you can access this course (ad free) along with the asset pack on SkillShare here:

    Need some help? Check out the frequently asked questions here:
    Or ask for help in the video comments. You can also get help in the Game Dev Academy Discord Server (see link below).

    If you would prefer to follow the playlist version of this tutorial, you can access it here:

    You will need a copy of Maya in order to complete this Maya tutorial. Click here to learn how to download Maya for free -

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    Check out the Maya Core Skills learning pathway on Pluralsight here to get a 10 day free trial (affiliate link):

    UV Mapping in Maya:
    Unreal Engine 4 for Beginners:
    Creating Your First Game in Unreal Engine 4:

    MY PC SPECS (Affiliate links)

    00:00 Introduction
    02:22 Infinite Undo, Autosave & Incremental Saving
    06:23 The Maya User Interface
    12:04 Creating a New Project
    16:08 Creating a Polygon Plane
    21:55 Navigating in 3D Space
    25:26 Creating a Cube
    30:11 Duplicating & Rotating
    33:42 Challenge #1
    34:45 Using Layers
    37:48 Bevelling Edges
    40:53 Duplicate Special
    43:14 Image Planes & Orthographic Views
    49:19 Modelling in Vertex Mode
    53:20 Selecting & Bevelling Edge Loops
    56:11 Understanding Extrusion
    58:09 Extruding a Window & Deleting Faces
    1:01:53 Filling Holes
    1:04:14 Extruding Multiple Faces
    1:13:28 Extruding Complex Shapes
    1:18:49 Mirror Geometry
    1:22:26 Grouping Multiple Meshes
    1:25:24 Adjusting the Pivot Point
    1:29:27 Smoothing Meshes
    1:43:18 Challenge #2
    1:44:32 Using Soft Select
    1:52:14 Curves & NURBS 1 (Revolve)
    2:02:40 Curves & NURBS 2 (Loft)
    2:09:16 Modelling a Book
    2:13:36 Challenge #3
    2:14:45 Creating a Lambert Material
    2:20:53 AIStandardSurface Material (Brass)
    2:25:47 AIStandardSurface Material 2 (Wax) & Preview
    2:31:35 AIStandardSurface Material 3 (Glass)
    2:34:21 AIStandardSurface Material 4 (Red Liquid)
    2:37:36 Creating a Material using Textures
    2:42:38 UV Mapping 1 (Planar)
    2:46:47 Using textures 2
    2:51:58 UV Mapping 2 (Cylindrical)
    2:57:17 UV Mapping 3 (Auto)
    3:03:23 Intermediate UV Mapping
    3:18:02 Copying UVs
    3:21:00 Texture & UV Map the Scroll
    3:27:34 Texture & UV Map the Book
    3:43:08 Challenge #4
    3:44:13 Directional Light
    3:47:40 Render with Arnold
    3:52:14 Point Lights
    3:55:42 IPR Rendering
    4:00:12 Mesh Lights
    4:06:19 Add an Atmosphere
    4:08:14 Skydome Light
    4:12:26 Area Light (Volumetric Lighting)
    4:16:18 Emissive Material
    4:20:20 Final Render
    4:26:24 Challenge #5
    4:27:34 Conclusion


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  • Phone Not Charging? Properly Clean Your iPhone or Samsung Charge Port


    ***Make sure to use 91% Alcohol for this, nothing else!***
    Please attempt this at your own risk. If you are worried or have any hesitation please take to a professional repair shop. Something like this should be done free of charge.

    Welcome back to another video! This is the second installation of our remedies series. This time we have a charging port remedy! Ever had problems charging your phone or your charging port does not go into your device properly? Well, this video is perfect for you! In this video, we work on an iPhone 8-Pin charging port as well as a Samsung Galaxy USB Type-C.

    ***Want to learn how to repair?***
    Click Here:

    Remember always mind the flex!

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    ---Master Surgeon---
    Javier V. Guzman Jr.

  • it goes in the square hole rock eyebrow raise meme


  • Horror Short Film Wet Willy | ALTER


    A troubled kid gets revenge on his school bully with the help of a mysterious new friend.

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    #ALTER #horror #shortfilm

    Director - Nic Stanich
    Writer - David Harrington Miller
    Producer - Blake H. Greenbaum
    Executive Producer(s) - David Harrington Miller & Blake H. Greenbaum
    Sam - Zachary Franz Schott
    Noah - Joe Morgan
    Willy - Travis Burt
    Principal - Jennifer Conrad
    Science Teacher - Michael J. Sielaff
    Director of Photography - Kyle Fallon
    Production Designer - Nick Faiella
    Editor - Kheireddine El-Helou
    Composer - Emmanuel El-Helou
    VFX Supervisor - Sam Malko

    About ALTER:
    The most provocative minds in horror bring you three new short films every week exploring the human condition through warped and uncanny perspectives.

