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Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

  • Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood


    I personally got in the water and tested if Sharks had a preference of human blood vs. fish blood.

    Point of clarification: A few people have pointed out the dates on the negative and positive Covid tests are the same. You'll also notice my doctor was Bob Newby from Stranger Things. Turns out there is a lot of personal info on a Covid result test and the part that says negative and positive wasn't easily readable so I photoshopped up something that solved both of those issues and didn't bother changing the date. No conspiracy here. I promise I actually got Covid and would have much preferred to actually filmed on the original schedule and not had to deal with it even with the private jet silver lining.

    Here is a link to that tiny exercise machine I was using the the jet. Luke (my shark expert buddy) invented it and it's really clever. He's launching a Kickstarter really soon-

    ***Music info coming soon***
    Here is a talented up and coming artist named Kenyi. Check him out!

    Here is some of the music I used from independent artists:
    0:01 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
    0:57 - Toys - Ponder -
    2:05 - The Ocean - Andrew Applepie -
    2:21 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
    6:06 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
    8:44 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
    17:31 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak -

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  • Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood


    Scientific proof Pixar sits on a throne of lies.

    Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger.

    Links for the build instructions:

    Sean's Hodgin's channel who did most of the heavy lifting for making the boxes:

    Pump animation made by the talented Jared Owens:

    Connor was the beast feeding the sharks underwater. He has some amazing footage for licensing and his own YouTube channel.
    Insta: @sharkmanconnor

    Follow my marine biologist friend Luke Tipple on Instagram-

    More info that was promised-
    What is likely happening is that the sharks can smell the blood but it's just not in a quantity that is interesting to them especially since they don't love human blood that much (btw, I spoke with a marine biologist and mammal blood is all the same from a chemical marker stand point so cow blood is a suitable substitute for human blood). If I did the experiment again, I would want to test human blood vs. fish blood.

    This is the most definitive study done to date in a control lab environment on what is least and most interesting to them: The Biology of Sharks and Rays Peter A. Klimley and Steven Oerding; ISBN-13: 9780226442495. Particularly pages 134-140. Figure 6.7; Table 6.2


    00:11 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
    01:14 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
    2:30 - Dizzy - Political Statement and JMoney -
    3:59 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
    5:17 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
    6:12 - Berlin - Andrew Applepie -
    6:40 - Dansez - Fasion
    10:45 - Dive - Lvly
    12:34 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
    13:02 - Q - Blue Wednesday
    15:12 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

    Summary: I've always wanted to test if sharks can really smell a single drop of blood in the water from 1 mile away. So I went to the Bahamas in shark infested waters and set up an experiment to get to the bottom of things.

    They are soft-



    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:





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  • Shark vs. GoPro


    We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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    Also, thanks to Discovery for risking my life, again. #SharkWeek 2021 begins July 11th.
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  • 18-Foot Shark Attacks Cage | Great White Serial Killer


    An 18-foot great white attacks a shark cage while a diver is trapped inside.

    SHARK WEEK 2016 | Continues All Week on Discovery!

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  • Bloody Hammerhead Shark Attack on Video during Shark Week 2019


    Capt Blair Wiggins is fishing with contest winners from Philadelphia when he films a hammerhead shark attack on video of a free swimming tarpon off of Cape Canaveral, Florida during Discovery Channel shark week. The fish is not on a fishing line and this ends with a bloody mess. #sharkweek #sharkweek2019

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  • 10 TERRRIFYING Shark Encounters Caught On Tape


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    Summertime is here, and that means it is time to hit the beach! If you are a fan of frolicking in the surf, you may just be a little more aware of your surroundings after watching this video. We all know that sharks are all over the ocean, but most of us don’t encounter them when we visit the beach, and frankly we prefer it that way! Still, they are incredible to observe in their natural habitat, we just prefer to let other people do the dirty work of gathering the footage. You can sit back in the safety of your own home and take in these ten insane shark encounters caught on tape. Watching sharks feed is a scary experience, but for one diver, it was an opportunity to get up close and personal into an actual feeding frenzy. But you do not have to get into the water to see some impressive sharks. We will show you some sharks who leapt into the air in an effort to get something tasty. A few other sharks were a bit less than coordinated and managed to collide with shark cages or boats. One shark in particular caused massive damage to a boat on purpose! Well, sort of. It’s thought that the shark mistook the rubber parts of the boat for a whale and proceeded to chow down on it. Thankfully, both the boat and the shark were okay after the encounter.

