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TORNADOES of 2016 - An Incredible Year in 4K!

  • Tornado in 4K UHD


    The Wray, Colorado tornado from May 7, 2016.

    2:29 Power-flash as the tornado crosses highway 385
    3:34 Listen to the tornado's roar
    3:57 Satellite vortex to the right of the tornado

    Filmed and edited by Skip Talbot

    With Jennifer Brindley Ubl

    Killers Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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    Deadly EF4 tornado tears roof off a house with classic tornado sound. This violent tornado was on the ground near Wynnewood Oklahoma on May 9, 2016. To license HD or 4K UHD tornado video contact

    To watch tornado tear apart house and toss roof in slow motion click link...

    The Storm Prediction Center nailed this forecast calling for possible significant tornadoes in Southern Oklahoma and along the Red River in North Texas this afternoon. Storms were predicted to initiate on the I35 corridor and under a blue sky, a tornado watch was issued over the dry line. At 3PM a lone blip cumulus tower appeared on GOES satellite imagery right on target and by 3:38 had already matured into a severe warned storm over I35. At around 4pm a non-tornado warned storm dropped a tornado. In less than an hour this storm transitioned from a puffy white cloud into an explosive tornadic supercell! A tornado warning was issued shortly after by 4:07pm but a man was killed in his home.

    Windy roads, hills and thick forests East of I35 make it very difficult to see and follow storms especially when they're cruising at over 50 knots as the crow flies. I was expecting fast cell motion and took advantage of an overlook to video the tornado. The cell motion was relatively slow at first. For about 10 minutes this dramatic tornado was ripping apart trees a quarter mile away from my perch. When the tornado crossed Indian Meridian Road, house and structure debris began to fly. You can see a house roof being lifted completely off the house before being tossed at a 40 degree angle into the air and obliterated a hundred feet off the ground and a large tree hovering above the ground for several seconds.

    After the first tornado roped out, the storm cell hit the accelerator and began to process it's finale. Poor road networks forced me to do a highly dangerous chase maneuver called a hook slice where you drive through a blinding rear flank downdraft to view the beast. The motion of the mesocyclone was ridiculously fast in an End-of-the-world scene. Luckily this tornado traveled through mostly open country and earned a preliminary EF3 rating by the NWS. Unfortunately two people were killed in this tornado outbreak on May 9, 2016 but I was expecting way more carnage. Below is a link to the second mile wide tornado video...


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  • Violent Katie-Wynnewood, OK Tornado 5/9/2016 | Basehunters Chasing


    A violent, long-track elephant trunk tornado strikes south-central
    Oklahoma May 9th, 2016. Watch this tornado from extremely close range!

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  • 4K Raw Elmore City/Katie, OK Tornado


    Listen to the Tornado Trackers Podcast! Available on your favorite podcast app:

    Raw, UHD footage of the May 9, 2016 Katie / Wynnewood tornado in Oklahoma.

    Shot on the iPhone 6S...seriously!


    Tornado Trackers is made up of storm chasers Jeff Mangum, Jeremy Hamann, and Gabe Cox.

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  • May 24th 2016 Tornado Outbreak Dashcam Timelapse


    Dashcam footage of the 14 tornadoes we witnessed on our chase in South Western Kansas on May 24th.
    ©TwisterkidMedia 2016
    Not For Broadcast

  • Canton Texas Tornado - April 29, 2017 RAW footage


    This was the worse of five tornadoes impacting Canton Texas and vicinity. Copyright Hank Schyma 2017. For licensing 4K tornado footage contact

    At least two significant tornadoes impacted Canton Texas and vicinity, this being the second significant. In all, I witnessed five tornadoes on this day. This tornado tracked up highway 19 and passed just east of town. Northeast of Canton near Grand Saline I ran across the wrath of this beast. Several homes had high end EF2 to EF3 damage and several cars had been tossed. Along with several other locals, I searched the cars for people and found none. It didn't occur to me to check a pile of rubble as I had no idea it was once a house. There a woman with minor injuries to her head and her husband with neck or back injuries rode out the tornado under a mattress. I was able to assist the woman to a hospital as we counted out blessings. More later...

    Video Copyright Hank Schyma 2017 and not for rebroadcast.
    To license contact

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  • WICKED UFO SUPERCELL - Tornadoes, Intense Lightning & Mammatus


    4K video of some of the best supercell storm structure of the year, several tornadoes, Intense cloud to ground lightning and beautiful mammatus clouds produced by this beautiful thunderstorm near Leoti Kansas on May 21, 2016. For licensing 4K video contact

    Early in the period on this day forecasts suggested a mainly multicellular event with a small chance of supercells and for a couple hours during the late afternoon, small cells struggled to develop. At 6:35 the struggling cells congealed into a messy multicell storm cluster with two organized rotating updrafts and like most of these scenarios, the tail end updraft strengthened and dominated.

    After a couple tornadoes an ITENSE barrage of cloud to ground lightning strikes ensued. During waves of peak activity, lightning was striking the ground about every 2 to 3 seconds.

    At one point it appeared there was a large powerful tornado developing but upon closer inspection you'll see that the thick gray mass touching the ground was a burst of rain falling through the mesocyclone rather than a column surging upward. Still, rotating winds sculpted this rain shaft into a wedge shape suggesting that what we were witnessing might have been a tornado by definition, but rather a nebulous weak one.