    Be ready to leave the world you know behind and subscribe. Once you watch, you are forever ALTERed.

    Connect with WET WILLY and Nic Stanich:
    IG: @nicstanich , @redharring
    TW: @red_harring

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    About Gunpowder + Sky:
    Creating content that resonates and impacts pop culture conversation, by empowering creators to take risks and experiment relentlessly in the pursuit of novel stories and formats.


  • What Vaping Does to the Body


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    What Vaping Does to the Body


    In this video, Jonathan from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the anatomy of the lungs, and how vaping can affect it.


    Cool Stuff


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    Codex Anatomicus

    Coupon Code for 20% OFF: IOHA20


    Video Timeline

    00:00 - 00:26 Intro
    00:27 - 02:17 Bringing Vapor Into the Body
    02:18 - 03:28 Vapor to the Lower Airways
    03:29 - 04:00 How Does Vaping Work?
    04:01 - 05:30 What Problems Does Vaping Cause?
    05:31 - 06:26 Potential Causes of Symptoms
    06:27 - 08:02 The Search for Answers
    08:03 - 09:19 The Bearer of Bad News
    09:20 - 10:47 How Many Have Died? Treatments, and Recovery
    10:48 - 12:08 Smoking vs Vaping
    12:09 - 14:47 Young People and Vaping - Overall Recommendations


    Audio Credit:


    #Vaping #Lungs

  • TOP 5 Mistakes Cronus Zen Setup!!


    TOP 5 Mistakes Cronus Zen Setup!! (How to fix them quickly)
    TOP 5 Mistakes Cronus Zen Setup!! (How to fix them quickly)
    TOP 5 Mistakes Cronus Zen Setup!! (How to fix them quickly)

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  • What Happens If You Plug 100 Chargers in an iPhone? Instant Charge!?


    I wanted to scale it up this time and try wiring 100 chargers together to see if it would be faster then a single charger! Both iPhone 6S's were on iOS 14.






    Here's The Best LEDs I've Found
    LED's Major Problem

    The biggest problem I've found with these 'cheap' LEDs is heat. Some of them do not have any sort of heat solution and eventually fail.

    For example, Sylvania makes a 3157 LED (found here: **Amazon Associate Link**) that does seem to have heat issues in mind.

    Most of these 'no-name' LEDs I've found are monetarily cheap, which is desirable, but that does come at a cost of possible shorter life span. And, if the bulbs die 2 or 3 times faster than that of a more expensive name brand, is it really cheaper?

    *** I am an Amazon associate. I make a commission based on sales through my Amazon associate links.***

    Smaller LEDs:
    Larger LEDs:

    ***This channel is for entertainment purposes only! Do not do what I do. Do not take my advice. I am not a professional. The methods I use may be completely wrong and/or dangerous. Please seek professional help with anything and everything and do your own due diligence (research). Working on cars is extremely dangerous. I am not responsible for any loss of life or limb or property. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. THIS CHANNEL IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!***

    FTC Disclaimer: I am an Amazon associate. As such, I earn a percentage of sales made through Amazon associate links found in the description of my videos and on my website and other places.

  • 8 Dream Signs You Shouldnt Ignore


    Do dreams actually have meanings? Or are they just short movies that your subconsciousness randomly creates? Dreams have always fascinated people. To this day, psychologists conduct extensive research to try and figure out what happens in our mind and body when we sleep.

    In ancient Egypt, those with colorful and vivid dreams were considered to be special people. So special that most of their dreams were recorded on papyrus! The Egyptians firmly believed that divine revelation came from dreams, in which you could find all the answers to your worries and gain wisdom. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Sigmund Freud, a famous neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, introduced his perception of dreaming in his book The Interpretation of Dreams. According to Freud, when your consciousness is asleep and resting, your subconsciousness wakes up and produces images that give you a little sneak peek into your deepest self.

    Flying 1:45
    Falling 2:24
    Being lost 3:22
    Being chased 4:00
    Being trapped 4:46
    Losing teeth 5:32
    Being naked 6:14
    Meeting a celebrity 7:00

    Music by Epidemic Sound

    - Flying might show that you have too much on your plate at the moment and that you desperately want to “fly above” all your problems. Either way, these dreams are a way for your subconsciousness to tell you that something needs to be changed if you want to feel this level of lightness and happiness in reality.
    - If somebody pushed you, this means you're putting too much pressure on yourself. If you know the person who pushed you, they're probably the one to blame for your stress.
    - The most obvious one is that you have lost your way in reality, and you know that deep down — but you keep going. Your subconsciousness is trying to reach out and warn you that you're going in the wrong direction.
    - Dreams of being chased are especially common among people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Psychologically speaking, these dreams reflect that you're trying to avoid something in your waking life. So next time you have this dream, try to remember who was chasing you.
    - Psychologists suggest that being trapped in a dream can show that you're holding on to your past and, therefore, can't live fully in your present. Take some time to re-evaluate your behavior, habits, and attitude. Make sure they reflect the current you, not somebody you used to be.
    - Psychologists are sure that dreams about your teeth are closely connected to the fear of losing your attractiveness and youth. You're afraid that people will reject you if you become less appealing. And even though it seems like a completely natural fear, if such dreams are recurring, it's a serious problem.
    - If you notice that you often have dreams in which you appear naked in front of people, this might indicate that you often try to hide your true personality to please others. In this way, “naked” dreams are similar to those in which you lose teeth — with one little exception: it's not about your looks.
    - According to Lauri Loewenberg, dream expert and author of the book Dream on It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life, if celebrities are frequent guests in your dreams, it may signify your desire for the validation and recognition you're not getting.