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  • The Megalodon Shark Prank In Florida


    Check Out The Megalodon Shark Prank!


    Episode 1 - Intro :
    Episode 2 - QuickSand :
    Episode 3 - Jackpot :

    SHIRTS :

    SnapChat: @Joogin10E


    Merrick: |
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    About JoogSquad PPJT:
    My name is Jack Tenney, AKA 10E I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!


    Thanks for all the love & support!

    The Megalodon Shark Prank!! (Episode 4)

    JoogSquad PPJT

  • 10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong


    10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

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    10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

    If you’ve watched our videos, you know that we’re a bit obsessed with underwater creatures. And of course, we have a lot of respect for the one that’s perhaps, one of the most dangerous of them all: the shark. There are different types of shark. Some are slightly friendly and some others just want to eat. And while shark attacks are nothing like what we see in Jaws or any other movies, there are still encounters that could either harm us or become a major threat to our lives. Now, if you go diving with the proper gear, then you’re more likely to have a safe close encounter with these creatures. But even that is not 100% safe. There’ve been incidents in which diving near these creatures led to scary encounters. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Shark Diving Moments That Went Wrong.” We’ll have a look at some cool footage of people who had very close and scary encounters with sharks. I’m sure the people were not expecting this, but I’m also sure they’re glad they had a camera to record it and share their story with the world.

    A Group Experience

    Coming face to face with sharks can be scary. So why not do it with your friends? At least you won’t be alone if anything crazy happens. The first shark diving experience for today starts with a group in Port Lincoln, Australia. They were happily enjoying their surroundings when out of a sudden an aggressive shark showed up to eat the bait. The shark is going so fast that it bumps against the cage. From the perspective of one of the people, you can see that the shark is coming directly towards them. However, when you look at it from a different angle, you can tell that the shark just wanted to get the bait and go back to whatever it is that sharks do underwater. This was definitely unexpected, as the divers were not supposed to get this close to the shark. But that’s why those cages are so complex and well designed, to make sure that sharks don’t cross the barrier and harm the people inside.

    A Smart Shark

    The next video starts with a shark expert diving into the water inside a cage that is built with bars on every side except one, that is covered in Flexi glass. At first, the diver spots a shark that looks shy, but as the diver starts to show his vulnerable human nature, an 18-foot long shark shows up and starts to prey on him. But the shark doesn’t just go for the diver. Instead, the beast starts to chew on one of the two floats that keeps the cage balanced. While the diver is safe inside the cage, there’s a big risk that things will get complicated if the shark punctures both floats and sends the cage to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily, the diver managed to go back to the surface unharmed, but this experience gave them a great example of what sharks are capable of. They’re not just wild beasts; they actually have a strategy to accomplish whatever it is that they want.

    Paddling Away

    The next video is not necessarily a diving experience, but the guy in the video had to go underwater to spot the big danger that was swimming around him. The video starts with a guy going off on a peaceful and relaxing Standup Paddling session, but suddenly he falls off his board and immediately gets his camera to show us what’s underwater: it’s a huge shark that could easily take this guy down at any time. Just watching the video makes me anxious, and I can totally imagine what this guy felt! Luckily, the shark didn’t seem interested in attacking the guy, so he was able to get back on his board and paddle away. I think one of the scariest things about this video is the fact that the guy is by himself and that he’s a bit far from the shore. He obviously made it out fine, but I’m sure he’ll be thinking about this next time he goes in the open water without any company.

    The Ghost Cage

    The next video starts with a guy going inside a “Ghost Cage” - which is a cage that’s transparent so it gives the illusion of being invisible. The scary thing about this video starts when the diver notices five sharks swimming in circles around him. They all seem eager to get closer to him and one of them actually pushes itself towards the cage, almost making its way inside. The lucky diver was quick to push the shark out and then the guy went up to the surface. It was a thrilling and scary experience, and the diver says that he saw all kinds of sharks down there and most of the encounters were more intense than he anticipated. All it takes is to be in the right spot at the right time for these things to happen.

    10 Shark Diving Gone Wrong

  • JAWS VS Fisherman Jaws Crazier Then Ever!


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  • 13-year-old shark attack survivor returns to school


    Keane Webre Hayes made a triumphant return to his classroom less than a month after being attacked by a great white shark off the coast of California.


    Visit Good Morning America’s Homepage:

  • Why No Aquarium In the World Has a Great White Shark?


