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Sam Clark Leads Yale Students on Tour to CS50 at Harvard

  • Sam Clark Leads Yale Students on Tour to CS50 at Harvard


    Official announcement of Yale50 in CS50's final lecture of 2014. In Fall 2015, students at Harvard and Yale will be able to take CS50 in Cambridge and New Haven alike. With special appearance by On Harvard Time.

  • CS50 Experience 2019


    Experience CS50 at Harvard and Yale.

  • CS50 2017 - Lecture 12 - The End at Yale


    00:00:00 - Saying Thanks
    00:02:54 - Staff Teaser
    00:05:05 - CS50 Around the World
    00:07:08 - Analyzing Pset Data
    00:09:24 - Problem Solving
    00:10:45 - Life After CS50
    00:14:55 - CS50 Hackathon
    00:17:07 - CS50 Fair
    00:18:25 - Fair Teaser
    00:19:58 - This was CS50
    00:21:15 - Next Courses
    00:23:22 - Majors
    00:24:50 - Computing and the Arts
    00:26:18 - See It, Change It, Make It
    00:29:12 - Applications in the Digital Humanities
    00:33:50 - Scott Petersen
    00:35:32 - Yale Open Music Initiative
    00:36:43 - Programming Music Applications
    00:37:41 - 21st Century Computer Music
    00:39:38 - Kyle Jensen
    00:40:51 - Stephen Slade
    00:43:41 - Logical Problem Example
    00:45:06 - CS 201
    00:46:32 - CS 200
    00:49:12 - Jim Aspnes
    00:50:00 - CS 223
    00:52:26 - DUS
    00:57:15 - Closing Remarks

  • This is CS50 2018 at Harvard


    by Emily Yue '20

  • CS50 Lecture by Steve Ballmer


    Microsoft's own Steve Ballmer '77 joins CS50 for a guest lecture on his time at Harvard and Microsoft and takes questions from students.

  • Harvard Yale Aid


    IvyGate Blog's 2008 Video of the Year!

    Every night over 11,000 students have to sleep at Yale... but you can make a difference.
    Call 1-203-432-2400 to adopt a Yalie today.

    When life gives you Yale, make Yale Aid.

    This is the 2008 Fuck Yale video from On Harvard Time, Harvard's comedy news show. Check out the 2009 video:

    Watch OHT's full Season 3, Episode 5, Blame Yale, at:

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  • This is CS51


  • This was CS50 2015


    A look back at Fall 2015 at Harvard and Yale.

  • Comedy at Harvard


    While Harvard does offer a few courses on the topic — acting workshops and more academically minded examinations of comedy by Shakespeare and other playwrights — most of the action occurs outside the classroom, in student-driven extracurricular groups that have made the University something of a comedic training ground.

    Some observers, including alumnus John Lithgow, have credited the bright minds and ready wits Harvard turns out with making an indelible imprint on American comedy, a style the actor once described as swinging between “ironic-brainy and daffy-stupid.”

    To read more, visit

  • CS50 2019 - Lecture 0 at Yale - Computational Thinking, Scratch


  • Fly With Me - CS50 Fair 2018 at Yale


  • CS50 Lecture at Miami Dade College


    CS50 surprises Miami Dade College with a visit.

  • CS50 Live, Episode 007


    A programmable robot. The CEO of YouTube. A bug in Internet Explorer. The worst video game ever. And a trip to Valve Software.

  • Should Harvard Divest from Fossil Fuels? | On Harvard Time


    Tess and Sam team up to find out what Heat Week is all about.

    Haven't heard of Divest Harvard?

    On Harvard Time: Comedy news since 1636!

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  • Sam Clark of Harvard U


    A profile of Sam Clark whose epic troll of a Yale campus tour took the Harvard V. Yale rivalry to new heights.

  • Harvard Yale Debate Special


    Harvard UC President Gus Mayopoulos and student Sam Clark were pleasantly surprised when Yale YCC president Michael Herbert made a guest appearance at the Harvard Yale Debate-an event sponsored by the Harvard College Events Board.

  • Ready, set, code at Harvards CS50 Fair


    Hundreds of students — hackers and newcomers alike — showed off their programming chops at Monday's CS50 Fair, a raucous exhibit of mobile apps, websites, and other projects created for Harvard's wildly popular computer science class.

    Read more in the Harvard Gazette:

  • Sam & Gus Read Mean YouTube Comments


    Crimson's video producers Sam & Gus read your mean YouTube comments! That's it!

    And to see what kind of universities you could get into today, check out Crimson's new admissions calculator here:

  • CS50 Fair 2017 at Yale


  • Practice, a film by Sam Clark and the Harvard Dance Project


    Written, directed, and edited by Sam Clark
    Starring Maya Park
    Choreography by Jill Johnson, in collaboration with the Harvard Dance Project
    Director of Photography Matt Walker
    Sound Operation by Eli Rivas
    Music: Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang ft. Icona Pop
    Special thanks to Athina Rachel Tsangari and Daniel Claridge
    Film made for VES 60x at Harvard University

  • CS50 2018 - Lecture 0 at Yale - Computational Thinking


  • Harvard Tour, Harvard Yard


  • On Harvard Time Gets Around


    Men-in-the-field Sierra Katow and Sam Clark attempt the impossible by trekking into Boston! (I know, right?!)

    The Wellesley gals celebrate the new-and-improved bus services!

    Dunkin Donuts closes! Maybe. I think? I'm actually not really sure.

