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Sony MiniDisc: The (Not) Forgotten Audio Format That (Never) Failed

  • Sony MiniDisc: The Failed


    By the early 1990s, the humble compact cassette was starting to show its age. Electronics giant Sony developed what it believed to be the best successor to tape -- but so did a former business partner.

    Special thanks to: Viewer Asaf for loaning several MiniDisc portables and accessories; V-Sync Co. Ltd. for providing archival photos; and to fellow YouTubers LGR, Geek Therapy Radio and Computer Clan for video clips.

    Due to YouTube video description character limits, I've posted the complete list of media credits, sources, and additional research material on my Patreon page -- it's freely available for all to access:


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    Music by Birocratic ( Epidemic Sound ( Lakey Inspired ( and Dan Mason (
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  • MiniDisc - Why Would You Bother With Them In This Day And Age?


    I love MiniDisc. I loved them first time round and were one of the reasons I moved away from cassette.
    People ask me what the appeal is, above nostalgia. Here I explain for people who've never encountered them before, why I love them so much.

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  • Sony MDS-JE530 Minidisc Player Recorder that doesnt record


    We take a look at a faulty Sony Minidisc, it plays fine but doesn't record. Can I get it working?
    If you enjoy this then please check out my other channel Auto Addict.

  • Digital Audio Tape: The one DAT got away


    A look at DAT - tape that sounded as good as a CD and was supposed to replace cassettes...however the recording industry decided it had to die.
    FAQs & Updates are below

    Long Play Mode is 32kHz (added as an annotation before the video went live)
    This video may contain the occasional redundant turn of phrase...e.g. DAT Tape if this is of concern, please do not press play.

    Q) Are you going to do a video about Minidisc?
    A) Yes - (see 21:22)
    Q) When
    A) I don't know

    Q) Hey why didn't you go into detail about the computer backup tape drives that used DAT?
    A) Because this was a video about DAT...Digital Audio Tape. You're thinking of DDS Digital Data Storage. I won't be making a video about DDS, so if it's something you know a lot about, and you think there would be an audience for a video on DDS, you should cover it.

    Q) Did you know that you can record off a radio using a computer?
    A) I'd guess that everyone knows this...I was only pointing out that Modern HiFi systems rarely contain a separate recording component any more. You can always record anything if you put your mind to it.

    Q) Hey LOL you said that we are using're so out of date dude...etc
    A) Here's what's going on - Remember Mr Angry in 1986 trying to stop DAT (pretty much what the first half of the video is about)...well when I say...of course he wasn't to know that in 15 years or so we would be using file sharing programmes like Napster. The maths works like this 1986 + 15 years = 2002 (2017 is 31 years later...not 15).

    I bought my DAT Recorders from EBAY - here's a link

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  • Fixing Up a Neglected MiniDisc Recorder


    This Sony MZ-R37 MiniDisc recorder has seen better days. While I may not be able to get it looking brand new again, can I at least get it looking decent?

    MZ-R37 box photo:
    Blue MZ-R37 photo:


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    Sony launched MiniDisc in November 1992 and wrapped it up in March 2013. It was big in Japan but never a worldwide success unfortunately for it was a great digital audio format delivering great sound and high versatility.

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  • My MiniDisc Collection - Obsolete Sony Format - What To Do With Them?


    Just a random video I made of my large collection of now obsolete MiniDiscs. I found all these in a box while clearing out some of my old junk.

  • LGR Oddware - MiniDisc Data Storage: Sony MDH-10


    Mini Discs aren't just for audio! Turns out that Sony had computer storage in mind for MDs as far back as 1993, well before the later Hi-MD format. Let's try out the MDH-10 MD Data drive from 1995!

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    ● Music used in order of appearance:
    Turtle Beach 3, Ain't That So 3, Real Synth Music 4

    ● MDH-10 drivers and software:

    #LGR #Oddware #Retro

  • HowTo: Recover damaged MiniDisc


    This video will show how to make a minidisc that has had it's Table Of Contents (TOC) damaged by a faulty recorder. This doesn't recover physically damaged discs nor will it recover your data. It simply makes the disc usable again.

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  • How Sonys First Portable CD Player Kicked Off the Digital Music Era


    Sony released the world's first portable CD player, the D-5/D-50, at a time when mostly just audiophiles had adopted the format. But surprisingly (or not), the device had much broader appeal.

    Featured music from Aviscerall ( and Dan Mason (

    D5 inside EBP-9LC:
    EBP-9LC photos:
    The lasser-disc revolution, Popular Science, May 1985.
    Sound to Go, Changing Times magazine, December 1985.
    Hot new compact-disc players, Popular Science, November 1984.
    CDP-101 photo:
    1982 compact disc introduction video:
    AC-D50 photos:
    Rear of AC-D50:
    Go anywhere CD portables, Popular Science magazine, November 1985.
    CD manufacturing video:
    SL-XP7 (silver) photo:
    SL-XP7 (black) photo:
    TPS-L2 photo:
    TPS-L2 ad:


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  • Creative Nomad Jukebox: The iPod Before the iPod


    Portable MP3 players have been around since the late 1990s, but didn't really gain traction until the turn of the millennium. Let's check out -- and take apart -- one of the best hard drive-based players from the time before the iPod.


    PC Magazine, January 2001.
    Maximum PC magazine, March 2001.
    RioVolt CD player photo:
    Panasonic CD player photo:
    Maximum PC magazine, February 2001.
    Kozmo catalog image:
    Nomad Jukebox box contents photo:
    AnandTech article about hard drive filesystem:
    Nomad Jukebox 3 photos:


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  • Fixing Up a Broken Sony DAT Deck


    I picked up a Sony DTC-690 Digital Audio Tape deck that seemed like it only needed an easy fix. But as they say, looks can be deceiving.

