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The BIGGEST HORSES In The World ????

  • The BIGGEST HORSES In The World ????


    Meet the biggest horses in the world. If you are passionate about horses, you can not miss this video.

    Here the summary of the top 10 of the largest horses that exist on the planet.

    Sampson is a Shire horse born in 1846, in Bedfordshire, England. It became known because it measured 84.8 inches on height, being at his time the tallest and heaviest horse in the world.

    This horse had the name of the god of the Greek mythology, Zeus, thanks to its incredible 86 inches and its 3100 pounds of weight. During his early years, this Belgian draft horse lived with its owner, a farmer in Maine.

    When its owner, Paul Evans tried to ride it, it was a challenge. He says that his adorable Sovereign has can’t use a horse seat because of its size.

    -Big Jake
    Big Jake carries the majestic measurement of 82.75 inches. He officially became the tallest horse in the world according to the Guinness World Records.

    This incredible battle horse with no less than 80.8 inches tall needed a lotto eat, so he devoured 99,2 pounds of grain and two liters of water every day.

    Tina’s owners were the couple Jim and Marge Williams, who owned a hotel called Springbrook Inn, which also had a riding school.

    Remington was born in Texas, United States and comes from the Clydesdale breed. It measures 80 inches in height and earned the title of the tallest horse alive in 2008 by the Guinness World Record.

    Radar is a Belgian draft horse that was born in 1998 in Iowa, United States. This horse stole the attention of everyone who saw it.

    This Shire horse named Cracker was born in 1989 in Somerset, England. A few years later, in 1992, he traveled to Lincolnshire for the first time and became well known there.

    This Shire horse has the name of a biblical giant and was born in 1992 in Canada. A the beginning its life wasn’t easy because of its big size since it was a foal.

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  • 15 Biggest Horses In The World


    When it comes to horses, the untrained eye thinks horses are all the same. Of course, they’re all horses, but there are so many different types of horses out there, it would take someone a lot of training to become familiar with all the different breeds of horses. What if I mentioned the “Percheron” or the “American Quarter Horse” to you?

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    Dutch Draft Horse

    Although the “Dutch Draft” sounds like a beer brand, it is not. The Dutch Draft is a large horse hailing from the Netherlands. This horse is muscular and as solid as an oak tree with a big chest. It comes in chestnut, bay, gray, and sometimes in black. It is almost six feet in height at the shoulders and weighs almost two-thousand pounds.

    This horse was used mostly for farm work like plowing, pulling logs, and driving, but after tractors and heavy machinery were introduced into the world, the Dutch Draft was used more often than not, for recreation purposes and taking part in dressage competitions. The Dutch Draft is a cold-blooded horse and has particularly good stamina. It is also a great horse with children because it has a calm temperament and does not become nervous easily. This is not a racehorse so it cannot be used for any kind of sporting activity.

    Radar The Belgian Draft Horse

    The record for the tallest living horse in the world is held by a Belgian draft. The horse's name was Radar and he stood nineteen hands and higher and weighed over two-thousand three hundred pounds. Radar was purchased by the Priefert family in 2006. After becoming the world record holder, Radar was so popular around the US that he traveled the entire country so people could meet him and see how he looked in person. In 2010, Radar was a special guest of the Breyerfest and they even created a model-lookalike of Radar so he could be remembered.

    This horse had a great personality and was playful and loved to be around people. Unfortunately, Radar passed away on October 5th, 2016 on the Priefert family ranch in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Radar almost lived twenty years and he will be remembered as the “Gentle Giant” to all who knew him. The Priefert family was honored to have had him as one of their own.

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  • Top 10 Tallest Horses in the World


    Top 10 Tallest Horse Breeds in the World
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    If you watch our videos regularly, you know how much we love our animals on this channel. Horses are one of the world’s most beautiful, strong and majestic animals. They have impressive sizes varying in different breeds. There are approximately 300 to 350 known breeds of horses worldwide, all of which are used for different purposes and some of them are world's tallest and biggest. In the 19th century, the breeding of horses led to the drafting of massive and strong horse breeds. Nowadays, numerous tall and beautiful horses are found around the globe. In today’s video, we are going to show you some of the tallest horse breeds that are really huge.

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  • 12 LARGEST Horse Breeds In The World


    12 LARGEST Horse Breeds In The World
    World's Biggest Horses
    Huge Horses
    World's Largest Horses

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    World's RAREST Horse Breeds Ever!

    15 Craziest Horse Breeds Ever

    8 Most Beautiful Horses on Planet Earth

    Top 10 Biggest Horse Breeds in the World

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  • 10 Biggest Horse Breeds In The World


    Horses are majestic, loyal creatures. Having a horse usually means that you have a friend for life, but they're good for so much more than races and manual labor.

    Before the popularization of tanks and railways, horses were what made the world go round. They were used on farms to pull heavy loads, took people from one place to another, and to carried soldiers into battle. Some of the biggest horses in today’s video are direct
    descendants of those battle horses, some have been around for centuries and others are just bred for their beauty and grace.

    So buckle up, subscribe to the channel, and let’s take a look at the 10 Biggest Horse Breeds In The World.

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    Some of the horses that we have today have been around for hundreds of years! According to zoologists, the Fjord can be traced back to the Vikings from over a thousand years ago, and it can be traced back to have existed over four thousand years before that.