    And then the headliner took the stage! Unreal scyfy structure and a beautiful greenish hue presented an epic wind sculpted masterpiece. The supercell motion was almost stationary and the hovering mesocyclone resembled an alien mothership UFO. During this time another brief tornado touched down.

    I remember chatting with a Western Kansas farmer one May afternoon and warned him there was a storm heading his way capable of producing tornadoes. He responded I'll take ten of em... The odds of a tornado striking one's home is extremely small even in Western Kansas. A much more rational threat to a farmer is drought.
    Blue skies yield a dark cloud of worry over farmers for a drought induced crop failure can economically ruin a hard working family.
    Locals near Leoti Kansas got their rain and as the sun set, they were treated to a magic hour encore of color followed by a psychedelic lightning show. In all, 3 small brief tornadoes were witnessed and no destruction.

    Music by Pecos Hank
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  • TORNADOES of 2016 - An Incredible Year in 4K!


    Incredible tornadoes, lightning, supercell storms and salamanders during the 2016 storm season in UHD 4K. In over two decades of storm chasing, I never dreamed I’d ever see a year like this. For licensing contact

    April 15, 2016 - Eva Oklahoma Tornado
    My first and only tornado of April manifest itself as a misty carousel of suction vortices. Though producing well below average tornadoes for the month, April well over compensated with spectacular lightning storms.

    May 7, 2016 - Eckley and Wray Colorado tornadoes
    Three gorgeous tornadoes touched down and were highly visible from miles away.

    May 9, 2016 - Katie / Wynnwood & Sulphur Oklahoma tornadoes
    34 tornadoes were reported, including one of the two strongest rated tornadoes of the year. The Katie / Wynnewood EF4 was responsible for one death, and the destruction of several homes. Along with extensive ground scouring and severe tree damage, some vehicles were thrown and mangled beyond recognition. The second tornado from this storm grew to over a mile wide and touched down near Sulphur Oklahoma. Unanchored homes, mobile homes and outbuildings were leveled or completely swept away. 
    A large metal storage garage would be swept away and the vehicles inside it thrown up to 280 yards. (over 250 meters) 
    A young man who was taking shelter in his home's most interior room had his entire house around him violently demolished. Only the two walls and toilet he was clinging to would remain. He would walk away without a scratch. 

    May 16, 2016 - Felt Oklahoma Tornadoes
    I witnessed two tornadoes on this day. One emerged from a wall of rain and roped out. The other tornado was a nub funnel cloud and brief spin up.

    May 21, 2016 - Leoti Kansas Tornadoes and Supercell
    Early forecasts on May 21st suggested tornadoes were unlikely however three small tornadoes would touch down, but the show stopper was the incredible mesocyclone structure and continuous garage of cloud to ground lightning strikes.

    May 22, 2016 - Canadian River Valley Tornadoes
    A few tornadoes touched down near the Canadian River valley, however I was late on the scene and only caught the end of the last tornado.

    May 23, 2016 - Turkey Texas tornado
    After the sun set, a large wedge tornado was revealed with occasional lightning strikes and power flashes. For the second day in a row, i missed the show by only moments.

    May 24, 2016 - Dodge City Tornado Outbreak
    A dozen incredibly photogenic tornadoes moved slowly over good road networks. Though some damage occurred to several homes, there were zero fatalities reported. The audio of the tornado sirens in this video was bot eerie and beautiful. Two different tornado sirens harmonized through the streets as tornadoes just passed to the west, missing the more populated areas.

    May 25, 2016 - Abilene / Chapman Tornado
    This EF4 was the other highest rated tornado of 2016.
    It completely swept away a split-level home and bent railroad tracks horizontally. Numerous vehicles including a Freightliner truck and a combine harvester were tossed and mangled beyond recognition. Despite being on the ground for 90 minutes, No fatalities were reported.

    Music Composed and performed by Pecos Hank Schyma and Dan Workman.

  • Tornado Alley 2016 4K


    Tornado Alley 2016 4K is my first video shot entirely in 4K dedicated to the last chase during tornado season in the Great Plains.
    This video is a bit different, online we can find almost exclusively adrenaline videos as close as possible to the tornado in a frantic chase, often edited on purpose to make it more exciting.
    In fact almost all documentaries are shot by Americans hunters and filmmakers used to see those places and live those situations several months per year; for an Italian chaser, like me, everything is exciting, from morning to night, from breakfast to the moment when I book the next motel, the whole countryside that we are crossing is unique and charming, for this reason I wanted to try this year to make a documentary with narration to tell the stormchaser rotuine and emotions.
    Unfortunately, the documentary is postponed (I hope!) to the next 2017 season because driving, chasing, taking photos, creating timelapse, studying models and continually filming is really not easy so I was not able to collect all the video-material I needed for a documentary.
    With this video that following our days in chronological order, I wanted to make a sort of prequel to what will be the documentary that I hope to achieve next year,
    to allow viewers live second by second what we lived during our adventure.
    For us being there those few days it's something unique that I'm not able to explain in words, and it's for this reason that I have this strong wish to tell with a video how is the stormchaser life in Great Plains.

