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TAKING OMAHA BEACH WITH A 1911 | Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

  • Royal Marine Plays Medal Of Honor: Above and Beyond VR PART 1!


    HERE WE GO Medal Of Honor: Above and Beyond VR! This is the first full game I will be playing in Virtual Reality!

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  • Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Review


    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond reviewed on PC with Oculus Rift S by Gabriel Moss. Narrated by Ryan McCaffrey.


  • Storming Omaha Beach in Hell let loose


    Hell Let Loose is a brilliant World War 2 Shooter. Here we attempt to take Omaha Beach and do some serious Tank Hunting! Awesome experience, love it! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Playing with @Two Angry Gamers TV

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  • Cruising for a Cause: Reflections from the Battle of la Drang & Beyond


    A Vietnam War discussion with Joe Galloway, co-author - We Were Soldiers Once and Young and Colonel Bruce Crandall, U.S. Army (Ret.) - Medal of Honor recipient.

    Filmed during Cruising for a Cause: US Veterans onboard Caribbean Princess, November 5th through November 9th, 2013.

  • The Medal of Honor of Desmond Doss | History Traveler 98


    The Medal of Honor is an award that stands apart in American culture. Not only does it represent the highest degree of bravery and heroism, but it reflects the highest ideals that one can aspire to.

    In this episode, we are visiting the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee to explore the rich history of the Medal of Honor. This is a place like no other. Here, you can see the Medal of Honor that was awarded to Desmond Doss (the hero of Hacksaw Ridge) plus many others. This place is a must see!!! Enjoy!

    To learn more about the National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, visit their website here:

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    - The Grave of Desmond Doss (and More!!!) (EP 69):
    - Battle of the Bulge in St. Vith (EP 60):
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    - Training Ground of the Tuskegee Airmen (EP 90):

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  • Operation Market Garden


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Operation Market Garden · Michael Giacchino

    Medal of Honor: Frontline (Original Soundtrack)

    ℗ 2005 Electronic Arts Music

    Released on: 2005-09-06

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Livestream


    Today ACE does a livestream of a classic World War II FPS, specifically Medal Of Honor Allied Assault

  • Medal of Honor Allied Assault Main Theme


    The Medal of Honor Allied Assault Main Theme with some wallpapers. Composed by Michael Giacchino

    About Michael Giacchino:
    Michael Giacchino (born October 10, 1967) is an American composer who has composed scores for movies, television series and video games. Some of his most notable works include the scores to television series such as Lost, Alias and Fringe, games such as the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty series, and films such as Mission: Impossible III, The Incredibles, Star Trek, Cloverfield, Ratatouille, and Up. Giacchino has received numerous awards for his work, including an Emmy, multiple Grammys, and an Academy Award.

    About Medal of Honor Allied Assault:
    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MoHAA) is a first-person shooter (FPS) computer game developed by 2015, Inc. and created by Steven Spielberg. It is the 3rd installment of the Medal of Honor series. The game, based on the Quake III Arena engine with modifications from Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.², simulates infantry combat in the European and North African Theaters during World War II. Allied Assault is the first game in the Medal of Honor series to be released for Windows, and the only one to be ported to Linux and only as a beta leading to it having numerous bugs.
    In the game the player takes on the role of Lt. Mike Powell of the United States Army Rangers who works for the OSS. Single player missions include assaulting German bases in Algiers and Norway, storming Omaha Beach on D-Day, and rescuing comrades behind enemy lines in occupied France. The game's levels are often compared to Steven Spielberg's 1998 film Saving Private Ryan; many of the levels are direct quotations of the scenery (or even complete sequences as in the Omaha Beach mission) in the film. This level was re-created in Medal of Honor: Frontline for consoles. Other elements in the game are also comparable to the film, like the Sniper Town level and the Guarding of the Bridge level where the final battle sequence of the movie is very similar in action and visuals to the game.
    The game has been re-released as the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Deluxe Edition which includes the Medal of Honor: Spearhead expansion pack, two strategy guides, music from Allied Assault, and a preview of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, and the Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest which includes the game and both expansion packs.


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  • Institute for Continued Learning - American Heroes


  • John W. Marr D-Day Oral History


    Colonel John Marr was born in Johnson County Missouri in May 1918. He was drafted into the Army and entered service in June 1941. When he became aware of a new, specialized unit, the paratroops, which would give him twice his monthly pay, Marr decided to join up. After earning his jump wings he went to Officers Candidate School where he became a Lieutenant. He was assigned to Company G of the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment and on June 6th, 1944 he was dropped behind the enemy lines with the 82nd Airborne Division. Lt. Marr saw action almost immediately after landing near Ste.-Mère-Église where he was involved in what is seen as the costliest small-unit action in United States Army history, at the Battle of the La Fière Causeway.

