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The DEATH of Cloud Gaming - WAN Show February 5, 2021



    Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
    0:05 - SAS RED NOTICE (2021) Ruby Rose, Action Movie
    2:30 - LAST CALL (2021) Jeremy Piven, Comedy Movie
    4:48 - DOORS (2021) Sci-Fi Movie
    6:17 - GODZILLA VS KONG (2021) International Trailer
    7:26 - THE VIOLENT HEART (2021) Mary J Blige
    8:52 - INVINCIBLE (2021) Superhero Animated
    11:03 - PLAYING WITH POWER: THE NINTENDO STORY (2021) Documentary
    13:24 - THE SUICIDE SQUAD (2021) Teaser
    13:48 - LUCKY (2021) Thriller
    15:31 - THE TOLL (2021) Horro
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  • 3 TIPS & TRICKS in PUBG Mobile!???? |How to Use FPP SWTICH with Smoke | Everyone Should Know


    ????????????Note ????????????
    *** Please Watch Video On 1080p For Better Quality***

    My goal is just to motivate and inspire! You guys. That's all ❤.

    3 TIPS & TRICKS in PUBG Mobile!???? | FPP SWTICH + SMOKE | Every Pubg Player Will Watch this...


    Thanks to :-)
    Hōng B
    @Lenqin Gaming


    Songs that are used in this video :
    Lost Sky - Where We Started

    DEAF KEV - Samurai


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    First trailer for MORTAL KOMBAT

  • Engineering ion channels for long term inhibition of cell excitability - Anna Moroni


    Workshop Frontiers in ion channels and nanopores: theory, experiments and simulation (FICN2021) from 2-5 February 2021.
    Anna Moroni presents Engineering ion channels for long term inhibition of cell excitability.

    Remote control of potassium channel constitutes a promising way to control firing in excitable cells. In the past, we have engineered a light-gated channel, BLINK2 and demonstrated its potential application in the control of neuropathic pain. More recently, we have exploited other ways to remotely control channels, such as peptide drugs which modulate channel activity under the control of light. Presently, we are investigating the possibility to control K channels by other stimuli such as temperature and magnetic fields.

    Visit the nanoCAFÉ Research Group website:
    Visit the conference website:
    Follow us on Twitter:

    This workshop is part of a project that has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 803213).

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  • Big Time Graphics with Game Streaming Services - Destitute PC Build Part 2


    The follow up to my Logical Increments Destitute Build. Part 1, I built the lowest recommended tier of PC from Logical Increments. In part 2, I focus on using Game streaming services such as GeForce Now and Google Stadia to see if I can turn this potato into a beast machine.

    Special thanks to Logical Increments for the build recommendations!

    0:00 Intro
    0:28 What is Destitute Build
    1:24 Game Streaming Services
    5:57 Fortnite Gameplay
    6:41 Rocket League Gameplay
    7:36 Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay
    9:53 Hitman 2 Gameplay
    11:41 Gaming on a Tablet
    11:58 Final Thoughts

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    Thermaltake 500W PSU

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    Corsair Vengeance RAM
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    Music (In Order)
    Fleurs Douces - Homeless Soul (Instrumental Version)
    Ooyy - Tiger's Nest
    Dugway - Nep Tune
    A P O L L O - InstaFamous
    Ooyy - Thunderbird
    Particle House - I Don't Mind (Instrumental Version)
    Alder - Vice (Instrumental Version)
    Ooyy - Come 2gether
    Patrick Patrikios - Monogram

  • Luke Reacts to Cyberpunk 2077 RANSOM


    Watch the full WAN Show:


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  • O Level M1 R5 । IT Tools and Network Basics । Revised Syllabus me hue Badlav


    Hi I am Ashvani Avasthi Welcome to our YouTube Channel Ashvani Avasthi.
    About this video- In this video i am telling you about the changes of O Level 5th Revised Syllabus in M1R5 IT Tools and Network Basic.
    8 .Digital Financial Tools and Applications :
    9. Overview of Future skills and Cyber Security
    Our some other videos Playlist –
    CCC New Syllabus - Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana 2020 CCC Most Important Questions in Hindi CCC special part-1 CCC Imporat Fullform & Shortcut Key link CCC special part-2 link CCC special part-3 link CCC special part-4 CCC Pass Kare Pheli Baar main link .................................................................................................................. Our Social Links- Youtube - Facebook- instagram-
    Email –

    #Olevel #M1-R5 #Changes #NewSyllabus #Nielit #Doeacc #Olevel5thsyllabus #Ashvaniavasthi
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    o level c language classes in hindi
    o level results
    o level syllabus 2019


  • SMUD seminar: Some recent results on the Diophantine equations with power sums By G. Soydan


