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Strangest Things Found In The Universe - Best Videos Of 2020

  • 15 MOST Mysterious Space Discoveries


    Space is a mysterious place! Today we're taking a look at some of the most mysterious discoveries in outer space.

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  • 27 Facts That Will Make You Question Your Existence


    These 27 facts will blow your mind!


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  • 10 Most Scary SIGNALS From Space


    The most scary signals from space - analyzed. Over the past few decades scientists have come across various mysterious sounds emanating from the universe. Are these signals natural phenomena, or could there be something more to be explained.

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  • This NASA Satellite Just Detected Something Massive Between The Earth & Planet Venus


    This NASA satellite just detected something massive between the Earth & planet Venus. Today, we take a look at what this NASA satellite just discovered between the Earth and Venus.

    The National aeronautics and space administration has been the leader in space exploration. For years now their missions have helped us to better understand the cosmos, along with teaching humanity that space is the way forward, and that in the near future humans could become a spacefaring species.

    Every other day it seems that NASA are making incredible discoveries, and one of their most recent ones was that of Comet Leonard.

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  • Most Mysterious Things Found In Space


    Join us today on an interstellar voyage of discovery as we encounter the ten strangest things found in space.


    Imagery supplied via Getty Images

  • 10 MYSTERIOUS Things Astronauts Have Seen In Space | Space Discoveries


    Astronauts in space see many things. These space discoveries show ufo encounters with astronauts and weird things in space. NASA astronauts have dealt with many odd things in the past and there are more to come! Astronaut ufo encounters happen often! One space discovery after another, we are discovering more!

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  • 15 STRANGE CLOUDS seen around the world


    Strange clouds seen around the world. Are these clouds just a coincidence of nature, or is there something more to it? Here are 15 strange clouds.

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  • 12 Most Mysterious Places Scientists Still Cant Explain


    When it comes to life on Earth and human history, scientists and historians have some of the answers, but not all of them. They're great at their job, and they can reach grand conclusions based on tiny clues and pieces of evidence, but sometimes they encounter something that leaves them totally stumped. That's what today's video is about. These are the strange and wonderful places all over the world that are amazing to see, but impossible to understand even for a scientist!

  • TOP 10 SCARY Minecraft Seeds of ALL TIME #1


    Will you be able to discover all the secret scary Minecraft seeds? Uncover the top 10 scary Minecraft Seeds of all time starting with part 1
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    What is Minecraft?
    Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and designed by Swedish game designer Markus Notch Persson, and later fully developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft allow players to build with a variety of different cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.
    Multiple gameplay modes are available, including a survival mode where the player must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health, a creative mode where players have unlimited resources to build with and the ability to fly, an adventure mode where players can play custom maps created by other players, and a spectator mode where players can freely move throughout a world without being affected by gravity or collisions. The PC version of the game is noted for its modding scene, where users create new gameplay mec... Also multiope scary Minecraft sightings of Music disc 11 were heard while playing Minecraft. If you decide to play Minecraft alone on a scary Minecraft seed, watch out!

    Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  • 10 DUMBEST Things Billionaires Own


    10 DUMBEST Things Billionaires Own
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  • Top 10 Worlds STRANGEST MOST BIZARRE Musical Instruments Ever Invented VIDEOS


    The world's strangest most bizarre musical instruments ever invented. Like singing or playing the piano or the guitar, violin,drums or accordion? Check out these other musical instruments sounds.

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    Credits / Full videos in order of appearance:

    Theremin And Electric Kantele

    Super Mario Bros Theme on Musical Tesla Coils (Bobinas de Tesla)

    Best Beatbox Didgeridoo

    Simple Gifts on A Friction Harp

    Special musical instrument - Glass Harmonica

    Pyrophone Juggernaut

    Görkem Şen - Yaybahar

    Demonstration of 4-Row Janko Keyboard

    Mark White Chapman stick

    Triple Neck Harp Guitar 25 strings - 4 Instruments At Once - Amazing Instrument in Dubai !!!

  • Strange Phenomena Caught in the Sky On Camera


    There are some extremely strange phenomena caught in the sky on camera you’ll be amazed by. That’s right, here are the strangest phenomena in the sky caught on camera.
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  • 10 Space Photos That Will Give You Nightmares


    Space images can be scary. Space discoveries by the Hubble space telescope are made often. NASA focuses on finding new things within the Universe and sometimes they run into pretty creepy things. Enjoy this space video showing off creepy space images as part of the space discoveries 2020 series!