    Thanks to Andrea Griffa and Fabio Clock Clocchiatti because even though they were not with us, they lived with us via WhatsApp all our chase, and we'll always be thankfull with Andrea because he gave us the chanse to discover and understand the Great Plains!

    Thanks to all the guys who were with me especially Stefano Piasentin co-founder with me of the team Horizon team Stormchaser; Marco Zinelli, Andrea Nasuti and Alessandro Dondi for their pleasant company and ongoing support

    Thanks to Meteo Network for supporting us on social networks during our adventure :

    From May 18th to June 2nd : 155 hours of driving - 7200 miles traveled - 7 states crossed : Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas

    Follow Horizon Stormchaser - Facebook : | Twitter :

    Entirely shot in 4K with Sony A7SII and Sony FS5 in XAVC 4:2:0 8-bit S-Log2 graded in postproduction

    #usa #tornadoalley #stormchasing

    Equipment list :
    Nikon D4s, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 ED N, Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 VRII
    Sony A7RII, Sony A7SII, Sony FS5, Sony FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Sonnar T*, Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS Vario Tessar T*, Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS, Sony FE 70-200 f/4 G OSS, Xeen 24mm T1.5 Cinema 4K, Xeen 14mm T3.1 Cinema 4K
    Commlite ENF-E1, Røde Video Mic Pro, Røde Link, Røde NTG-4+, Lee Filters SW150 Kit, Lee Filters ND 0.6-0.9 Grad Soft, Lee Filters Big Stopper, SmallRig camera rig, Lupo Led battery, DJI Focus, SmallHD 501, Zoom H6, GoPro Hero 4 Black, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, Manfrotto 241FB Suction Cup, Manfrotto 438 Level Head, Manfrott Junior Head, Gitzo Tripod GT2541, Gitzo Head GH2781QR, Gitzo Tripod Basalt 3830, Manfrotto Video Head MVH502 e ShooTools Camera Slider 60 with motors

    Soundtrack :
    M83 Hurry up, we are dreaming : Wait - Soon, my friend - Outro - Another wave from you
    Purchased 15.09.2016 on iTunes Store :

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  • TORNADOES of 2017 - Adventure in Tornado Alley


    A season in Tornado Alley capturing tornado videos, lightning, supercells and the occasional horny toad. I witnessed 14 tornadoes, saw a lot of beautiful storm structure and extraordinary lightning. For licensing 4k storm video contact

    In 2017, roughly 1400 tornadoes touched down in the United States. 14 of those tornadoes were deadly and only 3 of those tornadoes were in Tornado Alley. The tornado season came early this year and by January 23, there were 20 tornado related fatalities... Already more than the previous years totals. Though it was active year, many storm chasers considered 2017 a mediocre year in regards to photogenic tornado activity. Many tornado outbreaks occurred at night and were displaced outside Tornado Alley making them difficult to chase.

    January 16 Houston TX tornadoes.
    Early in the morning a couple weak tornadoes traversed Houston Texas during morning rush hour causing EF0 damage.

    March 26 Ada Oklahoma funnel clouds.
    Several funnel clouds loomed over Ada Oklahoma. A couple caused brief spin ups of dust.

    March 28 Texas tornadoes.
    A couple small tornadoes occurred near Abilene Texas with a photogenic cone topping off the event. Large hail and strong wind accompanied dramatic lightning ripping across the sky.

    April 29, Canton Texas tornadoes.
    Training supercells riding up a stalled boundary would drop tornadoes one after another in the Eustice and Canton Texas vicinity. The main events were a large EF4 tracking just west of Canton and a large EF3 tracking just east of Canton and striking the community of Fruitvale Texas.

    May 9, Cochran County Texas brief tornado.
    1 possible tornado and one confirmed brief rope tornado occurred after sunset.

    May 16 McClean Texas and Elk City Oklahoma tornadoes
    The first tube touched down and decayed near McClean Texas and another EF2 would strike Elk City Oklahoma

    May 18, Chester Oklahoma tornadoes.
    On a high risk day, a cyclical supercell would drop a few tornadoes near Chester Oklahoma.

    Angel's Serenade by Southern Backtones
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    La Malediction de la Danse du Poulet by Pecos Hank
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    All Video Copyright Hank Schyma 2017

  • STUNNINGLY POWERFUL TORNADO! 4K Bondurant, IA 07.19.18


    Often times tornadoes can be a beautiful and mesmerizing sight when they spin up far from population. This video captures the unfortunate instance when nature impacts property. North of Bondurant, IA on 07.19.18, this 4k video is another close range encounter of a tornado as it rips into a storage building and surrounding trees, no known injuries.

  • TORNADO TWINS & TRIPLETS!!! Unusual Twisted Tornado Family of May 24, 2016


    Epic tornado outbreak video in 4K with several twins and even triplets touching down near Dodge City Kansas on May 24, 2016. To license video contact

    On May 24th, 2016 a phenomenal tornado was born south of Dodge City Kansas and morphed through many dramatic shapes. But this tornado was only the first born of a family of a dozen tornadoes. Slow moving incredible tornadoes, often two and even three on the ground at the same time were battling for dominance as they tracked closer and closer to Dodge City. Several homes were damaged earning a couple tornadoes EF3 ratings, however most of the tornadoes tracked just west of the heavier populated areas of Dodge City. No fatalities were reported, however two critical injuries were.