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  • The Runners Knot Supreme - how to tie



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  • How To Clean iPhone Charging Port


    If your iPhone is not charging properly, it may because your charging port is filled with too much debris. Here are the steps you should take to properly clean your phone's charging port.

    How To Reset Apple Watch

    How To Clean Your AirPods Case

    How To Charge Your Airpods Case


    #HowTo #iPhone #TechInsider

    Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more.

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    How To Clean iPhone Charging Port

  • I turned a DEAD LAPTOP into this!


    Don’t throw away your dead laptop, turn it into treasure...sort of.
    Learn more about CleanMyMac X!
    Download CleanMyMac X:

    My new podcast The Test Drivers!
    Our second channel @This Is!
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  • Pooping accident on family road trip | Pack with me 2021 | 5 kids


    Pack with me 2021 vlog! I wanted to share some family road trip tips and hacks with you. Packing for kids is not an easy task but we have our road trip essentials checked off our list! We hope this video will show you how to road trip with kids as easily as possible. Accidents happen.....and during the family road trip was no exception! Show Micah some love by smashing that like button ????????

    Our Apparel:

    ~ Welcome to The Moore The Merrier Vlogs ~

    We are a family of 7 living in Southern California! We have 5 children: Jirah(11), Sophia(9), Micah(5), Jeremiah(3), and Noah(1)! We enjoy making videos that are not only entertaining but also informing and inspiring to you! Our videos range from DIY projects, to life hacks, to food recipes, and much more family fun! We hope to have you along right beside us on this crazy journey!

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  • What to Expect at Your Pediatric Sleep Center Appointment at St. Louis Childrens Hospital


    If your child has been referred for a sleep study, you can be rest assured that the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Sleep Center staff will provide child-focused care while calming any fears your child may have about his or her study.

    At St. Louis Children's Hospital, we believe that every sleepover should be a fun and enjoyable experience for all. That’s why each sleep appointment is met with the same love and care that kids have at home.

    The Pediatric Sleep Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital seeks to provide help for children suffering from a variety of sleep related issues. Since sleep is such an essential component of a child’s development, it is paramount to do everything possible in order to help a child achieve the best quality of sleep.

    The wide array of sleep related issues that St. Louis Children’s Hospital is able to treat as a part of our Sleep Lab include:
    Central Apnea
    Central alveolar hypoventilation
    Obstructive Apnea Syndrome
    Chronic Respiratory Failure
    Rhythmic Movement Disorders

    To learn more about the sleep center at St. Louis Children's Hospital, visit

    Learn more about St. Louis Children’s Hospital –
    Find a Physician, Get Directions, Request an Appointment, See current ER Wait Times

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  • I Bought Out This Bankrupt Computer Stores Inventory


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    Try Pulseway for free and start remotely monitoring and managing your server or PC at

    Wanna come along for a trip into PC history? We're digging through the crates of EXPC, a PC store that went out of business nearly a decade ago to see what they had on their shelves way back when.

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    Title: Laszlo - Supernova
    Video Link:
    iTunes Download Link:
    Artist Link:

    Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

    Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

    0:00 Intro
    1:09 Yeah I 'member
    1:30 After this there is no turning back, Neo.
    1:55 Ram Fan
    2:29 Small parts
    3:42 IDE is king
    4:27 Zalman Amp + small bits
    6:07 GPU cooler history lesson
    8:00 Hard Disk Cooler
    9:32 Thermaltake ND4 L.C.S Cooler
    11:30 B.T.E oddity
    14:04 Electroboom moment
    14:45 Water block delidded

  • How to Set up a Microphone on a Windows 10 PC


    This video will show you how to set up a microphone on a Windows 10 PC. As well as covering the setup of the mic in Windows 10, we'll cover the settings you can change to customize, improve the quality of your mic and boost your mic.

    If you have any questions about setting up your new microphone on PC, then let me know in the comments and I will try and help you out as soon as I can. Thanks for watching and if the video helped you connect and set up your mic in Windows, then remember to leave a like and feel free to subsribe!

