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Pro Artist Shows CRAPPY Drawings?

  • ⭐️???? Sailor Moon Sketchbook Spread ???????? | Draw With Me! | Tiffany Weng


    Ah yes, I've finally done it. I've finally made a draw with me video :)) you guys always ask for speed draws, and this is pretty much the closest I've come to making one hehe, hope you guys enjoy!
    Please subscribe and like if you haven't already and you're new to the channel, I'm not sure if this is what I'll continue making, unless you all really like this video :)) thanks for the luv as always!

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  • How youve been making tea WRONG your entire life - BBC


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    Cherry Healey gets some scientific tips on making the best possible cup of tea with a tea bag.

    Inside The Factory | Series 3 'Tea Bags' | BBC


    All our TV channels and S4C are available to watch live through BBC iPlayer, although some programmes may not be available to stream online due to rights. If you would like to read more on what types of programmes are available to watch live, check the 'Are all programmes that are broadcast available on BBC iPlayer?' FAQ ????

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  • How to Draw LIVE! w/ Ken Lashley and Sean Damien Hill


    Tune in today at 2PM ET as artists Ken Lashley and Sean Damien Hill show you how to draw some of your favorite Marvel heroes!

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  • The Art of Aging Well


    Is age just a number? How will medical and technology advances redefine biological aging? In this seminar, learn more about research led by scientists at Harvard Medical School about what healthy aging means, and explore discoveries that could help to improve the experience of aging.

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  • Why Doctors Have Bad Handwriting! - Real Doctor Explains


    One of the most common stereotypes is that doctors have bad handwriting. But how does this happen? How do doctors get through so many years of schooling, yet still have illegible handwriting? Here's my take on why doctors have such bad handwriting and what can be done about it.

    Reason 1: Quantity
    - Doctors have to write out hundreds of pieces of documentation each day. What better way to save time than to write a bit quicker?

    Reason 2: Short form
    - For the untrained eye, doctor's handwriting may look like scribble because it often contains many short forms and contracted sentences.

    Reason 3: Deterioration
    - As time goes on, the sheer volume of handwritten notes and persisting time pressure leads to gradual deterioration in the quality of handwriting

    Reason 4: Visibility
    - One the main reasons for the stereotype is that Doctor's handwriting is incredibly visible. Everybody can see it from patients to other doctors, and people care because if a doctor has bad handwriting, it has some real consequences. So once the impression is formed that doctors have bad handwriting, the stereotype is confirmed every time you see a doctor with bad handwriting.

    #badhandwriting #docunlock

    Full transcript:

    Further reading:
    Legibility of doctors' handwriting is as good (or bad) as everyone else's:


    Video credits:

    Certain illustrations adapted from and (Sapann-Design / Freepik)

    Motionarray (affiliate link):
    Morning by LiQWYD Music promoted by Audio Library



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  • How to practice effectively...for just about anything - Annie Bosler and Don Greene


    View full lesson:

    Mastering any physical skill takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence. But what does practice actually do to make us better at things? Annie Bosler and Don Greene explain how practice affects the inner workings of our brains.

    Lesson by Annie Bosler and Don Greene, animation by Martina Meštrović.

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  • Why are craft sections shrinking in stores? Ask a crafter Reboot #5


    Today I will answer more of your arts and craft-related questions!

    #thefrugalcrafter #watercolor #art
    Want more inspiration? Here are some classes!

    Want to help with closed captions and translations?

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    Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich
    Music: Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  • I tried Redrawing my OLD, BAD Art | My FIRST Drawings..? SUPER Sonic The Hedgehog | 2


    Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code - ADCART

    Lets bring 2005 into the modern day!! With this CRAZY redraw!!!

    This drawing was my attempt to be creative as a child and tackling it as an adult, as a professional, really is an honour and truly opened my eyes to just how far we come over the years.
    15 years comparison really was exciting to tackle and I hope you enjoyed it.

    You're probably here for the materials so lets do it...


    Paper - Hahnmuhle Nostalgic
    Pencil - Arteza
    Pen - Winsor and Newton Fineliner
    Markers - Pro/Brush Markers

    Colours used;


    Yellows - Primrose, Yellow, Sunflower, Mustard, Cinnamon
    Skin - Vanilla, Sunflower
    Shoes - Soft Peach, Lipstick red, Poppy, Walnut


    Blues - Cyan, Azure, Indigo Blue
    Skin - Vanilla, Saffron, Praline

    Thats basically all of it... I hope this information is useful to you :).

