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  • Cattle Auction FAIL


    This video is about a Cattle Auction I attended where I accidentally bought a calf.

    This might be the hardest I've ever laughed!

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  • Young Cattle Auctioneer Champion - Americas Heartland


    It takes speed, stamina and livestock savvy to be the best in the country when it comes to auctioning cattle. Bailey Ballou is a repeat winner at the annual event taking place, this year in Turlock, California. But also in the competition is a young man with the rhythm of a rap superstar, 18 year old Blaine Lotz.

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  • Going to the Livestock Auction. Might buy some Cows.


    I'm going on a field trip to a livestock auction. It's my first time and I want to get some cattle.

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  • The Casanare Cattle Auction - TvAgro by Juan Gonzalo Angel


    Nowadays, livestock auctions act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The auction provides the facilities, service, livestock management and monitoring; the seller brings his cattle and the buyer bids to take the lot at a good price, through an interaction between supply and demand.
    A livestock exhibition is an exhibition or fair in which different representatives of the livestock sector are shown.
    These representatives are not only livestock, but also the sector's machinery, new techniques of production optimization, animal feed and a long etcetera. These samples usually include pigs, cows, bulls, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits, chickens, chickens, ducks and other farm animals or typical of livestock farms. Livestock exhibitions or fairs have among their objectives the development of the livestock industry by improving the quality of meat for consumption.

    They also seek to professionalize the sector, strengthen its marketing channels, publicize the work of the livestock sector and the projection of different species. At the same time, conferences are held by experts on regional policies in food production, biofuels, agricultural production and competitiveness.

    In many of these exhibitions, contests are held to award prizes according to various phenotypical traits of some of the species exhibited. The characteristics most frequently evaluated are lean mass, postural and structural correction, size, style and balance, among others.

    Category: Agricultural exhibitions and fairs

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  • RAISING BEEF CATTLE FOR BEGINNERS – Taking My Calves to Auction


    In this fifth video in my series Raising Beef Cattle for Beginners (and Part 2 of the two-part auction series), I attend the Livestock Auction in Lockhart, TX to show you how my calves were auctioned and sold. I learned a LOT from the friendly folks I met there, and I actually got to see my calves go across the auction arena! If you've never seen a livestock auction before, check it out!

    Thanks again to Wes Davis, Weston Davis, Madi Bexley, Craig Archer, Red Ehrlich, Ron Curry, Karen Buckner, and Mary Gail Bartsch for agreeing to participate in these videos and for all the great information!

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  • Rescuing Cattle from Deep Snow and Mountain Lions | Vlog 13


    Mule Ranching Vlog #13: A snowstorm forces us out of the ranch and onto our winter cattle permits. A puma watches us herd our cattle and horses down a 22-mile long trail. Our horses and cows are excited to get out of the snow.


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  • Cattle Handling Demonstration with Curt Pate


    Stockmanship technician Curt Pate discusses and demonstrates Cattle Handling at the 2019 Eastern Oklahoma Cattle Conference in McAlester, OK on March 28, 2019.

  • Considerations in Finishing Beef Cattle


    Presented by the CCE Livestock Program Work Team. Discussion on the connection between feeding management and targeted finishing weights in beef cattle. Guest speakers: Assistant Professor and Beef Extension Specialist from Pennsylvania State Univ., Tara L. Felix and Mike Lapi, visiting instructor of animal agriculture with SUNY Cobleskill. Topics: Meeting nutritional needs, feeder to finishing phase; exploring alternative feed options, effects on carcass quality and finish; the importance of proper animal handling prior to harvesting and more.

  • Quit your Job own a Cattle Ranch - 209 acre Cattle Farm Cattle Ranch for sale


    Go VIP - Jump on our new farm list - - we'll send you new properties before they hit the market. call Hunter 859-319-3555 or office 859-379-LAND (5263) Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch - 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky. Home and Land for Sale Kentucky 209 acre Farm. How to quit your job and own a cattle ranch.
    #QuitYourJobAndOwnACattleRanch #CattleFarmForSale #BestRealEstateAgentInKentucky

    Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch - 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky. Home and Land for Sale Kentucky 209 acre Farm. How to quit your job and own a cattle ranch. call or text 859-319-3555 Hunter Bluegrass Team EXP Realty.

    Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch - 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky

    [00:00:01] This property is literally right near our place. We're trying to help the neighbor sell. I just wanted to let you know that it's going to be a little bit different of a video format than you're used to and I promise I'll go back to my regular way of doing videos, but this is going to be just a little different. I hope you enjoy and I hope you enjoy our neck of the woods.
    This area of Kentucky is kind of a throwback. It's a combination of the way the West was and the way the 1950s were. It's quiet and it's peaceful. This Ranch epitomizes the old days where we are right here. I've always wanted to be a Rancher and so we thought we'd like to own a real cattle ranch. It just happened that there were three or four different properties for sale all at once. My wife and I chose this location to put an unbelievable Ranch like this together. Quit your Job and own a Cattle Ranch - 209 acre Cattle Farm in Kentucky. It would have taken most people a lifetime. if you are looking for something that is extraordinarily beautiful - when you pull over the hill you'll know.

    Best Real Estate Agent in Kentucky

    Listing provided by United Country Bluegrass Realty and Auction, Willie Baker broker cattle ranch for sale

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  • 2019 Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive | SA Live | KSAT 12


    Giddy up! It's the 2019 Western Heritage Parade and Cattle Drive, the official kick-off to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, hosted by SA Live!

  • Amazing Modern Farming Cow Technology, Breeding Methods Save for Farm Thousands Dollar


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  • Cattle handling with Temple Grandin


    Explore the ‘dos and don’ts’ of cattle handling with Dr Temple Grandin, a globally respected animal behaviourist from the University of Colorado who changed the way the US handled cattle.

    If you or your team get frustrated when cows won't move up a race, had close calls with a cow lashing out or are irritated when tasks take too long when handling cattle, then this webinar is for you.

    You'll develop a better understanding of cow behaviour, the impact of your actions and improve cattle handling skills to save you time, reduce stress on both people and animals and make your farm a safer place to work.

    Explore AHDB’s broader work supporting the dairy sector including helpful guidance, tools, and publications on key topics by visiting

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    AHDB is a statutory levy board, funded by farmers, growers and others in the supply chain. Our purpose is to inspire our farmers, growers and industry to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We equip the industry with easy to use, practical know-how which they can apply straight away to make better decisions and improve their performance. Established in 2008 and classified as a Non-Departmental Public Body, it supports the following industries: meat and livestock (cattle, sheep and pigs) in England; horticulture, milk and potatoes in Great Britain; and cereals and oilseeds in the UK. AHDB’s remit covers 72 per cent of total UK agricultural output. Further information on AHDB can be found at

  • Worlds Biggest Wild Cows - Dangerous Gaur of India


    While traveling in South India in 2009 a farmer told us about a herd of Gaur that was casually chomping their way through a selection of farms and gardens. We watched them for over an hour as they munched and clambered through the vegetation. They were so preoccupied with feeding that they didn't seem to care who or what was nearby - and why should they. One female in particular seemed very relaxed in my presence so I was confident that I could get fairly close without alarming or spooking her. It was a real pleasure to feel the breath of this wondrous animal on my face before she finally sauntered off and disappeared into the forest.

    Wild Gaur can be very dangerous animals and I wouldn't usually get this close - especially if they are with a calf or if it's breeding season, and I certainly would never attempt to get this close to one of those powerful males. By all accounts they can be quite moody!

    The Gaur is a large, dark-coated forest animal of South Asia and Southeast Asia. It's the largest species of wild cattle in the world, bigger than the African buffalo, the extinct aurochs, wild water buffalo or bison. Only Rhinos, Hippos and Elephants grown larger than these incredible animals. The males can weigh as much as 1.5 tonnes.

    Production Team: Kalyan Varma, David Heath & Mandanna Dilan



    SELLING A HORSE at an auction is quite an experience. We might even played a game of BIGGER or BETTER! Have you ever wondered the process of selling a horse or buying a horse at a livestock auction? Experience it today! Sick was a MIRICLE!

  • Rhett Parks Cattle Auction


    Isolated without any beats or background stuff




  • Cow Auction pt. 1


    A cow auction.

  • We Brought Danny Gil to the Cow Auction! He got BIG Money!


    We brought our bull calf to the Cattle Auction.
    He brought a lot of money!

    *I will be making a cattle auction playlist for whose who enjoy to watch them!

