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Steve Ballmer Sells CS50

  • Steve Ballmer Sells CS50


    How much do YOU think this is worth? Cf.

  • CS50 Lecture by Steve Ballmer


    Microsoft's own Steve Ballmer '77 joins CS50 for a guest lecture on his time at Harvard and Microsoft and takes questions from students.

  • This is CS50 with Steve Ballmer?


    Steve Ballmer takes the helm of Harvard University's CS50.

  • PASSION: ~ Steve Ballmer speaking in Harvard CS50 Lecture 2014


    Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates Right-Hand and One-Time CEO of MicroSoft speaks on PASSION. Speaking in the CS50 Lecture of the lessons he learned by majoring in Extracurricular Activities in Harvard.

  • CS50 – Decoding Harvards Most Popular Class


    The Crimson explores the university's most enrolled class, Computer Science 50, and the force behind it, Prof. David J. Malan.

  • CS50 Live, Episode 007


    A programmable robot. The CEO of YouTube. A bug in Internet Explorer. The worst video game ever. And a trip to Valve Software.

  • CS50 and Quora Present: Preparation and Practice for Technical Interviews 2017


    A workshop by CS50's own Tommy MacWilliam '13 and Jelle Zijlstra '13, now at Quora.


    How do I prepare for a software engineering job interview?

    Cracking the Coding Interview

    Cracking the PM Interview

  • CS50x Miami Success Story: Arturo Real


    Arturo Real tells his story about how CS50xMiami at The Idea Center started his career at Harvard.

    CS50x Miami partnered with Harvard University and LaunchCode to bring the rigor and breadth of Harvard’s popular CS50 course to South Florida. This free, in-person course introduces you to the vast world of coding and launches your dream career in the tech world.

    For more information go to the website:

    The main The Idea Center website:



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    ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. It has been established for 189 years, aiming to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.

  • Our Nation, in Numbers | Steve Ballmer | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue


    Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, LA Clippers owner, and proud numbers guy, makes the case for looking under the hood at the data to better understand government. He previews USAFacts, a new initiative aimed at making government data more accessible and understandable. How well do you know the numbers behind government? Sign up at to find out.

    Steve Ballmer is co-founder and co-CEO of the Ballmer Group and owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Ballmer retired as CEO of Microsoft in 2014 after 34 years at the company. The Ballmer Group’s philanthropic arm focuses on bettering outcomes for children and families in need and helping reduce the cycle of intergenerational poverty in America. Steve also leads USAFacts, a civics project seeking to ground political discussion in facts through presenting comprehensive, comprehensible, nonpartisan data about government activities. Ballmer earned an A.B. in mathematics and economics from Harvard, worked at Procter & Gamble, and attended Stanford’s Graduate School of Business before joining Microsoft as its first business manager. He lives with his wife, Connie, and children in Washington.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  • Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on taking over the LA Clippers


    Ballmer recently purchased the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion after Donald Sterling was forced to sell the team for making racist remarks. That is three times more than anyone else has payed for an NBA franchise. Ballmer, a former Microsoft CEO and the company's biggest shareholder, joins CBS This Morning to discuss the team.

  • This was CS50 2015


    A look back at Fall 2015 at Harvard and Yale.

  • Steve Balmer selling you Windows 1.0


    Watch in agony as Steve Balmer attemps to sell you Windows 1.0


  • This was CS50 2018


    by Connor Doyle et al.

  • CS50 Staff 2014


    Memories and advice from the 2014 CS50 staff.

  • This is CS50 AP


    CS50 AP is a free adaptation of Harvard University's CS50 for high schools that satisfies the new AP CS Principles curriculum framework.

  • Steve Ballmer sells Microsoft 1.0! 50% Speed version


    for the lawlz

  • Shooting CS50 for MBAs, Cloud Computing, behind the scenes...


  • Steve Ballmer sells windows1 0 2


  • This was CS50 2013


  • Steve Ballmer crying on stage during his last speech at Microsoft


    Steve Ballmer crying on stage during his last speech at Microsoft


  • Steve Ballmer Sells Linux


  • CS50 Field Trip to Google


    CS50 chats with Google about developing software in the real world.

  • CS50 Staff 2015


    Apply to join CS50's team at!

  • CS50 Stories - Miami


    This is CS50x Miami.

  • CS50 AP 2017 Congratulations


  • Leopoly - How Steve Ballmer would sell 3D


  • CS50 2012 / Week 6, continued


    File I/O. Linked lists. Stacks. Queues. Hash tables. Trees. Binary search trees. Tries.

  • CS50 Things at Hawkins National Laboratory


    This is CS50 at Hawkins National Laboratory, by CS50's own Connor Doyle.

  • Mark Zuckerbergs course of the CS50


  • steve ballmer will rock you


    or not

  • This is CS50


    Creative vibe colors enormous CS 50 innovation fair

  • Steve Ballmer: Righting the Ship


    The Clippers' new owner on his brash style, the team's culture change and why his $2 billion is money well-spent.

  • YTP: Steve Ballmer Sells a Broken Windows


    Looks Like Steve Ballmer is selling a broken Windows and we went weird and crazy!
    Hope you enjoy the video please Like, Comment, and Subscribe!


  • Does Steve Ballmer remind you of anyone???