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  • 12 Mysterious Underwater Creatures Caught on Tape


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    In this top 12 list, we look at the scariest mysterious creatures caught on tape underwater. Whether they're real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy my analysis of these videos.



    CBS This Morning

    UFO Alien



    Conall Malarkey

    Macroman Nonnac



    Thomas Wall

    Narrated by: Chills
    Written by: Kyler Richman
    Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó

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  • 10 AMAZING Discoveries in Egypt That SCARE Scientists


    Ancient discoveries in Egypt! These Egypt discoveries 2020. New discoveries like these ancient discoveries allow scientists to learn more about history. Some of the discoveries on this list include archeological discoveries as well as unexplained discoveries. Subscribe for more videos!

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  • Strangest Things Found In The Universe - Best Videos Of 2020


    Something Strange Was Found In Outer Space - Best Videos Of 2020
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    Mankind has always been intrigued by the mysteries of deep space. Since the discovery of the telescope, astronomers have made huge steps into understanding the origin of the known cosmos, however, even after so many years, we are finding things in deep space that no one has seen before.

    On June 26th 2020 something mysterious occurred when four strange objects were identified by the radio telescope Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder. These seem unlike any other astronomical objects ever seen before and ignited a spark of interest in the astronomical and space community.

  • Top 10 Strangest Things Found in the Known Universe


    Top 10 Strangest Things Found in the Known Universe //Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
    CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! There have been many fascinating objects found out in the galaxy; some are terrifying things found in space, some are just the most interesting things discovered in the known universe. Whether it’s the invisible dark matter, the pillars of creation, or a planet made of DIAMOND, these are some of the most amazing things found during space exploration. WatchMojo counts down ten of the strangest things found in the known universe.

    If you’re fascinated by all things space, be sure to check out our lists of the Top 10 Weirdest Planets We've Discovered: Top 10 Reasons To Live On Another Planet: and Top 10 Movies That Will Make You TERRIFIED of Space:

    00:44 #10: A Hot Ice Planet
    01:36 #9: A Diamond Planet
    02:18 #8: Dark Matter
    03:24 #7: Neutron Stars
    04:11 #6: A Giant Water Cloud
    04:54 #5: Pillars of Creation
    05:33 #4: A Cold Star
    06:18 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  • 25 Space Facts That Will Both TERRIFY And AMAZE You


    25 Space Facts That Will Both Terrify And Amaze You | List25
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    Space, the final frontier. There is still very little that we actually understand about the vast universe that we live in. However, what we do know is that space is very clearly trying its best to kill us all. From deadly radiation to exploding super-stars, the galaxy is dangerous enough to make even the bravest (or craziest) astronauts think twice before deciding to exit our nice, protective atmosphere. Still, the human race is determined to go out and explore the cosmos, so just to make sure we know exactly what we're getting into, here are 25 Space Facts That Will Both Terrify And Amaze You.

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    The Speed of Light
    The Moon
    Black Holes
    Gamma Rays
    Zero Gravity
    Cold Welding
    Alien Life
    Rogue Planets
    Travel Times
    Extreme Temperatures
    The Darkness
    Musculoskeletal Atrophy
    Dark Matter/Dark Energy
    Background Radiation
    The Expanding Sun
    Electromagnetic Vibrations
    Everything Can Kill You
    Time Dilation
    Hypervelocity Stars
    Solar Flares
    The Big Crunch/Big Rip

    Outro Links:
    25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds:
    25 Shocking Things That Are Not As Dangerous As You May Think (Featuring Cody's Lab):

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  • 15 Strangest Things Ever Discovered


    Over the years, we've made some unusual and intriguing discoveries. From unusual sinkholes to two eyed fish, here are the weirdest discoveries ever made!

    Several segments are licensed under creative commons

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  • Strangest Objects Recently Discovered


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  • The Universe: The Strangest Phenomena Ever Seen | Full Episode | History


    Join us as we highlight the trends that have defined us from the 1920s to now in History by the Decade -

    From stars, galaxies, and moons to subatomic particles, black holes, and invisible phenomena, discover the most bizarre, mysterious, and exotic things in our universe. Learn more in Season 3, Episode 10, Strangest Things. #TheUniverse
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    HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network's all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

  • Top 20 Strangest Things In Our Solar System


    Hold on to your space helmets, we’re about to leave this world to examine the shocking and the unknown. For this list, we're looking at the most unusual objects and phenomena in our busy and bizarre solar system. Our countdown includes Haumea, the Tumbling Cigar Moon, Venus, Earth's Hellish Twin, Mimas, the Death Star Moon, Saturn’s Hexagon, The Lakes of Titan, and more! What do YOU think is the strangest thing in our solar system? Let us know in the comments!