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    In this video we go to a couple different auctions for some cattle. I ended up buying for cattle from the second auction i went to.

  • CYRIL LINDA NEWMAN: 8/8/13 AL SAFE Sale - Moseley Cattle Auction


    Moseley Cattle Auction: Sale 8/8/13 6:00 PM CST
    Conference Call Number: 1-877-873-8018 Access Code: 7999881
    John Moseley, Jr. (Little John) 229-308-6355


    Office: 229-723-7070
    Fax: 229-723-7070

    Trip Moseley 229-308-6358
    Joey Moseley 229-308-3720
    Will Moseley 229-308-3452 Email:
    Cheryl Moseley 229-308-3718

    Carroll T. Cannon
    PO Box 500
    Ty Ty, GA 31795

    Video produced by BackLight

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  • Going To Cattle Auction - Cattle Talk 10/08/2020


    Today on Cattle Talk, my son and I are loading cattle and taking them to the Cattle Auction.

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  • DON’T MAKE DUMB MISTAKES: Start Making Money With Cattle


    New From Tennessee Homestead: Today I will be talking about a new client who wanted
    to learn how not to lose money with cattle. We had a teaching moment on how to start making money with cattle. I’ll be working with him to setup his farm to start making money with livestock.
    Got his herd hay on day one, and helped him to insure he maintained feed for his cattle. Gave some lessons on the basics of raising livestock. Just getting him started to have more money coming into his operation. He should have no problems making money with beef cattle if he learns the basics of raising livestock.
    Never thought I would have to be teaching a stock man, how to have hay for his livestock. Now we just need to start improving soil health on his place. Then teach him pasture management, so he can have profitable cattle herds.

  • NVLX - 13 February 2018 - Prime Cattle Sale


  • Horse Protects Rancher From Cows As He Tags Calves


    ID: 1588224

    MANDATORY CREDIT - Scott Warren

    An intelligent horse helped a rancher tag his calves by protecting him from their nervous mother.

    Stallion Red did a great job of keeping the cows away from ranch managers Scott Warren and Jose Ibarra as the two worked on their homestead in Clinton, North Carolina on January 16.

    As Jose grabbed the young and held them to the ground, Red stood between him and the cows and even kicked at them as they nervously tried to get back towards their youngsters.

    Scott said: “There are only two of us on the ranch, so we train the horses to stay between us and the cows because we can’t always be there for each other.

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  • Cattle Auction and Farmers Market 2015 reload


    We travel to the Famous Keadie Farmer's Auction and Market

  • VLE Leongatha Store Cattle Sale, Friday 29th January 2021


    We caught up with Rob Ould of Alex Scott and Staff - Livestock for the market report from the VLE Leongatha Store Cattle Sale held at VLE Leongatha, Friday 29th January 2021. Support came from fellow rma network member Everitt Seeley & Bennetts.

  • How We Feed Cows Without Using a Tractor or Horses


  • DocTalk - Identifying Sick Cattle


    Episode 24 - The clinical signs cattle exhibit when something is wrong with their health.

  • Cow Auction pt. 14


    Horst Stable Auctions cow auction

  • Tack sale 12-5-2020


  • TRLX - 4 June 2018 - Prime Cattle Sale


  • How To Transition From A Cow/Calf Operation To Selling Finished Grass-fed Beef


    Register for the web class

    How To Transition From A Cow/Calf Operation To Selling Finished Grass-fed Beef

    In this video I answer 3 questions from a gras-fed beef producer.

    (1) How to find grass-fed beef to sell?

    (2) How to transition from a cow/calf operation selling calves at auction to selling finished grass-fed beef?

    (3) How to cash flow selling grass-fed beef buying cows from other operations?

    Below is the script I use for contacting and buying from other producers. Feel free to copy and paste it for your business.

    Hi (FIRST NAME),

    My name is Cameron King and I’m looking to meet a few local producers to buy culled cows, slaughter bulls, and choice heifers over 1,000 lb beef from.

    If you have beef to sell either immediately or at any time in the next year I’d be interested.

    Appreciate your time.

    Cameron King
    (801) 610-9720

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    Tool we use to build sales funnels:

  • Cattle Branding at Clyne Ranch, AZ / Roping Practice


    Put some footage together from September 2020 branding at the ranch as well as videos from the boys' roping practice in Sonoita, Arizona this July.