    If you have any requests please leave them as a comment I love and welcome all knew ideas aswell as your thoughts on this video...
    If you see a question someones asked but I have missed it, feel free to help them out, we Subscribbles are in this together!

    Be safe in this time of panic, be careful and caring to those around you, support small businesses and try to make the most of each day.

    Have a great day/night... see you next time..

    From myself, Bob and The Ducklings...


  • Artists Challenge Themselves To Redraw Their Old ‘Crappy’ Drawings, Prove That Practice Makes Perfec


    Artists Challenge Themselves To Redraw Their Old ‘Crappy’ Drawings, Prove That Practice Makes Perfec.
    Thank you!!!
    Sound Journey - Declan DP

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  • How to be OK with bad drawings


    I struggled so hard on these drawings. It was supposed to be for another video but I didn't feel like it was good enough so I put in on ice. But after writing the script to this video I'm really glad I kept this footage because I think it's important to show the failures too.


    The Gap:


    KENN: |

    MUSIC ????

    Ipanema - Shinjuku Metro Line
    DJ Quads - It just makes me happy

    0:00 Intro
    0:20 Mastery
    1:06 1. You are not your art
    2:06 2. A 1000 bad drawings
    2:57 3. The Gap
    3:27 4. Community

  • Is Drawing ANIME BAD? And WHY? | Anime Manga Sketch


    Is Drawing Anime Bad?


    Kuzo Art Prints Now Avalable!

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    how to become a mangaka. how to become a manga artist. anime style. is drawing anime style bad. anime style. how to make a living with anime style. how to make a living as an artist.
    Anime. anime . art. drawing. sketch. ink. anime drawing. anime sketch. how to improve. how to draw Naruto. improvement. how to improve in art. how to draw. anime style. anime style drawing. how to draw manga. Anime drawing. anime sketch. manga sketch.



    Thanks for watching! If you're new, my name is Emma. I'm a stay at home mum to Alice (5) and Thomas (2). We live in London and this is my crazy, chaotic life!

    Where else to find me:


    Thank you so much for watching my channel! It would mean so much to me if you would share it with anyone else you think would enjoy it too. As always, your support is amazing.

    Parenting is hard and I try to show the honest side of it. It’s not always pretty, but it is always real life. Emma xx

  • Drawing Walter White - Time Lapse | NicArtistic


    Here's my drawing of Bryan Cranston as Walter White (or Heisenberg) from the hit TV show Breaking Bad - A Time Lapse video
    More Breaking Bad character drawings are on the way! Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman, just to name a few.

    To see more of my artistic journey, follow me on one of the social media platforms linked below! Like, comment, and subscribe to see future art related videos! : )

    Materials: Caran D'ache Pablo and Luminance pencils, Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, Prismacolor colored pencils, Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen fine liners, Tombow MONO erasers, Prismacolor dual-ended markers, and Master's Touch Premiere Wood Panel

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    #breakingbad #walterwhite #fanart

  • Spider 3D Drawing/Amazing terrible Trick Art/ dibujar bien tarantula


    Online Drawing Tutorials for Those Staying at Home ➤

    Spider speed drawing (Tarantula brachypelma smithi) (How To Draw) a amazing realistic illusion! Dibujar bien
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    ★How to draw freehand a realistic 3D Effect★
    In this video I show how to draw a perfect ball in dry brush technique.

    PortraitPainter Pabst
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    - How portraits come to life, from a blank page to the finished artwork!
    - How to paint amazing 3D illusion drawings. You won't believe that they're not real!
    - Tips and Tricks about painting and illustration techniques that you can use to create your own masterpieces!

  • Police Sketch Artist Draws Movie Criminals From Description | Vanity Fair


    Three witnesses to notorious movie crimes, including James Franco's drug dealing in 'Pineapple Express,' Robert De Niro's armed robbery in 'Heat,' and multiple murders committed by Samuel L. Jackson in 'Pulp Fiction,' describe the celebrity “criminals” to a professional police sketch artist.

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    Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture.

    Police Sketch Artist Draws Movie Criminals From Description | Vanity Fair



    Old to New, Bad to Good?

    Step into the time machine with me as we take a trip down memory lane and redraw classic drawings from my childhood.

    Today I found the worst drawing in my collection, and Redrew it, can i make it even worse? haha

    i hope you enjoy today's video and if you do consider sticking around and subscribing :) Love you all, hope you're keeping safe.

