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Sarah McCartney Teaches Smell Training

  • Daily Covid-19 Minute: Smell Training


    If you’re one of the millions who has lost their sense of smell from covid-19, we’ve got something for you to try.

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  • Smell Training | How To Get Your Smell and Taste Back after Covid-19


    A cheap, easy and convenient way that you can do at home to regain your sense of smell after Covid-19 infection.

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  • COVID patients try smell training to help taste, smell return


    A number of things can cause you to lose your sense of taste and smell and its been a common side effect from COVID-19. People say they can't smell at all while they have the virus and some say this lingers even after they've recovered.

  • CIPR Guest Lecture - Sarah McCartney Inside Out


    VT2379 CIPR Guest Lecture - Sarah McCartney LUSH's Head of Brand Publications.

    The fourth lecture in the CIPR guest lecture series was led by writing guru, Sarah McCartney. Aside from writing the LUSH Times, which is read by over one million people, Sarah has also pursued her own interests, launching her Yogateds company with her mother, as well as writing a book called The Fake Factor, which focuses on her speciality - branding

    Sarah centred her lecture around her work with LUSH, placing emphasis upon how all of LUSH's PR is in-house and comes from the heart.

    It was evident that all LUSH employees are extremely dedicated and committed to the company and that they are all involved with the communications, offering ideas for campaigns on a regular basis. The company is unique in the fact that they don't spend excessive time planning their campaigns rigorously - Sarah explained that they could brainstorm an idea one week and have finished it by the next.

    LUSH is a company that places huge importance upon ethical and sustainable practise. Using almost no packaging and insisting upon being green, LUSH have a strong set of values, which are reflected in part of their mission statement. We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, Sarah explained. She also stressed that LUSH's key values are consistent and don't just change with the fashions.

    An innovative company, who are always ahead of the law, LUSH use a new soap-based formula in their products, as an alternative to palm oil, which is used so regularly by cosmetics companies that it is directly causing deforestation in Indonesia.

    Sarah spoke of how the business raises awareness of the company through campaigns, whilst implementing their values. As part of a campaign to enforce the fox hunting ban, LUSH created a limited edition paw print bath bomb, which symbolised their support for the issue. They named this product Fabulous Mrs Fox, coinciding its launch with the release of the film Fantastic Mr Fox. They gained coverage by organising for an employee to dress up as a fox and bombard the red carpet at the film premier in London's Leicester Square. This campaign proved very controversial, and although it caused some members of the opposition to smash shop windows and one activist to knock down displays in a store on three occasions, LUSH stuck to their values and continued with the campaign.

    Other campaigns discussed included Climate Rush, where LUSH rewarded public transport users with a picnic, 'Don't Destroy Our Family Tree,' which helped people living in areas of deforestation and the 'Charity Pot,' which is a product that's profit is used to help smaller charities.

    Even though LUSH is a successful multi-million company worldwide, it is clear that the employees are a small, independent and dedicated unit, who work together as a family. Sarah revealed that LUSH's main communication strategy is simply for all staff to be friendly and have a strong knowledge about the products and the values behind them. From a business context, the company has no stakeholders and owns all its factories and stores, explaining why LUSH can operate in their unique way.

    The lecture concluded with an intense question and answer session, with Sarah giving out a range of fabulous freebies.

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  • How To Get Smell Back After COVID - Try Olfactory Training


    1) FREE MASTERCLASS: Ashley Spills Her Guts - 5 Steps On How To Improve Your Gut Health. Claim Your Free Spot Here:

    2) DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE GUIDE: 5 Ways To Improve Gut Health And End Food Intolerances For Good:

    3) TAKE YOUR FREE QUIZ: What Type Of Gut Do You Have?

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    1) Flusso Nutrients:

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    #SmellTraining #OlfactoryTraining #Virus

    How To Get Smell Back After COVID
    One of the more common symptoms of COVID is smell and taste loss, which are very important aspects of food and eating -- especially when it comes to gut health. A way to help fix this lost sense of smell is a method called olfactory training or smell training that helps regenerate the damaged olfactory nerves. This is in the realm of natural medicine/homeopathic medicine that uses various essential oil scents as an effective method of smell loss treatment. In this video, I will talk about this olfactory training and how the use of essential oil benefits this process.

    *This content is strictly the opinion of Oswald Digestive Clinic and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Oswald Digestive Clinic nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program. Note this description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!

  • Awkward Melania Trump Moments That Were Caught On Camera


    Donald Trump has had some truly awkward moments over the last four years that left us cringing or shaking our heads in disbelief, but there have been plenty of Trump family gaffes to go around.