    It's a multi-talented horse breed that is easy to train and eager to please- a Fjordian horse is as good for riding as it is for pulling loads. As far as appearance goes, they have moly or creamy coats, big expressive eyes, and a sticky build- standing just as tall as 4 feet 8 inches at best,
    and weighing over 1102 pounds on average.

    Friesian Horse

    If you're looking for a calm, well-tempered horse with a beautiful mane- this horse is perfect. Friesian horses are tall and typically black your average Friesian is around 15.7 hands tall, but it won't be too uncommon to see one that's even 17 hands tall! Friesian horses aren't meant to be kept in warm climates- some of them suffer from a condition called Anhidrosis which prevents them from sweating, and it can cause some serious problems in the heat.

    They have a muscular build with a low tail and small ears, and they don't just come in black either- even though most horses in this breed are black. Friesian horses can be chestnut or bay, even though that coloring isn't acceptable to be registered as a Friesian anymore. Keeping one of these horses is hard work because their manes and tails require significant grooming, but it's well worth it for the calm, beautiful horse that you'll get in the end.

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    Check out the biggest horses in the world. Horses are fast and giant animals. They have been known as strong reliable animals for centuries. here are the largest, rarest & beautiful horse breeds that actually exist.

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  • 10 Most Powerful Horses in the World


    10 Most Powerful Horses in the World
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    Today, we’re bringing you the 10 strongest horses in the world! Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, and If you’re wondering who the most powerful horse in the world is, then stick around for #1, because the muscles on this breed are insane. We all know that horses are strong animals. Not for nothing have we used them for both transport and labour for over thousands of years. Why else would we use horsepower as aunit of measurement for our modern day cars? One of the most popular brands like Ferrari even went on to make one this wonderful creature their brand logo. However, even amongst their own kind, there are a few select horse breeds which truly stand out for their sheer power––and today, we’re bringing you some of these strongest and most powerful horses.
    Let’s get started!

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  • 10 Absolute Massive Biggest Horses In The World!


    From muscular horses of war to stallions the size of elephants, here are the ten biggest horses in the world.

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    10: Big Jake
    This freak of nature is stunning. He is the tallest current living horse. His name is Big Jake, and he's a Belgian gelding horse who has earned worldwide recognition for his extraordinary height. Without shoes, Big Jake stands an outstanding 82.75 inches (210 cm) tall.

    9: Percheron
    Percheron horses are some of the biggest in the world. These shaggy horses have a very unique appearance, including chocolate brown bodies and blonde hair, and they even have some of the hairiest feet out of any horse. They are also incredibly gentle.

    8: Clydesdale
    The Clydesdale is probably one of the most well-known horses in existence. They are extremely popular and can be found widely all over the United States. But they in fact originate from Lanarkshire in Scotland, near the River Clyde.

    7: Brooklyn Supreme
    Brooklyn Supreme is often considered one of the largest horses to have ever walked the Earth. He was a Belgian stallion who weighed 3,200 pounds (1450kg) and stood 79 inches tall (200cm) with a ridiculous girth of over 10 feet (3m). To make a single shoe for Brooklyn Supreme, it required a 30-inch (75cm) bar of iron. Those are some pretty big feet. This would have been in 1928, in the state of Iowa.

    6: Belgian Horse
    Belgian horses are some of the biggest in the world. If you didn't notice, the two largest individual specimens recently recorded, Brooklyn Supreme and Big Jake, were both Belgian horses. These are remarkable animals that go back centuries to old Europe.

    5: Dutch Draft Horse
    Another powerful European horse, one which comes from around the same region as the Belgian horse, is the Dutch draft horse. These are famous for being some of the burliest and toughest horses in the world. As for their appearance, they look positively musclebound, like gym enthusiasts!

    4: The Shire Horse
    The Shire horse is by far the tallest and strongest of all the horse breeds on the planet. The blood from shire horses is found in almost every large type of horse around the world. These are magnificent and beautiful beasts that can be found in many corners of the globe.

    3: Bombel: Smallest Horse Ever
    It's time to take a break from enormous horses and turn our attention to the world's smallest horse. That's right, a switch on the list of the biggest horses to see what the other end of the spectrum looks like! And this friendly animal is almost too cute!

    2: Poe
    In 2009, Poe Horse was trying to be the tallest horse in the world, which would have knocked Big Jake totally out of the picture. According to an article by the Daily Mail, Poe Horse stood 81 inches (205cm) tall. but he was no match for big Jake, who stood 82.75 inches (210 cm) tall.

    1: Sampson
    Samson was the biggest horse ever. At least, that’s what Guinness World Records says. It's difficult to find any concrete information on this horse, but the consensus is that he stood 85 inches (215cm) tall and weighed 3,359 pounds (1523 kg).

    #biggesthorses #largesthorses #amazinghorses #epicwildlife

  • LARGEST Living Horse Breeds Around The World!


    From work horses, to prized steeds, to ones bred for battle, join me as I reveal to you the biggest horse breeds in the world!

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    9. Andalusian Horse
    The country of Spain has been known for it’s beautiful horses and their abilities for many years, but one of the most famous of the lot is the Andalusian horse. A horse so respected in the country that it's also known as the Pure Spanish Horse. This horses' ancestors came from the Iberian Peninsula, and they've lived there for thousands of years before humans came along to ride them.

