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  • Small Boats In Rough Waves/Haulover Inlet


    Trapped In Rough Waves these kids having a lot of fun.

  • Ships in Horrible Storms


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    A collection of videos demonstrating the power of the sea, violent winds and gigantic waves, as well as the fearlessness of sailors.

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  • Surviving a 3 Day Storm in the Atlantic Ocean | Weather From Hell: Caught on Camera | ITV


    Tom and Laurence decided to row more than 4000 miles from New York to Devon to raise money for charity. But were they prepared for in excess of 30 storms, including one that lasted three days and nights?

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    This storm really had us worried but this 16 foot Speedcraft micro skiff really performed under those conditions.Flats boats and small skiffs are not designed to be in crazy waters like we saw today.Anytime while boating you can get caught in a Storm when you least expect it. Thankfully we found safe waters and went to Boca Chita Key in Biscayne National Park.

    Please watch: The Greatest Cabin ever ! Belzona Boats 32' and 27' (Annapolis Show)


  • Sailing in Monster Storms | Storm Tactics | Ships in Big Waves Heavy Seas - Sailing Aulani Aloha


    Storms explodes sailing with ships. Solo sailing Aulani Aloha from the Columbia River Bar with ships as monster storm winter storm slams West Coast. The West Coast is shut down and natural disasters become unprecedented from Washington to California.

    The Columbia River Bar of Astoria, Oregon is the most powerful collision of ocean and river forces on the planet.

    Media coverage is caught off guard with poor weather forecasting scramble to catch up. I'm 4 days out 120 miles offshore from the Oregon California border.

    These sea battles never decide who's right only who's left.

    As sailors in little boats the size of life boats. We don't have the luxury of hiding 100' up in comfy enclosed watertight wheelhouses. Or lounges on 1,000' ships manned 24/7 on all decks.

    We are literally part of the storm itself. Seemingly lost in between swells dealing with the waves and ripples there. We are in the trenches battling a monster that never sees us. Even when we have crew it's most always a solo operation.

    How we strategically navigate prior to the monster's arrival. Then keep on thru the dark night will determine just how soon and if we live to see another day. Always keep your mind and boat ahead of the Monster's next move. Run and only wrestle when given no option.

    How do we get here? Over the years we get a little dinghy and go for a stroll in the Pacific Ocean.

    Day 1
    The Columbia River bar reopens after being closed to an early winter storm. I have a 3 day window to voyage South clearing the rugged stormy terrain of the Pacific Northwest before the next potential storm develops. My friends in another sailboat stall in port for 2 days before leaving.

    Day 2
    I make my way offshore knowing storm winds will get pinched pressed by the shoreline with high cascading mountains funneling and doubling wind speeds and wave heights. An ancient tactic is employed to avoid the main front and reach the fringes of the outer flank.

    Day 3
    100 miles offshore a snowy white owl appears circling the mast dozens of times.

    Birds of prey can get trapped inside a storm till they find a way out on the weak backside. They venture far in their curiosity. But a snowy owl here is absolutely odd, uncanny, an omen.

    The mackerel sky known as Mare's Tails in folklore Makes a lofty or tall ship carry low sails or reef such in. The high cirrocumulus clouds formed by shifting high speed wind directions make known a kink disturbance in the jet stream is about to go wild.

    The wind becomes ill as it moves counter clockwise across the compass from North to South then back to South West. I keep the wind to starboard to begin making my way ahead and across the path of the eye to it's weak backside.

    Day 4
    Wind speed begins it's rise. By noon winds are SW 25 knots. At 8 PM gale force winds commence and continue rising. All night I sail with main sail reefed in and main engine at 2/3rd's throttle. I'd be cruising at 8 knots instead over the next 12 hours I make no headway.

    I'm letting the monster quickly makes it's way past me with a short brush or skirmish. I avoid getting sucked into the eye's strong side with it's dynamic trough and violent main front.