    G. Soydan
    Some recent results on the Diophantine equations with power sums
    The Bernoulli numbers are among the most interesting and important number sequences in mathematics. They first appeared in the posthumous work Ars Conjectandi'' (1713) by Jakob Bernoulli (1654-1705) in connection with sums of powers of consecutive integers. Bernoulli numbers are particularly important in number theory, especially in connection with Fermat's last theorem. They also appear in the calculus of finite differences (N{o}rlund (1924)), in combinatorics, and in other fields. Let us define $S_k(x)=1^{k}+2^{k}+...+x^{k}$ where $x$ and $k$ are nonnegative integers. Equations of the shape $S_k(x)=y^n$ have been considered by several authors (Bennett, GyH{o}ry, Hajdu, Pint'{e}r, Sch{a}ffer, Tijdeman,$cdots$). In 1985, J. W. S. Cassels solved the Diophantine equation $(x-1)^3+x^3+(x+1)^3=y^2$ in integers $x$ and $z$, showing that the only solutions satisfy $x = 0,1,2$ and 24. In this talk, we first give old/new results about the Diophantine equation $(x+1)^k+(x+2)^k+...+(ell x)^k=y^n$ (*). We prove that (*) has finitely many integer solutions with $x,yge 1$, $nge 2$, $kneq 3$. Then, extending some old results about the Diophantine equation $(x-d)^2+x^2+(x+d)^2=y^n$ (**), we give an explicit formula for all positive integer solutions of the equation (**) when $n$ odd prime and $d=p^r$, $p geq 4$ a prime. These works are joint with Daniele Bartoli and Maohua Le.

  • General Relativity I Lecture 13


    General Relativity I (HEP-GR I)
    P. Creminelli

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  • reviewing your LinkedIn profiles


    Reviewing your Information Technology LinkedIn Profiles LIVE (Network Engineers, System Engineers, Linux Admins, Pentesters, Helpdesk Information Technology)

    ????????????support the mission, join thisisIT:
    (or join through youtube:
    ☕☕OFFICIAL NetworkChuck Coffee: ☕☕

    My FREE CCNA Course:

    #networkengineer #systemengineer #linkedin

  • Amway Singapore eRally 2020 - Special Guest Speaker Crown Ambassador Ninoy & Fiona


  • E-Day LIVE! February 27 @ 9am to 3 pm


    SHOW STARTS at 31:50
    - Skip a head with the section markers below -
    Welcome to E-Day Live!
    On-demand E-Day videos at
    Check our schedule of events here

    Scavenger Hunt: On-Demand Content (Open Until March 13)
    Find the answers to ten questions at within the next two weeks. If you get all ten correct you will be included in a prize drawing for two UK Engineering prize packs!

    Section Select:
    31:50 - Introduction by Dean Rudy
    33:58 - Exhibit Rundown by Tony Jackson
    36:40 - Lego Earthquake Town and Dam Break - ASCE
    57:32 - Acid-Based Chemical Reaction - SWE
    1:10:14 - Talking to the Cloud is Easy - Lexmark
    1:18:46 - 3D Nanonscale Printing - CeNSE
    1:47:16 - Exhibit Rundown by Tony Jackson
    1:49:23 - Elephant Toothpaste: Chemical Reaction - AAPS
    2:05:36 - PRIZE GIVEAWAY
    2:07:52 - Q&A with Engineering Student
    2:18:35 - Rubik's Cube: Solving Problems with your Mind and Hands
    2:42:46 - The Circular Economy & Precious Metal Recovery - Lexmark
    2:56:57 - Sounding Rocket Assembly - SpaceLex
    3:19:46 - Sweet Structures - MACE
    3:52:52 - Exhibit Rundown by Lacy Hill
    3:55:51 - Rainbow Densities - Phi Sigma Rho
    4:03:16 - LSDyna - Paper Feed Simulation - Lexmark
    4:20:28 - PRIZE GIVEAWAY
    4:22:04 - Building for the Community with the Lexington Humane Society - EWB
    4:32:56 - Games to Make Learning Fun - Mathnasium
    4:50:28 - Engineering in a Box and Q&A - Interdisciplinary Outreach Organization
    5:11:51 - Exhibit Rundown by Lacy Hill
    5:14:11 - Sun Powered Oven - UK Energy Club
    5:30:18 - Engineering is SWEet: Experiment: Charle's Law
    5:43:55 - PRIZE GIVEAWAY & Closing
    5:47:37 - Show Credits

    Find out more @
    Connect with us on social media:

    Produced by Eric Sanders at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. For more information about the Marketing and Communication department visit:

    #ukyengineering #engineering #universityofky

  • Microsoft Ignite 2021 Live Stream


    Join us for our digital event experience on March 2-4, 2021. Microsoft Ignite is for IT pros, decision makers, implementors, architects, developers, and data professionals to explore the latest tools, receive deep technical training, and get questions answered by Microsoft experts. Learn more:

  • Every Mount From WoW Legion & How To Obtain Them


    Covering how to get every mount in the game, starting with the Legion expansion. Part 2 here:

    Thanks to Henrik for the new intro & outro! Check out his work and music at his website:

    Dungeons/Raid Mounts 3:04
    Profession Mounts 8:28
    Reputation Mounts 12:33

    Smoldering Ember Wyrm/Nightbane guide(Made during Legion, but still accurate):
    Legion Leatherworking Questline:
    Earning Reputation With Legion Factions:
    Falcosaur Guide:
    Bloody Coin Guide:

    If you have any suggestions, requests, or just general feedback let me know in the comments or with a message. I try my best to answer or at least read as many as I can.