    8. Australian Draught Horse
    Many horse breeds in the course of history have been bred from mixing in lots of other breeds and getting the best result from the mixing of those genes, and the Australian Draught Horse is one such case of this happening. And that result was making one of the biggest horses around.

    7. Russian Draft Horse
    It should not be too much of a surprise that the Russians have their own version of the Draft Horse, as they would need horses to help them with the fields in their lands and the terrain that isn't hospitable. These horses were made around the 1860's, and they were popular for farm work and more.

    6. Dutch Draft
    Another horse that has a work history, the Dutch Draft horse was a breed that became quite popular after World War I. Specifically they were born from, the heavy draft mares of the province of Zeeland with Ardennes and Brabant stock from neighboring Belgium.

    5. Suffolk Punch
    The Suffolk Punch is a very curious breed of horse for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is because it's a rather endangered species in regards to horses. Which is bad because they are, in fact, the oldest breed that Great Britain has ever produced, and they are working to try and bring back the numbers of this stately horse despite some self-imposed restrictions.

    4. Belgian Draft
    At one time, the Belgian Draft was interchangeable with another breed of horse known as the Brabant. However, after World War II, the species became its own breed, and one that had some very recognizable differences from its counterpart. First and foremost, the Belgian Draft is bigger and yet lighter than the Brabant.

    3. Percheron
    The breed known as the Percheron is a bit of a mystery in terms of its origins. We know for a fact that the species was bred in the western part of France via the Perche province, and that's how the horse got its name. But where exactly it came from, and how it was bred into the horse that was found centuries ago, is unknown.

    2. Clydesdale
    Arguably the most famous horse in the world today, the Clydesdale stands above all others as one of the most beautiful and biggest horses on the planet.
    But don't let their beauty blind you, these are work horses, and some of the biggest and strongest in the world. They were built to help with agriculture and be draught horses for various nations, including Scotland where they were born.

    1. Shire
    Not to be confused by a land from Middle-Earth, the Shire horse is a species of horse that was built and bred for a singular purpose: Work. Or to put it a bit more specifically, it was bred to be a British Draught Horse. These horses were made so that farmers could put them into labor situations that they would have a hard time doing themselves. Including plowing the fields, pushing carts, and more.

    #largest #horses #worldlist

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  • The BIGGEST PETS In The World


    Meet the biggest pets in the world. These animals and family companions are really huge.

    -Zeus (Dog)
    Undoubtedly, this great Dane turns heads when he is taken out for a walk, because he is 44 inches long and 155 pounds heavy. It's almost the size of a small donkey! It wouldn’t be strange if at some point in its life some naughty child tried to ride it.

    -Gary (capybara)
    Most people are afraid of rodents, but don’t worry: this will be most adorable and biggest one you’ll seen.

    -Gypsy (elephant)
    Michael Jackson was known for having a lot of pets, but his elephants were perhaps the height of his eccentricity.

    -Sammy (turtle)
    Sammy is not only known for being the pet of the famous former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick; but also, because it’s a truly gigantic turtle.

    -Arcturus Aldebaran Powers (Cat)
    Will and Lauren Powers adopted an F2 Savannah whom they named Arcturus. At just 2 months old, he was taken to his home in Farmington Hills, Michigan, without imagining that on November 3, 2016 he would be registered as the biggest domestic cat in the world in the Guinness World Records with an impressive official measurement of 19.05 inches.

    -Big Jake (Horse)
    Big Jake is currently officially recognized as the tallest horse in the world by the Guinness World Records. It was measured on January 19, 2010, the day he was registered, he was 82.75 inches tall. Would you ride a horse this big?

    -Jeff (rabbit)
    This moment had to come; finally, the great Darius was overthrown from his position as the largest rabbit in the world by his own son, Jeff, who is 53 inches long.

    -Gibson (Dog)
    This dog was quite a celebrity in the United States, managing to appear in several TV shows and publishing a book called Gibson Speaks. He was so loved that he was a representative for an artificial turf company, Foreverlawn.

    -Joris Gijsbers’ goldfish
    The goldfish is one of the most common pets around, but did you know that depending on its diet and the temperature of the water it is exposed to, it can grow enormous? A great example is the Joris Gijsbers’ goldfish, which measures no more and no less than 18.7 inches from the snout to the end of the tail.

    -Bandit (raccoon)
    This cute pet holds the title of the fattest raccoon in the world, recognized by the well-known Guinness World Records, which also makes it the biggest.

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  • 5 Biggest Horse Breeds | Worlds Biggest Horse | Biggest Horse in the World


    5 Biggest Horse Breeds.

    Most horse breeds fall around the median average in the equine world. Adults tend to be around 15 hands and weigh about 1,100 pounds, with stallions perhaps a little taller and heavier. Then there are a select few horses that are part of the biggest horse breeds in the world. The horses in this category can stand upward of 20 hands and weigh more than 3,000 pounds.

    Despite their size, virtually all of the largest horse breeds are coldblooded in temperament, which means they are calm, gentle, and not easily spooked.

    Here are the biggest horse breeds in the world today.