    Mic Not Working? - How to Fix Mic in Windows 10:

    Mic too Quiet? - How to Boost Mic in Windows 10:

    Music by @Ikson (Alive)



    THIS VIDEO WILL GUESS YOUR NAME. In this video we take a look at some mind reading tricks where I will read your mind. This also includes a trick where I will guess your name. Watch this video if you have ever wondered how to read minds. I am going to read your mind and I will also guess your name in one minute.

    Subscribe for more daily funny videos! inspired by DanTDM, ItsFunneh, Infinite, Trend Spot, Gloom, Perplexify, AzzyLand, Reaction Time & SniperWolf - Adventure

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    this video will make you forget your own name..

    Video Owned and Uploaded by Adventure

  • DIY Closet Organization with Shelving and Drawers


    DIY Closet Organization with Shelving and Drawers
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    ➤Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):
    WD-40 Dry Lube Spray -
    Plywood Gripper -
    Kreg Track Saw & 62” Rail -
    Kreg K5 -
    JET Parallel Clamps -
    Tight curve jigsaw blade -
    Miter Saw Stand -
    Tablesaw Sled -
    Kreg Cabinet Hardware jig -
    Full Extension Drawer Slides -
    Kreg Shelf Pin Jig -
    Bar Drawer Pulls -
    No-mar Countersink Bit -
    ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection - ($10 off code: FTBT)

    ➤All My Tools (Woodworking & Audio/Video):

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    #closetshelving #closetorganizer #closetmakeover #WD40 #WD40partner

  • The Floor is Lava


    Three roommates must survive when the floor... is lava!

    Anime fan? Check out our new series!

    ZEISS provided CP.3 XD lenses in the making of this video.
    More information:

    Directed by Clinton Jones
    Written by Shawn Lebert & Clinton Jones
    Story by Shawn Lebert, Clinton Jones, Cliff Lloret, Brett Driver

    Starring Cliff Lloret, Clinton Jones, Brett Driver, and Casey Edwards

    Original Music by Casey Edwards
    Sound by Kevin Senzaki

    Producer - Ashim Ahuja
    Exec Producer - Snehal Patel
    Director of Photography - Jan-Michael Losada
    1st Asst. Camera - Ryan Magrish
    Gaffer - Tyler Hart
    Production Assistants - Cameron Covell and Brandon Le
    Additional Story - Matt Arnold and Will Campos
    Additional VFX Roto - Cameron Covell and Freddie Wong

    Special thanks to Zeiss for production assistance

    More awesome videos at!

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    For licensing and usage inquiries please email

  • Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet


    Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet (Lyrics)

    Stream Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet here:

    Bo Burnham


    [Bo Burnham]
    Welcome to the internet! Have a look around
    Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found
    We've got mountains of content—some better, some worse
    If none of it's of interest to you, you'd be the first

    [Bo Burnham]
    Welcome to the internet! Come and take a seat
    Would you like to see the news or any famous women's feet?
    There's no need to panic; this isn't a test, haha
    Just nod or shake your head, and we'll do the rest

    [Verse 3]
    Welcome to thе internet! What would you prefеr?
    Would you like to fight for civil rights or tweet a racial slur?
    Be happy! Be horny! Be bursting with rage!
    We've got a million different ways to engage

    [Bo Burnham]
    Welcome to the internet! Put your cares aside
    Here's a tip for straining pasta; here's a nine-year-old who died
    We've got movies and doctors and fantasy sports
    And a bunch of colored-pencil drawings of all the different characters in Harry Potter fucking each other

    [Bo Burnham]
    Welcome to the internet! Hold on to your socks
    'Cause a random guy just kindly sent you photos of his cock
    They are grainy and off-putting; he just sent you more
    Don't act surprised—you know you like it, you whore

    [Bo Burnham]
    See a man beheaded, get offended, see a shrink
    Show us pictures of your children, tell us every thought you think
    Start a rumor, buy a broom, or send a death threat to a boomer
    Or DM a girl and groom her; do a Zoom or find a tumor in your—
    Here's a healthy breakfast option, you should kill your mom
    Here's why women never fuck you, here's how you can build a bomb
    Which Power Ranger are you? Take this quirky quiz
    Obama sent the immigrants to vaccinate your kids

    [Bo Burnham]
    Could I interest you in everything all of the time?
    A little bit of everything all of the time
    Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime
    Anything and everything all of the time
    Could I interest you in everything all of the time?
    A little bit of everything all of the time
    Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime
    Anything and everything all of the time

    [Bo Burnham]
    You know, it wasn't always like this

    [Bo Burnham]
    Not very long ago, just before your time
    Right before the towers fell, circa '99
    This was catalogs, travel blogs, a chatroom or two
    We set our sights and spent our nights waiting for you!
    You, insatiable you
    Mommy let you use her iPad; you were barely two
    And it did all the things we designed it to do
    Now, look at you! Oh, look at you!
    You, you! Unstoppable, watchable
    Your time is now, your inside's out, honey, how you grew
    And if we stick together, who knows what we'll do?
    It was always the plan to put the world in your hand