    First Lady Melania Trump has had her fair share of awkward and uncomfortable moments as well, even if many of them also involve her husband slipping up. From all the signs that she was uncomfortable on inauguration day to the time she tried a little too hard to be like Michelle Obama, let’s take a look at some of the most awkward Melania Trump moments that were caught on camera.

    #MelaniaTrump #Trump #Awkward

    Her copy-cat speech | 0:00
    Swear-in smile | 1:11
    The inaugural ball | 2:07
    Gifting the Obamas | 3:01
    Free Melania | 3:50
    Left in the rain | 4:53
    Give her hand | 5:49
    Social media slip-up | 8:03
    Over it with Ivanka? | 8:52
    Greeting Poland's first lady | 9:45
    The national anthem | 10:30
    The solar eclipse | 11:12

    Read Full Article:

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  • The BEST websites for perfumery, FREE formulas included


    0:00 - Intro
    1:09 - General frequently used websites
    5:26 - Free formulas for perfumes and accords
    8:22 - Free classic perfumery training guide
    9:13 - Perfumery YouTube channels
    11:50 - Technical regulations and legal
    15:58 - Creative inspiration
    17:22 - Fragrance industry news
    19:30 - Latest scientific research on perfumery
    20:35 - Suppliers: UK, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, USA
    24:40 - Outro

    Links to all of the websites mentioned in this video:

    The Good Scents Company:

    Jeroen Sparla's formula website:
    Perfumer's apprentice accord formulas:
    DreamAir formulas:

    Perfumers apprentice Jean Carles download:

    Luca Turin:
    BK Scents:
    BBC perfume industry documentary:

    IFRA standards library:
    European cosmetics law:

    Fragrantica notes:

    Perfumer & Flavourist perfumery section:

    Flavour & Fragrance journal:
    Nature research on olfaction:

    Plush folly:
    Pell Wall:
    Lisa Carbone:
    Hermitage oils:
    Perfumer's apprentice:
    Perfumer supply house:
    Eden botanicals:

    Perfumery supplies on my website:

  • Lee Macks Joke Leaves John Cleese In Near Tears | The Graham Norton Show


    Lee Mack tells his infamous 'Kent' joke leaving John Cleese & Martin Clunes in near tears.

    #TheGNShow #TheGrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton

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    Twitter - us here:

  • 15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go


    These days everybody is under pressure, enough to turn coal into diamonds, to look good. But none know that pressure more than celebrities: their every wrinkle is obsessed over. But while some celebs have spent a fortune keeping themselves looking young, others have gone the other direction- letting the years ‘do their thing.’ These are the ones who went from diamonds to coal. These are famous people who seriously let themselves go!

    ► For copyright matters, make sure to send us an email to

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  • Sarah McCartney Teaches Smell Training


    Sarah McCartney demonstrates how to use items that can be found around the house to smell train. Sarah is a perfumer and runs an independent perfumery called 4160 Tuesdays. She has also been a strong supporter of Fifth Sense since 2014 and we are so happy to have her demonstrate smell training!

    Fifth Sense -

    4160 Tuesdays -



    With Sarah McCartney, indie perfumer at 4160Tuesdays.

    In answer to the often asked question, How do I start making perfume? I finally decided to ask Arthur to help making a film showing some absolute basics. SMc.

    Five guidelines:
    1. Put the lid back on.
    2. Write everything down.
    3. Get to know your materials very well, not just the smell, also their secret superpowers.
    4. Take the shortest route to where you're going.
    5. Balance is essential. (See the Jean Carles Method.)

    Ask questions in the comments if you like. Also visit and

    Our perfumes are all at

  • Five Tips for Smell Training Using Essential Oils with Frauke Galia


    In this video, Fifth Sense ambassador Frauke Galia AKA Falk Aromatherapy discusses her five tips for smell training using essential oils. A Certified Level II Aromatherapist, smell coach, and teacher who’s spent her career in Perfumery, Frauke uses her vast experience to support people with their smell training needs.

    Five Tips for Smell Training Using Essential Oils
    1) Sniff/Not Inhale - 0:20
    2) Use Jars - 1:19
    3) Familiar Smells - 3:40
    4) Four Distinct Smells - 5:12
    5) Smell Mindfully - 6:59

    Connect with Frauke:

    Fifth Sense
    The charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders


    Join Fifth Sense here -




    A conversation about how clean beauty means something different to everyone who talks about it, how petrochemicals are natural, just really really old, and how perfume makers could do with looking a bit further into the origins of the materials we use.
    The website I mentioned is not called Indie Beauty, it's called The Good Ancestor is by Roman Krznaric.

