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Starship Begins Launch Attempts, Crew-1 Set For Splashdown | SpaceX in the News

  • The Incredible Wolves Of Americas Mountains | Wild America | Real Wild


    The U.S is home to some of the world's most incredible wildlife. Today we join the packs of some of America's most notorious creatures and discover how these amazing animals survive and thrive.

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    Content licensed by Monarch to Little Dot Studios.

    This episode of Wild America was originally published in 1979.

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    #RealWild #Documentary #WildAmerica

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  • NASA Will Spend $2,941,394,557 On SpaceXs Massive Lunar Starship Lander!!!


    Many people were surprised yesterday when news leaked that NASA was awarding all the funding from the Artemis Human Landing System program to SpaceX with its massive Lunar Starship project. SpaceX's price tag is about $2.9 billion with a commitment to fund half of it themselves. While most space watchers could see why SpaceX had made it to the final round most of us didn't expect it to be the only choice because it was so unlike what NASA was asking for.
    However the HLS program only got 1/3 of the money it needed from Congress and with time marching on NASA had to make a decision and the only option with a price tag that fit was SpaceX.

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