    A tornado family is a series of tornadoes spawned by the same supercell thunderstorm

    Storm rotations that spin counter-clockwise in the Northern hemisphere are said to be cyclonic. This motion is due to the earth's rotation setting up a force called the Coriolis force that pulls the winds to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere. So when a low pressure starts to form north of the equator, the surface winds will flow inward trying to fill in the low and will be deflected to the right and a counter-clockwise rotation will be initiated. The opposite, a deflection to the left and a clockwise rotation, will occur south of the equator. Sometimes mesoscale features can force rotations going the other way. These are said to be anticyclonic and are less common. So a tornado spinning clockwise in the Northern hemisphere is an anticyclonic tornado.

    The first tornado of this family was choked to death by a newly formed competing rotating updraft on the east side of the storm. This new rotation is feeding off of unimpeded warm unstable air to the southeast while choking its sister with its cold downdraft. When this phenomenon occurs, we label the storm as a cyclic supercell. A cyclic supercell may cycle like this several times, with a new circulation forming and choking off the older downstream circulation.

    But this cyclic supercell had a surprise... The newborn rotation appeared to split into two mesocyclones. At first I thought the Eastern rotation was anticyclonic due to the clockwise rotation but upon closer inspection you can see the wall cloud underneath it is spinning counter-clockwise or cyclonic. This leads me to believe that the anticyclonic rotation or clockwise rotation is RFD curl being fed back into the updraft of the western rotation. This is the first time I've observed an RFD curl in such a symmetric, close proximity to a tornado. A result of these splitting rotations was three tornadoes on the ground at once.

    Extreme instability was in place east and southeast of a low centered over the western Kansas / eastern Colorado border. Near a dry line and outflow boundary triple point, strong heating, ML CAPE from 2500-3000 j/kg, dew points near 70 degrees F and very steep mid-level lapse rates set the stage for splitting supercells with significant tornadoes.

  • TORNADOES OF 2020 - Is it over yet?


    Best tornado, lightning and severe storm footage from 2020 in a tour of Tornado Alley's highs and lows from March through July. 1075 confirmed tornadoes have been tallied in the US in 2020 including the third widest tornado ever recorded.




    APRIL 12 Soso Mississippi EF4
    On Easter Sunday a large, extremely dangerous, long tracking tornado was underway in Mississippi. Doppler radar revealed an impressive supercell, well defined hook echo and distinct lofted debris signature. But up close, vague walls of gray, shrouding rain curtains and a veil of tall trees obscured a hell on Earth. Prior to striking Soso Mississippi, the tornado grew to 2.25 miles wide. The THIRD widest tornado ever documented. Along a 68 mile damage path, it debarked and leveled entire forests. Cars and trucks were thrown hundreds of yards, mangled beyond recognition. Many homes and businesses were destroyed, some completely leveled and swept away
    including some well built brick and concrete structures. With estimated wind speeds up to 190 mph (310 km/h) this tornado earned an EF4 rating. Following closely behind, another large EF3 tornado trained close to the previous tornado's track.

    APRIL 19 Southwest of Hattiesburg MS
    Seven Days later, another significant tornado risk targeted Mississippi. Chasing over the previous week’s damage paths compounded the danger as trees were still weakened and downed. An intensifying high precipitation storm brought darkness early along with a barrage of powerful positive ground flashes. Not only do positive ground flashes look different from typical negative ground flashes, they often sound different. The thunder from these mega-bolts hits you like the shock wave of an explosion. Deeply embedded in rain, an unseeable mile wide tornado cruised 54 miles across the state at a ground speed of 55mph.
    At its peak intensity, The EF4 demolished two well constructed homes, leaving clean slabs in its wake.

    APRIL 22, Madill Oklahoma
    A low precipitation supercell approaching Madill Oklahoma setting the stage for a highly visible tornado. Right out the gate, it earned EF2 status, snapping power poles and flinging trees as it passed just south of town. A large section of a warehouse was demolished and under a rainbow, mobile homes were completely destroyed.

    MAY Low Tornado Activity
    April was an active month for tornado activity in the US. Usually May is the peak month, however in strong contrast to 2019, May 2020 had extremely low tornado activity. Forecastable chase-able storms mostly organized into linear modes. Though often ominous and photogenic, Lines or squalls are much less efficient at producing violent tornadoes.

    JUNE Low Tornado Activity
    June followed May's suit with lower than average forecastable & chase-able tornado activity.

    JULY High Tornado Activity
    After most of us had thrown in the towel, July surprised storm chasers with higher than average tornado activity in the Northern Plains. On July 8th, and incredibly photogenic EF4 tornado touched down near Ashby Minnesota. A high base storm allowed the sun to light the tornado and a vibrant rainbow often accompanied the bright white tornado depending on the perspective. Storm Chaser Melonie Metz was kind enough to license her amazing footage for this video.