    5. Dutch Draft.

    This horse breed is relatively new to the world. It wasn’t developed until after World War I and it was bred to fill needs in heavy draft and farm work in the Netherlands. It appeared through the crossbreeding of a Belgian Draft and a Belgian Ardennes. Since 1925, no horse other than those from registered parents are admitted into the studbook.

    Most Dutch Draft horses stand at 16 hands and are usually bay, gray, or chestnut. This horse has a very pronounced jaw, a straight profile, and a powerful neck. The legs are shorter than other draft horses, but just as strong.

    4. Belgian Draft (Brabant).

    This big horse breed is also one of the oldest breeds that is maintained in the world today. The average Belgian stands between 16.2-17 hands and weighs about 2,000 pounds. It is a stocky horse, with a relatively small head, but a thick neck and broad shoulders that allow it to take on a tremendous amount of pulling weight.

    One of the tallest horses in the world right now belongs to this breed. His name is Big Jake and he stands at 20.275 hands.

    Throughout much of history, Belgian Draft horses were primarily used for farm work. As that need phased out, their duties shifted to show work, riding, and miscellaneous agricultural work instead.

    Unlike many of the other heavy draft breeds, the Belgian is neither rare nor endangered. It is the most popular breed of draft horse in the United States and the total number globally is believed to be over 100,000.

    3. Percheron.

    Coming from the Huisne River valley in France, Percherons don’t have the same thickness to their neck and chest like many other draft or heavy horses. Part of this is due to the infusion of Arabian genetics into the breed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Until the days after World War I, this breed was used almost exclusively as a war horse, thanks to its calm temperament and protective personality.

    This is one of the few horse breeds where the ideal size depends on the country where the registry is located. In France, for example, the ideal height of a Percheron is up to 18 hands, with a weight up to 2,600 pounds. In the US, Percherons have a range up to 19 hands, while in Britain, height requirements begin at 16 hands instead of 15.

    Only gray or black horses are registered in Europe. In North America, chestnut, roan, or bay horses are also allowed.

    2. Clydesdale.

    Named after the region in Scotland from where they came, these distinctive horses have the long feathers on their legs that are often used for show pulling and other events. Clydesdales have the sabino gene present quite frequently, so white markings along the legs and nose are very common.

    Clydesdales used to be a rather small, but heavy breed. Through improvements with other draft horses over the last 100 years, however, it has become a tall breed today.

    Originally used for agriculture, today’s Clydesdales are used in competitive events, as riding horses, and for some farm work by those who prefer to avoid modern technology. The most famous horses of this breed are owned by the Budweiser brand.

    1 Shire.

    This British horse breed is usually gray, bay, or black. It is also a very tall breed of horse, having held the world record for largest and tallest horse at various times. Shires are highly regarded for their pulling abilities and are often used for forestry work still today.

    In order for a Shire stallion to be registered, it must stand at least 17 hands in height. Geldings must be at least 16.2 hands and mares must be 16 hands. Stallions can weigh up to 2,400 pounds.

    In 1924 at a pulling exhibition, a pair of Shire horses actually exceeded the reading on the dynamometer, but were estimated to pull a starting load of 45 tons. Their strength helped them find a place on the farm, especially with plowing, before the invention of the modern tractor.

    At one point, Shires were quite endangered, but today they are growing and very popular.
    #BiggestHorseInTheWorld #BigHorse #Horse

  • THE STRONGEST Draft Horse


    Among all Belgian draft horses, Petra is the strongest. Her owner is Stefan Creemers.
    Petra is het sterkste Belgisch trekpaard.

  • 10 LARGEST Horses To Ever Exist!


    Horses are said to be among the noblest animals on earth. These creatures have been man’s friend for ages, which he has used to move from one place to the other. Still, there are numerous facts about horses that many people probably don’t know. Horses are usually big creatures but some of them are super huge. From Goliath to Remington, here are The Largest Horses To Ever Exist! Let’s begin.

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  • Look What the Worlds Largest Horse Is Capable of


    In this episode you’ll see what the largest horse in the world is capable of. You’ll also learn about the largest horse breeds on the planet. Many people know only a few typical horse breeds but they have no idea that there are real giants among these animals. We want you to broaden your horizons and therefore we invite you to take a look at the incredible Norwegian horse, the amazing Russian Heavy Draft, and also the leader among all horses in the world. Today we’ll show you what the largest horse in the world is capable of, and we’ll also speak about some other large horse breeds. Let's go!

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    #horse #top

  • The largest horse in allllll the land...Big Ben


  • 15 Craziest Horse Breeds Ever


    What breed is considered the “bodybuilder of horses?” What horse breed adapted to survive temperatures of negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit? From new cross-breeds to pure-breds spanning thousands of years, these are 15 of the coolest horse breeds in the world


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    Video narrated by Dolan
    Script written by TimeWanderer
    Video edited by martiAn

    Image credits & information sources for this video:
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    “DD Groove” Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • BIGGEST Horses!


    Learn about the BIGGEST of everything in the world! Check out our new videos, posted every Wednesday and Sunday. There's something for everyone. Be sure to subscribe!

    11 Norwegian Dole
    It is said that a man’s best friend is the Dog. Well except a Horse that is! The Norwegian Dole is a prime example of that. He’s massive and has a rich history of working hard for us humans.

