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See Mars Like Never Before! NASA's Perseverance Rover Sends New Video and Images of the Red Planet

  • This Is What Anonymous Found in Their NASA Hack


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  • Lauterbrunnen, Switzerlands most beautiful Village


    Lauterbrunnen is perhaps the most beautiful village in Switzerland.
    Located in the swiss Alps valley, it is also known as the waterfalls village as it has 72 waterfalls that look absolutely gorgeous.
    This video was shot during summer time (August 2019) and I was lucky as the weather was at its best (for video shooting).
    0:00 Overview
    2:38 Small and peaceful river with natural sound
    3:43 Back side of the waterfall
    6:08 Highest Waterfall in Switzerland
    8:48 Waterfall inside a cave
    11:01 A glimpse of Farmer's houses

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