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Séminaire national de lancement du PAIR Tumeurs cérébrales - Interventions de la matinée

  • The Story of Cholera


    A short animated film produced by the Global Health Media Project in collaboration with Yoni Goodman

    This film makes visible the invisible cholera germs as a young boy shows how to help the sick and guides his village in preventing the spread of cholera.

    The film shows how to make the basic homemade oral rehydration solution using sugar, salt , and safe water as these items were felt to be most widely available. However, a solution prepared with a readymade ORS packet is the first choice if supplies are available.

    Director: Yoni Goodman

    Producer: Deborah Van Dyke

    Story: Deborah Van Dyke, Yoni Goodman

    Design: Yoni Goodman

    Animation: Yoni Goodman, Sefi Gayego

    Music and Sound Effects: Uri Kalian

    Special Thanks: Mark Binder, Peter Cardellichio, Ron Koss

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  • What if Coronavirus Never Disappeared? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


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    What if Coronavirus Never Disappeared?
    Firstly, if coronavirus never disappeared, then it would mean that an effective vaccine was never found, everybody will be heartbroken.
    Secondly, if coronavirus never disappeared, everyone may have to continue wearing masks, using sanitizers & maintaining social distancing.
    Thirdly, if coronavirus never disappeared, Restaurants, Movies theaters, Theme parks, Gyms etc. will have to continue operating under restrictions.
    Fourthly, if coronavirus never disappeared, sporting events as well as concerts will be extremely difficult to organize.
    Fifthly, if coronavirus never disappeared, travel restrictions may continue, tourism industry might collapse.
    Sixthly, if coronavirus never disappeared, lockdowns may be further extended, people might start protesting, governments will have to find alternative solutions.
    Lastly, if coronavirus never disappeared, doctors as well as nurses may have to get used to grueling work schedules.



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