    The other sailboat from Astoria gets blown 200 miles North off course when a fishing vessel sites it clocking 70 knot winds. A month later they catch up and rendezvous with me a 1,000 miles South.

    Omens and Tell Tales of a Monster Coming Your Way
    The Calm
    Snowy White Owl
    Barometer Begins It's Plunge
    Mackerel Sky
    Ill Winds
    New Swell
    Wind Speed Begins It's Rise

    Captain Oshen Wood

  • I Didnt Think We Would Survive...


    Florida thunderstorm season is here and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share our story with you. We were kite fishing offshore off the Florida coast, when a dangerous thunderstorm started to develop on shore. Before we knew it the Epic lightning storm was quickly approaching and we were stuck in a crazy life or death situation.This was a scary experience and one that could have taken our lives. So many things could have gone wrong, from being struck by lighting, to our boat capsizing or being swept out to sea. Don't try to outsmart nature and stay safe out there.
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  • Your Boat is Too SMALL! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet


    Your Boat is Too SMALL! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

    Welcome back to another episode where man and machine attempt to do battle with Haulover Inlet!

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  • Ships In Storms Video Compilation REAL FOOTAGE - HD


    Ships in storms can be so creepy to look at. Just look at those terrifying monster waves from those incredible videos. Those ships in rough seas sure look creepy. I wouldn't want to be in a ship in storm at sea.

  • Boat Tips for ROUGH Water and BIG Waves


    My recommendation is to watch the weather and if you don't have to go out in big waves, don't go...but if you do, here are some tips for you!

    1.) Make sure to ALWAYS wear a PFD (Onyx A24 IMPULSE Lifejacket:
    2.) ALWAYS wear your kill switch
    3.) Make sure your bilge pump works
    4.) Make sure to lock down your gear so it doesn't get beat up/ruined
    5.) Trim 1/4 way up, hydraulic jackplate down and run under a controlled speed
    6.) Run the troughs when possible and try to run into the wind (wind blowing at your face) if you're able - this gives you better boat control.
    7.) When running with the wind at your back, directly into the waves, slow down and maintain control over the boat

    Be safe on the water folks!
    Pursue your passion

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    Canon G7X -
    Garmin Virb Ultra 30 -
    Shoulder Cam Mount -
    Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro

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  • Rough seas for a 12ft jon boat


    1 - 2 FT seas in a 12ft jon boat

  • Small boats are wet - Sailing Tarka Ep. 21


    Proceeds from this video will go to the Coral Reef Alliance, but you can also support me directly (and specifically the production of these videos) by becoming a Patron:

    Tarka is a 1973 Albin Vega 27 (8.2m) that I bought sight-unseen and without sailing experience on the island of St. Martin in April of 2017. I was thrust head-first into ocean sailing as I got Tarka safely south from what would become the most devastating hurricane seasons on record. We are now working our way west towards the Pacific.

    I am sailing Tarka around the world in part to raise money and awareness for coral conservation by supporting the Coral Reef Alliance. You can learn more here:

    or visit their website directly:

    If you make a donation to their website directly in Tarka's honor, please send me an e-mail copy of your receipt so I can keep track of Tarka's fundraising. You can forward to:

    Additional support for Tarka’s sail for CORAL (The Coral Reef Alliance) comes from contributions by:

    Soylent - Healthy provisioning for the long offshore passages
    Sta Lok - Swage-less terminals for portions of Tarka’s rigging, making it an easy DIY job and allowing for easy inspection
    Victron Energy - Providing monitoring solutions for Tarka's batteries, to ensure we always have enough juice to do what we need to.


    Music credits:

    Plastic or Paper - Wes Hutchinson
    Wishful Thinking - Dan Lebowitz
    Mint Chocolate 2a - Vibe Mountain
    Dance With Me - Ehrling:

  • Haulover Storm | Boats vs Rough Waves !!


    Haulover Storm | Boats vs Rough Waves !!

