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Polar Bears Of The Canadian Arctic SD

  • Polar Bears Of The Canadian Arctic SD


    min Polar bears are the world's largest land predator, with mature males often weighing in at 1200 to 1500 pounds. They typically live an average of 15 - 18 years, with starvation being the major cause of death. Today, the major threat to the polar bear is global warming. Arctic ice is receding at an alarming rate, reducing the hunting season.

  • Wild Polar Bear - Predator of Arctic Ocean | Ice Bears


    The polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle encompassing the Arctic Ocean its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.

    Polar Bear
    The Polar Bear is the largest carnivorous mammal on land and must hunt regularly to ensure that it is well-fed and maintains its insulating layer of fat to keep it warm. The skins and blubber of Ringed Seals make up the bulk of the Polar Bears' diet as they often leave the remaining meat which provides an important sources of food for other animals such as Arctic Foxes. Although Seals are their primary source of food Polar Bears also eat birds berries fish and Reindeer (particularly during the trickier summer months) along with the occasional Walrus. The carcasses from large marine mammals including Seals Walruses and even Whales also provide a regular food source for Polar Bears that are said to have such a good sense of smell that they are able to sniff them out from a considerable distance away. Polar Bears are also known to break into underground Seal dens to hunt the pups inside them

  • In Isolation With Polar Bears Polar Bear Documentary | Real Wild


    The polar bear is the biggest land predator. Imagine being marooned on an Arctic island, with the highest density of polar bears anywhere on the planet. Two men are willing to do just that. This is a tale of survival against the odds.

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  • Living with Polar Bears - The Secrets of Nature


    Living With Polar Bears offers awe-inspiring stories from Arctic photographers, park rangers and residents. These tales culminate to paint a vivid portrait of how Man and the ice bear are learning to survive and thrive harmoniously in a changing environment. Some encounters are inspirational. Others are outright frightening. Sonny Voyce knows the power of polar bears. A giant bear tracked him down and clamped its jaw around his head. John Bykerk almost met the same fate. A hungry bear became trapped in the back of his garbage truck. They’re just some of the frightening encounters featured in Living With Polar Bears.

  • Bears of the Last Frontier | Arctic Wanderers


  • Polar Bear and Glaciers in the Canadian High Arctic


    Passengers on the Sea Explorer Expedition Cruise saw the majority of polar bears in Canadian High Arctic territory and let me tell you; it's not easy to zoom in on a tiny spot 100s of feet away walking on land or from a bobbing zodiac. Frustrating to the max and I had severe camera lens remorse as those with professional equipment snapped away. Even so, I don't know how they avoided camera shake...

    The best polar bear experience took place in the Croker Island area off Devon Island when a bear swam from one berg to another and then stood motionless over what we think was a seal hole. Such an incredible experience!

  • Polar Bears Fishing Arctic Char in Nunavik Quebec


    You dream of polar bears? Join us in our quest to meet the fishing polar bears. Fly-out by floatplane along the Ungava and Labrador coast and photograph polar bears fishing for the migrating arctic char. This bear viewing tour provides excellent opportunities to capture gripping images of wildlife scenes.

    Video credit : - Fabrice Simon ©


    L’ours polaire vous fait rêver ? Joignez-vous à nous et partez à la rencontre des ours polaires pêcheurs. Découvrez en hydravion les côtes sauvages de l’Ungava et du Labrador et photographiez des ours polaires qui pêchent des ombles chevaliers migrateurs. Ce circuit d’observation d’ours offre d’excellentes occasions de capter sur le vif des scènes de vie animale exceptionnelles.

    Crédit vidéo : - Fabrice Simon ©

  • Polar Bear Country -- Churchill, Canada --2016 -- an Adventure


    About the first of October, 2016, I was with a group of 23 others on a three-day tour of Churchill, Canada. Two of those days we were out on the tundra looking for polar bears.I would say we had medium success in up close and personal encounters with polar bears. This video shows our tour. To see other videos produced by Frankin Clay Films go to

  • SUPER KILLER POLAR BEAR FULL HD Documentary Films on Amazing Animals TV MosCatalogue net


    топ видос подпишитесь очень надо

  • Spirit Bears Great Bear Rainforest Canada


    Spirit Bears, including mam with cub in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Thanks to Marven Robinson from Gitga’at Spirit Bear tours and Tim Irvin. See for tripinfo See for more Follow us on Instagram: dutch_wildlife_photograper. Music: Dan Lebowitz.
    The Spirit bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) is one of the rarest bears in the world. It is a black bear that has a white/creamy fur, which is produced by a recessive gene. The bear lives principally in the central and north coast of British Columbia, Canada.
    Music: Dan Lebowitz

  • On Thin Ice - The Secrets of Nature


    With predictions of polar bears being extinct in 50 years, On Thin Ice follows bears as they emerge from their dens and navigate their rapidly changing environment. On Thin Ice shows how the frozen expanses of the Arctic are shrinking at an unprecedented rate, with the very survival of the polar bear literally on thin ice.