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    Top 10 Spookiest Things to Happen in Space:
    Top 10 Places Where Life Might Exist Beyond Earth:

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  • 9 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places



    When we were kids, we all wanted to make a great discovery. We imagined that the cobblestone found in the courtyard is some kind of gem, and we also expected to find ancient treasure in an old sofa. Well, actually, any adult would be happy to find valuable treasure. Of course, the chances of really finding it are slim, but sometimes this happens. Today we will tell you about great discoveries.

  • NASA Discovers Mysterious Structure In The Universe - Best Video From Destiny 2021


    NASA Discovers Mysterious Structure In Space - Best Video From Destiny 2021
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    We've rounded up the best videos that garnered the most views this year! Thank you for watching! We will continue to delight you with more videos next year. We wish everyone Happy Holidays. With love from all of us at Destiny!

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  • The Most Incredible Things the Hubble Telescope Has Ever Captured


    #eldddir #eldddir_space

  • 10 Strangest Things Found In The Middle Of Nowhere


    From the real Bosnian Spheres found in the middle of the jungle, prehistoric fossils, stairs leading to nowhere and plenty of other unsolved mysteries you won't unsee. Some of these are even solved and the answer is scarier than you'd think!
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    The world is a strange place where a lot of unexplainable events occur. While scientists believe that there's an explanation for everything, some findings still puzzle specialists to this very day. What's most surprising, however, is how travelers have explored foreign and remote locations only to come face to face with some of the world's biggest mysteries. Dr. Semir Osmanagic discovered a large man-made sphere in the forest of Bosnia, which led him to discover proof of an advanced thousand-year-old society. Nature-lovers from Pennsylvania were floored when they happened by a wide and decrepit staircase in the middle of the forest, which led to a very special revelation. And let's not forget about that time a group of divers came across an ancient Greek computer in the middle of the ocean.

    There are so many amazing things about this planet we call home. And every day, brand new discoveries are stumbled upon in the most unlikely of places. In this video from TheRichest, we cover some of the strangest things found in the middle of nowhere. From giant Siberian snowballs that appeared on an icy shore overnight to a giant fossilized armadillo that washed up near Buenos Aires, to the world's largest underwater waterfall. Some of these strange phenomena have been explained by scientists, and others still puzzle the population to this very day. But perhaps the most bizarre discovery of all time is the one referred to as the Baltic Sea Anomaly. For more videos like this one, subscribe to TheRichest.

  • 10 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera


    10 Strange Phenomena in the Sky Caught on Camera

    100M is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    #viral #amazing #100M #animals

    Ten Strange Sky Phenomenon Caught
    On Video
    Our world is a beautiful place. We have amazing natural phenomena like the grand canyon, waterfalls,
    and even the sea. The great thing about these phenomena is that we can understand them. We have a
    rough understanding of how the grand canyon came to be. For the most part, we understand what's in
    the sea, and we know why waterfalls make such thundering noise.
    But there are some natural phenomena that we cannot possibly explain— and sometimes we see these
    phenomena when we look up in this sky. Here are ten phenomena in the sky caught on camera that we
    can't explain. Stick around for number three on this list. Some say that it may be a portal to another
    #10 The Clouds Of Brazil
    There are a lot of scary things. Skeletons, for one, are pretty scary. Ghouls too are definitely terrifying,
    and vampires are probably the scariest things ever. However, a sky that's red with blood may be scarier
    than all these things combined.
    And that is what some people in Brazil have to contend with. We don't know the year or the time this
    video but recorded, but we do know that it has been making rounds on the internet. Some YouTubers
    have come out to say that it is fake because there has only been once source for the video. And while
    we may agree, we can't say for sure. It may be fake, or it may be real. No one can decide. All we know is
    that if this happened in real life, we certainly have more questions than answers regarding it.

    9 Red Sprites
    If you thought red clouds was scary, wait till you see what red sprites are. The scary thing about these
    sprites is that they do not show up in the sky in regular conditions. Instead, they show up during
    thunderstorms. That way, they are able to carry a more ominous feel than normal.
    But what are these sprites in the first place? Well, they are large-scale electrical discharges that occur
    high above thunderstorm clouds, or cumulonimbus, giving rise to a quite varied range of visual shapes
    flickering in the night sky. They are usually triggered by the discharges of positive lightning between an
    underlying thundercloud and the ground. They appear as luminous reddish-orange flashes and they
    often occur in clusters above the troposphere at an altitude range of 50–90 km.
    Sprites have been reported in the sky since at least the 19th century. However, they were regarded as
    myths by the scientific community. It took over a century for the first sprites to be captured in a video,
    and that happened in 1989. They were captured by scientists from the University of Minnesota, and
    they have subsequently been captured by other research teams many times.

