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Sad iPhone 12 Leaks! More $, No Accessories, RIP 120Hz & AirPods 3 Design!

  • iPhone 12: No Charger. No Headphones | Apple Does It Again


    iPhone 12: No Charger. No Headphones. | Apple Does It Again
    iphone 12 pro max unboxing

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    8 Exclusive iPhone 12 Leaks! 120Hz Update, 4K 240FPS & More!
    9 Apple IS REALLY Gonna RIP YOU OFF With The iPhone 12!
    10 Apple is NOT Playing with the iPhone 12 Camera!
    11 Apple iPhone 12 - Insane Camera!
    12 iPhone 12/12 Pro: No charger & No Apple EarPods in box?
    13 iPhone 12 Design Hands-On!
    Apple iPhone 12 - Here It Is!
    iPhone 12 - THIS IS RIDICULOUS
    iPhone 12 News you WON'T Like... No charger
    iPhone 12 - Apple is doing the impossible
    This is the iPhone 12
    iPhone 12 - DOING THE INSANE
    Apple's Next iPhone 12 Move is Ridiculous!

    iPhone 12: No Charger. No Headphones. | Apple Does It Again
    iPhone 12 TRAILER — Apple

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  • Bagel Philanthropy - MacBreak Weekly 704


    Apple vs Coronavirus, iOS 14 leak

    Stories of the Week:
    • Coronavirus: Apple tells employees worldwide to work from home
    • Coronavirus: Apple gives retail employees unlimited sick leave
    • Coronavirus: iPhone 9 and 12 delayed
    • Coronavirus: App Store rejects coronavirus apps
    • Coronavirus: Irish Apple employee infected
    • Coronavirus: Apple loses $100B in value in one day
    • Coronavirus: Apple TV+ premieres canceled
    • Coronavirus: Good news: you CAN use Clorox wipes on your iPhone.
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: iPad mouse support, new smart keyboards with trackpad
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: over-the-ear AirPod / EarPod headphones icon
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: new iPhone 9 and iPad Pro with new triple-lens camera array and time-of-flight 3D sensor
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: improved Express Travel tap-to-pay. Plus: Andy Ihnatko explains how to steal free transit codes!
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: new Apple TV remote with Find My Remote scream
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: AirTags Trackr competitor with user-replaceable batteries
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: HomeKit will recognize your face, Atmos soundbar
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: Apple Watch will have a tachometer, blood oxygen sensor
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: Siri voices customizable by developers
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: AliPay App, wallpaper app, kids mode, more
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: homescreen list view with Siri suggestions
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: new Apple AR app codenamed Gobi
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: new sleep tracking app, fitness app codenamed Seymour, GymKit
    • HUGE iOS 14 Leak: massive improvements to Apple Pencil
    • Good Apple: iPad Air 3rd generation get free repairs for screen blanking issue
    • Bad Apple: Apple lets developers put ads in notifications
    • Ugly Apple: ex-Apple tech support worker steals billionaires' identities, cops nab 55 stolen iPhones valued at $80k, and more in the MacBreak Police Blotter
    • Apple Pay available in Mexico
    • New jailbreak lets you install Android on an iPhone 7
    • iPhone can do whaaaat?
    • HUGE iPhone 12 leak: bigger battery, 64MP camera, and 120Hz display
    • Lory Gil and Apple celebrate International Women's Day
    • Apple Music, Spotify, and others sued for music industry conspiracy

    Picks of the Week
    • Andy's Pick: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy turns 42
    • Rene's Pick: Logitech Brio
    • Lory's Pick: The Apple War. Max Von Sydow died on March 9th, 2020. Among his many legendary performances, Sydow starred in The Apple War, a 1971 German film about Jean Volkswagner, a businessman who comes to Sweden to build Deutschneyland, a gigantic amusement park for German tourists. Roy Lindberg, played by Sydow, does not like the idea, and with the help of a little magic, his family starts scheming against it.
    • Alex's Pick: Screen
    • Leo's Pick: Subscribe to Hands-On Mac!

    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, Rene Ritchie, Lory Gil

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