    10 Russian Heavy Draft
    From agriculture and countless wars to even early transport, many of history's most famous people have ridden on horses, but no breed of horses sacrificed more than the Russian Heavy Draft horse.

    9 Fjord
    Behold the mighty Fjord. This stallion is actually among the most ancient horse breeds in the world. Zoologists believe that it was the Vikings that first bred the Fjord! That’s well over 1,000 years ago! And they also suggest that wilder ancestors of this horse might have survived in the region for almost 4,000 years before that!! Now that’s a survivor!

    8 Australian Draught Horse

    Now back in the land down under, the Aussies had a big problem. For agriculture and for show purposes, there were not many good horses on their continent. Why? Simply because the environment is very different in Australia compared to Europe. Frankly, it was not a great place for a horse. But all that changed back in the early 1970s’ when the Australian Draught Horse became a reality.

    7 Dutch Draft

    Something about breeding horses in the last century has led to absolute monsters. The Dutch draft horse, like the Russian and Australian ones, is quite a recent large horse breed. They appeared first after the end of the 1st world war and was a result of cross breeding between Ardennes and Belgium draft horses. They too inherited the best of both worlds from their ancestors and are among the strongest horse breeds out there.

    6 Suffolk Punch

    Just like the Queen is a symbol of British heritage, so is the gentle Suffolk punch. They are among the oldest breeds from ancient Britannia, with early records of them dating back to the 15th century! They too, just like many other horse breeds are renowned for their agility and strength in farming and forestry. These giants can grow to almost 6 feet (1.8m) and can even weigh nearly 2200 pounds (1,000 kg)!

    5 Belgian Draft

    This blonde beauty first rose to prominence after the 2nd world war and is very popular for pleasure riding! Of course, who wouldn’t like to ride on a majestic and steadfast steed?

    4 Percheron

    These mighty giants get their name from their original place of birth, Perche, which is today known as the Huisne river valley in France. Although it’s hard to know exactly when they came into contact with people, sources suggest that it could be as early as in 496 AD, during the Roman times!

    3 Clydesdale

    Clydesdale horses are among the most popular horse breeds in the world. Hailing from Scotland, they are well-known for their raw energy and stamina.

    2 Shire Horse

    A classic British Stallion, the Shire horse is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. There’s evidence that suggests shires were used as war horses during the medieval era. You should have heard of knights in shining armors riding in to the battles, valiantly right? they probably rode shires!

    1 Sampson
    This is the biggest individual horse of all time.
    Sampson, who was owned by Thomas Cleaver in 19th century England, stood 7 feet tall (2.13 m) by the time he was a mere four years old. What do you think his owner did? Renamed him Mammoth, of course, and showed him off for many years.

  • The largest horse in the world


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  • Worlds Tallest Horse - Meet The Record Breakers - Guinness World Records


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    The tallest living horse is Big Jake, a nine-year-old Belgian Gelding horse, who measured 20 hands 2.75 in (210.19 cm, 82.75 in), without shoes, at Smokey Hollow Farms in Poynette, Wisconsin, USA, on 19 January 2010.

    Big Jake was measured three times with the same measurement recorded each time. He is owned by Smokey Hollow Farms of which Jerry Gilbert is the manager.


    At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.

    Here on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel we want to showcase incredible talent. If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place.


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  • Biggest Horse Breeds in the World - Shire Horse


    Horses are powerful animals sometimes humans can get easily scared because of their big body. The average horse is not so big, but when there's good and great breed, horse could grow into big animal just like an elephant. Powerful means that horse could run so fast and strong at the same time. That is why horse is common measurement of car's speed. If you are looking for the biggest horse breeds in the world, we have got it.

    The biggest horse is Shire Horse. It is originated from UK. It has been the biggest and tallest horse in the world record. They could be black, grey and bay while the average weight of it could be around 800kg to 1200kg. It is so big.

    The biggest horse noted is Mammoth. It is 219cm. The second biggest horse is Clydesdale. What makes this horse unique and very memorable to see is its color. You could simply recognize them because of the nice and unique color. They come with white socks the feathering is extensive. They become so popular since the Budweiser ads using it. If you talk about weight, then you could say Shire Horse, but when you are looking for speed and weight, Clydesdale is the answer.


    All clips and images aired in This Video have been licensed from their rightful owners.

    - J & J Goodwin shire horse team:
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    Energetic Upbeat Pop-6803-RFR
    - MorningLightMusic


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  • 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World


    Horses are a very expensive hobby, as they are. But some of them are so flawless and unique that their price just shoots through the roof. Take the Shetland pony, for example. Even though it’s the cheapest one on the list, it’s still quite expensive. Not to mention how adorable and tiny it is! Some horses even cost more than an average car reaching up to 100,000 dollars, like the Friesian! Then, there are the rare gems like the Shire that look like they’re in a costume because of how different they look.

    So let’s get into it, here are the 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World!

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    Shetland Pony

    If you ever learned how to ride a horse as a child, there is a big chance you sat on the back of a Shetland pony. Not just because they were already the right size, but also because of how strong and cute they were! In fact, they’re so strong that it’s said a Shetland pony can pull more weight than the huge Clydesdale. Moreover, they’re mostly known for their long lifespans of 30 years. When it comes to feeding these cuties, they’re had to face some really hard conditions, so they’ve evolved to not only survive but also thrive on a small amount of food. Maybe this is the reason that they cost about 1500, and their price can reach about 2000 when they form a purebred lineage!