    Some people sometimes inaccurately refer to Sprites as upper-atmospheric lightning. However, that's
    wrong. They are cold plasma phenomena that lack the hot channel temperatures of tropospheric
    lightning, so they are more akin to fluorescent tube discharges than to lightning discharges.
    So if you see a sprite during a storm. Don't be scared. There's no UFO battle in the sky. It's just normal
    storm stuff.

    8) The Red Moon.
    The moon is not usually red. It could be white, it could be grey, it could be greyish white, but it's most
    certainly not red. However, sometimes it does look red. And sometimes, that gets caught on camera,
    like in this video.
    There are two general explanations for the Red Moon. The first is that the it is what happens when the
    moon goes through a total lunar eclipse. The red hue that you can see is actually due to the red edge of
    the Earth's shadow, which is reflected on the moon.
    That's one explanation. The second one is more mythical and is generally rejected by the scientific
    community. It's that the red moon is a symbol of malevolence. The Inca people of South America
    believed that the deep red colouring is a jaguar attacking and eating the moon. That's an interesting
    thing to think about, is it not?
    But the people of Inca weren't the only ones with their own definitions of the red blood moon. The
    people of ancient Mesopotamia said the lunar eclipse was considered a direct assault on the king, and in
    India, it was regarded to be the result of the demon Rahu drinking the elixir of immortality. The sun and
    moon promptly decapitate Rahu, but having consumed the elixir, Rahu’s head remained immortal.
    Rahu’s head chases the sun and moon to devour them, seeking revenge. If he catches them we have an
    eclipse – Rahu swallows the moon, which reappears out of his severed neck.
    What do you think? Do you believe the scientific explanation or the mythological one?

  • Strange Things Found In The Solar System


    Strange Things Found In The Solar System
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    We have collected videos of the strangest and most amazing finds in our solar system just for you while we are working on our video about Exoplanets which is coming soon! Enjoy the video guys!

  • Top 10 Strangest Things in Our Solar System


    Want more incredible content from Getty Images? Be sure to check out their page here:
    Top 10 Strangest Things in Our Solar System
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    The Earth is a tiny speck in a sea both strange and spectacular. From the Death Star Moon, to Venus, Earth's Hellish Twin, to Io’s Supervolcanoes, these incredible occurrences baffle and amaze. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Strangest Things in Our Solar System.

    Check out our other videos of the Top 10 Spookiest Things to Happen in Space: the Top 10 Strangest Things Found in the Known Universe: and the Top 10 Weirdest Planets We've Discovered:

    #10. Mimas, the Death Star Moon
    #9. Venus, Earth's Hellish Twin
    #8. Coronal Mass Ejections
    #7. Io’s Supervolcanoes
    #6. Saturn’s Hexagon
    #5. Triton’s Cryovolcanoes
    #4. Enceladus' Plumes
    #3, #2 & #1???

    Watch on WatchMojo:

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    I would like to invite you to join me on a virtual tour. In the course of our little trip we will fly by the most amazing objects in the nearest parts of our universe at the speed of light.
    We will set off at the orbit of Ceres, then will go as far as Orcus and pass some really bizarre stars on our way further and back

    ➥ Patreon -

    0:00 INTRO
    01:02 CEREC
    10:36 ORCUS
    19:53 WARP DRIVE
    38:28 CASTOR
    57:14 BLACK DWARF


  • 10 Glitches In The Matrix Caught On Tape!


    10 Glitches In The Matrix Caught On Tape!

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    Fact File is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video!

    #viral #amazing #FactFile #animals

    One of the toughest questions that have kept humanity puzzled for billions of years is the secret about the origin of life. And anyone with the answer to that holds the key to our liberation from the shackles of ignorance.

    Lots of theories have been in the air to rationalize life with many ways to accept the supernatural phenomena within it. A few of the widely accepted concepts include that of the matrix. One which proposes that we live unaware inside a simulation put in place by beings that are far more intelligent. Like a fan would say, we are just pawns in their videogame.

    Well, it seems that, more often, anomalies arise in the simulation that we live in. That's why we dedicate this episode to analyze ten glitches in the matrix that was caught on tape. Now would be an excellent time to draw your attention close as we are about to kick off.