    2020 Climate
    2020 had lower than average tornado activity with 1075 confirmed tornadoes. (Average is 1250)

    Climatologically, the Atlantic hurricane season exceeded records
    with 30 named storms, 12 of which landed on the continental U.S.
    - 30 named storms - Previous record 28
    - 12 named U.S. storm continental landfalls - Previous record 9
    - 6 hurricanes made U.S. landfall - tied previous record

    The Western US endured the most active wildfire year on record [1983 to present]
    and the global average annual temperature was the 2nd warmest on record
    and the 5th warmest in the 126-year record in the U.S

    Angle's Serenade by Southern Backtones
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  • THE STORM OF A LIFETIME - Tornadoes & Lightning, Laurel NE


    Eight tornadoes, epic supercell and constant lightning from the Cedar County Nebraska storm on June 17th, 2014.
    For licensing contact

    At least 8 separate tornadoes touched down from this isolated supercell. The first was a cone that roped out, the second was a brief rope minutes later and the third was long-lived and began as a multi-vortex tornado. On several occasions a thick RFD engulfed and obscured the tornado, then the rain cleared enough to see a tornado was still there. These could have been separate tornadoes however the more likely scenario is that it was the same one. The constant lightning produced by this storm was odd in that it was made up of many, many small cloud-to-cloud discharges rather than the usual large discharges and anvil crawlers that more often accompany the supercells I witness. After dark, the consistency of the upper updraft and anvil was fuzzy or foggy giving the soft glow to the small frequent discharges.

    Music by Southern Backtones...

  • Full evolution of beautiful tornado near Wray, CO on May 7, 2016


    Monster high-based supercell approaches Wray, CO from the south at around 5:30 pm MDT on May 7, 2016 and produces an insane tornado just north of town. This tornado was rated an EF2 but likely was much stronger over the open, rural grassland north of Wray. This is a textbook hook-slice intercept.

  • TORNADOES OF 2018 - Extreme Weather Documentary


    Documentary about Tornado Alley weather in 2018. The best of tornadoes, landspout tornadoes, lightning and spectacular storms caught on camera from South Texas to South Dakota including behind the scenes wildlife & wackiness.

    For licensing video contact

    2018 Tornado Statistics:

    It seemed the theme for 2018 was gnarly, tornado warned storms, reluctant to drop tornadoes. It was a less active year with 991 confirmed tornadoes reported in the US. That's more than 200 less than the annual average of around 1250.

    With only 10 reported deaths, 2018 also had the lowest number of tornado-related fatalities on record in the United States. This is the lowest amount since records began in 1875.

    2018 also reported an absence of incredibly violent tornadoes. This is the first year since records began in 1950 that a F/ EF4 or F/ EF5 tornado was not rated anywhere in the U.S.
    *One EF4 was rated in Canada on August 3rd near Alonsa Manitoba.

    Despite a lackluster year for tornado aficionados, there was no shortage of beautiful storm structures and epic lightning. In fact, 2018 is my best year ever for lightning captures since beginning around 1995. One of the highlights of the year was in the AM hours of June 25th. I followed an MCS across Kansas and captured several clusters of multiple leaders leaping up from wind turbines into the clouds. Also know as upward-moving lightning or ground-to-cloud lightning, these upward moving clusters numbered from 6 to 14 leaders upward moving leaders at a time. The discharges appear simultaneous on high speed video with a frame rate of 240 / second, however higher speed video might eventually reveal separations in these clustered discharges.

    Storm Facts & Information:

    How can you tell the difference between positive and negative lightning?

    Positive lightning typically originates higher in the storm and flash durations tend to exist longer than less powerful negative strikes. Negative lightning flashes tend to be quicker and with multiple flickers or strokes. This is a good basis for distinguishing the two, however not fool proof.

    Is a landspout a tornado? What is the difference?

    Yes, landspouts are tornadoes. Landspouts are like waterspouts but form over land. These tornadoes do not develop from supercell mesocyclones, rather low level vorticity colocated under a stretching storm updraft. They tend to be weaker (on the EF0 to EF1 range) but can still pack all the beauty.

    Storm Video, photography and editing by Pecos Hank LLC. Copyright 2019
    Additional licensed video of the June 28th Capitol MT tornadoes by Evan Ludes
    Additional licensed video of the May 1st Kansas tornado by Blake Brown

    Angle's Serenade by Southern Backtones
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    March of the Serpents by Pecos Hank
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    Glamorous Adagio by Southern Backtones

    *Music Score / guitar noodling by Pecos Hank

  • AMAZING close-range tornadoes near Dodge City, KS on 5/24/2016 | Basehutners Chasing


    Intercepted multiple tornadoes near Dodge, City, KS on May 24th, 2016!!

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  • Tornado & Supercell Thunderstorm Highlights - 2016 Tornadoes


    A week of incredible tornadoes & supercell thunderstorms. I thought I would do a highlights video chronicling the tornadoes we witnessed and documented during our 2016 tornado chase trip. Over just a 5 day period, from May 21st though May 25th, we literally saw day after day of tornadoes, of all shapes and sizes, and beautifully sculpted supercell thunderstorms. Somewhere around 15 to 18 tornadoes in total was our rough estimate. While my other videos from this years chase trip focused on the individual events, this video is more of a meat and potatoes edit. Hope you enjoy!

    Licensing inquiries: This footage was filmed in 4K (4096 X 2160) resolution, and is being exclusively represented by Getty Images. Click on the link below to be re-directed to the Getty Images page where my video is located.

    ©2016 Scott McPartland

  • TORNADOES OF 2019 - The Endless Storm Season


    Thrilling tornado documentary from the 2019 tornado Alley storm chasing season and other storms across the globe. Adventurer Pecos Hank follows weather patterns around the world on a quest for the Endless Storm Season.
    2019 was the fourth most active year on record in the United States with 1502 confirmed tornadoes.