    [Bo Burnham]
    (*Laughing hysterically*)

    [Bo Burnham]
    Could I interest you in everything all of the time?
    A bit of everything all of the time
    Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime
    Anything and everything all of the time
    Could I interest you in everything all of the time?
    A little bit of everything all of the time
    Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime
    Anything and everything and anything and everything
    And anything and everything and
    All of the time

    Lyric video for „Welcome to the Internet“ by Bo Burnham

  • Warning: DO NOT TRY—Seeing How Close I Can Get To a Drop of Neutrons


    Get your Action Lab Box Now!
    Follow me on Twitter:

    In this video I show you what happens when you try to get close to 1 drop of a neutron star. I tell you how a neutron star is made and then also talk about different types of stars and show you a method that you could use to actually get very close to a small drop of a neutron star!

    If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results.

    My Other Channel:

    For more awesome videos checkout:
    Amazing experiment actually makes black fire

    Crushing My Own Hand In a Hydraulic Press—Crazy Experiment on My Brain

    What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract

    How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead—The Zombie Ant Experiment

    What Happens if You Open a Vacuum Chamber Under Water? And Do Vacuums Float?

    Can Light be Black? Mind-Blowing Dark Light Experiments!

    Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge Crushed in a Hydraulic Press-What's Inside?

    Mixing the World's Blackest Paint With the World's Brightest Paint (Black 2.0 vs LIT)

    Is it Possible to Unboil an Egg? The Amazing Uncooking Experiment!

    What if You Try To Lift a Negative Mass? Mind-Blowing Physical Impossibility!

    What Does a Giant Monster Neodymium Magnet do to a Mouse?

    The Worlds Blackest Black vs The Worlds Brightest Flashlight (32,000 lumen)—Which Will Win?

    How Much Weight Can a Fly Actually Lift? Experiment—I Lassoed a Fly!

  • How to Get Views FAST with YouTube Keyword Research


    Learn 5 tips on how to get more views on YouTube with keyword research. ****** Get an 30-day free-trial on any vidIQ paid plan here ➡️

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    Video Gear Used for This Live Stream:

    In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares how to get more views on YouTube with keyword research.

    #thinkmedia #thinkmarketing #seancannell

    All Rights Reserved.
    Copyright, Liability Waiver and Disclaimers

    Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Marketing YouTube channels.

  • The Stupid World of Portable Crash Bandicoot Games - Caddicarus


    What do you mean it’s July? Bandicoot Month is eternal. Sorry this was a little late. Look at the video length. I tried. Enter at for the chance to win $20,000 cash for your ultimate gaming PC – all while supporting a great cause. Score 150 extra entries with code RADNESS150. Code is applicable until July 2nd #ad ▼ FOLLOW MY SOCIALS ▼

    Thank you to Olly Ross for all the filming in this video =
    And to Scott the Woz and Antdude for their cameos!
    PATREON! (early access videos, no ads, credits, exclusive videos…) =
    TWITCH! =
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    CHEAP GAMES (sometimes less than $1!) EVERY 24 HOURS! =
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    Special thanks to for the incredible thumbnail art, and to for all the camera work!

    Don't forget to join the channel right here = ???? AND PLEASE HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL! ????

    Well then - here we are, everyone. Caddicarus is FINALLY back in the first Caddicarus episode about Crash Bandicoot for 2021. The PC problems may be awful, but at least those PC issues can’t get in the way of Bandicoot Month! Today, as Caddicarus Crash Bandicoot review videos seem to go down okay (even though I don’t classify my stuff as reviews anymore) I figured it would be fun to carry on from my old Crash Bandicoot XS review or Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure review on the Gameboy Advance, and naturally take a shot at a Crash 2 N Tranced review on GBA. But hey, a Caddicarus Crash 2 N Tranced review on its own is no fun. And how about a Caddicarus Crash Purple review? Crash Fusion? I did do a video on Spyro Orange or Spyro Fusion on the GBA, so that makes sense to show off Crash Bandicoot Gameboy Advance gameplay on all fronts - including Crash Nitro Kart GBA. But then, we went down the rabbit hole. If I was already gonna cover all the Nintendo Gameboy games in 1 video, then why not look at the Nintendo DS Crash Bandicoot games? There’s Crash Boom Bang gameplay with a Crash Boom Bang review (again, not really a review, but I don’t know what else to call it for YouTube to recognise the stupid stuff I do), and even Crash of the Titans DS gameplay, Mind Over Mutant DS gameplay, and then OH MY, there’s also the Crash Bandicoot PSP games! Tag Team Racing PSP gameplay with a Tag Team Racing review, Mind Over Mutant PSP gameplay, Crash of the Titans PSP gameplay - and no, it doesn’t end there. Did you know that Tiger Electronics had a crash game? Yep, the Tiger LCD Games that the AVGN made infamous - they got their mitts on Cash Banooca. From Angry Video Game Nerd Tiger Electronics to Caddy - get ready to see Crash Bandicoot 99x, which was actually the first ever portable crash game. Tiger Electronics Crash Bandicoot. What. And that’s not all - how about the free McDonald’s Happy Meal games? Crash Bandicoot Happy Meal and Spyro Happy Meal games were a thing - CRASH BANDICOOT MCDONALDS GAMES ARE A THING, WHAT. Oh, and then there’s the Crash Bandicoot Java games like Mutant Island gameplay, Crash Bandicoot ExEn gameplay with an Infusio emulator - Java Mobile phone games had crash, with lots of Twinsanity Mobile versions, and then there’s Nitro Kart 3D iOS and Nitro Kart 2 iOS - and speaking of iPhone, we even round off with a Crash On the Run review with Crash on the Run gameplay for the iPhone, even though it’s also Android as well as iOS. I’m gonna sleep now, this was an effort to type.