    Hey Folks, we had a Tropical Storm at Haulover Inlet over the weekend. Not surprising at all, this did not stop the boating nor sandbar action! Lots of heavy rain and wind made it a bit challenging to capture but, we fought through it!

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    Thank you for being here.

    Instagram: wavy_boats

    Drone footage :

    1:40 is a 42 Yellowfin
    - Correction made in the comments by Vincent Smyth.
    8:34 is a Pershing 64
    - Correction made in the comments by Michael Crandell

    Disclaimer: Pricing and Speed specs are researched online and based on new models only. If a new model is unavailable, then the specs are based on the average used market. Music used :

  • LOSING CONTROL IN ROUGH SEAS! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet


    LOSING CONTROL IN ROUGH SEAS! | Boats vs Haulover Inlet

    Welcome back to another episode where man and machine attempt to do battle with Haulover Inlet!

    This episode we see the good and the bad days of Haulover Inlet. Who will take the win this week between Haulover and the Boats?

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  • Hurricane Storm Sailing, 10 days at sea! Bahamas to Newport non-stop!


    Jump to halfway through the video for the storm action. Started out as a pleasure cruise in the Bahamas, to outrunning a hurricane around cape hatteras.

    After battling near Hurricane TS Ana for 9 days, running low on fuel while 235 nautical miles offshore, the Coastguard rescued us by sending us a Russian Oil Tanker Mariposa to refuel us.

    Read the full story and details of what lead up to & what happened at this link.

    At the point when this video was taken the cyclonic winds have dissipated, we were left with strong winds and swells coming from the W SW we could not sail in that direction or any direction toward the coast at this point. This is 8 days later and had nothing to do with the original decision to go offshore, we could only sail North, but seemed to be more North East, the swells were taking us further East and further offshore. We were 235 miles offshore right now, not 43 miles, that was after we received fuel and had been motoring for 24 hours. We had been sailing for 8 days solid at this point, only running the engine every 4 hours for about 1/2 hour in neutral to charge batteries. So the fuel level was running low, we had about a 1/4 to 1/8 of a tank left, but not knowing if and when we might get help, we saw it prudent to call the coast guard with our sat phone. A tanker heading North slightly diverted off course, in total maybe losing 3 hours which could be made up in 24 hours by increasing their speed by 20%. If we had not called the coastguard, we would have drifted further offshore, ran out of fuel, would have lost our instruments and communications method. Your plan of sailing to shore would not have worked or we would have surely done that. We had already forgotten about making any event on time. That was not the reason for calling the coastguard. We were not out here due to our irresponsibility but because we were caught by an unforeseen storm.

    The coast guard can not respond physically after 250 nautical miles. There was another storm brewing, and our decision was proactive, and the coast guard said we made the right call. So many people wait until its too late or worse, thereby putting the coast guard at risk.

    We made the right decisions. I have 26,000 nautical miles of experience and 1/2 of those miles are more than 100 miles offshore.

    Come sailing with Pyscho Skipper Captain Ed in the Croatia or the Bahamas!

    for details!
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  • Fishing | Rough Seas VS Small Boat


    ATTENTION!!! - This episode was before LOCKDOWN! In this episode, we get to take the all new Tuff tender out on the water, 3 on board. Small boat vs rough conditions! Enjoy!
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  • Boats in the BIGGEST Waves Ive Ever Seen at Haulover Inlet


    Now let's get this straight.. these wave are huge for South Florida, rest of the world, not that big a deal... on this episode of Haulover Boats we see some big yachts get moved around like the little boats do in the inlet and surfers catching a wave.

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  • Why Sea Pro Bay Boats can handle NASTIER Conditions. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!


    This short video explains why I love a Sea Pro bay boat for ALL SEA CONDITIONS!

    I have been running hard in a Sea Pro boat since 2004. I consider them a HYBRID. They can handle rough water like a DEEP V and can also run very shallow. They run incredibly dry and are insanely stable at rest!