    Arteza -

    UK -

    USA -

    I look forward to seeing you in the next video, have a wonderful day :)...

    Until next time... BYEEEE

  • Found my old drawings ll Is that THIS bad?


    I have commissions open, but only for russian comrades:
    Soon I will open an eng version of price list on my instagram.



    VK group:




    Discord server:


    • montage: Sony Vegas Pro 13
    • art: Paint Tool SAI 2
    • Animation: Adobe Animate

  • How To Draw An Anime Girl


    This is my first video! Check out on of my latest drawing videos for better art!

    ♥~○•○•○•♡•○•○•○~♥My YouTube Channel♥~○•○•○•♡•○•○•○~♥ :

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  • Shaq Wants 5 Million For Terrible Art Drawing! - Inside The NBA


    #1 source NBA videos.
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    NBA Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Bobcats Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers Dallas Mavericks Denver Nuggets Detroit Pistons Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers Memphis Grizzlies Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota Timberwolves New Orleans Pelicans New York Knicks Oklahoma City Thunder Orlando Magic Philadelphia 76ers Phoenix Suns Portland Trail Blazers Sacramento Kings San Antonio Spurs Toronto Raptors Utah Jazz Washington Wizards

  • Drawing Of Girls- Good/Bad


    Hope you enjoy this slideshow where it shows you as it increases from my bad to good drawing. My last one is the best I've ever done.

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  • A small dog drawing tutorial


    This is bad I know

  • Drawing Terrible Fast Food Mascots


    On this episode of Drawfee Beans, which originally aired on Facebook in April, 2017, Julia and Jacob draw the worst fast food mascots that they can think of.










  • Draw a Bad Guy


    Caution: children should use child-safe art supplies. Hi friends & loyal readers of my how-to-draw books. Here's a fun tutorial for you: how to draw a bad guy. Villains and other miscreants are fun to draw because we can exaggerate their head shapes and features. Notice how small the top half of the head is (cranium), and ow short the nose is. Why do I draw it that way? In order to exaggerate the size of the chin, to make him look powerful. Also, he has no neck, which brings up the shoulders, increasing the stocky look - another powerful aspect of the characters. Give it a try. I think you'll enjoy drawing this cartoons. Have fun!

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  • My pro drawings UwU


  • Showing you my drawings from bad to good


  • December Fixing Bad Figure Drawing


    If you enjoy these videos, please SHARE them… Thank You!

    Redrawing some of my less successful figure drawing efforts.

  • How to Draw APOCALYPSE w/ Marcus To! | Marvel Live!


    Artist Marcus To joins us to show off how he draws APOCALYPSE! As always, feel free to join in chat and ask questions!

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    #StayHome #WithMe

  • How To Make a Bad Drawing Better


    In this video I show you how to point out certain parts of your drawing, in order to hide other parts that you might not be happy with. Along with tips to improve your drawing.

    Check out more videos at:

  • A Slightly Better Shitty Speed Draw.


    Another quite shitty speed draw. That's about it, other than thanks for watching.

    Another Speed Art By: Jari
    I'm a shit drawer don't judge me. Anyways, thanks for watching.

    Music - Stereoman - Monster

    Editing Software - Easy Video Maker

    Drawing Software - Autodesk Sketchbook.

    All content and media is all owned by their respective owners. I do not own any of the programs or media/and or audio. I only own the drawing and video itself.

  • Bruce Timm Draws Batman Sketch “Quick and Crappy” SDCC 2019


    Bruce Timm offered $20 “quick and Crappy” Batman sketches during SDCC 2019

    #SDCC #SDCC2019 #BruceTimm #Batman

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  • 3 Tips for Drawing with Pens -- pretty horrible video, but I tried :)


    Here is a tutorial about drawing with pens. I give specific advice, and I draw a giraffe during the video to show you my advice in action.

    The paper I use is Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Paper (50 sheets, 70 pounds):

    The pens are Sakura Pigma Micron pens and Sakura brushes. Here is an entire art set of Sakura drawing products:

    Sakura has a lot of different pen sets, so you do not have to spend a fortune to try them. Here is a less expensive set:

    Please let me know what is helpful and how I can give you more advice on drawing with pens. I will post another video about drawing generally soon.

    #howtodraw #drawing #ink #learn #tutorial #howto #pen #micron #strathmore

    Music: Activation

  • John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders


    John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, delivers a funny and charming talk that spans a lifetime of work in art, design and technology, concluding with a picture of creative leadership in the future. Watch for demos of Maeda's earliest work -- and even a computer made of people.

    TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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  • Bad Kingdom - Imaginary Things #drawing


    -- Watch live at

  • Artfare: Empowering Artists + New Ways of Discovering Art: New Social Environment #244


    Join us for a conversation with artists Young Sun Han, Maya Jay Varadaraj, Tahir Carl Karmali, and Liz Nielsen alongside Founder of Artfare Aki Karja and Artfare Curator Carolina Wheat. We’ll close with a poetry reading from Darien Hsu Gee.

    Learn more:

    ~ ~ ~

    Young Sun Han: Artist, performer, and activist who articulates human stories through intersecting media: photography, moving image, durational performance, and installation.


    Maya Varadaraj: An interdisciplinary artist and designer, she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Apparel Design from the Rhode Island School of Design before completing a Master’s Degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


    Tahir Carl Karmali: (b. 1987, Nairobi) is an artist based in Brooklyn. His work spans photography, installation, papermaking, sculpture, and sound.


    Liz Nielsen: An experimental photographer based in Brooklyn. Her photographs are made without a camera and can also be described as light paintings or photograms.


    Carolina Wheat: Based in Brooklyn and Newburgh, Carolina is cofounder & director of Elijah Wheat Showroom. Wheat writes about art & culture and has curated numerous political and socially conscientious exhibitions in Detroit, Berlin, London, Chicago, and New York. Wheat collaborates with Artfare as a curator, artist liaison, and exhibition designer. Her curatorial work has appeared in The New York Times, Artforum, The Brooklyn Rail, and others.


    Aki Karja: Since 2018, Aki has been splitting his time between Artfare and Gemic, a NY based progressive strategy consultancy. They live in Brooklyn where many of their friends work as professional artists.


    The Rail has a tradition of ending our conversations with a poem, and on this day we were fortunate to have Darien Hsu Gee reading.

    Author of five novels published by Penguin Random House that have been translated into eleven languages, and a memoir, Allegiance. She won the 2019 Poetry Society of America’s Chapbook Fellowship award for Other Small Histories and the 2015 Hawai‘i Book Publishers’ Ka Palapala Poʻokela Award of Excellence for Writing the Hawai‘i Memoir. She lives with her family on the Big Island of Hawai‘i.

    ~ ~ ~

    Learn more about our conversations with artists at:
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  • how, I draw ik its bad


  • How to Draw Bad Ass Mouths & Teeth Step by Step


    Learning to the draw the mouth properly can take your portraits to another level.
    In this video you will learn some of the basics on how to draw great looking mouths. It will help you draw teeth by telling you what NOT to draw as well as help you figure out the shading and proportions.

    It is the first in the series.Check out the other videos below.

    Video 2 - Drawing teeth and smiles -
    Video 3 - How to draw closed mouths -

    Don't forget to leave your question below and I'll do my best to respond...

    Kevin Kramer

    Download my FREE Drawing Realistic Portraits ebook here:

    Visit for more tons more free tutorials.



    Photographs courtesy of

  • Draw: BAD GUYS / Villains|JPN Pro Artist Guest 15minutes ART BATTLES! challenge


    Do you want to draw a VILLAIN to amuse your friends (who can only draw Super Heros) ? VILLAINs are so-called bad guys in American comic books which have become quite famous with comic books and movies of Marvel or DC Comics. They are usually not just bad guys but usually has their own uniqueness and style. Their existence makes the Superheros stand out, and give depth to the universe.

    'Nuff said, this time we have combined the greatness of the 3 countries. Tony (USA), the Superhero comic freak who happens to draw creative comic on his own channel Sketchflix, shows his American style of comic sketch. N (UK) , the so called Otaku of Comics and Manga will show some mixed drawing techniques.
    Last but not least, Mikie (Japan), the famous Manga Artist who is very well-known in the Japanese Manga Scene as well as having experience of producing comics in US, will show the two of what a REAL PRO can do to draw Villains.
    Will Mikie easily blow away Tony and N with his awesome skills? Or will the two disrupt Mikie with their non-sense talk?
    The battle of the Real World Villains start today on this channel.
    At the end of the video, you will learn either how to actually draw Villains right away, or feel the agony of Mikie battling against the Super non-sense Villains of Doki Doki Drawing Channel.