    Caddicarus 8bit themes by Endigo =

    Caddicarus logo by Jan Animation =

    Kevin MacLeod's royalty free music! =


    Watch more comedy game reviews like my Crash on the Run review on my channel! | Caddicarus

    #CrashBandicoot #Bandicoot #Caddicarus #PSP #GBA #GameBoy

  • Testing Grian’s Minecraft Build Hacks To See If They Work!


    I Tried a YouTuber's Viral Minecraft Hacks, Tricks and Secrets To See if They're Clickbait or Real w/ Eystreem

    Play Minecraft with ME and be IN VIDEOS! ???? Just click the 'JOIN' button here ▶

    ❤️ Tik Tok:
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    ???? My Minecraft Server Address:
    You can join this server on Bedrock Edition (Phones, Consoles and Tablets) and Java Edition (PC and Mac)

    ???? Huge thanks and credit to these awesome creators for inspiring today's video:
    ???? Music from:

    #Eystreem #Minecraft

  • A Guided Tour of iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro | Apple


    Find the right iPhone for you. Let’s walk through the new iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max as we explore the incredible new features, sizes, and colors available.

    Learning about the new models and the differences between them will help you decide which is the right one for you.

    00:00 - Introduction
    00:12 - Four new iPhone models
    01:25 - Video
    01:31 - Cinematic mode: Adding dramatic depth effects
    02:56 - Improved low-light performance
    03:36 - Durability: Ceramic Shield and water resistance
    04:10 - Battery & Display
    04:29 - Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion
    05:06 - Photography
    05:15 - Photographic Styles: A new level of personalization
    06:06 - Macro photography with iPhone 13 Pro
    06:20 - 3x optical zoom on iPhone 13 Pro

    Compare all four new iPhone models:
    Meet the new iPhone family:

    #GuidedTour #iPhone13 #iPhone13Pro

    Welcome to the official Apple YouTube channel. Here you’ll find news about product launches, tutorials, and other great content. Apple’s more than 160,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

  • 1 rice = 1000 transistors #shorts


    All my socials + PO Box:

    Recommended Thermal Paste:
    Ryzen 5 3600:
    B450 Tomahawk Max:
    Red Devil 5700xt:
    Dell 1440p 165hz monitor:

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  • How to unlock your car in 30 seconds ????#shorts


    Welcome to the channel Roman Ursu Hack ( romanursuhack ). Here you will learn how to do with your own hands, homemade wood, homemade electronics, Christmas crafts, gifts, toys, scarecrows for Halloween, it is important that all this can be done at home independently!
    Announcements and photos of the work process are periodically published on our Instagram: @romanursu @zoomdiy
    In our Vk group you can independently publish photos of your homemade products, ideas. And also you can ask questions to the author or the community if something does not work out. We will support you and will not leave you in trouble):
    Classmates also have homemade goods more than enough:
    For those who have Tik Tok in the trend, to our surprise it grows fast!) So we're cool :) Fly in: @zoomdiy
    For Serious Uncle and Aunt

  • How to Fix a Hole in Your Boat DIY


    Learn how to fill a hole in your boat. If your fiberglass hull has screw holes, fiberglass damage, a hole under the water line, or anything like that, this video shows you how to do a proper hole repair so it wont leak and your boat wont sink.

    Marine Thickened Epoxy:
    Drill Bit Set:
    Pipe Cleaner Kit:
    Canned Compressed Air:
    Full Face Respirator:
    P100 Filters:

    0:00 How to repair a hole in your boat intro
    0:57 Tools and products to fix the hole
    1:51 1st Step (drill out the hole in the fiberglass)
    3:07 What is a bevel and why it's important
    4:17 How to add a bevel
    4:57 2nd Step (clean out the hole)
    6:56 3rd Step (use epoxy to fill the hole)
    10:01 How to install a through hull transducer
    10:34 Sea trial the boat and look for leaks

    Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFish, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFish assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFish recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFish, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFish.