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  • Fishing boats nearly capsize entering the Greymouth River aka Guy brings in boat like a rock star


    Watch the RAW unedited footage of this video:
    Two fishing boats from Riverton battle their way through and over the Greymouth Bar after the river was flooded from heavy rains which had hit the area over the previous 24 hours. The bar is one of the most dangerous bars in New Zealand.
    The skippers of these boats were later prosecuted for entering the river mouth while it was closed.
    This incredible footage was seen on New Zealand news that night. We were filming the river mouth for a documentary channel when we saw these two boats approach. There have been many deaths over the years and we were amazed that they made it.

    This footage is copyright and not for broadcast unless licensed. Copyrighted. Not for broadcast without permission.



    The life and time's of Michael Papworth. In this video we take a look at Navy Ships in heavy seas

  • Coast Guard vs Giant Waves!


    Coast Guard Station Golden Gate heads out to the Potato Patch, a notoriously dangerous shoal with 20 foot waves for training. Rogue waves started developing, towering even higher!

  • Crossing a ROUGH bar in a 4.9m boat -


    Waverider 450 prototype/ #1.
    Australian Registered Boat Design #44536.
    First boat test at the local bar after changing to a centre-console set-up.
    Watch the wide reverse chine turn the spray down to produce hydrodynamic lift and soften the ride. Together with the low planning speed of the boat with the small 40HP outboard, this boat planes easy. Boat sizes come in 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m & 6m - with the 3 bigger sizes having optional addition of a 500mm pod for the outboard as well.
    More about the Waverider's unique and very stable hull and it's anti-broaching qualities can be found on the website: or call the office on (07) 5441 3636.

    Video was filmed at the Maroochy River Mouth Bar, Queensland, Australia, in 2012.

  • Motor Boat & Yachtings boat skills: rough weather handling


    The second feature in a new series of practical boating features. This month we look at rough weather handling, explaining how it can be done safely. See the complete feature in the May 2012 issue of the magazine.

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  • Rough Seas vs Munson Landing Craft 2017


    How do our boats perform in sub-optimal conditions? The square nose of our landing craft provides increased buoyancy and causes the bow to ride up and over waves and chop while our modified V and catamaran hulls maintain exceptional performance at high speed.

    Visit to see more.

  • How to Drive a Boat in Rough Seas and BIG WAVES !


    THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS HOW YOU DRIVE THE BOAT IN ROUGH SEA'S - There will be times that being a fair weather boater is out of your control and you are put into a situation that demands more of you than just enjoying the ride! This happened to me, which i must say was exhilarating beyond belief, extremely exciting / worrying and at times testing my knowledge thus far of boating and my friend filmed the experience of which i now share with you. So i wanted to show newbie beginner boaters what i did and how i did it, in the hope that they will also learn a few things and get even more out of boating than they ever thought!! These are things you cannot simply learn in a classroom, but the techniques can be and this video will hopefully add to your knowledge and understanding if you're ever put in this situation. Thanks for watching.











    #howtodriveaboat #roughseas #bigwaves #boatingbasics

  • Small Fishing Boats in Rough Seas


    Small Fishing Boats in Rough Seas

    #RoughSeas #FishingBoat #RoughWeather

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    2 guys decide to attack Haulover Inlet right down the pipe in a 17 foot Boston Whaler! 23 mph north east winds were slamming Haulover all day long. Most boats went out and quickly realized it was too rough out there. U turns type of day.

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    Instagram: wavy_boats

    Disclaimer: Pricing and Speed specs are researched online and based on new models only. If a new model is unavailable, then the specs are based on the average used market.

  • ROUGH SEAS vs BOATS | Amazing Vessels Chap-1


    Chapter 1 in a new series.
    ROUGH SEAS vs BOATS | Amazing Vessels Chap 1

    Many of you have written asking to appear in our videos. Our channel officially launches The Livin' off The Land Challenge.

