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The American Century going under the Duluth Lift Bridge

  • The American Century going under the Duluth Lift Bridge


    The American Century is a 1000 foot long ship that entered the Duluth harbor at about 11:30 AM CST 5/21/2016 to pick up a load of coal.
    My latest ship video:

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  • AMERICAN CENTURY arriving Duluth ship canal


    Filmed July 20, 2019.

    AMERICAN CENTURY arrives the Duluth/Superior Harbor though the ship canal and under the lift bridge, complete with captain's salute.

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  • Giant ship going under the Lift Bridge in Duluth, MN Paul R. Tregurtha


    Video I made of the Paul R. Tregurtha passing under the Duluth bridge back in June of 2014.

    Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

  • 5 short, DANGER, the American Century was not happy with the sailboat in the canal!


    American Century arriving Duluth to load some coal at MERC. The Sailboat was meandering in the canal, much to the displeasure of the Century. Alls well and ends well, the sailboat got out of the way, the Century came in without crushing a boat.

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  • American Spirit Runs Aground Duluth MN Part 2


    The American Spirit departed the CN Dock with a load of Iron Ore bound for Indiana. As it made its turn to go under the Aerial Lift Bridge and out the canal something happened. They failed to execute the turn. One of my viewers told me that they were at the Maritime Museum when the grounding occurred. They said they saw a noticeable surge of water come in the canal. This is the force that pushed the ship off course. My hats off to the Captain and the crew for saving the day. The tugs North Carolina and Kentucky worked to free it from its resting position. As of midnight June 18, 2018 it was brought back to the Clure Public Marine Terminal where it was moored for the night. I'm sure it will have to be inspected to see if there is any damage. It departed Duluth MN this morning. June 18, 2018

    Filmed with a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

    Music Used:
    Nimbus by Eveningland

  • Duluth Lift Bridge Departure - Ships View from Paul R. Tregurtha


    Watch from the pilot house as the Interlake Steamship Company's Paul R. Tregurtha, the longest ship on the Great Lakes at 1,013.5 feet, departs through the canal at the Duluth Lift Bridge.

    Maurice Ravel: Bolero
    Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
    Antonio de Almeida

    Courtesy of Naxos of America Inc.
    Used by permission.

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  • The Mesabi Miner Going Under the Duluth Lift Bridge


    Filmed the next day after my previous video. Turned out much better.

    Filmed at approximately 1 PM Central Time, Friday, May 25th, 2020.

    The Aerial Lift Bridge, earlier known as the Aerial Bridge or Aerial Ferry Bridge, is a landmark in the port city of Duluth, Minnesota, United States. The bridge was built in 1905 and converted in 1929–1930 to a vertical-lift bridge and continues to operate today.

  • American Spirit Grounding 06/17/2018


    The American Spirit went aground as it made it's way to the Aerial Lift Bridge.

    Heavy rains over the past few days have made currents in the canal very treacherous. The actual cause is unknown at this time.
    There was no apparent damage and she did not actually hit the wall.

    Hopefully, the tugs can work here free from the muck soon.

  • American Integrity departed, American Century arrived Duluth 11/15/2015


    American Integrity departed, American Century arrived Duluth at 10:40 today

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  • DULUTH NIGHTS: Watching Ships at Canal Park - Paul R Tregurtha Largest Lake Ship in 4K!


    Travel with us to Duluth MN. on October 10, 2016 to watch some ships! This was our first time visiting Duluth's Canal Park and the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge... and it didn't disappoint!

    First, we explore the Midwest Energy Resources Co. (MERC) Superior Terminal logistics as they load the Paul R. Tregurtha with over 63,000 tons of coal.

    Next we relocate to Canal Park at dusk to see the following pass through the Duluth Shipping Canal:
    - Paul R. Tregurtha - departing MERC with a load of coal.
    - American Century - destined for MERC to load coal.
    - Fuldaborg - destined for CHS No. 1 to load grain.

    The magnitude and volume of the shipping activity in and out of the Twin Ports is staggering. Ore, coal, grain, and other minerals are shipped to and from this area daily and we show a brief segment of what to expect. This may have been our first visit to Canal Park and Duluth Harbor, but it certainly will not be our last!

  • American Century arrived Duluth 07/02/2018


    American Century arrived Duluth this evening

  • Aerial lift bridge Duluth Minnesota


    Get your RV essentials here! please click the link and have a look

    Aerial lift bridge raises and lowers for three boats, Video was taken in rain and fog, alongside the Duluth Maritime Museum. Fog horns, bells and air horns throughout the video, watch to the end for the air horns!


    Check out my North Dakota social network page!

    This music is licensed under a Creative Commons License:

  • American Century arrived Duluth 11/13/2020


    American Century arrived Duluth this morning to load iron pellets.

  • American Century arrived Duluth 12/19/2018


    American Century arrived Duluth Wednesday evening.

  • Eeborg and American Century departed Duluth 12/07/2020


    Eeborg and American Century departed Duluth overnight.