    Even if you absolutely love aquariums and have been to dozens of them, there's one sea creature you’ll never ever come across there. Not a single aquarium in the world has a great white shark. Is the great white not cool enough to be put on display? Are people afraid of being attacked even when these animals are confined within thick walls made of special glass?
    There have been plenty of attempts to hold these creatures captive. In 1955, the first great white was captured and sent to Marineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the animal didn't even make it through one day at the oceanarium. Scientists still don't know much about the great white shark, but they have come up with several theories.

    Where can you find great white sharks? 0:48
    Attempts to hold great white sharks captive 2:28
    Why do they suffer so much from being locked up? 5:00
    Depression 5:12
    Lack of space 5:32
    Respiratory problems 6:13
    Hunger 7:05
    The wrong water salinity 7:36
    Why is it important to save the last great white sharks? 7:52


    -These massive fish can be spotted in cool coastal waters all over the world. “Human” isn’t on a great white’s menu. In general, there are no more than 10 attacks a year.
    -In 1955, the first great white was captured and sent to Marineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the animal didn't even make it through one day at the oceanarium. The SeaWorld in San Diego managed to keep a great white for 16 days back in 2003, but they ended up deciding to release the animal back into the ocean.
    -Scientists still don't know much about the great white shark, but they have come up with several theories.
    -Believe it or not, depression and shock can bring these powerful creatures down.
    -No aquarium in the world can provide the animal with conditions to let it move as it does in the wild.
    -In a tank, great whites can't move freely, so they develop problems with their respiratory system. What's more, a shark can suffer from hypoxia, or a deficiency of oxygen.
    -Since they need to hunt down their prey and eat it alive, they often refuse to eat in captivity.
    -You can't even imagine how hard it is to mimic the ocean’s unique water composition.
    -Great white sharks are extremely important for keeping the ecological balance in the oceans. Losing just one shark endangers the entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, there are just about 3,500 of them left in the world.

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  • Jaws: The Revenge: Banana boat HD CLIP


    What’s happening in this movie clip?
    A group of people doing a fun water activity is attacked by a shark. Thea (Judith Barsi), Ellen Brody’s (Lorraine Gary) daughter, is saved but traumatized.

    Rent or buy Jaws: The Revenge here:

    What’s the movie about?
    Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary), Chief Brody’s widow, believes that a shark is deliberately targeting her family because it wants revenge.
    #Jaw #Horrormovie #Thriller

    Credits: © 1987 Universal Studios

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  • 15 SCARY Shark Attacks Caught On TAPE!


    Marine life can be thrilling to watch. From squid to sea turtles, there’s a ton of variety to be found. But it isn't always smooth sailing in those clear blue waters. Some vicious creatures can be out for blood, and when they decide to act on that urge, it's not pretty. If you’re intrigued, just keep watching. Before we show you some of the best clips ever, make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit the little bell icon. Do it if you want to have good luck tomorrow!

    Here are 15 SCARY Shark Attacks Caught On TAPE!

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    Shark Attack On Spear Fisherman For Yellowfin Tuna

    This heroic fisherman was out in the sea one day, trying to catch some tuna for his next meal. But as it turns out, a shark had its eye on the prize too. While the man was trying to get his pole spear unstuck, a terrifying shark appeared out of nowhere. You can see it come right up to the fisherman in the process, and not only does he succeed in grabbing the tuna for himself, but he actually stabs the shark with his knife to make it go away. And surprisingly enough, he comes out alive.

    Man Fights Off Great White Shark

    You need to have your wits about you, along with a healthy dose of luck, to make it out alive after a shark attack. This man went for his usual swim in Sydney Harbour, when he came across a great white shark. Just another day in the life of an Australian, I guess! The shark, though, seemed more interested in other things and left the man unscathed. He definitely got lucky, and who knows whether he’ll ever be returning to these waters again.

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  • 5 SCARY Shark Attacks Caught On Camera


    5 SCARY Shark Attacks Caught On Camera

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  • A String of Shark Attacks in San Diego | When Sharks Attack


    Off the coast of San Diego California a swimmer is fatally wounded in a shark attack. This attack was the first fatal attack in 50 years and marked the beginning of a slew of abnormal encounters over a 7 month period.

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    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

    Why Do Sand Tiger Sharks Form Gangs? | Shark Gangs

    National Geographic

  • Shark Vomits Arm in Public Aquarium, Disturbing Clues Start Manhunt


    A captured tiger shark in a Sydney aquarium got sick and vomited up a human arm— but turns out it didn't bite the arm off in a shark attack. So where did the arm come from, and why did it lead investigators to uncover one of the most bizarre homicide cases in Australia? Let’s get into it.