    Gypsy Vanner

    The most stylish breed on this list is the Gypsy Vanner, also known as the Irish Cob or Tinker. This breed was actually developed by the Romani travelers of the British Isles. The best part about these show-stoppers is that they’re almost always colored, which adds to their beauty. Because of their increasing rarity, they can be sold to anywhere from 6000 to a whopping 10,000 dollars! They obviously look very cute with their long manes and thick sock-shaped feathers on their hooves. Moreover, they’re just as friendly as they look and are usually a very good family horse. So much so that they’ve also been used as therapy animals. Who wouldn’t feel loved and warm after petting this cutie?!

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  • Top 10 Biggest Horse Breeds in the World


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    15. Cute Poodle Puppy Playing in a Ball Pit

    16. Cutest Poodle Puppies

  • Top 5 The Most Expensive Horses In The World. Rich Horse Racing Champion


    Horses cannot compete with cars in speed. But to compete with luxury cars at a price - yes. Today, price for one thoroughbred horses can be accountant millions of dollars. We show you the most expensive horses in the world...

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  • 10 Biggest Horses in the world 2020


    10 largest Horses in the world
    1 – Shire
    2 – Clydesdale
    3 – Percheron
    4 – Belgian Draft (Brabant)
    5 – Dutch Draft
    6 – American Cream
    7 – Russian Heavy Draft
    8 – Suffolk
    9 – Fjord
    10 – Dole
    largest horse breed list

    shire horse

    strongest horse breed

    biggest horse in the world 2019

    10 biggest horse breeds

    draft horse

    percheron horse breeds

    belgian horse breeds

  • Big Jake Worlds Tallest Horse - Guinness World Record Holder


    At 210.2 cm (82.75), 11-year-old Belgian gelding Big Jake stands as the world's tallest horse. Jerry Gilbert of Smokey Hollow Farm (Ostego, Michigan, USA) has raised Big Jake from a weanling to today.
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    Big Jake | World's Tallest Horse | Equestrian | Horses | Horse Back Riding | Ponies | Gelding | Equine | Guinness World Record | Tallest Horse

  • 10 Horse Breeds You Will Not Believe Exist


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  • The WEIRDEST HORSE BREEDS In The World ????


    There’s probably no other animal more fascinating for its elegance and strength than a horse. Don’t you agree? This list will show you the most astonishing breeds ever since people domesticated this species over six thousand years ago.


    This horse has a Punk-style mane or so it seems. Its most remarkable feature is its two-tone hair, black and gray, which goes from head to tail.

    This gorgeous horse carries oddity in its singular coat. Am I before a dalmatian horse? “

    Bashkir Curly Horse
    This breed has something very particular; did you notice yet? A beautiful curly coat is its personal mark.

    While this breed is associated with the Knabstrupper, what makes this horse different is that the leopard complex, the same genetic complex of the previous horse

    Its thick coat on the legs characterizes this imposing horse breed from North England and makes it elegant and attractive to the naked eye.

    If there’re big horses, there’re also small ones. “Of course.” This is one of the smallest breeds in the world and no, it is not a pony.

    If you believed that big ears were only a rabbits’ thing, that’s because you haven’t heard of this big-eared horse breed yet.

    Arabian horse
    There’s something strange in this breed’s anatomy because most horses have 18 pairs of ribs and 6 lumbar vertebrae

    If there were a model among horses, that’d be this horse breed, for sure. Its metallic sheen and long legs make it the world’s most beautiful horse.

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  • 15 Most Expensive Horses In The World


    No horse is cheap. Loads of kids want one and their parent says no BECAUSE of the price. But there are some horses that make regular horses look as cheap as DIRT. These are the most expensive horses in the world!

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  • 15 Most Powerful Horse Breeds In The World


    We often think of horses as feminine creatures: agile and beautiful. But they’re stronger than you might think, their bite alone capable of inflictingsome pretty serious damage! And the horses we’re about to show you are the strongest of the strong. These are the most powerful horse breeds in the world!

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  • World Biggest Horse Of The World


  • 15 Most Expensive Horses In The World


    For most of us, our financial life depends on making a budget and sticking to it. Meanwhile, rich people have so much spare cash lying around that they're willing to pay near-unbelievable amounts for a single horse. Prepare to make your eyes water! From a top-rated 'rare' horse to the world's purest breed, here are the 15 Most Expensive Horses in the World!

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  • 5 Smallest Horse in the World: 5 Smallest Horse Breeds


    The great thing about horses is that they come in all different colors and sizes–there’s a horse
    for every one. Smaller horses may not be big enough to ride, but there are other uses fort hem,
    even just as companions. Thumbelina, a dwarf miniature horse, holds the world record for being
    the smallest horse as she set and sat 17 inches tall. Can you imagine? Having a horse, the size of a
    dog that you can literally pick up and snuggle? The sehalf-pint horse breeds may just be the
    cutest thing on the planet with fascinating background stomach.

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    Narrated by Yuseppe Labani
    Produced Directed & Narrated by Gideon
    Created by GIDEON FILMS.