  • HUGE Lake Freighter Passes Under Duluth Lift Bridge | StewarTV


    Witness the 1,000 foot long Walter J. McCarthy Jr. Lake Freighter pass through Canal Park in Duluth, MN, and then under the Aerial Lift Bridge on its way to port on 11/21/2016. Click on these links for more info on Canal Park ( & the Walter J McCarthy Lake Freighter (


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  • 11 13 17 American Century In Duluth MN


    11-13-17 Took a trip up to Duluth MN today with my old neighbor Tom. We stopped at the lift bridge to see the 1000 foot American Century come in off Lake Superior. Sorry about the shaky video but I was using my phone and my hands were cold.

  • Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge Operations - Feat. Erie Trader and Mesabi Miner Ore Ships!


    Built as a transporter in 1905 and converted to a lift bridge in 1930, the Aerial Lift Bridge has been a staple of Duluth, Minnesota for enthusiasts and tourists alike. This unique bridge sees the passage of public traffic as well as freight and DOD maritime traffic. For the weekend me and some friends were in Duluth, we spent some of the day and an evening by the bridge to document it's operations as well as passing vessels. It wouldn't be until near dark that 2 freight ships would pass, but it was still very neat to capture this bridge in operation on film!

    If you weren't already aware, the Aerial Lift Bridge guards the entrance to the St. Louis River from Lake Superior. The bridge carries vehicular traffic across, and is designed to lift the roadway into the air whenever a boat, ship, or any sort of maritime vessel over a certain height approaches the bridge. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic are stopped and evacuated from the bridge whenever the road needs to be lifted for a boat. Maritime traffic has the right of way, but often has to stop and wait for the bridge to raise to an adequate height. It's for this reason that the bridge is raised some time in advance of a larger freight ship to prevent trying to halt it. As most boats pass under, they sound three blasts of their horn, one long and two shorts. This is known as a salute. The bridge operator then blows the same sequence back. Once maritime traffic has passed, the bridge lowers again and allows vehicular traffic to cross once more.

    (0:02) - Roadway view of the bridge raising to allow a cruise ship to pass

    (2:50) - The bridge lifts to allow public maritime traffic to pass

    (6:57) - The roadway gates lower and the bridge lifts to allow some public maritime traffic and a Coast Guard boat to pass

    (9:26) - Just before sundown, the bridge raises all the way to the top in preparation for a freight ship

    (12:55) - Loaded ore barge Erie Trader/Clyde S. VanEnkevort passes under the bridge

    (17:48) - Now after dark, the roadway gates close and the bridge lifts to the top again in preparation of a freighter

    (21:10) - Empty bulk carrier Mesabi Miner passes under the bridge

    Instragram -
    Flickr -

    Others - Milepost34.9 TX, Wright County Railfan, CentralMinnesotaRails, CNSD75I, Tri State Rails

  • American Century departed Duluth 10/15/2019


    American Century departed Duluth early this morning.

  • Night Timelapses at the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, MN


    This is a few short evening and night timelapses taken around Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge on September 3, 2017. It has the Vista going out and coming back, as well as two slightly different views of the American Spirit leaving port.

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  • Go Inside The Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and See How The Bridge Operator Does Their Job


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    Ken and Cathy from the B105 Breakfast Club go behind the scenes at the famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.

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  • Ending the parade of ships for me is the American Century


    The American Century arriving Duluth this Friday, Heading up river to the Midwest Energy dock in Superior to load coal. A great salute for the fans as well!

  • Ken & Cathy Visit The Aerial Lift Bridge - The Current Bridge is Built On Top of The Original Bridge


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    Ken & Cathy continue their visit to the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, this time the conversation turns to the history of the bridge and how the current bridge is actually built on top of the original bridge that was built in 1905.

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  • American Century arrived Duluth 12/12/2018


    American Century arrived Duluth this evening to loa iron pellets.

  • Vikingbank comes under Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge


    Duluth Shipping News videos detail the maritime activitys in the port of Duluth Minnesota. Videos are often taken aboard the ships that come into port, providing an insiders view into the shipping world. We feature Coast Guard cutters, salt water vessels, thousand foot long Great Lakes freighters.

  • 2017-07-20s USCGC Sundew at Duluth Canal Park Aerial Lift Bridge


    2017-07-20 While visiting Canal Park in Duluth, we saw the Coast Guard ship USCGC Sundew depart through the Aerial Lift Bridge. This video is actually a composite from 2 different times of day. First segment of the bridge opening was for the James R.. Barker. My footage of the Barker was botched (my bad). Later in the day the bridge opened for the Sundew. I arrived too late to catch the bridge opening for that, so I just spliced the 2 eventstogether. Don't tel anyone. (Image Stabilized)

  • American Century arrived Duluth 01/11/2019


    American Century arrived Duluth early this morning.

  • American Century arrived Duluth 08/20/2019


    American Century arrived Duluth this evening with a little adventure for a local sailboat crew.

  • American Century departed Duluth 11/15/2018


    American Century departed Duluth this afternoon.

  • Aerial lift bridge passage... Duluth


    Passing under the famous lift bridge in Duluth, Mn, 2019

  • AMERICAN CENTURY Arrives in Duluth


    AMERICAN CENTURY arrives in Duluth to fuel at Husky and then shift to Midwest Energy to load coal. Following the AMERICAN CENTURY is the ROGER BLOUGH.