    Music from

    'WetGrass Inspired' [Tristram] by AmIEviL:
    Legion Anduin's Theme:
    Waltz for Zizi cover by Sam Griffin Guitar:
    'Chanson d'Automn..' by Chris Christodoulou(
    FFX Cloister of Trials Remix by Arcanuman1:
    Legion Dalaran Music:
    Calm Before the Storm cover by Super Guitar Bros:
    Donkey Kong Country 2 Epic Orchestral Medley by RebeccaETripp:

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  • FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Super Bowl Trailer


    New super bowl spot for FAST AND FURIOUS 9

  • Friday Market Melt Up!????Live Day Trading????Market Analysis????Chart Requests, News & More! ???????? ????????


    Join us every weekday afternoon 12PM CST, 1PM EST 10AM PST, 6PM UK.

    0:00:00 Stream Start
    0:05:50 Show Start
    0:13:47 News
    0:28:05 Intro
    0:30:45 $BTC
    0:35:06 $ALTS (Perps)
    0:36:50 $XMR , $ZEC , $ZEN , $GRIN , $BEAM , $KMD
    0:40:50 $DXY
    0:41:18 $DIA , $QQQ , $SPY
    0:47:47 $CELR
    0:50:34 $1INCH
    0:53:41 $ETH
    0:55:23 $DOGE
    1:00:05 $DOT
    1:02:18 $KSM
    1:03:11 $OCEAN
    1:04:57 $BCH
    1:07:04 $VET
    1:11:20 $COTI
    1:13:50 $BTS
    1:15:36 $WAN
    1:16:56 $SUSHI
    1:18:20 $ZIL (1of2)
    1:19:58 $DASH
    1:21:30 $MONA
    1:24:13 $ZIL (2of2)
    1:25:31 $GME (1of2)
    1:30:14 $GME (2of2)
    1:31:01 $AMC
    1:31:37 $NOKIA
    1:32:10 $BB
    1:37:17 $ADA
    1:25:30 $XVG
    1:38:58 Q: AMC to $25 in a year?
    1:42:55 $XAU (GOLD)
    1:43:14 $XAG (SILVER)
    1:43:32 $XPT (PLATINUM)
    1:43:47 $BCO (CRUDE OIL)
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    1:45:39 $AU200 , $CN50 , $FR40 , $HK33 , $IN50 , $JP225 , $NL25 , $SG30 , $US200
    1:47:19 $SPX500

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  • Top 10 Africa Countries With The Most Chinese Debt


    African Countries with the most China Debt
    Hello Displorers, Welcome back to another informative video and thanks for watching. In this video we shall be presenting the Top 10 African countries with the most Chinese debts. The Relation between China and Africa is refered to as Sino – African Relation and this relation dates back as early as the 15 century, However Modern political and economic relations between Africa and china commenced in the era of Mao Zedong, following the victory of the Chinese Communist Party in the Chinese Civil War. Starting in the 21st century, the modern state of the People's Republic of China has built increasingly strong economic ties with Africa. There are an estimated one million Chinese citizens residing in Africa. Additionally, it has been estimated that 200,000 Africans are working in China. We have a video on the Top 10 African countries with the most Chinese population, click on the card on your screen to check if out. In 1980, the total China-African trade volume was US$1 billion. In 1999, it was US$6.5 billion and in 2000, US$10 billion. By 2005, the total Sino-African trade had reached US$39.7 billion before it jumped to US$55 billion in 2006, making China the second largest trading partner of Africa after the United States, which had trade worth US$91 billion with African nations. Many African Countries are currently indebted to china, and china is now exploiting these countries due to the fact that they are unable to repay their loan, What China is doing in Africa is refered to debt trap diplomacy where by China intentionally extends excessive credit to another debtor country with the alleged intention of extracting economic or political concessions from the debtor country when it becomes unable to honor its debt obligations (often asset-based lending, with assets including infrastructure).
    If you are new here welcome be sure to subscribe and turn on notification so you don’t miss any of our videos
    There are many African countries that owes china but these are the Top 10 ones with the most Chinese debts.
    10. DR Congo – Estimated Debt – $3.4 Billion
    The Relationship Between China and the Democratic Republic of Congo dates as far as 1890. Fast forward to post independent DR congo China is still one of the biggest Beneficiaries to DR Congo’s Natural resources. Ideally The Democratic Republic of Congo was suppose to be the richest country in Africa since it has the Most Natural Resources more than any other country but due to high debts to china, China is taking away these natural resources as payment of debt. for Example A deal was struck between Sicomines, a consortium of Chinese companies (Sinohydro and China Railway Engineering Corporation), and the Congolese government in April 2008 to grant mineral concessions in Katanga province in exchange for infrastructure investments. In a deal originally worth US$9 billion and funded by China EXIM Bank, US$6 billion would go to infrastructure development and US$3 billion being invested in mining operations in Katanga. 68% of the project would be owned by Sicomines and the remaining 32% would be owned by Congo’s mining parastatal Gécamines. Critics of the project have alleged that the deal undervalues the mineral deposits in Katanga. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised concerns about this deal negatively affecting the DRC's ability to sustain its debt. Due to china’s Debt trap, The Democratic Republic of congo has loss most of its Natural resources to china. In 2007, the DRC exported US$304.8 million worth of cobalt to china. In 2008, the DRC exported US$1.13 billion of cobalt to China. Exports of copper ore and hard woods to China also increased greatly and most of these exports are geared towards the payment of loans of construction works done in DR Congo by the Chinese. The country currently owes china about $3.4 Billion dollars.
    Ghana – Estimated Debts - $3.5 Billion
    Relations between the two countries date back to 1960 when the countries first established diplomatic relations. Since then Ghana has provided substantial diplomatic support to the china with the china reciprocating with material support for Ghana's development. Since the 2000s the volume of Chinese trade and investment in Ghana has increased greatly. From $4.4 million Chinese projects registered by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre in 2000, Chinese registered flows had increased to $1.6 billion in 2014 alone.In 2007 china signed six agreements and a US$66 million Chinese loan to expand and upgrade Ghana's telecommunications network. Beijing provided a concessionary loan of US$30 million to support the first phase of a telecommunications project to link all ten regional capitals and 36 towns in Ghana with fiber optic cables. Recently the China Export and Import Bank (Exim Bank) granted US$562 million loan for the construction of the US$622 milli