  • The Perfume Companion THE SMELL OF SMOKE


    In the Concepts chapter Sam and I write about smoky and animalic fragrances. It was the only part of the book which the editors questioned. The rest is full of our encouragement, describing fragrances that we wholeheartedly recommend. Some of these, it's only fair to add a couple of caveats.

  • Making Perfume: WHY WE USE BASES


    Not base notes, they're different.
    A base is a perfumery accord that's accurate and robust enough to use in different formulas and, for the big perfume houses, good enough to sell.
    Here is Sarah McCartney, indie perfumer at 4160Tuesdays, with Arthur McBain on camera and questions, talking about the ones she uses and why, and how to integrate them into your perfume making.
    For more on perfume making, you can visit Sarah's Slow Scent School at

  • A Perfume Conversation: MYTHS IN PERFUME MAKING


    We had some questions that cropped up on our Scenthusiasm Patreon, Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube. Here in a slightly different film, we talk about myths, misunderstandings and mysteries.
    If you have questions do ask them, and if you're interested do please subscribe. To take part in our Zoom conversations, join our Patreon at thank you.

  • Smell Training Debate with Professor Carl Philpott and Dr. Steven Munger


    Professor Carl Philpott
    Director of Medical and Research Affairs and Trustee at Fifth Sense
    Dr. Steven Munger
    Director of the Center for Smell and Taste at the University of Florida and Fifth Sense Advisory Board member
    Fifth Sense is the charity for people affected by smell and taste disorders. Our vision is to transform society’s understanding of the importance of the senses of smell and taste, and through doing so, transform the lives of those affected by smell and taste disorders.





    In the small world of artisan perfumery, it can be quite hard to convince new perfumers to use materials which don't have a strong aroma, when there are so many more exciting intense materials out there to blend.

    This is a film about how important these quieter materials are, and in which we create a fragrance called Bond Villain, by using five materials, including Iso E Super and Hedione.
    (Actually, the tonka didn't cost me £8000, don't worry. I accidentally applied a multiple.)

    For more formulas and guides you artisan perfumery have a look at

    For our intensive online classes: workbook, videos and formulas to make up, visit

  • Perfume making classes at 4160Tuesdays


    A quick tour of our studio before a Saturday afternoon perfume class







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  • Making Perfume: NATURALS & SYNTHETICS


    What is a natural perfume material? A natural isolate, a nature derived molecule, nature equivalent? Is a natural material automatically more ethical or sustainable? (No.) Why is it that people assume natural perfume is better without quantifying what better means? Why do sales people tell customers that fragrances are 100% natural when that's quite often just not true?
    That's why it's quite a long film.
    Sarah McCartney, indie perfumer at 4160Tuesdays, has a discussion with filmmaker Arthur McBain about how to get the best from natural materials, the differences between aromachemicals which are natural isolates and the synthesised versions of the same molecules.
    We also look more widely at the ethics of growing some natural perfumery materials and their environmental impact.
    At the very end Arthur sniffs everything and chooses his favourites.



    Here Sepphiah, Arthur and I talk about some of the materials perfumers can use to make a convincing rose fragrance - without having to rip the petals off the actual plants - and some of the natural materials made from roses themselves.



    Is says there's daisy in it. Have you got any daisies?

    Modern perfume formulas rarely resemble the published notes lists and people new to perfume-making are going to be disappointed if they try assembling a fragrance from the website description.

    With modern materials, what the brand team calls a top note, the perfumer might call a base note.
    Anyway, you don't have to put top notes in a fragrance, really you don't. It'll be fine.

    All this and more at
    If you'd like to follow the self-study online course with example formulas to make up, visit

    Scenthusiasm®️ is a registered trademark.

    If you'd like to explore the fragrances we make, visit
    The film was made my Arthur McBain, who has worked at 4160Tuesdays since 2014 between acting roles. You really want to look up his and Owen Jenkins' podcast, At Your Peril. That's Arthur I'm talking to in all these recent films.

    That scarf is a vintage Pucci, bought from Bowler & Betty in York.
    That book is Perfumes of Yesterday by David Williams £34 available from the publishers

    Among the materials I talked about were Romandolide - a musk that's a top, mid and base note - Hedione and Hedione High Cis, Clearwood, Norlimbanol, Framboise - which smells like Pez, not pears.

  • Making Perfume: CITRUSES


    In which we have a quick sniff of some citrus fruit essential oils, and synthetic aromas too.