    If you're curious about the DAT format and its history, I previously explored a portable deck in this video:

    Popular Science, August 1986.
    Billboard, September 6, 1986.


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    Music by Epidemic Sound ( and Dan Mason (
    Intro music by BoxCat Games (

  • Que es un minidisc sony? eran buenos? que paso?


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  • Sonys forgotten ‘80s Picture Phone


    Many people now carry a videophone in their pocket (whether they use this feature or not) - but it's been a long road getting here. This video looks at Sony's Face-to-Face - a $499 video picture-phone from the late 1980s.

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    Q) Why are there comments from a week ago when this video has just gone live today?
    Q) Why are there comments from a week ago when this video has just gone live today?
    A) Patrons usually have early access to videos. I'll show the first version of a video on Patreon and often the feedback I get results in a video going through further revisions to improve it. e.g. Fix audio issues, clarify points, add extra footage or cut extraneous things out. The video that goes live on youtube is the final version.

    APOLOGIES - for the ‘busy hands’…I only noticed this during editing. I’ll work on keeping them under control in the future.

    PCT-15 Picture Transmission audio file:

  • How a forgotten 1949 Format War shaped the future of records


    Once upon a time the 45 and the LP were rival formats.
    This video tells the story how RCAs beef with Columbia ended up shaping the future of popular music.

    This is a video about the Format War of 1949. Things like 12 45s, 45 RPM Albums, EPs, 16rpm records, styrene singles and 45s with a raised stepped ridge around the centre that aids grip when stacked don't feature in this story because they were introduced after the conclusion of this particular story.

    Regarding the question posed at the end - a few people have mentioned that the record players in their country had single adaptors. This was not unusual. I've demonstrated a few turntables on this channel with the built-in 45 adaptors. If your turntable didn't have a built in adaptor - you could buy one. However that's the result - not the cause. The records came first - the players accommodated the type of records sold in that country. A country could have chosen to go with small or large holes - the decision on which way they went was the thing of interest - what was the common denominator? Why was a large spindle hole chosen in Germany, but a small one in the UK?

    We think we have an answer - it seems that Commonwealth countries went with the small hole and countries with a US armed forces presence after the war were more inclined towards the large hole. However if you know any other info on this - please share.

    Links to things mentioned in the video:

    The UK Ebay seller who modifies and repairs old RCA 45 Machines (Affiliated Link)

    RCA’s Bizarre 12 Fact Rant

    Pink Floyd Wish you were here Vinylite Record (Affiliated Link):

    Shellac Photo courtesy of Jeffrey W. Lotz, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, -

    ***UPDATE*** If you want to see/hear one of RCA’s records from their first attempt at a 33 1/3 record - VWestlife has uploaded a video: (The format was introduced in 1931 - and discontinued in 1933)

    Q) You *forgot* to mention (insert item here) - usually 16rpm records, but sometimes 45rpm 12” records, or singles from the 1960s with the toothed centres
    A) The topic of this video is *The Format War of 1949* - anything that happened later isn’t part of that story so wasn’t included in this particular tale.



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  • The Smallest Portable CD Players Ever Made


    In 1988 Sony flexed its engineering muscle and built the world's smallest portable CD player...then a few months later, did it again.

    SJM4306's channel:
    DIY Discman LiPo battery guide:

    Featured music by Dan Mason (

    Popular Mechanics, September 1988.
    Taobao gear listing:
    Beatles single mini-CD photo:
    Madonna CD single photo:


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  • My DCC Deck Repair Didnt Quite Go as Hoped...


    Digital Compact Cassette was a format from the early 1990's that didn't quite work out. What also didn't quite work out was my attempt to get a Philips DCC 900 deck operational again.

    The DCC Museum:

    Technics RS-DC10 photo:
    Matsushita, Philips to Make New Cassette, Los Angeles Times, July 6, 1991.
    Consumers follow CES to the letter, Chicago Tribune, June 5, 1992.


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    Music by Epidemic Sound ( and Aviscerall (

  • 108 Rare and Bizarre Media Types


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    0:00 - Intro
    1:14 **** Mechanical Media ****
    1:14 - Edison Cylinder
    1:44 - Long Play Microgroove
    1:56 - Motorola 3-channel stereo record
    2:12 - Single-Sided Victrola
    2:33 - Edison Diamond Disc
    2:56 - 16” Vinyl Records
    3:53 - Punch Cards
    4:06 - Punch Tape
    4:20 - Flexidisc (computer program on vinyl)

    5:02 **** Magnetic Media ****
    5:06 - 8” Floppy Disks
    5:34 - 500K Floppy Disk
    6:00 - Hard Sectored Floppy Disks
    6:43 - Quad Density Floppy Disks
    6:54 - Apple Fileware (Twiggy Disks)
    7:27 - Demidisk Prototpye 4” Floppy
    7:42 - 3.25” Flex Diskette
    8:08 - Brother Micro Disk
    8:20 - TEC Floppy Disk
    8:31 - Amsoft CF-2 Compact Floppy
    8:53 - MCD Cassette
    9:12 - Video Floppy Disk
    9:38 - LT-1 2” Floppy
    9:51 - IT Floppy 144 MB
    10:03 - Iomega Zip and LS-120
    10:38 - Iomega Click! Disk
    11:05 - Large Reel-to-Reel tapes
    11:40 - Reel-to-Reel Audio tape
    12:01 - U-Matic Video Cassettes
    12:42 - Betamax inside VHS container
    13:08 - Sony SD-1 Cassette
    14:17 - XD 1/2” Digital Video Cassette
    14:44 - Video 120 Cassette
    15:18 - ADAT Digital Mastering Cassette
    15:44 - 8mm Movie Prerecorded
    16:14 - Datasonix
    16:30 - MicroMV Video Cassette
    16:48 - MiniDV Video Cassette
    16:53 - 8mm Data Cassette
    17:04 - Unknown CS-600 SX Data Cassette
    17:19 - CVC Microvideo Cassette
    17:35 - DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)
    18:03 - Blank 8-Track Audio Cassette
    18:21 - Sinclair MicroDrive
    18:39 - Stringy Floppy
    18:59 - 18 Different Home Backup Formats
    19:12 - Iomega Ditto
    19:20 - Syquest 200 MB cartridge
    19:23 - ADR
    19:28 - Iomega REV Disk
    19:40 - 10 Different Pro Backup Formats
    19:42 - DDS4 Tape
    19:50 - LTO Tape