  • Prof Janek Ratnatunga - Costing Life: Air Water and Food


  • A brief history of prion science


    Here I discuss some of the seminal discoveries in prion research from the XVIII century to the present day

  • lego Spider-Man y woody se unen parte 5


    Spiderman y woody se enfrentan con un gigante lo derrotarán ? Tienes que ver el video para averiguarlo

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  • Edge Computing for the Infrastructure - Victor Bahl, Microsoft Research


    Victor Bahl is a technical fellow and the director of mobility & networking in Microsoft Research, with over 30 years of industry experience. He advises Microsoft’s CEO and senior leadership team on long-term vision/strategy in networked systems, edge and cloud infrastructures, mobile computing, wireless systems, and 5G. He leads a group that executes on this vision through research, incubations, technology transfers to product groups, industry partnerships, and associated engagement with governments and research institutes around the world. Dr. Bahl has delivered numerous foundational technologies to Azure, XBOX and Windows. Some seminal technologies he has developed include edge computing, white space networking, mesh networking, Wi-Fi virtualization, multi-radio systems, Wi-Fi hot-spots, and indoor localization. His contributions in dynamic spectrum access led to the United States FCC opening 180 MHz of spectrum for unlicensed use. He has published 125 papers with over 50,000 citations, he has been issued 165 patents, and has received numerous technical leadership awards incl. two test-of-time awards, three best paper awards, two U.S. FCC awards, two national transportation awards, two distinguished alumni awards, and four lifetime outstanding achievement awards from ACM and IEEE. He is the founder/co-founder of ACM SIGMOBILE, MobiSys, GetMobile and several other important conferences and journals. Dr. Bahl is a Fellow of ACM, IEEE, and AAAS.

    In this keynote, I will explore the edge computing paradigm from the perceptive of a researcher who has worked on this since its inception over a decade ago. I will discuss the evolution of the intelligent edge, describe some real-world applications and products. I will describe the progress we have made, the lessons we have learned as we developed an edge-cloud live video analytics system called Rocket. Rocket is deployed in several pilots and is used to reduce traffic-related fatalities and improve urban mobility. I will take a peek into the future and predict how the telecom industries will be impact as the edge computing become part of it’s infrastructure. I will lay out some of technical and business challenges facing the large-scale adoption and the opportunities these challenges are creating.

  • How to configure SonicWall Content Filtering Service


    This video is how to setup URL filtering using SonicWall Content Filtering Service (CFS). Going from very simple one size fit all setup with little exceptions (address object and URI list object) to CFS policies with active directory groups, schedules (lunch time / outside business hours) and bandwidth management.

    Bandwidth management KB:

    see in which category a website is:

    DPI-SSL technical video:

    Active directory integration:

    AD Single sign on (SSO)

    Network segregation

  • Fortinet SD WAN Presentation


    Join us as Bob Wholley from Fortinet walks through their SD-WAN product

  • Lecture 8 on kernel methods: Supervised learning, support vector machines


    This is lecture 8 of the class on kernel methods for machine learning given in the MOSIG/MSIAM master program of University Grenoble-Alpes, and the MVA master of ENS Paris Saclay.

