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SpaceX Starship SN10 High Altitude Test Flight Live Stream - Third Time's The Charm!

  • Big battle Buffalo vs Lion || Who is the most powerful and powerful in nature ? Subtitle


    Crocodile Attack Lion BEST Crocodile vs Lion Crocodile Hunting Fight Attack!

    Wish everyone have time to relax and have fun.
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    This camera is situated at a secluded waterhole and is set on the hide. It is completely solar powered due to the remote location of the waterhole. There is a borehole which replenishes the waterhole giving much needed water to the animals that frequent this area.
    This is a great camera for viewing the Big Five of Africa, lion, leopard, rhino (which we do not show), elephant and buffalo. Giraffe and a large variety of antelope, genets, squirrels, warthogs, Giant kingfisher as well as the woodlands kingfisher all converge at this key watering point.
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  • 12 Most Terrifying Bridges You Dont Want To Cross


    Some people have always been frightened of bridges. Gephyrophobia sufferers often try to avoid crossing bridges altogether, driving miles out of their way to avoid them. Of course, quite a few bridges can be rough experiences for those with acrophobia, as well.
    With some bridges, however, terror seems to be the only sensible response. Here, we look at 12 bridges that would turn anyone’s legs to jelly. Read on, but don’t look down.

    #Tallestbridge #worldsbiggest #top10

    Music : I Can Feel it Coming Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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