    After his fighting in Normandy, Marr was put in command of Company B of the 507th during the Battle of the Bulge and continued to lead the company as it was the spearhead for Operation Varsity, the crossing of the Rhine River, on March 24, 1945. He returned to the US in September 1945 and continued his career in the Army, earning his Army Aviator wings and eventually commanding the 17th Combat Aviation Group in Vietnam and earning a Distinguished Flying Cross. Marr retired with the rank of Colonel in January 1974 after more than 32 years of service to his country.

    Marr will accompany The National World War II Museum's travel group to Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

  • Innovation Presentation to Rotary


    Presentation to the Rotary Club on some of the principles of innovation. Given its proximity to Independence Day, many examples are drawn from American military history.

  • Medal Of Honor European Assault Soundtrack - Main Theme


    The main theme, called Dogs Of War, from the video game 'Medal Of Honor - European Assault'. By Chrisopher Lennertz.

  • 2013 Dole Lecture: Ikes Legacy - Brigadier General Carl Reddel


    Ike is a personal hero of Bob Dole's, and the Dole Institute was proud to honor President Eisenhower's life and legacy with the annual Dole Lecture. Are you aware of the effort to honor IKE with a memorial on the national mall? Authorized in 1999 by an act of Congress, the Commission seeks to build a memorial fitting this great American and Kansan. General Reddel will talk about what Eisenhower means to America, as well as the status of building this national icon's memorial.

  • Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond VR Review!


    We review the highly-anticipated Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the first VR game from Respawn Entertainment and some of the team that worked on the original MoH: Allied Assault. Here's how this expansive WW2 adventure takes advantage of motion controls and detailed environments to bring this series to high-end virtual reality, and what its fast-paced action brings to the current landscape of desktop VR games.

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    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman

    Thanks for watching!

  • Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond - Official Story Trailer


    Medal of Honor returns, this time in VR! Put yourself in the action when this historical first person shooter comes to Oculus VR.

  • ‘Medal Of Honor Above And Beyond’ Has Monstrous PC Requirements Even By


    EA and Respawn have revealed the PC requirements needed for its upcoming VR WW2 shooter Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, and it's certainly a hefty chap. According to the reviewer's guide (via Polygon) released last week, the minimum requirements are as follows:CPU: Intel i7 9400K or equivalent. GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080 or higherHDD: 340+GB to install, and takes up 170GB once installed, with an SSD or NVMe SSD recommended. That is wild. VR naturally takes more processing power than its flat counterpart due to the need to render double the amount of frames, but even then these requirements are massive. Judging from storage size alone, it's bigger than the infamously big Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's 130GB, or Half-Life: Alyx's modest 48GB. The requirement for an RTX 2080 or better is also prohibitive for most people. My rig, which plays almost any game I throw at it just fine at 1440p resolution, is still rocking a GTX 1080 Ti, meaning this is the first game I've ever come across where I don't even meet the minimum specs. While it's easy to suggest this is a big, detailed VR game, and so possibly justifies its large size, Respawn does have some notoriety for optimized file sizes. The original Titanfall was infamous for its 35GB of uncompressed audio, bringing it up to 48GB, which while quaint now, was a big ask for the time. It's worth noting that these aren't the formal, official specs. They're ones given to the press, who Respawn and EA would like to guarantee have the best possible experience – someone reviewing your game being forced to play it at 720p and 30FPS probably won't have as positive an impression of it as someone running at full speed and maximum fidelity. As of right now, the specs haven't been listed on the game's Oculus or Steam pages, which are a better gauge of the requirements for the average player. Above and Beyond is still one of my most anticipated VR titles, but I am bummed I'm going to need a hardware upgrade before being able to enjoy it properly. I love World War 2 shooters like Medal of Honor Airborne and Day of Defeat, so one that lets you whack a Nazi in the face with a frying pan was always going to pique my interest. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond launches on December 12 on PC VR platforms. A release for the recently-launched Quest 2 has not yet been confirmed, though Respawn has said it is something it wants to do was long as it doesn't compromise the PC version.

