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Rewinding Technique of Truck Starter Motor Armature

  • Wizards of Wood | Full Documentary | SLICE


    On the northwest coast of Madagascar live the Zafimaniry people, an ethnic group known for being the sole remaining repository of an incredible wood crafting knowledge.
    Members of this community are famous for creating delicate and poetic geometric patterns reflecting their history.
    Sadly, the Zafimaniry woodcraft culture is endangered, sharing a common fate with the forest it depends on.
    Follow Dadamundgi and other young and wise souls of the village as they are trying to uphold a region’s age-old tradition. Witness these men’s commitment to the central role nature has come to serve in each and every aspect of their lives.

    Wizards of Wood
    Direction: Jérôme Ségur
    Production: ZED - Manuel Catteau

    Living Cultures, a collection directed by Jean Queyrat & Jérôme Ségur

    With: Dada Monjy, Jean-Marie, Désiré, Ralaï, Rakutu, Jean, Solo, Chief Rayaman Dreni, Alexandre, Gilbert, Rakoto Emmanuel & Jeanne d’Arc Ravaonarivo

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  • Wildlife Laws: Only the Fastest Will Survive | Free Documentary Nature


    In a land of dangers, plant-eating animals are always at risk, and never more so than at the time of their birth; out on the open they are vulnerable and there are few places to hide. But luckily some are born to run…
    Out on the African plains life can get off to a shaky start. Millions of baby wildebeests, zebras and antelopes are born at the same time. All of them must struggle to their feet in minutes. They must master their legs and be ready to run with the herd. If they don't they will be picked off by predators like lions, cheetahs, or crocodiles.
    Whatever their role in life, little ones will face one challenge after another, whether it's trying to keep up with the herd during migration, getting stuck in the mud during a drought, being separated from its mother, panicking in bad weather, or even coming face to face with a predator.
    The point will come in every young animal's life when the skills it learned will be put to good use. One of the most powerful wake-up calls to the harsh reality of nature comes to a young wildebeest during its migration. A dramatic river crossing, where there are more than just fast currents and steep banks to deal with - a river teaming with crocodiles. One by one his herd mates are picked off by the great reptiles, but when his time comes he proves he was born to run!


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