  • How to drill a hole #shorts #drillbit #trex #dewalt


    How to drill a hole is hard to reach places. with this DeWalt right angle attachment tool.

  • RCA Victor A38 Shortwave Tube Radio Video #22 - Magic Eye Switch


    I work through some simple issues with installing an on-off switch for the Magic Eye to extend it's useful life.

  • Is The Market Headed For A Much Bigger Pullback? | Greg Schnell, CMT | Your Daily Five


    The market is giving us some clear indications that this has all the makings of a much bigger pullback. Greg works through some charts that help him decide where to focus. The start of 2022 is making a massive shift and investors need to be aware of this change to ride the right relative strength wave.

    00:00 - Intro
    00:25 - Nasdaq High Low ($NAHL)
    01:56 - NYSE High Lows ($NYHLDJ)
    03:18 - Schnell Strength Index
    06:42 - Exploration Production ETF vs. Nasdaq 100 (XOP:$SPX)
    08:02 - Oil Index vs Nadaq ($XOI:$COMPQ)

    Connect with Greg -
    Twitter, @SchnellInvestor:
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    ABOUT STOCKCHARTS is the web's leading technical analysis and financial charting platform. Trusted by millions of online investors around the world, the company has been an industry leader in the financial technology space for more than two decades. With innovative, award-winning charting and analysis tools, our mission is to help you better analyze the markets, monitor and manage your portfolios, find promising new stocks and funds to buy, and ultimately make smarter investment decisions.

    StockCharts TV is the only 24/7 video streaming channel devoted exclusively to financial charting and market analysis from the web's top technical experts. With a constant stream of technical charting-focused content, both live shows and pre-recorded video, there's always something insightful, educational and entertaining to watch on the channel. Tune in LIVE at

    Past performance is not indicative of future results. Neither the Show Participants
    nor guarantee any specific outcome or profit. You should be aware of the real
    risk of loss in following any strategy or investment discussed on the show.
    Strategies or investments discussed may fluctuate in price or value.

    Investments or strategies mentioned in this show may not be suitable for you and
    you should make your own independent decision regarding them. This material
    does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation
    or needs and is not intended as recommendations appropriate for you.

    You should strongly consider seeking advice from your own investment advisor

  • Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Unboxing, Setup & Inspection


    Check out the Wolf King GT Pro for yourself -

    If you liked the digital air pump I used, you can use this affiliate link to purchase yours and help support the channel -

    My Amazon scooter store, discount scooter website, and other fun links can be found @

    HUGE Shout out to my Patreon supporters who keep this channel going during the Winter months:
    Benjamin Gonzalez
    Diana Heaphy
    Chris Grosso
    ^^ These people rock ^^

    For business inquires: @Gingeronwheels on Instagram

  • THE ULTIMATE BMW MOD | Race Display Wheel Install


    Race Display Steering Wheel

    The BMW Race Display Wheel has got to be one of the coolest Genuine BMW accessories you can buy. With the alcantara, carbon fiber, and flashing lights, it makes you feel like you’re driving an exotic car. The display can read out oil temperature, coolant temperature, G force and more. In this video, I show you step by step how to install the steering wheel in my BMW 340i.

    BMW 1 Series (F20/F21)
    BMW 2 Series (F22)
    BMW 3 Series (F30/F31/F34/F35/F36)
    BMW 4 Series (F32/F33)
    BMW M3 (F80)
    BMW M4 (F82)

    F30 Build
    Car Cleaning Supplies
    Camera Gear I Use

    Background music

    INSTAGRAM @justinbuice

    #BMW #F30 #B58

    This description contains affiliate links. If you buy a product through my custom link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Win!

  • How To Draw NFT Art In Procreate Step By Step #nft #nfts #nftart #procreate #nftcommunity


    Raw Footage of Botzy artist Jesse Steel, showing a step by step guide to creating your first NFT from scratch.

    In this video you will learn how to find reference images, do a rough sketch, complete a hard outline of your character as well as paint a complete base to start adding layers and accessories.

    Thank you guys for the support with Botzy, I genuinely hope you learn a lot in this video and create your own vast world of NFTs. Welcome to the #nftcommunity

    Follow me on IG:

    #nft #nfts #nftart

  • Actually Installing Windows on a Nintendo DS!


    Get a free $100 credit when you sign up for a new Linode account at
    Thanks to Linode for sponsoring this video!

    Ever think you'd see Windows running on a Nintendo DS? Well, here it is. Thanks to a homebrew application called DSx86, it's possible to run Windows along with a good amount of DOS games on the DS or DSi!