    20:06 **** Optical Media ****
    20:09 - Prerecorded Film Roll - Educational
    20:52 - Prerecorded Film Roll - Consumer
    21:05 - MO Disc
    21:21 - MiniDisc
    21:26 - Floptical
    21:40 - Dataplay
    21:54 - Sanyo ID Photo
    22:51 - LM1200 WORM Disc
    23:18 - WDM-6DA0 WORM disc
    24:05 - Maxell LM4000 WORM disc
    24:14 - PD (Phase Change Dual)
    25:30 - DVD RAM 5.2 GB
    26:16 - NEC MVDisc
    26:28 - DVD RAM 9.4 GB
    27:04 - Laserdisc 12”
    27:27 - Laserdisc 8”
    27:57 - CD-Video 5”
    28:29 - CD-Video 8”
    28:50 - RCA Selectavision CED
    29:07 - VHD
    29:23 - V.Flash
    29:43 - VideoNow
    30:18 - DIVX
    31:04 - FlexPlay
    31:40 - HD-DVD
    32:08 - Hybrid CD/DVD
    32:26 - Hybrid CD/Vinyl
    32:58 - Shaped CD Audio
    33:21 - Super Audio CD
    33:46 - MODisc
    34:00 - MMDisc
    34:17 - Double Density CD-RW
    34:32 - Sony Professional Disc
    35:02 - UDO (Ultra Density Optical)
    35:29 - Sony Optical Disc Archive
    35:44 - Bubble Memory

  • This Photo is NOT Edited - Take a Closer Look at This Brady Bunch Blooper!


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  • Remember Him This Is Why Hes No Longer an Actor


    People quit acting for many reasons. Perhaps they're done with their time in the spotlight and they want to live a more private life. Perhaps they are no longer passionate about acting, and they want to move on to something else in their career. In the worse cases, actors stop acting because they passed away or died. In this video, we'll take a look at many of the actors who have stopped acting over the years. These include actors who stopped acting because they died, as well as many actors who quit even though they are alive and well. Enjoy!
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  • Laserdisc: An Introduction


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    Laserdisc seems to get a lot of retro cred these days. It gets featured as a technical oddity, but from today’s perspective, it might seem strange that it didn’t become the de-facto standard. Boasting many of the same features as the modern DVD, you would think it couldn’t possibly have received the cold reception it did. In this series of videos, we’ll find out why.

    Here's a link to the entire playlist on Laserdisc:

    This channel is supported by people like you on Patreon. Patrons of the channel have allowed me to spend more time making videos like this. If you’re interested in helping out, please give my Patreon page a look. Thanks for your consideration.

    The image of the film strip with analog audio only is in the public domain. I forgot to add that as an image credit on-screen.

    Some sources!
    The 1958 date appears to come from Gregg's on recollection. These sources suggest as such, anyway: (thanks to Today I Found Out for curating these links, though as you'll see in the next video their assessment of the Laserdisc situation isn't quite that nuanced)

    aaand... some of the patent sources

    Thank you to the following Patrons!
    Charlie Quigley, Tommi Hares, Tomas, Dakota Williams, Chuck Floyd, Eitan Tal, Callum Brieske, Paul Fisher, Stephen Vrazel, Applied Science, peter ford, Sophie Haskins, James Id, Brendan Sheehy, Jay Foreman, Howard Longden, Rich Theobald, Kyle Olson, Bryan Reid, Quinton Wilson, Jeremy DeGuzman, Sean Spark, Lucas Hartbarger, Taylor Cuzela, twiglet, David Lastres, Granger Meador, Jeremy Kitchen, Jason Wellband, Shane Belaire, Paul Emmerich, Sam Hodge, Matthew Rossi, Paul Craigie, Paul Williams, Tyler, Gerald Monaco, Kelly Rose, Tab Patterson, Jason Weathered, Sergey Kiselev, h.drew foy, Roger Beal, Gantradies, Chris Hartl, Steve Stone, Brian G. Shacklett, Colton Aubrey Hooke, Paul Mills, Christopher Luna, Kotanu, Brendan Terrett, Tiago Pereira dos Santos silva From Porto, Portugal, Techmoan, Mike Mason, Clara Latter, Elijah Reeds, Christopher Jett, Justin Talbot, Francisco Vogliotti, Steven Metcalf, Verysofisticated, Lolucoca, Matt Standish, John McLusky, Ashleigh R, Stephen Bell, Logan Beenken, Örn Arnarson, Eric Wood, Stephen Pick, BlancoGrande, Matthew Giraitis, James Ryan, Robert Joscelyne, Ellis M. Eisen, Francis Fisher, Kedar Deshpande, Boris, Bill Basch, Lukas Komischke, Dave Anderson, Felix Freiberger, Dane Peterson, Brent LaRowe, Aerospyke, Kiera Cox, Hunter Schwisow, Logan Kriete, RafaÅ‚ Wiosna, Adam D. Ruppe, Audin Malmin, Eric Hansen, Noah McCann, Jason R Scheuren, Rufo Sanchez, Bjørn Vegar Torseth, Yaniv, André

  • Movies on Vinyl - VHD The forgotten 1980s Videodisc


    Follow ups - VHD in the UK:
    VHD in the USA:
    You may have owned a LaserDisc or even a CED system...but the odds are that you've never seen a VHD. It's time to put that right with this comprehensive look at the third videodisc system of the eighties.