    Number 10: The Breathing Land in Quebec.

    This viral recording of the ground heaving up and down was taken in the Quebec province of Canada in 2018. If you look closely enough, you'd surely see the terra firma that breathes like a human heart.

    This strange occurrence had many people talking about forest spirits and giant turtles. However, many experienced arborists have unanimously agreed that it's only a question of pull and push. As it seems, this one is between the roots of a tree and the firm soil during a strong storm. They even gave convincing footage of a similar event that occurred in Finland, 2011.

    But here's the question. What if the original programmers of our world made a mistake by copying a line of code meant for a heart unto another meant for the ground? Just look at the scenario. A creepy, almost unexplainable event happened. Not long after, a video from the past popped up to help us rationalize it? Quite weird, isn't it?

    In truth, we can't rule out the possibility of an extraterrestrial force at play. Perhaps this is one of those times when our simulators tried to cover up the glitch in the never-ending matrix they put us in. Think about it.

    Number 9: The Weird Dog Attack

    Do you still believe that the breathing land in Quebec is nothing but mundane stuff? How about dogs caught eating off a car part? --That's not just eerie; it's quite alarming.

    It was a stressful night in 2016 for Mr. Cem Acar, a mechanic in Turkey, when he decided to park one of his cars in front of his shop and went home with another. And to his utmost wonderment, he met his car banged up the next morning. Without much ado, he notified the police department.

    After much investigation, the CCTV camera close by revealed that the damage to his car wasn't done by any man. But by eight stray dogs. The dogs were seen tearing off the front part of his Toyota Corolla like some sort of fresh chicken meat.

    The local veterinarians in the area proposed that the dogs were probably avenging the death of their friend hit by a similar car. Or they were probably looking for a cat under the car.

    But here we are, unconvinced. From our view, we say that the matrix slipped that night. Our programmer on duty must have overlapped the codes of a car with that of dog food. It's entirely possible, especially if we dwell in the matrix.

    Number 8: The Magical Helicopter.

    When we first got a glimpse of this video of a helicopter suspended in the air with stationary rotors, we thought it was one of those low budget animated cartoons. But we were astounded when we found out it was genuinely caught on tape.

    The recording came as proof when a YouTube user named Chris, claimed that he saw a strange whirlybird. This helicopter took off, just like magic, while its blades were apparently motionless. Now, that's attention-seeking, especially with the current trend about humans living in a simulation.

    Photography experts from HowStuffWorks, a website that short-circuits conspiracy theories, explained that the phenomenon was actually an optical illusion. One that happens when the shutter of a camera moves at the same speed with the steering mechanism of a chopper.

    Although, we know that helicopter blades can appear invisible to the eye when it's at a very high speed. And we might have understood this one too. But is that truly what happened? Or is it evidence that we live in a video game and we don't even know it? What do you guys think?

    Number 7: The Unfaithful Mirror Image

    One thing that'll do anything you ask of it is your image, especially the one from a mirror or your shadow. It's not like they have many choices, or at least that's what we believe.

  • TERRIFYING Things Found in Swamps


    Tune in for some truly terrifying things found in swamps!
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  • 10 Strange Things Happening In The World Right Now


    You won't believe these 10 Strange and Mysterious things happening in the world! From nature’s weirdest phenomenon to things being seen in the sky, there are explanations that we’ve yet to discover. For thousands of years, we’ve blamed ghosts, deities, and other anomalies for the mysterious things we’ve encountered. Luckily, we’ve had science to step in and give us some answers. But science can only go so far.

    Interested? Check out other amazing stories about our world and subscribe to the channel! ► ◄

    Like 20 Terrifying Things Found Deep Underwater

    or 10 Most Powerful Military Weapons That Had To Be Banned

    and 10 Unbelievable Things Found Deep In The Woods

    Our world is one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system. And yet, it is also one of the most mysterious planets we’ve ever known. There are countless secrets being uncovered each day. It is truly amazing just how much we don’t know about Earth right now. You would think that after thousands of years of existence, humans might have solved every mystery already? Well, not exactly. While humans are relatively young, the earth is billions of years old. This means that human existence is just a mere blip on this massive radar of Earth’s life. We might not figure out all of Earth’s secrets by the time humanity goes extinct. At least us humans are using our time wisely. There are so many inventions and new technologies out now that makes research so much more productive. Technology has saved us a lot of time, giving us more time to discover new secrets faster than ever before. And yet, there are things still puzzling us. From the seas parting, to biological things lighting up like electricity, and weird sounds being heard all over the world, it seems like what we can’t explain is borderline terrifying. Even with all the knowledge available to us, we don’t have all the answers. We are probably the smartest generation of humanity since the invention of the internet. While we’ve all become scientists in our own right, Mother Nature is still the ultimate scientist.