    Steve Ballmer New Clippers Owner

  • Im Gespräch mit Microsoft-Chef Steve Ballmer


    Steve Ballmer stand am 07.11.2013 im Audimax der Humboldt-Universität Rede und Antwort.
    Grußwort: Prof. Peter A. Frensch (Vizepräsident für Forschung der HU)
    Moderation: Prof. Johann-Christoph Freytag, Ph.D. (Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Datenbanken und Informationssysteme am Institut für Informatik der HU)

    Am 11. Juni 1980 wurde der US-Amerikaner Microsofts erster Manager; im Januar 2000 übernahm er die Geschicke des Soft- und Hardware-Herstellers von Bill Gates als CEO. Im August 2013 verkündete er seinen Rücktritt als Chef des Konzerns.

  • Microsoft presser, comments on takeover of Yahoo


    1. Wide exterior Aula Magna building on Catholic University of Louvain
    2. Mid exterior of entrance to building
    3. Close of sign reading Microsoft
    4. Wide interior of news conference with Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Ballmer, Wallonian region's Minister of Economy Jean-Claude Marcourt and Mons city Mayor Elio Di Rupo
    5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO:
    I am very confident that we've offered a very good price. And, there's not much new to say. We sent them a letter that says it's a good price, please let us know, if you don't, let us know, maybe your shareholders will think it's a good price. I like what we're doing in this case because everything we're saying privately we're also saying publicly, so there's not much new for me to say, I think, today.
    6. Cutaway journalists at news conference
    7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO:
    Yes, I do have a site on Facebook. I will tell you, it's hard to keep up, I get many friend requests from people I don't know. So I'm a little backlogged. I think there's a lot of new technologies, including social networks that are becoming important. We obviously value our partnership with Facebook.
    8. Cutaway of journalist at news conference
    9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO:
    Most retailers choose to sell them with Vista, most consumers choose to buy them with Vista. In the business environment, we still have customers who are buying PC's with XP; that tends to happen. IT departments have more of a job to think through in terms of the migration of their old machines to the new environment. All of our operating systems have hit an end of life at some point. XP will hit an end of life. We have announced one.
    10. Wide of news conference


    Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer told a news conference on Thursday that Microsoft's 44 (bn) billion US dollar offer to buy Yahoo was a very good price and that the company would reconsider its plans to stop selling the XP operating system.

    We sent them a letter that says it's a good price, please let us know, if you don't, let us know, maybe your shareholders will think it's a good price, he said.

    He also offered a glimmer of hope to fans of the XP operating system, saying the company may reconsider its decision to stop selling XP soon.

    But Ballmer was adamant that most consumers choose to buy them (computers) with Vista.

    Fans of the six-year-old operating system, which is set to be pulled off store shelves by June 30, have recently heavily campaigned over the internet with blog posts, cartoons and petitions.

    They emphasise its superiority to Windows Vista, Microsoft's latest PC operating system, whose consumer launch in January was greeted with lukewarm reviews.

    Ballmer said the customers buying PCs with XP are IT departments who are having trouble shifting old machines to newer technology.

    Some 160-thousand people already have signed an online 'Save XP Web' petition who want Microsoft to keep selling it until the next version of Windows is released, currently targeted for 2010.

    He refused to say if the company plans to appeal a fine of Euro 899 million (US$1.4 billion) that the European Union levied in February.

    Microsoft has until the first week of May to launch a legal challenge against the EU decision that it had not obeyed a 2004 antitrust order to share communications information with rivals.

    Joking with the media, Ballmer acknowledged that he finds it hard to keep up with social networking on the Facebook Web site.

    I do have a site on Facebook. I will tell you, it's hard to keep up, I get many friend requests from people I don't know. So I'm a little backlogged, he said.

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  • Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Lecturer Series-A Conversation with Steve Ballmer


    A Conversation with Steve Ballmer
    Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corporation
    October 14, 2010, 3:30pm
    Microsoft Atrium, Paul G. Allen Ctr for Computer Science & Engineering

  • This was CS50 2014


    A look back at Fall 2014 of Harvard's CS50.

  • This is CS50 2013


    By Daniel Citron

  • Funk50


    The CS50 staff's take on Uptown Funk.

  • CS50 2016 Quiz Review


  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Introduces Windows 8 | SDF2012


    서울디지털포럼을 두번째로 찾은 마이크로소프트 CEO 스티브 발머가 스마트폰과 태블릿, 클라우드와 내츄럴 유저 인터페이스가 가져오는 새로운 디지털 경험의 영향력에 대해 논의하고, 한국과 지구촌 사람들의 삶과 비즈니스에 어떤 새로운 기회를 제공할 지 제시한다. (+ 윈도우 8 시연)

    Speaking for the second time at SDF, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discusses the potential impact of new experiences brought by an array of technologies including smartphones, tablets, cloud computing and natural user interfaces. What would be resulting opportunities for people and businesses in Korea and around the world? (+ Windows 8 demo)

  • Steve Ballmer sells Helldows XP


    Scary G Major.

  • Steve Ballmer Says Social Media Cant Police the News


    Oct.09 -- Steve Ballmer, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and former Microsoft CEO, talks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang about the responsibilities of social networks.




  • hello, world


    This is CS50, Harvard University's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.

  • CS50 a Escala


  • The Search for Blockchain’s Killer d-App by Lisa Marrone of August Capital - CS50 Tech Talk


  • Behind the Cover: Steve Ballmers Game Plan for the L.A. Clippers


    See how Businessweek editors made this week's cover