    All data is taken from the source:
    Article Link:

    #vr #newsheadlines #newstodayusa #newstoday #newsworldtoday #newstodayinusa #

  • dday dice


    My videos are not meant to teach rules but to help new players get started understanding the basic game mechanics

  • Medal Of Honor Allied Assault|#4 Operation Overlord-Omaha Beach HD



  • لعبة medal of honor/Omaha beach


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  • Medal of Honor Above and Beyond - Everything We Know So Far


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    #MedalofHonor #EightBelow #AboveandBeyond

  • MEDAL OF HONOR: Above and Beyond - Story Gameplay Trailer @ ᴴᴰ 60ᶠᵖˢ ✔


    ►► Select 1080p for Best Quality ◄◄
    Charge into history in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’s thrilling single-player campaign. As an agent of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in war-torn Europe, players will take part in historic events on land, air, and sea; sabotaging Nazi bases, subverting enemy plans, and aiding the French Resistance.

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  • Mine Craft Map Medal Of Honor Omaha Beach


    i everyone this is my second map of the moh series, hope you like it, and enjoy playing on it. you can download from and v2 from the bridge algeria's This video doe's not do it justice.
    All you need now are gun mods.
    win7 32bit memory solved.
    I use windows 7 32bit with 6gb memory yet it says only 3gb is available
    install this and you can have all your memory recognised by windows.
    works 100% i scanned using avast and ad-aware nothing so i then uploaded to
    virus total and it got 12/43 and to me that is safe.
    download from mediafire which uses bitdefender and found nothing.

  • MOHAA Clip



  • MOH Pacific Assault - Mission 9b - Kokumbona Village



    Okay, so my game decided to glitch up on me, destroy all my saved files, make me start from scratch, and screw up the Realistic difficulty. Now, the reason I'm still calling this a Realistic Walkthrough is because I still selected Realistic difficulty, but now, I take hits like it's on Easy mode. Therefore, I will set these rules to make it feel like Realistic mode:

    1) I will only call on Corpsman once (except for Tarawa because on that level on Realistic mode, you have two bandages each checkpoint).

    2) I will, at the best of my abilities, not take many hits so that it will seem like a plausible strategy to utilize when playing on Realistic difficulty.

    A walkthrough of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault on Realistic difficulty.

    Keep note that throughout this walkthrough, there will come parts of the video where it seems to abruptly cut to the next after I saved the game. The reason is that I'm a n00b playing on Realistic Mode. So this whole thing is basically trial and error.

    Medal of Honor series doesn't belong to me. Enjoy.



    Match between MJCOM - Rangers of Honor
    In eyes : MJCOM Tornad0

    Better quality here , and download option :

    Game: Medal of Honor:Allied Assault
    Mod: Objective Realism
    MJCOM line up :

    - DiMMU
    - TORNADO (in eyes)

    RoH line up :


  • Road to Berlin


    The newest pavilion of The National WWII Museum brings to life the drama, sacrifices, personal stories and strategies of America’s campaign to defeat the Axis powers and preserve freedom. Dramatic exhibits will explore how the United States’ citizen soldiers and their Allies secured victory in the 20th Century’s titanic struggle — a fight for civilization itself. From faltering first battles in North

    Africa to the bloody struggle at Germany's doorstep, the immersive galleries in Road to Berlin: European Theater Galleries recreate actual battle settings and villages — with crumbling walls, bomb-torn rooftops, icy pathways, and a chillingly realistic soundscape — as the evocative backdrop for period newsreels, video histories, interactive kiosks, macro artifacts, and tag-able digital displays that dive deeper into the story. The result is a richly layered, multimedia experience that invites exploration and connection: Visitors walking in the shadow of Normandy's brutally dense hedgerows can imagine the challenges that followed D-Day; attending a mission briefing with the Bomber Boys brings visitors inside America's all-important air strategy; seeing personal artifacts — cigarette boxes, photographs — scattered over real Normandy sand is a touching perspective on the human cost of the war.

    Expansive in its scope, exhaustive in its detail, and captivating in its innovative design, Road to Berlin is a whole new way to understand America's story of the war in Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Learn more about The Road to Berlin at:

  • My Medal of Honor Collection


    My Medal of Honor Collection (2020)

    - Medal of Honor (1999)
    - Medal of Honor: Underground (2000)
    - Medal of Honor: Frontline (2002)
    - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (2002)
    - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead (2002)
    - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault BreakThrough (2003
    - Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (2003)
    - Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (2004)
    - Medal of Honor: European Assault (2005)
    - Medal of Honor: Vanguard (2007)
    - Medal of Honor: Airborne (2007)
    - Medal of Honor: (2010)
    - Medal of Honor: Warfighter (2012)
    * And Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection (2011)

    I excluded few minor games such as:
    MOH Undeground (GBA) and MOH Infiltrator (GBA).
    Because these are hard to find (But I will get them someday)

    And you? What is your favorite Medal of Honor?