    It is very easy: Go to the merch section under our videos, click in the beach towel with the logo of the channel, follow the link to Teespring website (safe site provided by YouTube), buy the towel, go through the inlet Saturday or Sunday showing it with enthusiasm, and you will appear in our video in the Moment of Fame segment 100% sure.

    Or, just follow the link below.

    We have tons of footage of many of You in your boats and we know You are excited to interact with the channel. We see it every weekend in the inlet. Good luck and see you in the water, boaters!

    Son muchos de ustedes los que han escritos pidiendo aparecer en nuestros videos. Nuestro canal lanza oficialmente the Livin off The Land's challenge.

    Ve a a la merch, compra la toalla de playa con el logo del canal, pasa por el inlet sabado o domingo mostrandola, y saldras en nuestro video en el segmento Momento de Fama.

    O simplemente click en el link de abajo…

    Tenemos muchas tomas de muchos de ustedes y sabemos que estan entusiasmados por interuactar con el canal, lo vemos cada fin de semana en el inlet. Buena suerte y nos vemos en el agua, boaters!

  • Rough sea in a small boat


    Things we do just to go fishing

  • Pilot boat Pathfinder in Storm force 10, with 8m seas


    Pilot boat 'Pathfinder' Port of Southampton in Storm foce 10 & 8m seas of Cork, Ireland

  • Rough ocean small boat


    I got caught in big seas in my 4m tiller steer a few months back. Lesson learnt

  • Pilot boats in rough seas during Storm Ciara


    Here's the full video of recent sea trials with our two pilot boats including storm Ciara, three boats together and some boarding runs. Its quite an interesting little video with some great footage.

  • Stability in Rough Conditions


    MJM Yachts founder Bob Johnstone takes you along on a sea trial in 6- to 8- foot seas and talks about the design elements that make this boat the most capable boat in its class.

  • Small Tugboat Heavy Seas


    Tug D & E no.1 based in Haida Gwaii Canada

    This channel shows marine industrial videos from 1995 to present day,Tugboats,Fish Boats and events filmed in British Columbia,Canada, We hope you find something of interest to you, Thanks/Merci.

  • Small Boats in Rough Seas CHALLENGE!!/HAULOVER INLET


    Haulover inlet very rough days, drone footage from our trip to Nest Keys!!

  • Why You Should Check The Weather Forecast


    Why You Should Check The Weather Forecast ....coming back home from a sea fishing trip from Seward.....small boat in trouble and had to follow back in

  • Sailing in Rough Seas - 16 Squalls, two Knock-Downs & 60+ Knot Winds in the Bermuda Triangle


    Here's day two through five of our Atlantic Ocean sail from Bermuda to Charleston. Check out the sunsets, horrific squalls, knock-downs, high winds, and what it's generally like sailing in rough seas. Watch the video before this one where we prepare to cross from Bermuda to the USA:

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  • Boat in heavy sea


    Published on the NAUTIC ONLINE MAGAZIN
    (Deutsch) -
    (English) -
    (Español) -

  • Rough Seas...Big Waves Small Boat.


    #DaiwaFishing #DaiwaExist18 #TeamDaiwa #DaiwaBatanes #DaiwaCatalina #DaiwaCalina15H-SJ #DaiwaCatalinaAirportable #DaiwaCatalina4500H #HeartyRise #TokayoFishing #TsuriTackle #Fishing #VerticalJigging #Ocean #saltlife #lurefishing #jig #Angler #VitaminSea #FishingAddict #SeaLife #Fisherman #FishingTrip #Fish #SaltwaterFishing #OffshoreFishing #Fishon #Boat #BankaFishing #BigFish #FishingDaily #FishingAdventure #FishingTrip #FishingLife #BatanesFishing #Mancing #釣り #Tsuri #αλιεία #alieía #ловля рыбы #pescar

  • Small trawler rough seas


    via YouTube Capture



  • ????????????SICKENING BOAT RIDE ????????????