    My previous video all about CED -

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    Special thanks to Jerobeam Fenderson for the intro animation.

    ---MORE MUPPETS----
    If you like the muppet outros - they are all collected in this playlist:


    Q) What's that google translation app called
    A) Google Translate

    Revenge of the Jedi
    (Insert Comic Book Guy Voice here)...Well actually George Lucas originally called 'Return of the Jedi' 'Revenge of the Jedi' but changed the name at the last minute as revenge didn't sound like something a Jedi would do.

    (Reply) Yep...that's why I mentioned it - I just thought it was an interesting fact worth sharing that (according to the label on this disc) it appears the film was still known as 'Revenge' in Japan despite the name change.

    Volume Large Dog -
    Thanks to helpful Japanese fluent viewers - it seems that the translation app mis-read the symbol for Big as Dog
    犬 = Dog
    大 = Big

    Thanks again to these clever people in the comments - the text on side two of the disc that was blank and inaccurately translated to from been no, actually says Shuuroku sarete orimasen, meaning No recording

    Star Wars (again) - back to the Comic Book Guy voice...
    'Well actually you can only see Star Wars in it's un-ruined original version on LaserDisc and VHD, so when you say that these formats aren't really worth watching any more you couldn't be any more wrongerer actually.
    A) I'll let you in on the secret (that any true Star Wars fan should already know)...Look up Harmy's Despecialized - now That is the best way to see the original unchanged Star Wars...not in a 250 line low-res washed out 4:3 crop with Japanese subtitles.

    Q) Whats on the blank side of the disc?
    A) Interesting fact (but not interesting enough for me to include in the video despite shooting it)...the end of the caddy that goes in the machine has a series of notches on it that tells the machine what way up the caddy is and whether it contains a single or double sided discs.
    So if you get a disc like the magazine that only has one side, the machine refuses to let you insert side B. Also the machine will not let you put a disc back in the caddy the wrong way up, it only ejects when the caddy is the right way up.
    Like I said, not interesting enough for the video, but still a neat system. In comparison the RCA CED had no caddy orientation system so you could mess things up royally if you really wanted to.

    (Comment) Those monitors aren't cheap.
    A) I must have got lucky - mine cost about £100
    (C) Blimey that's not cheap
    A) It is compared to the original price

    A) A lot of movies of this period were shot open matte in Super 35. They were cropped to a widescreen format to be shown in the cinema and then when shown on 4:3 TV screens, they often used the full open-matte frame which revealed more footage at the top and the bottom of the frame. So both versions are right, neither is wrong. Each serves a purpose. It's just that nowadays most of these old films will only be shown in their cropped versions given the proliferation of 16:9 screens in the home.

    If you want to see some footage from the interactive VHD titles, just search for MSX VHD on YouTube...but here's one example

    If you want to see a capture of the Rainbow Disc animation

    and here's a short clip from Starview HCT-5808

  • Retro Review: Sony Mini Disc Info, History, And Teardown


    Retro Review: Sony Mini Disc Info, History, And Teardown

    The MiniDisc (MD) is a magneto-optical disc-based data storage device offering a capacity of 74 minutes and, later, 80 minutes, of digitized audio or 1 gigabyte of Hi-MD data. The Sony brand audio players were on the market from September 1992 until March 2013.

    MiniDisc was announced by Sony in September 1992 and released that November for sale in Japan and in December in Europe, Canada, the USA and other countries .[2] The music format was originally based exclusively on ATRAC audio data compression, but the option of linear PCM digital recording was later introduced to attain audio quality comparable to that of a compact disc. MiniDiscs were very popular in Japan but made a limited impact elsewhere.

    Sony announced they would cease development of MD devices, with the last of the players sold by March 2013.

  • The music format war - A look at commonly available music media


    Exactly as it says on the tin! I discuss vinyl (of course!) , cassette, CD, downloads, DCC and minidisk.

  • .NET Conf: Focus on Xamarin - Live Stream


    .NET Conf: Focus on Xamarin is a free, one-day livestream event that features speakers from the community and .NET product teams that are working on building native mobile apps with Xamarin technology! Xamarin lets you build native mobile apps for Android and iOS with C# instead of Java and Swift.

    Full agend:

    #Xamarin #XamarinForms #DotNet

  • Add or Remove Security Tab from Properties Windows


    This video will show you how to add or remove the Security tab from folder or file properties.

  • LIVE Q&A! Answering Your Questions about the Blackmagic ATEM Mini PRO


    Today we experimented with getting key/fill graphics out from the Hyperdeck Studio Mini! Let's talk about all the new features in the ATEM Mini Pro ISO and the ATEM Streaming Bridge!

    Bring your questions about the ATEM Mini, related gear, livestreaming on a budget, or any other video production topics!


    0:00 Preroll
    1:07 Show Start
    4:43 Hyperdeck fan replacement
    10:48 Desk tour
    13:33 Q&A
    34:50 Hyperdeck key/fill animations
    40:30 Q&A
    1:07:35 Giveaway sneak peek
    1:11:13 End


    Buy the ATEM Mini Pro ISO!

    Buy the ATEM Streaming Bridge!

    Hyperdeck Studio Mini

    YouTube Chat Map

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    Decimator MD-HX

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    What is the ATEM Mini? Check out my other videos!