    Over the last year, producer/presenter Greg Grainger has mounted a series of expeditions across the Arctic to document the plight of the polar bear.

    * Researcher Nick Lunn tranquillises polar bears from his helicopter, cataloguing the diminishing health of the Western Hudson Bay bear population and finding the remains of a bear thought to have died from starvation.

    * Close and wild encounters with rangers from the Polar Bear Alert team as they chase bears out of the township of Churchill, built in the middle of the bears’ migration route. Follow one family of bears that have to be darted after they attempt to break into a building food for food, while another bold bear becomes trapped inside a garbage truck.

    * Hungry bears and husky dogs fighting one another at an isolated weather station north of Norway.

    * Polar bears in the wild as they capture seals and devour whale carcasses.

    There is no more iconic symbol of strength and adaptation to survival than the polar bear.... an animal so superbly suited to its environment that it thrives in the most hostile corners of the planet – until now.

    On Thin Ice - A moving account of Polar bears struggling to survive as climate change melts their summer hunting ground - the Arctic sea ice.

  • Ice Killers - Arctic Cold Predators


    Ice Killers - Arctic Cold Predators (Nature Wildlife Documentary)

    Documentary examining the icy killers of the arctic. Predators stalk their prey for survival. Polar Bears, Wolves, Coyotes, Killer Whales, Walrus', and other killers of the cold.

  • The Arctic Documentary Project


    The importance of having a visual and written record of the changes taking place in the Arctic. Panelists: Dr. Ian Stirling, polar bear biologist; Daniel J. Cox, Natural Exposures, photographer; and C.J. Carter, filmmaker.

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  • The Pantanal HD


    We came to the Pantanal to film jaguars in the wild - and we were not disappointed. But we were blown away by the diversity and abundance of wildlife in these little-known wetlands. Many of the animals we encountered are unique to this part of the world and new to us as wildlife photographers, including anteaters, armadillos, tapirs, capybaras, caimans, coatis, giant river otters and crab-eating raccoons. It is also host to some of the world's most beautiful birds, like the hyacinth macaw, jabiru, toucan, spoonbill, acari, little blue heron, curassow, caracara, ringed kingfisher and others.

  • Polar Bear Fearless Hunter and Top Predator of the Arctic Documentary


    Documentary film.

  • Journey Of Finding About Death Of Salmon! | Bears Catching Salmon


    ▮ Journey Of Finding About Death Of Salmon! | Bears Catching Salmon
    Description: Close-up of spectacular salmon hunting screen of brown bear
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  • Alaskan Brown Bears Fishing for Salmon


    Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic guests look on from kayaks as a coastal brown bear feasts on salmon.

  • CARTA: Human-Climate Interactions and Evolution: Past and Future


    (Visit: This symposium presents varied perspectives from earth scientists, ecologists, and paleoanthropologists on how climate may have shaped human evolution, as well as the prospects for the future of world climate, ecosystems, and our species. Elizabeth Hadly begins with a discussion about A Tipping Point: Using the Past to Forecast Our Future, followed by Naomi Oreskes on Human Impacts: Will We Survive the Future?, and Veerabhadran Ramanathan on Climate Change Mitigation: In Pursuit of the Common Good. Recorded on 05/15/2015. Series: CARTA - Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny [7/2015] [Science] [Show ID: 29685]

  • How a Canadian town is teaching polar bears to fear humans in order to save them


    How a Canadian town is teaching polar bears to fear humans in order to save them

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    Churchill in northern Manitoba bills itself as the the polar bear capital of the world and its tourism-based economy depends on it. But as climate change forces the polar bears inland in search of food, attacks on humans are increasing. Can this small community continue to co-exist with the world's largest land predator? Suzanne Goldenberg reports from Churchill where its bear alert programme uses guns, helicopters and a polar bear jail to manage the the creatures. This trip was supported by, Polar Bears International and Frontiers North

  • Land of the Polar Bear


    After many years of travelling to Africa in June 2019 we headed north to the Land of the Polar Bear around Svarlbad. The wildlife, landscapes and the Ice were a revelation for us not just because of the change of climate but also for the experience of being on a small expedition ship but also for the opportunity to meet and hear from experts in climate change.

  • New study lets scientists see what polar bears see


    Scientists are studying the energy demands of polar bears, and getting a glimpse of their world on the Alaskan sea ice.