  • Tifa Lockhart Google Speedrun


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    #nsfwspeedrun #animeme #subscribe

  • 18 Medal of Honor: Airborne_Soundtrack - Taking Out the Spotting Tower


    Michael Giacchino - Medal of Honor: Airborne-Taking Out the Spotting Tower Soundtrack

  • MOH Multiplayer PS1 #2| Shakespeare VS Velociraptor


    For the first time in history, William Shakespeare and a velociraptor duke it out in Nazi-occupied France. Watch as cities are reduced to bits, suicide is suggested in poetry, and there is only one question: to own, or not to own? Prepare to witness the ultimate battle of WWII: Will VS Steven.
    Hey, guys! It sure has been a while since Sydney and I have played MOH. Anyway, I present to you our silly hunt for orange chickens in PS1 games. We hope you enjoy! Please suggest any challenges, models, cheats, or maps for us to play around with. Thanks for checking us out.

  • Ralph Goldsticker - French Legion of Honor Medal


    Ralph Goldsticker receiving the French Legion of Honor Medal from French Conul General Olivier Serot Almeras in the Tocqueville Room in the French Embassy

  • Medal of honor mp omaha


    rate and comments this vidz plz

  • MOH Frontline - Arnhem Map Ambiance 3


    Just some ambient sounds I ripped from MOH Frontline's Arnhem Knights level. Same thing as the previous video.

    For those interested in downloading it. ^^


  • How to download Medal of honor frontline wii on andriod


    ???????????????? Apk link

    ???????????????? data link

    ???????????????? part 1

    ???????????????? part 2

    ???????????????? part 3

    ???????????????? part 4


    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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  • Beyond Kitty Hawk: New Englands Pioneers of Flight


    It’s been more than a century since the Wright Brothers made their breathtaking 59-second flight at Kitty Hawk, a milestone surpassed only by man’s first steps on the moon. We’ve all heard the names of Orville and Wilbur Wright and Neil Armstrong, yet they were thousands of aviation heroes in between who remain anonymous.

    Beyond Kitty Hawk: New England’s Pioneers of Flight celebrates the achievements of pilots who made a tremendous impact on aviation history. Meet six extraordinary men and women who helped start some of the nations first airports, develop the first navigation systems, risk their lives to test new technologies fight for their country, and fight societies stereotypes about race and gender.

    Originally broadcast on PBS affiliates, Beyond Kitty Hawk was nominated for an Emmy for best documentary.

  • Student Symposium: General Richard S Whitcomb


    A talk by Governor's Academy student Chloe Kim on her rediscovery of General Richard S Whitcomb and the great impact of his heroic but nearly forgotten endeavors during and after the Korean War.

  • Ralph Goldsmith Part 1


    Ralph Goldsmith is a true war hero. He was the third man to put boots on the ground on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. He's got a great story that you need to hear.

    Here's a link to an article written about him:

    This is Part 1 of 3 videos.

  • 12-7-16: Bob Hoffman - Major Dick Winters | Rotary Club of Lancaster


    Robert Hoffman of Beers & Hoffman Architects, and good friend of the late Major Dick Winters, shares more about Maj. Winters and Band of Brothers with the Rotary Club of Lancaster.

    For more information about the Rotary Club of Lancaster visit and Like Us at

  • A discussion with Van Dyke Parks: The Vernacular & Beyond


    Samuel Andreyev talks with the legendary composer, songwriter, singer and arranger, Van Dyke Parks.

    Van Dyke Parks on Twitter:

    Samuel Andreyev on Twitter: Help keep this channel going:

  • AG91 Plays: Cops N Robbers


    Don't ask me about the title. I couldn't come up with a better one here. This is one of the best performances I've had in a while.

    Check out a video on my NBA Live Mobile team!

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    Mode: Team Deathmatch

    Custom Map: (D day bosslayer)

    (Version: 8.2.0)

    Download The Game From The App Store:

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    Full Cops N Robbers (FPS) Playlist:

  • Medal of honor-How to DIE DAMM DOGS


    Hi guys in this videos I will play Medal of Honor... and I will die with...