    Selling more cattle, sorting the paperwork passports and entry form. The answer to last week's question. Sean Doherty gets a mention. Treating the autumn calving cows with iodine.
    So sit back and enjoy this week's video ????

    133 / 4

  • You Bought a Cow! 10 Things You Need To Know NOW!


    When we came to the ranch, we knew nothing about cows or raising them. Today I share with you what I wished I knew right off the bat with 10 things you need to know, now that you own a cow!

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  • The Ultimate Cow Halter, Breaking and Training A Crazy Heifer


    You have enjoyed our previous video The Ultimate Cow Halter a 3 day video, now here are short clips from our new video Breaking and Training a Crazy Heifer. Go to our website for more information on this video: This is a 6 day video showing in detail how Ed Crothers, Clinician & Inventor of The Ultimate Cow Halter transforms a crazy heifer from a very rough start to an amazing ending.

  • Angus cow pony


  • Nutrien Sarina Cattle Sale Market Wrap 25.5.21


  • Gathering Cattle in Cottonwood Canyon on Patches- For Sale Nov 20 Horseman Mission Select Horse Sale


    It has been awhile since I have done a video to check in and I thought you all would enjoy a glimpse of the views Patches, I and the dogs took in last weekend gathering cattle out of Cottonwood Canyon in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.

    **Patches will be offered for sale this November in the 2020 Horseman's Mission Select Horse Sale.**

    For more information feel free to visit:

  • From Sacred Cow to Kobe Beef: Japans Bovine Revolution - Daniel Botsman


    CEAS Lecture Series
    April 20, 2017
    Joseph Regenstein Library
    Room 122
    1100 E 57th St
    Chicago, IL 60637

    ‘Kobe beef' has recently become a globally recognized synonym for culinary extravagance. But how was it that a port town in Japan, a country in which the killing of cattle had been outlawed for centuries, came to have such a strong association with the production of beef? This presentation will attempt to provide answers to this question by
    delving into the history of animals, agriculture, shipping, and the idea of untouchability. In the process, it will also offer a new perspective on the far reaching changes that swept Japanese society in the middle decades of the nineteenth century.

    Sponsored by the Center for East Asian Studies and the University of Chicago Library.



    Join us today as we say goodbye! Hard to say goodbye but we can't keep them all! Donkey day on the farm!

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  • Cow Auction pt. 7


    Horst Stable Auctions cow auction



    It's time to go all in on Cattle. We now have a new Mixer, Semi and Cattle Trailer for the operation. Hope you guys enjoy!

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    1. How do you get the game?

    You can buy the game here (PC version)-

    2. Can you get mods for Xbox One or PS4 (talking about FS19 not FS17)?

    Yes, I think you can get mods. I think you are only limited to the ones of Giants (Creator of the game) website though

    3. Where do you get your mods?

    Mod-Network (AD Free)-
    Some of the best Crazy Mods-
    Some Facebook Groups with Good Realistic Mods-
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    JHHG Modding-

    4. Why is it called the Squad if it is only one person?

    This channel started out as a couple of people as it moved to Farming simulator it just ended up being me (Grant). I now have my brother (Spencer) in some videos too so I thought I would keep the name The Squad.

    5. Can I play with you?

    On most Livestreams, I keep a couple of spots open for people to join. The Livestreams are usually every Saturday at 5 pm Central Time. To join the live stream you must have every mod I use on that server. Most of the time I let you guys know what mods you will need for the livestream the day before (so Friday).

  • Farmington Cattle Auction


    A clip from the cattle sale on February 6th

  • Cow auction in fair


  • Severe drought forces Manitoba ranchers to sell cattle at emergency auction


    Cattle ranchers in drought-stricken central Manitoba are worried about their future after a lack of hay and pasture forced them to sell off herds at emergency auctions.

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  • Fruit for horses and cows. Do they eat it or will the cows eat it?


    Trying out new fruit treats for the horses. Which do they prefer? Or do they not like any of it?

  • Cow Auction pt. 15


    Horst Stable Auction cow auction

  • Stocker Cattle: Selecting and Managing for Performance


    For more information, please contact the Hidalgo County Office at 956-383-1026.

  • Loading Fat Cattle in Illinois.


    Trying out my new GoPro.



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