    • ATEM Mini Pro overview:
    • How to unlock the secret pro features:
    • How to add titles and graphics with the ATEM Mini


    Many external links to products on this YouTube channel are affiliate links. Links were current at time of posting. There is no additional cost to buyers if they purchase products using these links and those purchases help me continue to create free content on this channel!

    Music by Breakmaster Cylinder and Aaron Parecki

  • DevOps Tutorial for Beginners | Learn DevOps in 7 Hours - Full Course | DevOps Training | Edureka


    ???? Edureka DevOps Training (Use Code ????????????????????????????????????):
    This Edureka DevOps Tutorial for Beginners will help you learn DevOps concepts and DevOps tools with examples and demos. You will understand how a DevOps pipeline can be imagined for existing infrastructure. Furthermore, it will cover different DevOps tools & phases. Below are the topics covered in this Full Course DevOps Tutorial for Beginners:

    00:00 Introduction
    2:06 Waterfall Model
    3:35 Limitations of Waterfall Model
    6:39 Agile Methodology
    7:32 Waterfall vs Agile
    8:20 Limitation of Agile Methodology
    11:21 What is DevOps?
    13:06 DevOps Stages
    17:02 Source Code Management
    21:40 Introduction to Git
    23:50 Basic Git Commands
    28:50 Continuous Integration
    30:19 Continuous Delivery
    31:33 Continuous Deployment
    34:06 Jenkins Demo
    35:44 Configuration Management
    41:56 Containerization
    45:15 Docker Demo
    47:38 Continuous Monitoring
    49:28 Introduction to Nagios
    51:53 DevOps Use-Case
    1:00:27 Git & GitHub
    1:01:21 Version Control System
    1:03:43 Why Version Control?
    1:04:08 Collaboration
    1:05:56 Storing Versions
    1:08:06 Backup
    1:09:57 Analyze
    1:10:54 Version Control Tools
    1:13:04 Git & GitHub
    1:17:06 GitHub Case Study
    1:20:33 What is Git?
    1:21:33 Features of Git
    1:32:42 What is a Repository?
    1:33:26 Central & Local Repository
    1:35:15 Git Operations & Commands
    1:36:00 Creating Repositories
    1:43:32 Syncing Repositories
    1:47:22 Making Changes
    1:56:12 Parallel Development
    1:56:25 Branching
    2:01:00 Merging
    2:06:35 Rebasing
    2:20:36 Git Flow
    2:27:04 Continuous Integration using Jenkins
    2:27:44 Process Before Continuous Integration
    2:28:29 Problem Before Continuous Integration
    2:33:27 What is Continuous Integration?
    2:34:09 Continuous Integration Case Study
    2:36:48 What is Jenkins?
    2:36:58 Jenkins Plugins
    2:39:52 Jenkins Example
    2:52:39 Shortcomings of Single Jenkins Server
    2:53:19 Jenkins Distributed Architecture
    2:56:50 Introduction to Docker
    2:57:39 Why we need Docker
    3:01:39 What is Docker?
    3:05:30 Docker Case Study
    3:08:50 Docker Registry
    3:10:22 Docker Image & Containers
    3:14:33 Docker Compose
    3:21:14 Kubernetes
    3:21:14 Kubernetes Installation
    3:48:35 Introduction to Kubernetes
    3:55:20 Kubernetes: Container Management Tool
    3:57:44 Kubernetes Features
    4:01:40 Uncovering Myths About Kubernetes
    4:07:06 Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm
    4:12:09 Kubernetes Use-Case: Pokemon Go
    4:18:42 Kubernetes Architecture
    4:20:15 Working of Kubernetes
    4:21:40 Kubernetes Hands-on
    4:52:06 Ansible
    4:53:03 Configuration Management
    4:54:42 Why Configuration Management
    5:03:30 Configuration Management Tools
    5:04:17 What is Ansible?
    5:04:48 Features of Ansible
    5:06:32 Ansible Case Study: NASA
    5:13:32 Ansible Architecture
    5:17:05 Writing a Playbook
    5:18:37 Ansible Playbook Example
    5:20:12 How to use Ansible?
    5:28:53 Ansible Hands-on
    5:48:23 Introduction to Puppet
    5:49:07 Why Configuration Management?
    5:53:06 What is Configuration Management?
    5:55:22 Configuration Management Components
    5:56:39 Configuration Management Tools
    5:57:07 What is Puppet?
    5:57:55 Puppet Master-Slave Architecture
    5:59:33 Puppet Master Slave Connection
    6:03:46 Puppet Use-Case
    6:05:20 Resources, Classes, Manifests & Modules
    6:21:01 Continuous Monitoring using Nagios
    6:21:36 Why Continuous Monitoring?
    6:25:36 What is Continuous Monitoring?
    6:29:35 Continuous Monitoring Tools
    6:30:07 What is Nagios?
    6:31:43 Nagios Features
    6:32:26 Nagios Architecture
    6:35:24 Monitoring Remote Linux Hosts
    6:37:15 Nagios Case Study
    6:33:26 Nagios Demo

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  • 6 Truths You Need to Know After Youve Been Cheated On


    Been betrayed? Are you struggling to move on? Here are 6 things you need to know!

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  • shocking football chats you surely ignored #5


    shocking football chats you surely ignored #5

    This video is part 5 on shocking conversations on the football pitch between professional players which you have may not seen before. This includes famous players like Edinson Cavani, Paul pogba, Lionel Messi and many more

    Which one was your favourite?
    Video Produced by: Technically Football
    Software used: VSDC Flash-Integro
    Computer used: HP TPN-C126
    ???? WHO AM I:
    I am a passionate 18 year old video editor with a huge passion for Football. I started this channel back in 2016 and hope to continue making videos for you for as long as possible. I am grateful to have the opportunity to use YouTube as the platform to share my journey with you.
    I hope you enjoy as much as I do.
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    � Technically Football

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  • How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password | No software | Free | Bangla


    Reset Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password For Free

    If you have lost or forgot your windows 10 password to login to windows, then this video is for you. I will show you a real easy way to reset or clear the forgotten password.