    [The Shark Arm Case]

    [Shark and Fish in Captivity]

    [Shark Attacks]

    [Other Sources]

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    Manhattan Twist by Avocado Junkie

  • How a Great White Shark Strikes | Shark Attack Files


    Researchers are testing just how powerful the Great White Shark's bite is and learn just how destructive their bites can be using a foam seal decoy.

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    About National Geographic:
    National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

    How a Great White Shark Strikes | Shark Attack Files

    National Geographic

  • Jurassic Shark Attack during Shark Week


    Use a Super Thanks to tell us how much you like our videos. Super Thanks help us continue making quality content.

    Jurassic Shark Attack in celebration of SHARK WEEK! We love shark week and so we went swimming with our pet shark. Don't worry, he only bights a little.
    Elizabeth and Isaac met some great friends at the local pool and they helped us make this Jurassic shark attack video for shark week. No one was injured in the making of this video, not even the mermaids or mermen.

    Shark Waters - Magnus Ringblom
    Hanging Upside Down - Magnus Ringblom

    My name is Elizabeth. I started swimming when I was just a baby. Every week is a new adventure Exploring new pools, Trying new things, and Meeting new people. So jump in with me, because life is fun when you JUST ADD WATER!
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    The Texas Pool is the Official Pool of Elizabeth Swims

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  • 12-Year-Old Girl Is Latest Victim Of Shark Attack


    As more Americans hit the beach this summer, there has also been a major uptick in shark sighting and, in some cases, attacks, including one on a 12-year-old girl in Maryland. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for In Depth TODAY from Longboat Key, Florida, where one residential neighborhood has droves of sharks in the canals behind their homes.

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    #SharkAttack #Sharks #Animals

  • Great White Shark Attack - 32 Seconds - The Shallows Movie Clip HD


    Great White Shark Attacks Nancy (Blake Lively) Scene - 30 Seconds - The Shallows (2016) Movie Clip HD

    TM & © Sony (2016)
    Fair use.
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

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  • Teen who lost leg, fingers in shark attack describes the moment she was bitten l Nightline


    Paige Winter, 17, said she started praying for her life when the shark pulled her under. Her father Charlie Winter talks about jumping into the water and punching the shark to get it off of her. READ MORE:

    #Nightline #Shark #Survivor #ABCNews

  • Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?


    It’s a long-known fact that sharks prefer to avoid dolphins, They swim away quickly when they see them, especially grampus dolphins. Simultaneously, in the stomachs of some sharks were found parts of dolphins. How can it be that such fearless predators are afraid of the cute and playful dolphins? Let’s take a look at this.

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  • What If You Fell Into a Piranha Pool?


    Its teeth are supposedly so sharp that if it were to bite you, you would only realize it after you saw the blood. But what if you were attacked by a school of these colorful, fast-moving carnivores? How much would you feel? How long would you last?

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  • Megalodon Went Extinct Because of Great White Sharks


    The megalodon shark roamed the oceans, scaring (and chewing) everything to pieces long after the dinosaurs were wiped out by the great meteorite. We know that it was the largest and most brutal predator that ever lived, as well as the biggest shark. It was the king of all seas, swimming freely between most parts of the ocean. But then, about 2.5 million years ago, the last of its kind disappeared from Earth forever, leaving only their huge teeth to be found by modern archeologists. So why did megalodon go extinct?

    At first, scientists thought it was a mass marine extinction that happened around the time that caused the megalodon to expire. They believe a supernova exploded some 150 light-years from Earth, and its cosmic radiation reached our planet, changing its climate. But then, in 2019, a group of researchers found something weird: the fossils left over from the monster sharks dated back to an earlier period. That could mean they went extinct before the supernova. A new explanation had to be devised, and it came from an unexpected source...


    Goblin shark, Pengo: By Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
    Animation is created by Bright Side.