    The video covers the slides 133-166 of



    #PusatTuisyenAYU #AYU #AkademiYoutuber
    Pusat tuisyen PERCUMA pertama di Malaysia yang membawakan kepada anda guru-guru PAKAR dari seluruh negara. Pusat Tuisyen AYU menghimpunkan guru-guru pakar yang masih dalam perkhidmatan mahupun yang telah bersara namun tetap ingin menyumbang untuk pendidikan negara.
    Rebut peluang, masukkan sesi LIVE ini dalam jadual pembelajaran sendiri dan sentiasa mengisi masa lapang dengan ilmu daripada guru-guru hebat yang ikhlas ingin mendidik anda walaupun dari lokasi yang jauh. Jangan sia-siakan masa anda untuk belajar, guru-guru sentiasa ada di mana jua untuk membantu. Semoga kejayaan menjadi hakmilik anda.
    Ayu bantu anak-anak mendapatkan ilmu percuma, bagi yang tidak berkemampuan untuk menghantar ke pusat tuisyen dan sebagainya boleh jadikan sesi LIVE ini sebagai satu waktu tetap untuk anak-anak wajib luangkan bagi menimba ilmu yang disampaikan. Semoga usaha ini mendapat sokongan daripada Ibu Bapa dan Masyarakat Malaysia khususnya. Inisiatif ini bertujuan untuk menyampaikan ilmu dalam apa jua pelantar yang terkemuka ketika ini.
    Sekali bergelar guru, selamanya anda seorang guru. Ilmu di dada tidak mengenal erti dalam perkhidmatan atau sudah bersara. Ilmu anda sangat berharga, seluruh pelajar Malaysia memerlukan ilmu anda. Abadikan ilmu anda, ayuh berkongsi dan terus curahkan ilmu untuk manfaat lebih ramai pelajar. Jika sebelum ini kita hanya mengajar di sekolah, kini kita boleh mengajar murid seluruh negara. Manfaatkan inisiatif ini, serta satu-satunya akademi yang dilaksanakan TANPA KOS PENGAJIAN. Anda akan diajar dari A hingga Z bagaimana untuk sampai ke tahap boleh menyumbangkan ilmu secara LIVE.


    LEBIH 3,000 Video pembelajaran PERCUMA! :




    Merealisasikan impian anda!
    Bermula PERCUMA, selama-lamanya PERCUMA!

  • All Information Technology And Computer Applications online video lectures



    Here are the links to all previous videos.
    Links to ITCA video lectures

  • Lecture 10 on kernel methods: kernel K-means, spectral clustering, kernel CCA


    This is lecture 10 of the class on kernel methods for machine learning given in the MOSIG/MSIAM master program of University Grenoble-Alpes, and the MVA master of ENS Paris Saclay.

    The video covers the slides 181-202 of

  • Professor Messers N10-007 Network+ Study Group - August 2020


    Network+ Training Course Index:
    Professor Messer’s Success Bundle:
    Professor Messer’s Course Notes:

    00:00 - Pre-Show
    10:00 - Start Time
    10:37 - Socrative
    11:34 - Sample Question
    12:09 - Announcements
    13:56 - CompTIA Objectives
    18:55 - Answer
    20:28 - Question 1 (Performance-Based)
    25:47 - Answer
    28:23 - Question 2
    34:00 - Answer
    37:23 - Question 3
    42:42 - Answer
    45:40 - Question 4
    50:00 - Answer
    54:28 - Question 5
    59:39 - Answer
    1:04:00 - Question 6
    1:09:05 - Answer
    1:10:02 - Question 7
    1:14:42 - Answer
    1:15:46 - CompTIA Objectives
    1:16:25 - Calendar
    1:18:05 - Aftershow
    1:20:05 - Chat Room When is the next version of the CompTIA Security+ certification exam coming out?
    1:20:46 - Chat Room Are you going to put out the newest Security+ playlist soon?
    1:21:25 - Chat Room Was the scan that you mentioned broke the internet twenty years ago a vulnerability scan or a simple port scan?
    1:27:25 - Caller #1 In ones career what would happen if they made a mistake with a port scanner?
    1:29:24 - How is the X-Box gaming going? Any suggestions on how to increase the speed for a PC gaming network?
    1:32:21 - Any suggestions on a specific area of technology to learn for a long term career advantage?
    1:35:36 - What is your opinion on quantum computing?
    1:36:14 - Where does one go to learn more about the hexadecimal conversion system?
    1:40:28 - Caller #2 Any study advice for one who has taken the CompTIA Network+ certification several times and has not passed?
    1:45:40 - How long should one wait to re-take a CompTIA certification exam after failing?
    1:48:40 - Caller #3 Would you do a quick overview of WAN technology?
    1:54:30 - Do some CompTIA Network+ domains have a higher percentage more than others?
    1:57:58 - After receiving the CompTIA Network+ certification, what kind of job opportunities may one expect to open up?
    2:02:08 - After passing the CompTIA Network+ exam, what other certifications would you recommend one start studying for?
    2:06:38 - Caller #4 If one is currently an IT Manager in a governmental consulting firm, what are some other suggestions on career paths or other IT opportunities?
    2:14:02 - A new video will be coming soon on the topic of The 10 reasons your resume is getting rejected is discussed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Professor Messer website:

  • WAN-IFRA Webinar: Reader Retention


    This webinar complements WAN-IFRA's recently published report, Engaged Readers Don't Churn – Retention Lessons for Digital Subscriptions.