    This and much much more in the latest installment of On Harvard Time*

  • Teaching Academic Honesty in CS50 - SIGCSE 2020


    A talk for the 51st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE '20). Paper at Slides at #SIGCSE2020

    We aspire to teach academic honesty in CS50 at Harvard University not only by addressing academic dishonesty when it occurs but by addressing it before it does. By way of communication, course- and campus-wide awareness of policy, just-in-time prompts, interventional conversations, and problem sets have we tried to preempt submission of plagiarized work. But few interventions have had significant or lasting effects on the number of instances thereof. Most impactful has been the addition of one sentence to the course's syllabus, a regret clause that encourages students to come forward within 72 hours of some dishonest act on their part, before the course itself is even aware. While we might zero the work in question in such cases, we commit to not escalating the matter further to the university's honor council, where the outcome might instead be admonishment, probation, or even required withdrawal from the university itself. We instead advise students on how best to move forward and connect them as needed with support structures on campus for academics and mental health. Since 2014 have 89 students invoked the clause, between 1% and 3% of the course's student body each year.

  • Harvard University Health Services


    Harvard's University Health Services has a few new policies rolling out aimed at... well, something. Stay healthy.

    Writing cred- Kate Steinman

  • CS50 Fair 2015 at Yale


    An epic display of CS50 students' final projects at Yale University.

  • Cheng on the Street


    Cheng thanks CS50's staff at Quiz 1 2014's grading party.

  • Are all YALE students A students?


    Clips of students and professors answering the question, 'Are all YALE students A students?'

  • CS50 Shop - CS50 Fair 2018 at Yale


  • Harvard Basketball


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  • David J. Malan - Visitas Thinks Big 2019 - Harvard University


    David Malan, Gordon McKay Professor of the Practice of Computer Science and Member of the Faculty of Education in the Graduate School of Education

  • Take CS50 2012


  • Lunch Link - CS50 Fair 2018 at Yale


  • CS50 Student Introduction


    This is my Introduction Video for my CS50 Course

  • This was CS50 2016


    A look back at Fall 2016 at Harvard University and Yale University.

  • Yale Students Won’t be Quarantined


    There is concern at the Yale campus after two doctoral students who just returned from a trip to Liberia will not be quarantined.

  • Harvard Tenure Decisions


    We snuck a peek at some of Harvard's tenure decisions, including Kimberly Theidon's.

    Check out the whole episode:

  • CS50 2016 - Week 11 at Yale - The End


    00:00:00 - Life Beyond CS50
    00:02:16 - Computer Graphics
    00:07:47 - Sensing Data
    00:13:31 - Noisy Data
    00:19:00 - Systems
    00:25:00 - This was CS50.
    00:25:58 - We Suck
    00:32:49 - Bob the Bear
    00:35:22 - Cat Goes 2 Yale
    00:37:13 - Stop the Freshman (Star Wars Edition)
    00:39:08 - Student Shout-Outs
    00:41:32 - CS50 Outros Explained
    00:43:58 - Yale Staff Shout-Outs
    00:51:42 - Input to Output
    00:52:42 - Final Events
    00:54:50 - Family Feud
    01:03:16 - Concluding Remarks
    01:06:54 - Outro

  • Harvard Has Mumps


    Correspondents Emily Zauzmer and Aaron Fogelson investigate the mumps outbreak on campus.

    On Harvard Time: Comedy news since 1636!

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  • CS50 Explained 2016 - Week 3 - Sorting Playing Cards


    This is CS50 Explained, wherein David J. Malan and Doug Lloyd watch CS50's lectures and discuss the pedagogy behind CS50 itself. For Week 3's lecture, see

  • CS50 Hackathon 2015 - The Setup


    This is CS50.

  • Wayfaring Stranger || 2014 Harvard-Yale Joint A Cappella Concert


    Jason No (SM '15) solos Wayfaring Stranger at the annual Harvard-Yale Joint Concert with Under Construction. Traditional, arr. Lucas Kwong '07.

  • Friend Calendar - CS50 Fair 2018 at Yale


  • Consult This


    On Harvard Time's Senior Senior Correspondent Alex Petri ventures into the mysterious world of consulting!

    From OHT Episode 8, Season 4:

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  • 150th Harvard-Yale Regatta Media Day


    Harvard head coach Charley Butt talks with the media in advance of the 150th Harvard-Yale Regatta.

  • The 86th Annual Section Awards


    It's awards season at Harvard!

    Directed by Nicholas Hornedo
    Produced by Tess Saperstein
    Written by Molly Baxter and Nicholas Durham
    Starrring Sara Bobok, Katie Wang, Amy Li, Brenden Rodriquez, Madeline Dorroh, Max Wang, Eric Cheng, Morgan Booker, Nermin Hasanovic, Kate Steinman, Belen Mella, Nathaniel Brodsky, Ruiqi He, Julius Wade, Molly Baxter, David Shayne, Nick Durham, Alexa Caban

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  • 50 Worst Dates | On Harvard Time


    When searching for love, online dating can be tough because you never know who you're going to meet.

    On Harvard Time: Comedy news since 1636!

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  • CS50 2018 - Lecture 0 - Phone Book


  • IT Shorts Film Competition 2013


    A one-minute film that shows ... vision of the technology landscape ahead and what the future may hold for IT at Harvard, by R.J. Aquino, Kenny Boyle, Allison Buchholtz-Au, Lauren Carvalho, Daniel Citron, Dan Coffey, Ramon Galvan, Tommy MacWilliam, David J. Malan, Colton Ogden, Chris Thayer, Will VanKoughnett, and Shelley Westover.

  • Harvard, Yale, uh...


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