    Why we use them, their short-lived lively beauty, and how to help their aromas to last longer.

    There's more like this, plus formulas and perfume-making guidance at the Scenthusiasm Slow Scent School.

    For more on artisan perfumery, learning at your own pace, visit

  • The pasta of perfumery.


    Shall we stop using the finest possible naturals? That myth is stopping us making the finest possible perfumes.
    When I say cheap, I mean inexpensive, not low quality of course. You can get high quality synthetics for very reasonable prices.

  • Classifying fragrances: a short guide to the guides


    How the world of perfume divides up perfumes - in several different ways - to help you find what you need.

  • Wearing fragrance at night


    How evolution hasn't caught up with doors and windows

  • 2016s Four Fragrant Mysteries by 4160Tuesdays


    We're planning four new fragrances inspired by our slight obsession with classic British crime novels of the 1920s and '30s. Would you like to join the crowdfunding?

  • Making Perfume: The Story of 4160 Tuesdays


    Not so much about making perfume, more about starting a business and all the things that go wrong.
    We talk about 10 years of 4160Tuesdays, how it started and how we managed to keep going, despite not really fitting into the industry.



    This video is about SMELL TRAINING GAME

  • 4160Tuesdays - the film


    Our perfumer, Sarah McCartney, filmed at 4160Tuesdays small studio in West London, explaining how what we do is a bit different from the usual.



    We're crowdfunding Aunt Pera's Adventurous Past, probably the first ever horror story podcast X perfumery collaboration. Link to follow very soon.

  • Meet Chrissi: She says smell training has changed her life | ITV News


    One morning in 2012, Chrissi Kelly woke up and couldn't smell anything. A bad sinus infection caused her to lose her sense of smell (anosmia).

    After reaching rock bottom she found smell training, which has changed her life.

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  • Smell learning essential oils full training


    Tracy Pepe teaches you how to smell. What happens when you have lost your sense of smell? What happens and how to discover smells are different. How to use the smell workbook.

  • Treating loss of smell in COVID long-haulers


    Experts are using ‘Olfactory Training’ or smell training therapy to treat long-haulers who’ve lost their sense of smell. Dr. Marc Tewfik explains how the therapy works.

  • AT YOUR PERIL PERFUME - All The details:


    Would you like to know all about the real Aunt Pera, her adventurous life and the inspiration for The Family Legacy? Then dear listener, this is for you. Sepphiah, Arthur and Sarah also talk about the materials we'll use to bring to life fictional Pera's final fragrance. Here's the link:
    Aunt Pera's Adventurous Past Eau de Parfum does not contain essence of Great Aunt Pera. (Or does it?)

  • Poison 1986 - unboxed by Ruth Mastenbroek & Sarah McCartney


    In such we open Sarah's Poison Esprit de Parfum in Ruth's kitchen.

  • The Importance of Smell Training


    Learn more about smell training using the MOXĒ Smell Therapy Kit. MOXĒ Smell Therapy Kits use the power of pure essential oils to help promote and restore your sense of smell.

    Research has shown that additional benefits can be gained from those with impaired smelling by smelling scents correlated to the four primary odor categories (floral, resinous, fruity, spicy).


  • Scenthusiasm on Patreon: what Im offering our patrons


    In 2019 I set up Scenthusiasm on Patreon originally to crowdfund new batches of perfume, but then the pandemic hit us all and we needed to move our classes online; this turned out to be a really good place to put them.
    Now it's become a community for indie perfuumers (and wearers of indie perfumes) around the world, an affordable inclusive club full of really lovely people all fascinated by fragrance.
    It's at
    Our self-study intensive class - the assignments we do on the Summer School - is at
    Have a look and see what's best for you. A bunch of people do both.
    The formulas are straightforward, clear and practical, and Perfumers Apprentice have created a small, affordable set of materials to get everyone started. (UK, you can buy ours).

    Please feel free to ask questions in the comments

  • 10 Scents Worth Sarah McCartney Indie Perfumer


    My 2012 - 13 crowdfunding pitch. I'm making ten new perfumes, something unusual and beautiful (IMHO) and different from the usual high street stuff. If you'd like to be part of it, visit10 Scents' Worth at

  • Smell Training Experience - Full Concentration Guide- Rose,Lemon,Aucalyptus,Cloves Oils Combinaison


    Hi! As someone who's been throught the same situation and still recovering from complete loss of smell due to Covid-19 for about full 9 months ... i noticed a big progress just after my olfactory training sessions that my doctor recommended !!