  • Bản sao của Polar Bears Documentary English HD


  • Polar Bear Poser


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    Polar Bear poses outside the Tundra Lodge in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. November 1, 2014

  • worlds best polar bear viewing


    Polar bear tours in Churchill, Canada, a fall alternative to the usual trips of going someplace to watch the leaves change colors. On National Geographic Weekend I tell the story of my Halloween with polar bears & the story of the world's foremost expert in polar bear posteriors.

  • An Introduction to the Arctic SDI


    The Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (Arctic SDI) is a cooperative initiative through a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the National Mapping Agencies of the eight Arctic countries. It is meant to provide a rich data sharing environment for data distributors to publish, in a standardized manner, geographically related data for monitoring, management, emergency preparedness and decision-making in the Arctic.

  • Why Do Polar Bears Spar?


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    Wildlife biologist Dr. Tom Smith explains why polar bears spend precious energy sparring and playing.'s Wild Polar Bear cams are possible in partnership with Polar Bears International:

  • Polar Bear Hunting Seals north of Svalbard


    July 2013, Polar Bear Hunting Seals north of Svalbard (Spitsbergen 2013). He almost got one (missed that on video).

  • Bears fight | Polar bears engaging in play fight in Churchill, Canada.


    Polar bears engaging in play fight in Churchill, Canada.

  • Canadian hunter killed by polar bear


    A hunter has been killed in northern Canada in an attack involving a polar bear and her cub, and two other hunters received minor injuries.  The hunting party from Naujaat, Nunavut, an Inuit hamlet located on the Arctic Circle, were out seeking narwhal and caribou when they were attacked.  Both the mother bear and cub were shot and killed following the incident.  This is the second fatal polar bear attack in Canada's northernmost territory this summer.  Naujaat Search and Rescue went looking for the men after they failed to return as planned on Thursday from their hunting trip.  The two survivors of the hunting party were found off the shore of Lyon Inlet, about 100km (60 miles) east of Naujaat.  They had been blocked in by sea ice that was making it dangerous to navigate out to open water and leave the area. They also had mechanical issues with their boat.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nunavut and the coroner's office are investigating the incident and have not released more details about the attack.  It is not clear whether the mother bear and cub were killed by the hunters, or if they were destroyed by the authorities.  The CBC reports three other bears were also killed in the following days after they were drawn to the location. The Canadian Press reported that the two surviving injured hunters huddled for three days with the body of their friend, staying awake waiting for rescuers as several other bears circled their camp. Polar bear mauls Canadian father to death Animals' popularity 'a disadvantage'  In July, a father died protecting his children in a rare polar bear attack in Nunavut. Aaron Gibbons, 31, was on Sentry Island, a popular fishing and hunting spot on the west coast of Hudson Bay, when he encountered the bear on 3 July. He told his daughters to run and placed himself between them and the bear, which was later shot and killed.  Robert Hedley, Naujaat's senior administrative officer, told the BBC on Wednesday that the community is always concerned about polar bear incursions and wildlife management in general.  He said in the wake of this second fatal attack, both the hamlet and Nunavut government have to take a close look at the reasons behind the two incidents. A 2017 study looking at polar bear attacks in Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia and the US found they were likely to be caused by hungry male bears or - more rarely - females trying to defend cubs.  Polar bear attacks are uncommon. Researchers documented 73 attacks between 1870 and 2014 across the five countries, but warned a loss of sea ice habitat and increased interaction with humans could increase their frequency.

  • Beechey Island - Nunavut, Canada


    Beechey Island is located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago of Nunavut, Canada.

    It is recognized as a historic site with tremendous significance, as it marks the final resting place for three members from the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1845.

    Franklin and 128 men from his expedition disappeared during their travels through an unnavigated section of the Northwest Passage. Despite the efforts of subsequent search expeditions, they were not rescued in time.

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  • Vanishing Ice - Last American Polar Bears


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  • Polar Bears International Trailer


    A video that Logan and I made in Seventh Grade for World Social Studies.

  • Polar Bears Sparring


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    Two male polar bears practicing their sparring skills on the tundra outside Churchill, Manitoba. In the spring their skills will be put to the test as they compete for females out on the ice.Distributed by

  • Polar Bears Play Fight in Churchill


    Churchill wildlife Management Area, Canada

  • Melting sea ice can tax polar bears energy


    As climate change melts the abundance of ice in the Arctic, polar bears are using more energy to hunt than they have in the past.

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  • Arctic Kingdom Polar Bears and Glaciers


    Arctic Kingdom offers small group safaris to experience the amazing wildlife, landscapes, and culture that the Arctic has to offer.

  • Beechey Island - Nunavut, Canada


    Beechey Island is located in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago of Nunavut, Canada.

    It is recognized as a historic site with tremendous significance, as it marks the final resting place for three members from the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1845.