  • American Century - Standing Tall While Arriving In Duluth


    The American Century was the fifth boat in the parade of Duluth arrivals on the afternoon of September 21, 2018. She is one of the 13 thousand-footers of the Great Lakes and was built in 1981. She is seen here arriving empty to pick up a load of coal from Midwest Energy in Superior, Wisconsin.

  • A teal colored bridge in Duluth for the departure of the American Integrity.


    The Duluth Aerial Lift bridge was teal all weekend for ovarian cancer awareness. The American Integrity is heading out of Duluth with coal from MERC in Superior. A nice beginning sunrise as well on the stern view. Enjoy !

  • American Century arrived Duluth 07/26/2016


    American Century arrived Duluth at 02:00 Tuesday

  • Sailing off into the storm the American Century departs Duluth


    Late into the sunset the American Century departs Duluth into the storms. Lake Superior kept all the bad weather to our south, keeping us on the viewing side

  • Cargo Ship Going Under Lift Bridge Duluth, MN | CANAL PARK ????


    -Comment any ideas or suggestions you have below ????

    •It was quite an experience to be able to see a cargo ship head under the canal park lift bridge! ????

    •I hope you enjoyed the video ????


  • Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge


    Hi All, Thanks for stopping by.
    This is footage I shot with my Parrot Bebop2 drone of Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge. It was a little bit of a windy day, but the video turned out really nice. Its shot in 720P. For those of you thinking about traveling to Duluth all you have to do is go to Canal Park to see it in action. Ships are always coming and going. Many Great Lakes Ships as well as a few foreign vessels that frequent this port. The Bridge raises and lowers about 5000 times per year. I promise to shoot this in 4K one of these days so you too can see some of the ships entering or exiting the port. Drone was flow with permission from the FAA. This area is in controlled airspace. If you liked the video throw me a thumbs up. Don't forget to subscribe! Take Care.

    Information on Canal Park can be found here:

    The ship Schedule can be found here:

    Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  • American Century departed Duluth 05/21/2018


    American Century departed Duluth early this morning

  • American Century Entering Duluth, MN Port 6 14 18


    The Columbia Star was built for Oglebay Norton Co. of Cleveland, OH by Bay Shipbuilding Company of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. It was launched as Columbia Star on November 8, 1980. Its operations centered around Coal and Taconite.
    On June 6, 2006 American Steamship Co. of Williamsville, NY purchased the Columbia Star. The ship's name was changed to American Century.

    Powered by 4 3500 HP V-20 General Motors Electro Motive Division (EMD) diesel engines. Driving through a gear reduction box to 2 controllable pitch propellers giving it a rated service speed of 15 knots. She is equipped with both bow and stern thrusters.

    It has 37 hatches feeding into 7 holds where it is capable of carrying 78850 tons

    The stern-mounted self-unloading boom can be swung 92 degrees to port or starboard. It has a radius of 260 feet. It can unload at a rate of up to 10,000 tons per hour.

    Length 1000'
    Beam 105'
    Depth 56'
    Capacity (tons) 78,850

    Video shot with a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

    Music Used:
    Asher Fulero

  • Following seas, American Century arriving Duluth


    Arriving with the wind....the American Century comes into Duluth at lunch time! A nice salute for the peeps on the shore. The yare heading to Midwest Energy to load some coal.

  • Watching the Great Republican ship pass under the Duluth lift bridge


    Duluth is an amazing port to watch ships sail in and out of. We got super lucky and watched the bridge lift, the boat (the Great Republican) sail under it, and then the bridge lower back down for the cars to use.

  • Duluth MN Aerial Lift Bridge 2


    This was about 10 minutes after the first video. Giant ship comes out of the port. And yes I know I need to adjust date/time on my camera lol

  • Steamer Alpena arriving in Duluth MN under the Duluth Aerial Lift bridge. Turn up the volume :)


    The Steam Alpena arriving in Duluth MN under the Aerial Lift Bridge. Listen to her awesome steam whistle horn. Built in 1942 she now hauls primarily cement .

  • Behind the Aerial lift bridge in duluth Mn


    Created by Filmix

  • American Century arrived/departed, Edwin H Gott departed Two Harbors. 08/10/2020


    American Century arrived/departed, Edwin H Gott departed Two Harbors overnight. American Century went over to Duluth to anchor.

  • Duluth Lift Bridge


  • American Century arrived Duluth 08/19/2017


    American Century arrived Duluth this morning at 5:40 to load coal

  • American Century departing Duluth. Sept 9, 2015


  • Duluth aerial lift bridge


    Large ship going under aerial lift bridge Duluth Minnesota
    #Duluth #Minnesota #Shipping #AerialLiftBridge

  • Aerial Lift Bridge


    Showing the iconic Aerial lift bridge in Duluth, MN and the US Coast Guard entering the Duluth Harbor. Ships up to 1000 feet long come through here so this one is pretty small. Amazing piece of engineering.



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