    Our guest is Cecilia Campbell, the Executive Programmes Editor for WAN-IFRA who has been following the development of digital reader revenue for the past 10 years, and is the author of the report.

    She is joined by Nick Tjaardstra, Director of Global Advisory who also is responsible for WAN-IFRA's executive programmes focused on reader revenue, to talk about the findings of the report. This webinar was sponsored by our technology partner, Protecmedia.

  • Configuring Nginx Web Server LEMP Stack with FastCGI-Cache Module - Part 2


    Tutorial step by step for installing and configuring LEMP Stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP-FPM) with FastCGI-Cache module on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server (Bionic Beaver). This configurations is highly recomended for almost all high-traffic sites or busy server.

  • English Service 10/1/21 | 2 Peter 1:12-21


    For those who are new or visiting Cabramatta Anglican Church’s livestream, welcome! We’re glad you’re joining us. We’d love to connect with you at

    Hark the Herald Angels Sing, © 2020 Charles Wesley, Felix Mendelssohn, Liv Chapman, CCLI Song No: 7165530
    Joy To The World, © 2020 Isaac Watts, George Frederic Handel, Philip Percival, CCLI Song No: 7165525
    O Come, All Ye Faithful, © 2020 C. Frederick Oakeley, John Francis Wade, Liv Chapman, CCLI Song No: 7165528

    CCLI License # 286378
    CCLI Streaming License # 64167

  • When they say NO, the Sale BEGINS - Alec Ryncavage, CEO @ Cybiot


    Alec Ryncavage is a serial entrepreneur, elected public official, and cybersecurity expert -- at 19 years old!

    He's the founder and CEO of Cybiot - a revolutionary cybersecurity technology for small businesses that protects their retail storefront, office, guest network, employees, and customers while removing the friction of cost, time, and talent.

    We rallied the troops to solve sales problems together in his business.

    1:10 - Alec's EPIC origin story
    3:38 - How did the skills you built early as a teenager tee you up for entrepreneurial success?
    5:08 - How Alec founded Cybiot at 14, revamped it twice, and got VC-funded 5 years later
    7:11 - How hackers use your thermostat to steal your credit card...
    9:37 - Lessons learned pivoting B2C to B2B
    10:38 - Cybiot's value proposition compared to Cisco
    17:00 - Value proposition to MSP's
    18:07 - Problem Solved : Low outbound activity
    19:02 - How do I get my new prospects to do a PAID pilot of my software?
    21:34 - Problem Solved: Can't I just automate my sales outreach?
    22:22 - Problem Solved: Is it true if I get a 'NO' I can never reach out again?
    When they say No, the sale begins.
    25:45 - Mindset Shift: No is meaningless, unless you know they REALLY mean it.
    29:54 - How do you handle sales calls today?
    31:23 - Use the Up Front Contract to move Maybe's to YES or NO.
    35:32 - Alec's #1 Founder Takeaway from the Mastermind

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  • Cisco and CompTIA Courses Upcoming and Defining Real World


    #ccna #LazDiazCerts #cisco #ccnp #career #jobs #linux #networkengineer #cybersecurity #networking #network+ #programming #python #certifications #mikrotik #ansible #firewalls #IS-IS #json #pfSense #azure #aws #cloudcomputing #sd-wan #sd-fabric #agmp #bgp #redhat

    In this video, I will be announcing upcoming courses and sales I am having through the New Year and defining Real World IT.

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  • Gary Fowler: Gaming and Entertainment


    Gary Fowler of GSD discusses gaming and entertainment with Sonny Mohanty and her guests

    About GSD Venture Studios:
    We travel the world investing in resilient teams bold enough to #GoGlobal.
    For too long self-motivated entrepreneurs have navigated the minefield of challenges to launching a global company with very little support. The last thing you should bet on in this situation is an unproven team that you don’t trust. GSD Venture Studios travels to every corner of the globe inviting resilient teams to establish partnerships that ensure organizations grow the right way, without games or gimmicks. Unlike traditional investors, we take senior operational (often co-founder) roles in these companies, capitalizing on our trusted reputation, experiences, and network to drive explosive growth.

    More information can be found at:

    About Gary Fowler:
    Gary has 30 years of operational, marketing, sales, and executive leadership experience including a $1.35 billion dollar exit and a successful Nasdaq IPO. He has founded 15 companies: DY Investments,, GVA LaunchGurus Venture Fund, GSD Venture Studios, Broadiant, etc. Under his leadership, was named one of the Top 10 AI HR Tech companies globally. Gary was recently named one of the top 10 Most Influential AI Executives to Watch in 2020. He is a writer at Forbes Magazine and published over 60 articles on AI and Technology over the last year.

    More information can be found at



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  • Top I.T. Certifications for 2020 - CCNA | DevNet | MCSA | Azure


    THE MCSA IS NOW DEAD! Here are my thoughts!