    #drawing #Marvel #Venom

    Mikey, Tony and N try their best in JAPANESE GUEST ART BATTLES

    Draw a Hero (AiCloud)→
    More Mikey→
    ★Tony's Channel→

    Want to see more MIKEY? Tell us what you'd like to see in the comments and we'll check with him :)

    Mikey just launched his drawing tutorial book! Get it here→


    ★MIKEY (Tatsuyuki Maeda)
    Mikey has worked in the manga industry for more than 10 years,
    and also one of the creating members of comical works inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast currently sold in U.S.
    He has worked as an assistant with some of the top 15 manga
    cartoonist in Japan as well as teaching at famous colleges.
    His mission is to expand the Japanese Manga to a whole new level, and move his new field to internet as well

    ★Special Thanks to Crearti
    Crearti is a group which supports various activities of manga artist and comic artists.They have some rare interviews with famous cartoonists on their Facebook page so check it out :


    【manga artist 紹介協力:クリアーティ】
    FB/Twitter: @creartiofficial

    Software used: Clip Studio Paint Pro→

    液晶タブレット 山口しずか使用
    Tablet used by Shizuka Yamaguchi→ 

    液晶タブレット GAOMON PD 1161 → 

    Produced by WAO Agency

  • Drawing Demonic Creature - Such Horrible Things


    See Picture Here

  • Im bad at drawing


  • Drawing Uncle Hank from Breaking Bad


    Watch me draw Hank Shrader from the awe-tastic tv show Breaking Bad, while ruminating on whether I should use two or three colors for the shadows. The version you see in the thumbnail is the one with two colors.
    Got any questions? Comment!
    My gear:
    Apple iPad 10.2:
    Apple Pencil 1st generation:
    Optional Two-Finger Hand Glove for drawing:

    My Insta:

  • 2.3.21 - Year 4 - Art L2 - WALT describe and evaluate the work of a famous artist Antonio Gaudi


  • Finale -


    In memory of the two greatest shows coming to an end. Done in 4 1/2 hours
    see the full image:



    Did you like the video? Want to thank me? Buy me a Coffee in this link ;)


    I did the kid, now the big bad wolf!!!! Hopefully something good (or evil) will come from it!!!

    Thanks for watching this video and remember to Subscribe for the best drawing lessons, tutorials and videos on How to draw eyes, head, the human body and more! All using Photoshop, Manga Studio, Sketchbook Pro and more!


  • ShaoLan’s art of learning Chinese │ Microsoft In Culture


    When ShaoLan left her startup in the early 2000s, a door opened: Chineasy. Her method for learning Chinese uses bright illustrations to help people recognize.

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  • HOW I RUN MY ART PRACTICE ON A BUDGET | How To Save On Art Supplies | Tips For Scrappy Art Practice


    Hey there! I decided to pop in here and share a little about how I manage to keep my art practice on a low budget, reduce my overhead cost and still be able to produce art I'm proud of.

    I know not everything I say will work for everyone. I just share what I found working for me after a year of being a full-time artist and hope that it will give someone else an idea of where to cut the corners.
    Please, share your tips for saving money in your art practice! You will help many artists by doing it. Sharing is caring :)

    Hey, no judgment, please! A) I'm new to YouTube and tend to ramble a lot... and B) I don't have a microphone... yet.

    If you like the video, please check my website and my Instagram
    I also have an art blog and a podcast for OTHER ARTISTS!

    If you want to be a guest, just drop me a note on the website!

  • Fixing Bad Figure Drawing February


    If you enjoy these videos, please SHARE them… Thank You!
    Comics Newsletter:

    Analyzing/Redrawing some recent life drawings to learn what I can do better.

  • Trying Draw Anime/Manga


    The titles gives it ALL away.

    And if you're reading this, I did this drew anime/manga before but still starting out to.

  • Draw Every Day | EP. 08 | Bad Drawings


    Hi Mart here,

    Welcome to the second episode of Draw every day daily series where I talk about drawing and draw. ;) Today it's all about Bad drawings.

    Livestream will be at 6pm on Wednesday (hangouts on air /youtube)

    MyPaint :

    I hope you like it :)

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    More of my stuff on
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    Wacom Intuos Pro M
    Adobe Premiere Pro

  • ♡SHITTY DRAWING I♡ drawing with Ms Paint


    just for the fun of it
    music from

  • Some of my favorite drawings |ASB-94


    I randomly decided to show you some of my favorite drawings and i am expecting that you already saw my name so what should i do next comment,like,subscribe and turn the notification bell so you can catch up to more future videos like this.

    Oh and i think you noticed that i forgot to add Funtime Foxy's tail if you did notice it by yourself then comment; #FoundIt



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