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The Assassin 2015 English Dubbed #vrfilmsandstudios Action, Drama, History Movie

  • New Movie 電影 | Chivalrous Forever 颜如玉 | Kung Fu Action film 功夫武俠動作片 Full Movie 4K


    Synopsis: First Run Kung Fu Wuxia Action Movie Chivalrous Forever 颜如玉 is about a legendary female character in Chinese history, Yan Ruyu who is a warrior in this film in Ming Dynasty. She and Scholar Song Shao, Jin Yi Wei Guard Jiang Fengyang fight against with Big Eunuch, Liu Chong.

    故事简介: 首映武侠动作电影《颜如玉 Yan Ruyu》 讲述了侠女颜如玉(杨瑾洁 饰)为铲除奸佞,与书生宋绍(陈凯瑞 饰)锦衣卫江枫扬(苏德伦 饰)联手阻止大太监刘崇篡位夺权的故事。颜如玉在面对“大义”与“私怨”时苦苦挣扎,展现人性脆弱的一面也刻画了一个有弱点有人情的江湖人。呈现出江湖儿女的快意恩仇以及家国情怀,抒发了“为国为民侠之大者”的武侠情怀。

    出品 Studio: 鑫美传媒 Xin Mei Media
    导演 Director: 潘润南 Pan Runnan
    主演 Starring: 杨瑾杰 Yang Jinjie, 苏德伦 Su Delun, 徐金峰 Xu Jinfeng, 陈凯瑞 Chen Kairui
    题材 Genres: 动作 #Action, 武侠 #Wuxia, 功夫 #KungFu

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  • Collider | Full Action Movie


    Collider (2018). Full action movie.

    In the year 2033, a young girl trapped in a mysterious orphanage takes a reckless journey back through time, to find her parents and repair her past.

    Director: Justin Lewis
    Cast: Christine Mascolo, Jude Moran, Michael Vasicek

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