    DSx86 Downloads:
    DSx86 Wiki:
    WintenDoS Video:

    ● Gear I use to make these videos:
    Editing Software (Premiere):
    Thumbnail Editor (Photoshop):

    ● Affiliate Links (these links will earn me a commission if you purchase something through them at no additional cost to you):
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    ● Music/Credits:
    Background Music:

    Cancun from the YouTube Audio Library

    AcidJazz and Airport Lounge by Kevin MacLeod from

    Sitting in silence for half an hour by Stevia Sphere

    Outro Music: Silent Partner - Bet On It
    Source: YouTube Audio Library

    Amazon Affiliate Notice: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All Amazon links that I provide will use my affiliate code with Amazon.

    Some materials in this video are used under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, which allows fair use for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, and research.

    #MichaelMJD #Windows #NintendoDS

  • How To Remove Stripped Screws, Broken Screw Heads And Nails - 12 Different Ways DIY Tips And Tricks!


    - 10 VISE GRIP -
    - BIT SET -
    - HAMMER -


    On this episode I'm going to show you how to remove stripped screws, broken screw heads and broken nail heads in 12 different ways. This is an easy DIY and my tips and tricks method I use to get those stubborn screws off for good! I also add some tips and tricks to get damage nails off with simple tools around your home!

    Become a FIX THIS HOUSE Member by clicking on this link:

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    P.O. BOX 2511
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    Videos produced by Fix This House are provided for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. Please use SAFETY precautions when following the tutorials on these videos. Viewers doing projects at their own home are doing it at their own risk and Fix This House cannot be held liable if they cause damage to their homes or injury. Fix This House cannot claim liability with all applicable laws, rules, codes and regulations for a project. Always stay informed of your local building codes! Happy and SAFE renovating!

    DISCLAIMER: This video contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

    #strippedscrews #screwextractor #Screw

  • 5 Things You MUST do with your Oculus Quest 2!


    TP-Link is the global provider of networking devices and accessories, involved in all aspects of everyday life. Check out TP-Link’s amazing products, including the
    ▶Archer AX73 - TP-Link AX5400 Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi 6 Router ▶ Deco S4 - TP-Link AC1200 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System
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    This is the Oculus Quest 2, the best VR headset around. Here are 5 things you should do to get started on your new headset!
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    #tplink #sponsored #smarthome #meshwifi

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    Music Created By @Iamrevolution

  • Siblings react to getting their meal paid for by strangers!


    BVIRAL: New Clips Every Day!
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    ???? @thatboiimiah_

    #actsofkindness #payitforward #breakfast #reaction

    If you would like to license this clip please contact:

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  • Autodesk Fusion 360 | January 2022 Whats New - Design + Engineering


    In this month's What's New in the Design and Engineering space for Autodesk Fusion 360 we cover many amazing new features. New automated feature tools like Boss, Snap-Fit, Geometric Patterning, Design Advice, and Volumetric Latticing are part of our latest Product Design Extension. To core functionality like Parametric T-Splines, Tangent Relationships, Driven Dimensions, Read-Only For Me, Replace Component, and MORE!

    Subscribe and stay tuned for deep dives on each new feature and what else is coming in the Machining and Electronics space and if you'd like more technical help articles on all the new features, check out the links below!

    Product Design Extension:
    Plastic Rules:
    Snap Fit:
    Geometric Pattern:
    Organic Mesh Conversion:
    Volumetric Lattice Preview:
    Design Advice Preview:

    Assembly Help Links
    Read-Only For Me:
    Replace Component:
    Resolve External Components:

    Modeling Help Links
    Tangent Relationship:
    Reference Driven Dimensions:


    CONNECT with Fusion 360 on social media:


    LISTEN to the Fusion 360 podcast The New Possible:
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    APPLE |
    GOOGLE |

  • Home automation thats private and local?!


    Home Assistant sent me the Yellow, a new smart home hub with a Raspberry Pi CM4 built-in. It includes Zigbee and can be the center of all your smart home automation. But is it worth it?

    Here are all the devices I featured in this video (some are affiliate links):

    - Home Assistant Yellow:
    - Leviton DG15S-1BW Zigbee Light Switch:
    - Aeotec SmartThings Zigbee Motion Sensor:
    - Aqara Wireless Zigbee Mini Switch:
    - Fluke VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester:

    Support me on Patreon:
    Sponsor me on GitHub:

    #HomeAssistant #SmartHome #RaspberryPi


    00:00 - The $1 lightswitch problem
    00:49 - Home Assistant Yellow
    02:12 - Yellow teardown
    03:44 - Zigbee for my office lights
    05:48 - Home Assistant 101
    07:17 - Zigbee device setup
    09:35 - Automating my lights
    11:57 - Debugging my failure
    13:15 - Actually automating my lights
    16:03 - Quick HA review
    18:28 - A button, availability, and other options

  • Black Holes


    Part ten of our introduction to astronomy course is all about black holes.

  • 1TB Hard Drive Not spinning - Repair and Data Recovery in 6 minutes


    Need a repair?

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