  • 15 Most Expensive Horses in the World


    Not every horse will be expensive, but just like most animals, their price tag is often dictated by what they can do and their lineage. A winning racehorse will cost more than one that’s ailing and old. But have you thought about what the most expensive horses are? From the desirable Friesian breed to the post-war Europe Dutch Warmblood, here are 15 of the most expensive horses in the world.

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  • These Are 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds


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    Mankind has been domesticating horses for over 4000 years now. They are one of the most beautiful and useful creatures on the planet.
    Just like dogs they can act as a great companion while delivering more help.
    Almost every legend had a faithful horse companion in his endeavours, which stood by the protagonist and helped him through his journey.
    So, we are going to honor this animal and rank 10 of the best and most expensive horse breeds in the world.

    Video Credits : Tara

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  • 15 Most Powerful Horse Breeds In The World


    If I asked you what the most powerful breed of horse in the world is, most people wouldn’t know where to start. If you have even a slight interest in knowing more then listen up and get ready to be introduced to the world of horses. From Stallions to the Belgian Draft Horse, here are 15 most powerful horse breeds in the world.

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  • 15 Most Powerful Horse Breeds In The World


    Horses are big and horses are strong. Of course, they are! They can carry people; they can pull carts. But no matter how much you think you may know about the strength of horses; some are even more powerful than that! Some are like the Clark Kent of the horsey world. These are the mostpowerful horse breeds in the world!

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  • 15 Most Expensive Horses In The World


    Horses are beautiful but they are far from cheap. That’s why so many kidswant one, but so few get one. But there are some horses that are so VERY pricey that they make the regular horses look as cheap as chips. These are the most expensive horses in the world!

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  • The FASTEST HORSES In The World ????


    The star and center of attention in these races is the horse. Many of these stallions have received worldwide prestigious recognition for their exceptional speed. Would you like to meet them? All right, enjoy the show.


    This British Thoroughbred is a big celebrity on the tracks almost like a football star.

    And now, this is a mare who is on a winning streak. Zenyatta is one of the most successful mares, as she has won 19 races in a row.

    Seattle Slew
    Having won 14 out of the 17 races he entered, Seattle Slew was one of the best racehorses during the ’70s.

    Cigar was a Thoroughbred racehorse who left his pawprint in history, winning 16 races in a row, and becoming a symbol of ‘90s horse racings.

    Man O’War
    For many people, this is the best horse of the twentieth century, as Man O’War ran in 21 races and won 20 of them, including the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

    Black Caviar
    Now let me introduce you to another mare who left her mark on the track. This is none other than Black Caviar, who since her first race in 2008 has won 25 consecutive races.

    Phar Lap
    He is also known as “Big Red” and was a devil on the track. Phar Lap is one of the most representative racehorses in Australia and New Zealand, as he became a legend in those countries.

    American Pharoah
    This horse was a true beast on the tracks, and also one of the most prize-winning racehorses.

    John Henry
    The name John Henry is already synonymous with American Thoroughbred racehorses. This stallion was awarded Horse of the Year in 1981 and 1984.

    Secretariat marked a milestone in horseracing due to his speed. Just during the early years, he won 7 out of the 9 races he competed in and was named Horse of the Year in 1972.

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  • 5 Most Beautiful And Rare Horses In The World


    The 5 Most Beautiful And Rare Horses In The World.

    All horses are beautiful, but this video of unique stallions and mares take majestic to a whole new level.

    5. The Blue Roan Gypsy Vanner Horse.

    Easily recognized for their leg feathering and common black and white or piebaldcoat color, the Blue Roan version of the beautiful Gypsy horse is considered most rare.

    4. The German Black Forest Horse.

    The Black Forest Horse, or the Schwarzwälder Kaltblut, is a rare draft horse breed originating in Southern Germany. All I know is that his mane and tail PERFECTLY compliment his super shiny coat.

    This beauty has the longest, lushest mane I've ever seen!

    3. The Knabstrupper.

    Knabstrupper horses were bred in Denmark as far back as 1671 when they were called The Tiger Horses. In 1750, this royal breeding line came to an end.

    The spotted horse returned in 1812, not as the Tiger Horses, but with a new bloodline. A mare was purchased of Spanish origin with unusual markings. Her colt was the foundational Sire for the new spotted breed...Seeing spots has never felt so good!

    It's pretty easy to see how some folks confuse these beauties for Appaloosas, though their markings are often more saturated!

    2. The Friesian/Appaloosa Crossbreed.

    His name is Mystic Warrior. He's 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Appy stallion was a demo horse at the World Equestrian Games! This little guy came a LONG way!

    1. The Golden Akhal Teke.

    This horse is beautiful enough to be a bronzed statue! With an unbelievably shiny coat that appears to be metallic in the sun, the Akhal Teke is the national emblem of the country of Turkmenistan. Not surprisingly, it's known as the golden horse!

    Created by GIDEON FILMS Top 5

    #BeautifulHorseInTheWorld #MostBeautifulHorses #RareHorse



    Hi there, welcome to World Trend. today we will take a look at the biggest horses in the world. Horses are one of the animals that can reach large sizes. even a normal size draft horse might look very big and strong in your eyes, now we will check out the largest, rare and most beautiful horse breeds you will not believe exist

  • The BIGGEST HORSES In The World | rtzone sl |



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  • How Much Strong These Horse??? May Be Worlds Most Stronger Horse. Watch and Subscribe.