    00:00 - Intro
    01:03 - Smell training session

    if you've lost your sense of smell for two weeks or more, this video can help recovery...

    Smell training, also known as Olfactory training is activelly sniffing the same 4 scents twice aday for 3 weeks, spending around 15-20 seconds on each scent and really concentrating on what you're doing ...

    Perseverance, patience and alot of concentration are the keys for a successful smell training .

    In this video, we provide you the ideal environment visually and auditory to maintain your concentration..

    This session must be repeated at least twice aday, you can do it more often for better results..

    Wishing you all quick recovery ♥️♥️

    Live the smell/olfactory training experience with us ... in this video we are using rose, lemon, aucalyptus and cloves oil combinaison..


    Before making any changes to your Lifestyle, diet, exereise, drug or supplement routines you must first discuss the changes with your doctor. To reduce the risk of injury, never force or strain during exercises. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop immediately and consult your doctor. Other special cautions may apply to individuals with specific health issues, please consult your doctor if you are uncertain whether the exereises or advice is suitable for you. Any liabiity, loss, or damage in connection with any use of this video, is expressly disclaimed. Thank you


    #smell_training_guide #olfactory_training_course #long_loss_of_smell #smell_training_after_covid #recover_from_smell_loss #anosmia #olfactory_training_covid_essential_oils

  • Creating Habits 4 a Week: Stretching, Smell Training


    In this video I *attempt* to document some habits and self care practices :-)
    thanks for watching!!

    across the moon (demo) - Low Pink
    find here —

    my social media:
    @livewkate for fashion, food, self love, n sustainability
    @katewcunningham 4 art & personal stuff!

  • Crimes of Passion: The Perfumes


    The story that inspired the seven scents.



    Hi guys, in this video I review new perfume line OUR MODERN LIVES by Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays. Indie perfumery 4160Tuesdays has developed a new fragrance collection, Our Modern Lives – seven 100% natural botanical fragrances, and two 100% gentle synthetic skin scents.

    Mentioned fragrances:

    Yellow (fav)
    Green (fav)
    Orange (fav)
    Aquamarine (fav)
    Indigo (fav)

    Alpha (fav)

    Shop here:

    4160 Tuesdays

    Follow Sarah on YT:


    Follow me on:



    If you guys enjoyed this video, then please give it a thumbs up and subscribe! Love you guys xoxo

  • Olfactory Training


    Learn more about Olfactory Training in this educational video presented by Dr. Pasha.

    Anyone who suffers from anosmia (the loss of smell) will be happy to hear that olfactory training has been shown to be 30% to 50% effective in curing it.

    As the olfactory nerves regenerate after being damaged (often from a virus or COVID-19), the pathway may be corrupted and improperly “rewire,” causing one smell to smell very different — often rather bad. Dr. Pasha recommends olfactory training to essentially retrain the brain to recognize familiar smells as well as to reconnect your sense of taste.

    Reach out to us at (713) 523-8800 with any questions, comments or to schedule an appointment.

    Find us on the following social media channels:


  • 4-04 Accords - The Art of blending


    A session from a workshop in The Art and Technology of Perfumery held in Bangkok 2012. The greatest secret in a perfume - the Accord. A technique to produce a perfume accord in a fraction of time taken by the Jean Carles method.

  • Professional Perfumery Training and tips for sharper sense of smell


    Today I will explain how professional perfumery training is organized based on my own experience. I will also point out a few tips that anyone can use to develop a sharper, more acute sense of smell.

    More on perfumery and other topics:

  • My Most Loved Fragrances - Top 5 Most Cherished Fragrances with Sarah McCartney - 4160 Tuesdays


    My Most Loved Fragrances - Top 5 Most Cherished Fragrances with Sarah McCartney - 4160 Tuesdays

    4160 Tuesdays Website:

    Buy 4160 Tuesdays at Lucky Scent:

    Buy Gravitas Pour Homme here:

    Use SMELLY10 for 10% off at Executive Shaving:

    Fragrantica article featuring Gravitas:

    #fragrancereview #designerfragrances #bestmensfragrance

    Best Place to buy fragrance samples in UK & EU: Fragrance Samples UK. Follow this link:

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  • 4160Tuesdays Sleep Knot for Peace.Love.Perfume


    Sarah McCartney talks about her scent for lovers.

  • New Years Smell Training


    Time stamps :

    0-1:18 Thank you
    1:50 Today's update
    3:10 Hubbs thoughts
    4:05 Smell training
    6:57 Distortion in Smell
    7:51 Last day of Isolation
    8 New Years Celebration

    Smell training:

    Recovery Natural remedy:



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