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  • Something Strange Is Surrounding Our Solar System! 10 Incredible Discoveries


    Anyone who looks at the stars secretly wonders what is going on in the universe. For us humans it is almost unimaginable. For people in former times it was a much bigger mystery. Our modern civilization has recently been able to fathom, at least in part, what is hidden in space. Nevertheless, our knowledge is manageable and many explanations can only be given in our imagination - all the more important are all the discoveries made by space explorers and scientists. In the following we present you with ten of the most exciting, mysterious, interesting and incredible discoveries from the near past, where you will wonder what the future will bring. Have fun with exciting facts about foreign planets, black holes, extraterrestrial life and much more.

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    Credit: NASA, ESA, ESO, SpaceX, Wikipedia, Shutterstock, ...


  • Top 10 REAL Parallel Universe Evidences That Will SHOCK You


    Top 10 REAL Parallel Universe Evidences That Will SHOCK You
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    Have you ever witnessed a glitch in a matrix? Do you guys BELIEVE in parallel Universes? If not, then this video might change your opinion. Today we have some true scary stories about alternate reality and parallel universes! The stories include instances of Deja Vu, Mandala effect and Multiverse theories. Top 10 REAL Parallel Universe Evidences That Will SHOCK You.

    #top10 #paralleluniverse #realstories #glitchinthematrix #science #scarystories #alternatereality #glitch #redditstories #mostamazingtop10

    00:00 Intro
    01:08 Infinite Versions of Our Universe
    02:17 Infinite Universes
    03:21 Daughter Universes
    04:27 Bubbled Universes
    05:21 Lack of Evidence
    06:21The Cold Spot
    07:29 The CMB
    08:36 The CMB - Part 2
    09:15 The Mandela Effect
    10:11 Strange Particle

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  • 10 Most AMAZING Things Ever Found Underwater


    10 AMAZING things people have found under water.
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    With so much of the Earth’s surface covered in water, it’s no surprise that there are some pretty unbelievable findings beneath the water. Scientists and divers have discovered a bunch of things that would shock you, including entire cities, pyramids, and maybe even a UFO.

    One of the most astonishing underwater cities is known as Heracleion. It sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and wasn’t discovered until the year 2000. French archaeologists found statues of ancient Pharaohs, works of art, gold coins, and a fleet of ships. Another city was sunk on purpose by the Chinese government, and it wasn’t rediscovered until 1959. Lion City is still in flawless condition, and the water has actually helped to preserve its ancient artefacts and structures.

    Hidden cities aren’t the only things that have been found below the water. A river was found with its very own waterfalls, trees, and leaves right below the Black Sea! It's like an entirely different world hidden beneath the surface of the water! There’s absolutely no limit to what you may find the next time you go deep sea diving. But if you don’t have any plans on exploring the abyss of the ocean anytime soon, we have pictures of some of the hidden deep sea and ocean gems that will surely shock you.

    If you would like to see the 10 most amazing things ever found underwater, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these items is the most amazing to you!

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  • Strange Thing Was Captured On Camera In The Middle Of a Dark Street


    #MindWarehouse #IncredibleMoments #CaughtOnCamera #InterestingFacts


    Cool tricks, skillful workers and funny animals - check out our new selection of cool videos recorded on camera.

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  • Top 15 VIDEOS Of Weirdest & Strangest Bicycles In The World


    Top 15 crazy bikes you have to see to believe. Weirdest homemade bicycles you must see. Strangest bicycles in the world. Most unusual and cool bikes.

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  • There Are Strange Things Happening In This World


    A video that lets you that as a believers you should not get yourself involved in any strange things or activities that go against God’s word.