    In 2019, 1502 tornadoes were tallied in the United states. The fourth most active year on record. With those, there were 42 tornado-related fatalities. May 17th marked the beginning of a historic widespread and prolonged severe weather outbreak. For the first time in the Storm Prediction Center’s history a threat of severe weather was introduced for their entire 8 day outlook (on 14 May 2019). On May 30th the historic tornado streak in the US ended. The previous 13 days all recorded at least 8 tornadoes. In less than 2 weeks, 391 tornadoes were confirmed including 18 EF3s and 2 EF4s.

    Headed by Dr. Anton Seimon, a team of storm chasers including Dr. Tracie Seimon, Skip Talbot, Jennifer Brindley Ulb and Hank Schyma began field operations in Tornado Alley with the objective of gathering near-surface wind field data around tornadoes. On May 28th, the team hit the jackpot near Tipton Kansas. That morning the SPC outlined a moderate risk of severe weather with a 10% significant tornado threat in the northeastern Kansas vicinity. Skip Talbot and Dr. Anton Seimon made a tough call to chase further west in the lesser 5% outlook with intentions of avoiding messy high precipitation storm modes and thick chaser traffic. This decision paid off as the team documented multiple highly visible tornadoes, including an up close encounter with a strengthening tornado.

    The data the team collected is currently being processed by Dr. John Allen and his students at Central Michigan University to create a model of 3-dimensional particle motions close to the surface as the tornado intensifies and then inflicts damage to the farmstead.  The results should add new insights on the air motions responsible for the damage patterns observed — something that is not possible to ascertain with even the best mobile Doppler radars.

    On 25 May 2019, Hank Schyma documented a never before cited green afterglow proceeding large red sprite events. In the several months following, TLE photographer Paul Smith would also document numerous others. In collaboration, Hank Schyma and Paul Smith have named them GHOSTs. This acronym in the works stands for Green emissions of(from) excited Oxygen in Sprite streamer Tops. This name also keeps in the theme of other transient luminous events namely sprites, trolls, pixies and ELEVES. A scientific paper is currently in the works and expected to be published soon.

    Music scored by Pecos Schyma

    1. Theme From The Endless Summer performed by Pecos Hank
    2. Angel's Serenade by Southern Backtones
    3. El Reno Blues by Pecos Hank
    4. Honky Tonk Blood by Johnny Falstaff
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    6. Glamorous Adagio by Southern Backtones
    7. Something performed by Spencer Schyma on Ukulele
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    9. Theme from Crocodile Dundee performed by Pecos Hank
    10. Bandera by Southern Backtones

  • TOO CLOSE TO EF4 TORNADO - Inside Debris Cloud in 4K


    Intense, long-track, EF4 tornado between Bennington and Chapman Kansas on May 25, 2016 was on the ground for 90 minutes. I managed several close encounters with this sun lit tornado during it's life including one that was a little too close for comfort. Watch tornado video in 4K. for licensing contact

    Earlier this afternoon strong instability under a stout cap set the stage for a couple isolated supercell thunderstorms somewhere in Central Kansas and by 5:30pm a storm was initiating near Salina Kansas. By 5:48 the National Weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for this explosive thunderstorm and at 6:30 I witnessed a long white funnel cloud under a low precipitation base. The storm took a breather for the next 45 minutes or so before suddenly dropping a large cone tornado South of Bennington Kansas in a relatively unpopulated area along the Solomon River.

    The tornado grew violent immediately and maintained incredible wind speeds for up to 90 minutes. I was able to position close to this monster for a good portion of it's life and witnessed hellish scenes. Sunsetting light splashing into a debris cloud of whirling plants, dust and structure objects reached a half mile away from the powerhouse condensation funnel in all directions while turbulence waves of crops rocked like an angry sea.

    This tornado received an EF4 rating by the NWS. Storm Chaser Brandon Clement also witnessed the tornado and afterward, walked the damage path to document the damage. He reported the worse vehicle damage he's ever witnessed with full sized HD pickups reduced to mangled frames and pieces spread for miles.

    A Freightliner semi was reduced to frame and wheels. 50k pound tractors were pushed across the ground, 30k pound bulldozer was rolled, railroad tracks were bent and moved. Large trees were uprooted, thrown and some found laying out in the middle of pastures hundreds of yards away.

    Brandon also reported that this tornado was rated EF4 because it didn't hit any well built structures with anchor bolts. If this tornado had there is no doubt in his or my mind this tornado would have received an EF5. The EF rating scale is a based on damage so if a tornado with winds over 200 mph (EF5 speeds) doesn't hit any structures, then it doesn't receive that rating. Regardless of the rating, 25 homes were damaged or destroyed and remarkably no lives were lost.

  • x
  • May 16th. 2016 - Tornadoes near Felt, Dalhart


    Been awhile since I uploaded anything to this channel, sorry about that! Here's just a simple chase log with three weak tornadoes and a fun meet-up at the end with storm chaser/tour guide Paul Botten and his group. Not very big hail, but was fun to just enjoy the weather and the lightning!

    Towards the end you see me filming a shelf cloud moving in, you can see that huge wave roll over that field in my film Vorticity elsewhere here on YouTube.