    #reset_windows_password #reset_password

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  • 5 Indian Cricketers Who Did Not Deserve To Be In The National Team_Naarad TV Cricket Series


    #cricket #Naarad_TV #naarad_tv_cricket_series
    Indian cricket produced some sheer talented cricketers that received applauds from across the globe. A country with 1.16 billion people that follows cricket quite religiously had the honour to have players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli in their arsenal. The list holds a total of 231 cricketers, who donned Indian jersey for at least once in their professional cricketing career.

    It is an accepted fact that the journey of being an international cricketer isn’t an easy path. Any player works hard on the cricket field for many years in a wish to get a call up from their national side. And, picking cricket as a career is sought as a risky decision in India due to several reasons. It is the ultimate dream to get a break into international cricket in a country 1.16 billion people where competition to get one berth among Playing XI is always at its peak.
    Here are the five players who never deserved to be part of the national team:
    1. VRV Singh-
    VRV Singh, the right-handed fast bowler from Punjab made his debut for Team India back in 2006 against England. He played two ODI games in which he went wicketless and gave away runs at an economy of 8.25. He was not as special as other bowlers in the team at that time. Moreover, his stats were quite normal in domestic cricket. Even many other bowlers were there, who were performing tremendously well for their state team but they never got a call up from the national selectors.

    He never looked impressive with the ball during his time with Team India. The batsmen used to smack him across the park with no hesitation. At that time when T20 cricket was in its early phase. a bowler giving runs at an economy of 8.25 speaks a lot about his bowling. It is appreciated that it takes lots of effort to reach that level but he was nowhere near an international-level material.

    Later on, he made his debut in Test cricket in which he managed to grab only five wickets in eight games. The interesting thing about his wicket tally is that the majority wickets that he took in international cricket were of tailenders. He never looked like a bowler that can represent Team India in international cricket. Soon, he sustained an injury that forced him out of the team and in March 2019 he bid adieu to international cricket.
    2. Sudeep Tyagi-
    Sudeep Tyagi is an Indian international cricketer. He is a right arm fast-medium bowler and a right-handed lower order batsman. In first class cricket, he plays for Uttar Pradesh. In the Indian Premier League, he represented Chennai Super Kings.
    3. Manpreet Gony-
    Manpreet Singh Gony is a former Indian cricketer. He is a right-arm medium pace bowler and right-hand middle order batsman. He is married to Manpreet Kaur and has son Ranveer Singh Grewal and daughter Geevan Grewal.
    4.M. S. K. Prasad-
    Mannava Sri Kanth Prasad is a retired Indian cricketer. He was most recently the chief selector of the Indian National Cricket Team and lead the selection of the Indian team for the 2019 Cricket World Cup. He was a right-handed batsman and a wicketkeeper.
    5.Gurkeerat Singh-
    Gurkeerat Singh Mann is an Indian cricketer who plays as a lower-order batsman for Punjab in domestic cricket. A right-handed batsman and off break bowler, he is a member of the Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL and a regular in India A team.
    Naarad TV यूट्यूब चैनल पर स्वागत है. यहां आपको मिलेगी लेटेस्ट खबर, पॉलिटिकल उठापटक, मनोरंजन की दुनिया, खेल-खिलाड़ी, सोशल मीडिया का वायरल रायता, फिल्म रिव्यू, खास मुद्दों पर माथापच्ची और बहुत कुछ. हिंदी में धड़ाधड़ खबरों, एक्सक्लूसिव वीडियोज़ और कुछ रोचक जानकारियों के लिए जुड़े रहो Naarad TV के साथ. जड़ से जहाँ तक......
    Welcome to Naarad TV YouTube Channel. Naarad TV channel is all about Latest News, politics news, entertainment news, sports news, social media news, movie reviews, opinion news and more.

    Stay tuned for all the trending news in Hindi, exclusive videos and celebrity interviews.
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    Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.”

  • Its Time to Disappear Cables


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    Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

    0:00 Intro
    1:12 Wireless History
    2:14 PeakDo
    4:16 1080p 60Hz
    6:14 Signal Interference
    7:30 25m Test
    9:49 Product Info
    12:20 Outro

  • Deep Dive w/Scott: displayio overview, ESP32-S2 UF2, flash sizes and USB PIDs #adafruit


    Join Scott as he discusses displayio, ESP32-S2 UF2 support, flash sizes and USB PIDs. Next week's stream will be on Thursday after JP's workshop!

    3:52 Intro, smoke and cat update
    17:11 Question about displayio which leads to lots of CircuitPython overview down into displayio. Also included byte code and VM discussion.
    1:43:33 USB VID/PID discussion. How to get a PID for use in CircuitPython.
    2:02:42 Discussion of UF2 bootloader on ESP32-S2
    2:23:00 Brief deep sleep discussion

    2:28:12 Discussion of prototyping with lots of pins

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  • 15 Command Prompt Secrets and Tricks in Windows



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    Here we have several cool tricks and commands for the Windows command prompt that you might not have known about before. Everything from customizing the actual command text itself, to hidden shortcuts for using previous commands, and even outputting the results to the clipboard or a file. Some of these even I only found out about recently!