    Music by Epidemic Sound

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  • 6-Year-Old Girl Has Run-in With Shark in Shallow Water


    A little girl got the scare of her life while splashing along the beach. Anela’s mother was filming her as she played in the surf, when all of a sudden the 6-year-old ran out of the water, screaming that there was a shark. The frightening encounter happened off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Experts say a blacktip shark, which commonly feeds on fish in shallow water, is likely what bumped into her leg. The girl said she wasn’t going to stick around to find out! #InsideEdition

  • 15 Most Dangerous Ultimate Close Calls In the Sea


    When we swim in the sea there’s always a sensation of the unknown, and as you get further out into deeper water you start to wonder - what is down there? In the depths, lurking below you, watching…then something brushes against you and you freak out for a moment before realising it’s just a piece of seaweed. But the sea is not our world, and there are many dangers in the water - some people have been taken by one of them and never seen again, but others have lived to tell the tale. From the scuba diver who survived a shark attack to the rubber dinghy savaged by an awesome predator, here’s the 15 most dangerous ultimate close calls in the sea.

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  • Gigantic Sharks Break Into Ghost Cage | Island of The Mega Shark


    The team go into a shark invested zone off the coast of Guadalupe to witness female mega sharks. It is then that some of the sharks attempt to break into the ghost cage!
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  • Jaws | Final Face-Off With the Shark in 4K Ultra HD


    Smile, you son of a... Jaws is coming to 4K for the first time ever! After you watch the final face-off with the scariest shark in cinematic history, you'll *really* never go in the water again.

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    Directed by Academy Award® winner Steven Spielberg, Jaws set the standard for edge-of-your seat suspense, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon and forever changing the way audiences experience movies. When the seaside community of Amity finds itself under attack by a dangerous great white shark, the town's chief of police (Roy Scheider), a young marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a grizzled shark hunter (Robert Shaw) embark on a desperate quest to destroy the beast before it strikes again. Featuring an unforgettable score that evokes pure terror, Jaws remains one of the most influential and gripping adventures in motion picture history.

    © 1975 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
    Cast: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Carl Gottlieb, Jeffrey C. Kramer, Susan Backlinie, Jonathan Filley, Ted Grossman
    Director: Steven Spielberg
    Producers: Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown
    Writers: Peter Benchley, Carl Gottleib

  • Shark Attack Test Human Blood vs Fish Blood 1080p


  • GoPro HERO8: Shark Attack Test- Human Blood VS. Fish Blood


    Top Dramatic Battles Under The Sea -
    Challenging to play the shark

  • Shark Attack Test Human Blood vs Fish Blood HD


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  • Shark attack test-human blood vs. fish blood


    Shark attack Hungry girl find food
    Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

    I personally got in the water and tested if Sharks had a preference of human blood vs. fish blood. Get your first month of KiwiCo for FREE!!!

    Also, thanks to Discovery for putting my life in danger. #SharkWeek begins August 9th.
    Catch ME in Sh...

  • Shark attack test human blood vs


    Shark attack test human blood vs

  • Experiment Car vs Shark Attack vs Fish Blood | Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car | Test Ex


    Warning! Dangerous crash test, don´t try this by yourself!!
    Experiment Car vs Shark Attack Test Human Blood vs Fish Blood. Crushing crunchy & soft things by car !

    TOP 10 Experiments

    Fun Experiment

    Best Experiments Car

    Car vs Things

    Experiment Car

    Crushing Crunchy

    Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car

    Experiments at Home

    Crushing Things With Car

    Life Hacks and Experiments

    Experiments VS Car

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  • देखिये शार्क किसे ज्यादा पसंद करती है || Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood||#shorts


    देखिये शार्क किसे ज्यादा पसंद करती है || Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood||#shorts



    Mark Rober tests the theory on whether sharks attack on the smelling of blood in the water

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    Also available on H&I in the US SHARK ATTACKS LIFEGUARD WHILST ON DUTY!! Baywatch Remastered #baywatch #lifeguard #pamelaanderson

  • Experiment Car vs Shark Attack vs Fish Blood | Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car | ExCarUSA


    Warning! Dangerous crash test, don´t try this by yourself!!
    Experiment Car vs Shark Attack Test Human Blood vs Fish Blood. Crushing crunchy & soft things by car !

    ????TOP 10 Experiments

    ⚠Best Experiments Car

    ‼Experiment Car

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  • Does Essence of Dead Sharks Work as Shark Repellent?


    Can the smell of a dead shark act as a repellent for sharks in attack mode? Jamie and Adam hop in the water and find a shiver of sharks to put this myth to the test.

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  • Shark-Attack Defenses | MythBusters Jawsome Shark Special -- Shark Week


    Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage recap their tests of how to defend oneself in case of a shark attack.

    Shark Week 2019 starts Sunday July 28 9p!