  • Tornado Trackers - Full Storm Chasing Video


    Listen to the Tornado Trackers Podcast! Available on your favorite podcast app:

    NOW FREE! Witness some of 2016's most compelling storm video in this hour-long review of Tornado Trackers' chase year. Featuring extensive never-before-seen footage of close-range tornadoes, you'll get an incredible look at their encounters from Eckley, CO; Wray, CO; Wynnewood, OK; Sulphur, OK; Dodge City, KS; Hurricane Matthew and more with raw chase video from the heart of these storms!

    The 2016 storm chasing year featured some of our personal Top 5 Tornado Videos with incredible, once in a lifetime encounters. We'd like to thank Scott Peake of Basehunters for partnering with us on some of those chases and for helping to make 2016 a memorable year for our team.


    All content strictly © Copyright 2016 Tornado Trackers

    Some content available for licensing. Contact us for details.

    Tornado Trackers is made up of storm chasers Jeff Mangum, Jeremy Hamann, and Gabe Cox.

  • Stephens Storm Log S05E03: Incredible Wray Tornado


    Summary: This incredible chase day started near Colorado Springs with a cold tornado-warned cell. It ended in Wray, Colorado with the closest we've ever gotten (3/4ths of a mile) to a magnificent, dusty EF-2.

    Music: M83 - Oblivion OST

  • 4K video of tornadoes in northern Illinois on June 22, 2016!


    4K video of tornadoes and HP supercell insanity in northern Illinois between Dixon and southeast of Earlville yesterday evening, including very damaging RFD winds to the south of rain-wrapped tornado. Observed 5-6 separate tornadoes / occlusions yesterday with the initial storm, but likely many more that weren't visible. Chasing HP storms like this is like solving a constantly evolving puzzle.

  • Incredible Tornadoes Wray, CO - May 7, 2016


    Contact or to license footage

  • 05/24/2016 Dodge City, KS Tornadoes


    Highlights of several tornadoes from a slow-moving cyclic tornadic supercell near Dodge City, KS.

  • Tornado Alley Amazing Time-Lapses - 2016


    A compilation of time-lapses showcasing the very best 2016 had to offer in Tornado Alley.

  • Dodge City/Minneola, KS Tornado 5-24-2016


    From beginning to end of a thrilling chase of the first cluster of tornadoes from the Dodge City, KS Tornado Factory that produced more than 10 tornadoes total. We chased the first tornado up-close through the entire life-cycle.

    We began the chase just to the northwest of the town Minneola,KS as a supercell latched onto an outflow boundary. The supercell then back to rotate and we tracked the tornado from a dust swirl to a violent stovepipe tornado.

  • Incredible Close-Range Tornado near Wray, CO - May 7, 2016


    ***Not for broadcast. To license, please contact via phone at (651) 238-0258 or via email at***

    Footage of an incredibly photogenic yet strong tornado near Wray, CO, on May 7, 2016!

  • Amazing Storms and Tornadoes! 2016 Storm Season


    Here is a compilation of some of the beautiful storms and tornadoes we encountered during the 2016 chase season! All the video is shot from Eric Brown the owner of TwistedWx.Com!

  • Amazing tornado footage from Trinidad, CO - 6/13/2016


    Tornado video from east of Trinidad, CO, including ropeout, dash cam, and timelapse.

    Shot List:
    Shot 1: Tight shot on small tornado

    Shot 2: Medium shot on small tornado

    Shot 3: Timelapse of tornado rope out

    Shot 4: Dash video of tornado approach

    Shot 5: Dash video of tornado approach

  • Oklahoma Tornadoes May 9, 2016


    Amazing tornado fest near Davis, OK and Sulphur, OK on May 9, 2016

    More Info:


  • May 21st, 2016 Leoti, KS Tornadoes & INSANE Supercell Structure Timelapse


    An AMAZING chase today with a powerful, beautiful supercell that produced multiple tornadoes while rotating very violently. This made for insanely beautiful structure, and a few tornadoes.

  • May 24, 2016 Dodge City Tornadoes with Galimatias- Crestfallen


    Dodge City, KS Tornado outbreak with Galimatias- Crestfall

  • Dodge City, Kansas EF-2 tornado: May 24, 2016


    A prolific supercell thunderstorm spawned numerous tornadoes in the vicinity of Dodge City, Kansas, on May 24, 2016, including this tornado, which was rated EF-2. A tornado emergency had been issued in advance of the storm entering town, yet Dodge City certainly lived up to its name--fortunately--as the tornado impacted only the western fringes of the city, and was weaker than several of its predecessors from the same storm.

    ©2016 Demko | Farrar

  • Kansas Tornadoes EF3 and EF1 May 1 2018


    #tornadoes #kansastornado #jeffpiotrowski
    May 1, 2018 Kansas was our choice for chasing Storms and Tornadoes!
    We saw a prolific lightning producer and ground grinding supercell with multiple vortex’s winding through a Wind Farm. Then it was on to the Culver, KS long tracked EF-3 Tornado.

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    we sell DVD’s of some incredible years of storm chasing.

  • 4K Amazing Shanghai Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Ride 2016 - Spectacular one of a Kind Ride


    [4K] Full Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure Ride-through at the new Shanghai Disneyland.