    Certifications are the name of the game in this career! The new CCNA is really throwing a wrench in everyones' plans, too! So should we go for Network+ first? Or stick with CCNA? And how does the new DevNet exam fit in?
    And should someone go straight for Azure certifications? Or climb the MCSA mountain first? Microsoft and Cisco sure know what they are doing when they build out the exam paths, and I'll share my thoughts!

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    Cisco Devnet Associate

    CCNP Enterprise

    CCNP Security

    CCNP Data Center

    CCNP Service Provider

    CCNP Collaboration

    Cisco Certified Devnet Professional

    Cisco Certified Network Professional

    CompTIA Linux+


    Ethical Hacking


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  • BCN Crypto Kickoff 02-04-19


    Welcome to the show that looks at the bitcoin past to determine expectations for the future performance.

    Get 5 secret tips to further protect yourself and get involved at

    #BitcoinersSWFL #BitcoinCryptoNews #Cryptocurrency #CryptoKickoff #1MinuteWith #OneMinuteWith #Bitcoiners #Bitcoin #Satoshi

    February 4, 2019

    Top Stories
    For news last week the big story that we had on the site was...

    Bitcoin’s use of the PoW consensus put under the spotlight by a report from the Bank of
    International Settlements

    CryptoShoutOut to Cointelegraph for their article in our Twitter feed.

    Crypto & Taxes 2018

    CryptoShoutOut to Coinbase for their article in our Twitter feed.

    New Yorkers Can Now Buy Bitcoin at ATMs With Debit Cards

    CryptoShoutOut to for their article in our Twitter feed.

    #Fidelity has published an update announcing that its highly anticipated cryptocurrency...

    CryptoShoutOut to CRYPTONEWS.WATCH for their article in our Twitter feed

    Crypto-Stealing SIM Swapper Pleads Guilty, Gets 10 Years in Prison

    CryptoShoutOut to Bitcoin News for their article in our Twitter feed

    Todays Stories
    For our stories of the day be sure to check out out or our Twitter feeds
    @BCN_education and @BTCcrypto_news where we aggregate top stories from around the internet.
    If there is a story you think I have missed let me know and we can do some follow up on it.Crypto Kickoff Show Notes

    Before we get started I have CryptoShoutOuts that must be done for our many followers liking
    and sharing our videos:
    Sahil Singla Oghale Israel Imad Soltani
    Caleb Emerson Jessie Dortch Jyot Sutariya
    James Moore

    BCN 1 Minute With...
    Everyday we showcase a coin for you to further expand your knowledge of different cryptos with our 1
    Minute With series, which as the name suggest, is a 1 minute video introduction of a coin. Be sure to
    catch up on our archive as well.
    Last week we had...

    no show (new baby)

    Archive from no video (new baby) –

    Archive from Wanchain (WAN) – crosschain interoperable blockchain that leverage privacy and cross
    chain applications

    Archive from Zilliqa (ZIL) – high throughput blockchain that highly scalable and incorporates sharding.

    Archive from Siacoin (SIA) – decentralized cloud storage that uses available harddrive space
    worldwide.Crypto Kickoff Show Notes

    Bitcoiners of SWFL Meeting
    We will be meeting Thursday February 7 th . Just find the group “Bitcoiners of Southwest Florida” and
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    Live and Online Course Details
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  • Lecture 6 on kernel methods: Supervised learning, kernel ridge and logistic regression


    This is the sixth lecture of the class on kernel methods for machine learning given in the MOSIG/MSIAM master program of University Grenoble-Alpes, and the MVA master of ENS Paris Saclay.

    The video covers the slides 83-114 of

  • Lecture 4 on kernel methods: Kernel Trick


    This is the third lecture of the class on kernel methods for machine learning given in the MOSIG/MSIAM master program of University Grenoble-Alpes, and the MVA master of ENS Paris Saclay.

    The video covers the slides 56-73 of

  • Starboard SPAC SVAC Stock Close To Merger with Cyxtera Data Center Company


    SPAC Starboard Value Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:SVAC) is close to a deal to combine with data-center provider Cyxtera Technologies that would value the company at $3.4b, according to a WSJ report.

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    Welcome to my channel. I cover all Initial Public Offerings IPO, Direct Listings, and most Blank Check Companies also known as special purpose acquisition companies SPACS. By subscribing to this channel you will have the chance to know about each IPO before it goes public, with information such as, who the company is, what they do when they are going publicly traded on the stock market, and much more. You can think of this channel as your IPO Stock Calendar. We also cover SPACS, such as spac warrants, spac lists, spacs to invest in, and basically all spac stocks related information.