    Christian Motivation

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  • 10 Mysterious Things Found Trapped in Ice


    10 Mysterious Things Found Trapped in Ice
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    Every day, we learn new things about our world – new fossils are unearthed, new stories come to light that change our perception of history or science

    Over the years, scientists have found many things preserved in ice in the frozen tundras of the world; many of them are woolly creatures, but some others are truly bizarre and boggle the mind. There are some mysterious, creepy, and even incredible things to be found trapped in ice, and because of global warming, we’re rediscovering a lot of them.
    Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, today we’re going to look at the 10 most mysterious, bizarre, and creepiest things found trapped in ice!
    And make sure you stick around for number 1 to see the most mysterious 100-million-year-old mountain range

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  • Creepiest Things Discovered By Urban Explorers


    Urban explorers have found some truly creepy things over the years. Coming up are some creepy things found by urban explorers.
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  • Insane & Strange Things Found on Google Maps


    If you ever find yourself bored on the internet maybe you will explore Google Maps and see what kind of treasures you can find, but while exploring the virtual maps of the world, you may come across some really WEIRD things, like a giant pink bunny, or even hidden pyramids! In today's video we are highlighting the most insane and strange things people have randomly discovered while searching Google Maps!


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  • 50 SCARIEST Animals In The World


    50 SCARIEST Animals In The World
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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 50 SCARIEST Animals In The World! Here are some of the most scary animals, insects and bugs ever seen! In this compilation of five awesome Top 10s animated video we will look at the biggest animals ever caught, scary and mysterious ocean creatures that were caught on camera as well as the scariest bugs and insects in the world and animals with bizarre patters and colors! The animal kingdom truly is magical, if not terrifying! #Top10 #Animals #Insects

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  • New life discovered under Antarctica ice sheet


    Researchers say they found new life under the ice shelf, and the discovery was an accident.

    Dave Osterberg explains in this edition of Dave O, Science Pro

    FOX 13 Tampa Bay brings you the important videos like breaking news, Tampa Bay weather, and local stories. But also plenty of fun stuff, like #WeLiveHere tips, the best of our archives, and all those 'only-in-Florida' stories.

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  • 15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen


    The animal kingdom is getting a little chubby! These animals may have eaten a bit too many treats! Here are the fattest animals ever seen.

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  • Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things


    Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

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    Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things

    Everyday, we interact with a countless number of things. When we eat, when we work, when we entertain ourselves, we always make use of these tools to facilitate whatever it is that we want to get done. But how well do we know these things? Are we aware of all of their features? Or maybe there are some secrets about these things that we don’t know about yet. Today we’ll be looking at “Amazing Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things.” Embrace yourself for a video packed with secrets that I’m sure you didn’t know about. I promise you that by the time we make it to the top you’ll have learned a thing or two about stuff that you probably interact with in your everyday life.

    Flavored Nintendo Cartridges

    Have you ever put a Nintendo Switch cartridge inside your mouth? I hope not! Unless, of course, you’re a toddler who still doesn’t fully understand the difference between edible and non-edible items. But for that reason, nintendo has put a bitter taste in their cartridges. Since these things are so small, and likely to be messed with by little ones who don’t fully know what they’re doing, Nintendo made them taste bitter, so people can spit it out and keep themselves from swallowing them. Quite smart isn’t it? I guess you’ll know about that taste if you already put one of them in your mouth. But if you haven’t, please don’t try it!

    Bread Tags

    This one is quite obvious isn’t it? Well, that’s what you think. But bread tags have more than just one function. Besides being used to help you keep your bread fresh and sealed, these little tags also indicate the day on which your bread was baked. For example, if the tag is blue, it means it was baked on a Monday, and if it’s green it was baked on a Tuesday. And then Red is for Thursdays, White is for Fridays and Yellow is for Saturdays! This is quite convenient and once you learn the color codes, you will easily remember how fresh your bread is. So make sure you eat it before it goes stale.

    Holes in Pen Caps

    If you use pens, you’ve probably used their caps to make funny whistles and other funny sounds with it. But there’s more to these holes in the caps than just making musical instruments out of them. Just like the Nintendo Cartridges, these holes have been put there to help people who put small objects in their mouths. There were studies that showed that a lot of people choke on pen caps, so these holes were put there to make sure that people can keep breathing while help arrives. I still think it would be best if no one ever chokes on one of these things. But I guess it’s good to know that there’s a bit of hope if such tragedy occurs.

    Colors at the Bottom of Toothpaste Tubes

    If you’re a curious person, you’ve probably noticed that the bottom of the toothpaste tubes usually have a square that is either red, black or blue. And if you haven’t noticed that, you should go find your toothpaste right now and check what’s at the bottom of the tube. These colors are not just random; they’ve been put there to let you know what kind of substance has been used to make your toothpaste. If it’s blue, it means it was made with natural elements and some medicine to enhance its effects. If it’s green, it means it only has natural ingredients. And then, if it’s red it has a chemical composition added to the natural ingredients. And if it’s black, then it means it’s pure chemical. So there you go, now you can be a bit more aware of what kind of toothpaste you want to buy, without having to read an endless list of ingredients.