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  • Shock shark attack in Perths Swan River leaves man with serious leg injuries | ABC News


    A man has been attacked by a bull shark in Perth's Swan River, at Point Walter Reserve in the suburb of Bicton.
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    The attack happened around 8:00am near Blackwall Reach, a limestone cliff running along the river that is popular with swimmers, paddlers and rock climbers.

    The man aged in his 50s was bitten on the leg by a 2-3 metre bull shark.

    He was pulled from the water by witnesses including two kayakers, who tried to stem his bleeding and put him on a paddleboard to move him to shore.

    The man was taken by ambulance to Royal Perth Hospital with what WA Police said were serious injuries to his leg.
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    Indigo's Paul de Gelder tests the theory - are Sharks attracted to human blood? Paul goes in the water with a group of wild sharks and opens up a bag of his own blood in the water. See what happens next...

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  • This Bath Bomb Imitates a Shark Attack


    Parents, Squeakee the Balloon Dino is the must-have dinosaur of the year for kids! Part dino, part balloon and part break-dancer. Touch and voice recognition. There's never been a dinosaur toy like Squeakee Dino. With over 70 sounds and reactions, bring one home today to guarantee playtime that includes fun, wonderment, and laughter. Available soon at Walmart, Target and Amazon. See more here:

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  • Shark attack on the beach


    The local wildlife commission had been following this dolphin because they had received reports that a shark had bitten this dolphin. This happened multiple times in open water and was trying to evade the shark. A “jet-skier” had jumped off of his jet ski to swim with the dolphin not knowing the danger present. It appeared that while he was holding it, the shark came and bit it again while he was holding it and then the video starts after he realized what was happening. Local officials made everyone get out of the water because they weren’t exactly sure what was happening at the time.

    This is original content as I recorded it and do not express the views of anyone else.



    This episode we return to our stomping grounds and where we grew up , SOUTH BEACH and immediately pounce on the action packed mullet run feeding frenzy , 30 short minutes into our fishing fun I spot spinner sharks sky rocketing on the mullets and a big 7-8 foot lemon shark less than 5 feet from one of my friends Mico who was waste deep fishing, less than 1 hour after that Our Surfer friend jay got an accidental shark bite while surfing just 500 yards north of us and ended up with 8 stitches on his foot and a Gnarly South Beach Shark Bite story . Coincidentally like 6 of the old south beaches including myself have all been bitten by black tip sharks right there at the South Beach Jetti. So back to the action I immediately grabbed my Tiagra 30 and Short #19 shark rig and was on a mission to at least slow down what seemed to be dangerous water for surfers, fisherman and swimmers. When I say this please do not get the wrong picture, I completely understand that the shark bite was accidental and his foot was confused with all those mullet schools. Sharks Do Not Bite humans intentionally. I also want you to understand that during the Fall mullet run its actually best to not be swimming amongst all that bait because you to can be accidentally bitten, all I wanted to do was catch and release some of these sharks to keep them off of our group of fisherman swimmers and surfers.

    On behalf of: Pacific
    Song: Freedom

  • 360 Shark Attack underwater in the deep blue sea| 360° GTA 6 Megalodon Shark Attack in VR|


    |360 Video | Shark Attack| Underwater Deep Sea VR Experience|
    |Virtual Reality Experience|
    360 Video Shark Attack under water deep blue sea VR experience
    Scary Shark Attack Captured by cam
    Blue Planet Shark Attack Behind the scene
    Shark Attack Diver Deep Blue Sea

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    Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible record speaks for itself – the clubs he has played for and the victories he has achieved.
    In Manchester United – three Premier League Cups, one FA Cup, two League Cups, an English
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    Top 10 Football Players In the World Right Now

    Messi's Barcelona Career, Lionel Messi Enjoy with Family, the Messi Family Exclusive,
    Lionel Messi

    Messi Interview
    Lionel Messi
    Messi Tribute to Maradona

    WHAT CLUBS DO KIDS OF FOOTBALL STARS PLAY FOR! Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Ibrahimovic and others

    11-year-old Kai Rooney has signed a contract with Manchester United.

    This news literally blew up the talks of football England.

    The jokes about the strongest Kai in the country went one after another.

    Kai Rooney is cooler than Kai Havertz!

    Kai Havertz is no longer the coolest Kai in England!

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    We had a glance at this news and understood...
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  • Great White Shark ATTACK On Baywatch! Will Mitch Save Jill?! Baywatch Remastered


    Watch BAYWATCH on Prime Video
    Also available on H&I in the US Jill risks her life to save the children from a great white shark attack but puts herself in danger, can Mitch get there before its too late?!
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