    Franklin and 128 men from his expedition disappeared during their travels through an unnavigated section of the Northwest Passage. Despite the efforts of subsequent search expeditions, they were not rescued in time.

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  • Polar Bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada Part 3


    Got to watch these amazing creatures whilst on a Tundra Buggy® Adventure with Frontiers North Adventures.


  • Polar Bears Playing or 11 2 2013 1043 59 AM


    The Tundra Buggy Lodge is strategically situated for optimum polar bear observation. Our goal with the Polar Bear Cam is to provide a window into the polar bear's world—and, working with our conservation partner, Polar Bears International, to inspire action to save them. - See more at:

  • Daily Scuba News - Canada is warming up!


    Canada is warming up!
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    Canada’s Arctic has seen the deepest impact when it comes to global warming, in fact, it’s warming up at double the global rate and will carry on doing so. The new report suggests that Canada’s annual average temperature has risen by an estimated 1.7 degrees since 1948. The largest temps are in the North, the Prairies and in northern British Columbia.


    BBC News


    Presenter(s): Shaun Johnson
    Writer(s): Shaun Johnson
    Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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  • Churchill Polar Bears Sparring


    Churchill Artic Tundra

  • Churchill, Manitoba


    Memories of a trip to Churchill, Manitoba to see and photograph those majestic Polar Bears.

    Music by Jergen Kruse @ Jamendo
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  • Polar bear - the king of Arctic


    When we are thinking of the northernmost region of Earth - the Arctic - what comes to our mind first? Of course, polar bears! Those animals have high adaptive capacity to the unfriendly, Arctic climate, and every meeting with them is an unforgettable experience.

    During the lesson we will be discussing about the ways of polar bears adaptation to the climate, how they react to humans, and what kind of equipment is required when you are in the area of polar bear kingdom (we will focus on Spitsbergen, the main island in Svalbard archipelago).

    Presenter: Dagmara Bożek-Andryszczak

    Learn more about EDU-ARCTIC:
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    Online lessons, workshops for teachers, and other tools for education:

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  • Crazy polar bears play with raging fire


    These polar bears in Resolute Bay, Nunavut get a little too close to this bonfire, but it's a warm relief from the freezing cold of the North Pole!

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  • Making tea out on the land with Inuit Hunter Mark - Chesterfield Inlet - Nunavut, Canada


    Join Inuit hunter Mark as he takes me and his family out on the land to enjoy some fresh tea. He sources the water from a local creek and collects wild herbs based on their healing potential, a knowledge passed down to him.

    This Video project was a joint effort by:
    Chesterfield Inlet municipality
    Canadian Ecotourism Services
    Purpose Driven Photography

  • To The Arctic 2012 IMAX 3/3


    A journey into the lives of a mother polar bear and her two seven-month-old cubs as they navigate the changing Arctic wilderness they call home.

  • Linux Powered Autonomous Arctic Buoys - Satish Chetty, Hera Systems


    Linux Powered Autonomous Arctic Buoys - Satish Chetty, Hera Systems

    In my talk/presentation, I cover the technical, and design challenges in developing an autonomous Linux powered Arctic buoy. This system is a low cost, COTS based, extreme/harsh environment, autonomous sensor data gathering platform. It measures albedo, weather, water temperature and other parameters. It runs on a custom embedded Linux and is optimized for efficient use of solar & battery power. It uses a variety of low cost, high accuracy/precision sensors and satellite/terrestrial wireless communications.

    I talk about using Linux in this embedded environment, and how I address and solve various issues including building a custom kernel, Linux drivers, frame grabbing issues and results from cameras, limited power challenges, clock drifts due to low temperature, summer melt challenges, failure of sensors, intermittent communication issues and various other h/w & s/w challenges.

    About Satish Chetty
    I serve as VP, software engineering At Hera Systems, a predictive analytics, Earth Imaging Company. Prior to Hera Systems, I served in multiple engineering and management roles. I am actively involved with embedded Linux, Robotics, and polar research technology groups. I co-founded Polar Technology Conference. I have built extreme-environment technology solutions, including polar instrumentation and field-tested hardware that operate at very low polar temperatures and harsh environment.

  • Hug in the Snug with a Polar Explorer


    A special edition of Hug in the Snug as we're joined by polar explorer Mark Wood as he prepares for the Arctic leg of his NorthSouthSolo Expedition. Mark talks about how climate change has affected the expedition, the chance to report first hand from the ice and what to do if you come across a polar bear!

  • Polar Bears Play Fighting


    Largest collection of Polar bear stock video footage.
    Polar Bears Play Fighting

  • Howling... Three Arctic Wolves


    One male and two female Arctic wolves live across the path from the polar bears at The Toronto Zoo. They howled in unison on January 13, 2017.