    Soda Cup Lids

    When you come home to a clean and neat table, the last thing you want to do is probably leave a soda ring on it. For that reason, soda cup lids have been designed in a way that you can also use them as coasters. The lid has a grooved ring on which the bottom of your soda cup will perfectly fit. Of course, the last thing we want to do is produce more plastic in this world, but don’t worry about that! Even the biodegradable lids have this feature - so give some good use to it and don’t leave any more marks on your tables.

    That Extra Little Pocket on Your Jeans

    We all have given different uses to that little pocket on our jeans. In my case

  • Terrifying Creatures Caught On Camera


    A ghost that scares a cat, a strange creature that roams around a house, weird creatures on the beaches of Thailand. Make yourself comfortable, here are the 10 terrifying creatures that were caught on camera!

  • 10 Strangest Objects Recently Discovered


    Hi everybody! From giant maces that were once supposedly wielded by gods to celestial objects with peculiar shapes, here are eight of the most mysterious objects ever discovered.

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    Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! ????

    8. Roman Head in Mexico
    This terracotta head was first uncovered in the Toluca Valley near Mexico City. Officially called the Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head, at first glance, you might not think much of it; it’s just a terracotta sculpture of a head, right? True, but experts are stumped, because this head looks just like many artifacts made by the Romans.

    7. Knightly Sword With Inscription
    In 1825, archaeologists uncovered a sword from the River Witham in Lincolnshire, UK. This sword pulled from the river reminiscent of legend had a strange inscription along the side made with gold inlay that reads something quite indecipherable.

    6. Haumea
    Haumea is a dwarf planet that orbits in the Kuiper Belt past Neptune. It is about the same size as Pluto and is one of the fastest rotating objects in our entire solar system!
    A day on Haumea lasts a mere four Earth hours and it is rotating so fast that it’s not really a perfect sphere. It’s getting distorted and oblong, more like an American football than a soccer ball.

    5. Coventry Cubes
    Just earlier this year, a man and his children went magnet fishing in the River Sowe, which is in Coventry, England; magnet fishing is an interesting pastime where one throws a magnet into a body of water and sees what they pull out. And this family’s haul didn’t disappoint! They unearthed around 60 incredibly detailed, tiny, silver-colored lead cubes with numerical inscriptions.

    4. Gada
    Have you ever seen a Gada? It’s kind of like a mixture between a mace and a mallet, although I’m not quite sure how I’d use one in battle. But it has a pretty rich history in Indian mythology and because of that, there’s actually many people in India who specialize in fighting with these weapons.

    3. Volgograd discs
    In 2015, a group of amateur investigators came upon a remarkable discovery in Volgograd, Russia; about a dozen gigantic stone discs that appear to look like big, rocky UFOs. This discovery would be strange enough on its own if it weren’t for what they claimed to find inside of the rocks; tungsten.

    2. Tabby’s star
    Tabby’s star is perhaps the most mysterious star that humanity has ever discovered. Estimates place it at around 1,470 light years away from our planet, and ever since we first discovered it, it’s displayed strange behavior; the light emitted from the star fluctuates wildly, sometimes dimming its brightness up to 22%, and without any clear pattern.

    1. Kensington Runestone
    The Kensington Runestone is one of the most elusive archaeological artifacts in the world – it’s a monster slab made out of greywacke, a type of rudimentary sandstone. Weighing in at around 202 pounds, this artifact was allegedly discovered by one Olof Ohman, an immigrant from Sweden, in 1898.

  • The Weirdest Rules in the World That Will Blow Your Mind


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    TechZone ►

    If you're planning a trip to a country you've never been to before, it's a good idea to study local laws before that. Yes, the basic rules are the same all over the world: you can't take things that aren't yours, you can't fool other people, you can't fight, you can't hurt animals. But the laws established in certain countries may seem strange, if not absurd. Most of the time, each of these interdictions has its own history, but this doesn't make them any less surprising. So what exactly can't be done in some parts of our planet? We’re going to find out!

  • Top 10 Strangest Cars Ever Made


    This video presents a list of the 10 strangest cars ever made.

    Most, if not all of us, want to stand out and be noticed ????‍????. And we all have different ways to achieve that, including the car we buy ????. How cool is that to modify a car to make it look snazzier ???? or even put on a body kit to make it look close to what your dream car is. People's creativity is without limits ????.
    So here we are with the top 10 strangest cars ever created.

    ???? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????:

    ???? ????????????????????
    Carny's Dance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

    #strangecars #weirdcars #indigoplanet



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