    Dear User this is TM Crashing Tube uploading video. This video is animal related. Worlds some strong horse video. You can't amazing how much strong these horse. these horse can move big car, trees easily that's not possible for man.
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  • The Top 5 Largest Horse Breeds On Planet Earth


    Biggest Horse Breeds In The World!
    Meet huge draft horse breeds. Horses are often powerful / big animals but there are also very small horses. In this video you have the breeds of horses that are the biggest according to statistics. Draft horses were not always so massive. Only after horse domestication did people start mating the largest and strongest individuals to create a breed that meets certain requirements.
    5. Suffolk Punch
    The Suffolk originated in Suffolk and Norfolk in eastern England, where draft horses have been present since the 1500s. The Suffolk Punch is considered the oldest native horse breed of Great Britain.
    They typically stand between 16.1 and 17.2 hands tall and weigh from 1,900 to 2,200 pounds.
    *Interesting fact: The horse breed got its name, “Suffolk Punch” because of their rounded appearance.

    4. Percheron Horse
    The Percheron is a French horse and is the most popular of the large draft breed. A Percheron once held the title of world’s tallest horse. Their sizes range considerably, from as small as 15.1 hands to as tall as 19 hands.
    Percherons are best known for their willingness to work, hardiness, and ability to adapt to harsh climates. They are good-natured horses that are easy keepers.

    3. Clydesdale Horse
    The Clydesdale originated in the county of Clydesdale, Scotland, and was used as a farm horse to work fields and pull carts. The modern, Clydesdales’ are still used on small farms, pulling competitions, and during parades.
    The Clydesdale originated in the county of Clydesdale, Scotland, and was used as a farm horse to work fields and pull carts. The modern, Clydesdales’ are still used on small farms, pulling competitions, and during parades.

    2. Belgian Draft Horse
    The Belgian horse breed descended from the Flemish “great horse,” which was the medieval battle horse native to the Flanders area. It is an ancient breed and has influenced the development of other draft breeds, such as the Clydesdale and the Shire.
    Belgian’s regularly compete in pulling contests, where they dominate the competition. Big Jake, a Belgian, was named the tallest horse in the world by Guinness World Records in 2010.

    1. Shire Horse
    The Shire horse breed currently holds the record for the world’s largest horse. Shires are descended from England’s “great horse,” which was ridden into battle and graced the tournament fields carrying knights in shining armor.
    The average-sized Shire weighs close to 2,000 pounds and stands over 17 hands tall. They have thick coats, which are typically bay, brown, black, gray, or chestnut. Like the Clydesdale, they have feathering on their lower legs.
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    Percherons //
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    Shires //
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    In this video you can find:
    -geldings , stallions
    -mares , majestic big new drafts
    -draft horses galloping
    -Horse SOO Cute! moments
    -harness draft horses

  • 9 Largest Horses in the World


    Horses can reach a gigantic size. Some breeds are several times bigger than normal horses. Their size can even frighten you. Some of these horses are so big that they need a lot of food and become expensive pets for their owner. In this video, you can see the nine largest horses in the world. I'm sure you will be amazed by some of these horses and watch until the end to discover our number 1. He truly deserves this spot in this list of the 9 largest horses in the world.

    Music: Bensounds/Youtube Library

    Thetopten wants to bring via top 10 and top 5 lists actual education and entertainment to all English viewers. We publish lists like top 10, top 5, facts, top 15, and other interesting and educational stories. We are inspired by channels like Mind Warehouse, Top 5 Best and Top Finest to make these types of video’s. Do you have an idea for a video topic? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Britains Tallest Horse


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    Standing at 19.3 hands (6ft 6in) tall this giant Clydesdale is Britain's real life War Horse. Queen's horse Digger, Britain's tallest, is being put through his paces with the royal regiment. Stationed with the Household Cavalry in Hyde Park Barracks, it is hoped 145 stone horse will take part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations as a Drum Horse in June. With his head up strapping eight-year-old Digger measures close to 9ft and his hooves measure 15in across. He eats up to four stones of food per day and guzzles 25 gallons of water. Princes William and Harry are also serving members of the Household Cavalry Regiment as Blue and Royal Officers. Previously Digger shared the title of Britain's tallest horse with shire Duke, who has since passed away.

  • the most big horse in the world Its bigger than a truck


    The largest thoroughbred horse in the world See the largest pony in size larger than a large truck

  • Biggest Horses in the World:)


    ah okay im in the show clothes( hints i had just got home from a show)

    rachelles in the pink shirt and sarahs in the purple

    so dont critique are riding or that were riding ponies cuz u werent there are we dont need mean comments but those hu have never ridden ponies u should aha fun:)!

    *Dont own the song but i own Everything else(c) to me !
    and sorry for the cussing couldnt find an edited version

  • World’s second-largest horse farm experiences heavy snowfall


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    Located in China’s Gansu province, Shandanjun horse farm, the world’s second-largest stud farm experienced heavy snowfall in January, blanketing the vast open grassland.

  • Radar, the Worlds Tallest Horse


    Radar, the World's Tallest Horse Guinness World Record

  • Biggest Horse Breeds in the World


    Biggest Horse Breeds in the World



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