  • Law Not War: A talk by Nuremberg Prosecutor Ben Ferencz


    On November 8, 2014, we hosted a talk by Benjamin Ferencz ’43, Chief Prosecutor in the Einsatzgruppen case, Nuremberg Tribunal. Beginning in 1945 with his prosecution of war criminals during the Nuremberg Tribunal, the work of Benjamin Ferencz has long focused on issues of international criminal justice and world peace. A strong supporter of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Ferencz advocates steps to replace the “rule of force with the rule of law.” On the occasion of his visit, Dean Minow awarded Mr. Ferencz with the HLS Medal of Freedom. The Medal of Freedom is the highest honor conferred at the Law School and was established to commemorate the achievements of individuals who have worked to uphold the legal system’s fundamental commitment to freedom, justice, and equality.

  • US veterans lay wreath at statue of Frank Peregory


    Pointe du Hoce, Normandy
    1. Pan of former battlefield
    2. Beach
    3. Various of US visitors walking around field
    4. Various of French military on patrol
    5. French military with binoculars

    6. French boy waving US flags while a bus of US veterans passes
    7. US D-Day veterans exit bus
    8. US vet on wheelchair
    9. US veterans looking around
    10. US veteran crying and holding his wife
    11. SOUNDBITE: (English) George Schultz, US Veteran from Michigan:
    It's a wonder how I am alive today. I think about it very often. My only reason for staying alive was that I had a lady waiting back home to marry.
    12. US veteran lays wreath at monument to Frank Peregory (US 20th Infantry division)
    13. US veteran saluting
    14. SOUNDBITE: (English) John Barnes, US veteran from New York City:
    I am privileged to be here and privileged to come back. I brought my grandson to tell him what happened 60 years ago. It is important for him to know.
    15. French citizens from Grandcamp-Maisy applauding veterans
    16. Various of US rangers veterans walking in town
    17. Current US rangers marching behind veterans


    The heroic actions of one American D-Day ranger were remembered on Friday in a ceremony attended by his war-time comrades and the current inhabitants of a town he helped to free from Nazi occupation.

    More than 70 veterans from the US Rangers and several hundred US visitors attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the National Guard Monument to honour D-Day hero Frank Peregory.

    During the fighting at Grandcamp on 8 June 1944, Peregory single-handedly destroyed the strong German position that had paralysed the 3rd Battalion's advance, allowing US soldiers to liberate the town of Grandcamp-Maisy.

    Sergeant Peregory attacked the enemy with one hand grenade and a bayonet, forcing 35 German soldiers to surrender.

    For his conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty, Sergeant Peregory, who was killed later in action, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour.

    The monument is at the eastern gate of Grandcamp in Normandy.

    On Friday, many of the town's residents turned out to salute the US veterans, as well as to remember Frank Peregory.

    It was an emotional moment for those veterans present as they remembered their fallen comrades.

    You can license this story through AP Archive:
    Find out more about AP Archive:

  • Walter Pruiksma Oral History Part II


  • WWII Navy Veteran gets his wish


    95-year-old WWII Navy Veteran Robert Almquist told his family he wanted to pay his respects one last time to the last remaining piece of the USS Oakland, the ship on which he served during the war. The ship's mast stands at the entrance to the Port of Oakland's Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Mr. Almquist's family accompanied him from Wisconsin to Oakland to salute the mast and be honored aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda. Visit Oakland's CEO Mark Everton was moved by the veteran's request and helped arrange the special trip for this deserving veteran and his family. Special thanks to all those who made this visit possible.

  • French diplomat salutes Americans who restored liberty; Inducts 3 into French Legion of Honor


    Memorial Day 2014 at Forest Lawn, L.A. Keynote Address by Axel Cruau, Consul General of France to Los Angeles. Mr. Cruau thanks Americans for their sacrifice in fighting the Nazis in France before they invaded America. Cruau awarded the Legion of Honor (the highest award given to French citizens or foreign nationals) to 2 American WWII veterans of Normandy. Honorees for heroism, each 90-years old: Staff Sgt. Norbert Sizlak; Corporal Reed Greir; PFC Julius Posner. Consul Cruau said, The people of America came and gave back liberty to France- twice.

  • Brief history of Ernie Pyle and his home in New Mexico


    A presentation by the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Public Library.

  • Museums on the Green Presents: Fire and Fortitude by John McManus


    The US Army in the Pacific War, 1941-1943

  • July 5 Live Zoom Worship First


    Live Zoom Worship at First July 5



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