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    #Windows #Technology #Tech

  • ZXNext -Beginners Series Part 1-Tutorial How To Set Up VSCode Development Environment Windows/CSpect


    In this video I cover ZX Next Game Development using VSCode as our IDE/Code Editor for writing ZX Spectrum Next games in Z80 assembly language (Z80n Extended Instruction Set (ie. Nextreg)). Assembling/Compiling the code using sjasmPlus, and copying it to our ZX NextOS virtual SD Card image.
    We then run the empty example project using CSpect ZX Next emulator

    The next session will be about using the sprite hardware to draw a couple of small 256-colour sprites to the screen.

  • How To Automatically Record Phone Calls On Android Cube ACR Call Recooder App Urdu/Hindi


    You can Download from here

    You can Download from here

    Best Call Recorder App for Android
    Cube call recorder ACR automatically records cellular phone calls and VoIP conversations.

    Smart Call Recorder for all VoIP Services
    Cube ACR call recorder enables you to capture cellular phone calls, record WhatsApp calls and conversations in other VoIP apps and messengers, like Viber, Telegram, Skype, Line, WeChat and many more!

    Great recording quality
    Record both sides of the conversations in the best possible quality with Cube ACR smart call recorder. Select from multiple recording options and sources to find the one that suits you best.

    Stable and reliable
    Frequent updates and improvements in ensure that all your calls will be recorded via Cube call recorder ACR, no matter what.

    Solutions for Business
    We at Cube ACR call recorder are open to collaborations and business offers
    Cloud backup
    Save and share your recordings via Google Drive or email

    Silent mode
    Hide the Cube ACR recording widget and the app

    See where calls took place on a map

    Mark important parts of a conversation

    Smart clean
    Auto-remove old recordings to free up space

    Data Security
    Secure Cube ACR app recordings with a PIN-lock

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    How To Automatically Record Phone Calls On Android Cube ACR Call Recooder App Urdu/Hindi

    Zoom Meeting important settings everyone should know Urdu/Hindi

    How to Use Snipping Tool Urdu/Hindi

    How to take Screenshots on PC Urdu/Hindi

    Listen your all messages on pc and mobile phones

    How To Enable Custom URL For Youtube Channel Urdu/Hindi

    How To Install Urdu Phonetic Keyboard in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Urdu / Hindi

    Use Phone's Camera as a Webcam Urdu/Hindi

    How to change Gmail account name, profile picture and password urdu/hindi

    Change gmail account name, profile picture, password urdu/hindi

    Create new Gmail account, Gmail sign up, Gmail login on mobile phones and tablet urdu/hindi

    Create new Gmail account, Gmail sign up, Gmail login on Deskop pc or Laptop pc urdu/hindi

    The Flying Carpet Level 8 Oxford Reading Tree -kids story book -Children's Books Read Aloud Part 1/2

    The Flying Carpet Level 8 Oxford Reading Tree -kids story book -Children's Books Read Aloud Part 2/2

    NOUNS - Basic English Grammar - What is a NOUN? - Types of Nouns - Examples of Nouns - Common/Proper

    English for Beginners: Countable, Uncountable & Collective Nouns

    English for Beginners: Compound noun, Concrete & Abstract Nouns

  • THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - Hannibal Lecter By Thomas Harris - Audiobook 【AUDIOBOOKS & PODCASTS】


    THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - Hannibal Lecter by Thomas Harris - Audiobook 【AUDIOBOOKS & PODCASTS】

    The Silence of the Lambs is a psychological horror novel by Thomas Harris. First published in 1988, it is the sequel to Harris's 1981 novel Red Dragon. Both novels feature the cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter, this time pitted against FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling. Its film adaptation directed by Jonathan Demme was released in 1991 to widespread critical acclaim and box office success. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture.



    THANK YOU! ????

    #SilenceOfTheLambs #ClariceStarling #DrHannibalLecter #Audiobook

  • 15 Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go


    These days everybody is under pressure, enough to turn coal into diamonds, to look good. But none know that pressure more than celebrities: their every wrinkle is obsessed over. But while some celebs have spent a fortune keeping themselves looking young, others have gone the other direction- letting the years ‘do their thing.’ These are the ones who went from diamonds to coal. These are famous people who seriously let themselves go!

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  • Minidisc Update Sony MD 80 vs Basic 80 & NOS Sony HiMD 1GB


    This video is an appendum to my last video here:

    Minidisc on Wikipedia:

  • Lets Fix: Tale of a Sad Sony MZ-N707 Portable Minidisc Recorder


    My buddy Chad sent me his well used and loved MZ-N707 to repair. It will turn on but wont play discs, so let's get right into trying to get this little guy fixed so he can continue using it. What's really cool is Chad is a musical artist and still uses MD's to this day to record and produce music! Hopefully I didn't bite off more than I can chew this time ...


    I've posted a link for Ebay purchase referrals. If you use the link below then I get a small kickback from your purchase (it will cost you nothing, I just get paid for referring customers).

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  • Minidisc Sony S41#6


    Vídeo para vender no ML

  • UMD Video- DVD in your pocket, in 2004.


    UMD Video is such a fascinating format to me. Full-length DVD-quality movies in your pocket, at a time when smartphones either didn't exist or hadn't caught on yet. I dunno what it is about UMD Video that makes it so appealing to me, probably just the novelty of tiny discs or having a handheld use discs at all, but I just feel it doesn't get enough love.

    I hope you enjoy this video as I put a lot of effort into it and it's one of my best videos yet.

    Wipeout Pure gameplay-

    Capture card I used for this video-

    Thanks to MistR for helping me with the thumbnail, especially adding the UMD logo to it. I couldn't figure out how to do that myself.

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  • Vinyl-Disc - Vinyl & CD combined


    Fuse a record with a Compact Disc and you get Vinyl-Disc an unusual format from 2007. Introduced by the record label owned by the bloke who discovered Right Said Fred and popularised Crazy could it possibly fail?