    If you guys have the chance to visit Shanghai in the future, definitely visit Shanghai Disneyland, it truly amazing to experience it live. A day ticket to the park is very affordable ranging from $55 to $75 per person depending on the day you go. Off-season will be cheaper at about $55.

    Video recorded on 6/17/2016 during Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening Weekend

    *Note: This video has been uploaded to this channel before. The only difference is that it's now in 4K and contains alternate ending. My laptop wasn't powerful enough to convert my 4K video when I was in Shanghai. That's why the previous video is just in HD.

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    Twitter: @SoCal360 or Instagram: Attractions360

  • May 16, 2016 Flint, OK and Perico, TX Tornadoes and Incredible Structure!


    4K video of two tornadoes in the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, as well as the best supercell structure I've ever seen on May 16, 2016.
    Contact Kory Hartman for Licensing at (866) WX-Live-1

  • 2016 Presidents Day Tornado Damage to the Town of Century Aerial Video


  • Dodge City Tornadoes - May 24, 2016


    A most amazing day of chasing. An incredible storm which dropped somewhere between 12-14 tornadoes I believe.

    Just wish I'd actually taken more video than I seem to have found.

  • 4K UHD Amazing Tornadoes- Dodge City, KS EF-3 Shot With Samsung S7


    Video of the May 24, 2016 Dodge City, KS EF-3 tornado shot with the Samsung Galaxy S7

  • May 24, 2016 Dodge City, KS Tornado Timelapse


    **Watch in 4K**
    A brief timelapse of the Dodge City, KS tornadoes.
    For licensing contact Kory Hartman at (866) WX-Live-1

  • May 24, 2016 Dodge City Tornadoes - Timelapse of chase


    Video of the tornadoes near Dodge City, KS on May 24, 2016

  • 4-15-16 AMAZING Eads, Colorado FULL Tornado Life Cycle


    Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license.

    Incredible tornado sequence occurred this afternoon in Kiowa County, Colorado just south of Eads. Chasers filmed this tornado from the touchdown to an incredible rope out sequence that lasted a little over 20 minutes fully. This tornado didn't look to damage any property or cause any injuries that are known.

  • Iowa Tornado 2016


  • Incredible up-close footage of massive Oklahoma tornado


    These thrill-seekers come face to face with a tornado between Katie and Wynnewood, Oklahoma in this extreme footage. Magnificent!

    Source & embed code:

    For licensing, please email

  • Two Tornadoes Under an Incredible Kansas Supercell - 5/21/2016 Leoti, KS


    Two tornadoes touched down north of Leoit, Kansas in Wichita County just after 7pm, both fully condensed, but neither caused any damage or injuries. Video package includes tripoded shots of tornadoes and shots of the wall cloud from which the tornadoes formed.


    This video is part of the Tornadoes Kick Media stock video collection from Tony Laubach. To license this footage, please contact Tony Laubach at the email below or through YouTube or Facebook.

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  • The Tescott Tornado 4K/8K


    Become a Patron:

    The 2018 storm chasing season has been a tough one...long days with not much reward. But May 1st, was a different story. The day held a lot of promise for tornado potential, but I'm a photographer at heart and I was mostly hoping for some really good supercell structure when it had been challenging to find. We began the day near Russell, Kansas...and saw a nice storm fire up, then dropped south to another one west of Hoisington. This supercell was amazing, structure stunning. We kept up with it for awhile, but it seemed like maybe it would get ruined by a left split that collided with it. We almost dropped south, but changed our minds thanks to a phone call with my buddy James Langford who reminded me of some forecasting we had done in the morning. We caught back up with the storm near I-70 and raced ahead to Culver City where we'd get a nice view of the supercell structure for a bit before it got close.

    But as we sat there...tornado sirens went off in town (which is what you hear at the start of the video). We noticed a wall cloud forming...and then a cone tornado dropped right before our eyes. I couldn't believe my luck with time-lapsing it before it ever started. And then the tornado disappeared into the rain, only to come back out as a full wedge tornado that was later rated EF3. Watching it sping across the horizon was a moment I wont soon forget.

    Luckily no one was hurt or killed, despite some destroyed structures. Very thankful for that...especially for one of this scale which was about a half-mile wide. We watched from Culver City, but the tornado passed very close to Tescott but far enough away to not cause major devastation.

    It was an amazing moment, I somehow was lucky enough to capture the entire tornado lifecycle, from wall cloud, to cone, to wedge and then fading into rain where I believe it did die out at some point.

    Best tornado footage I've captured on time-lapse and it's the highlight of the spring so far!

    Technical Details:
    Two Canon 5DSR's with Canon 11-24mm and 50mm 1.2.
    Intervals: Every second
    Music: Combust by Luke Atencio licensed through
    Software: After Effects, LR Time-lapse, Premiere Pro, Lightroom

  • 4K video of Dodge City, Kansas Tornado - May 24th, 2016


    Video of tornado in the Dodge City, Kansas area on May 24th, 2016. I was filming from Ensign, Kansas until the tornado got rain wrapped.

  • Dodge City, KS Tornadoes 24 May 2016


    Tornado outbreak near Dodge City, KS on May 24, 2016. Incredible close up video of a tank station being destroyed as two other chasers drive right up to the tornado as well as a couple other scenes from an epic day from a chasers perspective.



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