    #cyxterastock #svacstock #starboardstock #spacnews


    ⚫ 10 Simple Tips For Picking Good IPOs

    ⚫ How Can I Buy Pre IPO Stock Shares In The USA, Pre IPO Investment Opportunities, What Are Pre IPOs

    ⚫ 2nd Stock Market Crash Is Coming Here Is How And When

    ⚫ 20 Best Stocks To Buy During A Market Crash (High Growth)

    ⚫ BlackRock Capital Allocation Trust Going Public September 25th 2020

    ⚫ The Top SPAC Money Managers To Watch Best Blank Check Companies

    ⚫ The 3 Best Renewable Energy IPO Stocks To Buy

    ???? I am not a financial advisor or professional stock analyst. Trade at your own risk. There are risks associated with investing in a public offering, including unproven management, and established companies that may have substantial debt. As such, they may not be appropriate for every investor. You should read the offering prospectus carefully, and make your own determination of whether an investment in the offering is consistent with their investment objectives, financial situation, and risk tolerance.



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  • I2K 2020 tutorial: 3D Analysis with the 3D ImageJ Suite


    Thomas Boudier, Nicolas Heck, Jean-François Gilles

    3D Analysis with the 3D ImageJ Suite


  • Level1 News December 29 2020: A Student Surveilled


    0:00 - Intro
    1:53 - The ACLU is suing for more information about the FBI’s phone-hacking lab
    3:46 - U.S. cyber agency says SolarWinds hackers are 'impacting' state, local governments
    5:42 - Google, Facebook Agreed to Team Up Against Possible Antitrust Action, Draft Lawsuit Says
    7:22 - Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Suspending Use and Directing Study of Facial Recognition Technology in Schools
    8:54 - DOJ case against Google likely won't go to trial until late 2023
    10:01 - Law enforcement take down three bulletproof VPN providers
    11:06 - IBM will pay $24.25 million to resolve FCC probes
    13:03 - Rebekah Jones sues Florida Department of Law Enforcement over 'sham' raid
    15:29 - XRP cryptocurrency crashes following announcement of SEC suit against Ripple
    17:07 - Apple’s China App Store Sheds Videogames as Beijing Tightens Internet Control
    18:25 - U.S. blacklists dozens of Chinese firms including SMIC, DJI
    19:44 - China Targets Jack Ma’s Alibaba Empire in Monopoly Probe
    21:00 - China to Ban Viral Video Creators Who Binge Eat and Drink
    23:51 - China's Secret War for U.S. Data Blew American Spies' Cover
    25:31 - China Used 'Mass Surveillance' on Thousands of Americans' Phones, Report Claims
    26:32 - Russian Lawmakers Pass Bills That Could Block Social Media Sites — And Stifle Dissent
    28:07 - After 11 years, Australia declares its national broadband network is ‘built and fully operational’
    29:51 - Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla ban Kazakhstan's MitM HTTPS certificate
    30:56 - GoDaddy facing backlash after sending out fake holiday bonus email
    31:59 - 2,000 Parents Demand Major Academic Publisher Drop Proctorio Surveillance Tech
    34:05 - NYC is Paying $2 Million For Anti-Plagiarism Software After Firing Teachers
    35:15 - ExamSoft Flags One-Third of California Bar Exam Test Takers for Cheating
    37:11 - Over 70 West Point Cadets Accused Of Cheating In Academic Scandal
    39:14 - Hackers threaten to leak plastic surgery pictures
    40:20 - DHS Looking Into Cyber Risk from TCL Smart TVs
    42:02 - 'Dozens of email accounts' were hacked at U.S. Treasury
    43:01 - Physical addresses of 270K Ledger owners leaked on hacker forum
    44:33 - Dozens of journalists’ iPhones hacked with NSO ‘zero-click’ spyware, says Citizen Lab
    45:45 - Second hacking team was targeting SolarWinds at time of big breach
    46:50 - No, Cellebrite cannot 'break Signal encryption.'
    48:37 - Nintendo Conducted Invasive Surveillance Operation Against Homebrew Hacker

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  • Cisco Ready? What have you done to prepare for your FUTURE!



    In this video, I will be expressing the urgency of getting your Network+, CCNA, or any certification you have in mind. You must set a goal and take action. Also, lots of updates from

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  • BHSD228 - Committee of the Whole 1/12/2021


    This is the monthly committee of the whole meeting for 1/12/2020.

  • CompTIA A+ 2021 Introduction & Exam Updates


    Here are your 2021 CompTIA updates from Toni Alfaro.

    #CompTIA #A+ #Helpdesk

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  • Trading #Altcoins with DOJO LEGEND STILLMAN CRYPTO $WAN $AION $ICX $WTC AND MORE????????????


    Trading #Altcoins with DOJO LEGEND STILLMAN CRYPTO $WAN $AION $ICX $WTC AND MORE???????????? #crypto #bitcoin


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  • ???? TCP/IP Layer 4 ???? | CCNA prep Quiz


    Join me, a double CCIE for a little online Quiz / Tutorial on TCP/IP layer 4 (and L4 adjacent ????).

    Are you ready for section 1.5 of the Cisco CCNA Exam blueprint??? Check out this quiz to test, assess, and learn more!

    Enjoy, Like, and Subscribe. ????

    If you need to brush up on any of the topics, check out this playlist:
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  • XRP Price $.45 On Ripple Website And Standard Chartered Node Just The Beginning


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