    Verbatim Vinyl CD-R shown are available from
    Amazon UK:
    Amazon US:

    Guardian Article on Vinyl-Disc from 2007

    Vinyl-disc on Wikipedia

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    Q) Something about dust or fingerprints or fingernails or hands
    A) Don't worry about this, it's not important.

    Q) Do you have a cold
    A) No I have a permanent medical condition

    Q) You said 33rpm, don't you mean 33 1/3 rpm
    A) Sigh

    Q) I don't want to buy one of those...they are stupid
    A) Don't worry, it's very unlikely you will stumble across one of these old discs by accident or be forced to purchase one though some sort of government enforced programme.

    Q) This looks like a gimmick
    A) It was a gimmick, the guy selling them said it was a gimmick in the newspaper clipping shown..nothing wrong with that. Just like picture discs, coloured vinyl, 3D covers, or performers wearing tartan, or with mop-top haircuts or pointy gold bras. . gimmicks sell music, it's how popular music works.

    Q) Hey have you heard of a turntable that reads records with a laser...are you ever going to review one?
    A) Yes, for some reason this gets mentioned on every vinyl video and I always answer with this.... The ELC Laser Turntable is still on sale ..its costs over 8000 dollars for the cheaper model, plus postage, plus import duty from Japan. Apparently it can only work with black vinyl, no coloured discs or picture discs, and any kind of dust causes a drop out. It's not for me...I'll never review one. It seems to be a bit of a joke in the vinyl turntable industry and no one has anything good to say about it. Apparently reliability is very poor.

    Q) Did you know you can adjust the point at which an automatic turntable returns.
    A) Yes..this is not my first rodeo...but I have no intention of adjusting my turntable just so it can play one disc that I don't like, at the expense of the hundreds of discs I do.

    Q) Didn't the group 'Justice' do this on their recent album 'Woman'
    A) Apparently there were a very limited number of promo copies that included a vinyl-CD... but this was not included in the regular version of this album sold in the stores. I bought it when it came out last year and was a tad disappointed by this. Their album is still good though.

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  • ???? A.I. Editing software Are you Adapting to the coming change? Q&A 1080 HD : MrCameraJunkie


    Luminar A.I. editing software Are you using the news A.I.? We discuss this and more as I answer your questions live
    We hang out as I answer your questions, and we all get to know each other a little bit better.
    Join in on the Q&A about Cameras, Lenses, Lighting, and everything Photography/Video and YouTube itself.
    See you there!
    MrCameraJunkie Live Q&A
    The conversation is open to everything regarding Cameras, Lenses, Vintage Lenses, Lighting, Photography, Video, Editing, Programs, Computers, Grip, and Much more!
    Join the live chat to get your questions answered.
    We look up Gear together over the internet.
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  • BxJS Weekly Ep. 100 - Feb 8, 2020 + AMA


    This is a weekly javascript podcast delivering you all the best javascript news of the week.
    You can find all mentioned links here:

    Timestamps for news (huge thanks to SOLVM):

    Getting started:

    1:01 - The CSS Cascade or, How browsers resolve competing CSS styles
    2:09 - Why the TypeScript team is using Gatsby for its new website
    3:08 - Understanding the ECMAScript spec, part 1

    Articles & News:

    4:20 - :exploding_head: Building your first Neuro App with React
    9:50 - Old CSS, new CSS
    14:30 - A new technique for making responsive, JavaScript-free charts

    Tips, tricks & bit-sized awesomeness:

    16:50 - Expanding the Attack Surface: React Native Android Applications
    18:29 - Report: What’s New in ECMAScript and JavaScript for 2020
    19:30 - ECMAScript proposal: BigDecimal advances to Stage 1
    20:07 - HTML’s q element
    20:50 - TIL about the CSS media query prefers-reduced-data
    21:40 - React Libraries in 2020


    22:28 - Electron 8.0.0
    23:23 - IxJS v3.0
    24:12 - React Navigation 5.0
    24:52 - VS Code v1.42
    26:50 - Angular 9
    27:47 - Chrome 80
    28:40 - TypeScript 3.8 RC
    29:19 - Node.js security releases

    Libs & demos:

    30:11 - size-limit
    30:40 - node-notifier
    31:24 - gltfjsx
    33:00 - owl
    34:04 - tempe
    34:37 - baretest
    35:20 - defu
    35:55 - vendure

    Interesting & silly stuff:

    36:47 - The Missing Semester of Your CS Education

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  • CircuitPython Weekly for April 6th, 2020 @circuitpython #circuitpython #adafruit


    Notes document for this meeting can be found here:

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  • Building an ecosystem as a service: how to stop suffering from “that code is meant to be forked”


    by Thomas Debesse

    At: MiniDebConf Online #2 Gaming Edition

    Earlier idTech engines were well known to have seen their source code opened when they were replaced and thus unprofitable. While this was a huge benefit for the mankind, game developers still suffer today with design choices and mindset induced from the fact such code base was meant to die. 20 years later we will focus on idTech3 heritage, how both the market, open source communities and game development practices evolved, and embark in the journey of the required transition from dead code dump to an ecosystem as a service.

    Room: Main
    Scheduled start: 2020-11-22 19:30:00

  • The state of bluetooth, Linux & pulsesudio in 2019.


    its 2019 and each time I try to use bluetooth it does not just work. especially not with pulseaudio on linux:-/ #Ad: Verilog books @Amazon: You can support my work at:



    ► Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition Is now out meaning players all over the world are getting to experience Bedrock for the first time however some aren't enjoying their first experiences due to a bug that is plaguing the community not allowing you to sign into your Microsoft account today we are showing a fix for the bug, enjoy!

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