  • How to drive a boat in 8bf GALE! Boats in rough seas - Small boats in rough seas


    How to drive a boat in 8 bft GALE! How to drive a boat in rough seas - Boats in rough seas - Small boats in rough seas.

  • Boating Tips: 3 Tips for Handling Heavy Seas


    If you run a boat, sooner or later you'll encounter large waves and rough seas. In this quick video, Senior Editor Lenny Rudow shows us three boat handling tips that will help you smooth out the ride, when powerboating becomes a bit difficult due to heavy seas.

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  • NASTY Waves at OCMD


    Deep nasty waves and the heavy boat traffic from the White Marlin Open at the inlet at Ocean City, Maryland, USA. This rough seas wave action is from Tuesday afternoon.

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    The White Marlin Open:


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    Boats in this video:
    00:05 Grady-White Center Console
    00:16 B&B Boat Works Custom Carolina 60 / MOORE BILLS SPORTFISHING
    00:28 Jefferson Marlago FS35 / DOUBLE TROUBLE
    00:39 Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish / A SALT WEAPON 3 Sportfishing
    00:47 Grady-White Canyon 376 / GET REEL
    01:14 Judge Yachts 34 Express / GOT FISH TOO?
    01:22 Regulator 34 / CHRISTINE MARIE III
    01:41 Triton 2690 Center Console
    01:51 Yellowfin 42 Offshore
    02:06 Island Boat Works 34 / BUT HEY SPORTFISHING
    02:19 Mako 313 Express / BARBED WIRE SPORTFISHING
    02:49 Viking 37 Billfish
    03:12 Viking 50 Convertible / TOP NOTCH
    03:28 ? / TIDE UP
    03:54 Carolina Classic 28 / OVER BILLIN
    04:15 Grady-White Express
    04:37 Henriques Yachts / QUICK DRAW
    04:54 Viking 48 Convertible / LOVIN LIFE
    05:21 Carolina Classic 35 / CLUSTER FISH
    05:46 Sea Hunt Game Fish 27 / KEEPIN' IT REEL
    06:09 Viking 41 Convertible / HURRICANE
    06:32 Blackfin Express / M KELIJEAN E
    06:50 Albemarle 32 Express / TWO SONS

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    Who Catch the OVERBOARD BOAT? What Do you guys think about the CYBERTRUCK? we ordered one.

    Help us, supporting the new Youtube Channel, similar content will be uploaded. We created this channel for stability reasons. Our team will be uploading simultaneously to both channels, we thank you for all the support. First video Ready

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  • Extreme Yachting in rough seas , watch it plunge deep into the water


    On the Mighty Saint-Lawrence, just off shore from Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts Quebec, a luxury yacht makes way in rough seas, plunging and rocking and sticking out of the water, what a rough ride in such a fine looking yacht
    A little info about this section of the Fleuve Saint-Laurent (seen in the video)
    This is the mouth section of the Mighty Saint-Lawrence, the Spillway from the great lakes and most of Eastern Canada, in front of my home, it becomes the Gulf, the inland Sea... This Gulf of Saint-Lawrence / Golfe Saint-Laurent carries an underwater super-highway from the Atlantic entrance between Nova-Scotia and Newfoundland. It is an opening (one of few), for the ocean currents to flow. The other opening to the Atlantic is to the upper end of Newfoundland, squeezing into the strait of Labrador and then out into the famous Outer Banks.
    The Super Highway runs close to shore at this point in the river system, that deep channel goes upriver from here to the Fjord du Saguenay, at the fjord it ends... then the Fleuve Saint-Laurent flows much shallower and the salt content drastically drops and fades away around Quebec city.
    As for the powerful Fjord, it brings with it such rich nutrients from the high country that it has become the feeding grounds to thousands of sea creatures, big and small...

    This yacht was close to shore, but still in deep troubled waters that run deep.

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